Tillerson was dismissed Trump lost the work of female subordinates "blessing in disguise" soaring as Under Secretary of State

  [World Wide Web Roundup] US Secretary of State Tillerson was sacked last week without warning President Trump, but he has not reuse the US State Department spokeswoman Heather·Nolte was a curse and a blessing Yindilesen。
According to the Associated Press reported on the 19th, as the State Department spokesman last week, less than a year Nolte Trump was appointed as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, which former Fox anchor from the media complete in just one year people to shining transformational diplomacy senior officials。   The Associated Press said that Nolte is already the No. 4 US State Department figures, the number one Tillerson and Undersecretary of State Nicholas Goldstein have all been fired on the occasion, the State Department Nolte become a rising star, she At the same time together with the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Li black woman to become heavyweight rare in diplomatic circles Trump government。   Nolte in April last year before entering the US Department of State。 She had been engaged in media work, especially as a female anchor in Trump's favorite Fox, done fast。
The Associated Press quoted unnamed sources disclosed that, in fact, before the entry Nolte, candidates for the posts Tillerson heart belongs to another, but eventually agreed to Nolte office。
After taking office, Nolte has been unable to integrate into the diplomatic core circle around Tillerson。
Tillerson visit always bring Nolte, even she has no way to an important meeting to attend。
As a spokesman, Nolte have to time to maintain sound Tillerson。
Just after Trump announced the dismissal decision Tillerson, Nolte emergency shorten the trip in Israel, handling processing domestic crisis。 Nolte is superior alienated so deeply unhappy, she has repeatedly said they want to quit on the side。
But before she resigned, but Tillerson Xiandiu work。   Tillerson weekdays alienate the media, but Nolte without being discouraged from special still orderly conduct of their work。
Last year, she has toured Bangladesh and Myanmar Rohingya issue to understand, recently visited Israel。 Nolte also launched a social media section of the US State Department, interviewed by her as a host of senior officials on major diplomatic issues。 In addition, Nolte has been harmonious relationship with the White House, the White House press office director Sanders Pingjiapogao to her, said she was good at collaboration team members, it is important for the government Trump。   Trump is said to have been very much appreciate Nolte, after Goldstein support Tillerson was sacked, Nolte was promoted seem to take for granted。 Nolte said she was surprised at first appointed by the president, a start had also recommended his colleague served as Under Secretary of State, but insist on seeing the White House, she accepted the new job。
(Chen Xiang)。

