How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues?

In the face of stubborn colleagues, you need to clear some psychological barriers.

However, you cannot expect others to solve it for you.

  Here are some ways to get along with stubborn colleagues: 1.

Are you ready?

Talk to someone who understands your consensus.

Is he the original style person?

What kind of pressure is he facing?

What is his motivation?

What does he hate?

This information should be integrated and used in the consensus with him.


Do you know what you can afford?

Before starting consensus, determine your bottom line and write it down on a piece of paper.

In this way, once you enter the consensus process, you will not be at a loss what to do.


Can you calmly face silence?

Discomfort with silence is bound to lead to disagreement.

People said something unhelpful just to get involved in the silence.

If you are smart and patient, silence is golden.


Did you show the other party that he is not your only choice?

In the consensus, once you make the other person feel that he is your only person to ask for help, the other person will be in an incomparable advantage.

Therefore, whether it is true or not, make it clear to the other party that you have other options.


Do you know when to accept the other’s “no”?

Most consensus ended up stranded when one side said “no” and insisted.

Accept this “no” and then use your creativity.

Use your full knowledge of the other party to come up with a new proposal that meets the needs of both parties.