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A Dream Train of Remembrance

The Dream Train of Remembrance – Commemorating the First of the Fourth Anniversary Because it was a weekend, friends had dinner and slept well last night. The liver and heart that used to be unwell were no longer feeling strange, and they woke up occasionally in the middle of the night and were also safe.. In the gloom, the wife got up and heard her answer the phone again, probably at 7: 00 a.m.. She came over, she pushed the door and came in, but I was about unusual, not good. Sure enough, she woke me up and cried out, ” Xu, Xu, the Big Four are old.”. I sat up at once: ” Don’t panic. What’s the matter, slowly say. Fifty days ago, my wife said, isn’t your unit a tomb-sweeping day holiday, let’s go to Shanghai. I said what to do there? Because of the tomb-sweeping day in previous years, we mostly went to the countryside for a outing and also visited the western jade emperor ridge cemetery to sweep the mother’s grave.. In the rainy season, fresh soil game floats away in the same fresh wind, making people seem to have returned to their childhood and hometown. If it is a sunny day in Yuan Ye full of colourful rape and yellow flowers, it will make people laugh. But I don’t know why, this year, my wife wants Shanghai. Well, if I go to Shanghai, my fourth uncle who lives in Shanghai is not at home. I should only accompany you to the old place..     It is said to be the old place because the big four have settled in Shanghai for nearly 40 years. When I was young, I thought of studying abroad and went to Shanghai alone to find the big four who worked in Wujiaochang Changhai Hospital. When I was a child, I often led and rescued my big four from the cesspit after raining.. Forty years later, I went to see him. It was the first time I saw him. I stood in front of him and his prescription immediately fell to the ground. On the way home together, I knew that he had been wiping tears while riding in front, because the wind in the south was warm and not bitter. He held the car in one hand and held the wind in the other.     Later, when we got married, had children, celebrated the day, and even my heart was unhappy, we would come to him.. Fu had distant relatives in the mountains, and when he had a fortune of ten million yuan, he warned his hometown people not to go to Shanghai or meet him when he arrived.. I am the exception. My Big Four.     Today, my wife proposed to go to Shanghai, but she has not been there for many years.. But I didn’t think that the tomb-sweeping day would become a perpetual tactic.. I still remember clearly that he came down from the upstairs and I sprinted to embrace him. Remember when we parted, he was repeatedly urged by me to go upstairs and look back.     My Big Four. On that day, we went to the fair together, came back together and talked all the way. On that day, we tasted six or seven kinds of spirits and talked for forty years. On that day, we ate from noon until nearly seven o’clock in the evening. On that day, for fear of causing more trouble to our family, we had already booked a room outside and did not stay at home.. On that day, he reluctantly gave up. My big four, I remember clearly, when we parted, you looked back when I repeatedly urged you to go upstairs.. My Big Four.     I didn’t think of it. That difference turned out to be a perpetual tactic.     When I heard the news, I hurriedly got through to my eldest brother’s phone and went to the three big families to discuss how to deal with the matter. On the way, he learned that after dinner yesterday, he went out for a walk, suffered a heart attack and fell to the side of the road.. Passers – by helped him to rescue him in the long sea. He died at about midnight this morning.. According to local rules, a memorial service will be held next Tuesday. According to peers in my hometown, the funeral should be held as soon as possible when the wedding is late.. So we discussed taking a bus to Zhengzhou as soon as possible and then from Zheng to Shanghai. Booking tickets online by second brother’s daughter Xiaoya.     After deliberation, I hurried home to discuss with my wife, prepare more money and take 10,000 yuan. If Yudi in Beijing does not arrive, or if military affairs are present, I will pay for him.. At about 1: 00 p.m., eldest brother and second brother took a taxi and hurried to the east railway station.     The road was silent, as if I were the only one: ” The walk of the Big Four is a great loss to our family.”! Well, just as an important person is to the country, his departure is a great loss to our family.. In the meantime, I didn’t take into account my personal feelings.     The train in the distance, surging with huge and sharp breath, has already entered the station and everyone got on the bus in order. However, between trance, it seems that not a few brothers boarded the train, as if they boarded the bullet train. I was the only one who boarded the bullet train, not my body, but my soul..     2 Shanghai, 789 near Wujiaochang, Yingkou Road. This is a taxi coming out of the high-speed railway and Hongkou Airport. Half an hour’s journey, the buildings beside the viaduct, if bright and distant, are speeding by, and it is the way near midnight.. I didn’t expect it, or I don’t know who sent the wrong message. The four largest mourning halls are not in the funeral parlor. The funeral parlor has only his body. The mourning hall is located at home..     