I would like to dedicate this post: graduating towards the posts society who xiaonianqing.<活>How a live Zile.You will live it?Do you know how to live it?Do you know what it is to live?.Wants to live must live, these words do you understand me?.Because live so live, phrase it; you can understand?.That survival activities, Life is flexible.There are live live live live there.Those are the words, the meaning of the different.Though you alive, but you really live it?Carefully taste it.Live, covering all things.Live, namely; sensitive, understanding, modifications, perception, knowledge of the time in a harmony.Someone said: regret in life is that (insisted should adhere to; to give up should not give up), who listened to this sentence is very classic, very reasonable; but the problem is, who can tell you how to confirm What is the stick, which is the abandoned; this is the essence, that is,<活>The soul.Sometimes stick when young dream, grew up after that is so ignorant.Want to live, you must be flexible.The results are struggles and dreams of a happy life, but the road is not the only one; you have to constantly track amendment of life, to change the original half-baked ideas; find a shortcut to success, there may be a direction to success; it You do not have to come in a black trail.Visionary, determined course and grasp the current, apply their knowledge, learn by analogy, pragmatic innovation; you can be happy living in the moment.Again, in order to live – must live.

(Fable verses) unscrupulous cat’s confession

Since I was promoted to the first soaring a good cat animal world there are numerous well-known began scrambling searching / early minimize harm my rabies vaccine had antibodies moist cat god bless the God of peace and harmony animals / cats all are striving to catch the mice is a good cat all unscrupulous uncle cat strikes unparalleled ability / La La ga ga Kaka corner angle has a cat “cat” resounded through the earth if one o’clock hear the cat has been called the bill fishing by others to do / I hurried out dancing bouncing things off Ningbo Whoever lives not harm the cat getting money like never withdraw troops cut throats / cat urine, cat feces stir together the plague rampant money worship vicious circle curl rising bills as long as I hand the world is great sages / Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and Zhuangzi which quickly thrown into the garbage pit dunghill all the money I have to run the bag and I do not starve a relationship Alex’s / early generations of my wife and kids eat emigration transformed Guizi Bing has already become the touch stone lift into the depths of the sea beast, who can only go to the dead, struggling to survive / Meng recently heard of a cat caught in a drug owls who want to be stupid stupid Class locked hands and feet and quickly ran desperately fled for fear of being caught in a typical criminal / Oh, this is my general can no longer normal cat by unscrupulous adults point poke the trick is extraordinary stunt I will try to conquer new territories every cool fighting repeatedly win / who died overseas seems only dwelling places is odds-on coaching his back to harm my body do anything really kill the cat quickly I also had the status of cats

(F) a flower-filled fields

Kazakhstan’s northern and central parts of the world-famous prairie, an area of 1.4 million square kilometers, accounting for a full half of its land area, but too far away from Almaty, I am not privileged to go, to enjoy its boundless vast and style.    Fortunately, a chance, in the west of Almaty, also found that there are no small prairie (at least in my eyes), make me a fresh.    That was in Jaunpur Island in the country, I take the car along Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan Highway (Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan) Mercedes-Benz.Outside the car, through windbreaks, showing a green prairie, colorful fields, has been extended to the distant horizon.    We can not help but stopped the car to grassland, prairie summer flowers in full bloom, into a film into a piece of bright red wild poppies, a touch of small white flowers, glistening golden nameless wild flowers scattered on the green grassland, the earth like a true talent for Fairview.    Grasslands, growing into a piece of wild wheat and oat feed when planting.Wild wheat ground, and mixed with bits and pieces of red wild poppies, silhouetted against each other, beautiful eye-catching.Not far away, dotted with white sheep, horses and a small, free eating grass, out of sight of the shepherd, surrounded by the silence was only hear the wind whispers and bees buzz.It is said that due to the sparsely populated, vast land, labor is scarce, people ha crops, sowing and harvesting generally just two things, attend intensive cultivation and management, never applied fertilizer and pesticides, extensive cultivation, low yields, but it is definitely safety of green plants.Those into a piece of colorful wild poppies, the flowers bloom year after year, students from self-destruction, the locals take for granted.Sometimes just to collect thin poppy seeds, like sesame, like Caesar, sprinkled on bread baking edible.This bakery, various supermarkets.Food stores are sold, for a long time, not drugs, not illegal, the former Soviet republics are so.    I have never seen such a beautiful and vast wilderness, under the blue sky, the monastery is surrounded around, far from the sight of the end of the rolling snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains is a vast prairie flowers, green and wild and fog, how vast.This is the country’s modern times as the “North Star on the Prairie,” the great poet Abai had burst Acura grasslands, perhaps enough to pen with the Russian writer Sholokhov “Quiet Flows the Don” in the fertile phase of the Don steppe rival.Only beauty in the past in order to see the film and television works, now displayed in front, I was shocked.    I can not help but think of the student, we all like to mention a song, a magnificent song of the Soviet Union: “What the vast majority of our country, it has numerous fields and forests, we have not seen in other countries, so you can breathe freely.”Today, the disintegration of the Soviet Union long gone, but one of the former republics of Kazakhstan, has become the nascent independent state.Kazakh area of over 2.72 million square kilometers, in the Soviet Union after Russia; second only to China and India in Asia, ranking third.Although piece of a jigsaw, during the visit of Kazakhstan, including today, I witnessed it that the vast majority of the land, flotilla.    At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains in the distance, there are several small villages, the houses, spread, spread it on the prairie, metal roof shining in the sun, lavender curl of smoke rising over the village, disappeared in the grasslands..Ha existing fifteen million population of the country, just over one tenth of China’s population of a little more, while almost one-third of the land area of our country, real sparsely populated.It has both rich fertile land, there are plenty arid desert, semi-desert, but extremely rich products and resources, its huge oil and gas resources, and now is a steady stream of exports to China and other neighboring countries a lot of food in the country and livestock products are exported every year, great development potential.    I was the first step of this land is not barren, but it is not the vast majority of virgin land reclamation farming.I think, not much water drought, shortage of manpower, agricultural machinery, may have been one reason.Different national circumstances, according to local conditions, open pasture, kept semi-natural state, as I could see it, is probably the best choice made by local villagers.    I wish this piece of wilderness, forever flowers!    (Continued) 2010-02-25 Zhaoding Hua

