(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 32

[REVIEW] with the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.  Tian Shan, Pamirs, Karakoram Tash surrounded on three sides, the east is the vast expanse of the intake heartstrings of the Taklimakan Desert, just listen to these very wits names, we came to realize that it is the backbone of the world.Indomitable mountain glaciers directed at the sky, in a much hanging in the alpine lake between heaven and earth, against the background of the mysterious thrill of climbing towering wall of snow, otherworldly landscapes, people lamented the good fortune and the supernatural forces of the universe, human beings are so small and insignificant, the original test gone than God’s opinionated, it seems that people should not and can not be no awe.    At that time only one taxkorgan county road, in addition to an extremely poor supply and marketing cooperatives, no shopping malls, restaurants and pubs.Local farmers and mixed Tajiks almost no concept of business, centuries where people do not need commodities, and perhaps money is superfluous.Tajik Wrangler sheep rake grass firewood youth can not imagine, these Qingtian peers from south longing, and young people in Western countries who favored pretty laidback, the same can not understand Chinese youth into the world of impulse and motivation.There are also other Muslim minorities, such as Uighurs and Uzbeks living in Western cultures blend zone.Xinjiang is the largest Islamic mosque in Tasch, every Friday Muslims who came to listen to the imam’s preaching.    Owner with guests from Qingtian, take endemic carriage, from an altitude of more than three thousand meters of the town, moving to an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters Rapp red flag post, people began to breath, with altitude sickness.May to November each year, Khunjerab Pass switch traffic, the rest of the retreat.Tower county town line to the Pakistan border as well as over one hundred kilometers, here is the magnificent Pamirs, Karakoram scared of ghosts worry peaks, like the East Zeus stand between heaven and earth, desolate sparse, chilly no vegetation biomass, is a barren birds do not lay eggs in the world.    Kind of heads of troops, is a delightfully, two let’s take a look at the battle afar off nature, hope they can quit, and tell them, even to the other side of the border, it was just the Long March start, the other end of the natural environment and living conditions even worse.The face of endless rain timeless wilderness, due to strong ultraviolet radiation face dark border guards, have urged them not to take risks.    During their stay in Kashgar, though bored, but added experience the customs.Here is the Pamirs most densely populated towns, sparsely populated but still very few, since it is the grazing season from now until the fall, people are into mountain forests and vast prairies, young and old sick only left behind.The ancient adventurers who come and go from here, now no longer the slightest trace of the new generation will soon have to follow suit, but to a distant land to make a living, less senior swan.    Like pawns across the river, there is no room for retreat, they expressed determination to pull out all the stops, touched God, Mission staff to consult superiors, since there is a legal visa, the authorities will approve an exception to release.The date of departure, troops deliberately used cars to take guests to the border, and finally to the finish line of the Pamirs, here stands the famous Seven pillar, while the Chinese side is Pakistan.Retort girl later recalled the scene, not without emotion, said, “We have been worried that they will consult the Department of State, and if so would be finished.When we walked down off the military jeep, through the Pakistan border check points, only sigh of relief.”The Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the south of Asia, with India, Iran, Afghanistan, near the south Indian Ocean, northeast China, Xinjiang is.”Pakistan” as meaning “holy land” or “Muslim country”, its capital, Islamabad is the first goal of the group of three assault.Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains three big mountains began to meet at the Pakistan border, forming a roof of the world.Enter the territory of Pakistan, get extremely dilapidated caravans, window SHIWANDASHAN year-round constant snow, and the Chinese side of the border compared to here more than a thousand yards cliffs, canyons seemed to be cut out, people can not help but sigh Mother nature.    A lot of red flags from Rapp border into Pakistan is the first leg of Soest (SOST), it is also the Karakoram highway traffic hub, away from the border customs border of Pakistan, is located in this ancient village, banks, restaurants and a post office not and will not, canyon yard humble mud hut, keeping the original appearance of thousands of years.Dilapidated caravan entered the yard, as if braving the caravan came to the shop carts.The only Pakistani border police, wearing greasy shiny uniforms, came as a pleasant surprise welcoming treasurer, said in Chinese: “Hello!”And politely expressed an entry visa exemption, the young people is the first taste of foreign guests of honor and privileges.    The reason why the good-neighborly friendship between China and Pakistan, India relations have been strained since the sixties because the border issue, the two countries have done a great battle the Chinese therefore bitterly learned in India; Pakistan and India, and not always, the two countries there are also inter-territorial dispute, such as the Kashmir dispute.India and Pakistan is one of the former, the British colonization ** defined below the belt out of the “partition of India.”.After the founding of Pakistan, whose territory is divided between east and west across the Indian two, Dongba and Seba land, more than two thousand kilometers away.With the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.    Car to continue moving, to arrive before dark Hunza (HUNZA).From Soest to nearly four hours away Hunza, the year of the car along the Silk Road, the difficult driving forward.This article in today’s “China-Pakistan Friendship Highway”, from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to Kashgar in China, a total length of more than one thousand kilometers, gracefully across the Himalayas, Karakoram and Pamirs, is the world’s highest highway one.    Hunza Valley is actually the main vein of the Karakoram mountains, surrounded by the Himalayas, is the capital of 卡里玛巴德, located in the Hunza River, right bank, is the local administrative center.South through the city of Gilgit, capable of reaching the capital, Islamabad.Hunza is a small kingdom in the past, only a few bars along the cliff on the cliffs and the outside world, a bit like Ming had six year apprenticeship Qishan.Hunza people have their own customs and language, because it is white skin and blue eyes, said to be the ancestors of Alexander the Great’s soldiers settled here.For thousands of years, people in the Hunza Valley in farming, irrigation terraces with glacier snow and fruit trees, never in contact with the world.A time when the hills are covered with apricot, blooming in the lower peaks of the mountains, a high-spirited angry.    Hunza quiet simple life, as snow melt water in general here.Their ancestors once across battlefields, armored cavalry, facing a DDR, looking for a place cut off from the world, from farming aloof, home of ancient and modern life are interlinked, like astronomy collapsed stars horizon, here time is flowing so slowly that in the outside world seems like a general stagnation, so people here live longer abnormal, the region became the world’s longevity is not surprising region.Hefatongyan few centenarians, up the hill firewood Rulvpingdi have legs, they are naked, hungry, extreme poverty, but there is sunshine, snow-capped mountains, the world’s cleanest air, and the least contaminated water poor life heaven forbid, God is merciful providence.    Under the car, the guests from afar to rest and start looking, I ask where there are restaurants, cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen.    Hunza Karimabad town there is a paradise-like peaceful and quiet, and the valley at an altitude of 2000 meters peaks, rivers and the trees side by side.The original ecology of the natural scenery, like a lotus country girls, welcomes visitors from exotic.Although it said to have tens of thousands of people, but the feeling is still sparsely populated and extraordinary Juesu.