(Writer election issue) those ignorant rebellious youth years

Inscription: Write down the name, hesitating, I do not know the teen years can be called “youth” word.However, online search for “Wasted,” saying it is full of some of the less complimentary sense of the sentence, eventually feel “youth” than the “Youth” sounds slightly mature and heaviness.Ever since, posing as young, I remember a few years time then those ignorant rebellious children spend it!    I was a cotton Xue spring, after high school they call me “hypnosis” was born in the seventies hungry.  The mid-eighties, we finally graduated from elementary school into junior high school learning.At the time in junior high school called Union, a village (was just replaced the rural commune of) on two.That I enrolled in the joint is in a collection called Liu village, and the village primary school together, close to the village the biggest street.Five, ten meetings this street every lunar (every five days), this day rally, the whole street full of people, crowded, carts, pull the sheep, hold the chicken, pot and repair all kinds of people flooded the whole street.Cries of hawkers, bargaining noise, the sound of moo cows and sheep baa, coopers mill pot banging sound, music to the sound of the suona cymbals, plus mingled with deep-fried fritters, meatball soup flavor, from the paste with plastic film windows dart classroom, so this is not Anfen students around the corner.  At this time, the Zhangxia Feng started to take action.Zhangxia Feng’s name sounds good, we call him “crazy scared”, and later learned that he was born in the summer, parents hope to bring a good harvest.I saw him hunched forward to catch while the teacher turned to write on the blackboard when suddenly sprang classroom, outside school we set a good cat called signal.Then, several of us identify opportunities, it gradually gathered at the school gate.Out of school into the hole autumn rally is at the head of the.Kong Qiuling the “ridge” turned out to be “Ling”, his home more than girls, parents want to be a male baby, born after he followed his sisters called to go, but we call him “hills”.He is a man NAO ideas and more, is our army, division, and it is the village, even if the wrist on a few others, there he will not have spanking and accused parents.Several of our people prowling in the crowd drilled, drilled specifically looking for a lively place, take a look at Art of playing, listen to Allegro say, the blind beggar bowl to throw a brick, hit with a wooden stick tied to a stake in the dog , teasing hanging in a tree bird cage.The last time a school such as to build on the north end of the market to sell a small shop there, waiting for us inside called Li Dongguan (we call him “melon”) grandfather grew up in a plastic bucket on a shop counter out candy to send each of us to eat.To dinner time, the “scared crazy” shot, and his family is wealthy, multi-hand pocket money.In this way, we will be there to meatball soup stalls under his leadership rub meal.This day several times a month, but not every time very well.Once just an assembly at the school gate was arrested the principal positive, pull back one by one sent off to write checks, and began to lock the door when the school day.However, this heroic beat us, not a few days, we found a place to escape from the school, north wall relatively short, we can jump off the wall and over, so we ran the figure began at the rally.    The two first winter after the advent of the junior high school, especially cold all winter and has been snowing.With the north wind snowflakes falling everywhere vast expanse, the ground frozen harder than stone, people shrink in the room did not bother the door.These are our children away from school more than five miles of the road, day light will not rush to start school.By light snow, his party a few people braved the raging north wind and snow on her face, while walking backwards, carrying the head while walking, often arrived at school the second class has basically ended.At this time, “scared crazy” and come up with ideas, and he let me stay in their house.Liu set village “crazy scared” of the village and the school is located only separated by a ditch, also a few minutes walk away.After the family agreed to get through, I simply packed up in his family lives under the.Many of his house, into the courtyard facing south tile-roofed house five in a row, we live in the west of a.  