ear after year, the boss to employees is also very wayward welfare, year-end awards are to much hair, he sent did not dig empty the company.This year, his father retired boss, logically speaking, he inherited the back position, but 北京夜网he chose to cross the handsome son of the boss, we panic, fear of the giants involved in the dispute, financial to die onslaught, to take control of the boss is our boss said he likes the amusement park, to put forward a theme park, the boss unhappy result, incredibly handsome son came to the door of finance, said the financial, do not card the boss, the boss recent home all eat less rice, God knows that his boss a few days we also fat??Finally put down a bunch of Motian digital checks, he told financial, as long as his father happy, he can afford to lose, perhaps this is the right way to invest wealthy.”

  ”Having said that I cried, my future son, the future will help me pay the ticket money traveling here?That’s not all, there is a large on-site projects this year, is a big project True, that revenue is expected to hundreds of苏州夜网 millions, billions, the boss refusing to talk in depth, depth financial pressed, before we know the boss said the attitude is not sincere, he does not like?The head did not say, chief financial officer is hired away from the main office of the boss, right, dig their own home corner, chief financial officer for a bite, ta深圳桑拿全套lk to the big boss retired, after listening to the other side, and said to him, all right, the boss does not like to not do it, he asked money is not enough, and gave a bunch of checks, not to force the boss called financial.”
  ”This is our boss, yes, vanguard did not say, the reason I made this Tucao, we work too tired to say the boss, ah, he was ten o’clock every day to work, often late, and never work overtime, usually only responsible to money and choose their favorite project, probably really tired of it, he went straight to the small city with a big boss went on vacation, but we also remain wi

of achievement and happiness, and for my grandfather深圳桑拿按摩, the matter will be considered good value.”

  ”Rumors about the position of president of Pei I really heard, the fact that of course is not the case, my dad does not like to do business, grandpa and I agreed that if he did not like, did not need non-forcing him to assume that this is over my father select all my reasons.”
  ”Well, ah.”Pei Shaoyang finally suppressed the rare escape of Ningshi Qing, waving his fist, the other pretending to surrender.
  Ningshi Qing just turn off the article, suddenly anti-cell phone, shook the Pei Shaoyang: “This really is not my flag stand, your dad found a really hot.”
  Pei Shaoyang eyebrow, took a look at mobile phone, full of frustration, the sixth being written at the moment hot search his father’s name – as long as pleasure Pei # # Naochun, he points to open a watch, speechless.
  This heat is deliv北京夜网ered to search the beginning Tucao bloggers that of a tree holes, the title is called “are the envy of every day my boss how to do?”Tucao people blurred their own situation, he began talking about his boss.
  ”My boss is someone well-known wealthy people, his life is like hanging open, like envy, and he w北京桑拿as inbred, want something there, reportedly his rebellious phase lasted a long time, anyway, until now have not finished yet, do not worry about him from work, to do is pleasure, for their own interests, cast several billion, open car museum you’ve ever seen?This is my boss, after work I most often hear is that this project I like, rest assured to do, I put money, the company opened numerous money-losing projects, chief financial officer several times almost in front of the boss hanging, asking him to close hand, the boss has just tilted his legs sitting on the couch and said, all right, happy enough, of course, when I want to say is, you are happy enough, we’re going to work bankrupt?”
  ”I did not expect this company even survived shaky, even the rapid development of new high profits y

ents of memory苏州夜网, but also the slowly trace – come.

  She knew one, so that the whole room went quiet, his eyes staring at uniform Nguyen rain.
  Amid Nguyen organized his language, “said Fang Guyu take me to the river to catch fish, go to the river later, Lin Fangfang also came.”Here, Ruan some rain too ashamed, before Lin Fangfang bul深圳桑拿网ly the original body, and almost let Nguyen rain from □□ drilling in the past under the Lin Fangfang.
  This, Nguyen rain do not know how to love her in front of the face of these relatives say.
  ”Say!”Ruan Guohua face some ugly.
  Fang Xiulan stare Ruan Guohua, “the girl did not want to say do not say, what you fierce??”
  Ruan Guohua suddenly listless, and his face has soft board with a little more, please, “I am not worried about being bullied girl thing!”
  This is some gag past, Nguyen rain calmed a bit, “Lin Fangfang I drilled her □□, I did not drill, back to their time, efforts behind a push, I fell into a river inside.”All in all, it was the only party on the riverbank Gu Yu and Lin Fangfang, she would fall, too, and the two men are related, she began with a fork, that is the party Guyu pushed her down, if it can really Fang杭州桑拿洗浴 Guyu is pushed her down, how would that Lin Fangfang was missing.
  Say, a guilty conscience, Nguyen rain is more likely to push her lower river Lin Fangfang, of course, is not necessarily a clean hand side Guyu.
  Lin Fangfang that is harmful, Fang Guyu is the fire, and no one no where to go and clean.
  Ruan Zhiwen gas teeth chattering, complaining, “I knew that side grain rain is not a good thing, she had to the door, I do not agree with, blame.”Mom did not say the word is out in the end.
  But in addition to the presence of this silly egg Ruanzhi Wu did not recognize, but did not recognize their own son Fang Xiulan why some complain about the meaning of her eyes all red spot, the face of regret, “a bad mom, mom asking for trouble, I’m sorry ah rain!”
  Ruan Guohua stare own son, “your mother is well-intentioned, Fa

