y for the sake let Pei Naochun happy, have an idea of their own business, which would like to be, this museum opened, is booming at a tremendous pace.

  Automobile Museum exhibits of full, rich in content, innovative exhibition, attracted a group after group of tourists, and even attracted a lot of micro-business network red, line up to pay to find a sports car, luxury car to take pictures, to send some南宁桑拿论坛 X always want copy to mention the car, but by virtue of this can be, it is but nothing to make ends meet, the real money is Pei Naochun with some fun ideas to engage in science and technology out of the so-called cultural and creative park – this is the foundation of the evolution of each item surrounding margin products, earned a pours.
  Say only online automotive intelligent products sold under the flagship store and the line, what spring wizard, automatic sweeping machines, have been upgraded to three or four generations, Pei Shaoyang friends abroad, and even commissioned him purchasing a smart meter weeding across the ocean, developed, designed for people with reduced mobility Bicycle provided critically acclaimed commentary on the national welfare projects bonuses, access to the relevant policy support.Even the corners, no-tech北京会所体验网, analog mini-car assembly kit, museum model, medium-sized children’s automobile sales are kind of surrounding rising day by day, even many also became necessary network red toy.
  Peripheral products selling at the same time, since the spring auto museum has gradually become a big IP, began as Pei Naochun show business friends to borrow some cars out of shot put, make props, his friends broad embarrassed to refuse; then again, front view fancy props director venue, rental shot into the movie, the effect is extraordinary; more later, Pei Naochun wet bar drinking with friends, on a whim, put money directly took part movie museum, the museum will enter directly wonderful journey made into a movie – of course, this film before release, is calle