Beijing / Haidian District Engineer package

Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Harbin, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao, Chongqing, Xi'an, Jinan City, Mayor of Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou City, Shashi City, Kunming, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Huizhou City Xiamen, Fuzhou, Dongguan City, Dongcheng District, Beijing Xicheng Chongwen Xuanwu, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Shijingshan District, Mentougou, Fangshan District, Tongzhou District, Shunyi District, Changping District, Daxing District, Huairou District, Pinggu, Miyun County, Yanqing County, Huangpu District, Shanghai Luwan District Pudong New area, Jiading District, Jinshan District, Fengxian District, Heping District, Changning, Xuhui District, Jing'an District, Putuo District, Zhabei District, Hongkou District, Yangpu District, Minhang District, Baoshan District, Qingpu District, Songjiang District, Nanhui District, Chongming County Hexi District, Hedong District, Nankai District, Hebei District, Hongqiao District Tanggu District, Hangu District, Dagang Dongli District Xiqing District Jinnan District Beichen District Wuqing Baodi Jinghai County Ninghe Jixian Wanzhou District of Chongqing Fuling District Yuzhong District, Jiangbei District Dadukou Jiulongpo Shapingba District Nanan District Beibei District 000 Sheng District Shuangqiao District, Yubei District, Banan District, Changshou District of Qianjiang Tongliang County Tongnan County Qijiang County Rongchang Bishan County Dazu County Liangping I County Dianjiang County Fengdu County Fengjie County Wulong County Zhong Kai County Yunyang County Wuxi County Wushan County Youyang pengshui Dan Zhuxiu mountain Hechuan Jiangjin Nanchuan City Yongchuan City, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao City, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, Handan City Zhangjiakou, Baoding, Cangzhou city Chengde city, Langfang Hengshui city, Shanxi Province, Datong, Yangquan city Jincheng Shuozhou Jinzhong Yuncheng city government of Xinzhou city, Linfen city, Luliang city of Hohhot, Baotou Wuhai city, Inner Mongolia Chifeng city, Tongliao city Ordos City Bayannaoer Hulunbeir Hing'an Wulanchabu Xilin Gol League Alxa League in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Dalian, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi City, Dandong City, Jinzhou, Yingkou, Fuxin City, Tieling City, Liaoyang, Panjin City, Huludao City in Chaoyang City Siping city, Jilin Province, Changchun city, Jilin Liaoyuan city, Tonghua city, Baishan city, Songyuan city, white city, Yanbian city, Hegang city, Jixi city, Qiqihar, Harbin Heihe, Yichun city, Jiamusi city, Daqing city, Shuangyashan city Qitaihe city, Heilongjiang Province Mudanjiang city, Suihua Daxinganling Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Changzhou City Huai'an City, Lianyungang, Yancheng, Nantong City Yang Zhenjiang City, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou City, Jinhua, Shaoxing City, Quzhou, Zhoushan, Lishui, Taizhou city of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, Hefei, Bengbu City, Ma'anshan City, Huainan, Huaibei City, Anqing City, Tongling City, Zhejiang Province, Suqian City Huangshan Chuzhou city, Fuyang city, Suzhou city, Lu'an Chaohu city Bozhou Chizhou Xuancheng city Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou city, Sanming, Nanping city, Ningde city, Longyan city, Nanchang, Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi Province Pingxiang city Xinyu city, Jiujiang city, Fujian Province Yingtan City, Jiangxi Ji'an City, Yichun City, Fuzhou City, Shangrao City, Qingdao, Jinan, Zibo City, Zaozhuang, Dongying, Yantai, Weifang City, Jining, Tai'an City, Weihai City, Rizhao City Laiwu Linyi Dezhou City, Shandong Province, Heze, Liaocheng, Binzhou City, Henan Luoyang, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou City Province Pingdingshan City Anyang Hebi City Jiaozuo, Xinxiang City, Puyang City, Xuchang City, Luohe City, Sanmenxia City, Nanyang City, Shangqiu Zhoukou Zhumadian City, Xinyang Wuhan, Hubei Huangshi Ezhou Shiyan City, Xiangfan, Jingmen, Yichang City Xiaogan City in Jingzhou City, Huanggang Xianning Suizhou Enshi City Qianjiang City, Tianmen, Xiantao City Shennongjia Changsha, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou City, Shaoyang City, Hengyang City, Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang City, Zhangjiajie City, Chenzhou City, Yongzhou City, Huaihua, Loudi City, Shaoguan City, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang City, Jiangmen City, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Shantou City, Xiangxi in Hunan Province Maoming Forest Zhaoqing City, Huizhou City, Meizhou, Shanwei, Heyuan City, Yangjiang City, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Qingyuan City, Yunfu City, Chaozhou, Jieyang City Nanning City in Guangxi Province, Guilin, Liuzhou, Wuzhou City, Beihai Qinzhou Fangchenggang, Baise City, Yulin Guigang Hechi Hezhou Laibin City, Chongzuo City, Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai City Wuzhishan Danzhou, Wenchang City, Lingao County Chengmai County Dongfang City, Wanning City, Hainan Province Ding'an Tunchang County Lingshui Baoting Qiongzhong Baisha Chang Jiang Yuedong Paracel Islands Spratly Islands in the sand Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, Panzhihua, Luzhou City, Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Suining City, Neijiang, Leshan City, Nanchong City, Meishan City, Guang'an City Ya'an Yibin City of Bazhong Ziyang Ganzi Aba Liangshan Guiyang, Guizhou Province Zunyi City, Liupanshui City Anshun City, Tongren prefecture, Southwest Guizhou Province Bijie prefecture of Qiandongnan Qiannan Kunming, Yunnan Qujing City Creek Xi'an City, Tongchuan City Mountain Zhaotong City of Lijiang City, Lincang, Simao City Wenshan Prefecture of Honghe Prefecture of Chuxiong Dali Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, Dehong, Diqing, Nujiang Prefecture, Lhasa, Qamdo, Tibet Shannan Prefecture Xigaze Nagqu Ngari Prefecture Nyingchi Baoji in Shaanxi Province Xianyang City, Weinan City, Yulin City, Yan'an City, Hanzhong, Ankang City Shangluo City, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, Silver City Jinchang Tianshui Wuwei Zhangye City, Pingliang City Jiuquan Qingyang City, Dingxi City Longnan, Gannan Linxia, Xining, Qinghai Haidong Huang Haibei region South Hainan prefecture of Yushu GUOLUO Wuzhong City, Ningxia Shizuishan City Haixi Yinchuan, Urumqi, Karamay Zhongwei City, Guyuan City Turpan prefecture of Changji, Hami region Bozhou Bavaria Aksu prefecture g state Kashi prefecture Hotan prefecture Ili Tacheng Shihezi Altay region Alar City Tumxuk Wujiaqu Taipei, Kaohsiung, Keelung City, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi City, Tainan City, Taipei County, Taichung County, Changhua County, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Taoyuan County, Taiwan Province cloud Pingtung County, Kaohsiung County, Tainan County, Chiayi County, Yilan County, Hualien, Taitung County Linxian Lake County Kinmen County Lianjiang Hong Kong Central & Western Eastern Southern Wan Chai District, Kowloon City, Kwun Tong, Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin District Yau Tsim Mong District Islands District Kwai Tsing North Sai Kung District, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan Sha Tin, Tai Po District Long District Macau Fatima parish St. Anthony's parish in the lobby area of St. Lazarus parish wind along the parish。

