A pool of water feelings

Spring has come, the ablation of snow quietly quietly, slowly accumulate at the low, gurgling from silent to sound, bit by bit to the converging flow.Life as a pool of water, let each of us has a crystal clear water, energy and water, the water of life!In the dry season they began jumping Pentium creek, he awakened the dormant trees, birds and insects.Trees are still worried about whether cold really been away, quietly stuck his numerous small green bud to look around, the body still shook birds and insects are howling, unsteadily silent silent, but has been slowly restored vitality, starting with sweet chirping, Yuchi fluttering sound of the silent trees suddenly bustle.Let’s open the embankment of the soul, into streams Pentium into the sea.Maybe we will become cloudy, maybe we hit the reef will be black and blue, but our lives will be surging, become an integral part of the sea.Among the mighty once again become clear, become broad and becomes wide boundless.    Life as a pool of water, needs to flow.Water can penetrate in the growth of every life, and then into a pool of water, give their lives again and again dream experience again and again surprise trip.Again and again, their lives will become part of the things in the world, always going.Stop the flow convergence, the team has grown, we work side by side regardless of whether the forward collision.An inattentive untenable, “Wow,” about the fall in the deep pools below the rock, perhaps anxious to run want to take a rest, obediently integrated into one, and nothing of the sound.Beech tree next to the lake have met with clear water, not quiet, they have the roots from the soil quietly reached into the water, sucking the sweet juice, water, nourish the lush greenery.In the sunshine, their lives will be further enhanced, as they may be rising clouds in the sky, fly freely in the sky, can be turned into rain, to dry land with green hope.    We carefree childhood, a brilliant smile, life is like a crystal-clear, without any bitter content.Rain in the mountains will come from time to time, whether it is heavy rain or drizzle, trees are always like body shook themselves in the rain.Moist fog sun tear layer, frantic race in the mountains prowl driven chill residue, slowly accumulating ablated in the trees, stone walls, and the humus layer of snow, it is frozen in the following It has been turned into a bright red patches of deciduous dark.Hidden under leaves little beetle still sleeping, I knew it, spring again.From spring to autumn, small streams trickling their way through the smooth pebbles gap, import lake gently, quietly squeeze out some of the earlier of lingering on the inside of the residence, like most beauty sleep with a sweet smile.With blowing shells that break the skin and touching face, tempting to want to get close to people.Life as a pool of water, there is no contamination at the source.    For the life of me sometimes like a raging sea, any heart in waves ups and downs of love, sometimes also deemed to fall behind boats sailing on the river, but after all, life is like calm rainy youthful.Pool Buyanbuyu tree, carrying little water falling from the tip, with an open heart and purifies receiving, always a pool of blue.Life as a pool of water, such as the surging water when we are young, do not want to subject to any outside interference, do not want the presence of the embankment, I do not want to have blocked water flow.We are eager to stop the flow of youth like water, flowing to its own direction, out of the arms of their parents, out of their own piece of the sea.Flow into his world of freedom to find their own life, to find the joy of life, the search for life in the pursuit of dreams, to pursue a career, life, find true love, flow together, spend a lifetime.Every morning, we the Hong clear water the tree next to the dresser who set the stage, they have to stretch the body, usually in the mirror of the water put the first Nongzi, showing their elegant, clear water and tree shadows side by side.When the sun is shining them after each other, provided with a quiet cool to each other.    Regardless of living in a secluded corner of the living or the like bustling marketplace, whether it is almost a full house or wants to come, have heart sank Things.Life as a pool of water, it will not flow rancid.After a fight against all kinds of setbacks, some people lost their dreams and courage, and have lost the passion and the pursuit of youth for the future.Mountain floated a cool breeze blowing on the open valley and lake, the lake shining in the deep blue light.Small boat alone pierced the quiet lake forward.Life as a pool of water, once thought of the world as we are clear, then plunge, only to find that wherever our imagination is not the same.Sometimes we are still able to maintain a pool of water feelings, although there are a lot of pain and confusion, but still retains a noble.Early in the morning, gave birth to the long puddles of several strains of large leaves of woody no longer wait any longer, she spits out a slender flower.Brilliant flowers open, the petals have condensed some glistening dew in the morning sun shine, reflects the light fantastic.After a few days after flowering, the petals are no longer tender lips, a piece of falling down helplessly, silently floating in the water, their last beautiful glow.

