What are the signs of female infertility men and women have to look at

What are the signs of infertility female infertility in the moment regarded as a very large number of diseases, I believe many people have around these patients, then infertility together and what signs to look small series infertility What are the signs of infertility have it introduced!Female infertility signs you know what signs appear or what diseases it can react female infertility the infertility is a big problem。 Now female infertility is increasing, many women are worried that they will infertility, but it is not clear that infertility is a sign, you can not rush to the hospital for infertility examination, that the following to introduce female infertility What are the symptoms。 1.Abnormal menstrual women over the age of 18 if no menstruation, menstruation or menopause after more than six consecutive months, then it belongs to amenorrhea, can cause female infertility, as well as the performance of irregular menstruation。 2.Some gynecological pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer and other chronic often show lower abdomen, abdominal pain, or both sides of the lumbosacral pain, which diseases are likely to cause infertility in women。
3.Menstruation female infertility What are some signs of female friends have before and after menstruation cyclical premenstrual breast swelling and headache occurs through the line, as well as by the emergence of a series of rows depression or irritability and other symptoms, these The reason is can lead to female infertility。 4.Some dysmenorrhea gynecological diseases like inflammation also cause infertility, if abnormal vaginal discharge or genital itching, it will also affect women pregnancy。