What are the signs of female infertility men and women have to look at

What are the signs of infertility female infertility in the moment regarded as a very large number of diseases, I believe many people have around these patients, then infertility together and what signs to look small series infertility What are the signs of infertility have it introduced!Female infertility signs you know what signs appear or what diseases it can react female infertility the infertility is a big problem。 Now female infertility is increasing, many women are worried that they will infertility, but it is not clear that infertility is a sign, you can not rush to the hospital for infertility examination, that the following to introduce female infertility What are the symptoms。 1.Abnormal menstrual women over the age of 18 if no menstruation, menstruation or menopause after more than six consecutive months, then it belongs to amenorrhea, can cause female infertility, as well as the performance of irregular menstruation。 2.Some gynecological pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer and other chronic often show lower abdomen, abdominal pain, or both sides of the lumbosacral pain, which diseases are likely to cause infertility in women。
3.Menstruation female infertility What are some signs of female friends have before and after menstruation cyclical premenstrual breast swelling and headache occurs through the line, as well as by the emergence of a series of rows depression or irritability and other symptoms, these The reason is can lead to female infertility。 4.Some dysmenorrhea gynecological diseases like inflammation also cause infertility, if abnormal vaginal discharge or genital itching, it will also affect women pregnancy。

British researchers: eat more rice flour may make women early menopause (1)

  According to foreign media reports, the British study found that if women eat more of a day of refined carbohydrates, such as flour or rice products may make the coming year and a half earlier, but also increase the risk of heart disease。
The study also found that eating more oily fish or beans, you can make menopause postponed for three years。  Reported that British women of the University of Leeds researcher at data collected between 4 ten thousand years, and for the questionnaire, of which more than 900 40-65 year old woman naturally into during this age, the average age at onset is 51 years old。The study found that if women ate more refined carbohydrates a day, will advance the start time of menopause。  Research indicates that refined carbohydrates increase the risk of the body impedance of insulin, insulin resistance properties will affect gonadal hormone secretion, pushing estrogen levels, may lead to earlier advent。
The study also showed that women enter menopause earlier, will be more prone to develop osteoporosis and heart disease, but late menopause to people, there will be a greater chance of suffering from ovarian, cervical or breast cancer。
  The study found that long-term consumption of more than a day of fish oil, may make than normal late 3 years or more, because the omega-3 fish oil will be in the stimulation of the body's antioxidant levels。Eating a lot of soy foods rich in antioxidants, it makes menopause later than 1 year than normal。
In addition, absorb more of the zinc or vitamin B6 may postpone menopause。
  A female friend not only to confront social responsibility, as well as family responsibilities often feel physically and mentally exhausted。
Bad habits will affect their internal organs, the ovaries of women, there was some damage, leading to premature ovarian failure, physiological dysfunction, in advance, then how to prevent it early menopause?  Prevention first self-examination in advance, they have no bad habits, smoking will not be drinking。
If yes, please quit as soon as possible。Observe their sleep, adults should sleep 6-8 hours a day, your sleep time to achieve this performance yet?If not, you can rest at noon for a while; before going to bed to relax yourself, do not busy working overtime, and do not dispute and to ensure that calm into sleep。  Wants to prevent in advance, it is not to lose weight or size, deliberately eat less, do not want to eat anything eat anything, and not a partial eclipse picky eaters, or overeating, eating three meals a day to be on time。Lose weight or fullness of time, you can take a walk。  Everyone more or less pressure, the key to understand decompression。
For women, a lot of decompression method, you can practice two times a week or yoga relaxation technique can also be carried out twice physical exercise, swimming, playing and aerobics will help to eliminate stress。  Finally, regular physical examination, women over 25 years old will be carried out 1-2 times a regular breast and gynecological department to check every year, and once the symptoms found in time to check the secretion Branch, for medical help, must not be taken lightly, not because I am sorry not to check。