A jade bowl Sheng Spring

A night keyboard percussion, hand numbness vertigo.At the moment, the computer desk in the lodge scent of narcissus sent mellow, weariness instantly disappeared.Since ancient times, men of letters Narcissus is the desk pets, known as the winter spent in clearing goods.Although I am not really literati, in this matter also like “arty” New Year’s desk will always pick a pot of flowers do for the elegant-year-old Qing dynasty for.”Year of DPRK clear for” is to study the furnishings, and the study of flowers, the emphasis is on a “elegant” word, in four elegant flower is most appropriate: orchids, chrysanthemums, daffodils, irises, flowers and said “Four Ya “.My corner study desk, put on New Year’s Day this year is a narcissus.Whenever reading a long time, product a product of tea and enjoy a tour daffodils, immediately relaxed and happy.This desk lamp daffodils, tall and graceful green foliage dotted with white jade Ying rhyme flowers, deputy crown golden borne on a jade plate, yellow and green against the background harmony, “Full-pot Lecythidaceae”.Narcissus natural beauty, makeup and elegant, mellow Youyuan, elegant chic.It is white yellow heart, the “Calendula silver stand,” said.In the darkness and dreariness Xiaosha lonely winter, bring people a glimmer of hope, a ray of light, a vibrancy.Shallow dish of water in the hope of spring rhyme, lodge Yingying jade bowl is bright Spring.    Narcissus numerous literary poetry singing since the Song and Yuan dynasties, Song Huang Ting allegedly Daffodils poem written in the earliest, most, it’s best.His “Wang Road to send narcissus fifty, is pleased knowing, worked as a Wing,” is one of the masterpieces.”Limbo fairy dust generation socks, water lightweight micro steps Month”.I have not done the research, Narcissus called “Limbo fairy”, whether it is from this poem Huang Ting?Read Cao Zhi, “Goddess” people should remember the “Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust” is the description of Cao Zhi Luo floating water line stance.Huang Ting here to set up a plant in the water narcissus, turned into “light” waving Roselle, let narcissus static to dynamic, can be described as taking God volley.This poem praising narcissus elegance of noble character and temperament, giving unlimited reverie.    A friend of Narcissus can be described as preference for me.He once told me: narcissus bulbs although there is a certain toxicity, but the daffodils refreshing fragrance, but also brain function, sniff sniff the aroma of a daffodil of fatigue, conducive to maintaining good right brain function; praise of the ancients three Friends of Winter, Shochiku has leaves no flowers, no leaves plum flowers, daffodils and leaves Cuihua Johnson, color, smell, and taste rhyme.A dish of water, a spring chamber.But I think the words of a friend although some truth, but after all, “The Story of Qiu Chunlan, each seek temporary show”.The pine get on the wind screen Aoshuang Yingxue atmosphere, narcissus is missing; Ying and Narcissus exquisitely carved rhyme quiet, but also for the short Songjukmae.Song Dynasty poet state-owned high-concept praise poem Daffodils cloud, “Huai Qing Qing Lu, and Mei brother drunk Chunlan Friends.”To put that exposure to Narcissus flowers Jia Hui, do not have some charm.Friends especially like to Narcissus Sculptures.These daffodils modeling lifelike, pregnant with meaning.One year’s New Year’s Day, he sent me two pots of daffodils, one said, “gourd watched in delight”: narcissus bulbs a little like a grown up and down a large gourd-shaped stick, a few blooming daffodils wrapped the middle, it shows Auspicious gourd; one said, “rocks Narcissus”: daffodils in the hollow between the rocks through the air too, such as Prunus cliff upside down, surprising.It may be beautiful, to say the truth, I did not particularly like.Seeing this style daffodils, total reminiscent of the Qing Dynasty poet Gong “disease Mei Museum in mind” in these words, “chop it positive, keep it next to the bar, delete its dense, Chih-yao its branches, hoe its straight, stop the anger. “.Gong is by “disease Mei” tell that era harm for talent.I just think carving narcissus, daffodils artificial repression of normal growth, less “Natural beauty carving” natural rhyme.    Narcissus “by flowering water from a strange, water Shen Gu Yu as muscular” (Huang Ting).That silver stand Calendula flowers, emerald jade-like foliage, pure and noble charm, refreshing fragrance, let me indulge them.Guo said it was “just by a spoonful of water, a few stones live.”.Think sharp knife winter, daffodils no luxury, she did not pursue the fruitful fertile soil, not flashy chase imaginary Mu, just a little bit of sunlight and water, plus a few grains of gravel company, to grow, it can not help but awe.It’s no wonder the ancient literati charmed its preference for me.Ming Dynasty poet Chen Chun “Narcissus” poem, “Little Yumian moon, and more fragrant sandalwood heart.Sin graceful bone, the UE wants to Limbo.”The dead of night, holding a cup of tea, quietly facing Yujiebingqing daffodils, smell its fragrance and enjoy its leaves, it hides God, conceived around a plume of fragrance, serenity of mind naturally become detached up.

