Trotters stew soy milk, soy braised trotters at how to do it

Trotters stew soy milk under it?Many students have insufficient maternal milk, the breast so that the baby does not drink, then stew trotters soy milk under it?Xiao Bian today to talk with you trotters stew soy milk under it, and how do trotters stewed soybeans。 Trotters stew soy milk under it if the three days, the new mom's milk is scarce or no secretion, called Queru。
It has a very significant effect on the post-Queru improve, if postpartum milk less than, or Shaonai, no milk, do not easily give up breastfeeding, try the following therapeutic side: 1, loofah gourd soup to take silver carp Jen Jen 50 grams, 500 grams of fresh carp, scepters soup。 When eating can put some soy sauce, no salt, the best fish soup once finished, drink once a day, and even drink three days。
Nutritional Effects: loofah Jen role of prolactin, Chub tonic, qi, the effect through milk, have the effect of anemia caused by Queru。 2, pig prolactin soup Fresh pig (leg bone cavity ,, safe) 500 grams through the grass 6 grams, plus 2000 grams of water, boiled in a pot with 1-2 hours, boiled until about 1 a small bowl of soup, add a little soy sauce。
Drinking once a day, and even drink 3-5 days。
Nutritional benefits: pig with qi, blood, the role of raw milk, in particular through the grass after adding stronger role of prolactin。
Trotters stew soy milk at 3 do, peanut porridge ingredients: cooked 50 grams, 250 ml of fresh low-fat, 150 grams of rice, sugar little。
Production: Put the rice into the soup pot, add peanuts and low-fat fresh milk when cooked, mix sugar Serve。 2 times daily immediate-early afternoon or sooner or later 1 finish。
Nutritional benefits: peanuts, sweet natured, can Xingpi Qi, laxative, with prolactin, the effect of hemostasis and blood。
4, carp soup ingredients: 500 grams of fresh fish, through the grass 6 grams, a little salt。
Production: first fresh carp to the scales, remove the internal organs, together through the grass soup, fish soup twice a day, and even drink 3-5 days。
Nutritional benefits: carp and energy tonic, dampness diuresis, Wenzhong Shun gas, with swelling, diuresis, through the effect of milk; through grass while under ventable milk, fish and match better results, but should be light food。

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