What disease can not massage a few big cases to keep in mind

What disease can not massage Massage is our traditional Chinese medicine which is commonly used, which for many diseases have a very good effect mitigation and treatment, so many people will do massage。
But in fact the massage also has a lot of taboos, following small series to tell us something about what the disease can not massage, several cases to remember oh!What disease can not massage if you love to do massage, it occurs when the body is under these circumstances, please be careful, then do not do a massage。 Massage is one of the means of diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, it is through a variety of methods to stimulate the body's skin, muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels and lymph, etc., to promote local blood circulation, improve metabolism, thus promoting natural resistance to disease Zhang body , promote the absorption of inflammatory exudate, relieve muscle spasms and pain。
Although the benefits of massage are many, but some diseases can not be used in orthopedic massage!The following situation can not massage massage is a good thing, but when that happens below, is not suitable for massage。
What disease can not massage the patient 1, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, diphtheria, dysentery and other acute infectious diseases。
2, patients with acute inflammation, such as acute tonsillitis, pneumonia, acute appendicitis, cellulitis。 3, certain chronic inflammatory joint tuberculosis such as limbs, spinal tuberculosis, osteomyelitis。
As shown in Figure 4, with severe heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and lung diseases。 5, cancer, pernicious anemia, chronic illness frail and emaciated weakling。

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