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Bloodied curd

Peace of mind is a reporter, after this world class next week about a boyfriend with eating pickled fish, pickled fish is reassuring favorite dishes, eat a hundred tire, she is a frequent visitor to this restaurant, but tonight, pickled fish, especially flavored, spicy cool colorful acid, straight eat at ease hooked.  The next day when the peace of mind they pass by this restaurant when Alarmed hotel was closed, how is this going?Professional sensitivity makes it feel at ease in the face of Me, maybe there is value coverage, so ask the relevant departments, and soon learned the reason: This hotel has been widely used cooking oil.  A peace of mind which also spare reported, wow bang mad vomit up, get straight vomit bile are out, you know she was eaten in this restaurant many times, that is to say, she’s eating cooking oil When I think too much more at ease vomiting.  A direct consequence of waste oil event is peace of mind from fear of pickled fish if snakes and scorpions, eat not talk, can not be even a hint of the way, so that peace of mind, not without sad to think: this life is probably not want to eat a dish.  While still in this thing to heart peace of mind when a tragedy caught her attention: a little girl selling curd dead, dead very strange.  Peace of mind to sell curd heard the words of the little girl suddenly a Ji Ling, busy for further investigation, this investigation does not matter, at ease straight scared soul flying outside’d rather die.What happened was this: a grandmother living in the urban fringe of a living by selling bean curd, the incident that night my grandmother found a little curry, then go home and get, leaving one side granddaughter doing homework in the street, side stalls care, who knows when my grandmother back are inverted world of yin and yang, the two separated, her only family, only primary school granddaughter died in a roadside!  Police found the cause of death was a little girl compasses deep into the temple, there beside her messy stationery exercise books, a small round table used to display curd also fell to the ground, beans, a shower, a white bean curd the little girl with bright red blood mixed together, shocking red and exudes a sense of control.  Preliminary investigation of the police to restore a roughly through: Little girl is doing homework, a runaway car light does not hit over powerhouse, it would have been not fatal, who knows when the little girl stumbled down, it happens, temple just hit the upturned steel compass police finally regret to say: we are at the scene to extract the tire tracks and brakes India, but because of the car after the incident, the perpetrators or be erased afterwards, in short, all traces destruction, did not get valuable clues, such as what brand of tires, etc..And because Zhuangde not heavy, causing no damage to the vehicle was, so the scene could not find any fallout.In addition to that road a bit remote, no cameras installed, and no witnesses, and therefore up to now not yet any useful information.  Not a few reassuring voice trembling voice, asked the little girl what was the name, if not in fact have guessed she asked, and sure enough, the police told her that the little girl named Peas.  Hearing this peace of mind could not restrain, burst into tears, hardy girl Peas, she met.  Peas said it is because she only know Zhou Ming.  That was last year, at ease listening to friends that a man named Zhou hearts are pretty good, I have been funding a selling bean curd little girl, so peace of mind went to interview Zhou Ming, one to two to two people love each other, and the Peas have become two people co-financed objects.  Peas born soon after his parents are sick all dead, with her grandmother only had each other, but now this little girl suffered before, just before blooming trace of smile, scattered emit a ray of fragrance, but quickly faded, peace of mind is not how unbearable?  Driven to distraction peace of mind to find Zhou Ming, the way she kept the wording of scrutiny, can not stand against this huge bad news Zhou Mingcheng, who knows a meeting at ease ate surprised, I saw Zhou Ming eyes were black and his face haggard, as if birth a serious illness, do not Zhou Ming know this thing?  Sure enough, Zhou Ming know the Peas have died, they could not help but grief, the cry of a.Zhou Ming piercing cry, and finally said: Peas gone, since then her grandmother is my grandmother pro, I will take a hundred years to go until the grandmother maintenance of.  Two days later, Zhou also found peace of mind immersed in great sorrow in a long time unable to extricate themselves, within the heart more pity, then yanked out shopping week, so that he get some fresh air.  Unconsciously they both went to the snack street, this is the place they usually love to.Zhou Ming is distracted footsteps of floating along, pulled him peace of mind, thoughtful and said: Zhou Ming, rest it, the way a bite to eat.  