Guard against bacterial vaginosis how to treat complications caused six good

Had bacterial vaginosis will make you miserable。
It is called a non-specific vaginitis is mainly due to mix some bacteria produce infection of the vagina so that。
So what complications can cause bacterial vaginosis generally do how to treat women who have to look at。 Bacterial vaginosis easily lead to six complications 1, pelvic inflammatory disease of the female reproductive tract secretions have pelvic inflammatory disease, the most frequently isolated bacteria consistent with BV flora, including Bacteroides, Streptococcus digestion number, Gartner vaginal bacteria。 2, abnormal uterine bleeding, and endometriosis abnormal uterine bleeding caused by endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding by direct damage by infection or inflammation of the uterus endometrium abnormal reaction to infection ovarian hormones induced endometrial or。 3, gynecological postoperative infection in women in the surgical termination of pregnancy, pregnant women with BV female pelvic inflammatory disease incidence is unincorporated times women's BV。
4, BV cervical cancer, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and genital human papilloma virus infection have the same epidemiological relationship, anaerobic bacteria metabolize BV produces ammonia vaginal secretions of ammonia and nitrite carcinogenic。
5, HIV infected patients with BV can increase the risk of HIV transmission。
When elevated PH, HIV viability and adhesion ability is increased, and may make it easier to spread。 6, tubal factor infertility and miscarriage in patients at increased rates of infertility BV。
In assisted reproductive therapy, patients with BV and embryo implantation rate in patients with non-BV similar, but the high rate of miscarriage during early pregnancy in patients with BV were non BV。
Treatment of bacterial vaginosis 1, the general treatment。
Keeping the vulva clean, dry and avoid scratching。
Do not eat spicy food。
Qinhuan underwear, washed with warm water, not mixed with other laundry washing, to avoid cross-infection。 2, local therapy。 Topical treatment may be used, such as metronidazole suppository, every night, once every 7。
3, treatment complications。 Other pathogens were detected for other pathogens medication, avoid the overuse of antibiotics。 Note the general condition of medication, immunotherapy may be given support and at the same time, pay attention to adverse drug reactions。
4, treatment of sexual partners。
Male sexual partners be treated simultaneously。 Experts advise: a female friend should be their own health as the most important, pay more attention to their own physical problems, routine maintenance and conservation work to do to ensure their physical and mental health。
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