Fast freckle coup from spot to go without a trace

The coup has fast freckle spots which face is that many people are annoyance, so the freckle has become a very attractive thing, but we should more or less have to know the freckle。
Following small coup to bring fast freckle for everyone, from the spot to go without a trace Oh!Quick fast freckle freckle coup a coup: vinegar practice facial Method: 1, to buy some pharmacies Atractylodes, with white vinegar soaked in a sealed tank。
2, about a week after soaking extraction Atractylodes, with its facial portion, the effect can play a freckle。 Experience: Atractylodes is a very good freckle effect, in addition to facial and white vinegar soak, but also can be ground into a powder white cedar, add the right amount of vinegar and water deposited on the face, which is also able to play a role freckle。 Drink soup plus Atractylodes, in tune topical, more rapid freckle。
Fast freckle coup two: freckle methods approaches: Fast freckle coup 1, fresh tomato juice of clean。 2, and the tomato juice at 5: 1 ratio, stir 3, spread on the face, ten minutes after the wash。
Experience: Glutathione is a component of tomatoes can inhibit melanin, so the tomatoes are able to dilute the spot, in addition to attaining a tomato juice, a cup of tomato juice daily can not only be able to fade away, as well as skin whitening effect。

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