It was midnight and scurrying downstairs, the smell of candle fire in the hall floated out from the door of the open building. Later, cousin Hui, the fourth eldest son, said that the door should be opened, which is an old Shanghai rule. This is also the soul return of the central plains region? Or do you want to go home and have a look at the Big Four?     At midnight, only the hall of four people was left. Once upon a time, the balcony rang through the crack of the door, saying that the air was passing through the hall, but who was complaining and complaining?? Four big do you have anything to explain, can you say it to me.    A few people slept on the sofa, and I woke up several times after heavy sleep. After the first hour, he fell asleep, only being awakened twice by the sound of the great sad mantra of the undead, the sound of the great sad mantra of the tape recorder, and the sound of his cousin’s voice.. Also seems to have a dream, but deep, vaguely is the big four hall and his voice, a head of sweat woke up and knew he was in Shanghai and was in the hall.     When I woke up three hours later, it was more than six o’clock. Just four Niang had got up and got down from upstairs. I stood on the steps and watched her talking to my cousin.. Then, look for gaps and shout, ” Four Niangs.”! ‘ then go up and hug gently. She murmured, ” Xiao Xu met, met.”. She said that I gave wedding greetings to Hui Di 50 days ago, and at the same time, I looked forward to the last meeting of the Big Four, the last farewell.     Nowadays, people go to the building empty and want to take a look at his study more often. However, when I heard about the family affairs of Siniang and her cousin, I always felt wrong. I changed my shoes and walked out into the dense bush, walking in the bushes outside the house. Two mosquitoes raided me and were killed on my bare arms and stained with a few stars of my own blood.. I gently brushed away the bodies of the forest mosquito, the shattered bodies.     Back in the house, everyone was having breakfast. Four Niangs purposely asked me to sit beside her. I only said how my wife reported the bad news yesterday morning and how it was heart – pounding. I said calmly. In addition, I only had a bowl of porridge, and then I left the vegetarian meal and went to the balcony outside the hall to see the morning in the corner of Shanghai..     The sky was overcast and the dew or the water droplets left by the night rain fell gently and coldly between the branches and leaves that were stacked on top of each other..     Third, it should be from the disadvantage of a river bank to the southwest, through it and reach a village. I began to find out how far it is to borrow a bicycle from a family in the village in order to catch time.. There is no adult in the farm, a child who is at ease, a child who can’t remember his appearance, followed me. My bike took him across the street in the village and headed south, crossing an ancient road probably full of clean water pits, and came to the village..     This village does not have a specific appearance. I don’t know whether there is wind. There must be no rain or snow. The streets are deserted.. At that time, three people came out of his home. I asked him where he was, and he was in the house.. I used to, he was in the house, his thin face and low stature.     I was a little confused and did not know how to come out of the house with him. It turned out that the three members of the family were selling the tribute. He said, ” Don’t listen to them. What’s the use of a wick of incense?”? I don’t believe that. Why should I burn incense? Our family is clean and white, like a gently flowing river, believing in a wick of incense, does it not lead to customs?? Then, he said, ” The incense sticks they recommended are purely for selling money and for 2,000 yuan, I will give you money if you want.”. ‘ I hurriedly refuse.     I don’t know why, he said these words and went into the house himself. I looked at his residence, which is a three-story building with a high front and a low back, followed by two stories, and a quiet village house, arranged in an orderly way around, without wind, rain or snow.. The front door of the house faces east. I do not know whether there is a plaque for’ purple gas coming from the east’, but the door is closed and still closed. The two trees in front of the house are extremely tall and can’t see the branches. There are only some rattan leaves winding up sparsely..     I don’t know why, I detoured to the west of the house where a wall was missing and I looked at it and went to the south of the house. It was probably the Westinghouse in the main house with another south gate. I stole it and saw that there was a room in the door, a few tables in the room and a few old people there, as if they were nursing homes for the elderly and so on.. Several old men sat on the bed and looked at me coldly. A few old people.     I may have to go. He sent me. I said I probably mistook one for another. I didn’t say who you are. You don’t have the surname Cao, do you?. He said calmly that he did not. Then, I didn’t follow my children. My children and I rode back again, crossed several ancient roads full of clean water, returned to the village, and returned to their bicycles, thinking that there was still a long way to go in the north..     After such a long journey, when will I return to my hometown?? But in the midst of this doubt, I woke up suddenly in a dream and recalled that the person who said he was not surnamed Cao was my top four? So, in the green glow of the morning, my tears began to flow down. I checked the date, Saturday, June 8, and 21 days ago, Cao Guisheng, my fourth uncle and fourth uncle, passed away 21 days ago..     What is this for? On the train of my life.

