"Fire Cantabile" ice-breaking return to Vic hope that friends and Reba recurrence sugar

  "Fire Cantabile" fans booster highest charting Vic Dilly Reba love, then according to well-known Chinese writer of romantic novels Ming Xiaoxi classic original adaptation, Vic, Dilly Reba, Zhang Binbin Liu Rui Lin starred in the costume drama "fire Cantabile" It is hit, as of now playing has exceeded 1.8 billion。
Since last week, lovestruck son silver snow suddenly dropped, the majority of users crying constantly, "the first silver snow go?Day, think he。 "After leaving the silver snow, the story took a new turn, forces the parties have been unable to control themselves, have mobilized, the situation is worrying Cantabile。 Too deep into the drama of opera fans affectionately call silver snow not only in the return of hard to wait "a couple biscuits" made of sugar again, but also through the official activities Idol hit list, the "fried couple" pet God, in the port of Shanghai World Petronas Twin Towers sweet off screen "fit"。   Fans help "biscuits couple" fit "snow-style" love, then pull up to open high altitude in the "fire Cantabile" launch early, launch a "pet you have pet heaven" as the idol was sent to the official online Meteors activity by users to participate in the hit list idol pet heaven。 After the event start trigger opera fans to take part, and "fried couple" Vic, Dilly Reba has been the highest "Wild pet list" in the forefront。
Last week, Vic, played by silver snow due to strong help Cantabile (Dilly Reba ornaments) of the two brothers from Yu Han (Liu Rui Lin ornaments) to lift the curse cold and deep crisis of life and death, the last of the snow disappeared temporarily offline, so opera fans distressed silver snow collective thoughts and seek "biscuits couple" can be sweet again as soon as possible with box。
  Thursday (March 15) evening to update the story, the silver snow off the assembly line last week to break the ice in the long-awaited return, although "biscuits couple" No Sweet Sue in the update screen appears in the story, but by friends earlier crazy highest charting power, the "fried couple" off screen "fit", and in the evening debut at the Shanghai World Petronas Twin towers in Hong Kong。 Meanwhile, the "spoil you, will spoil God," "Girl, do not forget me", "I promise you, I will try hard to love you," "my bride" "rest of his life, let me take care of you" and " snow-style "love, then repeated the confession at high altitude bombing, so users struggling to cope have also issued a confession:" snow is a 2018 silver most girls want to marry her husband, not one。
"Netizens speak broken heart brain distressed silver snow hole wide open: no time to fall in love netizens 'call', the affectionate silver snow finally return, off the assembly line in its day, can be described so that users who speak broken heart, some even brain hole wide open to ridicule silver snow not learn "Sansei III miles peach" in the deep ink on God: "do not silver snow hibernation, think deep ink, and quickly come back." "do you remember the" Sansei III miles peach " Kunlun virtual ink on it deep?He slept, like the disciples became his sister-in。 "After the ice-breaking snow silver on the line, the audience did not like the look as sweet and Cantabile same box, but for helping Cantabile, jade from Han, who make their appearance in resolving the crisis age, Cantabile meet again with scenes of extreme child heart make friends distressed: "I am so poor why snow?"" Moment becomes ice, while to the elderly, but also to save their rival, there would be no time to fall in love Well!"         。

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