Allure laugh (cool in summer and literature Cup)

Source 17 floor standing, a man quietly watching the windows of the building reflection.Shanghai has to fall when the leaves, the cool evening air with the pace slowly hit, the sun was going down hill, and the moon not yet out, leaving only a ten thousand rays of the day with a lid under it sensual pleasures the hustle and bustle, Jinan colder weather should be more of it, the source said to himself……    At that time, the day was very warm, Gregg said that we have time together to see the sea it.Bobo is like the sea, she said to Qingdao is to look at the sea.Followed by the source smiled to see the message, I thought, What a quirky child ah, always filled with a lot a lot of prose poem on the blog, sometimes with a touch of melancholy, like Lindsay’s words, calm and collected, but every word Allure.Source want to wave the sun, early in the morning rather than the afternoon sun, her heart full of desire and appearance, she said, at least, her pursuit of a happy life.Gregg said she liked bask in the warm sun, like to buy piles of goodies, like the laid-back live, like all people warm things moving…    Before understanding the wave, when I first came here to go through three big bridge opening, click, click on it after the train, on the road on both sides of the water is black, middle of the road but with the passage of stirring up a burst of motor vehicles and a burst of dust, looked at the source of no small with strange eyes, utterly destitute little nook, heart can not tell what it is, but the source song stood out loud hysterical, frantic outbreak it is only a source of sustenance, but also expel him this silly thread-free state of mind.Later met Po brother, Po brother said to adhere to a source very happy.    Small wind through rain here a little, Qingdao Coliseum, small View Park, rainy day evening, the cool sea breeze blowing quietly, source alone buy things, the treasure brother’s exhortations fall behind, a source very happy , a man quietly go quietly, the heart is very often the easy-going, perhaps, is to go after this has been struggling, body sever, go straight ahead, move forward.Original source has been very happy.    Meteors in July, August is not over.Li autumn season, in addition to Qingdao autumn clouds, the sky is always blue Zhanzhan.Bobo appears like a touch of cool in the hot summer, to the messy, high-temperature space adds a release and sublimation.Only one-sixth of the afternoon that day, saw the wave source, she just biting of lips, but eyeful smile, that transparent black eyes, hands full foot lift between youth pouring.Laughter is he never saw the kind, as in the early summer breeze, like a wave of laughter elegant dandelion, scattered a.After sources said it was Allure laugh, not when Gregg said with a smile, source thought: Mona Lisa smile is charming and mysterious, at your fingertips, then, is the wave of laughter in the cloudless blue sky horizon clouds, visible but intangible.    Painter Renoir said: as long as a little progress, and that is closer to death, Michelangelo in his later years, then is: things finally do so performance out of time, that is, death.Michelangelo source like the kind of heavy plastic marble building with the recent relief paintings, open the window, the sun shone peacefully and steadily, round after round of shadow, clean, quiet and lonely blurred, the more scattered clouds.Recognizing wave source began to become mature, often think about some trivial issues incredible.He was trying to get everything around, or people, or objects, or mood, or according to the early morning or evening Fai Hill Street.It has become something of the art of Reiki.Because, all art is the only way people are nothing more than the maturity of the bar.Your art, your mood, the mood is also a corner for everyone, and it is very real existence of.Sometimes a child with a source said, when I sleep until noon, get up, find out the sun well, I’ll regret it.Lovely children immediately propose that we go to the sun it!In fact, the source emphasized that regret, rather than the sun.Sometimes, the best is to convince people of the truth, the more wounding.Perhaps really as people say, “happiness becomes excessive sadness, grief had this fantasy of happiness.”.Sometimes she spoke with Bobo, the eyes of the lake quietly dug embankment, but the source of their own smile, everything in this world, the case of the more mature faster.In this world, there are a lot of things, we do not have to, then the discarded.There are some things that we have to, it would focus on the acquisition!Use too much thinking and too hard life in exchange for something of no practical value, always been very tired of life.Let alone humans, also have disappeared in the past days, some things need a lifetime to prove, but at the moment of the Spring and Autumn, like a formatted hard disk, remove the clean, there was none left, not a drop left.    Days later, the frog began to feel like chatting with source.Toad tall, Han Han smile like Van Gogh’s brush strokes, with movement and radiation, chasing source that empty mind with melancholy eyes.Source sometimes also followed laughed, doing the action in modern times, said, people in my entire life for money, money is the son of a bitch, yes ah, now in addition to money, everything is nothing.We worked hard to make money, to the time poor only money and full stomach cynical reasons, alone drove to a place far, far away, sitting there, watching the sun settling into the dark, conscious life perish, then pumping a lot of smoke, and then come back, will precipitate their own state of mind, the hurt and pain into words, to build our inner world into a utopia, where only fresh and pure, and thus, a person constantly wandered in different corners until it vanished.    Bobo and talk about ideals, talk about love, talk about the humanities, to talk about the topic we are interested in everything, from urban to rural, from domestic to foreign countries, all kinds of social picture, tenderness and sinister life of deceit, ideal decay and mutation.Talk tired source quietly up at 3:00 am, so head down to sit on the edge of the bed, quietly fantasy.Every look up the clock on the phone walked slowly began to hate myself a little change at all, remain in place, there is no soul left the body, mouth to reveal a mocking laugh.Sometimes the wave will sent a message that people in this world are the same, do not consider themselves frustration more than others, trying to put aside the distractions of life, I believe there will be a new side of life.I have read the parent body, quiet life, I am sure you will be happy.Source laughed, very happy, wave quietly Allure smiles gently reflection in the eyes of source.Sources say, in fact, I like you, I also like like.. Sometimes really imagine Annie like to find their own quiet life, a man himself, burdened with shadows and stories, lived quietly.All others to create their own, a lot more than the United States do not adapt.Just want to pamper yourself with doing their own thing, go its own way.Those who criticize Baby Anne always sentimental, they still did not understand, she is not just to convey a sense of pain and injury.    More than a way to go, we will always feel carry-on baggage, always better, remember that people will be less and less, eventually accompanying desire, it will only be one or two people, standing on the roadside , waiting for the snow season coming, waiting for you, go home……    Late at night, a huge Shanghai ditch began its banquet and neon, red and green, starry, countless blue-gray cloud fan, gently floating in the night sky of Shanghai.In addition to the night thing, what are asleep.Suddenly remembered that smile quietly tied between the source and finally spit out a cigarette, turned and looked at the still drinking buddies laughing, they cried source name, the source of his mouth for fear of not favored chill smiled quietly to them around.But their hearts are thought maybe wave already asleep right.    Source always written what is happening in the past, things may now happen is already far more than it now.Now and in the past, such as bipolar coins, although the nearest, but not to the end, where the distance for leisurely wandering the world, for the world to see the fireworks and pain, then they will feel happy for myself.Michelangelo marble building passion, but “I was finally freed from prison in marble out” has become his wisdom, source, wave, smile, have to give yourself relaxed, happy days selected stop, then start , refueling!    Give yourself relaxed, happy days selected stop, then start, refueling.