A man is as old as a child

As old as a child, his father-in-law felt bad in his stomach and intestines and accompanied him to the 148 hospital of the garrison.. Find the director of the department and check carefully. Fortunately, there is no major obstacle, that is, gastrointestinal function is almost not serious. The doctor asked whether the medicine was still prescribed? I said, let’s open it up. The father-in-law also returned after prescribing more than 200 yuan of medicine. The next day, I called and said, OK.     Father – in – law’s stomach and intestines are not good, which has been an old problem for many years.. As the saying goes, stomach trouble is divided into three parts and seven parts. Fortunately, his life is very careful. He has paid attention to diet for decades. He did not eat cold and hard, but his stomach trouble has improved greatly in recent years.. But after the Spring Festival, he always felt dull pain in his abdomen. I can’t say exactly where the pain is. It’s just a feeling. I feel, like a heart disease again.     I think so, there is a basis. The father-in-law has a fine heart and a good temper. This is an advantage. Correspondingly, it is too sensitive.. Three years ago, when he was seventy, he always said his lips were dry. I accompanied him to the PLA hospital and looked for experts from acquaintances. I took them seriously.. Experts said there was nothing wrong with it. Drink plenty of water and eat and drink whenever you should.. Because he is an acquaintance, the doctor said very clearly: I will not prescribe any medicine for you, even if it is prescribed, it is also a nourishing medicine such as vitamins, and it will only cost money.. This should be very good, but he was even more suspicious: the doctor said that he should eat and drink if he should, and whether he had an incurable disease or not? I said, older, dry lips is a normal phenomenon. But he is still not at ease to look around. When I went to the provincial capital, my daughter-in-law’s mobile phone was stolen by thieves, but the daughter-in-law was reasonable and didn’t care about it.. He went to the city to watch the advertisement on TV. The Jianghu doctor prescribed only a few hundred yuan of medicine..     I didn’t feel normal at the time when he was so exciting and moving.. Ask your wife to call your mother – in – law. My mother-in-law said that when I was young, someone calculated the hexagrams for my father-in-law and said that he could live to be seventy years old. This year is just seventy years old. I always feel this afflictive and uncomfortable psychologically. I went there to see it..     Knowing the reason, we advised him that at that time, seventy was the birthday, and now living conditions are good and medical standards are high. At that time, seventy was at least over eighty, so you can rest assured.. So, finally better. Wait until you bring your grandson, and you forget to look at him.     In view of the last experience, I asked my mother-in-law again this time. It turned out that a colleague from the father-in-law unit had pancreatic cancer and could not come in three months from the Spring Festival.. Plus this year happened to be seventy – three, folk saying seventy-eight and eighty – four, Yan did not call himself to go. Under the psychological effect, father-in-law worried again.     I told the doctor about these factors. The doctor said he was relieved that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer came quickly, up to six months. Your color Doppler ultrasound showed that your pancreas is fine. The knot was untied, so I prescribed medicine and went back. I felt better the next day..     Compared with his father – in – law’s carefulness, his mother-in-law is generous and a little careless.. As for the old man’s illness, my opinion is that if he is ill, he should be treated and not too sensitive.. Her character is good for her health. A few years ago, I watched her lose weight and asked her to go to the hospital for examination. B ultrasound was performed in the local hospital and found a shadow on the abdomen, which was suspected to be a tumor at the time.. Father – in – law is extremely nervous, mother-in-law said, seven old eighty, love what is what. So careless don’t care. I came to the military hospital to find experts to examine it in detail. The experts confirmed that the abdomen was flooded and eliminated the tumor.. According to the water treatment for a period of time, he recovered and recovered.     Father, last year 73.The chronic cor pulmonale is especially serious. He has a stubborn temper and does not come to see a doctor. Always say that people are old, that’s all. See what. Rural medical insurance is basically not reliable. I know he is reluctant to spend money on his children. I went back to pick him up a few years ago and didn’t come. Daughter said, or call and say you are ill and let him come to see you, grandpa will certainly come. My daughter said that she was joking with me. I thought this girl must have watched more TV shows.. He couldn’t pick him up until a relative’s child got married and he had to come. After attending the wedding, I checked with him at the hospital, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and bad heart. I prescribed medicine and took it for a long time, which improved slightly.. This winter is especially cold, and pulmonary heart disease is even more serious. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep when it’s serious.. I went home to take a look at it and quickly picked it up. My friends in the hospital helped take care of it, contacted experts, gave injections and took medicine before getting better..     Mother used to pinch and scrape, usually loathe to give up eating, loathe to give up seeing a doctor. I always work at leisure and often get tired and ill. I came home and was ill twice before I came to see a doctor.. One time she went to the mountain to order beans. Mountain remote, would not have let her grow, loathe to give up desolate, just take advantage of the rain to grow beans. As a result, the old sick man who came back tired spent six or seven hundred yuan to see a doctor.. The beans also weighed 5kg. This truth has been told to her countless times and there is no way out. Later, she coaxed and advised that her granddaughter missed her and should go and have a look, and so on, she was finally brought in for treatment.. Fortunately, years of old illness have gradually improved, feeling better than in previous years, and children are really pleased. Therefore, when dealing with the elderly, we can only coax and coax the elderly. If we should persuade, we should serve three-year-old children.!


The story of Zhang Liangqiao picking up shoes is well known. It not only shows the virtue of Zhang Liang’s respect for elders, diligence and kindness, and responsibility for the elderly, but also shows his comprehensive qualities such as being smart, quick and resourceful, capable of examining the extremely precious connotation of communication and communication, which is a precursor to his success, so Huang Gongcai trusted him like that.. Talent can also have a premonition not only in youth but also as a child.. xu teacher, a high school student who has a deep influence on me, has two men and four women, but every time he comes home from the classroom, only one daughter knows to move a stool for her. This is her third daughter, Xu Zhongyu. xu teacher said that when he was teaching at Luzhai Middle School, Zhongyu was only four or five years old and was just a toddler. Every time she saw me coming from the classroom, she moved a low stool for me and gave me a sweet shout, Dad – you sit down. Every time my heart was as sweet as honey, and the tiredness of telling a lesson was like being swept away, I thought at that time, how could the child be so sensible and lovely – and then her four sisters became national teachers on her own. Now retired, he is still growing in my mind like a lush poplar tree whose leaves are green and its branches are tender like the waist and arms of a beautiful woman.. That was in the seventies. At that time, the two rows of earth classrooms in the brigade primary school were washed down by the heavy rain, and our six teachers had to fight their own battles underground like the guerrillas who fought against Japan when the enemy was strong and the enemy was weak – each returned to the villages to run schools separately, fighting against ignorance and ignorance, which were even more tenacious and ruthless enemies than the Japanese devils.. I taught the first, second and fourth grade compound classes in the village’s two adobe houses. Because nearly toddlers came to school like gyroscopes twirling their wines.. His name is Liu Shichuang, a child of his cousin’s nephew, and he is only five years old and has also come. Once class was over, the humble classroom did not even have a bench. I was standing at the door of the classroom. Liu shichuang moved his small stool to my front and cried with milk and milk. big ye, sit down. I pushed him away and he shoved the bench under my leg’s rear butt, still calling sweetly, big ye, you sit down. I picked him up and sat down. I held him in my arms and kissed him with his plump, round, angelic face. It was lovely.! At that time, there were more than 40 students in the class. Among the boys and girls studying at night, there were already 15 or 16 years old. He was the only one who knew how to respect the teacher and give convenience to others.. The child will grow up to be intelligent, clever and good at communication and will handle affairs. I only passed by in my heart, but I didn’t know it was a precursor to his success. Now the grandson has changed his name to Liu Jie, and he has come out of our abandoned village and lived in the provincial capital Hefei.. After more than 30 years of teaching, I did not realize until I retired now that talents, especially those who can achieve great success, will have a premonition as if they were dizzy from the sun and dizzy from the rain and the moon in their childhood.. In 2012. 8. 24