Acacia Shijue non-deep sea

I shall smile, Utah State long dream Miharu。   East wind Delitaofen。   Green Grass thousands of miles, Crane Dance Cloud Nine。   Heaven on earth who read?Xiang Lu Chen Xin Hengshui。   Consonance with smooth drunk Jinzun。   Love never old heart, you and I for a century。   ——Inscription "Linjiangxian·Consonance "One, spring is still shallow, especially deep dim moonlight night, hazy night。Moonlight scattered Gambhir swaying a clear film alone。At the hazy fog, a fine, cut kissed cheeks, seemed vaguely heard the wind delivered to exhort far, is that gentle voice。   Although spring has to, first warm spring, but it also chilly。In the darkness, facing the distant sinking, the brightest stars, winking room, like an eternal lamp heart。And just like your eyes, showing a plume of tenderness。I know, from heart to heart blend in consonance hearts。Remember that Jun words: You still read, Acacia rain, never subtract half points。Gazing at the sweet smile at those, still fragrant。Those Dimei gentle smile at the time, provoke Jun frivolous。Meet is the edge, ears heard the phrase no longer seem familiar words gently asked: you are here it?This encounter, reproduce the real scenery, mind each other how fit is relatively smile, needless to say。This makes me believe, heart to heart love hearts in consonance intersection。   Pick up a pen, a roll of ink rhyme, all miss you poem。Dan put you describe the scent of ink, written in white long word for you a clear spectrum of music, I will be your income tender heart。Long course of years, shoulder to shoulder counterparts, make love, so warm fragrance filling!Like in the Tang and Song of the text, count the days grow long, an elegant look for, I abundance of poetic heart, as you point ink into incense。     Second, eyebrows worry, worry heart of life in the world, there will always be a crossroads, it is impossible to choose which ones to strip wandering way of life, maybe the move is a kind of choice。Life in the world, there will always be difficult to read and difficult to crack the problem, when a difficult problem before us, it is the courage to break or detour?   Those years go off, the heart was once confused, have dark thoughts, have long stream Lei Yu, also feeling frustrated, have mind blowing, who is my dream paradise?   Inquire, Nowhere bleak!Fruitless days, often in a daze。Daze, not loneliness but also a state of mind。Some things, some stories about, or life in many, when it lost in a daze, quietly glide brow, without leaving a trace……   Days, already deep。Black is the main theme of the night, night to pull down the curtain for my landing window of heart。   That time of the heart, no place to place。Due to unclear touched direction, and in this month's crevices gradually blurred in the distance.。   Under the moonlight, gorgeous Sparse。Listen, windowsill wind chimes swaying, knocking。Early spring to mind, one thousand flowers, shadowy, seems to have eyebrows。   Are like they are a never break the cocoon of the caterpillar, the whole body is bound to feel the heart of crawling。   Bent forward to complete its magnificent transformation, and let himself quietly butterfly, rise from the ashes……   In your breath daze time, who read my desire and struggle?   Unwilling to squander their youth, lingering and lingering uncertainty about the times, just want to be stranded in the depths of broken memories, Linden's fate is Wu Baishi practice was immortal, wait Bodhi flowers!Find a millennium dream……     Third, the month faint, faint moonlight shadow Chao Chao, a touch of Qingchou quietly climbed up my mind。Often wonder, stories, scattered over the floor。Want leaned bend over pick up, but found no way to pick up trivial duties。Night, still cool water。Always I think that things in the world there is no perfect。Perhaps only those novels, movies will be the presence of these perfect story bar。The story of some tragedy, tore the hearts of beauty, giving desperate to be added。Also confused've been lost?It seems everyone is waiting for what reason?While you're waiting, let the heart checked into sentimental text, so filled with thoughts, fell in love with the characters dependency!On the hearts of the dream, to find that I love long chapter in breaking a tie Que's poetry, looking for shadows that cut a thousand years, to find that two tire doubted the sincerity。The heart freeze in silence for some time, the deep wounds ray flat Zeze。It was so cold and warm seasons guarding, guarding the sun and the moon change, wait here, waiting for you once again into my eyes heart。   Xin sigh and remember: better elimination, several rounds of wind and rain, hurry Spring Returns。Xichun longer afraid bloom early, not to mention innumerable Fallen flowers!Spring and live。   Spring has been to, where my dream in spring?   What is waiting?Perhaps, is a mood to wait, perhaps waiting is a silent voice。 Miss abundance in waiting。 Feelings of rebirth in waiting。Sweet and sour taste, let heart flowers bloom quietly, Huakaibubai。 Red sigh more than just passing, which was really for one person?   Qingchou down to the eyebrows, heart……     Fourth, I do not say, you also know there are ups and downs mountain, Fang Xianxiong odd precipitous; there are water waves, just to see the surging; love twists and turns, Jin Shi Zhicheng Meaningful。   Life story, came to the fate ah。