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Not curious, what he does on the outside?”Spring faint Road.

Bowen Mengtiao mind, what uncle do on the outside, I’m afraid even the great lady do not know, after all these days, come back late day than the day, this clearly is there something!She also partial in which the body, did not even realize it.
Spring added: “What uncle do on the outside, do not let his wife know that big, Fuchu say uncle busy up and down the outside down to business, in fact, where did the uncle busy it can get down to business?Nothing more than the name of the thing under the guise of being busy, carrying a large shady lady thing to do nothing, man, do not have the gentile, surface mounted again lofty, and my heart is not necessarily how absurd it.”
“You have just speculation Bale.”Bowen Yifu sleeves, carrying a body to sit down, be eyes, but it is already full of expectations for her uncle are a passionate people, more than a special love of people better, at least , she will be an opportunity.
“If empty vernacular, so I’m just guessing how?Simply because I accidentally bumped into uncle was whoring out, even the waist

The Five Constellation Men Who Die Most in Love

In love, your boyfriend besides IQ offline said drink more hot water, what is the act of death, love will be the most deadly five constellations male, see if your constellation male on the list?   Libra men in the hearts of Libra men, for each predecessor has left a small position, in the pursuit of his girlfriend routine said that he had sent his predecessor’s all kinds of packaging, soon found with his predecessor’s chat record and lovers ring, under the excuse that it is impossible to deal with every corner together for a long time, really die..   Pisces male Pisces male although romantic, romantic to romantic, mouth is still tide wait for no man, said his girlfriend is a small fat sister, round face, after suffering eye contact kill said his favorite girlfriend’s face round and little fat figure, once or twice it still works, in the long run just want to let his girlfriend shouted go to hell!   Idol, whom the Aries male girlfriend regards as a the god, has been devalued by the Aries male. Don’t you like it or not? I wonder if the Queen’s taste really wants her to replace you, Big Aries.?!   The lion man laughed at his girlfriend regardless of the occasion. from the driving technique to the driving route, his friends were present. the lion man talked more and more excitedly. he just couldn’t see his girlfriend’s black face and red face switching from side to side. he also felt that he was in an active atmosphere. oh, my god! wake up, lion man.   The Aquarius man and girlfriend put on makeup, thinking that The flaming lips was Trouble Every Day. Her face was powdered, her clothes were scantily clad, her skirt was knee-high and her face was plain school uniform. She said she couldn’t take it out. She looked gaunt and dark circles under her eyes fell to the ground. What kind of trouble was she going to make?? See if there is anything wrong with it, or if the water bottle is fine looking for abuse.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Where will Zodiac Men place their predecessors?

Where will Zodiac Men place their predecessors? Former is a magical existence. The importance of former depends to a great extent on where you put her.. Let’s take a look!   One, when ordinary friends, occasionally contact lovers broke up can still be friends? For some people with big hearts, it is possible. Although we are no longer lovers, this does not affect us to go out to drink and talk about things.. Life is not only about love, can’t be lovers can continue to be friends, after all, once in love, that is better than strangers.   The following elements apply to constellations: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and stand off each other after a stranger breaks up. It will only be embarrassing to meet again.. There is a good saying, Easier with Practice. Maybe when we broke up, we were both miserable, and life was overshadowed by it.. Therefore, the person who once loved has gradually become a scar of The Untouchables on his heart. It is the best way to stop contacting him..   The following contents apply to constellations: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and a corner of your heart. It is helpless and regrettable that you will miss but will not disturb your separation for one reason or another.. Although we cherish each other very much, we can’t go back to the past after all.. Therefore, many people will choose to place their predecessors in a corner of their hearts. Sometimes they will think of each other’s good, but they will not disturb each other any more. They are just distant blessings..   The following contents are applicable to constellations: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. The original articles should be reproduced with the source indicated.


Horn Speaker, there are two, one is a small speaker, one is big horn.    Seventies of last century, these two items are very popular.    Small speaker is wired broadcasting.At that time everyone has.Usually commune units, telephone pole shelves radio lines, to every household cis.House speaker wire slipped from under the eaves, small speaker connected to the corner.Every day there is a such a voice: “little horn began to broadcast, tick tick.”Pay attention to the people, give small speakers coupled with a beautiful wooden box, paint brush, decorated very fine.The general people, be it directly on the wall.Anyway, listen.    Feel the best time to listen is to say the storytelling Liu Lanfang, “Yue Fei”.He said turned out, is not an exaggeration.6:30 pm, just head over to say, the next day at noon broadcast two times.Evening came back from school, just.A write-bags, standing on the kang, his ear listening.Not listening, not to eat.    Worst of all time, is the key to being heard, the speaker suddenly not clear, or there is a serious noise.Then they rush to tidy up the ground.The next speaker grew up on the ground, inserted into the ground.First dipped in saliva, if the result is not good, it pisses on the floor, the sound just fine.Of course, sometimes not effective.Because, get this works on the premise that, because the ground caused by bad job.    With this small speaker is, I know the weather forecast.Then he says, “Shandong Peninsula inland and in the mountains.”Do not understand the meaning, and asked his mother, did not know.Asked his father, he says that they notice the old Dragon King.The most familiar is the sound of the morning, “The East is Red, the sun rose.”Every day this music, you wake up crying.    Now the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then often hear.Of course not see Arafat, but do not know his turban flower.Sihanouk said that most often, a loudspeaker broadcast, big people say: ” ‘eat and drink visitors’ again.”The most puzzling is the notice commune.”Please note that over the pan brigade”, I feel very strange, I do not commune called “over the pan,” the brigade ah?I asked a lot of small partners, do not know.Finally asked the teacher, the teacher is the result bears a meal, they would understand, they said that: “the relevant brigade.”When it comes to small speakers, can not fail to mention something interesting.At that time the commune has a radio station, then parent called Radio.Commune broadcast announcer began: “People’s Broadcasting Station rout.”So a local produce widespread Hom (twisters).Because the answer is too colloquial, meaning indecent, we can only sense the unspeakable.    If we add the point association, also known as the “little horn”, there is another meaning – “gossip”.Metaphor those willing to ask around, spread, spread the privacy of others woman.I do not like this man very.Really blind trumpet good name.    And the corresponding cable broadcasting is a radio, the radio is.At that time not many farmers at home, working families have.At that time, someone has a radio, it is a status symbol, its noble degree is inferior to the former Big Brother.    And is relatively small horn loudspeakers.Big Horn is not the old thing, but once earth-shattering.Vigorous cultural revolution, the highest overnight to convey instructions, must rely on big speakers.”Five elements” rich against bad right monsters, ready to open their struggle sessions, they have to stand loudspeakers.I want is that battle.    In mid-1976, Chairman Mao’s death.Big Horn release of funeral music, but also filled the country.The old lady Kudiehanniang.The village young and old to the Corps memorial.Put apples, pile into a tower under a great man, like, the people bowed and crying.No. September 18 memorial ceremony.Students lined up to go to the commune, in the cement bridge, the sky was raining, listening to loudspeakers shouting bowed three times, the masses in the rain silence.But a few days, big horn in notice again, four people attended the memorial service of the elderly, became the bad guy.How said Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao, Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao Yao Wenyuan persecution.At that time I was a child hairs, did not understand when his wife’s why it has persecuted his own man?    Now, there is a large speaker, but not the common.Sometimes the next notice is to collect the agricultural products.What we do is to collect the electricity.Whose responsibility or turn notify the fields to irrigate the land.    It seems, indeed a changed society.