Deep in the forest of clouds, a hangover of soul

Attend the bamboo pavilion regulations Wang Wei leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song.     too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon.     Wen / light ink world of mortals is still at night and the wind is clear. A wisp of moonlight came, a note of vegetarian warmth was held, a cup of inky incense was poured, and a Qinghuan was found.. I like the cool and refreshing place in my heart most, laying quietly elegant poetry. Low brow, suddenly heard the sound of a great zither, from between the lines, reaching deep into the soul, trying to find out through the fog, only to fall into the wonderful realm of Tao Ran’s ethereal spirit without knowing the way home..     On the bank of the water mae, I saw a bright and long man with a happy face in the depths of the cloud forest, waving five strings, singing and singing, his eyes slightly closed and his heart wandering in taixuan. The gentle moonlight, like gauze, gently sprinkled on him and looked far away, giving people a sacred and inviolable purity.. I, who strayed into the water bank, listened quietly and looked silently as if even breathing was unnecessary..     This is a leisurely meeting with the moon and bamboo forest, a romantic love with nature and music, a dance with soul, and a unique joy in life..     A Mohist once said that happiness alone is the Buddha nature of life, like the wind blowing from the bottom of the lotus.. It is not a hysterical carnival, nor is it a solitary solitude, but an indulgence beyond life, a dialogue with one’s own heart on the way of pilgrimage..     Indeed, all living beings are in uproar, only the flowers are still. Poet leaning alone in the close bamboos, the world forgets its opportunities, and there is no obstacle from common dust, nor is there any other person’s asking for help. He is full of forgiveness from heaven and earth and forgets everything from me to me.. The most beautiful flowers in the world are in the unknown. The clearest water flows in the mountains and forests. The ideal Taoyuan is in everyone’s heart.     The flashy world will only dye a heart in color and lose its former pure posture.. However, a quiet plain heart can shed all the magnificent colors in the world and enjoy simple happiness in a tune.. Because it is simple, it is clean. Because of light, so compassion; Because Ann tien, so precious. Deep in the forest of clouds, many fame and fortune have been played as white paper, and many past events have been divided into autumn red and autumn red.. As if one flower, one wood, one mountain and one water have Zen meaning, and all this is only for those who look at the scenery.     Suddenly, only the sound of the piano on the other side is getting further and further away from me, and all the wonderful interests in front of me are gradually becoming hazy.. Quiet corner of me, sudden feeling inner panic, unprepared, so beautiful and beautiful, it is sentimentally attached, let a person not give up leaving.     Lift your eyes, it is already late at night, the scene in front of you has already changed into a poem volume in your hand. However, is the wet handwriting my clear tears? It turned out that it was only a dream encounter, so the world forgot the machine is always too far away from me, across the shore of the distance. In this world, after all, I have too many worries, too many responsibilities, and the fetters of fate do not allow me to run away decisively.     The author of this poem is Wang Wei, who is called Shi Fo. Buddhism has a bill to participate in the Vimalakirt Sutra, which implies cleanness and freedom from pollution. Wang Wei, knowing that the Buddha is deeply related to him, took the word Vimalakirt.. He spent his life seeking sustenance in Buddhism and landscape, calling himself’ one enlightenment and silence is joy, and this life has nothing to spare’.     Whenever he is bound by the floating world, he will think of a poem by Wang Wei’ I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds’. There were numerous poets and monks in the Tang Dynasty, but only Wang Mojie was in Shi Fo. His poetry is cold and deep, far away from the world, free from earthly fireworks and full of Zen. The landscape in his works has surpassed the natural interest and immersed itself in a Zen realm, which is the difference between Wang and other poets.. Many people’s love for him is due to his poetic environment, which can take you away from the distracting worldly life in an instant and give the poor and needy a chance to change their fortunes..     It is often said that all encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. Perhaps, oneself and Wang Shi have some kind of inseparable predestination. Under the same time, everyone lives a life of his own. Some people, thousands of years apart, can confide in themselves. Some people, close at hand, are strangers. The same Tang poem, different people, was moved by different words. Emotion is the fatal weakness of human nature. The person you like may be ordinary, but you can’t forget it. The sentence you like may be unusual, but it makes you fondle admiringly..     Every time I read Wang Wei’s poems, I feel that although the journey under my feet is like the wind, there is a beautiful and picturesque rhyme that will never float away with time.. His poem, like a pot of tea cooked in the moonlight, lets you melt in without knowing it. If you grind in inkstone, your soul is dyed on rice paper by painter bo, and you think it is in the world.     In his poems, there is a kind of silent beauty in the emptiness, which enables readers to withstand the numerous temptations and endure the boundless loneliness. Indifferent feelings, flowing leisurely Zen. At the moment, you are still worrying about common things. All you need is a wisp of music, a cut of rhyme and a little ink and wash to resolve all the suffering there..     In the regulations on a dream of red mansions, Dai Yu taught Xiangling to write poetry, which was the first of Wang Mochai’s poems, again from Du Gongbu and Li Qinglian.. She lent Xiangling her regulations on participating in the complete works of Wang Mojie to read, which shows how much the talented woman of Zhong Ling Yuxiu likes Mojie’s poetry scene..    The bustling city with neon flashing and materialistic desire is indeed a temptation, but it seems to be less natural and simple than the clean mountain forest.. The reason why Wang Wei’s poems can be as light as floating dust is that his heart realizes that only nature is real and eternal.     Although everyone can touch the cool breeze with his hand, white clouds can be seen with his eyes lifted, and water can be heard while sitting still, if you do not have a quiet heart, you cannot have a profound conversation with all things in nature.. We should believe that everyone lives with his or her heart resting on him or her, or life will be dull..     leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song, too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon. Some people, some things, are destined to meet only in dreams. But I know that the strings of life will play brighter and brighter and shine clean in the cold moonlight..     QQ : 786835068

