Since work outside the home, I do not feel at home.After work, people ask me when I go home, I am always surprised carefully, I repeatedly to correct them, it is just a rental, not a home.Up to be a post.  Rental is someone else, you can always take away.Although I am living in it, but it does not qualify my heart into it as home.  At a minimum, there should be at home more than two people warm plus the desired stability.Stubbornly believe that parents where, where my home is.Now my parents thousands of miles away.I looked up and found that the distant home.  I am now living in dorms are farmers house, typical handshake building, building and building capacity pitch only three can be had all year round from morning to night rare encounter sunlight, turn on the lights during the day and if not, it is eerie.I spare the people most of the time stay in the company.Come back at night, a door is open TV.TV can not see, but can not open, so the room sound is the key.Soap opera which came to speak or listen to the sound of a fight, so the sound unique smoke flavor, makes me feel that they are not living in a vacuum on the good.  Before going to sleep shut the TV, the radio will open.Radio usually on my pillow, close to the side of the ear, you can hear the volume is turned down so far, said the compere, despite what she said, whether it was all her personal taste thing.Let the radio people kept whispering to me, put me to sleep this is a top priority.As it sings when to give up, this depends on the depth of my sleep.It is often made only a hum until dawn, it is common.Sometimes woke up this morning and found that radio is still there, crying, heart can not bear, let it grays busy working my outrageous, I think it will forgive me alone in a foreign land alone and helpless it.  Although rental TV and radio companion, but it seemed to lack what point.  A day in the evening, plus complete classes dormitory.Fu went to the intersection, far to see an old man standing on the roadside, alone as a skinny old trees.At that time windy road in addition to the old man, almost did not see the others.Approached only to find him filled with all sorts of different sizes, all kinds of fish tank, tank, there are a lot of different colors of Big Red.I always like to fish, not daring to raise.I’m afraid they are dead, I can not afford to lose their pain.  Before raising once, within a month, annihilated.Only to find fish brings not only joy, but also bring the hidden and long-lasting pain.  Cold day, dark night, and an old man.So late, cold, still waiting for someone to go through, it can buy fish.Just big here, he is not a place to stop the flow of people downtown who would buy his fish?I said, grandfather, you still go to North Huaqiang sell, people will be more, here too biased, without shelter stopped, strange cold.He said, urban management control is tight, would not say his tank overturned Moreover, this small business, they were caught, but even this money back, but also heavy penalties.He said he works during the day, according to a company, not empty out the night before selling vacant pits.He and his wife are like fish, raising a total of more than three hundred pieces.His wife is now confined to bed, but for the anxious waiting for the money, raised these fish are decidedly reluctant to come out.Raise their own fish, just like their own biological child, from small to large to take care of them and watch them grow up under the eyes of one, sold to someone else, especially when they plaything of man, how could you not feel bad?He said they sell is like selling their old life.  I clearly saw drops of tears, multiple wrinkles from the old rolling across the cheeks at.My heart suddenly quivering with what he said was choked, it sounds like winter leaves whimpering in the cold wind.So I did not hesitate bought two goldfish, one red and one black, plus a transparent fish tank, spent a total of fifteen dollars.I came back, I was eager to put the fish tank placed on the desk.I’m happy to watch them constantly gilded blisters, round and round, almost spit a dozen laps, and then gradually turn these blisters burst in their chase and play in.A fish will float, while they sink to the bottom.From top to bottom, a moment prodigiously, just do not know what tired.Seven every morning I go to the company to work on time, before they come back to see ten p.m..The old man asked me not to change the water every day to give the goldfish a week to change it once.Each fish one day to eat a foodstuff is enough, and more may not be indispensable.Due to time off work late, I’m afraid they are hungry, so each fish in the morning to feed two.I want to move with their good characteristics, food should not be a problem digesting two ant-sized, will not allow them too much support.Their vitality melted my heart Aimless it townships, with their participation, my rental more unexpected vitality, they helped me resolve the inextricable nostalgia.Lonely heart as they are happy and excited.I look forward, I hope they grow up quickly; I seem like a dormitory, I’m afraid they have to wait for me and so anxious.  Night came back, the first thing is something important and ran towards the table, look on at them again, rather than rush to open the TV.Little fish seem to know when its owner to come back like, very informed one outstretched head, tilted his mouth, he looked at me.I refused to eat dinner, began a cordial conversation with them.I say brothers, hungry, I’m away, but the old thinking of you, you have no want me ah?This time, I deliberately put two-time foodstuffs, and let every foodstuff very close, want to wait and see how they compete for food to go.Such a long time, do not even try to steal, very friendly.So I put the two diets separated by a small wooden stick, especially the one around the mouth of the redfish, really obedient to eat according to my meaning.After a look at it, I fear that big redfish heads, it will be the first one and then the greedy.He deliberately into the water, swam to the blackfish, informing it went to eat.Blackfish possible at this time to know the meaning of redfish, and quickly swam to the direction of the food, it’s easy to put one to eat the cleaners.They help each other commendable, to my silent proven their precious friendship.They touched me, I won every one of them, on the palm of the hand, love to watch them, for fear of bruising their body scales, carefully took a warm bath for them, sent did not put shower gel, fear they are affected by cold cold, wash immediately back into the aquarium.They talk to say, you are my good partners and good brothers, good friends, you are very lovely and great enough, I want you to accompany me to the old!Heart Song when I talk with them, hostel much unspeakable warmth; each other and common understanding of the day, it gradually with the taste of home rental.  Chinese New Year holiday, I am worried that no one care two fish.I do not know to whom, like a long time, decided to entrust to a long-lost brother of fellow Young.Before he bought to see some flowers planted in pots, a very professional attentive, very good care of these young lives.Presumably he might like fish.He should listen to me to take care of goldfish to him for some time, said nothing, the afternoon will take more than an hour’s car came to take fish.In fact, this is far from the price of two fish add up to one of his travel expenses.He took the time to spend energy to take over the fish, which shows that he also cherish life, I know the value of the fish is priceless.He took the fish tank, pledged that this fish is my friend, he will try to look like their friends, they take good care.  I said to the fish, say goodbye to a few days, now take care of you by my good friend, you had better listen to him, good fun.I looked at Yang brother hands holding tank, solemnly, disturb the slightest fear, timid of the state.Tears actually unconscious drip face.  Vacation is over, I returned home from work in Shenzhen, Yang brother told me, redfish went to the “West”.I do not know how to say to him,.Like last time, but also a month, I went.This black day!I most want to hear the news once again I was covered in a kind of cold can not be isolated.I had expected this day would come sooner or later, but did not expect such a bolt from the blue, as was thunderstruck as restless.After Yang brother personally came to tell me that he would find a companion exactly the same with the original redfish with blackfish, back to me.I said forget it, do not sent!I say it three times in a row do not, do for him, do not.  I’m afraid the other one black fish is also facing the same fate, although I do not know it could survive long in this world.  Knowing the pain ever, but simply wanted to stubbornly think they will and peace, life will be stationed, it will be with me for a long time.Blackfish afraid to see again, think of the departed redfish.Love to heartbreak grief, love to flee, I really do not know how to face.I just want to make life and death has occurred of pain has not occurred to reprint Yang brother, but whether he would be willing to accept, it is my sad place.He knows I ever lingering feelings for the fish, but it is for me the most fatal blow.I know that the other fish, it was waiting for me, so I pick it back, so I fed him food to eat, so I am happy and glad for it.It requires my attention, I need my attention, but I’m afraid.  Who knows, personally tending out of life, emotional effort spent trained, until conceding, no opportunity to save their time, what will be painful to me?!  Happy, forgetting the potential dangers once the crisis comes, it can not be changed overwhelmed.I persuade myself, long life, no matter how pleasurable and memorable came to this world, after all, have to leave one day.You have to accept that this is a fact!I rented, and they wanted me in the new year, with the upgrade to be able to have a warm home in a foreign land, but my other half, my brother before I a.My dorm room cold, my world began to keep snow.Big snow goose feather, the siege drown me, I never see my companion, my fish.Heart to cry, tears have dried.Their message is that I can not knowingly Past.

