The beginning of autumn

Today, beginning of autumn.     How fast ah, hot summer is about to pass in an instant. Even so, it is estimated that it will take some days to heat up. Hometown people often say: After beginning of autumn’s Olympic fever, it will last 1 8. days.. The autumn tiger started to threaten, sometimes very badly. Maybe it will be cooler sooner or later.     After dinner, it was still not completely dark, and a man walked south along the road to the door. On both sides of the road are tall and strong corn, which is spitting. The tassels that are all brushed together have become a different scenery.. People walk over and can smell a faint sweet smell in the air. This feeling of deja vu, perhaps, has not been felt for some time. Remember when I was a child, every time I came to this season, I went down all day and mowed grass to help my family. At that time, everything in the field was common. It can be said that the summer vacation was tiring and happy for the children in the countryside at that time.. Sometimes, when I am tired of working, a few friends will secretly walk to the vegetable field next to me to steal tomatoes to eat.. The act of stealing vegetables is exciting and breathtaking. Compared with stealing vegetables on the Internet now, it is really worse than before.. However, now the rural people are rarely mowing grass. Once the herbicide is finished, they are no longer busy with weeds in the field all day long.. In the distance, cicadas can still be heard, and their enthusiasm remains unchanged, indicating that summer is not far away. Further on, it was a piece of bean land, green, some with scattered small white flowers and some with pods. At the moment, suddenly remembered when I was a child, I followed my mother and caught bean worms in the bean fields. I don’t know whether there is still the big fat green worm now.. Maybe, it’s already gone. In my impression, the bean worms are green in color, some of them are yellow, about four or five inches long, the thickness of the index finger, hidden under the bean leaves, and are masters of disguise.. The caught bean worm took it home and cut it with scissors to feed the chicken. To be honest, the bean worm’s skin is hard and thick, so it’s hard to trample it to death at once. Ah, happy childhood and unforgettable rural life are gone forever.     It was getting dark, so I had to retrace my steps. There seems to be a wind blowing, somewhat coolly, ” July’s fire” is sure to happen.. The village in the distance is becoming more and more vague, just can’t see the long-lost smoke curling up, perhaps the poetic scene can only be traced from yesterday’s memory. Ah, autumn is the harvest season, and it is also the season I expected, as if I had seen the fruitful results.. Walking thinking, unconsciously came to the door.     – I can reach the other side without stopping!     2011.8. 8 in the beginning of autumn

