"Anti-vice" fighters!Neymar opponents license to eat 3 times the audience were 10 fouls

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 reported: draw with Switzerland, Brazil tonight's performance is not satisfactory, but at least good enough Neymar back the level of assault。Teeter's eyes did not recover 100% of Neymar, by almost single-handedly destroyed the entire right of defense in Switzerland。Brazil No. 10 missing, it is just a goal。From the data, we can see that the threat of Neymar。The whole game, in addition to Neymar completed 5 successful breakthrough, he also met with his opponent's 10 fouls。Under normal conditions the defense, the Swiss team is difficult ball away from the foot of Neymar。Under the referee whistled for a relatively large scale, Switzerland players frequently choose to use foul to stop Neymar。It remained healthy after 10 fouls suffered, not to hurt Neymar is considered Brazil's victory。 All Swiss team game which three yellow cards, all eat the body Neymar。In the 32nd minute, a hug behind Lichtsteiner down Neymar。65 minutes Sher shirt pulling Neymar life and death do not let go。68 minutes Behrami and hook down the stretch in the back of Neymar。Swiss team right back, right defender and right back, Neymar have all been created yellow cards, Lichtsteiner and Behrami even have to be protective replaced。Battle a draw, to aim at winning Brazilian team, it regarded as a wake-up alarm。But Neymar is a good state, is still worthy of recognition and praise。Brazil team can go far in the World Cup, Neymar will largely depend on the individual play, after all, he is the only Brazilian team in this super-giant。