Buddha said, let those who lost love lost it, forgive them but also let it be。Willing to be willing, there are homes side something to。Deep love to the lonely。Life often is the case, let us understand the principle of dedication to what you will lose, who you care about, but was it the deepest wounds。Because love, you have to be the reason for the damage。When we concentrate on reading other people's stories, was moved and disturbed the peace of mind their original。Originally I thought he was a Red this passing, but has no intention into the story being, starred in a love song Red。Intention to go for a ride, do not worry about life can be described as affectionate, for fear of duckweed poly。Thankful, grateful to arrange the fate of God but also said to be destined to encounter。   Relative smile, we meet here!   Put together a nice poetic uninteresting life。Always believed in reincarnation is the other people that were looking for each other, that one of the most deep-seated。Through the reality, through athletic, cure my drink, look at Sansei stone This is our first few World reincarnation?Love life, to love。Perhaps, the next life is not necessarily to each other and then be able to find a……   Just want to quietly waiting for you。   Accompany the king: looking toward the water flows east, the West fall evening watching day。I do not say, you also know。     Fifth, a lotus, quietly blossoming this Red too much temptation, who can accompany who together Forever?Too sober would lose romantic; too intoxicated to lose self。When stay awake half the remaining half drunk, my dream, my king to catch。Fly together to accompany the monarch, Splendor End of the World!   Some people even do not mind in the body, leaving the stay, it is a tragedy。Some people, who do not mind walking away, will always come back, this is the leading edge of the doomed……   Xuyi Shi friends forever, you live in my heart。A people lead their lives, how romantic story。   The extraordinary day too fast, and will be delivered to a lonely heart that people know of, secure a wandering soul。I do not know past lives, whether I was a Ching Lin Buddha, leave of Zen, willing into the world, you also hold the ring dressed mist of warm, real pain。   If walking in this world, that before you who did not come looking for safety, people are lonely。There were only his own shadow and never betray……     Six, Red robbery, is met edges meet edge。A margin of data, including the number of variables and accidental?   Encounter is a beautiful peaceful。The vast sea, adrift everyone as a fine dust, so casual encounter, perhaps a gust of wind, disappeared in the depths of the misty each other, please cherish the brief encounter。   Encounter is a happy state of mind。Without an appointment, and thus met each other's hearts left a nostalgic, leaving a miss, in this Journey of life also left a good aftertaste。Met, please cherish。   Encounter is a calm feelings。Beautiful rub shoulders also five hundred years of practice, that the heart of the lake ripples let us know, feeling a warm thoughts, thoughts of others is a blessing。Comfortable with this rare knowing each other, the edge is God, is man-made parts。   Enron is a warm encounter。A warm feeling makes us peace of mind, heart gentle, open-minded mood。Listen to the voice of each other heart to heart communication, heart to heart consonance perspective。   Meet the most beautiful, thank everyone in this life encounter!Thank you encountered in the deepest Red。     Seven, sipping tea, drunk life "Seven·Tea "West Wing cut candle, then lingering, remember that Jin was leaving ink papers。   Light for tea chasing dreams, not Bing reclassification of the year。   Allure rain the day before yesterday, I am also a sunny morning skies。Multi-day air and swept away the hearts of lingering haze, I'm still a clearance。Blue sky transparent and clarity, the golden touch every inch of shade and sun。Always feel, people's emotions are infected with the weather, people's emotions will infect her people, whether they were also infected or being touched, that person must be your care。Would like to make the mundane world of a woman, to see the reality for some and enjoy the blossom season, a bright sigh of dazzling fireworks……Fell in love with the landscape, moved by the moment of encounter, bearing in mind that a lifetime。Seeds implanted in the heart of a Buddha, until the time when the spring, quietly sprouting, blooming gorgeously with me。Do not say leave, only complaints of Love。Chang Yen white hair together into years from Fairview。But oh, the quiet beauty of mountains and rivers, Saatchi Chang'an。   You say, I owe the most beautiful feel bad, you will repay a lifetime。Love is Qiannian, is a subconscious respect and complementary friend。Together have gone through the place to renew old mentality accompanied consolation。“Acacia Shijue non-deep sea”It is very much empathy。Think about it, in fact, the sea is not deep, I miss a person even deeper than the sea……   Moonlight, fixed in a look, suddenly shining moment, his eyes hazy mist, along with a tear slowly trickles……   "See peach Concubine" mosaic from the distraction from prisoners, the number of calendar a few Spring。   Liu Lang was spring by degrees, and finally see the peach capacity and with shame。 Note: Liu Lang several meanings, one for the lover, and the second is the story of Liu Lang and peach。