Chrysanthemums do not spend more

Daisy is the world’s most diverse varieties of a species spend it!    Recently Fangcun flowers to the city’s largest wholesale market, will see the largest number of chrysanthemum.Listen to the person in flower, chrysanthemum bloom best on a number of “Blue Chrysanthemum”, and there are many varieties, accounted for most of the chrysanthemum.Daisy is not just the actual greenhouse artificial potted exclusive.A child will bloom everywhere in the fields, those are the numerous wild chrysanthemum, driving too casual and natural flowers.China is the hometown of chrysanthemum, a history of three thousand years of cultivation, there are more than fifteen hundred kinds of varieties.Poems about chrysanthemum is also retained the most ancient times, and may be capable of peonies, orchids, lotus and plum her shoulder, and other flowers to the rival, far behind.    I saw at a young age are those of ordinary chrysanthemum chrysanthemums, like marigold, chrysanthemum peacock, wild chrysanthemum flower kind of ordinary in the countryside is the most common, although they also daisy, chrysanthemum watch but also with real Tianrang the other, their beauty is natural beauty, simple beauty, and beauty is, after watching the selection and presentation of historical panning elegance and character, that is a person of high moral character incarnation of the spirit, is a Chinese quality symbol of.    I first met viewing chrysanthemum, or thirty years ago, that was when I Xuxi Zhen Director of Shenyang Municipal Government a bureau to work, we’ll retire at a carefully cultivated pots of chrysanthemums.Remember also this October, also after the frost, the day the Director Xu told us in the office, my home chrysanthemums especially lush this year, and if you have daisy-like, you can come to my house Shangju.When everyone clamored must see a daisy.In this season of autumn leaves, chrysanthemums really like the poem said: “I would rather hold fragrant branches of old, with no yellow leaves dance autumn wind” it?The next day happened to be a rest day, 10:00 more to the old house to watch the Commissioner Daisy with my colleagues and I.And so we arrived at where several of his colleagues had to.    At that time lived in the old Director simple five.Seventh floor, the top floor he lived on the sixth floor two-bedroom, two share a kitchen.When I stepped into their shared kitchen, a room so much I wanted to carve out what the point of it magical flowers?When I walked into the living room door, that feeling is not the same, although the two-bedroom, is actually north and south from the middle of a long room lined with a wall, Ann had a plywood.Two rooms are small, but very clean, the bed first feeling is much more than books, study, bedroom.The most eye-catching it is that people in near the window, in the sunshine, pots of chrysanthemums lightly different attitude exudes chrysanthemum tea, flowers that are exceptionally bright sunlight, like the shiny metal.    Colleagues are compact sunshine at, all cooing.I did not know chrysanthemum varieties, just I think that chrysanthemums beautiful, beautiful, plant and mountain daisy chrysanthemum plants is also not much difference, just spend the foliage is the same class of serrated blades , showing extraordinary beauty, that beautiful, beautiful quiet, beautiful and pure, beautiful and bright and clean.Director Xu remember to tell us the title and had the characteristics of these chrysanthemums, but was amazed at the beauty of those chrysanthemums, there is not even remember the name of the type of chrysanthemum, and my heart is one word: United States.Although only pots, but it seems to cover a lot of color, red, yellow, white, ink, purple, powder color.Flowers are numerous styles of large petals, pushing into spherical, with long silk Xu, the explosion fluffy.Different colors and styles in the midday sun coating, glowing mellow and delicate sheen.In the noisy crowd, the chrysanthemum is fragrant, light, non-line people, refreshing, but lingering in your soul.    Years later, I went back to Shenyang, once met with the Director of the Bureau Xuxi Zhen, I mention his mum, I said those chrysanthemums really beautiful, like a flower mold as has been engraved in my mind.The old, the Commissioner said, do you remember those chrysanthemum ah!I say remember.I asked the old Director now it also raised chrysanthemum?Director Xu said the family there are some, though for a big house, but not the original Daisy so much.I was to produce a Legend: If plain Jane heart, Rendanruju.Director old is such a person of high moral character, like bamboo in general, honest and approachable calm, like a chrysanthemum as indifferent to fame and fortune of honor, with their dedication and hard one, to win their rightful place.    A person is a flower!A flower can symbolize a class of people.In ancient Chrysanthemum has been a symbol of the hermit who.Under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain, it has been longing for the realm of literati.    Rather, I was careful study last fall chrysanthemums come from, it is going to participate in the autumn Canton Fair Complex, in front of various fairs are filled with a variety of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum is leading these 1000-ju, these 1000-ju has a light yellow, off the money, new red varieties, like the greeter stood there with a smile.Watch chrysanthemum plants are of wood, they are able to stand upwind.Further those colorful daisy into a variety of geometric shapes, forming a dense array of chrysanthemums, the most common flat circle white daisy petals like Crochet pen drawn circle as the outside.I used the camera to record their light shine.With light flowers may be an exaggeration to describe, but when you see a piece of bright chrysanthemums, you would use to describe these in light chill of autumn blooming chrysanthemums.Daisy, in the fall, getting cold in this world really is a much enamored of flowers, with their proud and bursting out of the most stubborn attitude and the most tender and beautiful colors.    Many species of chrysanthemum, distinguishable way too many, in fact most of our daily viewing chrysanthemum flowers or in color and shape to distinguish, as for other researchers who are professional classification task.Chrysanthemum most abundant color, red, yellow, white, ink, violet, green, orange, pink, dumplings, lilac, light green, etc., covering almost all the colors and color, and green color precious ink and chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum , two-color and color of the flowers is very precious, there is duplicity of color “red gold back” and have white spots on lilac petals “deer”, discolored different colors of early late “too true map” excessive color chrysanthemum is endless.Therefore, most researchers now no longer classified by color chrysanthemums.    We usually refer to the color of chrysanthemums, or chrysanthemum flowers, is not a simple flower, a chrysanthemum is composed of many ray florets and disc-shaped flower composition.Ray florets for the female flowers, because different varieties can be simple to complex rounds round composition, colorful and bright, and the soul is the main color of flowers.Tongue-shaped petals divided into flat, spoons, tubes, four abnormal.These different types of petals and because univalve plena, flat spherical, long short Xu Xu, Xu Ping Xu volume, hollow solid, straight sagging divided into different categories.Disk (Fa) is a cylindrical flower, Small, cylindrical flowers hermaphrodite flowers.Tubular flower, which is what we commonly known as the faceplate, is developed into color, “Anemone flap”, cylindrical colors are red, yellow, white, purple, pink, the color, between color and other colors, these fun colors without exception, spit in golden yellow flower, like simple sweet-scented osmanthus, reveal the fragrance.    Daisy hermaphroditic, and normally I could seed, but rarely strong enough to be under natural conditions, because the periphery of the ray florets are mostly infertile, whereas the middle tubular flowers earlier than the stamens and pistil mature, which resulted in chrysanthemum “self-infertility ‘.    I’m still here chrysanthemum color to describe the beauty of chrysanthemums.Daisy commonly referred to as goldenrod, yellow is the color daisy chrysanthemum in most, people in the private sector is also a favorite golden chrysanthemum, so also known as yellow chrysanthemum, Huang Hua, life and other passengers, in the myths and legends of yellow chrysanthemums auspicious , meaning longevity.The frequency of the most golden chrysanthemum appeared in poetry, the most ancient poetry is the description of Huang Ju, “The Book of Rites?Articles on order, “the month of the season, there are Huang Ju,” “The Book of Songs” in the capacity of “self-Bo East, first as canadensis.Qi Mu-free cream?Who is suitable “(Peng, it was explained that one kind of wild chrysanthemum), Qu Yuan’s” falling toward the drink Mulan Xi Lu, fallen evening meal Chrysanthemum, “Tao Yuanming ‘The Story of Qiu has good color, its drop-Yi Lu Ying’ this posture pregnant Chen Xiu, Zhuo under frost kit “, Huang Chao ‘sky Chang Hong lens array, Curse of the Golden Flower’, FanChengDa” Lonesomeness Tori wet Revlon, according to the former gold dimple (YE) as sand “, Shuzhen ‘would rather hold fragrant branches of old, with no yellow leaves dance autumn wind’, Liu Yuxi ‘families do Huang Ju, liangyuan alone frost’, Bai’s” chrysanthemum tulip flower garden, there are solitary clump color like cream, “” Ju Tori only cold, golden chestnut open early dawn clearer ‘, Qingzhao’ Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly than yellow of thin ‘.US chrysanthemums have done in the ancient poems of years, they have been in full bloom in those enchanting and elegant mood inside.My favorite this shiny gold color chrysanthemum, goldenrod if together into one, in the chill of autumn is more dazzling, people saw a warm heart, could not help but lament this lone bright standard section, do elegant cream colors of life and attitude, chrysanthemums to open in late autumn, another brilliant night, Blair said Lengxiang.    