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Venezuela condemned the US currency for oil ban

Xinhua News Agency, Caracas, March 19 (Reporters Xu Ye and Wang Ying) – 19, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement, strongly condemned the US President signed Trump prohibit US citizens and government entities involved in the Commission issued an encrypted digital currency currency trading oil the Executive order。
The statement said the US government's economic sanctions and financial embargo against Venezuela in violation of the UN Charter and international law, sabotage of the Venezuelan economy and people's lives。 The statement said that the government appoint release oil money is an important tool to break the dollar hegemony, to promote the domestic economy and the development of production。
Committee reiterated the government to the international community, we will unswervingly promote the development of oil and related currency block chain project, the oil money to become one of the world's most reliable digital currency encryption。
The White House announced that at 19, Trump signed an executive order prohibiting US citizens and individuals and entities within the United States or entities involved in the Venezuelan government or its agents for digital currency transactions, Executive Order came into force on 19 noon。 Executive Order says, referring to the digital currency is issued by the Venezuelan government or its agent after this year and the January 9。 The move is intended to respond to the Venezuelan government to circumvent US sanctions, issued digital currency practices。 In addition, the US Treasury Department also announced an increase in sanctions against the government appointed four current or former officials。
Sanctioned personal assets in the United States will be frozen, and Americans will be embargoed dealings。 Venezuela every year 201,712 announced the release of oil encrypted digital currency coins。
According to the Venezuelan government white paper released January 31, oil currency circulation of 100 million。 Currently oil money is in the pre-sale stage, the Commission has said that the next government will issue gold coins and other digital encryption oil money。 Since the mid-second half of 2017, the United States held in Venezuela due to the Constituent Assembly elections on the subject of the Commission to impose sanctions several times, many times to expand economic sanctions against individuals appointed current and former senior officials, also prohibits US financial institutions involved in the Venezuelan government and state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela new debt and equity transactions, prohibits US institutions involved in the transaction part of the Venezuelan public sector debt has been issued, etc.。

Magic board 42 minutes lost rocket 0-1 home clippers Paul Griffin missed three pairs

  Ticker May 5, the first half behind the Clippers in the case of double-digit comeback, away to beat the Rockets 117-101, leading the Western Conference semifinals 1-0。
  - Chris Paul sidelined, Blake – Griffin another triple-double, 26 points, 14 rebounds and 13 assists, Matt – Barnes 20 points, JJ- Redick 17 points, Austin – River Adams also scored 17 points, D'Andre – Jordan 10 points and 13 rebounds。
Off the bench Jamal – Jamal Crawford 21 points。
  Rockets lose home-court advantage。 Dwight – Howard 22 points and 10 rebounds and five blocked shots, James – Harden 20 points and 12 assists, Trevor – Trevor Ariza 17 points, Jason – Terry 10 points。
  Rockets full rest for six days, the former barely Clippers and Spurs finish seventh。
Rocket is playing at home, we can say is wait at Plaza。
  This is the rocket in mid-2009 for the first time since the second round, is the 13th in team history。 Clippers for two consecutive years come this far。   Clippers won the tie-break, but also pay a painful price – Chris Paul hit the winning goal, but a thigh injury, could not play today。   The Clippers had to use small rivers as the starting point guard, he and Paul is clearly not the same level of players, after playing seemed more jerky, poor state after opening the Clippers。   After playing the game one minute, both teams failed to score, but Howard is a nail plate large cap in mind to make the fans boiling。
When the first section there are 10 minutes and 36 seconds, Rivers hit a three-pointers, Terry immediately in front of him break layup, after which a person Ariza scored 5 points in the Rockets began to enter the state, to a 7-3 lead。
Ariza became the first rocket attack point of this section, the half after the holiday, his third hit twice, Harden in this section will be the end of the third succeeded, the Rockets 25-19 to gain advantage。   Inside the contest more exciting。
Section II as well as 10 minutes and 12 seconds, three-wire under rocket fast break, Ariza lifted the ball, Howard alley-oop dunks with both hands, jope Since then hit the third, the Rockets 34-21 to expand the advantage。
Clippers inside is not weak, this section there are 7 minutes and 43 seconds, Howard Johnson hit Jordan, shots after the turn, but capped Jordan。
After 1 minute, Jordan grabbed the offensive rebound, immediately attacked, but the ball shot by Howard palm shoot off。   Post player blocks another, and in this section the last moment, there was a "cross-cut"。 The Clippers took the lead on Smith foul, he hit one free throw。 Rockets were immediately on the spot foul on Jordan, he missed two free throws。
Rivers seeing bad, Jordan will be replaced, but they continue to foul Howard。
Halftime, the Rockets lost double-digit advantage, only to lead 50-46。
  The third quarter and 9 minutes and 42 seconds, Harden hit three-pointers, the Rockets still lead to 57-51。 After the rocket missed a row, and hit three Reddick, clippers even after 6 points, the score。 When more than half of this section, with Howard and Smith, the latter alley-oop dunks, leading the Rockets to 65-62。
The last time the Rockets are 68-66 lead, Rivers also to third, the Clippers played after a wave of 12-4, 78-72 in one fell swoop to exceed。
This section Clippers to 37-27 victory over the first three quarters to lead 83-77。   Grabbing rebounds for the Rockets is not active, the attack is also powerless, lost double-digit advantage did not say, hand behind a double-digit fourth quarter。
  Barnes and Crawford hit third in succession, the game there are 4 minutes and 24 seconds, Griffin grabbed the offensive rebound, Reddick shooting at approaching 24 seconds, leading the Clippers to 101-88 13 points。   Harden had launched rockets from the storm, he first hit a record third, then causing Barnes fouls on the perimeter, after two three free throws, the Rockets 93-101 behind。   The two teams began to "cut each other," Jordan hit two free throws after being replaced, while Howard missed two free throws。   Terry's three-pointers to narrow the gap to eight points to 97-105 backward, but After the rocket crash, Rivers and Redick have been hit three-pointers, hit a wave of 10-0, when there are seconds in the game, Clippers lead to 115-97, to seal the victory。 (Angkor)。

Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang: for information management and supervision of listed companies will implement transmissive

CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang told Securities Times reporter, said transmissive supervision of the capital market, according to China's capital market regulatory approach unique to China's national conditions created by the international market some of this reference。Jiang Yang said, will be gradually introduced to the transmissive regulatory and information management, supervision of listed companies。  Jiang Yang: information management and trust company like shareholders should focus on whether the regulatory structure of shareholders of listed companies in the information management and trust products should be the key regulatory issues, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang said: "From the investor responsible for the majority of point of view, it should do so。Different regulators may have different regulatory orientations, but to protect the interests of investors are common principles。"Jiang Yang: Our market regulation can directly see through the account coding Jiang Yang, investors said, our market regulators can directly see through the account coding investors, but the Western market regulators can not see the individual investor accounts only see through intermediaries。  "Our transmissive regulation, because many Chinese retail market conditions, our market regulations, systems which still sound, so the funds, running a single trading account can grasp, easy to create a deterrent, so that they (offenders) hesitant market manipulation。"Jiang Yang told reporters, we have just launched when seen wearing style regulation, there are many international voices said they did not understand that the international practice is not the same。However, the capital market to develop, implement support for economic development, protect investors, it is imperative first of all see through the market, to see through the behavior of each trader。  "If the market is manipulated in turmoil, the market is gone," said Jiang Yang, so we lost the market to support development financing, economic development intention。  Commission to investigate illegal in mid-2017, the number of administrative punishment made to maintain growth year on year。Data show that the Commission make annual administrative penalty decision 224, the amount of fines 74.7.9 billion yuan, an increase of 74.74%, 44 Shichangjinru people, an increase of 18.91%, the number of administrative punishment decision, the amount of fines, a new record high number of market exclusion。  In fact, "see through style regulation" has already become a certain international consensus "China experience"。December 7, 2017, international organizations and the World Bank announced the Chinese "Financial Sector Assessment Program" (FSAP) update the assessment of core results reports, including "China's financial system stability assessment report", "China Financial Sector Assessment Report" and "About China to comply with regulatory objectives and principles of securities detailed assessment report "。  Assessment report affirmed the achievements of China's reform and development in recent years, economic and financial system, recognized by China's securities and futures regulatory system in line with the general requirements of international standards, positive comments from the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the first time since the FSAP prevention and control of risk assessments, strengthen supervision, deepen reform to promote the development of the main results achieved, noting in particular China advanced practices in investor protection and market risk monitoring is worth learn from other markets。  Among them, the report suggested that China Securities Regulatory Commission for the implementation of customer accounts "see through style" management, the establishment of capital market statistical monitoring center, construction of supervisory information sharing centralized supervision of the central information platform, enable the securities and futures market, "one yard pass' system risk identification and monitoring levels were significantly increased。  "We do transmissive regulation for many years, from we do not understand, do not know, everyone to understand, agree," Jiang Yang said that the establishment of transmissive supervision, regulation and create a unique Chinese way, won in the international part of understanding and support, are also part of the draw。This is a capital market builders, entrepreneurs and reformers common wisdom。  Transmissive regulatory supervision is exploring other developed market regulators have tried。SFC 90's of last century the United States has Xilaiweite in his memoirs "retail-oriented", the attention to detail that explains the problems in the US capital markets and the regulation of all kinds of frustration。  "It was Levitt also want to engage in penetration, programs are brought up, but was strongly opposed by Wall Street, not as dry as a。"Jiang Yang said that the main problem in Western markets see through the implementation of the regulatory formula that, after the securities firm representing clients, exchanges can only see the whole account, can not see behind the customer's transactions。When the customer orders, how declarations, how to deal, in the middle a few seconds or a few minutes of time difference, so there is a price quotes and spreads, the difference from the agency, "eaten"。  Jiang Yang said that our capital market is people-centered development philosophy, the transmissive regulation was supported by all levels of the country。He also said, will also see through style regulation adopted in Hong Kong and Shanghai through the field, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through, and asset management way。  Related reports

Central Bank: stable operation of the system to pay a quarter of the amount paid business steadily

