Elements boy or woman want a boy to do so

What are the elements?Many people want a boy or a girl, but the results are often counterproductive, you know the elements of a boy or woman what it?Following small elements to talk about with you exactly what a boy or woman。
Elements of a chance of a boy or woman, the male to prevent overheating if the men I usually wear tight pants scrotal temperature will rise, resulting in reduced number of sperm, a boy y sperm will die first, so that a girl is greatly increased, too It may be temporarily infertile。
If you want a boy, must prevent scrotal temperature is too high, so men should pay attention to prevent scrotal temperature is too high in life, do not wear tight pants, hot bath or sauna often do not do strenuous exercise。
Second, healthy and strong body, a recent study by American scientists showed that affluent family, his family was well-off, high cultural level, the body healthy and strong married women, more likely to conceive a boy; and family poverty, poor health Women are more likely to have daughters。
The study in line with the principles of the theory of evolution, very often women more survivable, so more women will give birth survival rates of girls in poor families。
The family was wealthy, healthy and strong women more inclined to son, so it can ensure that their genes and family generation to generation。
Third, there are sex techniques, to have orgasm quality, harmonious sex life can enhance the chances of pregnant boy。
When the elements of a boy or woman because women are transmitted through sexual excitement, resulting in intense pleasure to reach orgasm, cervical secretion strong alkaline liquid, the acidic vaginal showed alkaline, help?Sperm growth。
At the same time, foreign studies have shown that when sperm and more prone to conceive a boy, the sperm less prone daughter。 So before making love sports men best to abstinence a few days, this can produce the maximum amount of sperm and sperm motility greatly improved; on sex positions as far as possible the insertion deeper position, such as the use of the insert from the position, or female hip pad 6-10 cm。
Fourth, the sperm count of men and women both young men will decrease with increasing age, the probability of a girl is particularly high, it is a fact that has been proven。
Similarly, the larger the women's age, due to aging effects of alkaline secretions of the uterus will gradually reduce the chances of a girl has significantly increased。
Probability want a boy, must be as early as possible, both men and women are young, good physical condition, viable sperm egg, a boy of relatively large。

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