Are you tired?? Just take a break

Life is too tired! ‘ is the cry of many people in hard work today. In this high-speed era, all walks of life must open up’ high – speed roads’ and’ high – speed railways’ for business, or you will soon be left behind and hard to catch up with.. Therefore, ” life is too tired.”! ‘ has become the cry of today’s generation.     God knew all the busyness of today’s generation from the beginning, so he made a day for people to rest called the sabbath day. ‘ heaven and earth all things are made together. On the seventh day, when the work of God’s creation was finished, he rested all his work on the seventh day. God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day, because on this day God rested from all his creative work. ‘ Seven days a week, six days of hard work, wealth creation and a day of rest. ‘ Six days to work, the seventh day is a holy sabbath; When there is a holy convocation, you cannot do any work. This is the sabbath that you keep to the Lord in all your dwellings. However, those people who are busy all day have no rest time at all, exhausting the whole people’s labor, and they are all suffering from illness and heart disease. They are exhausted and ill. This is why they have to take a break.? In modern society, the pace of work and life is too fast and competition is very fierce. If people do not pay attention to adjusting their mentality, they will easily feel physically and mentally fatigued and even regret for a long time, which is what people often call’ I live very tired’. These are all the reasons for not observing the days and times set by God to rest. Although, today, the state also stipulates that there will be a two-day rest every week, basically no one will have a rest.. Instead of taking a good rest and adjusting your physical and mental health during the one-to-two weekend, you will be busier, more tired and more laborious while taking advantage of the two-day weekend.. alas! . Ah, people live in the world and leave this beautiful world for decades. Why are you so tired?? Why not arrange enough time to enjoy the beauty of the world? Why not have fun and talk to the world? Why not embrace God’s beautiful nature with open arms?? How useful is it to live so tired, to live so hard, to work so busy? You have earned all over the world in the past few decades, but in the end you have left empty – handed?     There was an entrepreneur who was suddenly physically and mentally very tired and even gradually declined, so he was in a hurry to see a doctor.. The doctor saw that the cause of his illness was caused by overwork.. Therefore, he was advised to rest more and recover his health soon.. But the entrepreneur protested with great anger, because his workload is really too much and too much. There is really no way to work during the day and handle a lot of documents at night.! As a result, he refused the suggestion of rest. The doctor had to give him a prescription so that he could follow it. When he got the prescription, he went home to read it: ” Walk for two hours every day and take half a day to the cemetery every week.”. Why should I go to the cemetery? He went to the doctor to explain, and he realized that all those who had already lived in the graveyard were as busy, tired and sick as they were when they were still living in the world.. I don’t know which day I will soon join them, so why should I be so tired today? The Bible says, ” What good is a man’s labor, that is, his labor under the sun?”? The preacher said, ” I have devoted myself to searching for all the things that the world has done with wisdom, but I know that God has taught the world a great deal of labor.”. I saw that everything I did under the sun was vanity and catching wind. ‘ You are too tired to rest. Don’t block your way forward for the so-called secular, give yourself some time and space to rest! Go out for a walk to relax your bones and muscles, breathe fresh air to nourish your spleen and lungs, see flowers and plants full of eyes and happiness, listen to birds chirping and open your heart, smell flowers and taste delicious food, sing and dance, and enjoy the greatness of the Creator. The preacher said, ” Don’t wait until the sun, the light, the moon and the stars turn dark and the whole person bends down forcefully before thinking of going out to bask in the sun. There is no point in that.”. Are you tired? Just take a break! Life is too short. Learning to relax and give yourself a little time to rest after hard work is the only way to enjoy life.. Tired, of course, I want to rest for a while. I hope all the people will learn to treat themselves well, maintain themselves, bless themselves and beautiful themselves, leaving footprints for every rest.!

After the rain

The feeling of light summer rain is really good!   I didn’t have time to experience it carefully before. It happened that I wanted to run this Sunday morning, but there was a lot of water on the ground, so I had to walk and see the scenery with special charm.!     One grass, one flower, one leaf are all fresh colors. What kind of freshness is the same feeling as the clear water at the bottom! With cool, oily light lining the ground color and touching gently, it is a smooth hand.     The night’s rain reduced the scorching heat and brought the expected coolness. This is a joy from the bottom of my heart. The temperature has risen since the summer, and the spring is short, even before I could ponder it, the summer’s hurried pace has arrived. I can’t help but you’re not a little depressed.. Few people will really like the heat of summer, besides, they are really experiencing it, so they don’t want the spring festival to be full of fun.!     The night rain washed away the noisy air, just like Ming Che now, breathing feels much easier, and the joy of refreshing the heart and moistening the lungs cannot help praising the nature’s magic. People who get up in the morning are really lucky. Such enjoyment is rare! I haven’t seen the rain for a long time. I need water everywhere for such a long time. What a timely rain this is! Think about the joy of hearing thunder last night, and now I still feel the corners of the mouth smile is endless.     Looking around, the landscape trees in the square also seemed to have a lot of spirits, with the slight wind blowing, and the leaves flashing like smiling eyes: the branches of the trees on both sides drooped, and the wind passing through them was soft and washed with water.. Green spreads in the eyes. what kind of green is this? enter the eyes, follow one’s inclinations and stir up your spirit somewhere! That’s the color of life, the color of vitality!     Isn’t it, on such an early morning, these aren’t giving you a glow of youth??!