44 childhood memories

44 childhood memories in the child’s turn to find the child a small stream of stones, the stones began to look up in the following; what kids are looking for it, no one knows, even the children themselves do not know.Sometimes, kids saw a red stone crab at below break apart, sometimes, the children turn over stones caught a beautiful insects, more often, the children broke the stone but found nothing.However, children should always stand still break apart streams of stones, in the hearts of children, he has a strong force, the overall trend of the children who go to turn over stones in water.Children find great significance in itself.Children’s looking to grow in streams, the achievements of their own; human development in the child’s looking for the perfect and beyond their own.A history of human development, is a child looking for history.    Children find crabs, happy to put it in her power, with a stream of the crab tied Xicao.Children away from the stream, it will ignite firewood in the mountains, it will be sturdy crab in the mountains barbecue, children did not forget to bring some salt from home.On the mountain breeze blowing, the children enjoy his delicious harvest in the mountains.Child heart happy, is not only a delicious treat, as well as generate a sense of achievement in a child’s heart.Distant past, the child’s ancestors as children generally enjoy delicious in the mountains, but in order to fill the belly of hunger.But the child it is not a search for traces of life of the ancestors inadvertently?Time kept rushing forward, but a lot of things everlasting.Children are always the most close to the nature of group life, their world, inadvertently interpretation of the full value and meaning of life.    Children find bugs, and put it firmly in the hands save.Worms in children’s palms creep, creep was a child she longs; between children and insects, is not there some kind of natural understanding it?Sometimes, the children in the hands of the insect on the edge of the creek, watching the spurt insects crawling on the ground, the child’s mouth, saying some adult children amused discourse; in the child’s mind, is not it already bears the motherly love and fatherly love it?Insects went into the water, the children left the creek, go somewhere else to find their playmates.In the insects got into the water to where the child will break apart rocks in the water passes again, the children wanted to see: drilling into the water, where it still bugs?Children and insects have extremely secretive feelings.    Children had found nothing, and my heart will be some unhappy people with big words, it is to have a sense of loss.Children can not find a playmate, delicious can not find the child’s wish come true.In streams churning tired child in the stream side to stop, stare at the confused his muddy stream, the children are waiting for clarification of the stream it slowly?Children are not still in mind: stream after clarification, there will his desire in the beautiful small insects it?Wait until the muddy stream clarify what the child did not see in the clear stream in, so he got up and left the children.When the children leave, but also picked up a stone from the ground, like some angry and threw it towards the brook.What is the child’s mind in thinking about it, the child in my heart kicks it?The child will not be in the clear stream complain that it?He did not complain or find bugs..Then the child, and my heart certainly is not pleasant.Even if the spring sunshine illuminated comfortably in the child’s body, the hearts of children is not fun is still there.A full day of time, the children are surrounded by an invisible trouble, inadvertently enjoying the warm sunshine, and has no intention care about birds brook.    Children back home, and even then do not bother to say.Mother knows the child’s mind, the child in her arms, and the children say the words does not matter, my mother’s warm embrace, not music to disperse the hearts of children, mothers Kind words, to fill the vacancies in the heart of the child..Child dreaming and dream in which Wang and clear up muddy stream in, saw the red crabs, there are many beautiful insects, they are the clear stream swam yet..Children do not catch bugs, help children dream to complete a desire heart.What child does not know what to soothe the spirit, the spirit of victory.Or, in the genes of children with such elements it would have been?Where does it come from?It is not from ancient ancestors in a dream to escape after a tiger tracking?    Entire childhood, children are fascinated to find, looking for fun in the growth of children.Zhou Guoping said: “Some people are always looking for things that are all hand they do not need; some people never find, all things are hand they want.”Children do, is a special group, they are always looking for, and are all hand they want.

Walking on the road (2014,06,05)

Hill, where sitting quietly guarding their own beliefs, no matter how clouds teasing sun, she turned a blind eye.Two magpies and take care of each other from one hill to another mountainside fly.Where there are black bars Stella trees absorb ultraviolet light with a strong dark green canopy, creating a safe and harmonious home for birds and biological needs.Magpie contracted wings drill into it, and after several more shouting noise, mountains resumed normal.    Baiyun do not know from where, and where to go, go piece by piece, the blue sky was very beautiful painting, walking on the road a few times I stepped on a roadside bushes child’s, or do not want to look from where blue sky back, it feels that situation, it was plucked from the depths of the mountains but no one found a peerless beauty, eyes wander, there may be fleeting, no longer possible to have this beauty to enjoy the same.Baiyun flower, a rose would like, for a moment such as roses, there will be a gentle greenhouse flowers, while another wild delicate pure shy.White clouds as show girls, while that image is very reminiscent of awful dance in long-sleeved, while they like to see another kind of like pushing on a Li-yan obsequiousness when the drunken beauty, while the ups and downs and if the flowers fragrant waves volume Tao buried human Love me, from where I saw a lover of beauty, she took my feeling, let me into the long infatuation with her soft bosom.    Wind blowing from the woods behind the cool wet, over the bare arms and face, like a girl’s hand can touch, can not but exciting moment of the whole body soft, very comfortable.The wind is very light very soft, but the dancing Caojian shoots of leaves and undergrowth, such as silk, although almost noon, and occasionally a few pearls scattered deep into the body, feeling very cool.From the mental state of vegetation after the morning shower, although the hot sun a few days transpiration earth has been significantly dry phase, but they are drinking enough water it floated in the air, say the root system and its surroundings also have a lot of storage ShuiBuLai.Perhaps they are in the soil and return spring also ShuiBuLai, because the ecological space they are mutually compensated.    I know that wet cool wind will soon be deprived of the sun’s burning, but perhaps this is the difference between the humidity and temperature, air flow promote a variety of floating objects, so they created a constant for environmental restoration the conditions, but also to the woods vegetation ecological role and achievements the city has excess air exchange.    Maybe my children and share ideas with the mountains, Winsor Lane residents frequently waved to me and nodded, said Trinidad and Tobago terrifying thing in the world, I am afraid of what this mountain, that many fear vegetation what I am, why I went in front of them will be so comfortable, relaxed and happy, and refreshing, and are difficult to find appropriate words to describe the children, and a lot of people and I feel the same way, why do they still afraid to As people are and describe when some thing was said, for fear of a mile.What are they afraid of it, afraid of people set fire to burn them black and blue, with a large mechanical terrifying blink of an eye, let them have no place, for fear of cement solidified their music in their homes which, for fear of shouting ecological construction, but breach of trust uprising murder create suitable living conditions for their flora and fauna?I do not know why when we think of things would say about being a mile.    Hill, just as Maitreya, potbellied accommodate Pepsi attitudes of the world, you say good or the United States can do, she still is not anyone’s likes and dislikes of the move, stuck to their creed, that all want to do our best to in the mountains create the best conditions of life, you do not really want to go against the road, she just laugh at how you dig graves for themselves.    I want to understand my hill, thought and action in good faith to repent of my past, the ignorance and ignorance will be buried at the end of the road, deep in the mountains touch the corner of my sadness sunset, the warmth of the mountain cold nearly numb heart, bring back a man of conscience, cherish and enjoy all the mountains given.