In the evening do not go back more liberty.In this winter, we have “seasons” a few buddies jumping up and down, around the school prank left our shadow everywhere.School early on skating on the frozen through a drainage ditch in front of good weather to climb on a ladder rack dig sparrow eggs on other home mountain house at night a person a slingshot to hit the village people’s windows.One night we went to a few people on a highway south of the village head, this road is a township roads at night are more people in the past.”Ideas king” our “military adviser”, “hills” thought of an idea.According to his schedule, we split up, got a thin rope, a man pull a, two people were hiding in the deep groove on both sides of the road, a person in the street sentry command.See cyclists over, the person in charge of directing sentry we had a good discussion on the use of signal “whistle” transmission of information, people on both sides of the ditch yanked a rope, this time the biker was tripped rope to the ground, and when we take advantage of the fall of man has not stood up on the long Gouyan fled down.  So toss some time, I feel boring when we began in a small way the brains of another.This path not many people in the past, mainly because some people buggy through during the day.We are in a small way to dig a big pit, enough to make a wagon wheel will fall into a half will get out.We support over the pit with a thin stick up above the shop some weed, and then cover the top of the sand, and almost ancient trap Ma Hang.But very strange is to be found, and not make fun of people live.It has been a “military adviser” in a knot, and later, including the now meet together when, still bear a grudge: the pit lane so good, why I was looking out of it?    Three Although we scrape that teachers feel a headache, but our study has been the top few in the class (except the “Advisor”), a teacher preference for us is one of the many times we have less reason ever learned and mischievous.And my most favorite was undoubtedly our language teacher Shaw, the best time of my language, especially writing, but this was our preference to destroy.In a half-semester junior year, a new English teacher named Ma, short and tall, round face, dark skin, is said to have just graduated from high school.In rural areas, only first-year junior high school English classes, from ABC 26 letters begin to learn.Who had just transferred away male English teacher, was big, very handsome, and particularly good for us, never force us to learn English, and this new teacher just arrived eager to make some achievements, for our very demanding and the boys did not like to learn English, so we started this group of boys who do not like you handsome English teacher launched an attack.  Fortunately, our language teacher and teacher do not care Schott English teacher horse, repeatedly criticize our behavior.On one occasion, being an English class, Shaw suddenly entered the classroom, directly behind the last row in the corner of the student pulled out, out to play a few slap in the face, we do not know how, all gazing.Six months later, in time to participate in an essay competition after the county back to the hotel, Shaw learned from the mouth, the original students in the back of masturbation.Later, we heard that Shaw and good on the horse, and this is good news for our gang kids, because we just grab the handle is not afraid Shaw.  We negotiate a good night despite the cold weather squatting school, staring at Shaw’s office.That time, the teacher’s working conditions are not very good, a lot of teachers are in a crowded office office, but Shaw is a more ability of people, he not only books teach well, but also amateur authors, often published in newspapers some articles, he wrote the novel “wall mind” at the time still had quite a stir, the local opera group adapted for opera, because sometimes he wants to create, schools to find ways to give him an office.Romantic writers may be more than it really allows us to grasp the positive, forward.We were really young and ignorant, do not know there is a world of style, but they do not know that it would cause much damage, just remember that we are all very excited with clods on their windows to throw until they found.We do not know what people inside the matter leaked the wind, or someone to find anything, and later Shaw’s wife downtown to the school a few times, and then later Shaw left the schools no longer teach.Years later, we met him again, feeling very guilty psychology, especially my.Shaw brother and I are high school students, junior high school when I was in first grade, Shaw is really good for me, let me class leader, participate in essay contest, his first novel written after I read, but also with me I went to his house to eat several meals.Since leaving junior high school, constantly hear from my brother there news of him for some time at home idle farming, shop business for some time, but did not insist on writing, people are constantly aging.But every time I met Big Brother, he would ask my case, I know go to college, he muttered to my brother: “I did not makes mistakes, the value of the!”Under two fourth grade junior high school semester, our contact in primary school and finally separated, moved from next to the lively market to the north end of the village a man named Wang Zhuang, independent as a school, the name was changed from junior high school in the United.Just moved to here, what is new, classrooms, cafeteria, tables and chairs, and even class beating iron bell is new.Few of us are also excited, ready to do something in this “cause” of the.But after all the new environment, we dare not too fast nonsense, honest for some time, find out which of the surrounding environment, and new replacement teachers to teach fared quite familiar.This semester’s honest, but also to several of our people’s academic performance by leaps and bounds.The first year of the new school, the principal care about case studies of high school next year, so few of us are seen as key to open the new school’s reputation, some things many people will give the green light for us.  