Bloodied curd

Peace of mind is a reporter, after this world class next week about a boyfriend with eating pickled fish, pickled fish is reassuring favorite dishes, eat a hundred tire, she is a frequent visitor to this restaurant, but tonight, pickled fish, especially flavored, spicy cool colorful acid, straight eat at ease hooked.  The next day when the peace of mind they pass by this restaurant when Alarmed hotel was closed, how is this going?Professional sensitivity makes it feel at ease in the face of Me, maybe there is value coverage, so ask the relevant departments, and soon learned the reason: This hotel has been widely used cooking oil.  A peace of mind which also spare reported, wow bang mad vomit up, get straight vomit bile are out, you know she was eaten in this restaurant many times, that is to say, she’s eating cooking oil When I think too much more at ease vomiting.  A direct consequence of waste oil event is peace of mind from fear of pickled fish if snakes and scorpions, eat not talk, can not be even a hint of the way, so that peace of mind, not without sad to think: this life is probably not want to eat a dish.  While still in this thing to heart peace of mind when a tragedy caught her attention: a little girl selling curd dead, dead very strange.  Peace of mind to sell curd heard the words of the little girl suddenly a Ji Ling, busy for further investigation, this investigation does not matter, at ease straight scared soul flying outside’d rather die.What happened was this: a grandmother living in the urban fringe of a living by selling bean curd, the incident that night my grandmother found a little curry, then go home and get, leaving one side granddaughter doing homework in the street, side stalls care, who knows when my grandmother back are inverted world of yin and yang, the two separated, her only family, only primary school granddaughter died in a roadside!  Police found the cause of death was a little girl compasses deep into the temple, there beside her messy stationery exercise books, a small round table used to display curd also fell to the ground, beans, a shower, a white bean curd the little girl with bright red blood mixed together, shocking red and exudes a sense of control.  Preliminary investigation of the police to restore a roughly through: Little girl is doing homework, a runaway car light does not hit over powerhouse, it would have been not fatal, who knows when the little girl stumbled down, it happens, temple just hit the upturned steel compass police finally regret to say: we are at the scene to extract the tire tracks and brakes India, but because of the car after the incident, the perpetrators or be erased afterwards, in short, all traces destruction, did not get valuable clues, such as what brand of tires, etc..And because Zhuangde not heavy, causing no damage to the vehicle was, so the scene could not find any fallout.In addition to that road a bit remote, no cameras installed, and no witnesses, and therefore up to now not yet any useful information.  Not a few reassuring voice trembling voice, asked the little girl what was the name, if not in fact have guessed she asked, and sure enough, the police told her that the little girl named Peas.  Hearing this peace of mind could not restrain, burst into tears, hardy girl Peas, she met.  Peas said it is because she only know Zhou Ming.  That was last year, at ease listening to friends that a man named Zhou hearts are pretty good, I have been funding a selling bean curd little girl, so peace of mind went to interview Zhou Ming, one to two to two people love each other, and the Peas have become two people co-financed objects.  Peas born soon after his parents are sick all dead, with her grandmother only had each other, but now this little girl suffered before, just before blooming trace of smile, scattered emit a ray of fragrance, but quickly faded, peace of mind is not how unbearable?  Driven to distraction peace of mind to find Zhou Ming, the way she kept the wording of scrutiny, can not stand against this huge bad news Zhou Mingcheng, who knows a meeting at ease ate surprised, I saw Zhou Ming eyes were black and his face haggard, as if birth a serious illness, do not Zhou Ming know this thing?  Sure enough, Zhou Ming know the Peas have died, they could not help but grief, the cry of a.Zhou Ming piercing cry, and finally said: Peas gone, since then her grandmother is my grandmother pro, I will take a hundred years to go until the grandmother maintenance of.  Two days later, Zhou also found peace of mind immersed in great sorrow in a long time unable to extricate themselves, within the heart more pity, then yanked out shopping week, so that he get some fresh air.  Unconsciously they both went to the snack street, this is the place they usually love to.Zhou Ming is distracted footsteps of floating along, pulled him peace of mind, thoughtful and said: Zhou Ming, rest it, the way a bite to eat.  Zhou Ming zombie-general into the store to sit down with peace of mind, peace of mind to the point I do not know what, little effort waiter on two bowls of stuff, Zhou Ming mechanically picked up a teaspoon, scoop up just to go inside the mouth delivery, suddenly see such a large ghostly cried ah!  With screams, Zhou Ming fire as hot as crazy threw a hand spoon and a bowl in front of the overthrow, while terrified straight back, bang of a sound, he knocked behind the desk, the table of dishes break one place.  Dousheng accident scared ease helpless, hastened to come hold next week, and then pay compensation for the loss of people shop.  The peace of mind captivated Zhou Ming had enough to do back home, opened the door a dog chasing its tail to meet up, surrounded by a never-ending peace of mind affectionate.See ease Duwusiren a puppy, and my heart more sad, because the dog is Peas.  Peas took in a young stray dog, but she and her grandmother were not even a self-care, which have energy and money to take care of puppies?On the occasion of next week dilemma lent a helping hand, Zhou said gently: Peas, puppy let me temporarily raise the times, every time I see you later when they are put on the dog, you think it’s time to come my home, so that you are still the owner of the dog, play it with you, OK?  Now dog owners know it’s small it has gone?Peace of mind to reach out and touch Youmo that chubby puppy’s head, could not help but shed a tear.  