Bookstore Capriccio

Whenever yourself doing nothing, go to the bookstore to see the glorious wisdom, and my heart will immediately tricks and more; when he felt no text can be written, to the bookstore to touch other people write books, he must be feeling; when he felt uneasy when, go to the bookstore to enjoy the feeling of being besieged books so that they feel this world in addition to the book or the book, there is no worry distressed shadow, there will be no trouble oneself.    The original so-called distressed boredom irritability, not originally in the world, just different people’s hearts and feelings of Bale reaction.Since they can not see the shadow, it is easy to deal with them, because they do not leave marks like deal.In fact, the mood is a need to take a lot of time to adjust, to adjust, careful attention to life, should not have to eliminate selfishness, do not talk more than others like the non.The world would have been difficult to have a perfect person, do not ask others harshly.There are also artistic life principles, life does not matter there is also wise to learn to live to improve the level and quality of life go.    In fact, there is a pattern between all aspects of life, but the law really understand everything connotation also is not easy, need burnished eyes, you need to really good use of their wisdom to find inner regularity.    Books are the flowers of wisdom, the wisdom of building intentions.People living situation can be recorded in the form of text, a text of synthesis ocean, in the ocean and then trying to find a beautiful and moving story.

Bloody youth

Oh youth, youth, these beautiful words, through the ages, interpretation of how much tear-jerking story.Today we are passionate, windy life, singing along, youth without any regrets.Brilliant youth waves in the boundless joy, the contribution of the ups and downs of life.Kansas back, that’s bloody true warriors dare to face the bleak life, the courage to face dripping blood, the courage to bathe burning flames of war, and their youth, and describe with their lives, resounding paean to life, their youth , a river of blood into, like blood colorful glow horizon.On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the founding of a small town southwest of remote mountain areas, in the autumn rain, slowly approaching a group of oldest old, gray-haired, wrinkled, chest wearing a small white flowers, against the background of their weather-beaten face and melancholy eyes.They are similar to come from very far away, year after year so, they do not vehicles of local government arrangements, hobbled slowly walk to the newly liberated on standing martyr, a long time standing in front of the tomb.Full of sadness, thoughts fluttering, which bring them back to the bloody years – after the Chinese people against the common enemy, fought a bloody war, in mid-autumn 1945, Japan was finally swept the small autumn leaves, turn tail and go back to Toyo, which since 1840, against foreign aggression disaster-ridden Chinese nation get first win.The joy of singing and dancing people across the country entirely, KMT treachery, ink “Double Ten Agreement” is dry, the old enemy on the “Beans burning Douqi” I liberated areas to launch a full-scale attack, magnificent Liberation War.December 1 the same year, the southwest of Kunming outbreak of patriots initiated by patriotic students of colleges and universities to participate in anti-American anti-Chiang Kai-shek station massive student movement to peace, such as the Kuomintang authorities of the beast, the use of a large number of military and police, to unarmed people were brutally suppressed, gun Ming Tan Fei, a number of patriots and generous young students singing, rolling down in a pool of blood, shock in “December First massacre” nationwide outbreak.    This miserable face no Renhuan tragedy, Mr. Wen Yiduo come forward, he had been Guo hailed as “unprecedented, and no latecomers”, a renowned poet, scholar, patriotic fighter for democracy, is “Song of Seven,” the author.In memory of the tragedy killed Mr. Li Gongpu, braving the risk of being assassinated, speech.Tianduyingcai, people no moral, sure enough, the Wizards heard more than one generation, namely the Kuomintang secret agents killed in the afternoon speech.Leaving a burning anger, passion inspiring “last lecture” – “reactionaries, you see a fallen, you can also see hundreds of ensuing!Justice will prevail, because the truth forever!.We are not afraid of death, we have the spirit of sacrifice!Lee at any time we like, like, taken the front foot door, rear foot is not ready to step into the door. “!    By the end of 1949, Liu, Deng led by the head of the Liberation Army troops on the south, southwest advance, swept the KMT retreated to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangxi remnants and local bandits, Chairman of the Interim Committee of Yunnan Province, Lujan military uprising led his troops, Chen Geng, Song Renqiong generals commanding army Entering bandits, bandits and the remnants of the Kuomintang collusion, spread across the province to “guerrilla” approach ditch, the PLA is difficult to launch a frontal attack, had to rely on local forces and the newly established people’s government, scattered throughout the cleaning up, It was called “requisitions bandits”.    Kunming universities belong to many students at this time and then decided to join the revolution, added to the requisitions bandits fighting in the first line went to a hail of bullets.They enthuse youth without any regrets, to afraid of hard work, sacrifice of heroic mettle, high singing the praises of a thousand miles journey, fought between the mountains.They took part in the civil war against the student movement in Kunming, witnessed the massacre of the KMT patriotic teachers and students so badly, listened to the impassioned rhetoric comprehensive reading of the speech, so that the toiling masses yearning to live a happy life, the pursuit of peace better tomorrow.    The new level is the Yunnan border a little-known, remote and backward nation where the mountains, in high mountains, dense forests, in the special geographical environment, heaven has long been a murderer, he is the KMT’s loyal lackeys, the big local tyrants and big bandits called Yoon’s.He stole the dark rush out, run rampant, sand, locals hated, taken in private nickname for him is “Li Lao dog”.This dog native of Shaanxi Li Lao, the official and his ancestors Qing Dynasty Nine, do not know how it was banished to Yunnan Xinping, the evil generations, to his generation, relying Chiang Kai background, recruiting, pull up the team, intensified, fish village.    