Be a gourmet goblin woman

The goblin has no age. Being a goblin – like woman has its unique charm at any age! A woman is about to be a’ goblin’ like a woman and a’ gourmet goblin woman’, which is my greatest wish and goal in this life.! If not in this life, then, in the next life, I must also become a’ goblin woman’! – Wen: Women who have fallen behind the fence must practice themselves first. Don’t be afraid of not being loved by men. Women should love themselves. When it comes to’ goblins’, there may be a lot of people who have the same picture in their mind: make – up, posing, flirting and twirling.. In fact, this kind of woman is not a’ goblin’, but can only be called a monster!     Demons can become refined, indicating that they have learned to practice. The demon became a monster, but it was the kind of monster that was neither fish nor fowl and was harmful to the human world.. It’s like taking part in the goblins in the regulations on journey to the west. Those goblins are too turbid and can’t be said. So, at best, they are just monsters. The goblin I want to say is a perfect goblin, the ultimate’ goblin woman’. This kind of woman is rare among women.     The goblin woman is not necessarily a’ bad woman’; Don’t have to make up, scratch your head and pose; You don’t have to release the depravity to your heart’s content. Such a woman is not a goblin, but a monster! Between’ goblins’ and’ monsters’, there is a big difference, even a big difference, although only one word is different..     The goblin woman I want to be is a kind of demon in cultivation and connotation, and none of these can be changed or accomplished overnight. The real’ goblins’ are a kind of realm. Not to say how many charms you have and how many devils you have. But a kind of taste, a kind of amorous feelings, a kind of temperament, a kind of accomplishment!     Why is it that as a woman, she can always feel happy and share happiness? But she is full of complaints, complaining all day long? This is the difference between’ goblin woman’ and ordinary ordinary woman. She is happy, because she can let go, she understands tolerance and the way of doing things for others.. The biggest reason for this is that she is a ” goblin woman” who has cultivated her talents.!     She doesn’t need to look beautiful, but she certainly knows how to play the woman.. Being a coquetry woman is always more feminine than not being coquetry. Between raising your hands and throwing your feet, men will always be tempted by it.     ‘ gourmet goblin woman” certainly won’t run wild, more won’t have nothing to do, because she knows that men are tired. However, she must be gentle. She is not only a good wife and mother, but also a working girl. She got up in the hall and down in the kitchen. No matter where she goes, she can be calm, calm and comfortable.     ‘ Acura Woman” Her maturity, her temperament, such as a cup of tea, is fragrant and refreshing after being brewed.. She can make impulsive men rational and violent men quiet. And’ goblin woman’ her coquettish and intelligent heart is like a good book, so you can read it again and not get tired of it thousands of times . Ah, she will make tired men relaxed and relaxed. She can make a man the happiest man in the world.     ‘ goblin woman” she has amorous feelings, but not coquettish; She is very gentle, but not weak; She is intelligent, but does not make public. She depends on you, but she won’t embarrass you. Because she knows how to advance and retreat and prioritize. She knows how to control her emotions and knows the most important meaning of respect, sacrifice and giving.     With such a goblin woman, you will feel like a real man, a loved man, a respected and valued man.. This kind of woman will give men a complete sense of security and belonging.     There is a more important point: goblin women know how to love themselves! They know that no man is worth his life to please. Again crazy thing, experience once is enough, if experience the second time, then not crazy woman is silly treasure. If a man starts snubbing you, he must know how to leave. I don’t know the man who cherishes you, what else is worth your doing? You know, even if you pay more tender feelings for such a man, it’s no use crying over spilt milk. It’s only you who are sad..     Those immature young women may bring a thrilling love to men. However, when you run out of energy, you will find that everything around you has been messed up. But’ the best goblin woman’ is a meaningful scenery and a sincere and peaceful scenery in the heart of this noisy world.. Is also ignored by people, but also precisely the lack of a landscape.

