Bloody love triangle

Feng Juan, a pharmaceutical company in the provincial capital to work, because the Feng Juan who is beautiful, the company has a lot of boys are chasing Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan is one of chasing boys, Ma Tao Feng Juan than three years older, MA Tao is in charge of the company’s business, it usually helps Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan sometimes invited to dinner and a movie, but often are rejected Feng Juan.  On this day, about Ma Tao Feng Juan shopping together, the two came to a mobile phone shop, Feng Juan, one on the phase of a high-end mobile phones, Feng Juan said to Ma Tao spoiled: Marco Yeah, I fancy that phone, can you buy me down?Look Ma Tao a phone prices nearly 10,000, suddenly too expensive, Ma Tao said: I will buy you one, but this store is a little high, I met an acquaintance of mine was selling mobile phones, and another day I get you a.Feng Juan a bad music.  Ma Tao home after figuring out how to give yourself goddess Feng Juan bought the part of high-end mobile phones, much deliberation, Ma Tao had an idea, Ma Tao often shop online, so, Ma Tao will open the online store, pick a company to buy high-end mobile phone shop, Ma Tao in this shop ordered that part of the high-end mobile phones to Feng Juan, Ma Tao to fill in their own identity information when writing are false, Ma Tao has deliberately chosen cash on delivery, then, Ma Tao and online with the money to buy a high-simulation model of mobile phone.  Soon, Ma Tao received a phone model that models high simulation online ordering, Ma Tao took a look himself: to do with the real thing, really like!  On this day, the courier Ma Tao online ordering of that section of high-end mobile phones sent, the phone is cash on delivery, Ma Tao picked up the first express parcel carefully check up, check the package while Ma Tao eyes are always stare the courier, the courier when Ma Tao saw bow call when Ma Tao quickly put this phone really wrap themselves already prepared and simulation package swapped phone, courier who did not find the courier see Ma Tao looked for a long time and said: brother, you have not finished checking, if no problem, then you pay it.Ma Tao pretend touched his trouser say: Oh, I forgot any money.Courier said: You do not live in this house right upstairs, go back and get it, I’ll wait for you for a while.Ma Tao shook his head and said: I also forgot the keys at home, either way you put the package to get back, give me another day.In this way, without the knowledge of courier parcels that took part in the simulation cell phone taken back, Ma Tao is with this phone really happily home.  Since the high-end smart phone that Ma Tao through with this stuff get to the Feng Juan, Feng Juan to see their favorite phone is simply thrilled bad, Ma Tao Feng Juan like to take this opportunity to marry him, Feng Juan Ma Tao said yes without thinking.  Soon, you and Ma Tao Feng Juan registration of marriage, and Ma Tao finally catch up with their goddess, heart felt extremely excited, but after marriage, but also a real problem after another, and that is the problem of the house, and Feng Juan Ma Tao can not buy a house.Feng Juan’s mother-in-law has urged Ma Tao hurry to buy a house in the provincial capital, but now the economic conditions of the two people, buy a house is simply a myth.  On this day, Ma Tao suddenly felt stomach pain, Feng Juan and quickly helped Ma Tao came to a nearby hospital for an examination, Ma Tao turned out to be a problem cecum, appendix surgery needs to be done right away, one on the right Feng Juan Ma Tao He said: her husband, the provincial capital of Hospitals we do it, I hear it is the best of medical conditions.Ma Tao said: Well, you heard.  In this way, Feng Juan let his mother stay with Ma Tao to the provincial capital Third Hospital, Feng Juan and he did not go, that day, was lying in bed waiting for surgery Hospitals Ma Tao Feng Juan’s wife received a phone Feng Juan on the phone said: her husband Yeah, you are certain requirements to be a surgery called surgical director Rowan surgeon to you, my friend is a surgeon Rowan did appendectomy surgery, the surgery was very successful.Ma Tao said one: his wife, or do you care about me, I heard you.In this way, Ma Tao to the hospital for surgery the surgeon himself personally Rowan, Rowan does not feel strange, because there are many patients know their reputation, so Rowan did not hesitate to give Ma Tao, chief surgeon to do surgery to remove appendix.  Ma Tao soon recovered and were discharged, on this day, Feng Juan suddenly said Ma Tao: My husband Yeah, do you want to buy a house right away.Ma Tao one is surprised a moment, he said: certainly want to, and his wife do not you have a way.Feng Juan near Ma Tao said: My husband and I have a good idea, so that we can have money to buy a house right away.Ma Tao a hurry to ask: What way, you quickly say!Juan Feng said: You have to suffer the pain points!Ma Tao said: No problem, in order to buy a house, what pain I can endure!Juan Feng said: You put a medical needle swallowed the stomach, and then we will tell that hospital, he said, is to give you the surgeon who called Rowan surgeon, forget to remove the needle falls on your belly years, to the time we can get a lot of damages, which belong to medical malpractice, I think in time that is called Rowan gave his reputation will certainly be reluctant to choose compounding!Ma Tao a suddenly to the spirit, Ma Tao did not expect his wife also plan this hand, Ma Tao also boast Wife: You’re Zhuge Liang, well this way, we’ll be able to buy a house!