New China was founded, and the new people’s government established, disaster-ridden mountain people finally saw the dawn of a new life.Li Lao in the mountains of harboring a dog at the instigation of the KMT remnants, received the Chiang Kai-shek sent from Taiwan appointment shape, became “anti-communist National Salvation Volunteers” Commander in Chief.Taiwan prove his ability, he privately sent personnel, secretly contacted a few local bandits Asan, sea and so on, said a good time, agree on a program, a riot, bandit signs are rolled up a trouser leg.In May 1950, they proved intelligence, the People’s Liberation Army into the mountains when the order, thousands of bandits scored within the new government, hundreds of workers have been killed.    So rampant banditry, under the order of General Chen Geng, counterinsurgency troops indignation, climbing wading aside a few men went to a new level.Yunnan where a team is an independent group camp, led by battalion commander Dong Yaonan, the team has four youth, young female student, they called Xi Shu Yun, Lvpei Sin, Yu Shou, Shi Wan Lan.January 7, 1950 morning, Li Lao Ministry of dog bandit thousands of troops, take the troops are not familiar with the terrain, weak footing on the occasion, the resident called Artemisia Chi attack team, the new campaign will be flat Artemisia Chicago started because we reinforce troops arrived late, nearly a hundred people’s liberation army soldiers, including the battalion commander Dong Yaonan heroic sacrifice (after the liberation, this blood of martyrs permeate the place became known as “Yaonan” Township).Breakthrough in battle, after exhaustion, four girls and one other soldier, and bandits use Daogun launched a desperate struggle, outnumbered, in addition to the expense, the seats Shu Yun, 16 officers were wounded and captured by bandits night and day back to the deep forests of the villain’s lair.    Saga steep mountain range, the progress of the PLA bandits and rescue captives were blocking major mountain heavy, slow progress.Beast than 16 people after these bandits to the villain’s lair, were inhuman torture, the tortured face of the enemy, captured soldiers and unyielding, morally, unafraid of death.In the case of cruel bandits pressed no useful information, Li Lao ordered the dog, the entire cross-section of the heart of the PLA men dug abdomen, abandoned corpses wilderness.Posterity every Mindful of this, can not help but tear drops rolling.Bandit bandits, they are animals, pigs and dogs than they.People’s Liberation Army soldiers captured after the men were brutally murdered, leaving seats Shu Yun and several other female soldiers.They tortured one by one, all sorts of instruments of torture exhausted, female soldiers steadfast, refused to disclose the slightest information about the troop.They Xi Shu Yun hanging on a tree, Tengbian random draw, was beaten raw and seats Shu Yun silent, they took the knife coercion said: “Do you say that, do not say it is a knife scraping knife you, see you this delicate body in pain, ” ‘Pooh’ a bloody sputum spit into the face of gangsters, bandits angry, has been unable to move the seats Shu Yun down the tree, stripped of her clothes, after enjoy humiliate, cruel her murder, which year, this unyielding girl was 23 years old.Several female soldiers, is compared to some of the older seats Shu Yun, the smallest is Yushou Wan, her 18-year-old not to do, usually several girls called Shu Yun Sister seats.While the other three received bandits beaten and tortured by the enemy to see the big sister is dead, angry eyes can not help but shed tears of sorrow.More tragic destruction is yet to come, brutal bandits by nature, wanted to warn a hundred, but in all sorts of destruction, the other three despite raw and still kept silent, then transformed patterns, they Lvpei cents placed down in shan hit with rifle butts and stones of her body, with wire through her chest, her angry staring eyes, rather die than surrender, eventually martyred under torture culprits.      Yushou Wan and Lan Shi looks fresh and pretty, chieftain Li Lao dog ill, they will be brought into the villain’s lair, the two youth female soldiers, and it was notorious bandit chieftain of the rape, not only that, there is no human nature, animals they are not as good as the bandit chieftain also rewarded other small bandits, two female soldiers died a heroic death in the destruction of the bandits, to write the song shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ heroic elegy.They did not die in a hail of bullets on the battlefield, but died in the destruction of the bandits, subjected to mental and physical torture double, last Kangkaijiuyi, this scene so dark earth, moon and no light.    ”To have the expense of more ambition, the courage to call new ones day sun and the moon”, towering Ailaoshan Yeah, you witnessed the cruel culprits of this class, remember their heinous crimes; the surging Red River water it, you rolling waves, could there be in these martyrs loudly singing the hymn; mountain azalea flowers in full bloom Yeah, blooming white, waving in the breeze, quietly condolences to the martyrs in.Chen Geng, Song Renqiong inscription: “requisitions bandits martyrs who requisitions bandits was a fierce anti-feudal struggle of the class, you sacrifice for the revolution, people perpetuate the memory of you, you go down to posterity!Chen Geng, Song Renqiong.November 7, 1950 “.    Like the gangster grasshopper autumn, cruel violent, arrogant, but ultimately can not escape the punishment of the people, a few days, the local People’s Liberation Army and armed, bugle sound to Cuikulaxiu trend, destroying villain’s lair, thousands sinful bandits, most of eradication.Li Lao dog bandit chieftain, who was captured alive, in mid-November 1950, he heard a gunshot justice, ended the party harm, pathetic life extremely large cruel bandits.    Lament the mountains, the earth roar, Red River choked, you Shengruxiahua bright, quiet beauty, red azalea mountain of death like autumn leaves, instant development, such as red blood of martyrs, quietly Red River water, instant roaring, playing sound of waves like the Yellow River in the roar.(Postscript: the early years of 1950, the liberation army advance the southwest, to hunt down the remnants of the Kuomintang and local bandits, due to the fighting an invisible enemy, coupled with the local mountains, dense forests, inhabited by ethnic minorities, to bring a greater degree of difficulty bandits.How many martyrs, without sacrificing on the Long March of the journey, there is no sacrifice in the anti-Japanese war magnificent, there is no sacrifice in the “three battles” in the grand scene, but at the expense of these deep forests, leaving a number of heroic stories, touching.This article is only hundreds of thousands of deeds in a small but real waves.In this, my highest salute to the heroic sacrifice of martyrs!To provide historical accounts of friends, to personally tell the insiders give thanks!)