Study: Trump campaign rally in the city where violence occurs more frequently

  [World Wide Web Roundup] According to the Russian satellite network reported March 18, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that during the 2016 election, US President Donald Trump's campaign rally in the city and urban violence have a certain Correlation。   The first author of the study, Christopher Morrison, 16, told the "New York Times", which seems to be Trump campaign rally in unique phenomenon。
Investigators Trump during the election campaign of 31 times and 38 times the frequency of violent incidents during the campaign rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's happening assessed, they found that Trump held during the rally, violence average increase from the day, but Hillary violence during the speech were not significantly increased。
  It is reported that in 2016 a normal period, a daily average of US cities will take place from violence。 During the lecture, held a rally in Trump, from an average daily。
  20 violent incidents were survey, from October 2015 to June 2016, was held during a campaign rally at Trump。 Three of these cases initiated by opponents Trump, 14 cases initiated by its supporters。
  The researchers said that Trump and his supporters during a campaign rally in show of aggressive emotions is an important cause of violent incidents。 In addition, it increased the number of police during the election campaign has also led to increased violence。
(Internship compilation: Sun Yi He Reviewer: Tian Ruizhe)。

Seeing Zheng dish: white horse stocks have Budie future market is expected to stabilize | White Horse Unit

  Every time there was correspondent Zheng Buchun overnight Fed, as expected, hiked interest rates by 25 basis points after the policy statement will be roughly neutral。
Asia-Pacific stock market reaction is relatively neutral, closed mixed on Thursday。 In the A shares, because shares sell into the White Horse, major indexes fell Qi。 % Benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell to a point, and the remaining majority index fell almost the same, the SSE 50 and the CSI 300 fell slightly larger。
In addition, the Hang Seng Index tumbled%。
  Our central bank have taken advantage of a slight increase in seven days reverse repo operations interest rates five basis points, a smaller rate increases, in line with market expectations, the impact on the stock market temporarily limited。 If the comb recent trend of White Horse Unit, difficult to find, first banking, real estate, coal and other cyclical stocks fall slightly, and now gradually turn to more defensive stocks of electrical appliances, liquor stocks, the decline has spread signs。
This is the easy confidence of the impact of institutional investors, which causes more loose chips。
  Some institutions seem very professional, but in fact very susceptible to influence market sentiment。 Specific performance is, the rally often hold together, the decline in mutual stampede。 With appliances, liquor and other sections have Budie, the current White Horse shares a relatively high valuation levels have not breed too much, should future market is expected to stabilize。   Although I think the market is limited downside, but I am not very optimistic about the A-share short-term trend。 It has entered the end of the month because, quarter hours, usually marginal market funds face tight。 In this context, the market to maintain the shock consolidation pattern pretty good。
In addition to the funds face pressure, and another potential pressure Foxconn IPO, the current situation in this area is not yet clear。
  The next two weeks is the peak of a quarterly notice, if the investor holds that the blue chips, which should attach great importance to。 For the cycle stocks, you should see some of the more long-term。
Because once the cycle stocks trend inflection point, would be quite amazing lethality。
  The market tends to run toward the direction of least resistance, the current situation seen by the Shanghai Composite Index, which is up to a slightly larger resistance, in which case investors should beware that closed down upward gap near 3200 points, now only from this point 2%。