If you are my grass

I smile in the dust, enjoy the warm, forget the fleeting Jinxi is what year.A decision moment, was actually a different outcome.As time rushing water, like the drip away, absently walking in muddy dirt road, people around come and go, they appeared, they hurried away, as if I was a truth in the church, who will not accompany you to the end – they are passing.    After all, it is to leave.    Watching the street tough grass, perhaps no one concerned about their existence, even trample the dignity of the human being.And finally immersed in the dust, if I can, I look back to you again and again, back to the frivolous rain tenderness you like the wind, and quietly to see through time.    I held a trace of rain, irrigation will you, will you raise narcissistic every day, either you soaring on the dirt roads.Frost sleeping, with your language fragrant, with the all my love to suck away all worldly point of view, by the sun to you every inch of nutritional supplements, left behind a heart of gold, I saw you kneeling lying.I exhausting, for you I, horizon, suddenly see your tears, as if Buddha-like instant solidification, like a poetic picture branded in my heart.I used to imprison all and vision, willing engraved blood pool for your Liuchang, I can not promise under oath, only under a pen with a bleeding heart seal your forced smile, I shuttle in space, the displaced season , did not dare to forget you wait for me at the other end of time.    Stack can not afford to miss the shutter doors, hand-held pole moral, after years of profligacy crazy Britain, love long road, mixed with you I take the wrong chord Flanagan.You to fill with tears met, I already forget that you are my heart that blades of grass, but also how to pull pull can not afford to own the whole world in the rain, just to be able to grow on me after you piece of dirt along the roadsides.My mind with the greatest in the decibel cry, but you turn a blind eye.Too noisy world, reality is so little, express delivery time is always so far away off his legs, but also not to miss the end of.Bowl, not so much crazy ruthless pier residual soul sigh.

About cold

About the cold, I am afraid of the cold. It is cool to talk about the cold.. Last night, a piece of news in the circle of friends began to spread like a plague, saying that Liaocheng is going to have a big temperature drop, rain and strong winds, which are very severe and combative. At night, I curled up in bed and shivered..     There is such a fear that it is all caused by the cold memory in childhood. I think it makes sense to say’ childhood can’t go out for a lifetime’. The feeling and memory of cold in a long childhood are too deep and profound, even if you pick up some fragments of cold memory in your childhood today, it can be said that you can easily pick them up..     For example, when I was a child, there were many cracks, large and small, on the road in winter in my hometown, saying that it was frozen and like a ghost, I would eat people with my mouth open.. Again, for example, in winter, there are often some cracks on the back of the hand, which is also frozen. The volume of the whole hand is nearly twice as large as normal. If the color is as ripe as pork elbow, the fragile skin will inevitably burst and ooze blood and thick juice from time to time.. In fact, the phenomenon is also very common. I still feel more profound and profound. I learned a few words about cold after school, such as’ the cold wind is biting’ and’ the wind is cutting like a knife. The teacher described the weather as cold as if it had been exaggerated many times, but I felt that the cold wind is biting and the wind is cutting like a knife is not exaggerating at all..     Because of fear of the cold, one of my greatest wishes as a child was to go to the south in the future, because I think the south must be warm near the sun. As a child, my imagination of space was very different between the north and the south. The imagination of the north can only reach 7 – 8 miles to the north of our village. I can’t imagine anything further north, but for the south, I can imagine the area around the Yangtze River, which is a paradise in my imagination..     Until many years later, I met a friend who went to school from the Yangtze River in the south. Speaking of winter in the south was much more than I expected. He said that winter in the south was much more profound than my feeling of cold, saying,’ We are all fake cold here, that’s really cold in the south. The cold here is cold meat pain, and the cold in the south is frozen into bones’. It turned out that the warm south I imagined was a misunderstanding. In cold weather, the south and the north have nowhere to hide..     In the history of our country, it is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the external disasters come from the north. Is there any weather factor in the persistent southward attacks of the nomads born in the north?? Is there any misunderstanding of the south as I do? At the thought of this, I sometimes have a somewhat better understanding of the continuous southward invasion of nomads born in the north in history. If I were born in the desolate and cold northern grassland, would I be willing to do so?? It is estimated that he will ride his horse and kick all the way south. The warm south is a gentle land of milk and honey, and the lotus flowers in the three autumn laurels will drool when he thinks about it..     In fact, compared with places farther north, such as northeast China, our coldness here is really nothing, and it is only minus ten degrees when we are coldest here, but the northeast China will casually get a minus ten degrees. I haven’t been to northeast China in winter, and I can’t imagine what kind of cold it is, so I thought once that the northeast people’s body must have strong cold resistance, but one year a northeast folks came back to visit relatives, but they were bitter and bitter with cold and turned hair and color, shrinking their heads and tails, saying that Shandong is too cold and their expressions are much more exaggerated than ours.. I was really surprised to see businessmen and craftsmen from the south walking through the cold wind in the north with thin plates and thinner clothes from time to time.! It is really completely subverting my previous understanding of northerners and southerners.     The cold resistance of animals is much stronger than that of human beings, and some experts have concluded that the animal skin is covered with thick fluff and the warmth retention index is quite good.. However, there are still many animals that do not have fluff, such as cattle and horses, which have very little fluff and only a thin layer of body hair. The pig’s body is even small and thick and hard with ordinary hair, and those animals that do not have hair, such as frogs and snakes, are forced to fight the cold with fresh meat. This spirit of Hong Mei proud of snow is also true..     I often think that people should really hibernate. When the earth is frozen for thousands of miles, where is it suitable for survival? , but human beings just can’t bear loneliness, don’t want to kill all things shaw season noisy not line. Did man really evolve from ape man? If you are so intolerant to the cold, why did you get rid of all your hair?? So that now from time to time, some other animals’ fur has been forcibly peeled off and put on their own bodies. If you leave me with a beautiful hair, I will dye it in various colors to make a changeable hair style, which is definitely much more than the wisp of black hair on the top of my head now..     From time to time in recent years, there have been articles about Japanese education, saying that Japanese teenagers deliberately run outdoors in the winter season with shorts and thin shirts, in order to work their muscles and bones to strengthen their will and respect them, and that they are more spoiled than Chinese teenagers.. I looked very disapprovingly and unconvinced, thinking that Japanese teenagers have a good life, what do they have when they move from warm indoor to outdoor, the heat stored in their bodies can completely cope with the cold within a certain period of time and protect their bodies from frostbite, and their feelings for the cold are also different.. Just like a person who deliberately does not eat for one or two days feels different about hunger from those who are destitute and have not been able to find a place for the last meal..     When I was a teenager, I never had to run outdoors deliberately, because there was no difference between our indoor and outdoor areas. When I was a child, the doors and windows in my hometown were not tightly sealed, and there was no heating facilities in the room. When the outdoor temperature was below zero, the indoor was frozen at any time. I still remember that the rice bowls piled up during meals were frozen together and need to be boiled with hot rice.. Although three meals a day can eat but not enough calories, and the body is cold this winter, so frostbite of feet, hands, ears and face is a common occurrence every winter, first swelling and discoloring, then skin cracking and bleeding, then festering and festering, and finally scabbing and molting, year after year. If one can compare with the other in terms of will?     My daughter asked me what I was doing. I said I had written some words about the cold. My daughter returned to me:’ Dad, you are so boring’.     I replied, ” Isn’t it?”. Just boring.     2019. 11. 08. 21.08