Bloody Tanggula

Mid-1995, I, as a group of cadres, Amdo County, cashmere processing plant security department working in Nagqu in Tibet.The site away from the county seat, is the vast number of pastoral areas around.Over the years, the staff and pastoral compatriots interdependent, and forged a profound friendship.  Our factory has always been to support pastoral work as a political task.In March of that year, the factory thousands of miles removed from Sichuan shipped a number of reading materials, ready to be donated to the remote ear Pa village primary school children.Pa towering Tanggula village is located in the hinterland of the ear, then snow closing period is not over, the car can not enter.We can only rely on traditional means of transport a yak.Plant leadership decided to send me to complete this arduous task.I promised Paizhuoxiongtang.Can do something for pastoral children, I am very honor.  Herders nearby heard the news, immediately led to a a robust male yak.It looks than the mainland cattle, buffalo was shorter, but more solid, long-haired gray body and the neck are covered sternly, a pair of horns pointing forward.  There are wild yak yak yak points and home, home is a wild yak yak domesticated come.They are hardy and hypoxia tolerance is unmatched by other animals.Domestic Yak can carry hundreds of pounds of heavy goods long distances, can climb steep slope.Do not forget to over 5000 meters above sea level, oxygen is only half the plain.  Herdsmen told me that the first male yak called Wonka, has one of the biggest advantages is extremely honest, gentle, but yes, people will not be at odds with.This is my most satisfaction and confidence.Its close relative to wild yak fierce combative known, really want to cross Shuaqi to be enough for me to drink a few pot.  200 kilos of books wrapped with a blanket, tied firmly back in the Wonka.I brought some dry food and water, they set out.When the plant leadership sent all the way, told me the way to the region after a period of frequent haunt of bears, extra care must be.I patted his waist Tiananmen-style pistol laughed: Do not worry!Who have guns, do not panic to the underworld!  Yak’s body is long sideways, indeed plateau boat, go up fast and steady.I ride in the back of Wonka, humming just learned Tibetan folk songs, I feel very comfortable.  16:00 and more, we climbed over a mountain pass into the ligation Zangbo River Valley.According to this speed, to be stable before dark ears of DARPA.Here is low altitude, grew bright Himalayan fir, mountain pine, oak and other snow, do not have a view.  When through the woods, Wonka stopped foot in his mouth moo whining, and then refused to go forward, and that posture with how much I owe it like wages.My heart said: too, thought you were more than listen to it, all the talk also cheat strangers, non-Comin not give you a thing or two!  I jumped down, pulled on the reins, pumping it hard with a belt.Smoking smoking, my hand stopped in mid-air.I think trance, not far away there was a shadow.A closer look, is clearly a gray brown bear!Its huge body abnormalities, such as respect for black upright tower-like stand there, half full two meters high!  There are bears in the Northern Tibetan Plateau widely distributed, but little density, only an average of 100 square kilometers.Today happens to me can be met.It is semi-big mouth, tongue sticking out, thick hair covered his eyes.It is not too ferocious face down, even slightly alarmed.It looks like there is sort of like a person, no wonder the locals called man Bear.  I’ve seen a lot of the wicked, but it is the first time with a large beast away so close, less than 80 meters.It gives me a sense of security quickly lost.I hurriedly took out his pistol, almost without thinking it fired a shot directed at top.My intention is to let it know that I am very powerful, it should get out as early as possible fishes.But the results were reversed, I thought it it openly provocative, suddenly furious, Fu Xiashen, growl rushing to me, I’m scared to know what.But Wonka clearly more fear than I, hooves jump, could not swung, and with my mouth arch.I understand that it wanted me to put the book back unloaded, and then quickly escape.But those books on Tibetan representatives of the factory’s friendship, to protect them is my duty.Said throw throw Whatever next?Rather missing arm broken leg roots also have the book shipped to the destination intact!  To prevent Wonka frightened to run away, I quickly tied the reins to a fir tree beside him, called deadlock, under which it impassable.  At the moment, it bears only a dozen meters away from me, and I aimed it and fired a shot in the head.But my arms and hands always shook, I usually crack shot Comin ye not spiritual, a series of three shots did not hurt the brown bear.Speaking incredible even themselves.  Brown bear slightly slowed the pace a bit, but did not mean retreat.Actually a string of saliva flow from its long protruding mouth, about my meaty smell.  I casually and put a shot, but this time it’s the middle of the left shoulder, blood seeped out, it’s wet hair, I am confident, pulled the trigger again, I suddenly realized that a bullet had lighting, but I did not bring back magazine!I was almost angry vomiting blood on the spot!  Like a wounded brown bear stepped on the spring, blink of an eye flew near.I wanted to display their fists about, let it realize how strong Shaolin martial arts.But the close proximity of the brown bear appears to be too large, and the weight I am afraid I have seven or eight times, not at a level, it is saying is simply blows want to die quickly!Heroes do not eat immediate loss, go for the Thirty-Six!I turned to go out into the woods drilled.  Brown bear with a strange howl Jipu, front paws almost wiping my ass, which really hanging!I have relied dodge foundation, among the tall forest way through, and bears the deal.Its speed is not slow, running up with the wind, but more awkward, and will not block chase.It is again a little smarter, I must finish off!  Bruins repeatedly bashing is not, the gas is not one to play, Hui Zhang tree down the middle of the smaller trees blow off, as if the trees are my associates children, unite in saying against.It makes me dumbfounded Zhang Li.  The Wonka’s performance too I am disappointed!It is fully aware of the imminent danger, probably scared and lost soul, trying desperately Benyue out, shock, trying to rope brake the bands.That fir tree is its whole Debu residence trembles, rattling sound scary.  Continue to have the trees are cut the brown bear, fallen trees stirred up dust, and more and more furious roar brown bears, plus Wonka chaos aside, the situation was that almost made me mad helpless!  Suddenly I heard a sound snapped, actually Wonka life and life torn apart the rope.Going to rain, mother will get married, go by its escape!Who knows Wonka too late to catch your breath, dashed straight to the brown bear!  Bruins simply expel me, Wonka is no alert, it wants to dodge too late, the waist was the top positive, horns JIANZHA go deep enough to have more than a dozen centimeters!Bears pain uttered Canhao shaking, desperate break, to escape outwardly, blood from two blood hole splashing outwardly Meng!  At the moment I came to understand, Wonka is by no means a coward, not a coward.It boldly challenged the murderous brown bear!It is a good kind!I really hate myself so despicable conjecture!  On the block header, Wonka to the rival, and it is the herbivores, the only weapon is that of the hard horns.It is puzzling that people wear very sharp angle hit by blunt.  That brown bear is ferocious predator, it is not only bloodthirsty, but also a set of unique skills from generation to generation of hunting, can be described as self-taught, cruel vicious nature.It’s dark paws have extremely heavy force, and its canine teeth that could easily crush any bones!  Sure enough, soon prevailed heinous brown bear, wild howl the attack Wonka.The only defense Wonka in the negotiations, trying to parry with that of an obtuse angle.  It’s not unusual fight on.Wonka just a domesticated yak, yak a hard working, it is unknown gone through 10,000 kilometers, perhaps 20,000 kilometers of road, and saddled with a heavy cargo load.It has not even been called out.  By this time, hidden for many years on the brink devoid wild on it erupted like a volcano!  If I could put those earlier books unloaded from its back, if I had not foolishly tied it to a tree, it will not be in vain to waste so much precious energy and maybe the situation would not be so bad at least it can go all out, a big fight.However, due to my ignorance and intolerance, has cast a big mistake.Wonka still carrying those books, the pace is very flexible.It is great appointments fall at any time, but did not flinch mean.  Two fighters have been many wounded.I held the shining knives, but could not close, there is no way anxious.Wonka is extremely unlikely to win.Maybe I should take the opportunity to escape quickly, can not move my feet I’m sort of a man it?  Xuexing Qi thick brown bear so impatient animal crazy hair, I do not know where they came from so a son Jin, actually jumped a few meters away, fell behind Wonka, mouth on its belly is a!Said something it desperately struggling, suddenly a large living flesh is torn down.I clearly heard the sound of flesh pull off.  Blood flow over the ground immediately, followed by a mass of slimy things slip out, that’s intestines Wonka!  Finished!My heart broke like a hole!Wonka certain death!I was doomed!Well, I really did not think I could even Tanggula burial!  Bruins Seeing victory in sight, actually cunningly Annealing steps, leaning against a tree, while strange noise hum side began to chew and swallow that seventy-eight pound of meat.  Wonka quadruped trembling, but did not fall, suddenly it between the body force, rushed headlong towards the brown bear.It raised shoulder, the first V very low, bears the next moment, it is struggling hind legs Yi Deng, the two kick-out hard ground deep.  Caught off guard brown bears have simply failed to react, or do not think it’s necessary because the intestines dodge Wonka dragging on the ground, bleeding profusely.  But that is not to expose the sharp horns was bearskin thick, almost headlong into the chest Siegen brown bear!  Bruins before the pain became aware of the case raised far worse, it panic forward Yi Gong, I thought that would throw off however Wonka Wonka motionless horns strike a deeper, and stir it in the chest.The pain immediately issued a series of irregular brown bear strange howl, spitting out his mouth Xuemo.  I was standing next to the place they seventy-eight meters, witnessed it all.I was completely stunned, and forget to refuel Wonka.  Brown bear paw waving vocal chaos hit a pass to the front of Wonka, each and all hit like a stone but it was not stone, flesh and blood Wonka!  Wonka blind in both eyes, but it is still tightly against the brown bear.Blood drip two beasts of the earth, merged into a thin stream, the stream became a thick Wang.The earth is cold, blood steaming.  Bruins blow more and more lack of intensity, in the end only symbolic waving.  I suddenly react, flying forward, picked up knives, frantically who scored the Bruins up, also issued a beast-like bray.The cry has wanted to come is still very strange.Words can not describe the existing.  Then I collapsed to the ground, laughing and crying in short, you saw me would think it must be a madman, has been over-stimulated.I am filled with painful pleasure.  I stumbled to his feet, trying to separate Wonka and the brown bear, but I soon found that it was not possible.Bone and joint Wonka has been stiff and taut forward.  I caressed beyond recognition Wonka, tears.  I was too tired and would like to lay on the ground to sleep, never to wake up.But those books were red with blood stung my eyes.I wound, walked to the village of Pago ear.  From “field trips” 2001 12

