Beijing slowly to look at 7: Ran rain

Seven, rain Carefree these days itinerary is still relatively tight, but the main attractions are therefore generally went on a tour。Today there is a conscious slow down a bit later to go out into the front nine to Tiananmen Square Memorial Hall, and the Temple of Heaven, Taoranting, Grand View Garden and Fayuan, these places are more concentrated, and the rain today, you can quietly tour for the rain。    In the eastern side of the North Gate Memorial, to pay tribute to his wife discharged into the ranks Xu Xiangqian, I put the bag carrying his wife to go to the east side of the south gate waiting for her exit along Memorial。Zhengyang go faster when Suddenly he heard his wife call me in the back, a look back, panting rushed over to his wife, he said to bring bag ID。Just north entrance line up in place, we asked whether you want to maintain order documents when security door, the young man answered with certainty what do not, do not take the package on the line, did not expect his wife routed to the door, armed police asked her to produce documents, depriving his wife run a lot of road, and came in first team!I constantly complain about the little guy, but his wife says that little extra we pay tribute to the twists and turns even more pious。I sat down in Zhengyang while waiting for his wife, watching the steady stream of people Memorial South exit, with great emotion and charm of Chairman Mao, died almost forty years, there are still millions of people, come together from all directions, very reverently pay homage to his Holiness!    After his wife came out, we are ready to walk through the Zhengyang Temple of Heaven, I did not expect quite a few more stops in the doorway special police cars, a lot of special police was waiting, I thought today might be sensitive sixty-four, the police increased vigilance bar。Then pass out of the underground passage from the square, take a bus destined for the Temple of Heaven Park。    Temple of Heaven in Beijing in the east side of the axis and Yongding Gate Avenue, had walked through the front door pedestrian street just a few hundred meters, the results will take a bus to get to several stations around。The temple was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420), the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Guangxu had rebuilt rebuilt, Ming and Qing emperors to worship Heaven, pray for bumper grain harvest of the place, with strict building layout, unusual and magnificent building construction architectural decoration known to the world。Temple of Heaven is the Circular Mound, pray Valley two altar collectively, have double altar wall to form inside and outside the altar wall of the South North round, symbolizing the hemispherical dome。The main building, including the altar, the South Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven, north Qiniandian, Wong dry Temple, consists of a north-south corridor——Dan PI bridge, linking these two groups of buildings。Temple of Heaven is the world's cultural heritage, demonstrate national cultural heritage, national 5A-class tourist attractions, the National Scenic Area civilized point。    But we are not very good impression of the Temple of Heaven Park, bought a ticket to go after only the inner periphery tour altar, the altar was surrounded by a whole up, buy a ticket to get in again。We further rub a travel team, take a guided tour to visit all the way along the inner periphery of the altar, until they came to Dan PI bridge。In fact, he said that the bridge was a high-road, just like the Ming Tombs Shinto, broad and luxurious。Dan PI bridge nearly 360 meters long, 30 meters wide from north to south, is the link pray Valley altar and the Circular Mound Altar。It changed. A virtual Chinese ancient buildings to permutations and combinations of the building is formed, invisible layout approach axis, forming a real, physical axis。This practice, unique in the palace buildings。Dan PI bridge has three Rock Road, in Shinto, Okimichi east, west king, from north to south, the northern end of four meters high, the southern tip of one meter, it is northbound climbing step by step, immersive heaven。I'm Dan PI bridge to go with his wife had a back and forth, shuttling between the three God Yu Wang, experience a feeling of emperors。    We are in the Yongding Gate Street and get off at the south gate of the striking snack bar to eat lunch early, and then enter from the south gate of the Temple of Heaven。I do not know right, but we think the south gate is the main entrance, where are specifically looking into the South Gate。Now we are out of the north gate of the Temple of Heaven, Temple of Heaven and then take a bus along the road to Taoranting Park, a place to get off the result is Taoranting East Gate, larger than the rain this time, we would like to East Gate East Gate Bar。Buy tickets when could not believe, as long as two dollars, suddenly looked Taoranting Park, a few words, there is a sense of intimacy, to immediately take a photo of his wife。Of course, this is a joke, my husband and I are regarded as a literary young and old, in the face of such a famous cultural attractions, natural sense of intimacy is sincere from the。Later know, this East Gate, the main entrance is Taoranting Park。    Taoranting Park was built in mid-1952, is a blend of classical architecture and modern garden art as a whole, to highlight“Culture Pavilion”As the main content of the historical and cultural park, national tetracarboxylic area, Beijing boutique Park。The whole garden covers an area of more than fifty hectares, of which the water area of a quarter。Cibei An park built in Yuan, Lin, Gong, Qiu et frequent the poetry sentiment。Li Dazhao, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and have engaged in revolutionary activities in this。In 1985, the park in the southwest Chinese name of building new garden pavilion, built around the country famous pavilions Shiyu Zuo, we Anhui Ong Ting was among them。After Taoranting Park is the first park pavilion there。Qing Emperor Kangxi 34 years (AD 1695), when any doctor kilns supervision and Industry Jiangzao Citing created within Cibei An, and take the Tang Dynasty poet,“Huang Ju home brew to be more mature, a total of Jun drunk a Ran”Of poetry, said for the pavilion Inscribed“Carefree”。