We generally common ornamental white daisy chrysanthemum mostly white hair, such chrysanthemums are known to ice, reminiscent of Brigitte Lin’s White Witch, ice, cold, cold conditions.Chrysanthemum petals of white hair, mostly tongue-curling radioactive Fei Xu, tongue-like petals, like tentacles stretched in different directions, seemingly chaotic, but was harmonious unity in the receptacle, white-haired lion, white pine needles are like their alienation these names also make people more vividly rich association.White Peony petals tongue is shorter, and was uniformly surrounded with surround-like, open after scattered petals can be loosened.White flowers with green, or white with yellow flowers, their petals like a flower, like a needle, no longer presents a tongue, has been distorted, curled flowers appear sharp, even curl, but also stubbornly straight trunk, and both direction has been curled, eismowe Zhu Bo, white curtains and other strains are they good name.I could not but admire here, Chinese poetry, Chinese can only contain so many poetic to describe a white chrysanthemum in China and the US.    Yellow and white chrysanthemums are the most common colors, the most common and purple and red chrysanthemums.Other colors of chrysanthemums are more color variants and Romance.In describing the color chrysanthemums, I found only color to describe chrysanthemum, really wrote the United States is not clear chrysanthemum, there still have to describe in detail about the shape of a daisy, chrysanthemum reason why the United States fascinated people, in addition to color, but also because of her enchanting mix.I know here in conjunction with the usual and to gather knowledge, describing in detail what attitude chrysanthemum, chrysanthemums are a lot of knowledge of previous achievements, I’m just a trimmer and turn those complaints.According chrysanthemum flowers and flower-shaped tongue prosthetic classification can be divided into flat flap, spoon flap, flap tube, Gui flap, flap abnormal five, too We have already outlined.    The flat petals class is relatively flat petals of a class, which is the most common of those ordinary chrysanthemum, handsome, a hermit who is a recluse.Broadband type of ray florets wide and flat, there is a simple one to two petals, for straight or flat ribbon sagging, discoid flower golden exposed, such as “handsome flag”; lotus type, like lotus petals tongue, three to six as containing Guanyin hand hold, discoid bloom when exposed, such as “too liquid pool charge”; peony type, ray petals almost equal, direct extending outer petals, petal inner radial holding rope, discoid scarce, bloom or twilight when not exposed, such as the “green Peony”; flat disc type, multi-petal tongue wheel to wheels, narrow petals linear ramp flat, outer flap length, while the inner layers of shortening the flap wheel, the whole flowers slightly flat top, such as discoid, normal heart flowers, Banlu or not exposed, such as “red” bloom time; rolled type, multiple rounds ray petals, occasional narrow spoon flap, varus revolute, rare discoid , when not exposed bloom or twilight, such as “YongShou ink”; ball stack, multiple rounds ray petals, outer flap with a spoon flap valve or tube, the inner wheel arranged closely arranged, row upon row spherical, or loose semicircle , inside or out hold hold, discoid rare, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “West Wing to be on.”.    Spoon petals class is like the petals of a daisy like spoons, petals frontispiece effect, can undertake dew.Spoon Dutch type, arch-shaped spoon flap one to three, the whole flower neat top-flat or slightly spherical shape, or a few normal heart flowers, the heart exposed, such as the “ink Unicorn”; Buxus type, ray florets to multiple rounds of wheels, outer flap for straight narrow spoon, spoon the expansion of the bottom end flap of the mouth, such as Buxus pointed end, or developed heart flowers few, such as “siskin”; honeycomb, several rounds of ray florets, short spoon petals, whole flowers are spherical , various short flap almost vertical, neat, mitral valve is exposed as a bell mouth shape, such as a cellular-width, such as “Silver snowball”; rosette, ray florets key flap rounds, outer long and short inner ring, the inner hold form of rosette shaped bloom when exposed discoid or twilight, such as “too true smile”; bulk volume type, multiple rounds ray florets, mostly elongated narrow flat spoon flap or flaps, the inner ring crimped, the holding or hold bulk , and flowed over the long outer, outer bulk volume, discoid bloom when exposed or twilight, such as “geese”; spherical spoon, spoon ray florets flap, the flap between a flat, multiple rounds, neat, petals in the song, encircle the outer spherical or drooping, discoid rare, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “peach fairy dew”.    Class pipe valve is crimped petals independence such as tubes, inside and outside a single flower color and some color, some for the color. Single-tube type, ray florets one to three, the thick straight, arch occasional hook spoon flap, four radiation such as light-shaped, heart flowers developed, the short curved flap wheel, like necklaces, such as “Yuemingxingxi” ; quill-type, multi-round ray florets pipe valve, straight tube, inner and outer rings nearly as long, discoid scarce, such as the “yellow pear”; disc-shaped pipe, tube flap rounds ray florets, outer for straight and long, curved inner wheel and the inner short, discoid scarce, such as “rising sun”; pine needle type valve tube ray florets rounds, direct elongated, discoid rare or absent, when the bloom is not exposed, such as “white pine needles”; sparse tube, the tube valve ray florets rounds, osteoporosis, outer nearly as long, discoid scarce, such as “thousand feet waterfalls”; tube type, ray florets tube rounds flap, curved multi-head, hold the rotating spherical, disk-like flower scarce or absent, is not exposed when in full bloom, such as “yellow Kui (Kui) dragon”; silk hair, ray florets pipe valve thin tube, long and drooping, discoid spend scarce or absent, when the bloom is not exposed, such as “feet curtain”; flying type, ray florets flap loose tube, outer long flowed over, holding the inner ring becoming shorter, such as “cinnabar Kuilong”; shackle Type, ray florets tube valve, there is between the spoon flap, flap flat, multi-round, annular curved tip, or hold the outer hold, drooping outer, substantially disk-shaped, or twilight when exposed bloom, such as “Jasper hook disk “; penetration bead type, ray florets tubules curled beaded tip, the outer long, Stretch, or sagging, the inner wheel short, discoid scarce, not exposed in full bloom, like ‘beads down’; needle type, ray florets rounds, fine hook main pipe, four for straight or drooping, flower rare or absent, the heart does not bloom when exposed, such as “Sunfire”.    Gui flap class is discoid spend more prominent category, this type of chrysanthemum flowers with discoid main tubular spit sweet-scented osmanthus flower like flower.The ray florets are dispensable degenerate into petals, ranking as the protagonist contrast position.Pinggui type, ray florets one to two flat flap, discoid significant tubular, semicircular ridges exhibit some, such as “silver plate Anemone”; Gui key type, ray florets one to two spoon flap , discoid significant highlight, showing a tubular stars, such as “Buxus Anemone”; Gui-type tube, pipe valve ray florets one to two disk-shaped flowers significantly, showing a tubular stars, such as “Cinnamon moon”; Quangui type, all the petals Gui flap.  Abnormal valve type, is a deformity ray petals become class.Talon type, ray florets pipe valve, between a flat valve, the tip was broken Talon, disc or significantly rare flowers, such as “Avalokitesvara”; glitch type ligulate flat flap, flap or spoon valve tube, at most one wheel, with the flap burrs, discoid rare or significant, such as “Mago watched in delight”; shearing type, short flap width, crack tip, such as the “yellow shearing”.    So many types of chrysanthemum people looked dizzy easily, in fact, mastered the five basic types of chrysanthemum flower petal tongue, you almost know the kind of chrysanthemum.When we appreciate daisy, chrysanthemum species is not considered on weekdays, but only that they care about the quiet beauty, pleasing to the kind of long, this beauty can produce a pleasing look Claustrophobia in a person’s psyche joy.Chrysanthemums should open in Dong Tao Yuanming, opened in Huang Chao Chang, the enemy opened in Meng Haoran woman in the town, opened in Qingzhao “Zuihua Yin” in.When cold wave is about to hit, I saw in the Fangcun Flower Market patches of blooming chrysanthemums, chrysanthemum also saw some never seen before, stroll among the flowers, one by one to watch, control those poetic nickname, there is a met the enemy to take the hint and joy, he was met soul and the soul, a life of chance and necessity.In this tumultuous era, to make their life and mind of opening a kind of noble and aloof chrysanthemums bar!    October 28, 2015