(Essay) the ultimate small business

The purpose of doing business is to make money.No one is doing business to lose money, unless the charity, or lack of mental.    Register a company operating in a project that is my dream, but because there was no spare time and opportunities, has not been achieved.  The sale of some small, some big business is big business, I have a few friends doing big business, large scale, has accumulated hundreds of millions of assets.  To want to do good business, there are light money, desire, passion and hard work will not do, but also favorable factors, but also good management, operation, and even take some luck and opportunity, especially ultimately contacts.Cell door along the street west of head room, is a nice house, two floors, good location, six years, seven wave boss has changed, all the restaurant business.Each time, it must pay hundreds of thousands, in order to stop, and had to beat a hasty retreat, the disk out of trouble.  Studied business management friends all know that business strategy is a very complex issue, improve the business, in addition to market-oriented, creative and resourceful, but also the distinctive needs.In actual operations, it is more complex, especially for the self-employed, small businesses, because small-scale, high costs, weak competitiveness, poor business environment and conditions, accidentally sea capsize, resulting in down the drain.  A small business can be done very well, even dry to the extreme, like big business, has become big business.Dry trading dry to the extreme, the sale is the best mood and taste, which are figured and artistic place.  Several small business operators know friends, did a good job, have their own characteristics.  A friend, surnamed Zhang, the couple was originally a textile factory workers in Jinan, factory because of poor efficiency, together laid off.There is no way you can die, only to fend for themselves, then opened a shop, stem from the hardware business, there are already a dozen years.  His shop, of a total of a dozen square, near Alexandra Road in Jinan.Husband and wife, plus a man.Hardware rare breed, mainly wire and nails, plus some construction materials.  After the Spring Festival together, made an appointment to meet at seven o’clock in the evening at the hotel, he was busy, fast eight only to.During the meeting talked about the future of his business, Spring Festival more than a month, because the market is better, light nails and wire, went out more than two thousand tons, is expected to reach annual sales of thousands of tons, day!  It is a small family-run shop, small business, hardware.      Jinan breakfast spot, everywhere, the city people do not want to dry.Roadside stall, then there are numerous street shop, selling the dumplings, fritters, biscuits, porridge and bean curd like, working in this area, mostly foreign workers to economy, and therefore to feed a a large number of new people into the city, the city also brings convenience to people’s lives.  There are people doing.  Near Jinan North Park, there is a breakfast shop, selling rice cooked rice handle the meat, the food is simple, a total of several varieties, handle the meat, fried eggs, boiled eggs, fried tofu, chili, gluten.The house has twenty or thirty seats, the door also has twenty or thirty seats, white long table made of tin, was short, Mazar child.Open every day, from 6 to 9 am, three hours or so.  Really like water flow, light line buy lunch there about twenty people.Seven to eight to go, not even a seat, you have to wait before a wave of guests left, to sit down and mixed with air.Eat quickly, a group of fifteen minutes, fifty or sixty seats, one hour almost two hundred people, more than three hours is six hundred people, but also mixed with some bought home to eat breakfast.Average meals twelve yuan terms, the daily turnover of between 8000-10000.  Breakfast is busy for a total of four or five people, and perhaps a mom and pop.      East district, there is a clinic, a couple of open.The couple a total of two doctors, a nurse there twenty-three.Husband and wife are students, male doctors are foreigners, after graduating from medical school, followed in order to love Valentine came to Jinan.  Work is not forthcoming, how do?In order to survive, after the wedding, the couple stem from the clinic, starting from a dozen dilapidated rented house a square, anchored to a community, went to work, Flash is more than a decade.  Now the couple, is to buy their own street door of the first house, nearly three hundred square feet, seven in the morning to open the door nine at night closed, breakfast, dinner to eat at the clinic.Year profit may reach 1.5 million.The steady stream of patients, only every day, busy, no time to rest, male doctors also pick 2 or 3 unused grown children to school.When the Spring Festival every year, in order to rest for two or three days, to visit that far away in the home of the parents, then quickly come back, continue to the next year’s business.  West of the Washington area over three hundred meters at, is a larger community, there is also a health room, deserted, many patients often bypassed, specifically to the clinic to see a doctor.  People say, hostess clinic school is pediatrics, medicine is particularly high, and the attitude of male doctors, particularly affable.

