Port next fiscal year will sell 28 new residential land in eight at Kai Tak

  News agency Xinhua (Samuel Chan boat) Hong Kong SAR government announced 23, 2017–18 annual land sales program, will sell a total of 32 land, where 28 residential land, you can build an estimated 18,910 residential units。
  Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Development Bureau Ma Shaoxiang said the 28 ground, eight of the previous year is rolled over land, 20 is the new land。 In addition, there will be five metro property development projects this year, it is estimated to provide 8030 units。
Account the supply of land from the Urban Renewal Authority projects and private reconstruction or development projects next fiscal year estimated potential supply of land for private housing construction of about 31,620 units。   Commercial aspects of business sites, a total of three, one of which Cheung Sha Wan site, two Kai Tak site, providing maximum floor area of ten thousand square meters。
Ma Shaoxiang said it would increase the supply of commercial floor space in various ways, for example, a suitable core business area of government land rezoning, as well as the relocation of government offices located in central business district。   Land sales program also includes a hotel site, can provide 550 hotel rooms。 Furthermore, the two portions of the floor area of commercial land at Kai Tak development such as hotels, rooms provide about 1370。   It is noteworthy that, of the 20 new residential land, there are eight at Kai Tak, while the previous year rollover of two Kai Tak land。 Ma Shaoxiang said Kai Tak to be the last large land downtown Kowloon, should make good use of land, again from transportation, infrastructure aspects to examine how to increase development density, so that more economic activity can take advantage of the land。 Director of the Government planning Liqi Rong said that this 8 Kai Tak to provide a total of 7500 residential units。
  2017–18 in the first quarter (April 2017 to June) the Government will tender to sell three residential sites, providing 1790 units, plus the West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station first phase of the project to provide 1650 units, the city renewal Authority project will provide 96 units, and private reconstruction / development projects over 4500 units, a total of more than 8000 units available。
  SAR Government Financial Secretary Paul Chan 22 announced 2017–18 annual "budget" is expected this year's surplus of 92.8 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), the vast majority of revenue from land sales and stamp duty revenue more than expected。
Land sales revenue 50.8 billion yuan higher than the original estimate that 76% stamp duty revenue more than 8 billion yuan than expected, namely 16%。   Paul Chan said: "Hong Kong real estate market experienced a bull market for nearly eight years, the current prices are still historically high, trading volume was relatively quiet。 Future private housing supply will gradually return average annual level of nearly 20,000 partners, future revenue from land sales can not continue to hit record highs, is unknown。 "Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

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