A tangled heart language

Past events, such as animal and plant specimens, although dried in the air, will last forever. Once touched, the past will rush toward us, so real and so familiar. Past events, such as landscape paintings, those once beautiful, embedded in the depths of memory, cannot be waved away, wiped out, life is endless, time goes by, but they have been renewed for a long time and enjoy an endless aftertaste.. The past, such as a cup of plain boiled water, accompanied us by birth and growth until we get old, may have passed without looking back, but it is, after all, the course of our life. Or, the lost years no longer exist, but, after all, we once had. The past is also like a cup of strong liquor. In the past years, we have pursued vigorously and had our ideal of prosperity.. The past, because of you, we have become strong, firm, past, because of you, we have laughter and tears in our journey of life, success and failure, pride and frustration … Ah, I often hear people say: I am living a life of living and envy how natural and unrestrained it is.. Talking with friends, I also said I was a gangster, but he praised me, and it was not easy to get along with me. I knew literally: Jianghu is dangerous and there are still two swords under the word ” day”. Then understand, mix also have mixed difficulties! Mix also want to have mixed’ capital’! Perhaps more is to have mixed skills. Otherwise, why is there a’ natural selection of things and survival of the fittest’.     Busy? Mang?? Blind??? Yes, every day, from morning till night, we repeat the 2: 1 pattern, home, company, work and work. Busy?? At a loss! Or is it blind?! Seemingly busy, it is busy doing nothing, with a slim future, or with a confused status quo.? Is it unwilling to follow blindly, or blind to do it alone? Amazing at the dream scene: under the boundless sky, busy people live blindly, in the boundless sea of people, busy you, I blindly look for …….     If life is like chess, I am willing to be a pawn and go forward step by step! Straight ahead. Why? Is to protect the call ” handsome”, but my ” handsome” who is it? Parents, brothers, lovers and children are still bosses, friends, classmates and colleagues? I’m just a pawn, face object, horse, car, what do I take to protect you – my’ handsome’? In addition to life, what else do I have? So think about it, life is really fragile, vulnerable, even just a decoration.     Sometimes, I really feel that my soul and body are out of place. I am looking for and wandering around to miss a good relationship, hesitating and foolishly missing a good opportunity, drifting off and disorienting my conscience. Is it true that I have lost myself?? Sometimes, I don’t know whether I am fragile like a hedgehog or aloof like a rose, and I always hurt myself unconsciously.! Sometimes, knowing that people should not only endure loneliness, but also endure monotony and mediocrity, they must have a heart that is unwilling to be lonely and ordinary, exhausted, when they are black and blue all over, or when they return, they will become ordinary. Or forget, such as moths.     Life is a line segment or a circle? If it is a line segment, why does winter go to spring and flowers bloom and fall, we can’t find out where it comes from and where it goes? If it is a circle, year after year, year after year, then what is its center and radius? I don’t know, I don’t understand: At the beginning, I came to the world in a muddle, and when I left the world clean. Past lives, who am I, this life, who am I? Past lives, who promised who? In this world, who failed to live up to who? The afterlife, who repaid who? unknown. The ancients made herringbone so simple, who made the heart so complicated? A person came to the world alone, experiencing all his joys and sorrows, success and failure, even if birth, death and illness seemed doomed, and finally he left the world alone.. In this way, a person’s life is just a passer-by with nothing to bring or take away from the world.. Many people say that they will understand many things when they die, such as worry, pain, money, righteousness, affection and friendship. I think it is just a guess for the living, just as we can’t understand what kind of thoughts they will have when they were born. If they must say yes, I think it should be fear of the known and the unknown..     In the world, people and people, people and animals, people and nature are all connected with each other. What love is? How much grief and resentment, how much delusion and anger, how much love and hatred, accompany our life. Love is like a net, we are all prey it catches, accidentally falling into it, entangling, unable to dial.Love is like a double-edged sword, once touched, it will eventually be wounded. In the world of mortals, we who eat human fireworks go there to borrow a pair of eye – catching, to make love and hate clear and clear.?     Those who like the net name ” smoke” may be due to their deep understanding of smoke: smoke, when in a good mood, it is fireworks, like poetry and paintings, and Ana is colorful; When the mood is bad, it is smoke and mist, illusory, like a demon. Whether far or near, thick or light, it always comes and goes without a trace. He took it up, thought he had grasped it, spread out his hands, and there was nothing left.. Things are generally so, everything is like passing clouds, everything is gone, everything is gone.     A colleague resigned, and I wrote a parting blessing for him in space: I hope you will go there with ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, and ease! Longitudinal is a laundry list of nonsense, how can I express my heart’s endless love for children and helplessness, and the banquet will be held all over the world. Acquaintance is an edge, but separation is also an edge. The edge gathers and disperses, the origin, the edge falls, the edge lives and the edge dies. Who can grasp it, who can see through it, and who can put it down?