(Essay) speak

Talk, nothing more than to tell, talk, propaganda, speeches and communicate like, of course, chat and muttered to himself, thinking of personal expression and self-catharsis.    To speak, it is the easiest, mouth come.Talk is not easy, in order to express oneself well, to achieve the purpose of talking, but others can understand, but also like a bit difficult, it is not a person want to be able to do things.    Some people like to talk, and good talk, talked incessantly, creativeness Quan, well organized, accurate expression.There are some people born with relatively stiff, clumsy conversation, reticent, silent boring show, although it may be a diamond, and but just do not tell the General Assembly and to communicate in the language.People speak of style, characteristics, is different, vastly different, and some could go on, some talking, some match exactly, and some sloppy, some turn to over-complex, and some Cherishing such as gold, some sweetness and light, and some tricky mean, of course, nonsense, nonsense, wine words, nonsense, nonsense as well, insane and crazy language, etc..    How much talk, will speak about his close relationship with the personality, there are inherent factors.Deliberately Workout is also very important day after tomorrow, there is the process of learning exercise.A dedicated public speaking, it should be about learning to speak, is a science has a strong practical.Some Western politicians, because of the need elections, mostly orator, agitator, if voters can not clearly know politicians conduct and ideas, as well as eloquence, it is difficult to support.    There are “words basket”, “chatterbox” the saying goes, referring particularly like to talk, good talk, speaking on the endless friends.A lot to say, a set of so-called eloquent, endless.If clear ideas discussed in place, clear expression, should belong to a special class of people talking.I have seen many friends talk abnormal, ladies as much, speaking words, but just keep saying, a person that does not take into account the feeling of others, and others simply edgeways.If you describe such a friend, make an analogy, it can be counted as a madman to speak, for the words crazy.Jinan dialect of “long-winded” the saying goes, meaning to speak or discuss certain things, repeat it endlessly.Also known as nagging, complaining, talking long-winded, tedious, not simple, repeatedly said the same thing and issue a non-stop.It might even make a mistake, then chatter, and he may not have finished yet, others have long tired.    There is also the opposite case, I also know some special talkative friend, just do not like to talk, that is, few words, such as gold or even speak with.There is a very stiff friend, Special speak with few words, people talk, he most “Hey,” smile, never to interrupt, for some people despise him, said he was “three sticks not a fart “people.But he is a very wise friend, and a successful career, a successful businessman, especially economic-minded, there are tens of millions of assets.    Removal of normal speech communication, some of the distinctive human character, speaking of style is witty.    Know a friend or forty eighty-nine this year, men’s, seven meters tall, extra baggage, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, looks gentle.And because of worry about genetic hair has been sparse, almost bald, he surnamed Zhao.Mr. Zhao is a middle-level cadres, although a little literary talent, but because of the character and possible experience, is usually a man of few words, very quiet and good, decent people skills can be.Mr. Zhao Although few words, but occasionally there is more time to speak, and that is in the field of wine, in some places entertainment communication.Thirty-two wine you’ll feel, under the influence of alcohol, his face flushed it, and began high spirits up, as it seems like a new person, in particular, like to talk, and even quick-witted, courteous, the whole occasion , you can hear his hearty laughter and agile language, and is speaking to several times the amount of.    This should be an exceptional case.Many people, because of the mentality, character and habits, do not usually speak to crowded places, much less speak.    As long as speak, can not leave the topic.Muttering, also spoke, although it may be self-row can not be untied, is a personal thought, confused, puzzled, pressure kind of self-talk.Talk to each other, the topic is generally of interest to both aspects, except lectures, or what to listen to the speech, at least willing to listen to the other party.If a person by his own temper, without thinking, without scruple to the topic they are interested in blindly talking, or telling their own stories, regardless of each other’s feelings, I myself have been happy, but the other party may be reluctant to listen, even tired, because even seemingly polite listening, the mind may already flew away.    I have a good friend, fifty years of age, talk is very personal, obvious personality traits.He is a business unit of the early retirement of workers, stay at home, four or five thousand monthly salary, the children have been married, grandchildren are two years old, and nothing had.May be excessive idle, often meet, particularly fond of conversation, a talk about the past once the work is, once operational, the old can not forget.To work, because the work of the business unit, travel frequently, far apart, the unit created a lot of benefits, busy, fulfilling and full of achievements.He could not forget the past, I kept telling former glory.Because it is a friend, I’m still good at listening, let him continue to go on.As a result, I have basic business units and work for him, have a general understanding.    A person, if you like miss, miss the past years and have been better, it could have been old.    People like to talk about things they are familiar with, and interested in things deemed important things to talk about stubborn if they are not familiar, unfamiliar topic, it is revealing his own shortcomings, but it is difficult to talk about.Well-known aspects of their own, their profession, their preferences, often a topic of interest, so almost everyone.If both partners are favorite topics, is particularly easy to talk to, is real communication, it is easy to resonate, it will be cited as a friend.    I know a man who likes to talk about things they are familiar friends, especially interesting.    I once had a colleague, educational level is not high, has been transferred to another unit.He used to be a suburb of Jinan residents of villages, the mid-eighties, after his father retired, came to replace our unit.Although no longer a unit of work, but occasionally meet.Sunday some time ago, he suddenly remembered me and gave me a phone call, saying it was to meet at a marker at the near Jinan North Park, right next to his home.Long time no see, went to the lunchtime, we find a clean shop, eat vegetables North Park, two people drink a few glasses.    Nothing, that is pure gossip.He surnamed Guo, five short stature, in his fifties who, because of physical exertion, wrinkled, his face unshaven.Three glasses of wine you’ll feel his words to come up.He was also a particularly talkative person, that’s all they do now in Murai.Several cadres from the village to begin with, added to the Murai in enterprise management projects, the villagers benefits, then North Lake Jinan is about to start matters, has been the demolition of housing problems, people not satisfied, then that is his neighbors, his relatives, his seven regardless of eight aunt, sister of his brother’s niece, the western end of the village there is a widow surnamed Sun, not his brother-his wife and a cousin of the aunt’s brother relationship, Wait, wait, say a train.    I am a good listener who, fairly easy-going personality, the two of us spent two and a half hours, and drink a pound of white wine.Remove only ten minutes since the beginning, we both have some normal greeting interaction, the middle is also mixed with some “drinking” outside “eat” the word interludes, the rest is basically one of his own talking, in the narrative.    I did not get a word, only nodding in the negotiations, it seems to be said, “ah”, “ah”, “Yes”, “ho” a few interjections.He said those words and things, enough to become a novella material is mess.

(Essay) Ms. Xia

Clean is clean, a good lifestyle.Excessive cleaning is a problem, clean became a habit, even serious over the top, it is a kind of psychological disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder suspects. First floor, second floor area of the four-unit, there lived a lady, was originally a business accountant, worked as Deputy Director of Finance, he has been retired.She is a more elegant lady, upper body, good skin care, micro-hot hair, decent, casual clothes.Although retired, I never go out, to be bored at home every day.Occasionally to see her go out to buy food, carrying a shiny black handbag, wearing a light blue wool coat, chest rise look, walking light, full of confidence, like going to the same date. Ms. surnamed Xia, because they live in a community for many years, so very familiar.She is a very good reputation of a person, the character seems quite good, never quarrel with someone, have not seen her quarreled with neighbors, met on the way familiar neighbor, also affectionately say hello, or even to stop and say a few sentence.She was a quiet person, can be a gentle, he has a good temperament and politeness.Some is slightly cold, like some aloof. Ms. Xia was a special person like the clean, 2078, in our neighborhood, well-known. I heard that, she put her Liangshiliangting home tidy is simply spotless, real bright and clean.She is a cleaning of the madman, not stingy time, not stingy costs.Small houses, more than 120 square one day have to rub it twice, the first time and have to use a mixture of water ‘August’ disinfectant, a furniture and floor disinfection, all every corner, We have to wipe, even at the prostrate on the ground.I heard, for cleaning, she purchased a variety of mop, there are a dozen. Occasionally visited her family said, her home decorated very pretty.A door is a spacious foyer, the eye, is a beautiful fabric sofa combination of one hundred twenty-four, beautiful and generous.However, people can not sit, can only stand to speak, she never asked people to sit on the sofa, she was afraid someone else messed up neat, angular cloth pad.Her home curtains, is landing, Milan, Italy, curtain cloth, full European style, in line with the current trend of home decoration, with a fresh, elegant modern. Almost ten days, I saw that he has also been in the back of her husband, struggling, even gingerly, stepping on a small red household ladder, picking curtains in unloading, or as in the installation of the curtain. In fact, Ms. Xia is the denial to her home to go to, and what people can not go to her house, she was not welcome, she was afraid her family’s dirty ground, even Mengen not open, they speak through the door.There is no way, and opened a thin crack in the door, through the door and guests say a few words, then quickly shut, for fear that others entered the house. On one occasion, because the family faucet is broken, but she will not repair, there is no alternative but to ask residential property maintenance staff came to repair it.After the work is completed, need to pay part of the cost, while waiting, the maintenance man sat her on the sofa, that is, half a minute, people left, she took her a clean or wash a sofa cover the whole.That’s a big sofa, fabric sofa sets 10 senders, washed with a washing machine, but also more than one hour. Listen to the other woman said, if Ms. Xia bath, must be at least two hours, desperately rubbing, it seems, like any grudges and their own will oozing blood stained thin arm.She will say pain, it is unable to control. Although the neighbors are cooked, but Ms. Xia never stopping, I do not know how she thinks. Sometimes, the district where the neighbors for her particularly clean, but also talk.Say, she may be sick, psychological disorders, they may be suffering from obsessive disorder. Disease, not evil, whether it is a physical illness or mental illness, especially mental illness, people just happened unhealthy psychological conditions. In this intricate world, in this complex society, social transformation fast, fierce competition for survival, it is because of genetic factors, differences in personality, different experiences, due to the tension, the pressure of work, outside interference spirit, plus limitations on self-awareness and debugging, so that on their own thinking, serious emotional disturbance occurred and the behavior, it may be sick. I suggested that she should go see a psychiatrist.But if she says mental “illness”, her confident personality, which is nothing short of curse words, certainly will not listen.Moreover, she is fifty six or seven, do not know can not be treated and corrected.