Hyperlipidemia lipid-lowering health care fruit Four

Current Location: health care lowering blood fat body four fruit 2016-3-310: 41: 39 Source: REVIEW: hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) is common in the elderly, not treated not only cause serious health threat, but also very easy to cause other geriatric diseases, and the treatment of hyperlipidemia in addition to medication, you can eat more cholesterol-lowering foods。
……Health care: What hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) lowering fruits are common in the elderly, not treated not only poses a serious threat to health, but also very easy to cause other geriatric diseases, and the treatment of hyperlipidemia in addition to medication, but also lipid-lowering foods you can eat。
Lipid-lowering foods, fruits worthy of recommendation which it hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) is common in the elderly, not treated not only poses a serious threat to health, but also very easy to cause other geriatrics, and in addition to the treatment of hyperlipidemia medication can also eat more cholesterol-lowering foods。
Lipid-lowering foods, what to recommend it [blood fat fruit fruits: grapefruit grapefruit] In addition to containing protein, fat, sugar, cellulose, but also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, etc.。 Grapefruit because low fat (fat containing per 100 grams of grapefruit), high fiber, high vitamin?And other foods, along with its diuresis phlegm, it has a fat weight loss, lowering cholesterol and triglyceride role。
Suitable for high cholesterol patients eat。
1, grapefruit juice: a fresh grapefruit hole, Jiao Zhi taking back 1 day。
The product of high cholesterol, obesity has a good adjuvant therapy。
2, grapefruit cauliflower: 2 Fresh grapefruit, a pear, an appropriate amount of sugar, 600 ml of water, 8 garnet grains, pine nuts 25 g。
After the grapefruit tapered knife peeled, cut into four equal parts, to remove the core, then cut along the fiber direction, into sugar pickled; pears, peeled, two points, pitted, cut into thin slices, That pear and grapefruit wire cut into the same length of wire sizes。 After the pear grapefruit wire and the wire surface sequentially arranged in a fan-like code into the bowl, and then concentrated pomegranate grain pine and core stack is placed in the bowl, and finally, add sugar to water, boil, defoamers, let cool, poured into bowl , you can level。 This product is handsome in appearance, color, beautiful, cool and refreshing。
Suitable for high cholesterol patients eat。

A paper fleeting, similar dash

Different seasons, different encounter。But only one season for you。  When I think of the good spring, spring is over。So I wait for the arrival of summer。But the summer was a late child, I do not understand。So I look forward to the arrival of autumn, autumn is a sentimental girl, she comforted me feel very tired。But I still believe in love, so I started looking hard winter, but when I find her, only to find that she was too cold, she said, a big crowd, who it is who's savior?Everyone is not who's who。  I still do not go into her heart, can not melt her indifference。  Sadly in the night sky, I began to miss spring beauty, her tenderness, her romance, her vivacity, her talent。But the flying snow told me that everything can not go back。  To many years later I came to understand。The original Spring is my first love, first love only beautiful to miss, but it is difficult to co-renewal of their acquaintance……  So we should meet Thanksgiving, thankful way is to love each other with the most original love。Because, you might accidentally miss and you do not take life join together to east flow partner, it would be a kind of regret?  Do not easily believe in reincarnation at a leading edge continued burning energy, because the cycle itself is a sad vocabulary。If your heart really met the man in a big crowd, please do not easily rub shoulders。Because superficial, rather than passing eventually become subsumed。  If you meet the right people at the right time, please cherish each other, not because of quarrel and angry, not because of Sheng and impulse。Do not be overbearing to your party changes to your ideal appearance, not because of your dedication, let the other compromises。He died transitory man, who is not your darling stomach, how can you predict emotions?  If you meet the right person at the wrong time, please do not easily give up, to accompany the section of the road from each other, let each other less lonely, the next intersection, maybe understand that you expect that person is standing firm guard across from you。You are so persistent it was no easy time water。  Love does not need to sublimate, in the flat it seems great。  If true love to a dead end, do not hate each other because TA has been unknown to accompany you through a little rough。All have their own grief swallowed, do not apply to the other side of life left jade-like defects。  The most beautiful side to leave each other, the most elegant turn left to each other, and the last will leave a blessing to each other。Tranquil years, your memories will have fame or fortune。  This beautiful as if no time limit, at the time, but also outside of time。This is the most beautiful interpretation of love and sentiment to light hidden in the scenery attitude shallow become eternal history of the title page。  Even if fate dictates, finally we had to come to an end, I hope still bustling downtown after each other。  In the memories have not forgotten the occasion as also shown signs is so like the gentle, but also for how many years Minchun each other laugh。  But how many people complain crazy, how many people are hating on rivers and lakes?  As everyone knows who Regret, a total of Love, because love is born love, because love and hate, love to the depths party is crazy, love to the depths side to hate。  November 1, 2013 QQ: 1696361003

Why China valued G20 anti-corruption international cooperation?

