Why poisonous puffer Japanese also desperate binge

Eat fugu puffer fish is eaten in season "autumn eat spring the other side of the other side" from, that is, in late September to late March。 Especially from December to February puffer fish, because the spawning period is about to enter its flesh color of the crystal, the tasty meat has reached the extreme。 Often after the New Year, Japanese diners around the corner, puffer fish dishes but also ushered in the most prosperous period of the year。
Since the processing fugu puffer fish is poisonous, so fugu chefs must go through a professional qualification certificate has fugu chef, after "under-ki body" treatment process before eating。
This is what it refers to?Removing puffer lips and the back fins, peeling, and then remove the processing method viscera。
(Puffer toxic liver and ovarian main portion) of these treatment methods is very fine, because once damaged, it will also bring edible portion toxins, affect food。 The puffer fish skin is full of toughness, not only unique taste, but also the ancient folk art material。 So peeling is also a highly specialized work。 So the whole process fugu chef wages should pretty high bar。 Puffer treated, but interestingly, the Japanese fugu chefs for each county certificate examinations and certification are not the same, so there are the chefs of the region go to another area of employment is not recognized。 In Japan, as long as there are cooks treated through certificate of blowfish, secondary processing certificate is not required, it is generally the restaurant, and will introduce some supermarkets have been treated puffer fish to sell。 Eat fugu chef certificate general, the fish died within 4-5 hours is the freshest, after the meat will be stiff, affect the taste。
The puffer fish is not the same, it would have been meat firm, will soften down 24-36 hours after the death of meat, this is the best time to eat, but also the most delicious taste of。
① thorn gu shi fu (sashimi) must be mentioned first of all, of course, sashimi, and senior Japanese ah。 Not only fugu skin is very chewy, meat raw fugu is also very flexible, you want to be a biting hard。
So, do sashimi time to try to cut into thin as rice paper, crystal clear。 And this Daogong requires not only skilled knife, also need special "puffer cutter"。
And transfer to a plate method puffer fish is also very particular, are divided into "Hok Sheng ri", "Ju-sheng ri", "Peacock a paddle", "Peony Sheng ri" four kinds。 Each of which is pleasing, and strive to achieve the enjoyment of art in general as。
Peacock Sheng Sheng ri ri crane Ju-sheng ri 🙁 left is fugu skin) peony a paddle when eating with chopsticks to gently pick up a crystal clear puffer fish meat, then eat vinegar dip。 Such additional eating also after the hot water treatment of skin fugu。 ② pot fu gu (blowfish pot) is a stew pot puffer puffer fish and seaweed together, such as a combination of vegetables and miso。
And with sashimi, like, eat when eating vinegar dip。 After the cooked soup, add a little salt, and rice cooked together, abnormal delicious。 ③ albino food Well, when it comes to a special place。 What is it albino?In fact, male pufferfish testis。 One of the spawning period of January to March is the most delicious moments, but also the most expensive dishes。 Cooking with which the barbecue, fried, and eat tofu dishes are top grade。
Salt burn albino: albino tofu: ④ nikogori ri。

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