China’s coffin

China, the ceremonies, about the coffin of culture is also a long history.    Since ancient times, Chinese people have a heavy coffin Complex.    People who die abroad, often traveled all the way or the coffin back home, buried in graves in the grave, at the human, material and financial resources.    Chinese people respect for the body, not as the Egyptian mummy of Pharaoh as to permanent preservation, but also want to maintain a full corpse.Now policy requires Hiratsuka push monument, cremation, there are still a lot of people looking for ways to protect the dead body care.This policy is for the living dead indisputable site, but some atheists would rather sacrifice their own interests but also to keep the corpse of the deceased and sites, not to mention the theist.    China since ancient times, pay attention to the coffin.The coffin was used for preparation of the body, but also the superstitious people of the underworld’s house.    ”The Analects of Confucius?Advanced, “says Confucius hole carp son’s death,” there is no coffin coffin.”Coffin, coffin outside is primarily used to protect the coffin.Tomb of ancient aristocratic ruling classes in most of the coffin there, some as much weight as much as thirty-four.The coffin better the more heavy texture.The more powerful the more heavy coffin, like how can the status of the deceased renowned high and more prominent.As early as the Spring and Autumn Period Confucius had talked to different status of the deceased, coffin different standards.Carp hole coffin after death without the coffin, the coffin is not visible to the average person can have.Field archaeological discovery of the Warring States tomb has a coffin coffin of the two structures.However, the prevailing buried a couple of things are after the Western Han Dynasty.”Motherhood,” said: “Both seek buried, buried near Huashan, something planted pine and cypress, sycamore planted about.”This custom spread for a long time.But because Hiratsuka push monument, the cemetery has been rare in the countryside for “grave knowledge” of the pine and cypress Indus.    After the death of “burial” ceremony “Little Undertaker” and “Funeral”.”Small burial” is to give the bodies wrapped in quilt tops, the more the more ancient nobility, clothes quilt.”Funeral” is to put into a coffin corpse.Now is the mortuary for cremation after 1-7 days, some of the ashes directly sown in the coffin, the coffin put together some with casket.    After encoffining, stop mourning until the funeral called “funeral”.”Funeral” is the coffin to the burial place.The heavy coffins if that is designed for four to sixty four or more people bicker and made.In rural areas, one dead people, the village labor force will have to carry the coffin.Usually in the village and his very smelly people, his family dead people, the village no one to carry the coffin to the situation not uncommon.It is dedicated to the rule that family members “to rub the eye”, that is, to let his family disgrace, embarrass him.Usually no grace to others, do not even say hello, people who are willing to help you ah?Now some of his family was not very good people there do not have the coffin, direct burial urn.This is not to find people bicker, directly by the dutiful son hold the graves buried on trouble.Although the little urn exquisite beauty, luxury compared with that heavy coffin, always seemed shabby many feel to the living is miserable death.    Elegy was originally said to pull bier people sing.There are many local customs, the funeral that day to ask, “speaker”, is also called out the team, play music off for the dead; the rich and the powerful will of the people called two team, a rival show, that is the lively battle map.Post elegiac dirge probably also a heritage of.    Dongchangfu Shandong Province Li Tong Village is playing coffin professional village.The village is located on both sides of chat Xin Road, where after, we often see foreign cars to wholesale casket.Simple coffin was gently thin, looked very shabby little box, about half a meter high; the complex is carved flowers heavy pragmatic and large coffin, the coffin is about two meters ahead.Cringe humble small box next to coffins, like high-rise buildings next to the small hut.After death of the gap between rich and poor abode had also so obvious.    The old days, like storage of some of the more affluent life in the time necessities like people alive is ready shroud coffin, covered live on their own after the death of the house, probably based on a rainy day, but also to lift the worries; always say One day will need it.In the past many literary works often read similar content.Martial arts often have to live in the coffin of the living story, suddenly drilled out, scary jump.    I understand prepare for his funeral in human psychology, but Thinking again, they looked at themselves after the death of supplies, would not be happy to have a bleak?If I looked at every day a small room of his death, we will certainly give birth to a heavy feel oppressed, and will be greatly shortened by.To imagine to live as Ba Jin and Bing century old, it should not be as worried about it after death?Say: people without thought, he must worry about.I think, too far into account, must be close at hand.    Now people have money, no worries about the funeral, ready-made coffin and shroud can be bought at any time, at home, for many years in advance ready shroud and coffin is running out.Big living tomb built atmosphere has prevailed in some places up, and more to build more luxury, but repeated.These people alive to have China ranks, have died Hao tomb.So, buy alive and good design his life back garden.    The old man had told me: coffin is good omen dream is to win promotion and get rich.I’d dreamed coffin several times, but did not promotion, nor had made a fortune.Since that is a good sign, there will be no dark coffin dream of a knot.    Today, more and more tense city hall cemetery and ashes, forced many people to abandon the use of coffins.Chinese people used to display status and complex ritual procedures coffin, I do not know how long it will continue?

Bookstore Capriccio

Whenever yourself doing nothing, go to the bookstore to see the glorious wisdom, and my heart will immediately tricks and more; when he felt no text can be written, to the bookstore to touch other people write books, he must be feeling; when he felt uneasy when, go to the bookstore to enjoy the feeling of being besieged books so that they feel this world in addition to the book or the book, there is no worry distressed shadow, there will be no trouble oneself.    The original so-called distressed boredom irritability, not originally in the world, just different people’s hearts and feelings of Bale reaction.Since they can not see the shadow, it is easy to deal with them, because they do not leave marks like deal.In fact, the mood is a need to take a lot of time to adjust, to adjust, careful attention to life, should not have to eliminate selfishness, do not talk more than others like the non.The world would have been difficult to have a perfect person, do not ask others harshly.There are also artistic life principles, life does not matter there is also wise to learn to live to improve the level and quality of life go.    In fact, there is a pattern between all aspects of life, but the law really understand everything connotation also is not easy, need burnished eyes, you need to really good use of their wisdom to find inner regularity.    Books are the flowers of wisdom, the wisdom of building intentions.People living situation can be recorded in the form of text, a text of synthesis ocean, in the ocean and then trying to find a beautiful and moving story.