Love and be loved

Love and be loved spring is not the degree Pass, a rhyme between Shuiyun, Chu Yu swirling dream season, away from crossing the Lanzhou-wing thinking led.Ancient ferry, deep and shallow traces vaguely dream water, promenade overlooking the millennium, the slightest waft of melancholy lonely, peach sweet laugh, but not the enemy Yan, faces of the people do not know where to go?Love and be loved!    ——————————————- Inscription peach tree spring open, like a beautiful woman laughing sweet, southern beauty book endless, unrolling thick scent of ink poetry.Whispering such as Splendor elegant, romantic fragrance drunk sunset.James Peach rain early morning mist, Xianlian See all the gods sweet smile, Moment of truth, the other side view, flowers Pina who poetry volumes?Faces of the people do not know where to go?Love and be loved!    Peach Blossom Spring curtain hidden rhyme Man, peach Misuuchi black hair pull.Peach Lianwai aryl quiet tim Moment of truth.Peach Lianwai pretty sweet, tender and beautiful peach shade than human.Flower Jie-ren interpretive dance limp walk, curtain lonely Without Relief.Quiet wind blowing curtain fragrance overflow, lonely empty Wan Ting Chun Yun.    Whispering Mo lightly busy people, the night was still dim beauty Man.Hope alone lean on a railing distant dream, dream Lanzhou were riding sail heart.    Peach Fun fall dance dancing, dance between suspected butterfly flower, green, pink Yun Rui Wan Pa laugh, charming flower Huan Yan Yi.Peach Blossom Spring whisk, Mianfan pink flower Ibero-American.Moment of truth, something graceful and fragrant old Man.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.    Spread upward into the clouds, fog around nine days Jade Pool.Pianfei among flowers, sweets diffuse cloud Zuiwo.Wine Cifu, roll back and forth admiral dancing, exhibition sway paper, pens dye rivers and mountains.Bright eyes stare, meditation poetry one thousand volumes, ink dye youth, stroll pleasing blossoms painting.Human beauty, mountains with Dai into the clouds, strolling gallery, clear water ripples swing Yi Lin.Getting better, Liu Ruyan Dongting Lake, the beauty linger, such as peach sweet laugh Iraq.Iraqi dream, poetry pen products, such as blue; exhibition paper sway, Su Juan Pina Butterfly flower blossoms.    Last night the stars last night wind, gazing Iraqis thought the opposite direction, cut flowers clouds brocade dream, monopoly of the Spring and Autumn Pavilion.Message Su Jian Fu poetry, ink concentrated alcohol aryl Meaning.A Bing Xin Ning Yuhu, Millennium fragrance incense boat load, surplus spring blossoming peach, sweet mid-seeking human face.    Ruoliu Fufeng, Indus autumn, persevering, full of melancholy?Regain memory, willow last month, she explains difficult message to appeal, the mind will, Imada look for, how a bleak?Faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved!    Nostalgia Fu, Man whisk times past, clear autumn cold, after thinking quiet leisurely.Insomnia people Hanyue surplus window, the breeze whisk window frames, gazing quietly savor, clouds Shear curtain quiet dream, empty sadness negative.Yue Ying dream of floating flowers several times, the current memory, the recollection of riding Lanzhou, Shu Yudie Pina dance dream dust, brush the slightest worry, Bliss a dream, and pour the wines from toast, pour a cup Yuye alone poems, peach Su Jian Yi ink worry, worry more worry heavy drinker.Faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved!    Life is a dream and boating, wandering away from the books worry, I yo Interpreting Solutions.    Millennium Fu Imada, dream Lanzhou, who Xianrou trace of red, desolate change smile, vows memorable, Trinidad Yi yo, who dreams to be quiet mind, a Ye Qingfan rolls of the book, End of the journey back Man.Now spring rhyme initiation, blowing side is not cold Wind in the Willows, Love and be loved!    