Suffering is the old wine

At the winter solstice, a long-lost snow came unexpectedly, and in a flash, the yellow river mouth where I lived was already covered with silver and jade and became a glittering and translucent world..     As usual, I sat bored in a warm room, sipping a cup of tea and casually browsing the gossip posts and interesting articles in the Jianghu on the Internet.. At this moment, a gust of wind roar outside stirred my stillness like dead water, and I went to the window irritably.. Oh, I was shocked by the sight: under the eaves not far away, a string of ice skates hung neatly, and the transparent body was glowing with cold light, which reminds me of the soldiers who were about to go out in ancient times and the spear and halberd held by the soldiers.. Looking up, the grey sky was filled with snowflakes. The snowflakes, like oil paper umbrellas, danced wildly in the sky. They played and chased each other and cuddled and cuddled each other … Ah, like naughty teenagers playing and kissing each other.! They seem to have forgotten what cold ling is and what fatigue is, just enjoying their own short happy time!     The wine was sold, the wine was sold, pure sorghum wine was strong, delicious and intoxicating! ‘ A burst of shouts of ” no anger, no fire” roused me from my wonderful imagination. I looked inside and saw an old man plodding along the snow-covered path with rickets pushing a tricycle. The tricycle has piled up thick snow so that the outline of the jars can be identified with care.. The old man is already a complete snowman. He is covered from head to foot with thick snow. Only when his knees and elbows are light green can he see that he is wearing a shabby military coat..     ‘ so much age, why not sell wine in this heavy snow day? ‘ The old man opposite me made my heart murmur! I don’t know whether it’s pity or curiosity, but I pushed the door and went out involuntarily. Just a few steps away, my back was swishing and cold, my cheeks were stinging and my eyes were narrowed by the swirling snowflakes.. I was fighting all over. I couldn’t help but wrap up my fur coat and came to the old man like a whirlwind.. The old man told me that his family name is Chen, he is a native and he is 62 years old this year. His family has a wife who has been in bed for a long time, and the only daughter is married out of town.     Seeing that I was a little confused about selling wine on this snowy day, the old man explained that it’s nothing, and that if you don’t sell wine, you’ll lose one day’s income, and if you don’t, you won’t have the money to cure your wife, and you won’t be able to guarantee three meals a day.. While you can still walk, earn one more point is one point! The old man paused for a moment and went on to say that Leng Xue Tianjiu actually sells better. First, there are more people at home than usual. First, the people who drink this wine are more fond of drinking it as the weather gets colder and colder.. I don’t care if I get tired and bitter, as long as I can sell wine! The old man stamped his feet, shook himself and rubbed his hands with hot air. The old man’s words seemed like a stream of heat pouring into my heart, and I felt warm all over. The old man’s words are a sword, poking me in awe. I looked at him carefully: the wrinkled cheeks were purple and blue, the gray eyebrows hung with water drops, and the messy stubble was cracked with a big mouth lacking a front tooth … Ah, the old man begged for my eyes and smiled at me with all his might.. I read his mind, my mind flitted through a trace of sadness and sadness, and there was a rush of warmth in my eyes … ” I bought 10kg of wine and gave me 10kg of wine.. ‘ My voice did not fall, with the shouts of’ Good Come’, the old man has skillfully handed me a plastic bucket of wine.. The old man took the money, pushed up the tricycle and shouted as he walked. I stood there, seeming to forget the wind and snow. I kept chewing on the old man’s words and staring at the old man’s fading back … Ah yes, ” I don’t care if I get tired of it, as long as I can sell wine.! ‘ The old man was right. In fact, suffering is a great wealth. Only those who have experienced suffering will have a better life, and only those who have suffered will know how to cherish it more.! Napoleon didn’t also say,’ People grow up from suffering. Only by striving optimistically can we continue to thrive; otherwise, it will be easy to bury and remain silent for a lifetime.. Thought, I walked into the house and poured a cup of neck in impatience.. Oh, the wine was so strong, so strong and so strong that I was a little dizzy in the blink of an eye.! I’m thinking, in fact, suffering is the old wine. The older it is in the cellar of time and space, the softer and sweeter our memories are and the longer we have a lingering aftertaste. Ah, contact email DSM 5633 @ 163.. Communications company

” Civilization should be built from a small place.”

