(The little people) Laowei

(The little people) Old Wei [text / seductive woman] Old Wei couple downstairs to open the store breaking six hours at night, leaving home again plucked out of bed the moment the slightest Huoshaohuoliao time, purchase, delivery rest of the time , pull the net in front of the store, doing the squat to prevent fish missed two long upward age, stature year by year, but the decline is not strong stable bone crevices rivet.Shelf-like body quickly scattered, the case of wind looked out a few years ago, Old Wei always said hungry all day long gradient face, eyes convex.Like goldfish blister wife scolded him Sigui bounce doctor Laowei correct birth.Old Wei put hyperthyroidism swallowing all day, to appease the ghost lodged in the body one day in July, his wife being with people showing off his son on two scores suddenly “ouch” loudly, unconscious on the Old Wei spent fifteen million, or buy medicine retained marks, only to reclaim his wife now 24 hours sleeping Laowei fed her, feed her to drink, wash diapers child lost her life allegedly east shouting West Old Wei often used to control rickets back, place round and round like a clay sculpture