” Civilization should be built from a small place.”

‘ Civilized Community Building” One of the Series Reports” Civilized Building, Start from a Small Place” Lao Song, who lives in Building 42, Xiyuan New Village, Jianhu County, never thought of the problems that have plagued him these days. Thanks to the efforts of cadres in Xiyuan Community, Jinhu Town, he has been solved very well and said happily to everyone: ” The public family has devoted all its mind to deepening civilized city building.”. As a member of the community residents, I also want to do my best to create snacks and contribute to civilization. ‘ In a green space in Xiyuan Community, Laosong, who has passed the age of flower armor, picked up a bottle blown by the wind and talked with reporters with mirth.. It turns out that odbo, who enjoys subsistence allowances, usually helps his family by picking up and selling waste products. the’ junk’ he picked up is placed in loudaokou and his home on the 42nd floor.. In summer, it is inevitable that some smells will be emitted and the cleanliness of the environment will also be affected. My neighbors have opinions and my heart is very sorry.. We should not only pay attention to people’s livelihood, but also do a good job in building civilization. On the one hand, life demands proper care, and on the other hand, environmental sanitation concerns image.. This gives the community cadres a difficult problem. After careful consideration, the community specially took out two staff members a few days ago to help odbo find a waste storage site. After many twists and turns, he finally coordinated a small house with more than 10 square meters and free waste storage at the waste transfer station in the district.. It not only solved the problem of odbo, but also won the understanding and support of the residents in the community.   Xiyuan community is a large community with 6 shaped communities and nearly 4000 households. During the interview, the reporter accompanied Secretary Zhu Zhenghong around Dengda, Weiye and other residential areas and found that the residents behaved generously and civilized and the residential environment was neat and orderly.. In every Loudaokou, there is a striking ” Basic Code of Conduct for Citizens”. In the windows and billboards, the content of civilization creation is rich and colorful. Every road and building is also very clean and sanitary. The whole community is in good order and permeated with a harmonious and civilized atmosphere everywhere..   ‘ civilization creation is no small matter. To build Wen Ming city and be a civilized person, one must start from every small matter. Although it is a small matter that we helped odbo to find a waste storage site, we let residents see our community cadres’ hands-on work attitude and moral pursuit of paying attention to people’s livelihood in the process of civilization creation.. To deepen the construction of civilized cities, a lot of work will end up in the community, and a lot of work needs us to implement one by one.. It is the high importance attached to every small matter concerning civilization and the effective resolution of every difficulty affecting civilization that makes the whole community look brand – new.. It is also because of the joint efforts of every community and every resident that the city’s civilization and harmony have been exchanged.. ‘ The words of Zhu Zhenghong, secretary of the Party General Branch of Xiyuan Community are convincing.   ‘ Everyone lives in a civilized and harmonious community, with a clean and comfortable environment, with flowers everywhere, grass and green, and civilized and peaceful families. Let’s not say how happy our mood is.. ‘ In the southern district of Taiping New Village, retired teacher Yuan took the reporter’s hand and said happily.   The improvement of a community’s civilization requires the active efforts and joint participation of the general public. There are more than 100 corridor leaders in our Xiyuan community, and more than 200 retired veteran cadres, old teachers and old workers who have formed a civilized volunteer team. They have been running around every neighborhood, building and household in the community all the year round. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, they can be seen in obscurity and toil and bustle.. With their support and dedication, the civilization of our Xiyuan community will be more colorful! ‘ Zhu Zhenghong said confidently.