Birds who can not forget friends

Birds who can not forget friends village houses are mostly stone cottage, bounce up and down is up to the roof Sparrow.Home called Jiaque.Lot number Jiaque childhood, heap twitter in the trees, a fall is a large.At that time no awareness of animal protection, but tried various ways to catch it.Tree with a slingshot to play, in the eaves on Taomo, shine a flashlight at night fall perched on treetops, the winter snow with Pa basket support on the ground cover, and now want very sorry for them.However, due to the child’s trick or innocence of naughty, as people think big, even more amazing.The house sparrow has called “home thief”, but also as one of the “four evils”, and the killing of a large scale, severe in some places even to the point of near-extinction of sparrows.The reason is believed sparrows eat the crops, and see them play more food eaten by pests.It seems the ancient people treat the sparrow be a little better, although not as big rush to kill, says, “sparrow know that the swan,” the sparrow as a symbol of the lack of ambition.As everyone knows, people without ambition who would not crammed, not to mention a little sparrow?Only to see other people’s weaknesses, but can not see from a shortage, which is one of human tragedy.    I like “black hemp spoon”.It looks like a magpie, but unlike the magpie as black and white plumage, but the same color shine Heiyou.Put bright dawn every day, it stood in the branches “Diliu crunch” cried, better than the rooster crows.At that time farmers often like to keep hens, roosters do not want to raise.Raising hens in order to lay eggs, make money, the supply of daily necessities at home, and the children’s school fees, for many years known as the “chicken Ding eye bank”.Rooster eat much, do not lay eggs, when the date is not so much food to feed it white.For this reason, crows early task falls on the black linen spoon who always urged people to get up early to work, so people say it is the cry of “Di Liu Ding lighting crunch”.Hear a spoon called black hemp, if not get up to go to work, will be called the big lazy cheap, is to be “lighting Ding,” the.School children heard it called, they have to quickly get up to go to school.In the courtyard of the old elm grandmother, middle branches of tall black linen spoon nest.During that time I just sleep in the grandmother at home, and is busy reviewing test to learn when to get up early every day to stay up late in the chirping of black linen spoon inside, sit nervously review.    Ma spoon with black companion is the “water drops child” and “Xia Xia child” on the tree.Drops of water sub-head is much smaller than the black hemp spoon, and only about the size of a sparrow, but the sparrow than a long tail, gray body feathers are white, even more small and exquisite, lovable.Xia Xia child’s nest resting on the trees, swaying in the wind, floated here, I was worried would not fall.Xia Xia child small, flexible, drilling drilled from the nest, sounds crisp, live happy happy, I was envious of it free, but is now rarely seen this smart and lively elf.    The mountains outside the village, is the world cuckoo, turtledove, ruthless tiger and the like, although around less, but often hear sounds.Cuckoo’s great reputation, particularly sounds, it sounds due to different places, but there are a variety of “translated” version.In my hometown it is known as the “Valley News Valley News – Weeding hoe and then pull out.”.Because often cuckoo chirping at the time of sowing of the spring, as if to remind farmers need to sow millet a “pull out seedlings”, and pull out and tell people seedlings essentials are: pull out pull out first, and then hoe.Visible north cuckoo, no sorrow south cuckoo, but have become more relaxed and tranquil rural life.And understanding of different cuckoo, ruthless tiger sounds on terror more.Uphill, you’re down to work, suddenly came the “call hum – hum call” sound, you must think in the elderly cough, looking back, no one.Asked adults found out, this is the ruthless tiger cry.Start, judging from its sounds, I think the tiger is a ruthless beast.A long time know that this is a bird.But now I have not seen it, “hosting the Games.”.Real “only heard and not seen, man”, it seems ruthless tiger is the “world outside expert” bird in!    For the doves, I was guilty of some.This is the reason I know it’s an injury.Childhood home quail Liu opposite, I found a turtledove nest, which has a turtledove eggs.This child is extremely exciting thing.I did not dare tell anyone.Every few days or collecting firewood excuse uphill fight ragweed to secretly scout.Doves nest resting halfway up the cypress tree in the dense cypress.When time went by, the little turtle dove eggs hatch and continue to grow, who see it begin to grow thin hair, then I’m afraid Assembly fly away, he got a thin line foreskin of a turtledove leg leash, the other end tied to a tree.I think this little doves fly not only walk, but also to feed the big doves, until after the flight touched home reared play.As a result of such a “thorough” measures, and my heart at ease, less the number of times I went to look at the.Wait until once again time to climb up the trunk, see little doves lying motionless in bed, reaching for look, doves stiff body already dead.I inventorying and found a lot of small turtledove Tuicu, turned out to be deeply tied to the legs of Le thin line into the flesh, doves swelling and inflammation, it seems that I became a murderer to kill doves!Since then, I heard doves “Cuckoo.Cooing “sounds, my heart just filled with deep remorse, silently talking about,” little turtledove, sorry!”Owls usually live in the mountains, sometimes at night will come to the village.Rural saying goes, “night owl into the house, do not come without incident.”There’s ‘something’ is not a good thing, people do not like a night owl, that it would bring bad luck.Especially do not like it sounds, night owl “Cuckoo – meow, cuckoo – meow” to call, much like the sound of someone sneer.A child often heard adults say, this is a night owl laugh, laughter is a night owl to tell someone to die.Now I can not tell what is a night owl laugh, which is a night owl cry.But as a child, I heard adults say all sorts, still very afraid.Uphill to see the owl, and my heart was pounding scared, quietly talking about you quickly fly away!After school I know owl is an owl, or beneficial birds, voles eat special, it sounds nothing to human life and death, but it is nothing more innocent local people.Armed with this knowledge, he is no longer afraid slowly.    As with the owl’s just the opposite attitude, like wild people, especially Alice, that is, magpies.People in the village to see the magpie is considered a sign of good luck.Children sing “magpie called Cha, happy event come home!”Is it really come true, who do not know, but it looks like they have a good look magpie.Black and white feathers smooth and bright, it looks clean, plus it jumping, “Cha Cha” cried, it seems even the kids, and very likable.Home yard old Shu Chashang Alice wild nest there, looking up from under a pile of twigs stick mess, when the wind blows often worry about it, no matter how much wind fortunately, did not always scrape the nest.Magpies look similar and there Cyanopica.It should be grateful to the famous song sung songs everywhere: “Lang long tail, long tail, marry a wife forget your mother.”I always feel wronged gray magpies, magpie people how to educate their children as disobedient negative example?Still remember the full lyrics: “.Mother put back into the hillside, the wife back to the white picket fence, roll cake, burning soup, wife wife you to taste, I went to the southern slope back Zanniang.”Wild old carving, and good spinner on a cliff, it is easy to make people think it’s brave.But this does not feel strange, because have been taught to know the eagle could it be otherwise.Old eagle left me most impressed, or is the most puzzling question, it is not often seen floating in the sky stared motionless, when the fly is too fast, but motionless wings.This fee can not let the little children wondering, of course, no matter how a child pondering not realize the truth to.A piece of sky, quack cried crows, incited a dense mass, circling back and forth.Locals said the group will Laogua a white lead.So I looked up to see crows group looking for, but never seen white crows, they found a large group of crows which does have a magpie, magpie hire is not the crows come when the “chieftains” I do not know.    Alas, these lovely birds are rarely seen nowadays.Flocks of crows have been hard to find, the head of the old cliff carving rarely seen in the village in the morning no longer hear the “Ding polish” sounds.I really miss them, these had a friend!

Autumn footprint (c)

REVIEW: Where Home?In the city, in a tall building, in the countryside, in the mountains covered with trees and grass in?Although the original ancestors of the practice, there is no shortage of scientific truth.Settlements, people learn from each other, the development of civilization may survive but also to excessive use of regional resources, set up obstacles to recycling, people in the wrong direction on health grew farther away desolate floating leaves, joy once repeated, repeated Melancholy?Thanked Spring Summer.    A thousand years back, although they are still that piece wedding dress, when there is bright, dim when, as in the expression of affection to follow in.    If the boat, how many creatures survive crisis?Laughter also, there are grievances, I do not know what is flowing head.    Autumn night, brilliant on the branches, and sorrow, it is unhappy, whining and change the face of Castle Peak.    The way people throw into confusion, several rounds of hysteria, who said there is no reason?Painting Zhong Qing, the situation in the margin, what poetry expressing ideals?Nakan wind and rain made-to-head.The winter fast, high-rise window seeing thick dust, and go worry.    I was random, but in the fall, not the leaves almost no one, unless I walked into the place of trees can not grow, and where can I find a bit far away from home.    Is not it?Home is a warm, comfortable and is still free to indulge.Home can ease the tension, the body and mind can rest, can mediate physiological, can display a new force.I use a few one hundred thousand yuan in repairing the nest Curie, always wanted to open the windows, approached the heart always want to cement those places outside the besieged city with green trees and grass are dwelling, they do not know that they attract good, they still smell that fascinated me, but for fear Sven out of everyone’s understanding, I would rather like them.    I thought from the countryside into the cities, especially after decades of influence, I can become a top grade deviant humans, who knows only now realize what they were.So my heart often think bowed deeply loess those green leaves, and by their simple emotions, longing is not difficult and can not be the realm of top grade.    Loess always makes me full of infatuation, especially in light of foot stepped into the water when the soil is almost saturated, that feeling is definitely thorough heart, just as wonderful to spring surf.And when children put loess slope situation is no different, but then there is no barrier now put text materials and techniques.Once anyone remember standing on the covered woods soil, it is almost like diarrhea in the bath, said wind stroking unlike, say scent body also poured nerve nor the exact point, is very friendly, very excited, very comfortable , as it is nostalgia.When integrated appreciate the impression that, unlike like the wedding night that has a sense of smooth, not like the excitement of first love to do so at the riverside of the month, just as excited bang nomination or between a career in Qingyun, emotional Shun burst the kind of excitement helpless.There are many life feeling, really subtle, really impressed, but really can not describe the kind of pass.This feeling of my life, should be one of the most vivid.I think this return to basics, so I really experience a return of interest in life.    Where Home?In the city, in a tall building, in the countryside, in the mountains covered with trees and grass in?Although the original ancestors of the practice, there is no shortage of scientific truth.Settlements, people learn from each other, the development of civilization may survive but also to excessive use of regional resources, set up obstacles to recycling, people in the wrong direction on health grew farther away.    Haze is only in recent years to see make a good Chinese people used to say that one has to pay attention to reality.To protect themselves from a man’s point of view, there are really trying to say it, but this comes out of the haze and smell it, and then incense meals, then mellow nectar also could not conceal the.This is not the owner of jade Zuiwo, in people’s attention on stage, speaking through a science can Yuyu clarify Miles angstroms.Look far do not say, dust piled up, one can pass through walls, but I do not know what the consequences will be, and is not afraid to compliment.With rumors that this natural phenomenon due to air pollution formation of global deaths caused every year as many as many as two million people.    When US scientists using satellite data analysis and evaluation of the situation, said Chinese air, air no longer possible to see the Great Wall of China, only to see the polluted air.I was not convinced, you can not do have arguments to refute others.Suddenly his mind would emerge out of one sentence: all the imperialists are paper tigers.You can make use of it?New China was young there is spirit, many could not have done it, friend and foe alike convinced from the heart.    I have repeatedly heard TV sound warned everyone, haze struck, sooner or later is not easy to go out to exercise.Not easy to go home it can be a healthy body?When all the buildings, roads, factories, parks, garden, rivers have been locked haze, home, what will happen?You say, decentralized use of fossil fuels if we could provide a shortcut to cycle?Urbanization focus low-carbon living is what kind of concept, low to allow people to endure, still low enough to make people healthy?Agricultural facilities had said, as the carbon is a treasure, said: organic, yield and quality are excellent.Fall, I saw a lot of footprints, such as haze, like my heart is confused.    I find no place in the footprint of the assassination of an acid analog, a clump of bushes next to a very spiritual, very cute, leaned a little, can also felt comfortable.I think, had been picking a leaf placed in the water, like a boat, drifting with the wind and go with the flow.I do not know how will they wanted to Noah’s Ark, it is ideal for the Bible.Once a disaster and helpless human beings, there is an ideal destination, it can have baptized Jesus to go to heaven, it is that people think that life is the happiest place.Earth will not collapse, not sure, votaries who want to go to heaven, we really do not have forces that can stop, but I always feel that if the Earth is really the collapse of the paper in the Noah’s Ark will be able to make tens of thousands of votary born again, it is a little ridiculous.Say the real deal, what the real Noah’s Ark, and where is it?I think that is all around us children.Our children around trees and grass Noah’s Ark is to make us healthy life, they can save us untold miseries.    It is often said, there is heaven, there are Suzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, meaning that the place of residence of the gods of heaven and can be comparable, where you can go to look at those Jiangnan Water is not abundant rainfall lush vegetation, lush vegetation basis is not on biodiversity is relatively abundant, benign ecological cycle also interested in.    Garden City, we are pursuing four seasons landscape is natural that a flowers, if you are determined to track, you will find, not the designer and the builder Passions is the best, there are many to fend for themselves, many have chosen an environment and multiply their descendants settled down after a long, long looks are part of the disease of cleavers.Those children riverside seasonal wetlands, if people do not interfere, fruit is strong.In the city outskirts you will see a little unloved gardens are not happy, nobody cares about the opposite of those quinoa, amaranth, yellow chrysanthemum, hardcore Artemisia always swift foot pedal first, and momentum and almost overwhelming.A little bit of humidity, mold assassination acid, intestinal carp, barnyard, commercial land is very high-handed.This is a natural choice, but also love relay, although no flowers, no trees high, as in the beautification of the city, as in the healthy human body and mind.    From these trails, you can see the place of carbon, if there is a large enough community, and they can let the haze relegated three homes.What is Noah’s Ark to save human society, let carbon haze attributed to the right path and who is a true Noah’s Ark Earth.