Third-year junior high school coming soon, especially as a junior last winter soon arrived.Rural schools at that time did not live on campus conditions, but there is a cafeteria, students at noon outside the village to the main time to go home to prepare lunch, not good to use some of the money to buy canteen do the dishes, home conditions went from bring some home, heat it up in the cafeteria at noon.In order for us to learn, to win glory for the school next year, sooner or later back and forth to school every day on the way to reduce the waste of time, arrange special school three of us live in a teacher office (melon home is the village).This is the three big house, all the teachers in the office here, the innermost corner and a discharge of two wooden beds, the three of us will sleep here every night, but also woke up early in the morning, unable to sleep late.Contractors who want to, to and from school is convenient, but we came back but wild.  Mid-Autumn Festival just passed, after the weather was very hot breath all the more cold dew, frost a few days away, but the back of the school where the crops are sweet potato leaves are drooping under his head.We had a few good aim a piece of land in the sweet potato, waiting in the wings waiting for an opportunity.This season, wheat farmers have been planted over, leaving only some of the sweet potato, cabbage and other crops not harvested in late autumn.Autumn countryside dark so early, families have little dude, shut the door early to bed.The four of us together in the dark coming into the ground, dig a few dozen slender sweet potato, find a place to put up.The next day was Saturday, was still one and a half break, the afternoon after school we went home, we began to find a place to barbecue sweet potato.In the last place side by the back wall of the classroom with a few bricks of pot base circle with a barbecue, pick up some firewood, he began to bake sweet potato from.Baked sweet potato, we started up Qiangzhuo Chi.As we ate with relish, I do not know who told a cry, everyone down the sound and the direction moving wall of a finger to a look, stare, and saw the entire back wall of the classroom have been smoked black smoke from the bottom to the roof mess.Those of us who do not usually cook at home, patronize point broiled, the firewood smoke to forget.This time we panic, everyone running around to find a large broom and water, first with a broom to sweep the wall, how high can sweep sweeping tall, really anxious all of a sweat, and then finally washed, in any case get above do not be too high, which makes the following feline small painted face wash as.So we have to wait until Monday constant state of anxiety.However, teachers are only a token few words we say, do not blame us too much.I do not know if this is the teachers of our tolerance, or connivance of us, at that age we can not tell this.    Five days later, we did not stop soon because studies prank.School cafeteria cook Chef is a master craftsman, surnamed Wang, is close to the village, he is also the son of our class, and we are usually very familiar with, and we take care of.On cold days, Master Wang began to make croquettes ball soup, meatball is a little dot of mung bean noodles dish that, at the end of the eighties for us it is already a luxury, wealthy people can eat home conditions bad one week only eat once.Buy a few turns with us, every time you buy when the king master always give us one or two balls in dilute scoop soup.Perhaps we used to eat the meatball taste, so we started to play its mind.One night we came back out activities, feel hungry, then all agreed that the balls Master Wang.We came to the canteen (it is actually two rooms) door, small and frail “crazy scared” by the door ready to dig into a few of us straining to push two broken doors, flexible chain above the door lock also opened his mouth, so that “frighten the” once drilled into.But he soon turned back inside the pantry there is a big lock.But these kids beat us, “ideas king” got a while to iron, from the door to progressive.Soon we ate on the tasty croquettes, all of them eat straight burp.The next day Mr. Wang cursed, we do not admit killing.  