(Writer election issue) those ignorant rebellious youth years

Inscription: Write down the name, hesitating, I do not know the teen years can be called “youth” word.However, online search for “Wasted,” saying it is full of some of the less complimentary sense of the sentence, eventually feel “youth” than the “Youth” sounds slightly mature and heaviness.Ever since, posing as young, I remember a few years time then those ignorant rebellious children spend it!    I was a cotton Xue spring, after high school they call me “hypnosis” was born in the seventies hungry.  The mid-eighties, we finally graduated from elementary school into junior high school learning.At the time in junior high school called Union, a village (was just replaced the rural commune of) on two.That I enrolled in the joint is in a collection called Liu village, and the village primary school together, close to the village the biggest street.Five, ten meetings this street every lunar (every five days), this day rally, the whole street full of people, crowded, carts, pull the sheep, hold the chicken, pot and repair all kinds of people flooded the whole street.Cries of hawkers, bargaining noise, the sound of moo cows and sheep baa, coopers mill pot banging sound, music to the sound of the suona cymbals, plus mingled with deep-fried fritters, meatball soup flavor, from the paste with plastic film windows dart classroom, so this is not Anfen students around the corner.  At this time, the Zhangxia Feng started to take action.Zhangxia Feng’s name sounds good, we call him “crazy scared”, and later learned that he was born in the summer, parents hope to bring a good harvest.I saw him hunched forward to catch while the teacher turned to write on the blackboard when suddenly sprang classroom, outside school we set a good cat called signal.Then, several of us identify opportunities, it gradually gathered at the school gate.Out of school into the hole autumn rally is at the head of the.Kong Qiuling the “ridge” turned out to be “Ling”, his home more than girls, parents want to be a male baby, born after he followed his sisters called to go, but we call him “hills”.He is a man NAO ideas and more, is our army, division, and it is the village, even if the wrist on a few others, there he will not have spanking and accused parents.Several of our people prowling in the crowd drilled, drilled specifically looking for a lively place, take a look at Art of playing, listen to Allegro say, the blind beggar bowl to throw a brick, hit with a wooden stick tied to a stake in the dog , teasing hanging in a tree bird cage.The last time a school such as to build on the north end of the market to sell a small shop there, waiting for us inside called Li Dongguan (we call him “melon”) grandfather grew up in a plastic bucket on a shop counter out candy to send each of us to eat.To dinner time, the “scared crazy” shot, and his family is wealthy, multi-hand pocket money.In this way, we will be there to meatball soup stalls under his leadership rub meal.This day several times a month, but not every time very well.Once just an assembly at the school gate was arrested the principal positive, pull back one by one sent off to write checks, and began to lock the door when the school day.However, this heroic beat us, not a few days, we found a place to escape from the school, north wall relatively short, we can jump off the wall and over, so we ran the figure began at the rally.    The two first winter after the advent of the junior high school, especially cold all winter and has been snowing.With the north wind snowflakes falling everywhere vast expanse, the ground frozen harder than stone, people shrink in the room did not bother the door.These are our children away from school more than five miles of the road, day light will not rush to start school.By light snow, his party a few people braved the raging north wind and snow on her face, while walking backwards, carrying the head while walking, often arrived at school the second class has basically ended.At this time, “scared crazy” and come up with ideas, and he let me stay in their house.Liu set village “crazy scared” of the village and the school is located only separated by a ditch, also a few minutes walk away.After the family agreed to get through, I simply packed up in his family lives under the.Many of his house, into the courtyard facing south tile-roofed house five in a row, we live in the west of a.  In the evening do not go back more liberty.In this winter, we have “seasons” a few buddies jumping up and down, around the school prank left our shadow everywhere.School early on skating on the frozen through a drainage ditch in front of good weather to climb on a ladder rack dig sparrow eggs on other home mountain house at night a person a slingshot to hit the village people’s windows.One night we went to a few people on a highway south of the village head, this road is a township roads at night are more people in the past.”Ideas king” our “military adviser”, “hills” thought of an idea.According to his schedule, we split up, got a thin rope, a man pull a, two people were hiding in the deep groove on both sides of the road, a person in the street sentry command.See cyclists over, the person in charge of directing sentry we had a good discussion on the use of signal “whistle” transmission of information, people on both sides of the ditch yanked a rope, this time the biker was tripped rope to the ground, and when we take advantage of the fall of man has not stood up on the long Gouyan fled down.  So toss some time, I feel boring when we began in a small way the brains of another.This path not many people in the past, mainly because some people buggy through during the day.We are in a small way to dig a big pit, enough to make a wagon wheel will fall into a half will get out.We support over the pit with a thin stick up above the shop some weed, and then cover the top of the sand, and almost ancient trap Ma Hang.But very strange is to be found, and not make fun of people live.It has been a “military adviser” in a knot, and later, including the now meet together when, still bear a grudge: the pit lane so good, why I was looking out of it?    Three Although we scrape that teachers feel a headache, but our study has been the top few in the class (except the “Advisor”), a teacher preference for us is one of the many times we have less reason ever learned and mischievous.And my most favorite was undoubtedly our language teacher Shaw, the best time of my language, especially writing, but this was our preference to destroy.In a half-semester junior year, a new English teacher named Ma, short and tall, round face, dark skin, is said to have just graduated from high school.In rural areas, only first-year junior high school English classes, from ABC 26 letters begin to learn.Who had just transferred away male English teacher, was big, very handsome, and particularly good for us, never force us to learn English, and this new teacher just arrived eager to make some achievements, for our very demanding and the boys did not like to learn English, so we started this group of boys who do not like you handsome English teacher launched an attack.  Fortunately, our language teacher and teacher do not care Schott English teacher horse, repeatedly criticize our behavior.On one occasion, being an English class, Shaw suddenly entered the classroom, directly behind the last row in the corner of the student pulled out, out to play a few slap in the face, we do not know how, all gazing.Six months later, in time to participate in an essay competition after the county back to the hotel, Shaw learned from the mouth, the original students in the back of masturbation.Later, we heard that Shaw and good on the horse, and this is good news for our gang kids, because we just grab the handle is not afraid Shaw.  We negotiate a good night despite the cold weather squatting school, staring at Shaw’s office.That time, the teacher’s working conditions are not very good, a lot of teachers are in a crowded office office, but Shaw is a more ability of people, he not only books teach well, but also amateur authors, often published in newspapers some articles, he wrote the novel “wall mind” at the time still had quite a stir, the local opera group adapted for opera, because sometimes he wants to create, schools to find ways to give him an office.Romantic writers may be more than it really allows us to grasp the positive, forward.We were really young and ignorant, do not know there is a world of style, but they do not know that it would cause much damage, just remember that we are all very excited with clods on their windows to throw until they found.We do not know what people inside the matter leaked the wind, or someone to find anything, and later Shaw’s wife downtown to the school a few times, and then later Shaw left the schools no longer teach.Years later, we met him again, feeling very guilty psychology, especially my.Shaw brother and I are high school students, junior high school when I was in first grade, Shaw is really good for me, let me class leader, participate in essay contest, his first novel written after I read, but also with me I went to his house to eat several meals.Since leaving junior high school, constantly hear from my brother there news of him for some time at home idle farming, shop business for some time, but did not insist on writing, people are constantly aging.But every time I met Big Brother, he would ask my case, I know go to college, he muttered to my brother: “I did not makes mistakes, the value of the!”Under two fourth grade junior high school semester, our contact in primary school and finally separated, moved from next to the lively market to the north end of the village a man named Wang Zhuang, independent as a school, the name was changed from junior high school in the United.Just moved to here, what is new, classrooms, cafeteria, tables and chairs, and even class beating iron bell is new.Few of us are also excited, ready to do something in this “cause” of the.But after all the new environment, we dare not too fast nonsense, honest for some time, find out which of the surrounding environment, and new replacement teachers to teach fared quite familiar.This semester’s honest, but also to several of our people’s academic performance by leaps and bounds.The first year of the new school, the principal care about case studies of high school next year, so few of us are seen as key to open the new school’s reputation, some things many people will give the green light for us.  