top of the head, frowned and said to him late again, then hastily hung up the phone, it has a yarn tension.

  ”Pei Shaoyang mentioned, warm family environment for the power he grew up, my father and grandfather mutual respect.”Ningshi Qing sitting in a chair, almost rolling on, Pei Shushu’s singing is superb is not blowing, and each time the crowd Pei grandfather hate ea上海419论坛ch other wars did not stop until a dozen rounds.
  ”Beautify you understand?”Pei Shaoyang want to fight the.
  ”understand.”Ningshi Qing laughing tears came out,” author with apprehension, sent a query to Pei Shaoyang, the other father Pei Naochun in the country called the highest-profile and most low-key rich second generation, his success with full of legendary, but you have never been a public interview, there are many things still a mystery.”
  The statement is, like Pei Shushu and more mysterious, like – well, Ningshi Qing have to admit, if I do not know, perhaps he also believes Pei Shushu what effort deep, take things one three-powerful talent.
  Ningshi Qing suddenly silent, then hilarious: “Why Mr. Pei Naochun industry will be committed to investing Museum?In the future, he will enter as art exhibitions, Museum of Histo深圳桑拿网ry related industries it?”The question he can answer, not because Pei Shushu work depends hobby, which is not his favorite range.
  Pei Shaoyang amount of help, he remembered how his own to answer the.
  ”No, it’s just my dad’s personal interest, not considered profitable, even if it is a loss, as long as he was happy enough.”Ningshi Qing banged the table,” your statement is estimated to be on the hot search, just Pei Naochun interest, regardless of loss seeking fun.”
  ”Well, well, do not read ah.”Pei Shaoyang original answer, facing the interviewer speechless still talking, and now he felt like a shame site.
  Ningshi Qing went around to the side and continue to read aloud: “yo, not finished yet, the loss of this issue for us really is not a problem that money can buy my dad’s sense

ong time, pulled his sleeve with what he says banned the office romance kind of thing.

  It should also be free to love it?Pei Shaoyang cold face, his daily work so tired, it touches really should be a sentence Dad had said, would also purposely cultivated land.
  Time just pinch, outside staff have applauded give all the dishes on the table, this private kitchens very famous in town B, impeccable杭州桑拿 taste, the waiters attentive shut the door, the two began formally enjoy Dayton dinner, also talk about each other’s situation.
  ”.Anyway, probablyThat’s it.”Pei Shaoyang brief overview of the situation at home coming in, including my father’s career, in the case of his own company, the same heart-Ningshi Qing, the recently happened to him all sorts of things to come clean, two Tidianyijian each other, do not explain the point thing.
  Seeing food is to eat less, and Ningshi Qing and Pei Shaoyang phone suddenly emit sound at the same time, push the message is well-known financial figures magazine just public number of top clearly states: “Responsibility and forward inheritance and innovation, three generations of the rich interview Pei Pei Shaoyang Group’s new president.”Very famous magazine, interview requests come first serve, Pei Shaoyang they agreed, just last week in an interview.
  ”Not bad.”Ningshi Qing did not jealousy, ridicule glanced friends, Yimushixing immediately looked up from time to time nauseating statement read out loud:” Pei Shaoyang peers still in play age, already know their shoulders bear responsibility, backed 北京体验网by his family, years of training, to take over the burden of the day, he was exceptionally calm, like the same forward.”
  Ah, it touches really calm, Ningshi Qing remember the day he was afraid of tight friends, make a fool of Group employees face the next day, I called intends Laoke, open a video, but found a positive Naochun Pei Pei Shaoyang and nest in the room together play a new car museum of VR gaming, VR glasses will push each other to the

e vigorously, the door was open people, slightly广州桑拿 more male voice sounded hoarse, leaning against the door that a man wearing a gray sweater, his face wearing a smile, is Ningshi Qing.