(Documentary prose) “One of the children”, “fragmented memory” Cultural Revolution

China’s Cultural Revolution unscathed, just past history.Because of the Cultural Revolution, China mature!    The parties I’m not the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution is not a participant.When the Cultural Revolution began, I was five or six,.Now, I have some memories of the Cultural Revolution, are fragmented.This article, as an observer of young children, scattered and fragmentary memories of the Cultural Revolution some, but not complete.    However, because of this, a child’s memory may be objective.Here are some memories, passive, accidental experience or because of curiosity, or because the encounter, only that some of the fragments and stories.    Because it is their childhood, the memory of some things for the Cultural Revolution, not clear.The feeling of those years, that era, the world is full of red, green, gray, and Little Red Book, tweeter, hoarse, drawing huge crowds, then there’s no reason hatred, fanaticism, blind obedience, paranoia, agitation, fighting, hysteria, etc. Wait.    When the Cultural Revolution began, I did not go to school.Now, about the memoirs of the Cultural Revolution, read a lot, read a lot of books for the ins and outs of the Cultural Revolution, the Cultural Revolution for events and bizarre story, you may be familiar with.I write, is after mid-1967, when I was six until ten years old, the most chaotic period of the Cultural Revolution, a fragment of the Cultural Revolution movement of enterprises.This is a corner and a microcosm of society, and for the development of the whole matter is not clear.It’s the little things of the Cultural Revolution, too young, has been fuzzy memory, the sequence of events that may have reversed.    Year-old school, the Cultural Revolution has begun.School, school children Xiaoqing Maritime Board.Although it called the Maritime Board, but not authority, is a business.The school is located on the North Shore Huang Xiaoqing Taiwan and Hong Kong, a total of five or six classes, door south, in front of a narrow dirt road, rain and snow, especially in the muddy road.Further south embankment, is a small Qinghe.The school is an irregular, shabby courtyard, walls east, south, north and west, are classrooms and a teacher’s office, a total of less than twenty rooms.Base housing, with the Jinan Kitayama stone, dark gray, up, brick walls is gray, cottage.A door into the school, is a vine, fruit in the center of the yard, fall junction, sour.Because simple, no school playground.Xiaoqing school on the shore of higher ground.Walls of the east, is a stream, ditches deep depression continues, a large slope, local yellow brigade station, built a stone gate, because of disrepair, loss of function.Water from ponds and rice fields north of the stream, the clear, because there is a slope, flow down from the gate, rushing after impact, forming a small pool, frothy.Many fish are attracted, breathing the oxygen in the water game, and can often see some people catch fish.    Memory, a school, the first person to know, not our class, but our primary school principals.That was a worker, last name, forget.He is good Qiazhao waist, standing in front of the school, kept wandering.At that time, the working class is the leading class, he should be after the Cultural Revolution began, leading to the cause of education, enterprise workers’ propaganda team sent.It was a very tall man, forty years old, country-shaped face, thick eyebrows look, thick arms and legs, the work had weathered and tired, engraved on his face.He was always stern, wearing blue overalls, a look that is a simple, honest man.School, after school, he can see, he is like a mountain, like, every day, he stood firmly school gate, watched the students to and from school or tour.    School entrance, is a janitor, north school toilets.Before the toilet, there are a few trees, as if there pomegranate tree.Next to the tree, there is an open-air tank, a large water tank, there are two half-moon wooden cylinder head cover in the above, the water can hold a few hundred pounds, gray and black cylinder, every day full, clear water.Above, there are a tin ladle, to avoid sink, with a thin rope tied to the scoop, and then based on a curved wire, ride along on the cylinder.It was the students thirsty, drink water with.    That a working-class president, though he would be responsible for sounding the class, the class bell.It was a black bell, it has a rounded hammer.    Memory of the most popular, is to that period of verbal attacks Bue.XXX corresponding call, finished in the factory yard to open the swearing in ceremony, some young rebels who drove a truck, wearing the same color clothes neat, wearing a wicker hat, tied with red armbands, carrying a wooden child , chattering away went, as if to the revolutionary Committee of Shandong province, Jinan either the revolutionary Committee, or else go in series, to the revolution, went to the trouble.I have seen several times.    In the auditorium enterprise’s criticism Party Secretary XXX, I went to see excitement, as if in mid-spring of 1968, I once wrote in an essay in this matter.    It is an east-west direction of the hall, was originally workshop, you can see the middle of the wall, used as a cement beam crane flight.That auditorium, is one of the central stage of the Cultural Revolution movement Maritime Board.Hall, the east is the podium, a dozen huge red flags, decorative wall.A chair on the stage of the central, provincial secretary of the XXX sat, his face grim, silent, as if there are some puzzled and confused.Later I learned that he was a red devil, for the establishment of new China, made meritorious contributions.Several business secretary, in his standing on both sides, straight, head down, see their look.Workers Greatly excited, shouting slogans.造反派头头 presiding, sitting on the stage of the south, it is a few long table, covered with a green cloth above single, wearing a microphone on a piece of red silk.Because on that one microphone, so his loudest, most exciting mood.While I stood against the wall of the auditorium, he said some in the end what happened, I do not know, mostly did not understand, as if not to say some political campaigns who utter tamper with, confessed their crimes, they also let anything stand in.    I have a classmate’s father, standing above the stage, accompanied bucket, surnamed Jiang, it is one of the leaders when companies, possibly deputy.The workers fairly polite to the provincial party secretary, after all, is the provincial party secretary, there is a subtle Tiger.The business leaders is different, very familiar with each other, usually there may be complaints, the rebels, the workers are rude to them, almost all of the accusations, criticisms, they are rushed.They Shaikang forward, head down, as it stood upright, afraid to speak, not daring to move.    I have a deep memory, because the name of my classmates ginger.His father was later overthrown in school, he could not lift their heads, many high school students, are fourth and fifth grade of primary school students, young eleven who often bullied him.At that time, I was in first grade, or second grade, remember the afternoon clerking, three, four high school students in school, not to name the students march.Around him, he had to shout “Down with Jiang XX” slogan, out of school before they can go home.”Jiang XX” is his father’s name, he did not want to cry, but was afraid he could not, under a large crowd, had a tearful shouted several times “Down with Jiang XX”, high school students was put he.No one knows his young mind is what kind of world, he must be crying, sadly back home.    This is an experience, certainly deeply hurt my classmate surnamed Jiang of the.Last year, I have seen him.Now, he is a relatively depressed people may have more severe depression, is a level cadres of Jinan University.    Boy, there are some more or less worship of the military, because the military and war is a man’s career.In society, business has been very confusing, it has been basically out of control, has come to out of hand when the army propaganda team came.Green uniforms, red collar badges, strict discipline, to the buzz and color of a single enterprise, into a significant change and order.One day, I was young, suddenly I found a business’s doorstep, with some coming and going of the People’s Liberation Army, one is so spiritual, so amiable.Seems to be a welcome open the PLA General Assembly, the kids are going to watch, in the auditorium.Army propaganda team captain, is a refined captain, regiment level cadres, not tall, extra baggage, wide face, wearing a pair of glasses, a black border, surnamed Ji.He has a child the same age and we, boy, was interrupted briefly to our class to class.After the People’s Liberation Army task is completed, which a student, also followed his father is gone.    