MTR: descendants of the New Year holiday traffic generals closely monitor the South Island Line

December 29, according to "Wen Wei Po" reported that, according to Radio Television Hong Kong reported, Lo Kin-hei said, indicating the Admiralty station found is not very good on the 28th test-ride the South Island Line, passengers still need time to adapt to believe the station facilities。
In this regard, MTR bus services operating officer Lisheng Ji said the South Island Line 28 opened to traffic, car traffic smooth, full-day total of 15 million people out of four stations along the route, he estimated, return to work after the holidays next Tuesday, the first day of resumption of classes, the use of the South Island line passengers will be slightly more than 28, will then closely monitor the situation。
Admiralty station is three wire port forwarding line station, Lisheng Ji said that certain times Admiralty Station will be busy before the Tsuen Wan Line can encrypt frequency, the flow of passengers will try to do the work, such as deploying additional staff to assist passengers more space where the car。
Lisheng Ji pointed out that although the South Island Line is fully automated operation, but the stations along the route have screen doors and security doors, little chance passengers strayed rails, the car also different cars and tracks video recorder monitoring the situation, so that the control center can grasp the entire operation and exterior case。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang, Yan Guo Xi。

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