Akiba no tears

Yellow River basin of the Yellow River south of children, now is late autumn, under the action of abscisic acid, autumn leaves have emerged inherent characteristics.Had famously described as “Look million Eagles storied dye,” “parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February,” the fact that you looked to the field, not all text as written, in almost all describe has a preference for meaning, people not only do not pursue the matter, and have actually recognized such exaggerated.After all, now the world peace and prosperity, peacefulness everywhere, almost no one not to focus on the natural curiosity of, where have I heard that rare may look, all flock to the bird, those who come to enjoy to cool mood.Especially when the autumn leaves, the real natural beauty, captured the hearts of a lot of rich old Kuoshao siege, with the crowd turned out to describe the heart of the advocate will not be excessive, I heard that Beijing on the way to the ridge of the eight are filled with dealings car.Eight Ridge course may never dominate, but where from the political, economic and cultural center near celebrity can lead to media attention it.Do the three provinces in the hinterland or the scenery that there is no place for it?Say no worse of it, but look carefully to see that no one came, no one care or on, the young go out to work, or busy with the crops alive, who thought that every year there are today, to taste trees reincarnation of it.”Look million Eagles storied dye,” as if Mr. Mao Runzhi describe it in Changsha, Hunan boundaries child, “Shi Jing Han Shan on the far white people have to go to the Health Department, parking Fenglin love to sit late, Red Leaves flowers in February, “is written by Du Mu Tang, specifically in what place to get inspiration, check out bad, but not necessarily Beijing eight Ridge.Akiba although the United States, as “sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk”.The sun will fall out, Akiba went to, like, this is a cycle, there is such a cycle will be room for the existence of life.Look Akiba should be enlightened, truly enlightened person, the face of autumn leaves, autumn leaves space in which the face should have mixed feelings.We go to Akiba, is to go back bolstering Akiba, or to elegy for the Sadness of autumn leaves, autumn leaves looked more hope next year while unpredictable, or to allow economic growth to continue Akiba retreated to the mountains deep office?Beijing haze pollution serious, I do not know what the scene is a pair of leaves, no one to compare statistics.If the leaves are surrounded between tall buildings, but also as to climb from the middle of the night just before dawn suffer traffic jams yet?He says that the haze and smell of it will find another place it.Policy direction has changed, urbanization in the future to focus low-carbon life, finally there is a direction, how to be a low-carbon Yeah, I am afraid a lot of people know this then I do not know why, the most direct popular understanding is to reduce the use of fossil fuels amount, but it can become it, regardless of one thousand yuan is now only arrived eight years ago five hundred seventy-six yuan use, people’s hearts is what it feels like, but you now allow civil servants to try to reduce the income, and the world will inevitably raw waves, so who did not dare to do so.Some green leaves or multi-bar, agricultural experts say, green leaves absorb carbon can increase dry matter accumulation.Although they are unlikely to have an immediate effect, may also experience economic growth and fight the reality of space, but they can reduce oxygen to make carbon haze hide away in one fell swoop a few too, why not do it.I do not have the mountain view autumn leaves, do not like, but too harsh, but also know to go back to Xi, you can always feel a mournful presence, but for that marriage is so colorful like a bride imposing lively, Akiba is for conscientious captive how much space is harmful residue, and the hardships of life by secretion, filled to how much space ecologically virtuous cycle of ingredients, fear is already prepared a mournful cry hard.I love that spring exhibition season before the leaves, looking at the blue sky laughing chase figure, listening to the story is woven deep in the foliage, the smell of the TV drama can not know where floated intoxicating fragrance, imagining has not changed the dream into reality, I really like the fruition of the same.But Akiba tears, in the flow between the red.I see them crying tears dry, the wind thrust forward running around on the ground, looking like a child at home.Then sand seem to have a bridle, did her best, indulging in wanton middle leaves not off Gaudy, not just the ravages of rape is wrong, that battle did not just want to drill a few leaves of body hole, get destroyed, even Akiba who want to get to the ends of the earth, in retaliation for the spring and summer and early autumn, the leaves are to its service bundles.Fortunately, the wind sensible, child stopped at the lake, meaning here is to make Akiba salvation to the nearest reincarnation clean slate here committed sins.The mountains there’s strength of character, Lake Lake tenderness, after all, these are the aspirations of carrying place.I think Akiba is in poetry, with a given temperature difference gorgeous, with sun giving solemn, with the body giving Lake, giving a thinking person’s inspiration.It should clear mind, fed love, only to paint a beautiful world.

