(F) a flower-filled fields

Kazakhstan’s northern and central parts of the world-famous prairie, an area of 1.4 million square kilometers, accounting for a full half of its land area, but too far away from Almaty, I am not privileged to go, to enjoy its boundless vast and style.    Fortunately, a chance, in the west of Almaty, also found that there are no small prairie (at least in my eyes), make me a fresh.    That was in Jaunpur Island in the country, I take the car along Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan Highway (Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan) Mercedes-Benz.Outside the car, through windbreaks, showing a green prairie, colorful fields, has been extended to the distant horizon.    We can not help but stopped the car to grassland, prairie summer flowers in full bloom, into a film into a piece of bright red wild poppies, a touch of small white flowers, glistening golden nameless wild flowers scattered on the green grassland, the earth like a true talent for Fairview.    Grasslands, growing into a piece of wild wheat and oat feed when planting.Wild wheat ground, and mixed with bits and pieces of red wild poppies, silhouetted against each other, beautiful eye-catching.Not far away, dotted with white sheep, horses and a small, free eating grass, out of sight of the shepherd, surrounded by the silence was only hear the wind whispers and bees buzz.It is said that due to the sparsely populated, vast land, labor is scarce, people ha crops, sowing and harvesting generally just two things, attend intensive cultivation and management, never applied fertilizer and pesticides, extensive cultivation, low yields, but it is definitely safety of green plants.Those into a piece of colorful wild poppies, the flowers bloom year after year, students from self-destruction, the locals take for granted.Sometimes just to collect thin poppy seeds, like sesame, like Caesar, sprinkled on bread baking edible.This bakery, various supermarkets.Food stores are sold, for a long time, not drugs, not illegal, the former Soviet republics are so.    I have never seen such a beautiful and vast wilderness, under the blue sky, the monastery is surrounded around, far from the sight of the end of the rolling snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains is a vast prairie flowers, green and wild and fog, how vast.This is the country’s modern times as the “North Star on the Prairie,” the great poet Abai had burst Acura grasslands, perhaps enough to pen with the Russian writer Sholokhov “Quiet Flows the Don” in the fertile phase of the Don steppe rival.Only beauty in the past in order to see the film and television works, now displayed in front, I was shocked.    I can not help but think of the student, we all like to mention a song, a magnificent song of the Soviet Union: “What the vast majority of our country, it has numerous fields and forests, we have not seen in other countries, so you can breathe freely.”Today, the disintegration of the Soviet Union long gone, but one of the former republics of Kazakhstan, has become the nascent independent state.Kazakh area of over 2.72 million square kilometers, in the Soviet Union after Russia; second only to China and India in Asia, ranking third.Although piece of a jigsaw, during the visit of Kazakhstan, including today, I witnessed it that the vast majority of the land, flotilla.    At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains in the distance, there are several small villages, the houses, spread, spread it on the prairie, metal roof shining in the sun, lavender curl of smoke rising over the village, disappeared in the grasslands..Ha existing fifteen million population of the country, just over one tenth of China’s population of a little more, while almost one-third of the land area of our country, real sparsely populated.It has both rich fertile land, there are plenty arid desert, semi-desert, but extremely rich products and resources, its huge oil and gas resources, and now is a steady stream of exports to China and other neighboring countries a lot of food in the country and livestock products are exported every year, great development potential.    I was the first step of this land is not barren, but it is not the vast majority of virgin land reclamation farming.I think, not much water drought, shortage of manpower, agricultural machinery, may have been one reason.Different national circumstances, according to local conditions, open pasture, kept semi-natural state, as I could see it, is probably the best choice made by local villagers.    I wish this piece of wilderness, forever flowers!    (Continued) 2010-02-25 Zhaoding Hua