Make a woman blush fellatio skills quick start libido

Women already slow in terms of, if not properly stimulated, it is difficult to ignite the passion of sexual desire。
Especially after a busy day, the wife may be drowsy, and her husband spirit of the times。
American MSNBC website gives men some suggestions and tips that can make female sexuality quick start。
Her sense of smell to stimulate the survey shows that 71% of people think that body odor is a particular sex stimulants; about one-third of women of all ages appreciate the strong man, will swoon。
Men want to take advantage of this, on the one hand, try not to use too much taste of the bath bath, on the other hand can put her into her arms, so she quietly revel in your mind, feel your taste。 Do not let her wear underwear close-fitting underwear can outline curve, sexy show, sparking a man's desire。
But for women, bras and panties too close, let her worry about body。
After bathing her wear a loose silk pajamas, smooth fabrics can irritate her skin, so that women prone to sexual impulses。
Change the conversation a little bit provocative use of language, will be able to play very good results。 For example, fast work, in the office flirt send her a text message: the last time we have sex in the bathroom or kitchen that you are not feeling very nice that we do not try to find a new place tonight Experts believe that with provocative SMS can simultaneously mobilize both men and women's sexual radar, for the next action full of hope。 Enjoy the sweet photo study found that when people see companion photo for 30 seconds, part of the brain responsible for mobilizing libido will be increased, and thus it is easy to generate impulse to want to have sex。 You can appreciate her sweet photo shoot together, so she getting better。 At least 20 seconds embracing the latest study found that embracing time of 20 seconds will increase the amount of secretion in humans after two oxytocin。 The two sides face to face physical contact will generate a depth feeling of attachment, for women, a simple hug can mobilize their sexuality。