A little bit in the journey of Bo Pu

What is the little happiness in the journey of Bo Pu? Happiness is a small surprise in life.    Unconsciously, today is my eighth day in Wuchuan. What I feel these days is’ pain and happiness’. The so-called’ pain’ is to go to bed late and get up early, and go to buy vegetables at 3pm in the sun. The so-called ” happiness” is, of course, the little happiness I feel here! Although it is hard to go to the countryside, happiness is always more than hard work! In fact, to be honest, this teaching is not hard, because the environment in our base and its vicinity is already very good compared with those in the backward small mountainous areas.. Ha ha, if someone asks me if I am tired of cooking and cooking every day, I will certainly not hesitate to say that I am tired, but I feel very happy because I am full of special motivation and joy for my work every day..    Every day there are many things that touch a little heart, and today is no exception. For me, the most happy thing that makes me feel today is when I am hungry, someone gives me something to eat. Someone will ask me in time whether I am hungry or not. In fact, I also admire myself very much. As a logistics team, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone every day and cook dishes every day. I am actually hungry and really hungry..    When a person is hungry, the first thing he thinks of is food without exception.. Of course, so do I. whenever I am hungry, I especially want to eat. after getting up this morning, before breakfast is ready, I am already very hungry and especially want to eat. I asked my good roommate, Zhang Ran Duo, if he had anything to eat. I was very hungry. I didn’t expect her to say anything but ask me to go to her bed and get something to eat.. I said I ate her two buns and the rain would stop in a minute. I’m going to work on the logistics team.. As soon as I finished speaking to her on WeChat, I chewed steamed stuffed bun and went to work. I’ve been busy. I’m not free until noon today. At noon today, when I returned to the classroom where I was staying, I turned on my mobile phone to read WeChat. Wow, so moved, however, students left a message to me on WeChat: Eat, eat, don’t be hungry, there’s milk in that bag, you drink it with it, or you’ll get thirsty if you only eat bread..    Although this is a very simple thing, although it may not be worth mentioning in others’ eyes, it may be just a small and negligible thing, but it can touch me. Well moved, happiness is not far away. Happiness is right beside us. Happiness is to have something to eat when you are hungry.. Thank you, classmate Ran Duo. I’m so moved.    There are still many things that moved me during this period of teaching. For example, I’m afraid of the dark, and when I wash clothes at night, someone will accompany me and so on. I will cherish the drops I met, and thank you for meeting you!          Writing: Yao Huadi’s Review: Source of Qiu Min: Lingnan Normal University’s ” Dream Burning Together” Social Practice Team