2018 first quarter payment service statistics show that the national payment system run smoothly, expanding social capital transaction, the payment service volume steadily。  A non-cash payment instruments in the first quarter, the country handled a total of 2455 non-cash payment services.8.5 billion, totaling 930.60 trillion yuan, an increase of 36 respectively.And 0 to 60%.twenty one%。  (A) the amount of the overall bill bill business downward trend。The first quarter, the occurrence of a total of 5761 bill business.240,000, totaling 39.27 trillion yuan, respectively, year on year decline in 11.38% and 11.91%。Among them, check the business 5266.590,000, totaling 34.80 trillion yuan, down 12 respectively.84% and 12.54%; the actual settlement of commercial bill business 453.040,000, totaling 4.11 trillion yuan, an increase of 15 items.48%, year on year decline of 3.97%; 6 bank bill business.360,000, totaling 591.5.8 billion yuan, down 66 respectively.82% and 41.29%; 35 cashier's check business.250,000, totaling 2910.7.2 billion yuan, respectively, year on year decline in 25.24% and 27.38%。  Electronic commercial draft system to maintain overall traffic growth trend。In the first quarter, electronic commercial draft system 272 ticket.770,000, totaling 3.70 trillion yuan, an increase of 190, respectively,.44% and 30.49%; acceptance 282.020,000, totaling 3.79 trillion yuan, an increase of 188, respectively,.49% and 29.77%; 72 discounting.760,000, totaling 2.04 trillion yuan, an increase of 141, respectively,.77% and 19.28%; 156 Rediscount.130,000, totaling 9.23 trillion yuan, an increase of 51 items.09%, year on year decline in 25.22%; 13 collateral repo.120,000, totaling 1.49 trillion yuan, an increase of 2 items.00%, year on year decline in 31.04% 3。  (B) bank cards bank card volume continues to grow。By the end of the first quarter, the bank issuing the card with the number 70.1.3 billion, up 4.79%。Wherein, debit card number with 64.0 billion, up 4.84%; the number with issuing credit and debit cards total 6-one.1.2 billion, up 4.twenty three%。The national average bank card holders 5.04, which were in possession of credit cards 0.44 4。  Bank card acceptance environment continues to improve。By the end of the first quarter, the bank bankcard payment system networking merchants 2671.260,000, networking POS machines 3219.280,000, ATM machines 5111.530,000 units, an increase from the previous quarter end 78 respectively.660 000, 100.420,000, 15.470,000 units。The number of people nationwide each corresponding POS machines 231.59 units, growth of 2.67%, the number of ATM per million corresponding 8.02 Taiwan。  Bank card transaction volume increased rapidly。In the first quarter, the national bank card transactions occurred were 6431.1 billion, totaling 220.82 trillion yuan, an increase of 40 respectively.23% and 12.63%。Among them, 21 Existential business.0.2 billion, totaling 17.01 trillion yuan; cash business 38.4.2 billion, totaling 17.36 trillion yuan; transfer business 181.1.9 billion, totaling 165.84 trillion yuan; Consumer Business 190.4.7 billion, totaling 20.61 trillion yuan。Bank card penetration rate of 48.92%, the chain increased 0.13 percentage points; bank cards per capita consumption amounted to 1.480,000 yuan, an increase of 35.02%; average bank card consumption amounted to 2938.82 yuan, an increase of 21.22%; bank card consumption amounted to 1082 were pen.02 yuan, down 19 year.39%。  Bank card credit continues to grow。By the end of the first quarter, total bank credit card 7 to 13.14 trillion yuan, growth of 5.32%; outstanding credit card balance should 5.80 trillion yuan, up 4.46%。Bank card credit limits are 2.$ 150,000 credit utilization 844.17%。Six months overdue credit card total credit outstanding 711.4.8 billion yuan, growth of 7.29% of credit card accounts outstanding credit balance of 1.23% decline in the previous quarter end accounting 0.03 points。  Other settlement business volume (three) credit transfers and other settlement services such as credit transfers declined。The first quarter, total credit transfer occurs, direct debit collection commitments as well as domestic letter of credit business 24.1.8 billion, totaling 670.52 trillion yuan, down 5 respectively.66% and 2.54%。Among them, 22 credit transfer service.8.5 billion, totaling 660.34 trillion yuan。  (Iv) electronic payment mobile payment business volume and stable growth。In the first quarter, the banking institutions a total of 395 business process electronic payments 9.9.2 billion, totaling 746.33 trillion yuan。Among them, the online payment service 121.0.1 billion, totaling 635.76 trillion yuan, an increase of 7 items.12%, year on year decline of 3.49%; mobile payment services 109.6.3 billion, totaling 70.82 trillion yuan, respectively, year on year increase of 17.84% and 16.76%; 4439 telephone payment service.800,000, totaling 2.10 trillion yuan, an increase of 10 items.79%, year on year decline in 10.34%。  In the first quarter, non-bank payment institutions payment processing network traffic 101101.9.1 billion, totaling 51.13 trillion yuan, an increase of 134.00% and 93.15%。  Second, the payment system in the first quarter, the payment system handled a total of 264 payment services.8.3 billion, totaling 1427.70 trillion yuan。  (A) People's Bank of payment systems in the first quarter, the People's Bank of payment systems handled payment services 34 12.3.2 billion, totaling 1052.64 trillion yuan, an increase of 40 respectively.72% and 16.46%, accounting for the payment systems business number and amount of 12.96 and 73.73%。Average daily processing business 3986.280,000, totaling 17.11 trillion yuan 13。  Large real-time payment systems business to grow steadily。In the first quarter, large real-time payment processing business system 2.5.1 billion, totaling 992.01 trillion yuan, an increase of 19 respectively.35% and 16.87%。Handling an average of 411 business.330,000, totaling 16.26 trillion yuan。  BEPS business volume declined slightly。In the first quarter, BEPS processing business 5.0 billion, totaling 7.71 trillion yuan, down 26 respectively.66% and 13.08%。Handling an average of 555 business.190,000, totaling 856.8.2 billion yuan。  Online payment interbank clearing system rapid growth in the volume of business。In the first quarter, the online payment interbank settlement system processing business 26.0.4 billion, totaling 19.99 trillion yuan, an increase of 78 respectively.35% and 73.84%。Average daily processing business 2893.850 000, totaling 2221.3.8 billion yuan。  City clearing systems business declined slightly。In the first quarter, the same city clearing system processing business 14 7627.660,000, totaling 30.98 trillion yuan, down 10 respectively.27% and 6.39%。Handling an average of 125 business.040 000, totaling 5078.7.9 billion yuan。  Foreign Currency Payment System steady growth in domestic traffic。In the first quarter, domestic foreign currency payment systems business processing 53.000 000, totaling 3098.$ 5.7 billion (equivalent to approximately RMB 1.95 trillion yuan 15), respectively, year on year increase of 17.91% and 39.17%; average daily traffic processing 8688.93, totaling 50.$ 8.0 billion (equivalent to approximately RMB 319.4.1 billion yuan)。  (B) the payment system within other line banking financial institutions, payment systems business volume grew steadily。In the first quarter, inline banking financial institutions, payment systems business processing 82.5.6 billion, totaling 338.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 7, respectively.51% and 2.84%。Average daily processing business 9173.730,000, totaling 3.76 trillion yuan。  Cross-bank bankcard payment system to maintain business volume growth。In the first quarter, the bank bankcard payment system processing business 77.0000000000, totaling 27.20 trillion yuan, an increase of 16 respectively.33% and 35.26%。Average daily processing business 8555.210 000, totaling 3022.0.9 billion yuan。  City commercial bank draft processing systems and payment and settlement systems business items to maintain rapid growth。In the first quarter, city commercial bank draft processing systems and payment and settlement systems handling business 161 431.050 000, totaling 1576.2.1 billion, an increase of 231 items.51%, year on year decline in 27.74%。Handling an average of 15 business.900,000, totaling 17.5.1 billion yuan。  Rural Credit Banks payment and settlement system maintained a rapid growth of business items。The first quarter, rural credit bank payment clearing system handling business 13.0.5 billion, totaling 1.85 trillion yuan, an increase of 127, respectively,.66% and 15.14%。Average daily processing business 1450.010,000, totaling 205.0.3 billion yuan。  RMB cross-border payment system running smoothly。In the first quarter, the RMB cross-border payment system processing business 32.870,000, totaling 5.45 trillion yuan。Average daily processing business 5388.74, totaling 893.9.1 billion yuan。  Network of platform test run normally。In the first quarter, net linking business process platform 57.7.5 billion, totaling 2.02 trillion yuan 17。Average daily processing business 6416.860,000, totaling 224.6.8 billion yuan。  Third, the number of bank settlement accounts the steady growth of RMB Bank Settlement Accounts。By the end of the first quarter, a total of RMB bank settlement accounts opened 94.0.3 billion, growth of 1.94%, the growth rate quarter drops 0.81 points。  The number of bank settlement accounts unit steady growth。By the end of the first quarter, a total opening of bank settlement accounts for 5622.630,000, growth of 2.54% increase in the growth rate 0.15 points。Among them, the basic deposit accounts 3908.030,000, a general deposit account 1350.470 000, 345 special deposit account.170,000 temporary deposit accounts 18.950,000, accounting for 69 of the total of bank settlement accounts.51%, 24.02%, 6.14% and 0.34%。This quarter of the national basic deposit accounts increased 115.720,000, an increase of 19 general deposit account.360 000, special deposit accounts increased 4.220 000, the temporary reduction in deposit accounts 0.100 000。  The number of personal bank settlement account a slight increase。By the end of the first quarter, the country to open a personal bank settlement accounts 93.4.7 billion, an increase from the previous quarter end.7.8 billion, growth of 1.94%, the growth rate quarter drops 0.82 points。Account number per capita of 60,000.76。(Original title: the first quarter of 2018 the general situation of the payment system) (Editor: DF142)

