Shanghai: the new hot spot of complaints of Internet banking security costs

  Shanghai March 19 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on the 19th revealed that the financial security of the Internet has become a new hot spot of complaints。
  The committee revealed that day in 2018 during the 3 · 15 (March 13 –15 days) situation the committee to accept complaints。
According to statistics, during the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted the 3056 complaint。 In addition to Internet banking security issues, complaints amount of new rental model, also caused a surge in travel mode。   It is reported that the current, third-party payment has become an important part of Internet banking。 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee terms pointed out that with the coverage of third-party payment expanding, increasingly complex deal structures, hidden risks become increasingly apparent, the issue of complaints also more difficult to handle。
According to statistics, during the 3-15, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted third-party payment times the number of complaints rose。
In addition to the transfer delay, not arrival, blocked accounts and other issues, consumer payment information theft and other issues are more prominent。
  Currently, the huge rental demand, the rapid development of the market long-term lease apartment。
During 3.15, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted the number of complaints rental service grew nearly 3 times。
According to reports, compared to traditional rental housing, long-term lease apartments in areas such as housing quality, facilities, support services and other reference standards or specifications have not yet, the influx of a large number of small and medium sized agencies, the management and service level uneven leasing companies。 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee was told reporters, refundable deposit, housing and the quality of the equipment failure is a major complaint of similar enterprises in the case of unauthorized consumers forced to apply for small business loans, rent arrears caused by repaying the landlord tenant such as an increase in complaints。

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