A Autumn Rain and a Sorrow

In winter, some people who have always been beautiful just want to look far away and dare not use it. You can only wrap yourself layer by layer with clothes to cover up your inner thriller and love and hate.!       Spring, like seed of love, Luo skirt light solution, to meet also rejected the girl. Ice and snow melt, the body is liberated from clothes, the seeds struggle out of the soil, everything recovers, the school is bright, and the fields are full of fragrance everywhere.       Summer is undoubtedly a mature woman from the whole country and absolute beauty. She can’t wear expensive clothes and clothes, and her face doesn’t need to be lightly dressed with heavy makeup. She is full, convex and concave, and enthusiastic and unrestrained..       When you’re tired of Leng Yan’s extraordinary winter, its icy heart, its plump and fat summer, and its sweet sweat, the autumn rain will plunge you into the half-wall of autumn..       Autumn in the eyes of literati, always with a hint of sadness, endless bleak.       Only Liu Yuxi’s’ since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I said autumn wins spring. On the clear sky, a crane row of clouds led poetry to Bi Xiao”, and Chairman Mao’s” Independent Cold Autumn, Xiangjiang River to the north, orange island. Look at all the mountains are red and all the forests are dyed. The river is full of water, and the river is full of water.. Eagle strikes the sky, fish flies to the bottom, and all kinds of frost are free to compete.. The feeling is sparse, ask the boundless earth, who is in charge of ups and downs? Bring hundreds of couples to have a trip and remember the past eventful years.. Just as the students were young, they were in their prime. Scholar spirit, waved at Fang Qiu. Pointing out the country, stirring up words, mucking up Wan Huhou in those days. Have you ever remembered that when you hit the water in midstream, the waves stopped the boat from flying?? ‘ let a person shine at the moment, my heart a shock.       Of all the words related to autumn, what I love most is’ hope to pass through autumn waters’ and’ autumn waters’ and of course what I like is not the meaning explained in modern Chinese.       What I like is another kind of artistic conception and reverie that these two words often bring to me.       The frosted colchicine is like a mirror, crystal clear, noble and clean. An ancient costume beauty, with deep feeling and style and attire, stands on the shore. Sometimes Yu Yu walks and looks forward to her appearance, and sometimes stops to frown and pity herself..       Desire is ashamed to say, love is pure and beautiful. In the long period of youth, there is always such a picture in young people’s mind full of love and desire that they can’t go away without calling..       I can’t remember how many love starts in autumn and ends in autumn.       I remember only one woman who wept in her arms late in the autumn night because someone was cruel and would rather make her sad at this time than regret it in the future..       I remember only one woman who wept at the bank of the rolling river in autumn because she didn’t want his fate to continue in the next generation..       Today, the rain is falling in the rain, making people think about the past and remember the sea..       A autumn rain and a sorrow, sorrow and sorrow are not free.       Shang Ruo Yuxi is alive and the chairman is reborn. I don’t know what kind of autumn poems will be written in order to astonish the earth, cry ghosts and gods and shake everything..

Spring daydream – thoughts on rereading Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the spring regulations

Spring daydream – rereading Zhu Ziqing’s prose to attend the coming of spring regulations” looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is approaching.     Everything looks like it was just waking up. I opened my eyes happily.. The mountain became moist, the water grew, and the sun blushed.     The grass crept out of the soil, tender and green. In the garden, in the field, look, a large one is full. . Ah . A year’s plan is spring; Just start, have a plenty of time, have a plenty of hope. Spring is like a newly born doll. It is new from head to foot and it grows. Spring is like a little girl, beautifully dressed, smiling and walking. Spring is like a strong young man with iron arms and waist and feet. He leads us forward. ” & not; From Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, which has just passed, the firecrackers are still ringing from time to time, the severe winter at the end of the Year of the Rat has not cleared out, the sky is still empty, and the earth is still dying of that cold, cold chill. We are already waiting for the arrival of the Spring of the Year of the Ox…..     Spring is the first season of the year. With her arrival, the grass green warbler flies, the willow blows the dike, and the breeze is warm. Spring is also the warmest season of the year. She awakens all things in the earth and moistens things like cakes with her thin little rain. Spring is also the most beautiful season of the year. She is so beautiful and colorful that she dances everywhere. Spring is the most enjoyable season of the year. You can see that she is green with water, red with rain, white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the earth sprouts new green. She also sweeps up her warm breeze from time to time, gently blowing your face and making your heart flutter..     Yes, it was spring that revived the earth and awakened the verdure. she brought us the best talk of the year with warmth, brightness and freshness.! The poem monk Zhinan in the Southern Song Dynasty chanted the spring with such a quatrain: the ancient wood was covered with a short awning in the shade, and the cane helped me across the bridge east.. With clothes to wet apricot blossoms and rain, the wind blows on the face with a shudder from the willows and willows..     The breath of spring is warm and moist. You can touch her fresh and moist hair with a touch of your hand. When you close your eyes and hold your breath, you will immediately feel her warm breath. She is like a pure girl who brings warmth and beauty to the world without complaint or regret.. But when you go to savor and feel the whole spring carefully, you will find that the early spring, the middle spring and the late spring are different, although they are so warm and warm, so beautiful and colorful, so warm and fresh, the meaning and connotation left to people are different aftertaste..     Early spring is beautiful. She came so lightly and quietly that she never seemed to have the heart to wake the grass that was sleeping soundly.. But she is still in your casual time, everywhere is sprouting vegetation, misty rain, peach blossoms in full bloom, willow trees spitting green; At this moment, there are more kites in the sky and more smiling faces of the children. The songs and laughter will reverberate and linger in the spring breeze for a long time.! At this moment, it is full of buds and flowers. However, who actually acted as the herald of spring? When you are still searching hard, you will suddenly find and hear the news of this spring by casual surprise. It is these peach blossoms everywhere, spring ducks in the sparkling rivers and lakes, swallows holding mud to build nests, sprouting green shoots, and the noise of buzzing birds..     Zhongchun is beautiful. She came so warmly, refreshing and intoxicating. Lift up your eyes and look around. The sun is shining everywhere, warm wind is blowing gently, the flowers are bright and the willows are tender. Those still bare branches in early spring are now covered with tender yellow leaves and buds. Yuan Ye, originally empty, is now full of flowers, all purple and all red. The earth’s buildings are green and full of vitality. At this moment, you will truly feel: what is meant by vitality and what is meant by spring scenery.     Late spring is always let a person feel aftertaste. At this moment, smoke and rain are everywhere, catkins are dancing, green fruits are full of branches, falling into the sky. However, she is the season that most easily awakens people’s hearts, the season that people’s thoughts surge, and the season of exuberant life.. After all, although spring is beautiful, she is very short, just as she came to us quietly and left us silently, although she has brought us an exciting surprise, she has left us some endless aftertaste and slight melancholy..     Spring is always short, she is fleeting. If you catch her, she will belong to you. However, when you can’t hold her, she will quickly and quietly pass away from your fingers, leaving you with only one constant hope and expectation for the coming year.. So, always in those still cold winter days, we can’t help looking forward to spring, the warm sun in spring, the warm fresh breeze, the bright yellow green sprouting, the gorgeous, gentle and graceful willow, the flying catkins, and even the endless vitality displayed in spring..     ( written on mid-spring night in April 2009 ) )