Beijing Festival for the first time the site now sell unsold housing prices are no longer the urge to get to

Yesterday (February 28), after the Spring Festival Beijing market for the first time to sell two plots of land。Among them, from the Miyun limit room block before the shooting, because there is no sign the final unsold housing prices。Another case, Yongding Town, Mentougou comprehensive commercial financial services land only after the first offer, then the upset win by the West Beijing Financial Street + Landmark of the Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  In fact, this is just a microcosm of the recent Beijing earth beat market is clearly cooling。Statistical data from Centaline Property Research Center data show that as of now, the 2018 Beijing land transactions average premium rate was 12%, compared to 2017 24.33% significantly reduced, land unsold phenomenon is not the first occurrence。Guo Yi, director of marketing for Asian high on the "Daily Economic News" correspondent analysis pointed out that the market side, unsold land and overall performance of the industry changes in the market, suggesting that real estate developers face the difficulties and to the speed of tight cash flow problems。  Beijing land market, land unsold significant cooling at the end of it occur, by mid-2017 beat the market more soil is ending Liupai。  "A lot of land (to sell), the government agreed to a number of conditions very clearly, we will count your account balance。"Shimao Group and vice president Liu Hui, president of the North China region to" frankly Daily Economic News "reporter。  "Daily News" reporter combing found that the unsold land for the price of Miyun land, the land area of 5690.628 square meters, ground floor area of 13,658 square meters provisions, which also built free to move back to room 5684.19 m2。This means that only about 7974 square meters of residential real estate, housing sales price is not more than 21,215 yuan / square meter, the highest sales price shall not more than 22,276 yuan / square meter。  Centaline Dawei, chief analysts believe that the main reason for the unsold plots of land are small and also supporting the construction of which a large area of housing prices is the "cost" very low land。  It is noteworthy that, statistics from Centaline Property Research Center data show that, since 2018 (as of February 28th), Beijing soil beat market has four residential plots unsold。  For example, this year January 30 Beijing to sell three plots limit room, Fengtai District, a starting high as 63 billion involving home land by claiming no registration and the final unsold housing prices。The public sale of commercial land Mentougou also defines a 50% proportion of self-sustaining, the final upset win + WAB Street opposite Commonwealth, premium rate 0。  Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that from the premium rate, the Beijing land market in mid-2017 average premium rate of 24.33%。2018 average premium of land transactions was significantly lower, only 12% of。  There are indications that Beijing land market heat significant cooling。Dawei said that in 2018, Beijing has earth Homestead beat the market overall premium rate back to single digits, unsold residential land appeared four。And in the Beijing residential soil beat history, a total of 2018 there have been only 31 unsold residential plots。Current land property complex, as all comprehensive land price, housing price, total property room, etc.。  Housing prices are no longer blind to get to "last year began to increase land supply, housing prices also decision logic completely different。"Guo Yi analysis, said two years ago brand enterprises in Beijing to get to logic is there to compete for, at the time of acceptance of the premium is very high, then each take a piece of land to determine the brand of housing prices in the capital can not be We have the opportunity and space for sustainable development。  According to statistics, in 2017 Beijing land market annual turnover of 104 land, turnover of about 279.6 billion yuan, an increase of up to 225%。Among them, the residential land 71, a significant increase in land supply。Guo Yi pointed out some shortcomings of reserve land developer has received a lot of land reserves, sufficient land reserves in the status quo, to get to the power gradually weakened, developers began thinking about how to return the cash。Coupled with housing prices in recent years show a continued decline in the average profit margin status, increasing financial pressure。  From the financing point of view, 2018 is the most significant funds into the real estate trust to tighten。Dawei analysis pointed out that the trust funds into real estate suffered the impact of strict control under financial pressure housing prices began to emerge from the "930 Deal" began, the country's second-tier cities is tightly regulated。In this case, housing prices increasing financial pressure, although overall sales are still high, but let's use financial pressure to gradually increase, reduced the enthusiasm for non-premium plots。  For housing prices, financing costs increase, to lengthen the period of increased marketing costs, etc., are required to make at the time to get to the market value of the land precisely determine, once the market outlook is not optimistic, and get to develop cycle costs for various aspects of the capital chain housing prices will generate a lot of pressure。  "Because now Beijing already low profit margin development, coupled with the unsold land conditions may be slightly worse, certainly (difficult), but if you count this account to come, to do this, then。"Liu Hui in view, each a piece of land on the market must be determined by a series of estimates is worth attention。(Original title: low price after the holiday for the first time Beijing is now unsold land) (Editor: DF370)

After the establishment of the State Council Hebei District of Shenzhen male security Pudong New Area, the third state-level

Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish Hebei。This is a major strategic choice Comrade Xi Jinping as the historic core of the CPC Central Committee, is a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national importance, the Millennium plans, national issues。  New security plan covering male Xiong County, Hebei Province, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County and the surrounding area section, located in Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding hinterland, location advantages, traffic smooth and convenient, good ecological environment, strong resources and environment carrying capacity low current level of development, ample space for development, with development and construction in high standard basic conditions。Male security planning and development in a particular area to the starting area previously developed starting area of about 100 square kilometers, medium-term development area of about 200 square kilometers, long-term control area of about 2000 square kilometers。  New male security establishment, is at the core of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping to further promote the deployment of a major decision made by the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing to ease focus on non-capital function, to explore the development of new models to optimize economic densely population areas, adjust and optimize Beijing urban layout and spatial structure of Tianjin and Hebei, foster innovation and drive the development of new engines, it is of great realistic significance and far-reaching historical significance。  Since the party's eighteen, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping made several trips to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, inspections, investigations, several times hosted the Politburo Standing Committee, Politburo meeting, decided to research and deploy Beijing, Tianjin and the implementation of joint development strategy。Xi Jinping clear instructions to focus on building capital Beijing non-functional centralized ease carrying, in Hebei suitable for modern planning and construction of a new urban area with new ideas to lead the development of。February 23 this year, Xi Jinping made a special trip to the Anxin County, Hebei Province, site visits, chaired a forum on the construction of safe male Hebei district plan。Xi Jinping stressed that the planning and construction of new district male security to be under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, insisted the general tone of the work while maintaining stability, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, to lead the economic development to adapt to grasp new normal, in order to promote the supply side structural reforms the main line, adhere to a global vision, international standards, with Chinese characteristics, high positioning, adhere to ecological priority, green development, adhere to the people-centered, attention to protect and improve people's livelihood, adhere to promote the protection of fine traditional Chinese culture, the continuation of the historical context, the construction of green livable new city, leading innovation-driven development zone, the coordinated development of the demonstration area, open the first area of development, strive to build a new development concept to implement innovative model of development。  Xi pointed out that, planning and construction of new district should focus on key male security mission seven aspects: First, build green wisdom Metro, built a world-class, green, modern, smart city。The second is to create a beautiful ecological environment, building a blue-green intertwined, fresh and bright, Watertown communion eco-city。Third, the development of high-tech industry to actively attract and gather innovative elements of resources, cultivate new momentum。The fourth is to provide quality public services and building quality public facilities, creating a new model for urban management。Fifth, build fast and efficient transportation network, to create a green transportation system。Sixth, promote the reform of institutional mechanisms to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market and better play the role of government to stimulate market activity。Seven is to expand all-round opening-up, to create a new platform to expand foreign cooperation and open new heights。  State Council Circular requires that all localities and departments to earnestly implement the important instructions of Xi Jinping, the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, unity of thinking, raise awareness, and enhance the "four consciousness" to jointly promote the development of male security planning and development of jobs。Hebei Province to be proactive as to strengthen the organization and leadership to fulfill the main responsibility。Insist on moving the plan, leading the planning, urban design, engineering construction benchmark with the most advanced concepts and world-class standards, to create a model for urban construction。To maintain patient history, respect for the principles of urban construction, a reasonable grasp the rhythm of development。To enhance the overall planning controls on male New security and surrounding areas, to avoid excessive expansion of city size, and surrounding cities to promote the integration and development。To all concerned in accordance with the division of functions, in close cooperation, to be creative, work together to promote male security planning and development, make new and greater contributions to the realization of "two hundred years" and the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream。  Analyzing and interpreting the stock market affect Introduction appointment and removal area (original title: the CPC Central Committee, the State Council decided to establish safe male Hebei District) (Editor: DF142)