Thriving peach fragrance overflow, noodles Han Xiang Yun elegant, warm breeze wind blowing Man, according to spring sweet smile.Shaohua goes by tactfully rhyme, enamored with Xu Fu waterclouds.Whispering Beauties, string string partition, Youmeng hard to find, and now West Side Story horizon, beauty dream sometime opposite direction, first, how a rhyme melancholy sadness, plaintive quiet Yat whisk wind, Trinidad difficult to continue the dream, leaving only aromatic Han volume.Cold night, floating shadow swept the opposite direction intended hearted beauty; bright eyes sparkling, on hazy, dream Ripples, who now carry Lanzhou crossing?    A cup of tea, fragrance Man, towering sails had to actually place; Fuqin played, chord song quiet, incense boat waves cloud dream book, a roll of poetry, comfortable desk, pillow quiet Fang drunk refreshing sleep!    Look endless joys and sorrows, hope to continue quiet Italian-hearted.Deep affection, Chouchangbaijie, rivers and mountains, beautiful scenery, Seduction dance Pina fly Viburnum.Memorable love, heart Juan Juan, moonlit night, the passage of time around the mean incense.Reincarnation cycle carrier, once recalled, such as night-blooming cereus, Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns, monopoly sometime between Han Fang orchids, flowers Pina dance, dance flower dust, Fang still tonight.Love and be loved, I do not know where to find human face?    Hui ink, Han Fang Ying little bit warm, quiet, a quiet month to send Xinyu.Shabana flower fly sky, water Jushui swing Yat Hong fan.Dream beauty, tough job faced, meaning warm, send Menghan.V Xinyu, Hunmeng led, full moon dance Pina, fragrant incense coil around the mean dye.Recalling the room, terraced rice paddies flowers monarch farewell, inter review, Adventure waterfront where to find, among review, alone, leaning against the railing dream-hearted.Silent alone on the West down, the faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved..Wan played the flute song, rhyme Chhnang, a clock spring rhyme Chui south, all the way brocade shop.at this time.Poetic Chhnang prime volume by singing, present and hope dreams still heartbroken, stay graceful verse, singing miss watery chord fragrance.    Peach fragrance diffuse sky, spring Fuliu drunk Tobacco and visitors carrying bank accompanied, Love and be loved, I do not know at Acacia Review, Volume coagulation factors Hanfang.Read beauty, Acacia complex coagulation factors volume, look at the sky, the stars led quiet month, little drunk Lau Yinghui bright, crisp night Yurun tamarisk.According to Ting River, Moonlight quiet sleep, gazing look, and work Dramas flower blossoms, Acacia buckle, Department who?Meso human emotion chord, quiet music playing, chord playing, listening to dream dreams leisure.    Hearts thoughts were floating in the Tang Dynasty That rain concentrated peach, peach and Tang Dynasty in March that the beautiful and secluded sad story Bingdi open.So, stunning bright eyes, hidden in a faint sadness, a clock spring poetic rhyme covered with fragrant.Love and be loved, gentle and elegant Han Fang.Man at Whispering fragrance whisk, peach dream in my heart is removed poem dream, beauty stare vaguely years, playing stringed dance Seduction, drunk bomb Beauties.Peach flying in poetic roam, peach whisk spring, floating skirt beautiful woman, as if she was a shy woman, Jiao language whisper, sweet smile, her graceful peach branches waist, green leaves her veil, flower is her noodles Han Xiang, passing breeze, swaying Pina dance, to bring a spring stunning views.    March peach color, fragrance pour solitude, I do not know florid sweet rhyme, Who fiber cloud get clever?At this ethereal poetry, trickling water appears to have played the eternal light singing —- “Last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.”Millennium Imada, the Millennium loss, text like a leaf incense boat carrying the Italian genius and beauty, graceful convey the story through the ages in the world.I quietly savor the story of a beautiful, dream-like taste of the millennium, between heaven and earth, holding a roll of fragrant volume of poetry, was removed between mind deep-seated tenderness, in poetry echoed linger..Interpretation of the millennium change feelings, immortal human love story Puppetry world.    Limbo fairy made in March 18, 2014 QQ; 1264580833