A cup of green tea

[ Guide ]: The unfolding tea leaves release warmth, beautiful chrysanthemums and relax bones and muscles. I have got nectar and jade, and I am grateful for the dedication of tea and chrysanthemums.. Their fragrance erased impetuosity and brought Ningyi’s night sky and stars.   Spacious full-bodied balcony, light night outside the window, a wisp of upward ethereal cigarettes between fingers, glittering and translucent tall glasses, a few dry tea leaves, a few cool chrysanthemum flowers, and boiling water that rushed into the cup, I bent over to smell the upward transpiration of water mist, and couldn’t help closing my eyes to absorb the penetrating fragrance. The computer made a slight buzzing sound. Maybe the teacup was too close to the computer. The waft of water mist naughty intimacy disturbed the screen’s face. When I was preparing to get up and wipe it, I found that the blur had receded quietly. The screen was still that way and inadvertently saw the naughty of water vapor..     The tea in the cup gradually stretched its waist, the chrysanthemum in the cup slowly opened its bud, and the water in the cup slowly changed its color.     I couldn’t help but look at it. I couldn’t help thinking about it. I’ve seen tea trees in tea gardens and chrysanthemums growing in Yuan Ye, and that’s what they really look like. Green tea, white chrysanthemum, after soaking in water, has restored its color, but has no natural luster. Tea and flowers, floating quietly in the cup, tea needles, beautiful stand up, float up and sink, chrysanthemum, floating still on the cup surface, moving and static beauty.     The tea leaves are moving. Is it missing its home garden? I think so. The spring breeze blowing green, the tea garden full of mountains and slopes, the tender green buds, bathed in spring breeze, tender buds, enjoying sunshine and rain, but how much time passes by and how much sadness unavoidably exists. My thoughts seemed to see the hands of tea pluckers flying up and down, the work of picking rhymes from left to right, the fruits of labor, and the joy of harvest in the tea soup..     Chrysanthemum is quietly thinking about its own beauty, the moment of butterfly flying bee dance, and its autumn chrysanthemum finale of’ flowers bloom and flowers kill’.     The tea soup has been colored. Alas, gently shake, leisurely shake, thin taste, tea fragrance, fragrance of flowers, and lingering fragrance of lips and teeth. Tea is moving, it knows its dedication, its flowers are on the table, it knows its own dedication, the thick tea soup is the essence of tea and flowers, and it is the precious jade liquid that they offer to people..     Pieces of unfolding tea release warmth, beautiful chrysanthemums and relax bones and muscles. I have got nectar and jade, and I am grateful for the dedication of tea and chrysanthemums.. Their fragrance erased impetuosity and brought Ningyi’s night sky and stars. With a little water, the fragrance of tea and flowers is more intense. My thoughts couldn’t help flying to Hainan. Remember, in a demonstration of observing the tea ceremony, the tea ceremony teacher said this, the exquisite tea drinker will spill the first tea, and the taste of the second tea is the best. I’m not really a tea drinker, but I like the taste of tea, like to enjoy tea and add chrysanthemum to it, which is more interesting.     The green tea, the green chrysanthemum tray, and the pan-green tea soup are full of vitality under the illumination of the lights. Oh, how did it become the color of Jiangnan Water Village, which is evergreen all the year round? Yes, tea itself grew up in the south. It still remembers the color of its hometown in its bones, shows the charm of its hometown, consciously brings the green meaning of life to thousands of families, reminds people of the south when they drink tea, and reads the smoke and rain of the south in their leisure time..     After several times of water, the white chrysanthemums sank and hung in the water. Maybe it’s because I say there are too many tea leaves. You, chrysanthemum, can be drunk and used as medicine. Don’t be jealous too much.. Tao Yuanming, the leader of the Eastern Jin Dynasty’s pastoral life and the ancestor of the famous pastoral poet, has raised you to the level of eternal fame by saying’ picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan in a leisurely manner’.     Tea is light and clear. With tea and flowers, looking at the flowers and tea, the computer screen has already formed a text. What’s the name? Call for a cup of tea.[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]

