Anti-aging tonic wine, red and white but there are differences (1)

  A nourishing and anti-aging action, wine contains sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals。These nutrients are essential for the body。
It can not go through pre-digested, absorbed by the body directly。Especially for the infirm, regular moderate drinking of wine, good for recovery。
Wine phenolics and Oliver multi-element, having the function of engaging the oxidant, the reaction can be prevented from oxygen generated in the body during metabolism damage the human body (e.g., damage to cell DNA and RNA), these injuries leading to a number of degenerative diseases, such as one of cataracts, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, aging factors。
Therefore, regular moderate drinking of wine has anti-aging, longevity effect。
But red wine and there is a certain difference。
    Antioxidant Grape antioxidant fruits themselves are in the process of brewing, the pulp is fermented with the grape, antioxidant matter content belongs to a relatively high, can effectively alleviate the effect of cell oxidation, it is very beneficial to the body drinks。
    For women, is a beauty drinks, white wine has inflated blood circulation effect, after the women drank, make the skin rosy smooth and elastic。
  Improve sleep quality red wine University of Milan found in all alcoholic beverages, red wine contains most of melatonin。Melatonin can effectively help people regulate sleep, improve sleep quality and melatonin in the human body easily reached the highest value at night, so drink a glass of red wine before going to bed can help sleep very。  Weight loss studies found that drinking red wine a day to thin people do not drink more than people, and people who drink red wine compared with people drinking beer waist thinner, and fewer abdominal fat。  A scientific experiment of the University of Virginia Cancer Prevention showed that the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine can kill cancer cells, so moderate drinking of red wine can reduce the chance of cancer。
  Red wine in pursuit of complex, full, full-bodied taste, and even more refreshing with high acid and endearing。To achieve this purpose, the vast majority of red wine will be malic acid – lactic fermentation, the wine in order to reduce the sharp acidity, and aging in oak barrels will be used to add to the flavor of wine。As for white wine, stainless steel fermentation may well keep the wine fruity and high acid, malic acid – lactic fermentation and oak are rarely used。