  ”Even you laugh at me?”Pei Shaoyang got up and bluntly to the good brother who is a blow, he returned home earlier time, Ningshi Qing stay abroad stayed for a period of time, this time Ningshi Qing was appointed to the family of B-city branch to exercise, a few days before the two men began about the time.
  Ningshi Qing deliberately clutching his chest, pretending very sore: “incredible, Shaoyang which you inherit the family business, and Hujiahuwei ah, actually also hit me with the.”He pretended to be installed shortly, immediately next to sit down,” Yes, grandfather and Peishu Shu Pei how about the recent?I think this time have time to see them.”In recent years, he dipped a friend of light, and Kurtis very close and from a few elders, have a little gift every time returned home, see a face.
  ”They ah.”Pei Shaoyang helpless,” went out to play chanting.”
  ”where to play?”Ningshi Qing surprised,” Pei grandfather also went?”His grandfather’s impression of Pei, but a full workaholic, returning several time苏州夜网s to follow Shaoyang, basically Peishu Shu bring their bloody fool, run around, Pei grandfather unaffected, punctual to work every day, you they sat on the couch watching the idea that even the series when, at the same time and can group affiliated video phone.
  ”S city, said to be cold here.Pei Shaoyang helpless shrug, glanced at the time, “this point, it is estimated not return at sea.”He saw curious eyes Ningshi Qing,” in fishing it.”
  Ningshi Qing laugh No, this really is a style mutation: “Just left you a?”He gloat,” Pei Pei Shushu and grandfather is really quite assured that you did not explain what?”
  Pei Shaoyang did not answer, so how to explain it, and even he had to take over when his grandfather did not say anything, but added that my father hesitated in squatting waited a l

his son and clutch, clutch the 苏州桑拿right of the father, Bo stood behind the four people opt laughing at the camera.

  Every tired, he would look at the photo charge, others to study the rise of China, he was also considered for the laid-back father, grandfather relax and work it?His hand gently brushed photo frame, the same gentle smile.
  Travel time cards very well, four in the afternoon, pre-arranged trip end on time, Pei Shaoyang back to the office, began to send messages at the mobile phone to confirm position after a good time, then proceed directly, as this is the group’s president privilege, not deducting money late and leave early.
  The point of no traffic jams, Pei Shaoyang to a private restaurant located at the south, he entered the room he took off his coat, the house Heating was very full, dignitaries whole body warm, he was a regular customer, the 深圳桑拿网waiter would not have him opening, they lead to the front, he walked straight up with his long predefined box.
  ”I’ve ordered food, etc..Five o’clock when serving.”After Pei Shaoyang glanced at the watch, and the waiter confirmed serving time, then sat back to relax a little, since the microblogging brush.
  After entering the information age, all the news spread are exceptionally fast, wealthy people also come to the stage of non-rare thing, gossip and even a special account used to share their gossip, Kurtis Pei Shaoyang been for protection was very good until his successor, it is considered officially come to the stage, because he was young, handsome looks, just not long after taking office, it triggered a lot of attention to the network, and even got an inexplicable “the most handsome rich three generations” in the title, of co深圳桑拿网urse, for this title Pei Shaoyang Jingxiebumin of.
  He was initially concerned about these messages, or because those amazing rumors of his father, he sometimes bad mood, always take them to smile, feels fun.
  ”Hello, handsome rich three generations of the legendary.”He is looking quit

r and protagonist is a car, get annual box南宁桑拿 office crown.”