Third-year junior high school coming soon, especially as a junior last winter soon arrived.Rural schools at that time did not live on campus conditions, but there is a cafeteria, students at noon outside the village to the main time to go home to prepare lunch, not good to use some of the money to buy canteen do the dishes, home conditions went from bring some home, heat it up in the cafeteria at noon.In order for us to learn, to win glory for the school next year, sooner or later back and forth to school every day on the way to reduce the waste of time, arrange special school three of us live in a teacher office (melon home is the village).This is the three big house, all the teachers in the office here, the innermost corner and a discharge of two wooden beds, the three of us will sleep here every night, but also woke up early in the morning, unable to sleep late.Contractors who want to, to and from school is convenient, but we came back but wild.  Mid-Autumn Festival just passed, after the weather was very hot breath all the more cold dew, frost a few days away, but the back of the school where the crops are sweet potato leaves are drooping under his head.We had a few good aim a piece of land in the sweet potato, waiting in the wings waiting for an opportunity.This season, wheat farmers have been planted over, leaving only some of the sweet potato, cabbage and other crops not harvested in late autumn.Autumn countryside dark so early, families have little dude, shut the door early to bed.The four of us together in the dark coming into the ground, dig a few dozen slender sweet potato, find a place to put up.The next day was Saturday, was still one and a half break, the afternoon after school we went home, we began to find a place to barbecue sweet potato.In the last place side by the back wall of the classroom with a few bricks of pot base circle with a barbecue, pick up some firewood, he began to bake sweet potato from.Baked sweet potato, we started up Qiangzhuo Chi.As we ate with relish, I do not know who told a cry, everyone down the sound and the direction moving wall of a finger to a look, stare, and saw the entire back wall of the classroom have been smoked black smoke from the bottom to the roof mess.Those of us who do not usually cook at home, patronize point broiled, the firewood smoke to forget.This time we panic, everyone running around to find a large broom and water, first with a broom to sweep the wall, how high can sweep sweeping tall, really anxious all of a sweat, and then finally washed, in any case get above do not be too high, which makes the following feline small painted face wash as.So we have to wait until Monday constant state of anxiety.However, teachers are only a token few words we say, do not blame us too much.I do not know if this is the teachers of our tolerance, or connivance of us, at that age we can not tell this.    Five days later, we did not stop soon because studies prank.School cafeteria cook Chef is a master craftsman, surnamed Wang, is close to the village, he is also the son of our class, and we are usually very familiar with, and we take care of.On cold days, Master Wang began to make croquettes ball soup, meatball is a little dot of mung bean noodles dish that, at the end of the eighties for us it is already a luxury, wealthy people can eat home conditions bad one week only eat once.Buy a few turns with us, every time you buy when the king master always give us one or two balls in dilute scoop soup.Perhaps we used to eat the meatball taste, so we started to play its mind.One night we came back out activities, feel hungry, then all agreed that the balls Master Wang.We came to the canteen (it is actually two rooms) door, small and frail “crazy scared” by the door ready to dig into a few of us straining to push two broken doors, flexible chain above the door lock also opened his mouth, so that “frighten the” once drilled into.But he soon turned back inside the pantry there is a big lock.But these kids beat us, “ideas king” got a while to iron, from the door to progressive.Soon we ate on the tasty croquettes, all of them eat straight burp.The next day Mr. Wang cursed, we do not admit killing.  At that time the school year, tuition will be about $ 20, what this exercise is to buy their own, while the cost to the parents to buy school supplies have been used to buy things we play, there is no book with is not enough.Our eyes took aim at teachers and school supplies store in a small warehouse (one of only about 5 square meters of small houses), behind the house there is a half-square-meter wooden windows, fences are made of wood.Just one day after school, we began to move.First, we got a high stool, tall “melon” to stand above the upper body lying on the small side windows, with a small wooden pick a bundle of exercise books, pick a long time to pick out, tired, they change another person, toss for a long time, managed to get out a few small bundles, three forty.This did not feel afraid of people, think this is trivial, but no one found.  Slowly entered the third day mid-term exam, we began to fear.We are usually good students learning in teacher’s eyes, if this test is not good that we have not only a shame, but teachers will also take care of our exceptionally away.We began to think of ways to test a success of.That’s exam papers were mimeographed out, first good moment waxed paper, then use the mimeograph machine printed out.Waxed very difficult moment, the instructor often engraved with a day or two in the middle need to put their waxed paper drawer.We sleep at night the place is and all the teachers work together, and this provides us the opportunity to peek papers.We put a lock forced open the drawer and found no wax paper to hand to touch the drawer next door forced open by the drawer, took out wax paper, we read it again, and then recover.However, this time we have no excitement, no discussion, he did not speak, quietly lie in it.The next day, several of us invariably find a teacher, acknowledged the mistakes we peek at the papers, and requires teachers to re-topic.Later how development can not remember, since we only know that after all the effort to learn, and studies in the coming year, we did not live up to the expectations of the teachers, get into our ideal High School.    Six junior high school age at puberty of the opposite sex have little urge to be close to, but did not dare.Since few of us muddle together every day, no time and no one want this talent, but to make fun of girls not stopped the pace.Girls bag to put a small frog to see the girls are scared wah-wah barking Huarong pale; place the crackers in a stool with one leg below the girls, the girls look snapper “bang” a sound miserable cover their ears when sitting down.  Rural winter time people did not do, watching movies has become the only entertainment and pastime.A village a movie projector, turns in the village show.We ask around the village and the time put the film, as long as we generally go hand in hand, not far away.Turn to the village school where motion pictures, our team more substantial.There was a girl in our class, because the parents are home village of workers, was called “eat grain,” the conditions at the time regarded as relatively good, usually wear clothes are clean and bright, and often rub some people can smell cosmetics taste, but she’s learning is not good, and often heard other boys fooling around, which at the time was very open to the.We decided that her ugly.When a village to put movies, we advance to a class to learn good looks nice boy’s name wrote her a note, about to meet her after the film screening in wicker land north of the village head’s.When the film screenings, we have quietly followed her, watching her whereabouts.For a moment, she really left the place a movie screening, walked to the north of the village head, we are far to follow.At this time, the moon shining softly land, rural starry night sky of winter, so still afraid of people everywhere.We see far she had got there, thin figure graceful in the moonlight, neck scarves fluttering in the wind.We were a little regret.But I do not know who shouted “arrest”, we trot past, to see so many of us go around, there is also writing notes to her that the boys, she understood everything, said not a word, but a piece of paper thrown to the ground and ran away, leaving only stare us.  Later, we go back and read her a piece of paper on the floor, not what we think of love letters, but to persuade the boys to the school as the most important words, etc..They had “city” of these students, personality is more open and easy-going, those of us rural kids fuss.This time those of us who are more humble, and after this we never had the girls Loss.    Think about these events, our ignorance of human accidents, we have demonstrated the rebellious, we think very smartly maverick, whistle blowing is not pleasant to the ear, watching other people surprised eyes, mouth laughing happily, nonchalantly listening to the parents or the teacher’s criticism, youthful so quietly slip away, so we have to be wasted on the way to school, the windows flew to waste on stones, emotion-laden waste in small river fishing in troubled waters.These are our youth, that era is our generation’s mark.(Three Wo) QQ: 460388893