Bloom again cuckoo sings

I heard my breathing / increasingly weak / lights finally went out / I went into the darkroom / no longer dependent on the beam around / leaving only sound / voice echoed spread pure / I hear my voice / Kanai Indus lock / Meng Xiaodong, a gust of wind to sigh with empty dying emperor legendary winter of 1939 a thin cold spring evening.Beijing turned out, a pear dispute so that the foot of the ten-mile Chang’an Avenue Imperial hot air.Chang’an Grand Theater, Qi Cheng Theravada.This hotel in West Chang’an Avenue, the stage is being staged at this time, “Mulberry foster parents” end of days is called the Tan Yu Shuyan of pies; table is Northern and Southern hurried retreat, human well-being.Home broken dead brother Deng Bo Road eyeful desolate: Taiwan sad eyes looking at the solitary graves unbearable desolation loud, whispering under fancier field: Tan boss this time it can be hard.But the lights anti-war, unveiled in four major Republican XuSheng Tan Fuying immediate, but it is rare for many years for art he dilemma: only seventy percent of seats.The New Theater, with another in the West Chang’an Avenue and nearby theater seat without open space.Opening drums, big axis “Hung sheep hole”.Yang Yanzhao will love the death of vomiting blood, the stars fall, two old army newspaper in Hong sheep killed hole, I lost my left arm is difficult to sand fly Ruqirusu throat just right, a female without sound, thundering applause at field , no one even throw a towel, the Yanzhao, Peter Deng pressure off road go!The worthies let Yang Yanzhao actor, is Meng Xiaodong.But to say that Tan Fuying is pressed, nor appropriate.In fact, when newly hatched Meng Xiaodong teacher Yu Shuyan, momentum is flourishing.Old fans evaluation: the biggest names in opera, long-short mutual.Today, Tan Fuying Taiwan Meng Xiaodong, while a large double axis “will pick Ying” finale “Mulberry foster parents” is a big reunion drama, while “Hung sheep hole”, the pendulum is bleak and magnificent Kingdoms.A Sipi, two yellow one, the play is more than pie, this fight should be flowers Jing Fang, benefit listeners.In general, fans are really old first-Chang, listen Tan Fuying of “Mulberry foster parents”, to listen to new new Meng Xiaodong “Hung sheep hole”.But you know Meng Xiaodong infirm, not easy to play, but also the personal teaching of the Queen Yu Shuyan, therefore, today’s first-curtain so the audience new new, sold-out cards until hang out, buy tickets, only a few people stroll to Chang’an.Meng Xiaodong, there are no seats it had to listen to Tan Fuying!Even these temporary visitors, including accident, Qi Cheng Chang sell seat.The late theater critic spawned Sui Ping recalled the case.However, the victory of Taiwan fruit stage a chance, let Meng Xiaodong established the identity of the man in the opera world, also won its rightful place on the opera stage for women older students.Earlier men and women accept not pro, women can not join, although after the Xinhai actress to sing opera has become popular, but has not get into the theater big.Meng Xiaodong rise, so actresses who gradually and proud, therefore, all the newspapers praised the Beijing-Tianjin deep, sandy winds over the “Tianjin winds newspaper” Wong praise it for the winter.Yi Ling legendary mid-193 810 21, follow the older students master Meng Xiaodong Yu Shuyan studies.On this day, her life became a rare warm day, but decided after the fate of her art and life.Opera circles, a generation famous actor Yu Shuyan is legendary in the legend.I only remaining world record of eighteen and a half, it is like a treasure for the Peking Opera, which is equivalent to the status of “Orchid Pavilion” of calligraphy.Wangpei Yu said: Yu Shuyan in the history of Chinese opera is a master of the past and, although he was 10 years to 12 years in a brief stage career, has never compiled a new play, but he wants to know Tanpai for the development of the performing arts has no substitution effect.He is the tone early years alone high door, very loud singing it for the United States wants to know, developed into a fine art delicate lyric.Of course, Yu Shuyan strange temper, the same as its artistic reputation he rarely Shoutu.Later recalled, said Yu Shuyan giving the play, just like Sun worship Buddha ancestors, like monkeys, to wait for his good mood and high spirits, even late at night at midnight, smoke opium foot, only to be pointing.Meanwhile, Yu Shuyan teach drama and delicate, not completely learned, he will not continue to teach down.Not determined Tiechu grinding, and did not become law.But the apprentice process, but the twists and turns.Meng Xiaodong because the relationship with Mei Lanfang, once the Yu Shuyan took her as only some concerns.However, Yu Shuyan to do very much appreciate Meng Xiaodong.In 1935, he was introduced to a powerful Shanghai Yu Shuyan fancier worship as a teacher, I flatly refused: Some people teach religion is white, only costs effort.So I asked a friend: So today’s world, who better arrangement?Yu Shuyan A: Currently close to my road show, created and worthy of only one person Meng Xiaodong!After the hand-eye agility when Yu Shuyan will Xiaodong received as a close disciple, individualized, to dig pit of the stomach of stuff, “Hung sheep hole”, “search alone save Gu” in both unreservedly out the.Peking Opera has recalled veteran, Meng Xiaodong school play slower, not special aura, people often learn a twice to become the show, she wanted to learn a five times to ten times before.Because of this, she learned to play is more solid than others.Meng Xiaodong Long quasi students have bright eyes, Jian Mei Star project, dignified and refined, courtly typhoon, Toshihaya chic, people have to pay with a gentleman, as Yi Yi also feel more a fan of the Lord of the WAGs.And Meng Xiaodong, a unique place, she has a good voice.Pentameter taste, tones are prepared, bore sound generous, the most unusual is that no female voice, which is rare.After worship while they practice out of sand tones, and are better improve.Meng Yao Meng Xiaodong commented in “Chinese Opera History” in: self-worship t rock, the day will be to more than hard, cold and heat Departed.Over five years, dozens of school play, are the only people I send get really Biography mantle of.Meng Xiaodong, followed by performances in Peking, played ten games a year at most.Someone asked: Since popular, why not sing, more money is not good?But the old fancier know: is not really sing.The first is not good Meng Xiaodong constitution, the most critical is that she was on the stage, faithful to the art, a word, a bit careful, like a lion risk Botu, all with full.For example rocker panels opera [], [] dispersion plate, no rhythm, are generally actors often glosses over a table and.Do you not know, is the most difficult [rocker panel], [rubato], which is set for the role and lyrical, insensitive, too unpleasant nature.Therefore, the audience heart steelyard: listen to the actors sing, if rubato [], [] rocker panels, Ken remarked, very carefully, elegant and delicate, often off-color, it must be the corner child actor in the future; on the contrary, life can not be red Mei Tan high horse, nothing so.Meng Xiaodong here in the effort, compared to the senior expert, not much.She sang an opera, to use three others sing opera energy, over and over game, you can not be tired branch.This show exactly the same style and Yu Shuyan.Because the pursuit of art, so she is very optimistic about the Yu Shuyan, purse.Wangpei Yu is known as Huang Xiaodong, then skip it from Pingtan rookie to opera, because after listening to the voice of Meng Xiaodong, she recalls: I was twelve years old Meng Xiaodong heard in mid-1947 “search alone save Gu” live version , was instantly attracted, it is old-fashioned tape recorder cadence of voice, she (Xiaodong) each bright throat, is Shan Hu tsunami of applause, this grand theater warm gas field shocking, memory is still fresh.Yu Shuyan’s disciples, such as Li Shaochun eventually become a party princes, each tree banner; it should be said, Xiaodong is the most intact of them more than all the performing arts school.Meng Xiaodong carefully study his life than singing school, the value and find themselves singing from the soul destination.I think the reason why today, people do not think Xiaodong face of the old, legacy forever, because of her own voice.”Meng Xiaodong,” commented writer Wang Meng Xiaodong pray.Life experience legendary soul Review May 26 each year, there are always different people Jia Shan Buddhist cemetery next to the net to Taipei Temple to pay homage enemies law.Here stands a tombstone calm, but turns comic picture of the owner’s last 10 years of his life trajectory.Tombstone reads: Du mother Ms. Meng Tai Tomb.People are awe-inspiring inscription: Queen dry.This place is always quiet, but through the shade, wide vision, good scenery.It was not until Meng Xiaodong passed away two days ago, she nodded approved design Cemetery.This is a Dong Meng Xiaodong Hankou daughter’s family, the name of the orchid, a total of five sisters.Parents to pack food to the then actress Hankou full spring tea of living.In the first year, the opera star Meng seven performances with his family in Hankou, just contracted out catering accommodation Dong.Meng Meng Hong, fourth son of seven groups were not married, they show it with Dong Ruolan around to play, the way to teach her to sing a few mouthfuls, who knows the child, although only 7 years old, but in good condition voice.Later, when Meng left the class, parents will simply let the orchid recognize the group as a godfather Hong Meng, a mountebank Suiban.Meng used to call her Dong, Dong Dong with similar pronunciation, and finally he simply changed his name to the Xiaodong.9-year-old to study drama, 12-year-old debut in the Wuxi New World Theater, 14-year-old universe at the Shanghai Grand Theater.But these rings can not compensate for a girl lonely heart.In time than school play, so Meng Xiaodong appreciate the long-lost family.Yuhui Qing Yu Shuyan daughter recalled: Meng Xiaodong man is smart, he knows respect for teachers dedication of the road, and it will treat people in terms of life skills.I study drama into the door to five, came on time, on time away, school play very hard, and very hard.In addition to study drama, treat her as Yu Shuyan serve parents as a couple, and two junior sister apprentice (Yu Shuyan have two daughters) also like sisters.She proficient sophisticated, sophistication favor, when there are gifts to the maid, servant, so excellent Miss Meng Tai in more than popularity.Because of these exceptionally cherish the hard-won feelings, Meng Xiaodong easier to use straightforward way to fight back all kinds of sharp insincere flattery.In mid-1938 December 24, Meng Xiaodong, “Hung sheep hole” beginning to sing.Before the performance, a powerful holding intends to Mr. Huang Dong, the better the seat in front of the whole package down to dinner, to show to show off, and the promise of many benefits to the steward of the people.But that way, long-term fixed to the seat of the old fans, there is no.Some old fans had no choice but to tell Meng Xiaodong.Miss Meng Da flew into a passion, the steward of the people got: My show is for those who understand the drama of the old appreciate the audience.It was going to take my ticket to keep up appearances do treat the face, do not intend to!You are making ticket back to the garden, spit back the money.Otherwise, you today not for a speech class!This makes it really embarrassing intend to join Mr..Because bird of passage, although the Kun Ling Meng Xiaodong, but not good at communication, media lone man.Ding Bing carp once recalled: a sold-out theater, I am afraid there is not necessarily more than 1,000 people in 10 units beneath know her.It is said that in the last 10 years in life, his back to the visitors, the face of the musician, Qianyindichang, becoming her only life attitude, the same as the Buddhist spiritual practice singing: I sing my play, the pursuit of pure sound.She Communication Arts insistence, almost callous, not allowed to record, refused to Guan Changpian, not people listen even Diaosang Zi.That time, no air conditioning, even on a hot day, she should close all doors and windows.Once, the family put the recorder under the bed steal record, after she was found, directly to the recorder fell downstairs.Meng Xiaodong disciple very strict selection, only talented, strong-minded and obsessed with the art of personnel qualified to do her student.It is famous fancier, had a guest in Hong Kong thanks to Meng Xiaodong SEF chairman Koo Chen-fu before the sects memories, Meng Xiaodong door very few professional artists, are fancier, before agreeing pointing or two.She teaches drama is a one to teach, sing a sing every word, delicate, serious.She teaches his disciples is very strict, and even that without her permission and can not Diaosang Zi on the outside, but are not allowed to sing yet skillful play.Had a prospective disciple, I glimpse garde art avenue, do all to sing up to a certain level, consider themselves skilled, please repeat performances.But Meng Xiaodong thought he was doing on the table with an air of infection, is not perfect, do not always agree.Therefore, the National Master Min Zhang Xiaodong dry Poetry gifts, money, said everyone, not because Xiaodong also good at painting, nor Meng Xiaodong older students are the brightest and best actress, but respect for Meng Xiaodong.Women’s revered ancient times for everyone (ie Aunt), Yu Xiaodong Yu Shuyan was the Queen, to compare writing “Han” Ban Zhao.In mid-1967, Xijinqianhua Meng Xiaodong finally went to Taipei.Most disease in Taipei decades, Meng Xiaodong is self-ridicule of the language, but not without the truth.Such celebrities came to Taipei, naturally aroused enthusiastic attention.But Meng Xiaodong, reclusive, almost no dealings with the outside world.Her biggest hobby is watching TV, the family put two TVs, ready for her turn to see the festival.Accompanying left and right dog is 9.It is said that, when there is hot dignitaries to visit Meng Xiaodong, she did not even eyelid lift down, just looked out the window, silent.She did not want to say anything to the world.Meng Xiaodong life is doomed, but things have nothing to do with the hustle and bustle bustling everything with her peers.Winter is not the title of emperor Meng Xiaodong rejoicing, even somewhat offensive.Taiwan famous essayist Qiu Yan Xi (Qiunan Sheng) comes Liyuan Meng Xiaodong era: the stage is cold, the audience is merciless.Today you sing well, the stage is paradise, the audience is a friend; you sing well tomorrow, the stage is Oliver, the audience is the enemy.The inconstancy of human relationships, can not be such a high emotional intelligence and sensitive woman brings exquisite bird of passage feelings for Meng Xiaodong.Year after year by the end of 1976, Meng Xiaodong virtual age 70, his disciples friends for her birthday party, which lasted for two days.After this rare feast, Meng Xiaodong unfortunately had a bad cold.At this time, Xiaodong, refuse treatment.A friend recommended prescription, she said: I am by your rule did not effect another way, I was emphysema, can not rule.She was clearly.May 26, 1977, Meng Xiaodong gone through 70 years of bustling vicissitudes, life stage curtain finally dropped slowly, leaving future generations, her 20-year cappella Diaosang Zi set of tapes “Ninghui left sound”.