The police over there or delay can not find a breakthrough, some people began to suspect that this case is purely an accident, perhaps just Peas from a foothold instability, accidentally hit a compass that has a sharp, pointed tip and.  After listening to ease murmured: I hope so and then waited a long absence, finally pulling out the phone call about his meeting next week, not a few days, Zhou Ming ease from grief over yet?  In the Teahouse, Zhou Ming saw the peace of mind, he was surprised by the turn this time: immediate pain relief and looked pale, seeming to suppress the great grief.  Before Zhou Ming asked, opening the peace of mind: Zhou Ming, listen to me a story.  Peace of mind looked far ahead, trance speaking up: One night, a man in friends that drank wine, after returning home he remembered that today is the 15th, and the 15th of every month he and a small girl agreed to meet the day, on this day he always sent a little money, clothes and stationery what.He has been quietly funding the family poor little girl, it should be said, he is a good-hearted person.  If he do not, the little girl would have been looking forward to, so these people off, when he set out to bring a dog, because the dog is a little girl, the little girl beloved partner.One person, one dog on the bus, yes, a car, despite a drink, but people always quite confident about his driving skills, say late, very few taxis, but the little girl home far away.  Fortunately, all the way to safety, then, the man from a distance to a little girl in the street doing homework, he immediately pleased whistle schematic.The little girl saw a kind of big brother came, was very happy, came forward to bouncing around, who knows at this moment the accident happened, big brother should hit the brakes, but drink, he stepped in the wrong place he stepped foot on the accelerator.  A split between the big brother immediately react, scared he rushed to change under the foot brake, and yet too late, the car is not light no powerhouse hit the little girl, the little girl back to back, with everything turned.Until then big brother also believe is not serious, so he can get off a look, silly, little girl is dead, I do not know how to get in, a compass deeply into her temples.  Feel at ease talking about this face twitching, she hissed: The little girl’s name – Peas, Peas teeth bright eyes cool, like an angel Peas!  Zhou Ming listen carefully from beginning to end, eyes wide, first surprise, then pain, and finally calmed down, bow started playing in the cup, asked: peace of mind, what do you mean?  Peace of mind to every word uttered, as if exhausted body all the effort, said: Zhou Ming, you surrender it!  After a few seconds gap over the world, Zhou Ming smile, calm and peace of mind than a hundred times imagined, Q: Why?Why do you doubt me?  Peace of mind trying to calm the mood, said slowly: There are two doubt, one, tragedy occurred in the 15th, and the 15th is the day you definitely see Doudou, I asked all your friends, you finally learned in the evening drinking, so you might have missed drunk.Second, remember the day we went shopping to do it?That day in the snack bar you an abnormal state, can be used simply to describe the wits, and why?Is not it a bowl of bean curd?You know you’ve always been favorite grandma Peas and bean curd ah, I would like to think ah ah, finally figured out, because it was not anything else, but why is a bowl of bean curd.Remember the waste oil event yet?Because the waste oil, since I shunned for pickled fish, and the reason why you panicked in front of a bowl of bean curd, is also the same reason – you witnessed the blood spilled Peas into the white curd, so bang , Zhou Ming slid down the cup on the table, Zhou Ming can not wipe off the water, but laughed and said: great reporter, you too will be the reasoning, put it vivid, even the details are so vivid, as if the same personal experience but what evidence?Yes, the 15th night I really drunk, but drunk I went home to bed, one did not go, Oh, you can not make the presumption of guilt.  Ease shook his head, his face faint disappointment, saying: Zhou Ming, remember how we know it?Peas are, is lovely Peas made our matchmaker, and now she is dead, although unexpected, but after all, die in your hands, and you actually have the courage to face, do you worthy of her?She has been bitter enough alive, dead still unclear, you say her little soul in heaven you will rest in peace?Also I tell you, now only a small Peas grandmother Half-Life, and that is, you almost killed by a car two people!  Zhou Ming heard his teeth clenched, head buried his hands concealed, just speechless.Peace of mind in the heart sigh, weak weak to say: Zhou Ming, you still refuses to face, but you know it?God always leaves in the quietly paved the way, and when there is good prize, guilt is a penalty – and paved the way for this case is to send your puppy Peas.15 That night, when you went to see Peas same as before, on the puppies go with the flow zone, when you hit the car door Peas point of view, the puppy down, it was too little master wants it , and it does not understand why the little master as usual delighted to pick it, but did not move, so it is facing the young master they sniffed, sniffed it this left its mark, it Peas body He left a few dog hair.Last time I send you the way home when the dog hair pulled out two, these have been identified forensic DNA and dog hair left exactly at the scene, Zhou Ming, can you say why you clear the scene there will be dog hair Zhou Ming suddenly lift began, pale and trembling, to ask: Why?Peace of mind, I’m your boyfriend, why do you harm me?Then why are you?  Peace of mind to not look directly at him, trembling voice: Because Peas, because my grandmother, because conscience, I can not keep out the past.Zhou Ming, surrendered it, I’ll wait for you next week unsteadily stood up, suddenly back laughing: Ha ha ha, I finally freed, peace of mind, you know, after the death of peas every night I dreamed her dream see her sweetly call me ‘kind of big brother’, she dreamed end curd for me to eat, she said do not blame me, said I was careless true, many times I wanted to surrender, but I’m afraid of, ah, I’m afraid ruin, loss of freedom from fear.Now finally freed, peace of mind, thank you, Peas, Grandma, I’m sorry!  Zhou Ming looked increasingly thin firmly back went out, peace of mind wanton tears finally flowed down, silently saying: Zhou Ming, in fact, all this is all I guess, you do not admit that I simply can not denounce you, and I wish that I guess was wrong ah crime scene because there is no dog hair!