By the way, I have been a soldier.    Another army declared the players, I have only seen once, is a small road in the southern exterior wall of the courtyard of the enterprise.My father said, he was an even level cadres, and my father was a front-line ally in Fujian, one fought with the KMT in Taiwan troops, artillery.Because of his comrades, he met several times with my father, then, that it has to sit to my house, for unknown reasons, did not come.    Then there are filled with paste posters, posters and propaganda slogans, almost everywhere, are all eyeful.Because economic underdevelopment, when China’s paper, should be very tight.Because particularly intuitive, the most memorable, is that some of the posters, especially imaginative.If the painting is the workers, necessarily look tall and burly, rough, muscled arms, wearing a gray hat, wearing a gray frock, the right hand is a huge fist, down, tightly clutching a few clowns the same people, usually Brezhnev, Khrushchev and China’s XXX, XXX, left hand holding the striking, red book one, on his chest, books, sparkling.There is a direct vilify some of the leaders of the defeated posters, all hit, hit, hit the word, but also marked with a black insert, very straightforward, like comics.Some leaders, is drawn as Jianzuihousai look, like a fairy lady, has greatly exaggerated lips, wiping away the blood as lipstick; some of the leaders, is drawn into the way it was short, crowded small eyes, keep exaggerated crew cut.    Probably the first grade, when either the second grade, also participated in a show, chorus.Is a business organization, as is the company’s primary school children of employees, so people with a stage large enterprises.That show, I do not know what is in honor, or for what charges.Our song is called XXX hit song, sonorous, but with no sense of beauty.I still remember the first few sentences, “Down XXX, Down XXX, XXX is a villain and scabs..”.Because it is performed, the parents very seriously, and we excited, rehearsing for several days.In order not to delay the show, did not eat dinner.We use a charcoal black eyebrows, but also with gouache painted red face.The teacher asked us to be loud voice, singing, with melody can not twist, and stomping and hand movements, should be neat, strong.    The next show, is played by the workers.A tall uncle, the face painted white, the paper made a big nose, also white, also papered had a tall hat, drew a few stars.In the group angrily shouting slogans neatly the working class, scared, shivering and finally paralysis on the stage, the program would be finished.That’s my life, the first time that the United States, the Yankees and the Americans were white and tall is tall.Because we played out the program, he sat in the first row, next program the audience to see very clearly.    At the time, life was very poor, however, primary school, there are Yikusitian political education.I do not know a teacher or propaganda team of human tissues, seems to be in the fall, invited an old worker Huang of Taiwan and Hong Kong, very vicissitudes of a worker, surnamed Li seems, let him do the report, talk about the liberation of labor lives and experiences of people suffering.I remember very clearly, he said, he do heavy work every day, it is a stevedore, beaten by the police some of KMT, but also enough to eat.Now think about it, do not know, what he said was not true.Then, I do not know where to neighborhood some sweet potato leaves, mix some of the cornmeal, it seems to have sweet potato noodles, steamed steaming, and some willow bark, is relatively soft portion near the trunk.Seems to be after school, in the school yard, every class, have filled some, seems to use the enamel dish, some students eat up.I feel like I did not eat.    Four Olds stand four new experiences, memories are very deep.It seemed like a summer morning, the dorm room to look like a worker who, thin, thirty years old, face a long, dark skin, he should be a shipping clerk bureau publicity department, usually he is also seen.He took a broken pot, holding a stick, where he beat, then that is loudly show off, to the effect that, four new stand four olds, someone’s old books, old books, paintings, someone’s feudal superstitious stuff, all pay out.A half-hour show off how, finally, how many books there is no collection.Out of curiosity, to see a lot of children around, there are some adults, the watch.Finally received some books that, in the open space in front of the dormitory, lit some paper ash after burning debris, there were numerous to fly to the sky.    There are, in other places, something four olds stand when four new collection, and laid enterprises a warehouse, no one care.Tall doors, you can enter and leave the car.Door big that a child can dig into.I and a partner, we’ve been drilling.That some of the confiscated things, on the ground, full of some books, and some painting or something, do not know if I have valuable antiques.Because there is no culture, too, we just rolled his left, did not take, because it is not a toy.    It seems, the political struggle is really very cruel, businesses divided into two factions, including enterprise cadres and workers, both claim to this school, is among the most loyal XXX is the most revolutionary.As a result, the school won the company’s leading power and those who are, out of luck, on decentralization.Other cases I do not know, I only know that a neighbor is a factory of mechanical engineers, because accounting for the wrong team, his own faction, did not win power, we can not engage in the original technical work, and forced to work as a first-line labor workers, like Hong Kong and Taiwan to yellow when the stevedores, or pull dray sand transport work like.    Verbal attacks and Bue, vandalism incidents, I have seen it.Corporate factions, one loses power, it is not willing, then through the relationship, we find a high school teacher in Jinan ninth.This is a teacher, and he might be the school, or else his relatives.The teacher, led the hundreds of Jinan ninth middle school student, holding a red flag, mighty, came to the Xiaoqing River Maritime Board to revolution, to support the faction to faction and cadres, workers fight.The students in the name, is to defend the revolutionary line XXX.They raised a red flag, dashing high spirits, mighty, singing children, came.First, the impact of shipping bureau, did not find those in power, then north along the road, went to Huang Hong Kong and Taiwan, and no one found as a result, blurred confused fought like a cadre of older workers, like Wang, but the same faction.As a result, dozens of workers do not want to, and have to go forward hold, and they are unreasonable, students children, finally afraid, nothing had gone.    Boundlessly loyal XXX, during the Cultural Revolution almost everyone oath.Dorm, every family, to be in the most prominent place on the wall, affixed a big “loyalty” is generally below the portrait of Chairman Mao.Each glass windows, but also printed on the “loyalty” one by one, red paint, door, you can see out.This is a job, it may be business promotion division of people do.We sent two business people, door to door, with barley paper edition was engraved, printed on glass.At that time may be too young, I do not remember the word loyalty hop dance thing, for early referrals to late reporting of comedy or farce, and no impression.    At that time of frenzy, it is from the heart, people are really loyal, worship and revolution.In my memory of them, like the middle of the night, some of the rebels in power companies, led the part of workers, in the auditorium of the enterprise, open meetings, it may be an indication to the above, we are waiting, ready for the latest indication of the highest.Suddenly, the latest indication came, all the staff stood up, then, cheers.A person, took to the podium auditorium, excitedly read together, vigorous atmosphere, all of a sudden quiet down, ears, after listening, people and jubilant, cheering continues to.In fact, I would have sleepy.The latest indication that the highest, is a few words, or an article.    We can not forget history, not to mention just past history, not to mention our personal experiences.    Sometimes, I feel very puzzled.Now, there are many people, even miss those days, the gray, chaotic, manic times, that lawlessness, there is no order of age, that casually for a nominal nothingness, you can easily beat, kill time?If you’re hungry him for two days, or to send a few students or villains, no reason to beat his father meal as a teacher, said his father was a counterrevolutionary, said he was a pup, then arrested two years off, he not that poverty is a good memory, I will not say that the Cultural Revolution was wonderful yesterday.