At that time the school year, tuition will be about $ 20, what this exercise is to buy their own, while the cost to the parents to buy school supplies have been used to buy things we play, there is no book with is not enough.Our eyes took aim at teachers and school supplies store in a small warehouse (one of only about 5 square meters of small houses), behind the house there is a half-square-meter wooden windows, fences are made of wood.Just one day after school, we began to move.First, we got a high stool, tall “melon” to stand above the upper body lying on the small side windows, with a small wooden pick a bundle of exercise books, pick a long time to pick out, tired, they change another person, toss for a long time, managed to get out a few small bundles, three forty.This did not feel afraid of people, think this is trivial, but no one found.  Slowly entered the third day mid-term exam, we began to fear.We are usually good students learning in teacher’s eyes, if this test is not good that we have not only a shame, but teachers will also take care of our exceptionally away.We began to think of ways to test a success of.That’s exam papers were mimeographed out, first good moment waxed paper, then use the mimeograph machine printed out.Waxed very difficult moment, the instructor often engraved with a day or two in the middle need to put their waxed paper drawer.We sleep at night the place is and all the teachers work together, and this provides us the opportunity to peek papers.We put a lock forced open the drawer and found no wax paper to hand to touch the drawer next door forced open by the drawer, took out wax paper, we read it again, and then recover.However, this time we have no excitement, no discussion, he did not speak, quietly lie in it.The next day, several of us invariably find a teacher, acknowledged the mistakes we peek at the papers, and requires teachers to re-topic.Later how development can not remember, since we only know that after all the effort to learn, and studies in the coming year, we did not live up to the expectations of the teachers, get into our ideal High School.    Six junior high school age at puberty of the opposite sex have little urge to be close to, but did not dare.Since few of us muddle together every day, no time and no one want this talent, but to make fun of girls not stopped the pace.Girls bag to put a small frog to see the girls are scared wah-wah barking Huarong pale; place the crackers in a stool with one leg below the girls, the girls look snapper “bang” a sound miserable cover their ears when sitting down.  Rural winter time people did not do, watching movies has become the only entertainment and pastime.A village a movie projector, turns in the village show.We ask around the village and the time put the film, as long as we generally go hand in hand, not far away.Turn to the village school where motion pictures, our team more substantial.There was a girl in our class, because the parents are home village of workers, was called “eat grain,” the conditions at the time regarded as relatively good, usually wear clothes are clean and bright, and often rub some people can smell cosmetics taste, but she’s learning is not good, and often heard other boys fooling around, which at the time was very open to the.We decided that her ugly.When a village to put movies, we advance to a class to learn good looks nice boy’s name wrote her a note, about to meet her after the film screening in wicker land north of the village head’s.When the film screenings, we have quietly followed her, watching her whereabouts.For a moment, she really left the place a movie screening, walked to the north of the village head, we are far to follow.At this time, the moon shining softly land, rural starry night sky of winter, so still afraid of people everywhere.We see far she had got there, thin figure graceful in the moonlight, neck scarves fluttering in the wind.We were a little regret.But I do not know who shouted “arrest”, we trot past, to see so many of us go around, there is also writing notes to her that the boys, she understood everything, said not a word, but a piece of paper thrown to the ground and ran away, leaving only stare us.  Later, we go back and read her a piece of paper on the floor, not what we think of love letters, but to persuade the boys to the school as the most important words, etc..They had “city” of these students, personality is more open and easy-going, those of us rural kids fuss.This time those of us who are more humble, and after this we never had the girls Loss.    Think about these events, our ignorance of human accidents, we have demonstrated the rebellious, we think very smartly maverick, whistle blowing is not pleasant to the ear, watching other people surprised eyes, mouth laughing happily, nonchalantly listening to the parents or the teacher’s criticism, youthful so quietly slip away, so we have to be wasted on the way to school, the windows flew to waste on stones, emotion-laden waste in small river fishing in troubled waters.These are our youth, that era is our generation’s mark.(Three Wo) QQ: 460388893