Seeing Zheng dish: white horse stocks have Budie future market is expected to stabilize | White Horse Unit

  Every time there was correspondent Zheng Buchun overnight Fed, as expected, hiked interest rates by 25 basis points after the policy statement will be roughly neutral。
Asia-Pacific stock market reaction is relatively neutral, closed mixed on Thursday。 In the A shares, because shares sell into the White Horse, major indexes fell Qi。 % Benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell to a point, and the remaining majority index fell almost the same, the SSE 50 and the CSI 300 fell slightly larger。
In addition, the Hang Seng Index tumbled%。
  Our central bank have taken advantage of a slight increase in seven days reverse repo operations interest rates five basis points, a smaller rate increases, in line with market expectations, the impact on the stock market temporarily limited。 If the comb recent trend of White Horse Unit, difficult to find, first banking, real estate, coal and other cyclical stocks fall slightly, and now gradually turn to more defensive stocks of electrical appliances, liquor stocks, the decline has spread signs。
This is the easy confidence of the impact of institutional investors, which causes more loose chips。
  Some institutions seem very professional, but in fact very susceptible to influence market sentiment。 Specific performance is, the rally often hold together, the decline in mutual stampede。 With appliances, liquor and other sections have Budie, the current White Horse shares a relatively high valuation levels have not breed too much, should future market is expected to stabilize。   Although I think the market is limited downside, but I am not very optimistic about the A-share short-term trend。 It has entered the end of the month because, quarter hours, usually marginal market funds face tight。 In this context, the market to maintain the shock consolidation pattern pretty good。
In addition to the funds face pressure, and another potential pressure Foxconn IPO, the current situation in this area is not yet clear。
  The next two weeks is the peak of a quarterly notice, if the investor holds that the blue chips, which should attach great importance to。 For the cycle stocks, you should see some of the more long-term。
Because once the cycle stocks trend inflection point, would be quite amazing lethality。
  The market tends to run toward the direction of least resistance, the current situation seen by the Shanghai Composite Index, which is up to a slightly larger resistance, in which case investors should beware that closed down upward gap near 3200 points, now only from this point 2%。