Skim milk also tied up nutrition!Do not blindly drink (1)

  Compared with the full-fat, low-fat / do offer the same amount of calcium and protein with lower calories and fat content。But also inevitably take off the same healthy fat-soluble vitamins, so that the value of the milk itself compromised。
So unless patients with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, or urgent need to control the fat intake, it is not advisable to select low-fat / skim milk。
  Fat value of value is very high, which is very small particles of fat globules, so drink up delicate taste, easy to digest。In addition, milk fat also contains essential fatty acids and phospholipids, is high nutritional value of fat。  It contains all the essential amino acids the human body's growth and development and other amino acids。Amino acid composition of 20 species of human proteins, of which there are eight kinds of human body itself can not be synthesized, they are called essential amino acids。If we eat protein contains all the essential amino acids, the protein they called the whole protein, milk protein they belong to the whole protein。Milk protein digestibility of up to 100%, while the protein digestibility of beans contained only 80%。  The carbohydrate is lactose, its function is to provide thermal energy and promote the absorption of metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and the like, it is very important for the development of Infant Intelligence。
Extent of absorption of lactose in the human body is proportional to the number of calcium, so drink more milk, the more the body absorb calcium。In addition, lactose can promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the human gut, inhibit intestinal abnormal fermentation caused by poisoning, ensure intestinal health。
Lactose than other carbohydrates。  Species are very rich in minerals, in addition we know calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum content are many。The most unusual is that human milk is the best source of calcium, and calcium and phosphorus ratio is very appropriate, facilitate the absorption of calcium。Milk is also a great role for vitamin supplements。
Which contains all known types of vitamins, especially the high content of vitamin A and vitamin B2, can make up for our lack in the diet。  As a natural food, after sterilization, without any processing, can be used directly for human consumption。And we drink almost all the digestion and absorption, will not produce excess waste excretion。
Which are conducive to the use of milk rich in substances。