Rain, dripping onto the atrium

Raindrops falling, the sound I was very impulsive.Severe headaches, but the loss of cold air into the room in a consistent.    I told myself, should not be so sigh of fear in life is just over a quarter, is still very long, very long.However, imagine the beauty and the cruel reality, I had to stand in the corner, I’m afraid, fear, even if I know that everyone will experience these.In fact, I am very fragile, never learned to disguise themselves, someone cynical, I feel something wrong, how have so much temper, that when I cry, I only had I really want to do, never malicious, I am the only one person has been standing there.You do not know is that I never needed someone move closer to me, but, I really do not when when trying to ridicule me, I will be very sad, really.    Rain, the weather suddenly cool down.I saw the grave behind the school dormitory, a seat, as the morning sun, stuck to my eyes.I think really should rest quietly and think about his past and what will be done, on their own is the most real, is not it?Experience, I understand that the University is different from the past, at least, wayward consequences of their own can not afford.Looking back, I wandered, look forward, now it can be determined only life something to look forward, it will not be boring, only a plan, the habit of going live, it will not fall, has been the case, has never changed.    I never insist on only half as long as the things that do not do it at the beginning of.Know the word “fine”, that is sophisticated and meticulous; fine, learn to “fine life”, not all people are the most out of color, but it is to live the freest, happiest, most satisfied.Only do what you want, as long as they want, not vanity, not greedy, do only their own.Life can go sad, unwilling to be, all have a limit, you find it?Whether like me, but I told myself, listening to a song, cry over, just now decided to start, what is too late, just stick to it, there is a chance of success.    Suddenly, the thought of the Three Kingdoms of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang before encountering almost no city, no soldiers.”Virtue” is Liu Bei’s stick, when I look at the three countries, many of scared, scared people do know how to dream a stick, from fall.Compared to him, I was regarded as a disease-free chaos groan.I understand that dream, from big or small, perhaps because of cowardice, will not firm, so what have become very unhappy.You can take a person, as long as your body is full of passion, blood, do not just give up.    Like March, at that time, seemed to be in early spring, the earth has green, no barren, dead, only the good start.That, is what I always hope.I’m looking for a harbor only to their own, it is here.    The rain stopped, the air fresh and all of a sudden it looked very empty, silent.Always remember you ever laughed at, disdain in the eyes, but you do not know: I will use my own mind, a strong hold up the sky.