After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose article

We have 90 and 90 after the society, what could have been a famous name, a group of youth power, but now it has become the object of social reviled.I want to make 90 innocence, not that we destroy the social atmosphere, the social atmosphere is ruined us, but in the end all the responsibility even all the blame to us who said 90 no, 90 funeral scum who said that Mao was 90 , 1893, Zhou Enlai was 90, in 1898, this figure it is not all good?Some might say that the reason I find too far-fetched, but it is understandable: after 90 really is an important force in the construction of the motherland after 90 seems to be done many wrong things, but how many people know why?Nobody cares about other people only know the chatter in our time getting into the act, really care about our people psychologically I never saw sex, this is a once let me see you blush word now is nothing but a lot of people’s child’s play.We do not know, not at all, the emotional power of articles and essays net curiosity should not be overlooked, so one by one to defy the law, it is ironic that we finally became the trend of the first two days of school already, the school also requested topic on people , that is a preliminary understanding thereafter did not know more about!Wanfeng teacher said: sex education should start with children, teach the sooner the better!I think yes!Many people just do not know because, as we understand, will not be so impulsive, can not go wrong if after 90 is a forest, then some people only see a dead tree, and stared and hold a big fuss, he said: this piece of wood can not be saved!How sad, because a dead tree to put out the forest I refused to accept negative!Not at all!I admit that after 90 is wrong, but that’s not all wrong, and who are responsible for the wrong cause, do not just pass the buck at the crucial moment, should be thinking about how to save after 90, we have to remember that he is young power!Can not make it so confusedly fallen hat buckle in our heads, we have to use their own actions to prove, so time to explain: we are still the best!After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose articles Related links: