French Prime Minister announced the anti-racism plan to be combat online hate speech

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] According to the French European Times quoted March 19 Agence France-Presse reported that French Prime Minister Philip announced new anti-racism and anti-Semitism planned local time March 19, is intended to more effectively combat banning hate speech on the internet, they shoulder their responsibility to curb online hate spilling turbidity by forcing the platform。
  After January 2015 and November terrorist attack occurs, the whole law anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks surge behavior, in this context, the French government launched the first set of plans。
Philip wanted to show the government's mobilization efforts on anti-racism issues, he led eight Minister of Immigration Museum in Paris announced a second set of plans covering the years 2018 to 2020。   Phillips pointed out, the hatred of racism in France in mid-2017 words and deeds the second consecutive year。
Despite the overall drop in the number, but the number of racist violence has increased, but these statistics are not put in every day spilling into account online hate speech。 Phillips said the government intends to strive to promote the EU adopted a new law to strengthen accountability Internet platform, the government will proceed to amend French law。
  Reported that the French government will follow the example of Germany, forced to delete all the major social networks hate speech on the platform within 24 hours, otherwise impose fines, penalties may be up to 50 million euros (about RMB 100 million), the French government will For this purpose the establishment of a supervision and inspection agencies。 Philip stressed that social networking is not outside the space frontier。
France announced on the Internet space and dissemination of information, publication and dissemination of information is on French territory, it must comply with French law。   Since combat online hate words and deeds need to increase the human and material resources, the French government will inform the platform management unit increase in staffing at the Internet illegal content, it will be conferred on the Association informed the task of hate speech。