Reading on the previous G20 summit, China to strengthen international cooperation against corruption from behind, to actively promote substantive cooperation, contribute to the gradual cooperation, "China Program" for the international anti-corruption。
Why is so dear to international cooperation against corruption G20?Southern reporter learned that, not only because of corruption directly affects economic development, corruption has become a national "public enemy", but also with the problems facing China's current anti-corruption has a direct relationship。
One hundred personnel through red Qi Cheng fled to 85% G20 G20 countries, although only 20 member states, but the population in 20 countries thirds of the world's population, accounts for the total GDP of global GDP。
Beijing Normal University Professor Huang Feng told reporters the South, due to the G20 countries, most developed countries, economic conditions, the natural environment is better, with a strong appeal from the perspective of overseas migration。
At the same time, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries in a relatively relaxed immigration policy, there are some countries for investment immigration policies, many flight personnel also like to take this "shortcut" escaped and fled overseas, "flight staff also valued in the fight against Chinese judiciary pursuit, repatriation request, these countries can make use of a number of legal provisions 'account for cheap'。
"Last year Interpol China National Central Bureau focused to the public of 'one hundred personnel through red' for the analysis of samples run, 100 flight personnel 76 people fled from G20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.。
Data show that one hundred workers in red on the United States as a 40-person flight destinations to Canada as the destination of 26 people to Australia as a destination of 10 people。
Overseas pursuit Dilemma need multilateral cooperation due to the different national judicial systems, it is difficult to sign extradition agreements with the reasons for all countries, China in pursuit stolen goods abroad also faced practical difficulties。 After last year's "100 red links" list published, there are already 33 people have been recovered, 20 of whom are recovering from G20 countries。 Has not yet recovered 67 flight personnel, 50 people are still hiding in G20 countries。
This means that in the next overseas in pursuit of stolen goods, with the crucial G20 countries to work together, China actively with other countries in urgent need to conclude treaties on extradition, mutual legal assistance treaty simultaneously and broaden multilateral cooperation channels。
Huang Feng told reporters the South, to countries that have not concluded an extradition treaty, in the cross-border pursuit, with the relevant provisions of international multilateral channels of cooperation concluded will also play a role。 In addition, co-sanctioned multinational promote a particular principle in international multilateral cooperation, then continue to refine between the two countries under the principles of cooperation, the establishment of relevant cooperation mechanism, is also very helpful for。
Chinese People's Public Security University Law School professor Zhijun also suspect fled Jian-Jun Qiao and his ex-wife sued the US Justice Department's case is an example: According to the indictment is "United Nations Convention against Corruption," with China and the US is a party to the Convention, in China international criminal case raised a request for assistance to the United States, the United States must fulfill its treaty obligations。 G20 anti-corruption international cooperation to "pragmatic" and the birth of "G20" was first used to solve the international economic development issues。
Discussion on development issues in the economy, the problems related to corruption go hand in hand: 2008 subprime crisis, when the first meeting of the Group of 20 summit, will "promote financial market integrity, preventing illegal market manipulation and deceit and power Summit Declaration written abuse "and so on。 Thereafter, the international anti-corruption cooperation under the framework of the G20, a step toward "pragmatic"。
Pittsburgh Summit held in mid-2009, began to be devoted to the issue of anti-corruption; decided to set up anti-corruption working group is committed to international cooperation on anti-corruption summit in Toronto in 2010, anti-corruption supervision of the operations of the G20 member states。
The landmark 2014 summit, approved by mid-2015 to 2016 anti-corruption action plan, agreed to build a network of anti-corruption cooperation within the framework of the G20, the return of corrupt assets among members, refused to provide harbor avoid sin as corrupt officials。
Step by step progression of the G20 in the international anti-corruption cooperation, Chahar Institute researcher and static observation Jun believes that together form the G20, so that the group had previously been known as "asylum paradise" feel to some extent the Member States recognized that "collective action" against corruption of the importance and effectiveness of pressure, an increasing number of Member States。
With awareness, G20 anti-corruption collective action from the original mainly for corporate crime, access to domestic and cross-border anti-economic crime in all its forms, and to carry out the greatest degree of cooperation in the pursuit of concerted action of stolen goods。
Written: Southern Reporter intern Cheng Shu Wen Nan Qin Yujie off (except for signature outside)。