OFO Mount worship anyone who merge?The first fight but to fight commercial profitability

Share bike called the mid-2017's hottest Internet market segments, from OFO, Mount worship and other shared bicycle brand alone to attract incoming including Tencent, drops, ants gold dress and other giants, but also experienced only less than two years。
The two companies also compete for markets around the brand and user scale to completely intense。
While in the domestic market has become increasingly saturated environment, OFO Mount worship will continue to compete overseas incremental market。 Today, the market has grown from the original barbaric brutality began to usher in the industry reshuffle。 Wukong bicycle, 3Vbike, cho-cho bicycle, cool rides, and other small blue bicycle with those who have quit, OFO friction thanks to the merger rumors everywhere。
But for any industry and users, the competition is always good too merger, the user has several options are always good too only one choice。
OFO friction thanks to the war has been upgraded to the ending of the war in the second half for those who want to occupy the final absolute dominance, not only to see who is the first market share, but also to start their profitability Competition。 Nuggets overseas markets and expand the incremental increase liquidity yellow orange (OFO, Morocco worship) brought the curtain opened to ride bicycles share the second half, and the international order into a new path to achieve their global brand and subscriber growth, their focus extends from domestic duel single combat to a broader international battlefield。
Two companies, OFO is the first to explore the sea mode of shared bicycle business, Moldova thanks mainly to follow the strategy cycling。
In February this year, the first stop of the sea OFO selected in the "greenest city in Asia" – Singapore, Singapore a month later settled in OFO, Morocco thanks also announced to enter the market, this time OFO has launched an upgraded transmission in the local bicycle。 Coincidentally, in April this year, OFO first to spread its tentacles into the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in Europe – Britain, became the first British bicycle share Cycling Association certified enterprise, next June thanks to Mount Bike Cycling announced the launch in Manchester, England。 And thus began a OFO again in the same country, in different cities, "Running"。
December 7, OFO announced officially arrived in the French capital Paris, which is following the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, 19 overseas countries, OFO into the first 20 countries, suggesting that the G-20 plan it had prepared earlier this year has ahead of the completion。 Anti observe worship, November 21, announced stationed in Morocco thanks to Berlin, also said it is entering its first 12 countries and completed the layout of the city settled 200。 Seen in this light, thanks to the sea Mount speed is quite fast, but compare and OFO, or worse part of it。 The author notes, OFO has now entered the overseas countries more than the sum of the number of friction worship and all followers。
Currently OFO small yellow car overseas operations exceeded 50 cities city, the number of worldwide covering more than 250 cities。
Quantity often only basis, determine the success or failure lies in the quality of operations。 Currently, OFO put in a total of more than 100,000 bikes in the overseas share for overseas users with more than 10 million times the cumulative ride service。 It is worth mentioning that the proportion of overseas orders contributed by local users of more than 99%, which means OFO has become a truly global service bike sharing platform。 As we all know, Chinese Internet companies in their internationalization process is very easy, "beaten", as strong overseas road of the Big Three BAT is invariably met with resistance。
So, OFO is how to create a new record in the history of the fastest sea Chinese Internet companies do?OFO As the originator no pile bike sharing model, with core technology and product competitiveness is rapidly expanding its killer。
Looking overseas, OFO no body can be described as a considerable amount of opponents, while it will NB- of IoT smart locks and other innovative technologies used in the industry, and promote the industry change again。 Even the same opponents thanks to Morocco from China in the short term it is difficult to break through the OFO's leading-edge technology。 In addition, localization is the key to winning overseas OFO。
OFO small yellow car co-founder Pat Zhang Ding believes that multinational companies in the process of internationalization, facing a big difficulty is to find the "breaking point"。 On this issue, he believes the localization to be used the way they operate。
OFO adhere to recruit localization operations team, and respect for different cultural practices all over; at the same time and will be combined with local governments to jointly regulate the management after delivery。 In my opinion, OFO and Mount worship is so great importance to overseas markets, in addition to the huge increment overseas market space, but also in the overseas have a better realization possible。
First of all, foreign users have a stronger willingness to pay, has been the development of foreign Internet is built on a sound mechanism of paid services, users are willing to pay for good service; secondly, foreign user customer price higher than the domestic。 At present bicycle share in the domestic market is still in the cultivation stage of subsidies, already underway charges in foreign countries, and positive user feedback。
Look at a set of data: OFO in Seattle charges $ 100 per hour, cost per use is zero in London.£ 5, in Paris, France 0 charge every 20 minutes.5 euros, can be inferred that foreign bicycle market share with further large-scale, and the enterprises will get sustained revenue return。