Good communication, mother-in-law less trouble

One day, a middle-aged sister was deeply moved when she read the article I wrote about participating in good communication and how husband and wife should worry less.. She said, ” Can you tell me again how to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law?”? I think it’s too difficult to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law. Her question made me think deeply. How can I answer it? Because the relationship between the two women and daughter-in-law is really very tense. I just said it, can she accept my statement again? Can she do it? . Ah, looking at her mood of begging me to answer questions, I still said, ” It is mainly caused by the lack of communication between you two.”. ‘ The reason for the disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is that they cannot communicate with each other in a frank and direct manner and often do not know how to look at problems from the standpoint of each other and do not think of each other.. In particular, the age and thought gap between the young and the old is large, and the background of the times and the way of life are also different. Therefore, there is a great gap between the old woman and daughter – in – law.. Slowly, there will be a psychological barrier and a psychological gap that should not exist between two people..     The biggest enemy of a happy family is the lack of communication and communication between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law. If we can spend some time talking, I believe all the problems will be solved one by one.. As a daughter-in-law you are relatively young, so you must put down your shelf and have a good communication with your mother – in – law. The Bible says, ” Stand up in front of the white-haired ( mother – in – law ) people. Also respect the elderly ( elders ) and fear your God.. ‘ You can talk about the feelings of family life, your views on some things, your reasonable needs, and your opinions on family improvement, so as to get closer to distance and increase your feelings..     Due to the lack of communication, the various pressures and troubles in daily life, and the fact that they grew up in different cultures, education, backgrounds, habits and so on, there will certainly be a certain gap when they suddenly gather together to live together today, which is inevitable.. As long as there is good communication, all problems can be eliminated and a good relationship can be established..     The way to communicate and get along with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is one of the most popular books in the Bible, which is to participate in the Luddite Regulations. This volume records the feelings between a woman and daughter-in-law who moved people’s hearts. There was a man who had left his home to live in a different place. The daughter-in-law married by both sons soon died one after another when they had no children, leaving only the widowed mother-in-law and the two daughters – in – law.. Later, the eldest daughter-in-law also remarried, but kannika nimtragol must return to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law in order to show filial piety to her mother – in – law.. Later, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned to their families and lived a life of hard work and plain living.. The test of the day and the testimony of life touched the neighbors and all took them as the example for the old woman and daughter – in – law to get along with.. Later, Ruth was looked upon by Boaz, a good and rich man, and she was married. Since then, they have been living a happy family..     How to get along with the old woman and daughter-in-law to be happy and happy?     1.. Patience to listen: The mother-in-law has words in her heart and tries to let her finish. The daughter-in-law should listen with utmost patience.. What’s more, the old people have rich life experience, which is more or less enlightening to the young people..     2.. Appropriate guidance: Ask questions at the right time and guide her mother-in-law to talk about what she wants to hear, so that these questions will arouse her mother-in-law’s interest, and her daughter-in-law will benefit from them and get on well with the relationship..     3.. Sincere consolation: When her mother-in-law sometimes feels too nagging herself, her daughter-in-law can say, ” It doesn’t matter.”. Her mother-in-law saw that her daughter-in-law liked to listen to her, but her nagging and boring words would be reduced instead.     4.. Ask for advice modestly: Her mother-in-law is very good at calculating expenses, ostensibly ” picking” but actually managing the family well.. For this, the daughter-in-law might as well ask for advice modestly: ” Mom, you can always arrange your money well every day. How do you calculate it?”! ‘ In this way, instead, she reassured you to start taking care of the money because she trusted you as a” stick catcher.”.     5.. Circulate out: If her mother-in-law is ” stingy” due to conservative thinking, she can be slowly guided to show a little love to care for those in need..     In fact, in any case, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law does not have much problem, because of the lack of communication between the two people.. With less communication, mutual suspicion will ensue, and some of them will add salt and vinegar to the old woman and daughter – in – law, adding fuel to the fire.. As long as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can sit down and try to communicate well, everything’ cold war’ will calm down. In the end, we have to focus on a word ” love” to solve all the problems.     The Bible says, ” Love can solve many problems.”. Only love can maintain the only bond between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law!


