China media: China to boost educational development of overseas Chinese took to the fast lane

December 20, according to news report, the Fourth World Chinese Conference on Education held in Beijing on the 19th。
Nearly 600 Chinese education sector representatives from around the world 55 countries and regions participating。 The participants learn from each other experience in education, help achieve better development of Chinese education。 Chinese education has developed into the deepest, the most extensive coverage in the overseas rooted, the most effective form of education of Chinese language and culture, about 20,000 Chinese schools scattered around the world。
With China's comprehensive national strength gradually increase influence in the world is growing, overseas Chinese education has also ushered in more opportunities for development。
Especially after Chinese fever swept the world, Chinese has become a "hot", more and more countries to adopt Chinese acceptance, promotion policy。 British parents but as the Chinese prefer their children to learn a foreign language。
Chinese culture is recognized and sought after by overseas community, so that the development of Chinese education to get a good opportunity。
With the Chinese out of education, integration with local mainstream education system, overseas Chinese education will be more standardization, specialization。
The past shortcomings of teachers, teaching materials old, from local and other circumstances will with the development of Chinese education and get changed。 Especially with the continuous progress "along the way" building enthusiasm for participating countries along rising project。 This requires a lot of talents who are proficient in Chinese language and understand the local language, while Chinese education can serve as a base for nurturing talent, provide their own power to the local community development。
Under the new era, Chinese language education overseas Chinese children for the past service, to undertake the responsibility of national cultural heritage language learners will change with the change of ethnic identity occurs。 Adding a large number of local people, Chinese education will take more social responsibility and mission。 This will help Chinese education to get more recognition, but also to allow more people to accept, experience Chinese culture。 Chinese education participants from around the world to communicate with each other to learn from experience, will be able to promote Chinese language education in the right direction。
And more help from China will boost the development of overseas Chinese education embarked on the fast lane。
Whether teachers, teaching materials and teaching ideas, or inter-governmental negotiations, cooperation, which can provide better conditions and atmosphere for the development of overseas Chinese education。
Development of overseas Chinese education is inseparable from overseas Chinese living overseas, it is their tireless efforts, only to let the Chinese cultural tradition and orderly, and successfully take root overseas。 With the gradual normalization of Chinese education, standardization, specialization, its impact will be more and more, which will contribute to the dissemination of Chinese culture, so that the essence of traditional culture from China can be for more people to understand, identity。
Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。