Chongqing debris

Because of work, to go to Chongqing.  Arrival is already two o’clock in the afternoon.Tips on the plane: “the ground temperature is 30 ℃.”Early spring season, Chongqing will have such a” warm “!  The plane, a surge of hot, humid breath walking towards me, all of a sudden people were transpiration in the mist Meng Meng, the spiritual head of a little listless listless child.  Fixed fixed mind, and then look up to show, faint blue surrounded by mountains, such as a circle to land bordered perspective lace.  All this seems familiar, but very strange.  Many years ago I had been to Chongqing, but the impression of the city has been blurred.Memory can be pieced together the fragmented pieces are – shopped in ancient lingering ciqikou, a taste of the crowded and bustling Liberation Monument, Chongqing hot pot had tasted delicious spicy, Chaotianmen wharf stood looking at the Jialing River water hair over stay, also marveled over everywhere, chaotic eye of the beauty of Chongqing.These popular, classic card Chongqing will leave a deep imprint in the hearts of everyone’s been here.  Today, I hurried to come here, how much can readily pick up the fragments of Chongqing, remain in my memory of it?  Driver to pick us up master is in Chongqing, said the authentic Chongqing, then, Chongqing, then the gag, humorous humor, is make people laugh, it also re-instituted my spiritual children.Master ramble said, I really enjoy listening, felt warm and cordial.  Master driving a car, turn around to go from the edge of the city, through the city’s hinterland.In the traffic flow on the road of ups and downs, like a river.Through the window, we see the same growth of tall buildings like a tree on the mountain, layer upon layer, imposing.Really worthy of a hill city.Also see some names on signs written on familiar names: Shapingba, Beibei, Bishan.In the eyes flashed some fragmented memories flashed through my mind also, not all.  Such and such, and only the city hastily called face to face, they put into the intense work.  Busy work, is nightfall.Enthusiastic colleagues inevitably invited us to eat hot pot, go to that store called “dry ore old pot”, bright red signs, especially conspicuous in the night, the excitement of coming and going also overshadowed next to the brightly lit store.The store is said to be particularly authentic, authentic Chongqing “old pot” flavor.Sure enough, Ma taste is not so heavy, spicy and fragrant, quite to my taste.Remove from the soup pot dishes to be stained with oil in a small bowl to cool pepper, flavoring.Edible vegetable oil does not need to store special bowl put other spices, as long as a lot of ground to mix with garlic, which I used to have to eat hot pot modulation a small bowl of dip is different.We ordered the Duck and goose intestines, are very tasty.Yellow-throated, eel, crisp meat is also very good, very fresh dishes, moderate prices.  Here to talk about the “old pot” and “new pot” distinction, the former re-use old oil recovery, which is the abandoned old oil, the use of disposable pot.Most of Chongqing old pot favorite local connoisseurs, the taste is hot pot Jervis, thick, long aftertaste.Foreigners and young people are multi-select “new pot”, the emphasis is on hygiene, health.Each love everyone, as you choose.  Mouth to eat fun, eye-handed to a group of people at the next table is eating steaming hot, in which a woman is particularly rosy – white skin, looks beautiful, modest stature, and this is my heart standard “mountain beauty” ah!- dignified, generous.This graceful charm have ever seen in my memory, today goodbye, still lamented the deep mountain Hua Yun, the old times.  Dinner, only eat the delicious food, but also eat a treat, described as “value to enjoy”!Prachuab food, beauty gave many people bow ah!  Unfortunately, the mountain night sleep in my weary slipped away, to live up to the kind of colleague recommended Chongqing.  Busy, come and gone, can be a little time to look at the city’s only moment.  Noon the next day, they traveled to the airport to return to Hangzhou.  Again as the wheel gallop, Shuangbei across the bridge, the bridge JIALING like a thin tape wrapped around the foot yo; Shuangbei long way through the tunnel and I think this head is longer with mountain trees also long house?Suddenly a light rail carriages across an arc from the eye side; suddenly have a stacked layer of the viaduct is magically vertical standing there; the bright spring flowers also add color everywhere dyed.Rotating wheels, gives me a lot of pictures, the pictures are with the trend of the mountain, with the meandering water, fixed in a very stable, very harmonious and natural rhythms, seasonal colors for the financial one.People living here, from generation to generation, a sum of intentions, with the wisdom to make their homes painted colorful grace becomes deposited into heavy heritage.  A Ping a dam; a ditch a ridge, dotted the landscape aspect ratio; a smile said, a tea and a meal, nourishing flow context.Brewed the city stretches for thousands of years to flavor survives.Chongqing taste as “old pot”, like, gets better.  Unless the driver master passion honest, I still get enough to ponder the context of the city.  Say, “Chongqing” origin of the name is also quite closely, Song Chun Xi month 16 years, son Xiao Zhong Zhao Dun of the first letters Prince Gong (at that time called Chongqing “Christine states”), Song Guangzong emperor to the throne in February, saying “double celebration”, Chongqing will be named after this.Here are Prachuab powerhouse dynasties.Now positioned to the center of the central municipality, the national center of the city, large city, the economic center of the upper Yangtze, financial centers and innovation centers, politics, culture, science, education, art, etc., the State Department is targeting international metropolis.Midwest water, land and air-based integrated transport hub.  With popular word expression is: “powerful, Chongqing!’Thoughts were interrupted by the roar of the engine, high-altitude aircraft Xu Yujian rise, more and more distant top of Chongqing – Yangtze River from west to east across the whole territory, Jialing River, Wujiang imported separately, entangled in one of the clear stream meandering lingering , blew; Aoyama undulating like a lace strip wound around a ring cyan Dai land.So here blessing God gave her so good Silk Mountain, creating a so mellow customs.  This is an ordinary people like the city, she let spicy on the tongue become soft; her rustic accent to make newcomers feel strange to people.She no other metropolis of publicity and pride, she is so dignified, generous, warmly welcome everyone to come here.  I afar off, pick up the bits and pieces, beautiful fragments into memory favorites treasures.  Look forward to come back next time, stay too long some can stand on a flat exhibition dam dam listen Chongqing put long “Longmen”; can Chaotianmen dock, boarded the cruise ship, with billowing Yangtze River flowing east, down the river down, over Wushan, the Three Gorges, until the ocean import.Back when it was late in Hangzhou, Chongqing has opened lit button bar?Every night, those long in the house on the hill, each window will bloom a flower light, far and near, high and low, is stitching together a picture hanging in the bright light in the sky, dreamy and mysterious.This scenery, many years ago I used to enjoy before, this piece of magical picture has been shining in my memory, mapping out the beauty of Chongqing.  April 2, 2017 Sunday