The memory of the guest is as beautiful as summer flowers. Its rich and warm love is so perfect and beautiful. The ticking clock has taken away my old innocence and simplicity. The passing years have gone with the pink dress and the sky-blue curtain has replaced Winnie the Pooh..     Gradually, I grew up. When I grew up, I didn’t have the sensible person that adults expected. Instead, I was replaced by a few silks of rebellion..     At the age of 18, I grew up, but I was not mature and sensible. Eighteen – year – old I learned to decorate and pack. At the age of 18, I stopped telling my father what was on my mind as before and replaced it with a thick password notebook.     I don’t know what estranged me from him, nor what prevented me from talking to him as usual..     Every time I go home and see his happy and expectant eyes, I laugh again. In fact, in my heart, I want to speak with him in my heart. I don’t know why, the words were swallowed in my mouth again. I think I’m not a good boy in his heart, am I! I think, he has no hope for me any more!     However, I was wrong! No matter how rebellious I am and how capricious I am, he always embraces me and loves me deeply..     On my 18th birthday, I thought it would be another plain day. I thought there would be no more things that touched me.. When I walked home in the rain with reluctant steps and passed a small bookstore nearby, I suddenly saw a familiar figure standing in front of me. The dark skin did not hide his soft eyes, and the wrinkles on his face witnessed his vicissitudes of life, but still could not obliterate his tall and strong character..     Here, your mother said you didn’t have an umbrella. Said, handing me my favorite light blue rain umbrella.     I took the umbrella in surprise, but a warm current gushed out from my heart. I thought with a smile: It was my mother who gave the umbrella to me, my silly dad!     Along the way, father and daughter walked side by side in the rain like this, and I seemed to hear his even breathing. And in that casual look up, I saw so many white hairs hidden in the originally black hair.. Heart suddenly hurt between.     I don’t know how many times I haven’t spoken to him seriously, and I don’t know how many times I haven’t studied him carefully.. I regard his love for me as a profligate capital, and what capital do I have to make him love me so much??     His love is pure and heavy, his love is ordinary but great, and his love makes me unable to repay it.     Thank God for giving me a beating soul and for giving me a safe life. I will repay his kindness in a lifetime..     He, who has been the oarsman in my life, is willing to spend his whole life for me. And I, very much hope, he can give me an oar and let me ferry with him!