(Diary of two) how the word of a drunk

A diary of how two drunk a word of September 11.    Love worry depressive, how to say the king.I am not, nor awake after the lunch break, look at Mr. Ze thick “history”, and Dianqi “poetry anthology”, an overview of hundred lines, will not be able to find it because of the loss can not speak sorrowful.Fu to give up poetry, song, and then after Bin wine will remain at the time of writing, the hovering between guest bedroom, with no distraction, but no railing: “return to dream every wolf river, the river has been sound mashed ,,,,,, Ju Hong Lei Yuqing early, hide this Double Ninth day.Looking cool cloud evening leaf, dusk consider unlimited.”Last night at midnight does not rest, meditation countless dirty like blur, not some perception, the students speak versa boredom, anxiety and heart hate, but can not face weak swept forcing life” Phantom Magic Health.”Go to bed on the occasion, tossing and turning, as if a few set, I dreamed a dream, who are charged with murder sin; wake up and not wake, excited and nervous and frightened.Imagine a better suggestion, to appease the soul of the victim, to lead the Americans to call the situation between life in order to appease the best memories past, but always “sober place, is the willow shore, there are cold moon.”I am pessimistic injury Qi.    Such ups and downs of the struggle, in view of past memories of the morning, the recurring, about life and death, joy and sorrow concern, alternating infected me how life and nature?I am a patient of hysteria, or another pioneer?I sing poems and paid my dissolute and uninhibited, as well as quiet and Yue Ning, that even if we have thousands of customs, but talking with people and?    How can the tiles can be all day, the word of a drunk.    Heartbroken people in the horizon September 12 has also been “grass embankment, near the Mid-Autumn, a little wind but no color,” as if the poet in the journal, write poetry microblogging number first, and I feel strong, meaningful, infinitely touching; also been “my brother, late blessing ah, ah how fine you!”SMS, full of times past, fantasy Chuxiu, how much better, between the night, in the cups, comforted each other, but who knows sadness?And this morning, Yuning choke; sunny window, Autumn has been dyed, who is worthy mess?    From yesterday to say good face this state of mind and tragic; said yesterday must look good from poetry poetry, Su Shi Yi An Liuyong and Nalan, curtain westerly, thinner than flowers; now we say good meet, look each other in phase, sparkling stars, those who can not forget the night.Poor moment, no one understand the lonely mind, even his wife and children brothers, what railings, as well as the so-called confidante take over?Even Mother rebirth, Nirvana elegance, golden land, rain drop millet, Dongsheng Murakami, summer injustice Xuefei, how can the lotus thought, open your heart.    At this time, getting to the morning, some water sprinkled in several strains of plants and flowers on the balcony, whereby release doubts worry, storm drain junction section; be subjected in the field of wau size, can laugh.Status arrogant child sleep, let him calm feeling clean, as if Tori Nanshan, water springs, Westerly Road, Xuguang tomb grass, compassion and swagger of our lives my mother —–.My life, my mother, and so heartbroken people in the horizon, now at this time, but can not speak sorrowful smile and depressed, helpless.    Quefei positive energy, SORRY.