4 ambush venture capital bank holding over 10% regulatory storm clinging to the door of rude people

Click to view the regulatory documentation requirements, the same controller by holding a bank financial products shall not exceed 5%, the implementation of transmissive supervision of major shareholders。Future, venture capital want to be "savage" attack bank recently increased the difficulty of the door, issued a "Notice of the General Office of China Banking Regulatory Commission to do commercial bank equity management Interim Measures for the implementation of related work" and "the General Office under the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Regulating the regulators notification report matters of commercial bank shareholders' two supporting documents (hereinafter referred to as "complementary" notice "")。Documentation requirements, a single investor, the issuer or manager and the actual controller, affiliates, control persons acting in the same bank financial products hold more than 5% of the shares, set aside a year for rectification。  Comprehensive sent the last annual report and three quarterly data, the "Investor News" reporter Statistics found that in the current A shares of 26 listed banks, the stake Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank and Industrial Bank this four banks over 5% of the shareholders, the emergence of the people's insurance Group, Ampang insurance and life insurance's financial DS-rich product figure。  In this connection, the "Investor News" reporter to the parties concerned were asked to verify and, most agencies did not give a response, there are a number of banks to the Annual Report 2017 has not yet announced refused to disclose the current changes in equity。  Equity Bank to put on the "magic" January 5 this year, commercial banks in order to strengthen equity management, standardize the behavior of commercial banks shareholders, regulators make up the short board, issued a "commercial bank equity Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the CBRC "approach" ), which is a clear range of shareholders, major shareholders to address the problem of abuse of shareholders' rights, the establishment of intervention operations and initiatives red line caused by market concern。  "Rules" display, the same investors and related parties, persons acting as major shareholder of the number of shares shall not be more than two commercial banks, or controlling the number of commercial banks not more than one。The main shareholder here defined as "possession or control of commercial banks more than 5% of the shares or voting rights, or the total amount of capital or total shares held less than 5%, but have a significant impact on the Management of Commercial Bank shareholders。"Subsequently, the stock of shareholders to focus on resolving regulatory issues and implement improvement, issued by the regulators complete" notification "shows that financial products can hold shares of listed commercial banks, but a single investor, the issuer or manager and the actual controller, related parties, persons acting in control of financial products total shares held by the same commercial bank shall not exceed 5% of the total shares of the commercial bank。Commercial banks not to issue major shareholders, management or other financial products through the same means of control held by commercial banks shares。  For rectification period, regulators also give a clear, supporting the "notice" requirement, in principle, should be on the date of the "measures" the implementation of the completion (ie, until January 5, 2019) within one year of corrective。  In addition, commercial banks shareholders and related parties, or persons acting alone or together hold a total stake of the total capital of commercial banks more than 1%, 5% or less, it should be through commercial banks to 10 working days after receiving the respective equity CBRC or its representative offices report。  Regulators repeatedly said in public: "In the commercial bank equity management, must implement the principle of penetration, improve the transparency of ownership, implicit norms and shareholders holding shares on behalf of the phenomenon."。CBRC in supporting the "Notice" answered reporters' questions in the next focus of consolidation, which refers to "the small and medium commercial banks and shareholders equity as key elements of corporate governance, included 2018 site inspection plan。"4 banks face rectification So, what will be the equity of commercial banks face a rectification of it?As of March 15, only Ping An Bank released the 2017 Annual Report, the latest disclosure of the ownership structure, other listed banks in 2017 three quarterly statistics point of view, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Industrial Bank are present in the same the company's products to its financial stake of more than 5% of the phenomenon, and have reached more than 10%。  Specifically, Ampang Insurance's "traditional products" held by China Merchants Bank 10.72% of the shares; Ampang Insurance's "Healthy investment portfolio", "traditional products", "traditional" were holding Minsheng Bank 6.49%, 4.4 and 56%.49% of the shares, the total stake to 15.54%; DS rich life Life's "traditional products", "capital", "universal H" respectively held by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 9.47% 6.01% and 4.33% of the shares, a total of 19 holdings.81%, the highest proportion of bank holdings of financial products; In addition, PICC's "ordinary insurance products" and PICC Life's "a risk bonus", "universal insurance" were held by the Industrial Bank 4.56%, 3.86%, 2.28% of the shares, the total holdings of related parties 10.7%。These products are found in the top ten shareholders in the bank。  Guard against financial risks with conducting business difficult to see the proportion of equity held by banks overrun financial products all insurance funds。Why risk capital so banks prefer?South China, who asked not to be named, told the "Investor News" reporter, currently half of bank shares listed dispersed to the venture capital opportunities, many of them are party funds coveted banking license; secondly, bank stocks overall valuation is not high, getting good earnings expectations, the banking sector in 2017 rose more than 14%, has become the subject of venture capital chasing investment; moreover, bank stocks are mostly large-cap stocks, funds can be achieved placards and not that much, regarded as one of venture capital。  In fact, rumors of consolidation of venture capital holdings of banks have long。Earlier media reports said, as early as mid-2017 in the first half, Pong Group have left ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China listed the top ten shareholders。In November the same year, market rumors the regulatory requirements in Ampang Group transfers the Minsheng Bank and China Merchants Bank shares, the stake to up to 5%。To reduce the impact on the market, the regulatory authorities recommend Pong Group by way of withdrawal or non-public holdings。Currently, regulators are helping to find the right Ampang stake then set side。  In this regard, CSC analyst Yang Rong in the study reported that regulators intent on the one hand is to reduce the likelihood of financial risk of infection with the industry, on the other hand is an investment in long-term value of the bank's funding guide。  While rectification, regulators, commercial banks are also shareholders of the non-compliance of the credit limit has been restricted。Circumstances require commercial banks before the completion of the rectification, not a sequel or a new credit business, aimed at implementing the association between listed banks and shareholders to prevent transactions, transfer of benefits。  Although all parties involved are on the rectification to remain silent, but the industry still believe that this is conducive to the development bank。"Regulators will set the 5% of the placards line of financial products investment ceiling, both to prevent a similar re-staged 'Po Wan dispute' highly leveraged takeovers, but also reduces the risk of related party transactions between the bank and the shareholders of。"The analysts said。  Related reports