Dawn campus

Wipe the morning sun pierced the first night of darkness, all living things on earth have opened his eyes bleary, lazy and enjoy the warmth after a night of it.  The sun slowly rising, campus enveloped in a golden world, there are silk mystery.  It is said that the campus is the soul of the Pure Land, where students who accept its baptism, the soul becomes beautiful, elegant become.  Mobile phone ring tones in the ears, soft music is brought irritable mood, what should get up, my dorm mates a sad atmosphere.  I hurriedly finished washing sieve, dark eyes mist that finally had some spirited day of the.  Holding books out of the dormitory, the sun pierce my body still remained lazy, given me angry.  People line by line, or walked quickly and go, live strolling the line, or look brilliant, or helpless in the next, or Wanshou the line, or unmatched walk, dawn of the campus, a harbinger of a busy day atmosphere.  Trail edge of the trees rustling, yet also seemed to talk, yet also seemed thin whisper.Xu breeze, its branches and leaves blowing in the wind, like an enchanting dancers, for the arrival of the sun enjoy dancing.  Unknowingly, in front of the classroom, I was early yet?The surrounding silence.  Put down the book, once again out of the classroom, to the stone bench next to the grass, want to sit down, however, it is covered with dust, a perfect white Shayi, even if modest, but it was dust on its mind about, or that it is dust destination.  I can not bear, could not bear to break this morning’s warm, could not bear to break the stone benches and dust love each other that the slightest affection.At that moment I left, micro-wind blowing, the dust will be gone with the wind, leaving only the stone benches, lonely stay there.  However, stone benches but not a trace of anger, because it knows, dust to go looking for a wider world.Dust did not look back, no nostalgia, because it believes that until the middle of the night cold, it will still put on a stone bench for the beautiful Shayi.  Once again, I opened across the pace, gradually, to reach the small lake that one Cuiliu.  Breeze to whisk, glowing shimmering lake Yingying is so gentle, so harmonious, gently swaying reflection Cui Liu, adding a touch of anger to the lake.  I picked up a pebble and gently fling, the lake will Dangqi a circle of ripples, but also broke the early morning silence, several flower wild willow small side, even in the absence of wealth peony, lotus is not noble also there is no fragrance, but they are still beautiful.  Although no one knew them, but they witnessed with their own strong and unyielding.  Time flows slowly, blink of an eye gone, now, the classroom should break the silence.  I started walking back, suddenly slipped and almost to a close contact and grass, looked down, turned out to be a smooth pebble.  I look forward to it, do not, then it is lonely?It has a reddish marks on the smooth surface, do not, this is the teardrop when it alone?  Gently stroking it, pick it up and put down, perhaps, this is it the place to stay, even though lonely, but years of turning rings, maybe one day it will own the recovered some trace.  Dawn campus, how quiet!

2014 Spring Snow Ramblings

Wen \ breeze Orchids a hope, mixing the whole winter.    Unspoken.This season frequented the haze, increasingly show off the snow stingy.    Cold wind, coerced mind one after another, constantly wandering in the streets of the city, shouting, rendering the copy or in darker thoughts, spread to the depths of people’s hearts.    Surprisingly, the “spring” of the season is over, a late snow will be waving to the!This Huang Wu, before the original of that field like non-rain rain, like fog non fog snow weather turned out to be a prelude to it, drizzling rain, the messenger is not the snow it?    Spring Snow, long overdue, but consistent quality, clean Trinidad, flawless.It is somewhere by a certain call, or the remnants of past life memories?It drift from the distant sky, singing all the way, searching, gentle Manwu from, Qi Wang found his soul to the ownership of the totem.    Snow into the mortal world, such as the Red Walk.A forgiving heart, inclusive of all things, the once beautiful.On the roof, grass, tree branches and even bloom Plum.It has its presence everywhere, much like the beautiful scenes together again, knowing bright, warm each other, even if only mortal hurry moment dies.    Snow Qing Yang, dancing lightly.It is light and agile poems, it is through the window overlooking the thoughts of people Fen Yang.Can not help but think of that story, “Shi” was recorded – Xie have encountered a poem a day heavy snow, Xie first chant: “What have the snow like?”The nephew Xie Lang Yin:” The difference may be intended air Salt.”The last chant niece Xie Tao Yun said:” If not because of the wind catkins.”This amazing match millennium, a time for his brother’s wife, and spread so far.Since then, the world remember the Jin Dynasty talented woman who vomit Lotus.    Throughout the ages, how much snow gives people inspiration, how many people due to snow hygiene conditions, as snow poems.Han Yu “Spring snow was too late, so wear Tingshu for fly.”Flash in the pan so that as spring snow romantic, beautiful and full of spirituality; Nalanrongruo of ‘do not have a bud, not human wealth to spend’ the high absolute talent, ideas, of course, a manifestation of the vicissitudes of it’s own.    Gentle scattered snow, sparsely lined with underground.Snow in size but the United States.    Disappeared the sun.Xue Wu of the sun, wandering Ruxu.This wandering, but also beautiful.The graceful beauty, to the United States reserved style, like “long-awaited, still holds partly concealed” born beauty.    This time, for holding a cup of weak tea, look at the crystal overlooking experience the quiet beauty of heaven and earth, either a light touch their hearts, thoughts cavity with a dash.I thought to myself, from time to time on the snow flew in front of the window pane, like in are constantly around, even for a moment it turned into a crystal drops, that is the essence of the soul of snow.Out the window, it has long been innocent child innocent laughter came, yes ah, between heaven and earth to witness this in a swirl of visual feast, who is not excited about it?Let alone children.    As night fell, under the lights in snow dance more joy.Suddenly For a moment, bustling about in the house’s hand stopped the action, a trace Qiannian driven involuntarily went to the window, Xianlian wait and see – wow!Scream disturbed the family.Looking out the window, the floor had a surprise!Deep snow, heavy joy.That was “powder makeup jade puzzle”, “snow” of, and even greater than the scenery outside the window?Any thing, only into the head, into the heart in order.Each snow days, always forget their age, childlike laughter, dance and snow, snow and song.Perhaps, deep down there will always be a complex, lingering in a love that is flawless pear-like, orchid-like elegance, there is no clear proud stained earth.This, which is the soul of the snow, right.    Heart, tinged fantasy, as if he is a snowflake, stretch the beautiful posture, light, comfortable, in between the vast world, graceful dance.

