First, the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, eunuch regime inone.Eunuch Liu is the Emperor ordered Baiguan, strongly exclusionary.He kangaroo criminal court twelve pits, each seat pits were placed in a variety of brutal rats, snakes, scorpions, mad dog, wolf and other animals.These animals had hemophagocytic nature, DPRK officials to talk about its mere mention, feel insecure.  More people are times of hardship, displacement, haze enveloped the entire next big tomorrow.  Second, at the time, there are two juggling team, Cao Song classes and classes in the capital on the ground.Cao Cao squad headed by the boss, he relied on a dozen of the pole and only then pull the uncle, Liu Liu Gonggong, he was ill, evil bully female male hegemony.Cao boss Song class as the thorn in the flesh, can not wait to head at the beginning of the Song class Songjahak, get hold of mutilated bodies hate in my heart to pieces Party Solutions.Helpless as good as others, could not find an excuse.  There were two men Songjahak early Christians yuan less and Yuen Wah, their young and fit, able to meet the master of life and death to complete the exclusive turntable tricks.This is life and death, but the turntable Song class exclusive secrets, finale.Competition every year when Cao boss is lost in it.  On several occasions, Cao boss want to spend the high prices they dug up, however, few Chinese yuan and the dollar are in love with the daughter of Song Mei Songjahak beginning, no one wanted to leave their infighting, which makes Cao boss helpless.  Right now the current situation as chaotic, everywhere hungry refugees, who also thought to look at these things?Songjahak beginning also feel old, bloated, he closed thank-you, ready to open the Temple Chuan bowl.He set a Zuxun: in six months, who are highly skilled, do Song class head, and with the promise to his daughter.  From that point, early on Songjahak yuan less esoteric and Yuen Wah skills, they are more sleepless nights, practiced.Suddenly, six months passed quickly, after appraisal, Yuen Wah slightly inferior, less dollars riding on a very smooth head.Songjahak early decision, and so after a while, let them marry.  Yuen Wah not convinced, he felt better than anywhere yuan less poor.Master certainly eccentric, which makes him very angry, soak all day to drink down the pub, drunk and disorderly behavior, which makes Song Ban foul, despite the early Songjahak all sorts of persuasion does not help, reluctantly forced his deportation door division.  Cao boss see chance and find Yuen Wah straight to the point: Song Yanzhuo boss, you do not know the people, he did not even have a bowl of water end injustice, how do you master with?You just told me immediately is the underboss, the popular hot drink, and enjoy the endless wealth and status.  Yuen Wah said dismissively: our class thing, not for you to say mouth.I am here to thank you so honor me, respect me, but I have no interest in it when improper head.  Cao boss a Ming Bai Yuanhua What do you mean, there are people he wants.Cao boss boldly said: You just told me, help me off the Song class, I guarantee your little junior sister apprentice to time, will obediently into your arms.  Yuen Wah surprise: how?You have to dare hurt my master, I’ll get you.Cao secretive boss said: I want you to help me, but not hurt, you just tell me what the secret of life and death turntable on the line.Yuen Wah understand, as long as the secret once you say it, the Song class will no foothold.  In fact, this is the Yuen Wah want, even if Cao boss does not come to him, he would seek refuge in him, Cao boss is much backing, but his heart knows best the.Cao boss can only helped themselves to get rid of dollars less, to when they could Outrageous.  In this way, Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take the hands off the Song class; Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take forces to exterminate yuan less, they are dishonest, mercenary come together.  Huawei yuan a little table sincerity, a clean breast of his secret life and death turntable, Cao boss to hear a good laugh.He has not kept his word, really let Yuen Wah got into the top spot underboss.  Two of them act in collusion, conspiracy to kill two birds with one stone out of the deadly trap, ready to be implemented in time to participate in Liu An Shouchen.Liu Gonggong they want through the hands of the Song class in out.  Three to Liu An Shouchen this day, Cao Song classes and classes in previous years have received the invitation, they dare not neglect invited to.However, Song class early Songjahak infirmity did not participate, and only a few dollars with a few Young Song Mei.  Liu out of the entire house is heavily guarded, kings and ministers come to send gifts of countless, in front of busy.Inside the government is may sound, floating banners, the capital of the major famous male troupe, juggling have been invited over, bustling.  Liu Happy sit high above the chair stays on, put on a majestic look.Stage right opposite him, he looked domineering program.  Cao Song class and another class sang a rival show, they are almost the same as the previous program.First birthday celebration lions, fairy offer peach, and finally come up with their own housekeeping skills.Cao boss is played through the ring of fire around the ring studded with sharp knife, he stripped to the waist, leap on drilling in the past from the middle of the circle and win a lot of applause.  Song class play is life and death turntable, Song Mei saw standing on the same height and turntable, tied the limbs, then people turn the dial.Yuan less stood ten paces away, holding four shining darts.  Yuan will be a good location less carefully, memorizing the number of turns.Finally, he was blindfolded, he began throwing darts.They are breathless, heart in his throat.  I saw the yuan less robustly standing on the stage, holding the hands of darts, seize the opportunity to decisively threw out three darts impartial, inserted in the Song Mei’s side, but was not hurt.We have kept cheering, cries already overwhelm Cao team.