Harmonious in the defense, years of quiet good (writer election issue)

Read flow trough purple "Zhen Huan Biography", quite touched, beautiful and touching love between the hero of the book Zhen Huan and fruit county Wang Xuanqing very heart resonate and moved。  Xuan Qing dynasty feudal clan as Prince, for the loved ones of infatuation and persistence in fact, rare, his faith moves Zhen Huan finally put aside worldly fetters, to open their hearts with his beloved people together, their oath is : the life around, never became good; Harmonious in the defense, years of quiet good。  What a wonderful wish ah!But in an era that closed and autocratic, the imperial power is highly concentrated, higher than the imperial monarchy, the king to Chen Si, Chen had to die, their desire to eventually become a luxury and even despair, in order to protect Xuan Qing Zhen Huan, replaced a drink poisoned wine and do, lay dying, also for the sake of Zhen Huan situation, total disregard for his own life and death, so great and selfless love, tear-jerking to read。  “Advent of what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu。”Want this to be pure and true human love is the highest state of love it, because once had a romantic love so pure, so once lost loved ones will be very painful to me, until the full numbness, heart like a dry well , waves can not afford。  Years of quiet good for a woman of ancient feudal society, it is indeed rare, especially in the palace of the woman, so through the ages, after describing the poetry of the palace necessarily contain a hardy woman sad life experience, such as:“Longitudinal buy Xiangru daughter, tenderness in this situation who is v.”Chen Gillian, and if“Yuyan less Jackdaws color, Zhaoyang shadow to Youdai”The Consort Ban, as well as in Dream of Red Mansions women, many of them endowed with both of them, those gentle temperament, however, that the woman's virtue era, the fate of women can only be“Air knife biting frost”even“Desolated for dust”。People can get bent, old age is not way off at that time is undoubtedly a myth。  Ask volume reflection, I thought: what makes for a happy woman's life?Is another man's fame important thing is to stick to their promise with an extraordinary friend rare?I remember have seen this sentence: marriage will be like our daily wear shoes do not fit known only to themselves。The best is the one that suit for you。  Also thought of Zhen Huan, who eventually board the Queen Mother was prominent position, the right to dump the harem, with unlimited glory, then watch his life, it is nothing but a sad comedown and shame。Therefore, choose what you love, love your choice, after all, how was the day, and one taste only two people know, do not be too concerned about the opinions of others, as long as each other have a thankful heart, cherished possession, reminds happiness, we will hold your hand in the years of quiet good, and grow old。