Gout is good reason to eat what food caused by gout

What to eat good food gout?Gout is a common disease of the elderly a higher risk of illness, gout that you know what food to eat right?Here to tell you exactly what to eat good food gout。 What to eat good food gout patients with gout in fact there are many foods that can be eaten, but there are some foods efficacy of the treatment of gout it, gout patients can eat some vegetables, and beans, in addition to good food fungus is gout patients s Choice。
A lot of people do not want the disease in his body, but do not know how the diet to prevent disease。
Gout in good health is based on diet, gout patients how to eat right, you can plan your diet in several ways following the direction, so that we no longer feel confused how to prevent gout。
Green vegetables are the original ecology of food, so the life of the vast majority of vegetable foods is helpful for gout disease, type vegetables gout patients can eat celery, female carrots, eggplant, squash, cucumber, melon and other foods , has a good effect discharge of uric acid, gout patients should pay attention to while soy foods and soy products related to food, food taboos fungus eating these foods may induce the onset of gout, deserves everyone's attention and attention。 Gout what food to eat some good food easily lead to weight gain is not conducive to patient。 Although coarse grain food contains no more purine ingredients, but it can cause gout patients eat more body fat, easily lead to obesity, such as corn, sorghum, noodles, bread and other foods。
The most common dietary requirements that patients with gout gout diet taboo to eat spicy foods, foods high in purine, drinking, eating hot pot, tea, coffee, fried type of food, barbecue type of food etc can not eat the food objects belonging, hope you resist the temptation of these foods in your life。

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