Bloodied curd

Peace of mind is a reporter, after this world class next week about a boyfriend with eating pickled fish, pickled fish is reassuring favorite dishes, eat a hundred tire, she is a frequent visitor to this restaurant, but tonight, pickled fish, especially flavored, spicy cool colorful acid, straight eat at ease hooked.  The next day when the peace of mind they pass by this restaurant when Alarmed hotel was closed, how is this going?Professional sensitivity makes it feel at ease in the face of Me, maybe there is value coverage, so ask the relevant departments, and soon learned the reason: This hotel has been widely used cooking oil.  A peace of mind which also spare reported, wow bang mad vomit up, get straight vomit bile are out, you know she was eaten in this restaurant many times, that is to say, she’s eating cooking oil When I think too much more at ease vomiting.  A direct consequence of waste oil event is peace of mind from fear of pickled fish if snakes and scorpions, eat not talk, can not be even a hint of the way, so that peace of mind, not without sad to think: this life is probably not want to eat a dish.  While still in this thing to heart peace of mind when a tragedy caught her attention: a little girl selling curd dead, dead very strange.  Peace of mind to sell curd heard the words of the little girl suddenly a Ji Ling, busy for further investigation, this investigation does not matter, at ease straight scared soul flying outside’d rather die.What happened was this: a grandmother living in the urban fringe of a living by selling bean curd, the incident that night my grandmother found a little curry, then go home and get, leaving one side granddaughter doing homework in the street, side stalls care, who knows when my grandmother back are inverted world of yin and yang, the two separated, her only family, only primary school granddaughter died in a roadside!  Police found the cause of death was a little girl compasses deep into the temple, there beside her messy stationery exercise books, a small round table used to display curd also fell to the ground, beans, a shower, a white bean curd the little girl with bright red blood mixed together, shocking red and exudes a sense of control.  Preliminary investigation of the police to restore a roughly through: Little girl is doing homework, a runaway car light does not hit over powerhouse, it would have been not fatal, who knows when the little girl stumbled down, it happens, temple just hit the upturned steel compass police finally regret to say: we are at the scene to extract the tire tracks and brakes India, but because of the car after the incident, the perpetrators or be erased afterwards, in short, all traces destruction, did not get valuable clues, such as what brand of tires, etc..And because Zhuangde not heavy, causing no damage to the vehicle was, so the scene could not find any fallout.In addition to that road a bit remote, no cameras installed, and no witnesses, and therefore up to now not yet any useful information.  Not a few reassuring voice trembling voice, asked the little girl what was the name, if not in fact have guessed she asked, and sure enough, the police told her that the little girl named Peas.  Hearing this peace of mind could not restrain, burst into tears, hardy girl Peas, she met.  Peas said it is because she only know Zhou Ming.  That was last year, at ease listening to friends that a man named Zhou hearts are pretty good, I have been funding a selling bean curd little girl, so peace of mind went to interview Zhou Ming, one to two to two people love each other, and the Peas have become two people co-financed objects.  Peas born soon after his parents are sick all dead, with her grandmother only had each other, but now this little girl suffered before, just before blooming trace of smile, scattered emit a ray of fragrance, but quickly faded, peace of mind is not how unbearable?  Driven to distraction peace of mind to find Zhou Ming, the way she kept the wording of scrutiny, can not stand against this huge bad news Zhou Mingcheng, who knows a meeting at ease ate surprised, I saw Zhou Ming eyes were black and his face haggard, as if birth a serious illness, do not Zhou Ming know this thing?  Sure enough, Zhou Ming know the Peas have died, they could not help but grief, the cry of a.Zhou Ming piercing cry, and finally said: Peas gone, since then her grandmother is my grandmother pro, I will take a hundred years to go until the grandmother maintenance of.  Two days later, Zhou also found peace of mind immersed in great sorrow in a long time unable to extricate themselves, within the heart more pity, then yanked out shopping week, so that he get some fresh air.  Unconsciously they both went to the snack street, this is the place they usually love to.Zhou Ming is distracted footsteps of floating along, pulled him peace of mind, thoughtful and said: Zhou Ming, rest it, the way a bite to eat.  Zhou Ming zombie-general into the store to sit down with peace of mind, peace of mind to the point I do not know what, little effort waiter on two bowls of stuff, Zhou Ming mechanically picked up a teaspoon, scoop up just to go inside the mouth delivery, suddenly see such a large ghostly cried ah!  With screams, Zhou Ming fire as hot as crazy threw a hand spoon and a bowl in front of the overthrow, while terrified straight back, bang of a sound, he knocked behind the desk, the table of dishes break one place.  Dousheng accident scared ease helpless, hastened to come hold next week, and then pay compensation for the loss of people shop.  The peace of mind captivated Zhou Ming had enough to do back home, opened the door a dog chasing its tail to meet up, surrounded by a never-ending peace of mind affectionate.See ease Duwusiren a puppy, and my heart more sad, because the dog is Peas.  Peas took in a young stray dog, but she and her grandmother were not even a self-care, which have energy and money to take care of puppies?On the occasion of next week dilemma lent a helping hand, Zhou said gently: Peas, puppy let me temporarily raise the times, every time I see you later when they are put on the dog, you think it’s time to come my home, so that you are still the owner of the dog, play it with you, OK?  Now dog owners know it’s small it has gone?Peace of mind to reach out and touch Youmo that chubby puppy’s head, could not help but shed a tear.  The police over there or delay can not find a breakthrough, some people began to suspect that this case is purely an accident, perhaps just Peas from a foothold instability, accidentally hit a compass that has a sharp, pointed tip and.  After listening to ease murmured: I hope so and then waited a long absence, finally pulling out the phone call about his meeting next week, not a few days, Zhou Ming ease from grief over yet?  In the Teahouse, Zhou Ming saw the peace of mind, he was surprised by the turn this time: immediate pain relief and looked pale, seeming to suppress the great grief.  Before Zhou Ming asked, opening the peace of mind: Zhou Ming, listen to me a story.  Peace of mind looked far ahead, trance speaking up: One night, a man in friends that drank wine, after returning home he remembered that today is the 15th, and the 15th of every month he and a small girl agreed to meet the day, on this day he always sent a little money, clothes and stationery what.He has been quietly funding the family poor little girl, it should be said, he is a good-hearted person.  If he do not, the little girl would have been looking forward to, so these people off, when he set out to bring a dog, because the dog is a little girl, the little girl beloved partner.One person, one dog on the bus, yes, a car, despite a drink, but people always quite confident about his driving skills, say late, very few taxis, but the little girl home far away.  Fortunately, all the way to safety, then, the man from a distance to a little girl in the street doing homework, he immediately pleased whistle schematic.The little girl saw a kind of big brother came, was very happy, came forward to bouncing around, who knows at this moment the accident happened, big brother should hit the brakes, but drink, he stepped in the wrong place he stepped foot on the accelerator.  A split between the big brother immediately react, scared he rushed to change under the foot brake, and yet too late, the car is not light no powerhouse hit the little girl, the little girl back to back, with everything turned.Until then big brother also believe is not serious, so he can get off a look, silly, little girl is dead, I do not know how to get in, a compass deeply into her temples.  Feel at ease talking about this face twitching, she hissed: The little girl’s name – Peas, Peas teeth bright eyes cool, like an angel Peas!  Zhou Ming listen carefully from beginning to end, eyes wide, first surprise, then pain, and finally calmed down, bow started playing in the cup, asked: peace of mind, what do you mean?  Peace of mind to every word uttered, as if exhausted body all the effort, said: Zhou Ming, you surrender it!  After a few seconds gap over the world, Zhou Ming smile, calm and peace of mind than a hundred times imagined, Q: Why?Why do you doubt me?  Peace of mind trying to calm the mood, said slowly: There are two doubt, one, tragedy occurred in the 15th, and the 15th is the day you definitely see Doudou, I asked all your friends, you finally learned in the evening drinking, so you might have missed drunk.Second, remember the day we went shopping to do it?That day in the snack bar you an abnormal state, can be used simply to describe the wits, and why?Is not it a bowl of bean curd?You know you’ve always been favorite grandma Peas and bean curd ah, I would like to think ah ah, finally figured out, because it was not anything else, but why is a bowl of bean curd.Remember the waste oil event yet?Because the waste oil, since I shunned for pickled fish, and the reason why you panicked in front of a bowl of bean curd, is also the same reason – you witnessed the blood spilled Peas into the white curd, so bang , Zhou Ming slid down the cup on the table, Zhou Ming can not wipe off the water, but laughed and said: great reporter, you too will be the reasoning, put it vivid, even the details are so vivid, as if the same personal experience but what evidence?Yes, the 15th night I really drunk, but drunk I went home to bed, one did not go, Oh, you can not make the presumption of guilt.  Ease shook his head, his face faint disappointment, saying: Zhou Ming, remember how we know it?Peas are, is lovely Peas made our matchmaker, and now she is dead, although unexpected, but after all, die in your hands, and you actually have the courage to face, do you worthy of her?She has been bitter enough alive, dead still unclear, you say her little soul in heaven you will rest in peace?Also I tell you, now only a small Peas grandmother Half-Life, and that is, you almost killed by a car two people!  Zhou Ming heard his teeth clenched, head buried his hands concealed, just speechless.Peace of mind in the heart sigh, weak weak to say: Zhou Ming, you still refuses to face, but you know it?God always leaves in the quietly paved the way, and when there is good prize, guilt is a penalty – and paved the way for this case is to send your puppy Peas.15 That night, when you went to see Peas same as before, on the puppies go with the flow zone, when you hit the car door Peas point of view, the puppy down, it was too little master wants it , and it does not understand why the little master as usual delighted to pick it, but did not move, so it is facing the young master they sniffed, sniffed it this left its mark, it Peas body He left a few dog hair.Last time I send you the way home when the dog hair pulled out two, these have been identified forensic DNA and dog hair left exactly at the scene, Zhou Ming, can you say why you clear the scene there will be dog hair Zhou Ming suddenly lift began, pale and trembling, to ask: Why?Peace of mind, I’m your boyfriend, why do you harm me?Then why are you?  Peace of mind to not look directly at him, trembling voice: Because Peas, because my grandmother, because conscience, I can not keep out the past.Zhou Ming, surrendered it, I’ll wait for you next week unsteadily stood up, suddenly back laughing: Ha ha ha, I finally freed, peace of mind, you know, after the death of peas every night I dreamed her dream see her sweetly call me ‘kind of big brother’, she dreamed end curd for me to eat, she said do not blame me, said I was careless true, many times I wanted to surrender, but I’m afraid of, ah, I’m afraid ruin, loss of freedom from fear.Now finally freed, peace of mind, thank you, Peas, Grandma, I’m sorry!  Zhou Ming looked increasingly thin firmly back went out, peace of mind wanton tears finally flowed down, silently saying: Zhou Ming, in fact, all this is all I guess, you do not admit that I simply can not denounce you, and I wish that I guess was wrong ah crime scene because there is no dog hair!

