“Sixty-year-old mill” became a hit tofu shop business story from scratch

Apprentice Xianxiang wife and technological strange unpalatable, can make money?At the age of 28, Wu Lizhong took aim fried tofu.In Shangyu, talking about Song Ha town ancestral get “stinky” known to everybody.The owners of stalls Shen-days old from the age of 17 deep-fried tofu, fried whole 60 years, with locals saying “all into a fine.”.Wu Lizhong each passing should eat your fill.So a pot, a coal stove, the whole Shangyu stinky tofu why this is a share of the hottest, sometimes a net profit of 100 one day.”It still chipping away, this technology once the business up,” Wu Lizhong eye blink, decided to study with a teacher.Wu Lizhong went to Shen-days of tofu spread dozens of times, Ruanmoyingpao, Shen-days are saying “this technology to be into the coffin of the” back to top.Asked to find family and friends all over the relationship intercede, curmudgeon also shut out.Wu Lizhong desperate, but an eye blink, and give birth to the idea.The next day, Wu Lizhong days to Shen Chi’s wife called quietly to the side, wiping his mouth like a sweet honey-like: “wife, you let the master charged me as a disciple, you two up to one year old and then make it earning two or three million, I might as well give you $ 30,000 tuition, let me see you live for a month, the next 11 months you will rest.”This is some analysis of the old lady’s mind to say alive, then dead curmudgeon too stubborn but his wife, Wu Lizhong only acquiesced in this apprentice.Wu Lizhong so successful research.China’s first store stinky study with a teacher that is the coldest month of the season, Wu Lizhong home away from home chef more than 20 miles, the master usually three in the morning up to make tofu, Wu Li Zhong up only two in the morning rush to school.After coming out, Wu Lizhong also learn to master, a stove, a pot, put up stalls fried tofu played in the alley.Exercise stage, he is already moving from another brain.In April 2002, called “Sixty-year-old mill,” the stinky stores in urban areas Shangyu opened, almost caused a sensation throughout Shangyu, which is China’s first store tofu.”5 dollars eight small pieces of tofu is a little high, but others are small stalls, open a store people just feel fresh, clean, sure some people think the value.”Opened the first day, the customer long line, but not less overall team.First, business is really good, and second, Wu Lizhong too nervous, coke oven did not even point out four lit.I did not expect a lucky hit, baked tofu slow, the team is short but not always, so passing people see long lines, are road is certainly a good thing, so the teams were sagging in the streets twisted extend for several tens of meters.Everywhere along the way Wu Lizhong effort seems logical, but in reality there is always effort.To say that name, one to show filial piety Wu Lizhong, to commemorate the 80-year-old master tofu career of sixty years; and secondly to show his tofu has a long history, enduring.With stores, in addition to eat together, Wu Lizhong also offers take-away packaging, tailor-made for a box is stinky – ancient painting a few tables sipping rice wine taste the tofu, people very Nadechushou.It seems on the first package of tofu.Shamisen tofu win the right to operate Shangyu “Sixty-year-old mill,” the fire continues to this day, Wu Lizhong can still recognize it as a small test chopper, he was not satisfied with a few hundred dollars a day income.He has been waiting for the next opportunity comes.In October 2003, in order to allow tourists all can taste the most authentic Shaoxing tradition “stinky tofu” Shaoxing “Hometown of Lu Xun,” the whole of society launched a “Who can do the most fragrant of tofu Shaoxing” collection activities, the final winner Shaoxing first place will receive snacks “shamisen stinky” right to operate.Hundreds of “tofu” made an instant expert, gathered around a place.Wu Lizhong think the opportunity to get out into the Shangyu, Shaoxing came, he decided peeled off to battle.The game is not only to test deep-fried tofu skills, but also requires players to enter the top five business ideas for the future to submit a tofu shop.Wu Lizhong’s proposal eye-opener, he said he wanted to be in the form of tofu shop chain monopoly of development, there is a unified interior decoration design, packaging design, and so unified, offers a thick stack.After more than a month of fierce competition, Wu Lizhong was overwhelming shamisen tofu shop head, this “Tournament” his fame.From the first day of the opening, shamisen tofu shop “fire”.Wu Lizhong build on the progress, not long before, in the antique market and Shaoxing Lu tofu shop in a town two “Wu word Corner” opened in the name of.”Season, when teams are routed to the streets of Lu Xun good features tens of meters, the traffic on the road were blocked, 11 pot of more than 20 staff are too busy to busy.”Wu Lizhong revealed that business is good all day turnover of more than 20,000 yuan.Stores everywhere in the country stinky development of the next full accordance with Wu Lizhong idea to go national chain of road.Last year, Wu Lizhong apply to the local industrial and commercial registration of trademarks tofu line first – Wu word Square, and deep-fried tofu technology is also applied for a national patent.Then, on the chain of promotion, Wu Lizhong opted for a more hassle free mode of operation – Agencies.”I just live Agencies, different in different parts of the delivery of one-time initial fee and then turned over to a certain annual management fee.The number of stores open a region I do not care, these areas by the agency responsible for so much less troublesome thing I.”So far, Wu Lizhong existing 60 regions of the country agents, opened more than 200 stores.Wu Lizhong said he is only the initial fee, management fee income and other peripherals, you can get all the one million yuan this year.Stinky tofu really good profit secondary and tertiary cents of tofu can be sold for five dollars, Wu Square to open a word to make a.Is Wu Lizhong not afraid of the rest of the word can not make taste Wu Square who stole his technology, a separate banner.Wu Lizhong said that is not afraid, because there are some recipes that only he, his monthly ration stores, but also quality checks every month, not this recipe, you can not make taste Wu word Square.But Wu Lizhong also prepared a forward, if chain stores Wu word from the Square, and the other to open new stores, Wu Lizhong against his plan is: to open a word Wu Square in the vicinity of the store, beat him.But Wu Lizhong also prepared a forward, if chain stores Wu word from the Square, and the other to open new stores, Wu Lizhong against his plan is: to open a word Wu Square in the vicinity of the store, beat him.Before making tofu “money” bumpy shop owner named Wu Lizhong.Swarthy face one pair of small eyes, single eyelids are very clever, it seems a blink will be able to emerge a trick, a thick golden chain in?Shirt collar looming.Wu Lizhong tofu, and others do not like it golden skin, but coated with a thick layer of pores, it seems to be wrapped in a layer of eggs had just fried out.Bite, crisp outside and tender, salty and fresh clean, non-smelly anti incense, no wonder the locals say, “Wu word tasted tofu Square, three days do not know the taste of meat.”.Wu Lizhong make tofu, but for three years, at the age of 21 he taught at a vocational school behalf, then went to a public institution been in office, the company also had the sea, and there have been cheated 30 million people experience.He said he could not think of a seven-year career, finally made money hometown of tofu.He is currently earn more than one million a year deep-fried tofu.