Main stock index rose to close the bottom three with positive Hepu Pearl 3100 time shares led the gains strength

Stock index performance ups and downs today in early trading was to sell 3097.33 points, fell point integer mark 3100, 10:30 bottom rebound after the stock eventually closed up slightly 0.36% end of the day's trading to close at 3152.19 points, regained 3,100 points, Japan?Line to close the lower three Yang。Stock turnover moderate amplification, the total turnover of 520.9 billion yuan, the majority of industry sectors closed up, time shares led the gains strength。  For the afternoon broader market trend and operating strategies, institutions have to express their views。  Huafu Securities: In the short term, the index plunged after the early signs of stabilization in the decline slowed, and there is a subsequent power restoration rebound, but the current market risk appetite has suffered a serious setback, lack of investor confidence, or pre-holiday market is hard to change overall weak pattern。Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market is expected to show the trend of consolidation down。With the concept of safe male market rebounded slightly stabilized at 3100 points, if the short-term oversold stocks rebound, or will drive the index up, but the magnitude is expected to need to be lowered。Investors are advised to be cautious on the control positions, should not blind to cover short positions, and to guard against extreme downside risk stocks。  Galaxy Securities: As of the end of March, Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other seven provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) government and the Social Security Fund Council signed a discretionary investment contract, the total contract amount of 360 billion yuan, of which 1370 billion yuan of funds have been credited into account and started to invest in other funds will be contracted by year, in batches in place。The current economy as a whole is more stable, continue to focus on thematic, structural opportunities。The market is still showing the structural market characteristics, continue to focus on national development strategies, supply-side reform, state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions and PPP and other topics。  Southwest Securities: disposal of illegal fund-raising office disclosed inter-ministerial meeting, in May this year, the national organization to carry out activities to prevent illegal fund-raising Awareness Month, fully integrated use of various promotional resources, carried out a series of high-level, high-impact promotional activities to create a wide range of propaganda, full mobilization of the vast momentum。July to September on suspicion of illegal fund-raising organization to carry out investigation and cleanup activities advertising news and information, advertising information on suspected illegal fund-raising all kinds of information carrier release dissemination conduct a comprehensive investigation, promptly investigate and deal with crimes clues, clean up the market environment。Straighten out the financial sector further escalation。Market or worried that some illegal withdrawal of private equity funds, cash pressure to form。  Chuan finance securities: financial deleveraging background, stick to short-term value of the end positions。Financial deleveraging on the one hand to increase the overall liquidity pressure, on the other hand, will increase the uplift pressure。In the short term, the value of blue-chip fund is expected to be favored; proposes a focus on benefiting from up-and high cash flow plate。Offensive still rely theme。From a market point of view, the recent good performance in order to benefit from the policy directions to promote the theme, and consumer organizations hold together for warmth。However, the configuration of the crowded consumer industry increased the risk sector。In the next period of time, there are still persistent policy theme catalysis, we can continue to focus。Male security force is still on the theme of space。Mixed Advancing the pilot began to accelerate, the pilot is expected to focus on the third installment。All the way to the summit along time approaching, public attention continued to improve, benefiting from the actual landing orders accelerated industry concern。Rank combination of operating cash incentives name 17.720,000 yuan 25.220,000 yuan 34.690,000 yuan 44.390,000 yuan 54.230,000 yuan Data Deadline: mid-2017 at 15 o'clock on April 26

Is there a conspiracy?Saudi Arabia coach: We still do not know why the plane caught fire

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's World Cup group stage opener, Saudi Arabia 0: 5 huge points difference lost to host Russia。But it is not worry about things beyond this defeat, Saudi Arabia ride to Rostov aircraft caught fire in mid-air, but fortunately the team without incident。In the second round group match against Uruguay before the conference, the Saudi coach leather Sarkozy said the plane caught fire on the team has not been informed of any relevant information。"About yesterday's events, you have seen these photos, they only defend himself。We do not know anything else, we have not received any information about the cause of the fire。"Qi skin response to a reporter at the press conference," We have no fear, we believe that the pilot and very cool。These photographs show the time of an emergency situation, but we do not fear the incident will not affect our performance。"At the same time, Saudi midfielder Xier – Ya Ximu at the press conference, said his teammates have put Moscow's defeat and the engine caught fire disregard, determined to re-establish confidence for the team's fans。"We arrived safely at the hotel, we all have forgotten what happened," Yaxi Mu said, "we focus on the game with Uruguay。Every player's goal is to change our image in this World Cup, because this is not the real strength of the Saudi football。"