"1.400 million Chinese man can not be a "do not clearly Changshan Pharmaceutical executives have cash in 80 million

Changshan Pharmaceutical operate this wave of God!  In the May 15 announcement that the Chinese men with erectile dysfunction (ED) patients about 1.400 million people a hot topic, after the stock soared the daily limit for two consecutive days (May 16, May 17 rose 9.6%), the company today (May 17) announced that the high SOAR High will Xia, Ding Jianwen, Huang Guosheng, etc. Today, four executives a total reduction of 1008 million shares, reducing the amount of over 87.64 million yuan。  According to 2017 Annual Report, tree Huawei Changshan Pharmaceutical Company's controlling shareholder, actual controller, and served as chairman and general manager, holds 36.41% of the shares of the company。As director Ding Jianwen, deputy general manager, Huang Guosheng, deputy general manager for the company, the high will Xia is one of the founders of the company。  Every time there was Xiao Bian noted that after the announcement caused heated discussion on social media, it Changshan Pharmaceutical stocks, many investors questioned said that a story is to Changshan Pharmaceutical executives pulled holdings。  It is worth noting that last October 28, Changshan Pharmaceutical's announcement that the controlling shareholder of the high Shuhua, director Chen Xi, director Ding Jianwen, senior management Huang Guosheng, senior management Zhiying proposed within ten on October 28, 2017 within six months fell by nearly 30 million shares after five days。Today is the last day of the six-month period。  Meanwhile, Changshan Pharmaceutical 17th night announcement that: the company's stock for two consecutive days (May 16, 2018, 17) closing price deviation from the cumulative value of more than 20%, according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is case of abnormal fluctuations in stock。  Changshan Pharmaceutical said that although the company has now achieved a relevant approval documents required for the production of sildenafil citrate, but the product production, sales require a certain time and not immediately realize sales in the short term on the company results will not cause a significant impact。New products market size, market share and promote progress and may be lower than expected, future product sales have greater uncertainty。Current market sildenafil citrate manufacturers including Pfizer, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain and Jiangsu Yabang, which Pfizer still holds the major market share。In addition, there are a number of domestic manufacturers ready to produce sildenafil citrate, the product of post-market competition intensified at risk。  In recent years has been to expand the "Viagra" business May 15 evening, Changshan Pharmaceutical (300 255.SZ) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of a treatment for ED tablet product obtained GMP certificate, the products can be marketed。The company said in a statement, 1.400 million Chinese people suffer from ED, broad market。    Public information, also known as sildenafil citrate, Viagra, Chinese referred to as "Viagra"。"Viagra" is the English transliteration of Viagra, a drug originally by the US Pfizer (Pfizer Company) pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce a treatment for angina。  In clinical trials, it was found that the effect of its general treatment of angina pectoris, but then treat impotence with special effects。This unexpected discovery prompted manufacturers to drug therapy altogether declaration of impotence。March 27, 1997, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved the drug as a dedicated drug treatment for impotence。  Since May 2014 Pfizer's Viagra patent expires in China, more than 20 domestic manufacturers have to fight domestic "Viagra" approval of generic drugs, hoping to win a share of the market。  Daily News reporter noted that in recent years, Hebei Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (listed company that is Changshan Pharmaceutical) has been continuously expanding such products business。  May 2017, Changshan Pharmaceutical announced that for the good of sildenafil products preparatory work for listing, to better meet customer and market demand, decided to establish sildenafil sales division in the company's sales men, with overall responsibility for the West sildenafil product sales。  In October 2017, which said, Hebei Province received Food and Drug Administration issued a "drug GMP certificates", certifications range of pharmaceutical raw materials。Obtain the certificate, indicating Changshan Pharmaceutical sildenafil citrate raw material drug production quality management system in line with the "Good Manufacturing Practice", it can be formally put into production and on sale。  ▲ Changshan Pharmaceutical official website screenshot According to the latest announcement, the wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine was "Drug GMP Certificate" certified workshop is a solid preparation workshop, the production of varieties of sildenafil citrate tablets。This means that, Changshan medicine can officially put into operation and sale of "Viagra" products, from raw material medicine "evolution" into a tablet。  (Note: the drug, by chemical synthesis, or a plant extract prepared biotechnologies powder used as the pharmaceutically acceptable, crystalline, extract and the like, the patient can not be taken directly, a substance needed for further processing; the formulation, such as tablets, capsules and the like, are under Pharmacopoeia standards pharmaceutical formulation prescribed norms, or extracts made after processing has a certain size, it can be used directly in the prophylactic treatment of a class of drugs。) Reporter Administration Food and Drug Administration official website to retrieve in the country "sildenafil citrate" found that the current total of 16 "Zhunzi" approval number of the product record, involving a total of 10 companies, pharmaceutical raw materials and dosage form is divided into different specifications of the tablet。  ▲ Source: National Food Drug Administration official website of the company relations point of view, Changshan Biochemical Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changshan medicine; Changzhou Yabang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yabang Epson Pharmaceutical Ltd. belong to Jiangsu Yabang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary。  1.400 million people suffer from ED, fly it?  Changshan Pharmaceutical said in a statement, according to statistics, the number of patients about domestic ED 1.400 million people, which assume 30% of the treatment, the number will reach 42 million, ED patients receiving treatment can assume multiple use drugs each year, the future of China's potential market size is expected to reach ten billion yuan level, the market is vast。  According to the National Bureau of Statistics published data show that the year 2016, the total number of male population of about 7.0800000000。If this is the case of the base, according to the statement Changshan medicine, almost every five men there is one person suffering from ED– this is not excluded in juvenile males。  Some users questioned the data in Shares。  In this regard, Daily Economic News reporters Jin Ri and Zhi Diangai Securities Department, the official said, the data from the State Securities two years ago。It said the company also saw a number of other data sources, generally are similar。For example, once disclosed Baiyun Mountain 1.2.7 billion people suffer from ED data, so the company believes 1.There are still 400 million data reliability。  Reporters combed found that in September 2017, a Dongxing Securities research reported, China 20-70 year old male in ED prevalence rate of about 26%, the number of patients 1.About 300 million。  ▲ Source: Dongxing Securities in February 2017, a Soochow Securities research reported on Baiyun Mountain, the number of ED patients in China about 1.2.7 billion。  ▲ Source: 2015 Soochow Securities, Ping An Securities in a research report claimed that the number of Chinese patients with ED 8000 million。  ▲ Source: Ping An Securities But others hold more conservative views。November 14, 2016, Guangsheng appear (300436.SZ) issued a bulletin to get sildenafil citrate clinical documents relating to point out, ED patients a conservative estimate, about 100 million people worldwide, of which the number of patients in China is about 20 million。