  At that time also foreign Pei Shaoyang, filled with water, after reading this article the military characteristics, repeatedly confirmed the names inscribed, he even felt like this Papa higher price of the navy, but then I thought, his father is not so “strange” successful yet?But success worth mentioning, worth mentioning failure, he is my father’s backing, always in this.
  Pei Naochun in the video that hesitated for a long time: “steward the company a lot of people, but I have to call the shots is not it?Besides, I do not like that car factory, insincere attitude.”Cooperation is to seek joint venture, the attitude is not very sincere, to give up the idea about Pei Naochun.
  Pei Shaoyang want Zaiquan, thought, and gave up the idea: “Dad, you are happy enough.”This museum has always been to make my father ha深圳桑拿网ppy, but not for profit,” that you put a man Bo lost at home?”
  He had finished speaking these words, that is not too large video box appeared a head, a rare Bo took off his body suit, wear lightweight, move to proceed to the camera: “Little Master, I’m here, my lord, a young master up.”
  Oh, Pei Shaoyang mouth twitched, very h杭州桑拿elpless, this is indeed a go neatly, he is helpless half-half is funny: “Then you have fun, have fun, pay attention to safety, if you do not have to remember to rest comfortably.”
  ”rest assured.”Pei Naochun gesturing guarantee, he glanced at the time on the phone,” Son, do not and you say, let the sea, and then come back later Contact.”
  Pei Shaoyang not say one good, the video has been hung ruthless father, that trio had disappeared, he looked down, muffled laugh.
  Although it is winter, the city of sunshine today also happens to B, refracted through the windows over the light shines on the frame at Pei Shaoyang on the table, it is a very new family portrait last year, when the Spring Festival at home shot, photographs Pei Naochun sitting in the middle, wearing a red sweater, left

d insider silly money toys, can be thought after the broadcast, actually topped the box office direct access to the summer profile, high profit gains in one fell swoop, in a foreign country also gains a lot of box office.

  Cultural and creative science and technology park employees, relied Pei Naochun such a “silly” Boss, full play to their imagination, free to fly, a few concept cars on display in the museum, once raised a storm, foreign factory’d see is not on, the domestic automobile plant has come up several, agreed to allow cultural and creative Park Technology shares, jointly developed future concept car series under the “spring” brand.
  Pei Shaoyang on seeing their own father Za Za whirring at that, think of what is often whimsical id杭州桑拿ea put into operation, the money in his pocket, and no fear of loss, naturally wanton, but who did not think these ideas of his, after the fall reality, to create a higher profit than the one he read an article gossip rich second generation, which is described as Pei Naochun: “the business in play, the inexplicable success, a walking toy home, living human Koi.”
  Paper wrote: “When you hear there is a second-generation rich, good group does not take over, to do what museums, galleries, you would think he is stupid, when you know there is a rich second generation, took over the domestic well-known the burn technology team, you would think he started burning more money; when you know there is a rich second, all of a sudden into the entertainment business, spending billions of dollars to make a movie, you would guess he was doing behind the gold master, we want to made a star Reviewed by actress.”
  ”The above, I said all behavior fool, all the same wealthy people to do it, he did the museum, car museum called the spring, the water is amazing, this year’s theme parks have invested started; he raised burn on his team We are absolutely determ北京桑拿会所ined to dig a car brand heavily abroad without success; he Toupai movie, a failed actress, acto

y for the sake let Pei Naochun happy, have an idea of their own business, which would like to be, this museum opened, is booming at a tremendous pace.

  Automobile Museum exhibits of full, rich in content, innovative exhibition, attracted a group after group of tourists, and even attracted a lot of micro-business network red, line up to pay to find a sports car, luxury car to take pictures, to send some南宁桑拿论坛 X always want copy to mention the car, but by virtue of this can be, it is but nothing to make ends meet, the real money is Pei Naochun with some fun ideas to engage in science and technology out of the so-called cultural and creative park – this is the foundation of the evolution of each item surrounding margin products, earned a pours.
  Say only online automotive intelligent products sold under the flagship store and the line, what spring wizard, automatic sweeping machines, have been upgraded to three or four generations, Pei Shaoyang friends abroad, and even commissioned him purchasing a smart meter weeding across the ocean, developed, designed for people with reduced mobility Bicycle provided critically acclaimed commentary on the national welfare projects bonuses, access to the relevant policy support.Even the corners, no-tech北京会所体验网, analog mini-car assembly kit, museum model, medium-sized children’s automobile sales are kind of surrounding rising day by day, even many also became necessary network red toy.
  Peripheral products selling at the same time, since the spring auto museum has gradually become a big IP, began as Pei Naochun show business friends to borrow some cars out of shot put, make props, his friends broad embarrassed to refuse; then again, front view fancy props director venue, rental shot into the movie, the effect is extraordinary; more later, Pei Naochun wet bar drinking with friends, on a whim, put money directly took part movie museum, the museum will enter directly wonderful journey made into a movie – of course, this film before release, is calle