HKEx announcement millet listed on the first day Shortable!The introduction of futures and options millet black market has dropped 5%

HKEx 4 have the latest announcement – millet listed on the first day included in the list short sales of securities, which are rare in HKEx。  4 night, HKEx announcement that will provide a number of products to selected investors millet listing date (July 9): 1, 2 futures and options millet, millet DW 3, into the designated securities for short selling list of millet millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market!  South Financial Group senior strategist Cen Zhiyong In an interview with Chinese reporters, said the broker, because short selling involves borrowing, if you can start a short selling, investors need to buy in advance or corresponding shares as soon as possible, in order to lend to others for short selling。This arrangement will make the issuer actively buying shares in the listing。  It is noteworthy that, of the four previously known as Hong Kong stocks read the text of the Unicorn Group, Zhong An online, Xin Yi Group, Ping good doctor, futures options were not introduced in the first day of its listing。  Millet listed on the first launch futures and options on the 4th evening, HKEx announced that its first listed in a different voting rights architecture in the new listed company in Hong Kong mechanism millet Group (stock code: 1810) shares, 2018 July 9 trading in Hong Kong and (HKEx) market traded clearing Limited。Millet listing date will be selected to provide a number of products to investors: 1, millet millet futures and options futures and options will be available in Japan July 9, 2018 with the launch of millet。  2, millet Warrant Hong Kong Stock Exchange has notified the publisher, may on July 9 from the derivative warrants listed shares traded millet。Five publishers was June 29 launched a total of 18 warrants, scheduled for July 9 millet shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and began trading market day。  HKEx said that after the millet market shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, will be included in the list of designated securities for short selling on the same day。  Millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market。  Cen Zhiyong told reporters brokerage China launched futures options aim it is to facilitate investors achieve hedge, and the achievement of operating with a different option strategy can operate bullish bearish。However, the first day of IPO had opened derivatives is still relatively rare。  Millet dark disk fell 5 percent, according to the Hong Kong Economic Times reported that large institutions July 3 shares have been traded in the OTC millet。However, market sentiment weak, millet in large dark disk price is only 16.HK $ 15, HK $ 17 lower than the IPO price of 5%, the transaction amounted to $ 28 million。  Here briefly explain the dark Hong Kong trading: dark disc is the OTC market in Hong Kong are generally used for pre-IPO transactions carried out in the first few days after the IPO, closed。Not dark trading through the exchange system, but rather offer brokered by the internal system of some large brokerage。"Dark disk" trading port development in recent years, also, it is only within the system brokerage, providing dark trading by a particular broker, not all brokerage firms can provide dark trading。  A Hong Kong said, by the recent fall in market conditions, Komaki first day of listing below the offering price of the probability of a larger, but investors do not have to worry too much, as long as the market does not continue to deteriorate, there will be some price support at HK $ 15。  Earlier, the State Securities analyst Karagawa not optimistic about millet trend, although as the "rice", he still gave millet gives underweight rating, 12-month target price of HK $ 16。  Lei Jun funding does not recognize "new species" listed before the millet, Lei Jun has said, "Millet is unique in the world can do both hardware, they can do a new retail, you can also do the 'new species' Internet services。"For the 'new species' Lei Jun, the market does not seem to buy it。  Millet final set at the lower limit of the price range of HK $ –17 / share, located in HK $ 17 to HK $ 22 price range of most low-end。In fact, since the beginning of the prospectus millet June 25, the market response is not as expected hot。As of the end of the 28th prospectus, millet public offering was oversubscribed more than eight times the amount of money frozen HK $ 23 billion, to subscribe for the number of 110,000, the good doctor is not ideal and peaceful compared to 650 times subscribed。  According to the issue price of HK $ 17, millet is currently valued at approximately $ 54 billion。This is since the spread of the market valuation of millet $ 100 billion, fell to $ 75 billion, and then fell to $ 55 billion final figure。It is worth noting that the $ 45 billion valuation of the fifth round of financing valuation of millet and not far from the end of 2014。  It is worth noting that the Hong Kong IPO millet were introduced seven cornerstone investors, to subscribe for a total of 5.$ 4.8 billion (about 42.HK $ 7.4 billion) of shares。Which CICFHEntertainmen subscribe 1.$ 9.2 billion; China Mobile, Qualcomm each buy $ 100 million; CDBPrivateEquit subscribed $ 66 million; Poly Group to subscribe for $ 32 million; SF and China Merchants Group to subscribe for $ 30 million and $ 28 million addition, Li Ka-shing invested $ 30 million to subscribe for confirmation millet stocks, Ma, Ma to personally identifiable under a single subscription, the amount ranging from millet IPO Adds a fire in the tens of millions to billions of dollars。  Related reports