Crush, in this Allure

Buddha said: There is no Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror。I had no one, where dye dust。    Buddhist high and lofty spiritual realm is: There seems to be a non, like real non-real, it seems like to think non。    Life hastily decades, how many clutch misery。There are always some things, some people always linger in our hearts, the slightest ripple Dangqi。Once upon a time, that the southern town of dim misty rain, and that's tragic Saibei desert sky, and that the vast grassland plains of Northern Fortress……I have to tie him down heart。Person's life there are a lot of passing, also owned peek into the beautiful mistake。It is to play it away, or buried in my heart?Some people, no modification beyond recognition, without rhetoric dress。Unconsciously, has entered my mind, under the stars, rain, love, sweet and bitter。However, at the crossroads of life, we do not wander, do not hesitate。Choose to forget or into eternity。At that moment, we do not know who。    I traveled south to play in the season that face, etc., such as Lotus litter。    Spring is not blowing, March Spring Quarters without covering your heart, such as small casement tight cover。    I Dada Horseshoe is a beautiful mistake。    I am not owned by people, is a traveler。    That Encounter is a beautiful mistake, wrong time to meet the person, it was said: Secret Love is a beautiful and exotic kiwi, not pro is easy to try it。I would like to be packaged memory, long buried it。    Gently you go, as you gently to。

You do not know the secret to make sex more wonderful bed

6.Men will see red sexual arousal, a woman will see purple fantasy Spain Medical experts say that men will see red sexual arousal, while women because of menstruation, but there will see a red physiological fear。 In the intimate atmosphere of a purple bedroom, the woman's sexual excitement will be higher than usual half a percent。 Because purple color similar to human mucous membranes, can make a woman produce a rich fantasy。 7.Morning and fall, men are most anxious man sex is not on call。 Finnish medical experts say, is directly proportional to the degree of a man's sexual desire and male hormone the body。 Early morning male hormone secretion is one and a half day at noon, more than 16 percent higher at night; and each fall is the male hormone in men a year the most productive time。
8.After falling asleep sooner affectionate man body better stop after her boyfriend affectionate asleep quickly lost!France Sexual Medicine, the researchers said, and the man's cerebral cortex in neuromuscular at high tide height, transient excited state, to be followed with excitement quickly dissipated loss of neurons into the suppression of the urgent need to sleep。
Inhibition of neuronal the sooner, the man's body, the stronger the ability to repair。 Therefore, affectionate man after falling asleep sooner, but the more excellent physical condition。 9.Sex life can be an important reason for the treatment of insomnia American physiologist survey found that sex is not perfect insomnia。
Because sex life can help you relieve brain pressure, reduce the activity of neurons in the night, there is an excellent hypnotic effect。 You do not know the secret of the bed 10.After a cold drink irritate the stomach often affectionate intimacy after then you do not feel thirsty to drink cold drinks!You can drink warm water。
South Korean medical experts say, when your affectionate gastrointestinal blood vessels has been expanded state, gastrointestinal mucosa congestion, then a cold drink will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach cramps or stomach cramps。
For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。