A vegetable

Name a vegetable cabbage (BrassicaoleraceaL as cabbage, scientific name.VAR.capitataL.), Cruciferous (Brassicaceae), Brassica.Brassica (BrassicaoleraceaL.) Variants.Shanghai people are generally referred to as cabbage, cabbage called Zhejiang.Also known as cabbage (north), cabbage (south), white lotus (Shanxi and Shaanxi), gray, and white Xianggu.Originated in the Mediterranean coast, the 16th century began to spread to China.Cabbage with a cold, disease resistance, adaptability, easy storage resistance movement, high yield, good quality and so on, now widely cultivated all over the country, northeast, northwest, north, south and other parts of spring, summer and fall of major vegetables One.    Cabbage has both nutritional value, but also the effect of physical fitness, and have a significant role in treatment efficacy: For 1.Enhance the immune function 2.Spleen and stomach, pain 3.Anti-cancer 4.Promote blood circulation and child development 5.Detoxification 6.Beauty cream, etc. have a good effect.    World Health Organization recommended best food, the most important vegetables as sweet potatoes (sweet potato), potato rich in vitamins, but also anti-cancer experts, followed by the asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, carrots, cabbage ranked third.There are three basic ecotype cabbage, into pointed, round, flat head type three.Tip type of cabbage such as large snail slippery as sharp, vivid; round type of cabbage such as thick brawny, Zhuangzhuang Hanshi; flat type of cabbage such as hot-water bottle is flat, like pops, adorable.God the human appetite for vegetable crops have created a bright color, four-color plainer yellow and red flashes in the meantime, is again lively, but the show.    The so-called cabbage, according to popular understanding, this dish is the layers of leaves rolled up, wrapped in cabbage, Shanghai people call it cabbage is quite vivid, Zhejiang also aptly call it cabbage of.    A child from the mother’s mouth always hear things like, “You Dad (Shanghai people call it the grandfather dad) is very difficult to serve Chike, he likes to eat seafood, vegetables pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, radish , cabbage, he is definitely not Dongkuai head with a hobby born rich.Although it is authentic petty class, but from being spoiled environment in a three-bedroom-one son, to develop the clothing to hand out food to mouth full of young master style, habits.What food do not eat, someone is sure to say his heart, or his great master habits is inevitable outbreak.So grandfather not and will not eat these types of vegetables is in my childhood mind very impressed with memory.Grandfather with these vegetables is not affectionate origin; but I was with these vegetables, cabbage representative for the significance of the bond has a good laugh.    I grew up pampered by their parents, it has also become unruly wayward personality, although my personality a bit like a grandfather, but I do not partial eclipse, grandfather never eat several vegetables, I was completely and every time you diet devour with relish.    Grandfather, great grandmother Anthurium young man does not love his wife, and two grandmother love each other dearly.Parents Meishuozhiyan in his grandfather’s generation is absolutely fair and square, and mistress cohabitation, Soong also have the ability to man’s freedom.Grandfather then confidently told us, “At the time of our marriage law marriage is old, we have to resist, you can not learn like.”For the marriage of children and grandchildren, he is feudal too serious, especially for her daughter, granddaughter of marriage, he is the man to make contact with the feudal Debu his daughter and granddaughter, once the limit has been exceeded, not seriously, he is born the man, his death is a ghost, must exiled married, regardless of love and not love.Girls can not have happened deviant behavior, there are not allowed to get married after the divorce phenomenon became visible in this home.    As a symbol of love stems and leaves of this cabbage wrapped in layers of cabbage root thick stems, steaming bag tightly, snuggle, warm, spoiled, become a very beautiful image of ecology.However, the modern political movements have been tied stems and leaves of love, hands and feet, tossing and suffering to death in the tomb of marriage.    In the countryside’s, farm vegetable varieties are stereotyped eggplant, spinach, cabbage, eggplant and cabbage to eat but I was never tire of eating the gall to get that taste.Labor end, holding a rice bowl, rice co refreshing color cabbage into the mouth, it is our educated youth age only “loss of enjoyment,” was only cabbage chewing in the mouth, pharynx in the throat, through the intestine, taste children fresh fresh, throat feeling soft, smooth feel bowel Chang.That was helpless happiness, a sense of loss after the madness of youth labor force can not wait to give birth to devour the goodwill of the United States.That era has passed, or memorable, dislike of water spinach is then formed, he met with spinach nausea.However, this eggplant and cabbage, but did not scare me as a conditioned reflex, until now, I actually love to eat vegetables, eggplant and cabbage both, simply incredible.    Vaguely remember that time in my cabbage feel delicious taste, the soft Shu; now the cabbage was unpalatable kind of feeling stiff in my consciousness.Maybe I’m a big their age, and now I feel that cooking cabbage leaves and stems are difficult to swallow the hard.So delicious oil, salt, hard dry completely removed, and features cooking method, like placing two kinds of sweet and sour condiments, well-built, made dishes such as hot and sour dishes like yellow-white; or a few potatoes cooked tomato floating on shoes Bang colored leaves of cabbage borscht, may well be a characteristic flavor of soup nutrition.This is live in the present mood of self-regulation, self rack their brains to provoke a relief from happy taste “new life”.

Bloom (outside the two)

I did not come before you have been lonely bloom I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time to wait for me to meet with the most gorgeous moments of your life your best Yan Rong 2010.08.20 I seek you follow your shadow foot deep shallow kick your way leading to a drive rain wind me a ride I only Thorn Birds just for you to find Flanagan’s longest spines toward the river bank along the years you do not hesitate for anything else you love warm 2010.08.Before the advent of rain 20 a turbaned woman quickly ran wind blew up her dress from flying across the road Man 2010.8.15 [Editor: Yi children]