Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note?Some 20-year-old young women often feel abdominal pain, backache, after doctors diagnosed to be afflicted with uterine fibroids, and this disease occurs in young women who may be caused by long-term weight-loss drugs were caused, then the way to prevent uterine fibroids What then, let's take a look at: 1, not eat spicy, wine, frozen and other foods, these foods should be avoided in women, which is one method of prevention of uterine fibroids。 2, many women do not pay attention in the diet, eat two meals a day eating disorders, eating lunch, no dinner may eat。
For women, the diet should be regular quantitative, not overeating。
Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note 3, eat more whole grains such as corn, beans, etc., a lot of people overlook the importance of whole grains to prevent uterine fibroids, in fact, these very helpful for the prevention of uterine fibroids。 4, adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, etc.。 5, to prevent uterine fibroids should also eat nutritious dried foods, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc.。 These are the methods of prevention of uterine fibroids, women want in life can do a good prevention work, make healthy woman。