(Prose) kilns playful

(Prose) kilns old things – (3) kilns playful 1960s Yixing kilns, it is the economic Great Leap Forward, the state is also to encourage fertility, have more glorious era.Back then kilns of every family, at least have to have four or five children; many fertility nearly ten children.I was the seventh of my house to the.Each family is more than the basic working parents, usually very busy tired, home child on time to eat has been very good, and they have time to manage you learn, play and other things.Children are bigger look after small point, if a girl, twelve or thirteen have to cook and clean up at home Gu.The boy is no place to play, kilns, and kilns surrounding open space, pine heap on the yard has become a paradise for children.A dozen or even dozens of similar age kids goofed, there is little brave girl sometimes added to the mix to play.To the school holidays, on nobody, place and whenever the kilns, is their playground.Moreover filled in the finished blank barn, where the slit blank crawling in and out of the blank; winter as greenware was dried for heating in the drying room kilns, playing a. Then kilns kilns unlike the later tunnel kiln is continuous mechanized production, goods installed in each kiln, burned, after opening the kiln ship, there will be a break kiln time.This is the time kilns potters descendants of these naughty egg’s battlefield.In my memory, the original is precisely the new kiln new ceramics factory, Huang Jia Yao is our lake wooden village east ditch along the main battlefield of the child.West Malaysia and East Malaysia kiln kiln is in the vicinity of the Pan family child pottery village to the main battlefield of the batch station.Like the current international practice, although no one assigned to you or designated places, but it is a natural convention, we can not play with cross-border, cross-border consequences are serious, the child kilns good fight, fights often occur. Long Yao to play in the game are the “catch devil”.Affected by the time the film “Tunnel Warfare”, “mine warfare”, there are a few people play devils, are enclosed within the kilns giving recalcitrant, the Eighth Route Army military construction teams to play junior partner surrounded kilns, cast holes in wood kilns of ( scales eye holes) shot down.Their weapons are homemade slingshot, using waste paper to do a “bullet” hit him although not hurt, but at close range hit the exposed skin of the face, neck, hands, etc., or painful and often will be a hit “purple camel camel block”.Grenade is picked heap of pine cones a.There will also naughty daring wrapped with paper dust of the earth, as the smoke bomb with.The bad guys often do the following choking again and again called to surrender, and later had to be above the Eighth Route Army guerrillas marched out.This game is a traitor to do devils suffered enough in this game to help future generations kiln workers, he grew to know a traitor traitor is not able to do. Another game is “catch spies” or “militia to catch robbers” game venue changed to the edge of the kiln open land, and pile pine, dragon kiln is surrounded by secluded place.The same person is divided into two parts, one half Militia, half spy.In the open ground at both ends has a stronghold, after the departure covert spy activities, within the prescribed period of time, if not the militia found, can be crossed open ground back to base, even if the victory.Militia can stay one to two guard positions, find spy can intercept, but most people have to scout out, arrest, although seen in the process of searching for your hidden spy is good or bad, testing your ability to hunt down the militia, but the most exciting and the most intense is the stronghold of the process of return, although only two of the militia guarding, but you spies from the onset, through open space, running this way is the key, almost running ability, age or a little small, often will be intercepted caught. In addition every ceramics factory stockpile also activities for children paradise.Remember when several small partners to do the debate ceramic materials in the end is from underground mines dug up, or so open-pit mining bet a dozen children first to the Huanglong Mountain, looked at mine, seeing is believing, say a bunch of open-pit mining to say win, another refused to accept help, and took everyone to the fourth Qinglongshan foot well and saw a car a car pull workers out of the mine in the mud, the two sides neck and neck.Refuses to accept each other, they begin to climb Qinglongshan game, when there are two bunkers on two Japanese devils left the Green Dragon, who first bunker to victory.A group of a dozen kids, great dissatisfaction-year-old, so small that only five or six years, from the early out, did not go home to eat lunch, to getting dark, but he did not return home, the adults around the house to hurry around to find I could not find, he alerted the police station, and later the workers and fourth wells said to have a bunch of kids came in the afternoon, as if on Qinglongshan, until almost ten o’clock at night, the police only in Qinglongshan bunker, find the children had fallen asleep.It turned out that several children climbed up the hill, tired and thirsty, go back, can not find down the road, and had to hide in bunkers, one will fall asleep. In the winter, because the cold weather, these children often converge in the drying room heating in the kilns.In the drying room where the rules on more: a great people can not affect the work, and second, can not run around, run around the ground will bring up the choking dust, unruly adults have to be coaxed out of the drying room.At that time, most of the kids are basically a light jacket, and some buttons insufficiency, or for heating, belts out a bunch, and some is a straw rope.It feels like cold days than it is now, over naughty, adults were driven out of the drying room to the cold, cold water nose began to pour in itself, so we have to be honest in a little warm place to stay, play fly ” foreign films, “playing marbles, without these toys because children would be drawn, is the mud kilns children are always toys in their hands can be made beloved pistol can be made into a variety of small animals, in on the ground made house, bunkers, shape into a villain, etc., or go to the other one kind of child beaten to death on the floor of checkers board uniform, of course, but also with pieces of mud readily pinched.Descendants of potters, playing with mud self-taught, which is probably the source of endless potters bar.