(Confused verses) cat catch mice, unscrupulous knowledge

Hot day wearing cotton Yao land father started asking a few drops of rain fell Haha, I am a poet / to lie to eat the way to take an red mouse from a cat to catch yo West, made nervous Tean Plaza / a dwarf learning squint stare with open eyes God, leading a short-sighted being loaded, weighed down / ho ho, I was playing fine designer brand children shout chicken, two cylinder, dumped slap idiot, coax dead / wisdom?Meier has come to me to say nothing of panic, I had a very busy oh eleven large rat theory / spy watch for it to bar the mouse world loud and clear everyone said I was in Hong Kong to invigorate the economy rat / Needless to say how far Quzhao cat’s eye cave implemented in the dark lair with rat fantasy life / wisdom to the run, yeah mother cat, scary stuff quickly create eleven great, unscrupulous knowledge cat catch mice, yeah

(cloud.expensive.Chuan) Travels

(Preamble) in mid-May this Fangfei, her husband’s colleague and friend, is very brothers.We have five pairs of similar travel companion.Is actually the first time in my life with so many friends go hand in hand, the beautiful scenery of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, this way, the vicissitudes of life, panoramic view, make me want to stay, unforgettable.  My husband is in the pedestrian brother, so we all unanimously recommended him as head of the management of the economy, all the way to take care of chores.I do, of course, beside the lady’s husband ten days the head of addiction, ha ha, Miya, Yoshiya, happy indeed.  I do not understand why every time traveling to a strange city, but why are the evening.  Just as the parting with people, always inexplicable Everywhere the sky from time to time some of the falling raindrops.Perhaps God arranged in such a way that we welcome the arrival of these strange friends.Perhaps, the only rain farewell love, will leave memories that strands of thoughts, perhaps, only the night comes the rain city, will cover up the long journey tired.  When night comes, stroll in the dim light, stroll in the drizzle, quietly listening to the rain beat the clock years, breathing the fresh air, looking for a good time, leaving a beautiful memory.  In the evening, make a panicky mind quiet, let the day’s fatigue get in safely after sunset dusk, then sit around and wait for tomorrow’s joy, swim in the mountains, where the drunk, the body and mind into the nature.  To Xikou, the evening; Guizhou Anshun, evening; to Kunming, the evening; to Xishuangbanna, also in the evening; to Pu’er, also in the evening; or in the evening to Dali; Lijiang, is still in the evening, to Xichang, still in the evening.  Not deliberately, not arrange, if not as if the evening as a guide, the scenery tomorrow will this recession, will not hehe brilliance.  [Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan] Travels (a) (1) at 6:00 on the 17th, the king of mine, Guo Dong, Zheng, Dong Tang, Zheng heads of his wife and two specially hired driver, a line of 12 people altogether Xikou three cars traveling by car from the city of Guang’an, I Chuaizhuo happiness, carrying peace, carrying a curious, with a bit of joy and his wife Liu Jing Wang mine on the couple’s car Guo Dong, Dong Guo either our driver made a special trip, my husband and mine Wang, Dong Tang, Zheng on the total car because they did not forget the time revolutionary duty “Landlords” on the go.Gu Zheng’s wife and sister had to Tang Tang Dong Dong car exchange position, Wu Dragon is designed to engage the driver, this is the only way Zheng Fu Jia, another special hire driver Dong Tang Gu Bin driving the car, Tang Dong wife is Fujia.Along the way, inside the windows far apart laugh, out the window fame, still beautiful, via Chongqing evening arrival Anshun City, Guizhou Province.  (2) Anshun is in the heart of the ancient Yelang, located in the central and western Guizhou Province, known as “the belly of Guizhou and Yunnan throat,” said.Anshun City, has a long history, rich in culture.Qing Dynasty Tongzhi year, Taiping Yi Wang Ground here annihilated.In mid-May 1935, when the Red Army, Yang Shangkun, Deng Yingchao has guided through Anshun, spraying the seeds of the next revolution, the Red Army force a crossing Dadu success in this.  When the car slowly stopped walking in the sunset, stay behind the car waiting for our friends, friends Zhouzong Fu Zheng Dong wife warm reception us, took us to book in advance for our good hotel, dinner, friends toasted, the light laugh, laughing, eating delicious meals, drinking Guizhou specialty, as we introduce Guizhou ethnic customs.Zhou hospitality so I did not feel this strange city, but everyone’s nice and warm heart.The man in front, this city is to give people the feeling is so familiar and friendly.  After dinner, we packed trip package, with the crowd, standing on the road white oil, wore dim the lights, walked with light pace, with the brothers and sisters walk in the street corner, the night wind Anshun City, Guizhou Province blowing, it is so fresh, so natural, so intoxicated.This night, off to live in Anshun “Harborside Hotel” clean, warm, comfortable environment, makes good night’s sleep.  (3) 18, Anshun City, the first morning, the day hanging high, the sun is so bright, and the wind is so gorgeous, everyone’s face is crammed smile, it seems certain today’s journey very harmonious and happy, and sure enough, all the way to laughter.  Our destination is the Huangguoshu Falls area, we came to the ticket office, a total of three Huangguoshu scenic area, Great Falls, Star Cave, Dragon Palace, the three spots fare is 180 yuan (Pass).My husband bought tickets, we combine our views, we will go three scenic Star Cave Scenic Spot.  Star scenic drive the car straight outside, a carved stone character fascinated me, “the bridge over there a beautiful place, good landscape of the country do not know how many went to the office, should have failed to think there is such a beautiful place ? like the stone above text, like text color.When I was with our pistachios Liu Jing still lingering outside scenery smug, they are long past the wicket, we had to slow to catch hot pursuit with the inside.  (4) Star resorts are full of rock, water hills, winding stone path, walking through walls, stone trench, crevice, until thoroughly on top of bonsai curb, and that the green water along the trail, along the road tour , the rise is the King, the King is down, all around, everywhere you into the scene, as if into a fairyland in the sky.That trickling sound of water, listening to special comfortable, more special or beautiful roadside tree.We enjoy walking in nature to the beauty, leisurely way to take pictures, as long as that memorable place, Liu Jing and I will give each other a preserve memories.Hey, there is a way to Gao Village, Journey to the West also had heard the shooting here, dear friends, men, if you give a chance, you’ll like it a pig brother?  We stayed for a while in Gao Village, my husband and my friends sitting there smoking rest, but I slipped out alone Gao Village Hawthorn side took a few pictures, leaving Hawthorn side of the beautiful moment I also keep sinking sprout heart, I feel it is the year of the pig brother style, hee hee.Then, we are happy to continue the course, along the way as well: Star Pavilion, tianxingqiao, Sky, risk pools, stone, etc. Looking back.Water Stone Forest scenic area in the lower section, walk along the Star Cave area is down a long stone staircase path, the path built along the river, has a plank and drop water, the natural beauty of the way people dreamlike, like paradise.  (5) on both sides of the road there are many natural banyan tree bonsai, Stone Forest also long between large and small cactus bushes and a variety of flowers, shady green point.Rattan spectacle, a three trees, ficus roots king group gathering, tianxingqiao Clint forest, water and other stone forest, which one called “Yung beauty”, “beauty Yung” is a banyan tree branches entwined, Zhayi look, like a upside down naked girls just out of the bath, in order to avoid the eyes of visitors, shyly hands covering his face, not allowing people to see her true colors.  He walked beside a tiny stream, six Hmong girls swarm around my husband mouth kept shouting; “guy, come on and take a picture of the beauty of it.”.Some even grabbed my husband, saw the girl for the money, inconsiderate those frivolous action again makes me a little angry, embarrassed refused again and again to see the old guy like me feel funny, I have to say out loud,; “you shine it , according to the photo is white, is not money “, this sentence is very effective, all the girls suddenly let go of my husband.Money is really more important than what you?I do not like it, I’m not tired, I is not jealous, but I do not like this way, as frivolous rude inconsiderate action, people have looked at my heart unspeakable taste of shares, giving its uncomfortable feel.In retrospect they Renjunbuzhu, ha ha ha, along the way friends are always subject to ridicule from time to time to take my husband, of course, I am no exception.  (6) change the subject, pack a good mood, play continued, looking wrinkly white-haired old man, dark-skinned young children on the roadside selling home-grown cucumbers, eggs cooked soil, is not the same fruit, etc. , stop selling, watching their beseeching eyes, suddenly a kind of little people do not buy what they can not bear to leave it feeling.  Silver pendant Lake Falls gorge and waterfall were also star in the left and right sides of the water Stone.Huangguoshu waterfall group, it is neither high win, not based on large amazing, I love the silver pendant Lake, I believe it is the most touching.The above falls into the funnel-shaped, groove-like bottom is dissolved Lake, Lake along the surface of the stone ridge of the package, such as a picture of the cover of the lotus, even interleaving ride, the water spread evenly on each one foliage overflow indulge , as large and small silver chain 10 million, contracted to the center, sometimes sinking to the ground, sometimes rushed Okawa.  Leaping from the ground baishuihe risk pool, like a dragon-like roll, rushed all the way forward Dan Fenyong hit a tree, suddenly encountered a huge consumer tunnel, a huge water tank with a potential return of Kazuma, scrambling to fall in Lake dissolved, disappeared forever in the ground.Tianxingqiao waterfall; some sonic booms like thunder, some drift silent, some clouds turn fog roll, some light silk swirls, attitude thousands, instrumentation scene, really look around without ya, every Falls has a beautiful legend.  (7) each spot, each piece of stone lettering I filmed, I saw a lot of visitors took a stone, and some stopped and looked at me, maybe people think I’m weird, like my age still so curious, these beat East What does it mean East?In fact, I just want to take home to appreciate slowly above explanation.No matter where I go all like to watch engraved text stuff, want to know their culture.Perhaps, I deliberately, perhaps, people will say I contrived, Haha Anyway, anyway, I like, like its own way.Although I do not have a high culture, but I like the culture, hobby culture.  A pedestrian holding a happy, laughing and joking, back and forth, unconsciously come to the middle of the Star area, Star Cave is the main landscape here, it is to take on the bank next to the pool.Into the hole, as if exposure to the world outside, nature’s amazing, uncanny workmanship amazing, fun to watch, inside the hall and form a number of side halls, each hall has its own features.Among the colorful, constantly changing Qifengyishi, 4 flowers Root sky straight pillars, each of the pillars in a height of at least 20 meters high, stone column green flowers, such as Diaolong carved phoenix, beautiful color, beautiful many wonders and intricate cave is not seen in the other cave.  (8) passing tianxingqiao, when you are standing on the bridge, when suddenly, knocking, sweet pure heart, that the Valley’s response to a wonderful play of light music, but also like a ‘Moonlit Night’ is so elegant, so clear and sweet, mesmerizing, do not wish to leave.  If it were not ruthless cableway will send us to the end, I am willing to spend for years in the beauty.  (9) out of the cableway, reluctantly out of the area, between lips and teeth, seems to have covered the taste of the Star scenic, durable ghost.Turn a blind eye, are landscapes.Eyes open, the landscape is beautiful.Upward, blue sky and white clouds, bow, green grass lined.  (10) days too soon to noon, we ate lunch in the scenic area outside the Star, drive straight on to the famed Huangguoshu Falls.  Looking at the roadside plants, to enjoy the natural beauty of nature in the Huangguoshu Waterfall is located 37 kilometers of Zhenning, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County at the junction, beautiful, Qifeng stack up, mighty Whitewater River, between plummeted from the cliff, forming nine Falls.  Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfalls in a heard rising water season, such as the dragon writhed, spray flying, flying drops of water; dry season, like a waterfall Wanlv silver armor, gentle scene, is another round wind-induced.Standing in the distance you can feel the sky rain falls from the positive direction to impinge upon you cool and comfortable.Here we all fit together and a piece of film, leaving a magical waterfall, but also to keep us happy moment, perhaps after years will remember.Luxuriant trees around Huangguoshu waterfall, rock phosphate Xun, caves vary, there is a mysterious Longtan Xing Luo Hongyan obscure monument, ancient post and other places of interest on Guansuo collar, people could attend, (11) In addition to Huangguoshu Waterfall, White Water River also brings together a number of 10 waterfalls, there are snail waterfalls, high, large, multi, odd, beautiful drop waterfall pool, as well as steep pond waterfall and umbrella-shaped tianxingqiao waterfall; some thunderous sonic booms some drift silent, some clouds turn fog roll, some light silk swirls, attitude thousands, instrumentation scene, really look around without ya.Luxuriant trees around Huangguoshu waterfall, rock phosphate Xun, caves vary, there is a mysterious Longtan Xing Luo Hongyan obscure monument, ancient post and other places of interest on Guansuo collar, people overwhelmed.    Huangguoshu waterfall behind the curtain hiding the shuiliandong a hundred meters long, but we do not feel, listen to all the way along to take pictures of Big Brother, said; in addition to the strange cave stalactites, as well as Dongting, window hole and Cave Springs, is the essence of the hidden Tempo.Wherein the outer extension touch like waterfall station a few meters, the front end standing reach and touch the waterfall station palpable waterfall is a waterfall curtain, people feel noisy sounds in the earth with pulse Falls.  (12) walking on the ancient post, tree-lined blocks out the sun, birds chirp, stroll from the tour, nice leisurely.”Chunhua Road sing millennium fever, river song Wan Fu Chang Yin”.In short, to the scenic Huangguoshu Falls, the trip worthwhile.  Returns the scenic front, is already four in the afternoon, the next scenic underwater heard only one attraction, we chose to give up, common opinion, proceed to the next stop, Kunming.