Bleeding valve case?”

Wu drink some warm water, “how can ah, start from three days ago, the house began to kept the accident, my first cousin, hey broke his leg, eh on the first floor, he went downstairs only have three more step of the time, abruptly fell on the broken leg, broke his leg just to say, that he is not careful, the same day but at night, he was upper body!”

Body of Chapter 236 of greed

Shen made the North Star does not look to their own hands pentagram, subconsciously read: “upper body?”

“Right,” Wu sighed, “It was a ghost, and cried, saying what she was dead too miserable, when you want to pull a scapegoat individuals, to kill our family, you talk about Ann Masters, and that my family had anything to do?Hey how to find my home.”

An Wei Zhen eyes of his mouth like a blade of ice, her amber eyes looked fine bright Wu, keen aware, Wu lying.

Fire from the industry would not be what people look for a scapegoat will be miasma of evil, which must be something because of what Tianliburong committed after things, will appear, if there are floating Wu said so, then the house will certainly there are very heavy resentment chill evil, but now nothing, even the normal have not seen a aura