Kyoto Taoranting later became attractions, it is one of China's four famous Pavilion (Pavilion four famous ancient Chinese poetry article because the literati and famous attractions: Beijing Taoranting, Chuzhou Ong Ting, Hangzhou and Changsha love late Pavilion pavilion )。After the founding of the time into the park, then the name of the TaoRanTing。    In the drizzle, we carriageway from east to west along the garden, enjoying the scenery on both sides, while walking forward, and soon came to the pavilion lake bridge。Taoranting Park Lake and the main view is the central island to the main road is bounded by the East Gate, Lake Road south, central island in the middle of the lake, accounting for a quarter of the lake from north to south and Jade Terrace Lake Bridge Hongqiao points in the lake Northwest also called a single-hole arch bridge cloud Um Donghu lake, central island, linking Cibei an and clouds painted floor, while Hongqiao and jade together, the lake surrounded by a small South lake。Lake pavilion have a bridge two arches, north of the questions amounted to“Carefree”South of the letter, saying“Nirvana”。We are getting better from the archway, and wandering around in the thick of poetic。    From the bridge to the Jade Terrace Lake Hongqiao, the way we enjoy the beauty of the central island, boarded the hilltop Jinqiu Pavilion, approached the edge of jade Hongqiao love late Pavilion, Martyrs and there stood pavilion。But very sorry, Cibei An scenic area being repaired, Taoranting we can not see the whole picture, can only stand on top of the arch cloud Um, eagerly for a look at the besieged building block of cloth dome TaoRanTing。Fortunately, cloud across the floor and painted Qingyinge nestled in the green, we went into the hospital to see, but also around the periphery, in the lotus water lily leaves, looking at the shadows on the second floor, because these two pavilion is moved from Zhongnanhai built over, now with the Pavilion across the lake while, it does exist side by side。Finally, we went into the garden pavilion Chinese name, but because of the way seen too many pavilions, the idea of which built in imitation of the famous pavilions uninterested。They will be coming out soon, through the South Lake in the West Bank from the south gate of the park。Considering the time already in the afternoon three or four points, did not go a little further afield the Grand View Garden, but directly toward the fight Fayuan。    Although the old Beijing taxi drivers, Fayuan from the Pavilion is also very close, but he did not know whether we Li Ao, Buddhism how to inspire, he was a non-concept。Until I say teaching alley nearby, before he woke up, quickly put us to teach the child the end of the alley, and a loss away。We can only know Fayuan in the vicinity, but the exact location is not clear, but to the way the information desk on the map, hard to find location。Fayuan located in the southern end Xuanwumen teacher alley east side, but a few hundred meters away from the straight-line distance TaoRanTing。Because it faces south cross-West, and separated by Tang Minzhong Temple displace a large green belt, it is generally difficult to find a。Fayuan Fayuan called the path in front of the road, cross the intersection with the alley to teach the child, dilapidated roads, unimaginable even here there is a quiet place。    Fayuan Beijing is not only the city's historic temples, is also the Chinese Buddhist Academy, the Chinese Buddhist books Museum is located, is an important place for the training of young monks and Buddhist culture research in 1983 by the State Council as a national key Buddhist monasteries Han areas。In 2000, after a famous Taiwan writer Li Ao book "Beijing Fayuan" was published in the widely circulated at home and abroad, the Fayuan Temple reputation big rashness, attract numerous Buddhist believers and tourists explore the beautiful ancient。Fayuan covers an area of 6700 square meters, building large-scale, well-structured, using axial symmetry pattern, from south to north in turn has a gate, bell tower, King Hall, Main Hall, Benjamin Zhong Taiwan, the net industry hall, immeasurable Temple, Compassionate altar, scripture library, large plot of sleep hall, things Gallery veranda (voice service), a total of seven into six homes, layout, broad large, is Beijing's historic city extant ancient temple complex。    Fayuan Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as Benjamin loyal temple。Zhenguan nineteen years (645 years), Emperor Li Shimin of mourning for the fallen soldiers of North levy Liaodong, Dahir in this legislation Memorial Temple, Wu Long live to complete the project Babel first year (696 years), the given name Benjamin loyal temple, and later had Have“Minzhong the shelf, go Tianyi grip”The Compliments to reflected Sheng。Liao Qing Ning years (1057), it states when a major earthquake destroyed Minzhong Temple, Liao Yong salty six years (1070) renamed the large repair Minzhong Temple, to form today's scale and pattern。Qing Yongzheng years (1734), the monastery was designated as Lvzong temple, the initiation ceremonies。Later, Emperor Qianlong temple inscription“And sea true source”And have made“Yanjing most ancient temple, known as the origin of Minzhong”The poem, which officially changed its name to the monastery“Fayuan”。    Fayuan before we crossed the dilapidated road, entered from a side door, because the main entrance was blocked cars and beggars。However, he entered the hospital, immediately shines, beautiful scenery inside absolutely quiet, outside the door is really two different worlds。Within Fayuan, lilac filled courtyard, open Purple Haze-like, with towering guhuai, as well as the corner stone pots containing fragrant spit core bluegrass, clove at a leisurely running the released animals together to build a peaceful faction of paradise scene。We entered into a place to go back, entered into a land look around, see linger。    Go back, we stroll north along the alley to teach the child, there is a crowded middle of the street trees, brick by great circle table protection tightly, become a street scene。Here is the street, mosque minority in the alley, we buy in a store Muslims attractive brown bag, leaning against the railing on the side of the road, with relish to taste, really full of aroma。