Western Valentine's Day Valentine's Day custom ate

Western custom of Valentine's Day Valentine's Day in the West, which is also Well, then, what is the custom of Western Valentine's Day, what to eat valentine day it together and take a look at small series 6681 Western custom of Valentine's Day what it!Western custom of Valentine's Day every year, "Valentine's Day", also known as "Valentine's Day" February 14 is a day need to be careful – for single people and people who particularly romantic。
"Valentine's Day" you ought to get up early in the morning to spy out through the keyhole。
According to legend records, if the first person you see is the lone, then you will be celibate; if you see two or more persons traveling together, then you will certainly be the year to find a lover; if you look to a rooster and a hen, then you will be in the "Christmas" before marriage。 But now there are various patio has rarely rooster hen infested, there will be no trace of chickens on urban open space, so if we see a pair of doves or a pair of sparrows also have wonderful co-workers of。
Bachelors of the first personal encounter "Valentine's Day" morning special attention, because if you are unmarried and are looking for a partner, you are destined to be the first person to February 14 saw the marriage, at least this one will It plays an important role in your life。
If you're not shy, you can give your loved one to call early in the morning, take the other side of the car to work requirements。 Or behind closed doors, to go out at noon, it is also a good countermeasure。
"Valentine's Day" is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to before Christianity, but "Valentine's Day" is the recent statement。
According to legend records, Valentine was a bishop of the Roman two of the same name, both of whom were killed in 270 AD。 They were killed before the last thing to do is to write a love letter to his wife (at the time of the priest can get married), then, "Valentine's Day" is the name applied to the earlier ritual。
According to the same legend records, "Valentine's Day" the day the birds in pairs, dual habitat Flying bees, people, too。 Different age, marital predict when "Valentine's Day" to attract lovers are not the same。
From ancient Rome to Victorian times, people with two half-open flowers to predict the state of marriage。
Unmarried men and women planted two half-open flowers, the first letter of the nickname to the first letter of each name with the same。
If the two-phase open flower delivery, presages a happy marital life; if the two spent contrary to the open, presages the couple will split; if the flowers in full bloom, it means that future family flourishing population; If there is a flower or wither death situation, it means that the couple will have a party before the other and untimely death。 Western custom of Valentine's Day if you do not want to fate, you can try an old method from Buckinghamshire: that in "Valentine's Day" night lit a candle, two needles at the bottom of the bar, to ensure that the needle through the wick, side bar and saying: I do not just tie a candle, I want to penetrate the heart ××× is, whether he is asleep or awake, I have to talk to him to come with me, but be careful you want to choose the actual number of dreams, do not expect not make the characters。 It is said that to be a candle burning needle, your lover will open the door came to you。
The second way is in the "Valentine's Day" every night during the week before the right foot to the left foot wear socks while murmuring: "dream of living rather than the devil, this is the young man, I want to with marriage。 "After talking to remain silent to wake up the next day。 A third way is to put the left foot before going to bed socks tied around the neck。
Be careful not too tight, if strangled himself, and that it may miss the event。
Unmarried women believe that if put into the shoes?Font under the bed, and the open window, then it will dream of their sweethearts or found him standing in the bed。
This success rate is higher in rural areas, because of her suitors and could see from the window specially put shoes。
Although since the Victorian era, "Valentine's Day" fading for over 100 years。 Today, the festival has been increasing in popularity。 "Valentine's Day" is a holiday about love, romance and flowers, chocolates, cards, our hearts are invaluable。