Cultivate "Zhejiang New Forces" Zhejiang push students' sports new format "business

Speaking on behalf of students。
 The king title photo title Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition since the start of March this year, ending in October。 Competition includes the Tenth Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Competition in Zhejiang Province "Year of Youth", Zhejiang Province, the Eleventh "Challenge Cup" Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, the Fourth of Zhejiang Province "Internet +" students innovation and entrepreneurship competition "Sports Lottery Cup" The second session of the college students' sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship contest four events。
It is reported that, "Sports Lottery Cup" the second session of college students' sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship competition are a new innovation university student entrepreneurship competition of this year's sports industry business events。
  In addition to increasing the event, this year the contest on innovation and entrepreneurship students improve the quality of competition, improve the province participating teams and work in the country's competitiveness, and so made a new change。
The contest's four events will be implemented by way of separately, but continued to use the unified planning, unified leadership, unified deployment, unified advocacy, unity and reunification awards ceremony launching ceremony。 At the same time, this competition strengthened cooperation with local government, business park and a number of business incubators, special support to this year's contest award winning project landing。
  The tournament is set to serve the needs of social development, talked about the new venture this competition sports industry events, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Director Guo Huawei, said, "2018, in the context of China's socialist construction has entered a 'new era', I Undergraduates innovation and entrepreneurship competition has ushered in new opportunities and challenges。
November 2018, the 'Year of Youth' National Undergraduate Business Plan Competition will be held in the province; by 2019, the country 'Internet +' Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held in the province; in 2022, the 19th Asian Games will be held in the province sports industry venture will be the next new areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in our province college students a period。 Based on these opportunities and challenges, we added the sports industry business event at this year's innovation and entrepreneurship contest。 "。

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