Spring health tips to teach you raise a good body

3, fresh fungus fresh fungus contains a morpholine-based photosensitizers, its sensitivity to light, after eating by the sun, solar dermatitis caused, also because the individual severe dyspnea throat edema。 To this end, inedible。 4, fresh day lily colchicine contained into the body by oxidation may produce toxic substances, the food can cause similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, often misdiagnosed。 The dried lily processed by full immersion in the water, have the majority of colchicine dissolution, it is generally not toxic。 5, bean-deoxy-6-phosphate in vivo erythrocyte deficiency of the enzyme would have to eat after hemolytic jaundice beans, also known as favism。
This disease mostly hereditary, therefore, have a family history of people should go to the hospital, and avoid eating beans。
The amount of activity people winter is very small, so in the spring, should take more exercise, make the body more healthy。
Spring comes, it is also the body feel tired and weak, always said he was Chunkun wraps, that is no winter maintenance of good kidney, we should not have to remind you not five, so a healthy regimen。 Spring health tips Reminder, in addition to the above mentioned several vegetables, cassava and other vegetables ,, also need to be used with caution Oh, in Spring drink water soup to make women's skin。
Ate in Spring Spring onions can eat up dimension?Onion content ratio of C ^ 10 times, 2 times higher than the citrus。 Onions and garlic also contains allicin, has a strong bactericidal effect of。

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