Bookstore Capriccio

Whenever yourself doing nothing, go to the bookstore to see the glorious wisdom, and my heart will immediately tricks and more; when he felt no text can be written, to the bookstore to touch other people write books, he must be feeling; when he felt uneasy when, go to the bookstore to enjoy the feeling of being besieged books so that they feel this world in addition to the book or the book, there is no worry distressed shadow, there will be no trouble oneself.    The original so-called distressed boredom irritability, not originally in the world, just different people’s hearts and feelings of Bale reaction.Since they can not see the shadow, it is easy to deal with them, because they do not leave marks like deal.In fact, the mood is a need to take a lot of time to adjust, to adjust, careful attention to life, should not have to eliminate selfishness, do not talk more than others like the non.The world would have been difficult to have a perfect person, do not ask others harshly.There are also artistic life principles, life does not matter there is also wise to learn to live to improve the level and quality of life go.    In fact, there is a pattern between all aspects of life, but the law really understand everything connotation also is not easy, need burnished eyes, you need to really good use of their wisdom to find inner regularity.    Books are the flowers of wisdom, the wisdom of building intentions.People living situation can be recorded in the form of text, a text of synthesis ocean, in the ocean and then trying to find a beautiful and moving story.