Bike sharing the second half of the dispute: Profitability>Share Currently, there are uncertainties related domestic policies, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other major cities have more than 10 announced the suspension of traffic a shared bicycle。
Nevertheless, the domestic market around the cake competition is still fierce, no one wants to easily lose market share, while the share of opponents are hoping to snatch as much as possible。
Large mobile data service provider QuestMobile latest monthly data show that in October, in the case of Morocco and worship OFO ranked two strong and competitive industry head further exacerbated effect, a small living space platforms continue to be squeezed。 OFO latest monthly living subscribers increased to 4246.840,000, ranking the first, thanks to the latest monthly living friction subscribers increased to 4101.270,000, ranking the second industry。 Haro bicycle monthly live user 356.230,000 ranked third, but with the OFO, Morocco thanks to a far cry from its active users nowhere near the scale of one-tenth of second place thanks to Morocco。 Cool bike, little blue bicycle 10 monthly active users scale showed a downward trend, which cool ride users live month of October 204.470,000, down nearly 50%, the small blue bicycle monthly live user 145.300,000, down nearly 40%。
In the bicycle industry slowdown shared background, the root cause of OFO growth trend is eating a cool ride, little blue bike market share of these two rivals。 I believe that the medium and long term, newly acquired gold suit ant investment Haro bikes will win the role of leader of the second tier, but obviously very difficult threat to OFO, thanks to the location of Morocco。
Brand suffered a major crisis of cool blue bike ride and small, continued to decline or whether it is bottoming out, there remains to be seen。 But with the increasingly prominent Matthew industry, users, and capital markets have further to head tilt, a small platform basically lost time window of the first echelon of the impact。
Matches OFO and Mount worship, will directly determine the future share patterns and trends bicycle industry。
Connecting hundreds of millions a bike, generate shared economic prospects of millions of times data can be described as big trip every day is extremely broad, but it also faces enormous challenges of how to make money as soon as possible。 Data show that shared bicycle industry has burned nearly billion of capital, but not yet really profitable enterprises。
Everyone in the pursuit of scale, but whether this business model it will be lasting?During this time the discussion is around the OFO, whether Morocco is also thanks to the combined peak。 Chinese entrepreneurs on investment Forum, as OFO A round investor, the director of GSR Ventures Zhu Xiaohu, general manager responded by saying: "Any business combination is very complicated, because there are a lot of factors in it, including investors including entrepreneurs, including shareholders, including users, all aspects of the sound in it, to balance a variety of sounds, there is a lot of interest is not so easy balance。
"But he also pointed out that when the situation has been relatively clear, resort to a war of attrition does not make sense。 This passage of large amount of information, the merger seems to be a high probability event will happen, but what he said came to light refers to it?At present, both from the domestic market share, user activity and user growth, or is overseas expansion effectiveness point of view, OFO are clearly ahead thanks to a friction body position, is the shared cycling field worthy of the "Big Brother"。
If at this merger, OFO is very likely to be in a dominant position in the negotiations。
But clearly, the Mount of worship is not easily agree。 Morocco thanks to merger rumors official response is: "Do not consider merger。
"Rumors of half-truths, only their own blacksmith hard。 More capital will be consolidated, for businesses to compete for market leader position is the real deal, the Internet is always a strong take-all competition。 In addition, from the industry point of view, only full of healthy competition to encourage more innovation and birth, give users a better service。 From the user's point of view, but also we do not want to see the merger of the two companies premature。 I also believe that, in the short term will not be shared bike path toward merger, on the one hand is the will of the founder, have more hope of independent development; but more importantly, there is a huge difference of the two companies business model。
Mount worship model is relatively heavy, its insistence on quality and cost-price bicycles, hoping to win on service; OFO then stick to the asset-light model, it does not produce bicycles and bicycle businesses to connect more。 This result OFO operating costs far lower than the opponent, and the more obvious scale effect。 The main source of revenue is shared bicycle riding user fees, and other revenue model is icing on the cake。
It appears that, thanks to asset-light business model, OFO expected earlier than the opponent, faster profit。 As written in the final analysis, whether shared bicycle eldest two will merge if they are supposed to optimize the business model as soon as possible, through technical innovation to constantly optimize the products and services, reduce manufacturing costs, cycle failure rate and operating costs, while the rich business cash means。
They only survive better in order to truly solve the problem of urban travel by bicycle as a carrier, to achieve a more environmentally friendly way to travel green。
Such a bicycle before sharing social value and economic benefits of a win-win。