‘ Civilized Community Building” One of the Series Reports” Civilized Building, Start from a Small Place” Lao Song, who lives in Building 42, Xiyuan New Village, Jianhu County, never thought of the problems that have plagued him these days. Thanks to the efforts of cadres in Xiyuan Community, Jinhu Town, he has been solved very well and said happily to everyone: ” The public family has devoted all its mind to deepening civilized city building.”. As a member of the community residents, I also want to do my best to create snacks and contribute to civilization. ‘ In a green space in Xiyuan Community, Laosong, who has passed the age of flower armor, picked up a bottle blown by the wind and talked with reporters with mirth.. It turns out that odbo, who enjoys subsistence allowances, usually helps his family by picking up and selling waste products. the’ junk’ he picked up is placed in loudaokou and his home on the 42nd floor.. In summer, it is inevitable that some smells will be emitted and the cleanliness of the environment will also be affected. My neighbors have opinions and my heart is very sorry.. We should not only pay attention to people’s livelihood, but also do a good job in building civilization. On the one hand, life demands proper care, and on the other hand, environmental sanitation concerns image.. This gives the community cadres a difficult problem. After careful consideration, the community specially took out two staff members a few days ago to help odbo find a waste storage site. After many twists and turns, he finally coordinated a small house with more than 10 square meters and free waste storage at the waste transfer station in the district.. It not only solved the problem of odbo, but also won the understanding and support of the residents in the community.   Xiyuan community is a large community with 6 shaped communities and nearly 4000 households. During the interview, the reporter accompanied Secretary Zhu Zhenghong around Dengda, Weiye and other residential areas and found that the residents behaved generously and civilized and the residential environment was neat and orderly.. In every Loudaokou, there is a striking ” Basic Code of Conduct for Citizens”. In the windows and billboards, the content of civilization creation is rich and colorful. Every road and building is also very clean and sanitary. The whole community is in good order and permeated with a harmonious and civilized atmosphere everywhere..   ‘ civilization creation is no small matter. To build Wen Ming city and be a civilized person, one must start from every small matter. Although it is a small matter that we helped odbo to find a waste storage site, we let residents see our community cadres’ hands-on work attitude and moral pursuit of paying attention to people’s livelihood in the process of civilization creation.. To deepen the construction of civilized cities, a lot of work will end up in the community, and a lot of work needs us to implement one by one.. It is the high importance attached to every small matter concerning civilization and the effective resolution of every difficulty affecting civilization that makes the whole community look brand – new.. It is also because of the joint efforts of every community and every resident that the city’s civilization and harmony have been exchanged.. ‘ The words of Zhu Zhenghong, secretary of the Party General Branch of Xiyuan Community are convincing.   ‘ Everyone lives in a civilized and harmonious community, with a clean and comfortable environment, with flowers everywhere, grass and green, and civilized and peaceful families. Let’s not say how happy our mood is.. ‘ In the southern district of Taiping New Village, retired teacher Yuan took the reporter’s hand and said happily.   The improvement of a community’s civilization requires the active efforts and joint participation of the general public. There are more than 100 corridor leaders in our Xiyuan community, and more than 200 retired veteran cadres, old teachers and old workers who have formed a civilized volunteer team. They have been running around every neighborhood, building and household in the community all the year round. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, they can be seen in obscurity and toil and bustle.. With their support and dedication, the civilization of our Xiyuan community will be more colorful! ‘ Zhu Zhenghong said confidently.


Yellowing doors bits and pieces of the most beautiful landscapes scarred printed once owned, low red brick of the old house always brought back those memories touch of sadness.This is the old hospital where my grandparents had lived, although unoccupied for several years, after wind and rain erosion of withered relentless years of throwing, still the same is quaint and quiet, is endless Pinza principle and interest of life and philosophy of life.    I heard the door squeak open, clean, clean relic cleaned the hospital as.The well Indus grandfather planted have grown up, it has a calm passion, there is a quiet and imaginative.Cross on the roof of yellow-green, yellow grass complaint about the story yesterday, doing the spring dream, dark green grass positive laughing slapstick.Hanging on the wall of the old house still keep traces of sickle, red brick exterior wall has turned into the soil under the ridge-like formation of a hillock in the wall to get the red.My most memorable is that of a vegetable plot in the wall, it’s like a profound book I intensive, like a classic song let me finish, he saw a lot of people a lot of things that I will pour spread clear and distant dream.  Grandpa was a hard-working people, hard working life, obscure, late in life can not do the heavy work, but satisfied with the old.In his yard opened up a vegetable plot, the family did not want him to do, bitter persuasion, can grandfather said: Renna, can not forget our roots, get busy, or else the man was still alive doing.Grandpa said the family had no choice so good with him.  There are several children of his own grandfather worry about food or clothing, but it happens to the whole piece of land, do not help the family, which makes clean, neat, like a work of art.Once, a neighbor walked from the front, he said: “Father, you still vegetable ah!Quickly go back and rest, do not tired, that it enjoy good fortune.” I’m fine, veteran cadres to live to old ah ‘grandfather said then laughed.  Grandfather of vegetable is very in love.Lay Dying, it vegetable grandfather pointing to the negative entrusted to his family.Soon, the grandfather laughed and gone, and his smile was fixed on the vegetable garden.  Grandpa has always been a hard-working person.According to her mother recalled, when she first came to my home village elders have heard talk about my grandfather very capable.  Grandpa was gone, the family often come to the old hospital.Clean the yard, full vegetable, then that is standing there quietly looking at the vegetable garden, silent for a moment then quietly leave.  Dad always wanted me to look at the old hospital, in fact, do not call me dad, I would have to see it, because I often dream of my grandfather, we can see the vegetable garden to see Grandpa, Grandpa is watching the vegetable to go, and I have to walk on the vegetable to jump on him.  Now, the vegetable garden has a covered fruit, more brilliant in the autumn.