Zhou Ming zombie-general into the store to sit down with peace of mind, peace of mind to the point I do not know what, little effort waiter on two bowls of stuff, Zhou Ming mechanically picked up a teaspoon, scoop up just to go inside the mouth delivery, suddenly see such a large ghostly cried ah!  With screams, Zhou Ming fire as hot as crazy threw a hand spoon and a bowl in front of the overthrow, while terrified straight back, bang of a sound, he knocked behind the desk, the table of dishes break one place.  Dousheng accident scared ease helpless, hastened to come hold next week, and then pay compensation for the loss of people shop.  The peace of mind captivated Zhou Ming had enough to do back home, opened the door a dog chasing its tail to meet up, surrounded by a never-ending peace of mind affectionate.See ease Duwusiren a puppy, and my heart more sad, because the dog is Peas.  Peas took in a young stray dog, but she and her grandmother were not even a self-care, which have energy and money to take care of puppies?On the occasion of next week dilemma lent a helping hand, Zhou said gently: Peas, puppy let me temporarily raise the times, every time I see you later when they are put on the dog, you think it’s time to come my home, so that you are still the owner of the dog, play it with you, OK?  Now dog owners know it’s small it has gone?Peace of mind to reach out and touch Youmo that chubby puppy’s head, could not help but shed a tear.  The police over there or delay can not find a breakthrough, some people began to suspect that this case is purely an accident, perhaps just Peas from a foothold instability, accidentally hit a compass that has a sharp, pointed tip and.  After listening to ease murmured: I hope so and then waited a long absence, finally pulling out the phone call about his meeting next week, not a few days, Zhou Ming ease from grief over yet?  In the Teahouse, Zhou Ming saw the peace of mind, he was surprised by the turn this time: immediate pain relief and looked pale, seeming to suppress the great grief.  Before Zhou Ming asked, opening the peace of mind: Zhou Ming, listen to me a story.  Peace of mind looked far ahead, trance speaking up: One night, a man in friends that drank wine, after returning home he remembered that today is the 15th, and the 15th of every month he and a small girl agreed to meet the day, on this day he always sent a little money, clothes and stationery what.He has been quietly funding the family poor little girl, it should be said, he is a good-hearted person.  If he do not, the little girl would have been looking forward to, so these people off, when he set out to bring a dog, because the dog is a little girl, the little girl beloved partner.One person, one dog on the bus, yes, a car, despite a drink, but people always quite confident about his driving skills, say late, very few taxis, but the little girl home far away.  Fortunately, all the way to safety, then, the man from a distance to a little girl in the street doing homework, he immediately pleased whistle schematic.The little girl saw a kind of big brother came, was very happy, came forward to bouncing around, who knows at this moment the accident happened, big brother should hit the brakes, but drink, he stepped in the wrong place he stepped foot on the accelerator.  A split between the big brother immediately react, scared he rushed to change under the foot brake, and yet too late, the car is not light no powerhouse hit the little girl, the little girl back to back, with everything turned.Until then big brother also believe is not serious, so he can get off a look, silly, little girl is dead, I do not know how to get in, a compass deeply into her temples.  Feel at ease talking about this face twitching, she hissed: The little girl’s name – Peas, Peas teeth bright eyes cool, like an angel Peas!  Zhou Ming listen carefully from beginning to end, eyes wide, first surprise, then pain, and finally calmed down, bow started playing in the cup, asked: peace of mind, what do you mean?  Peace of mind to every word uttered, as if exhausted body all the effort, said: Zhou Ming, you surrender it!  After a few seconds gap over the world, Zhou Ming smile, calm and peace of mind than a hundred times imagined, Q: Why?Why do you doubt me?  Peace of mind trying to calm the mood, said slowly: There are two doubt, one, tragedy occurred in the 15th, and the 15th is the day you definitely see Doudou, I asked all your friends, you finally learned in the evening drinking, so you might have missed drunk.Second, remember the day we went shopping to do it?That day in the snack bar you an abnormal state, can be used simply to describe the wits, and why?Is not it a bowl of bean curd?You know you’ve always been favorite grandma Peas and bean curd ah, I would like to think ah ah, finally figured out, because it was not anything else, but why is a bowl of bean curd.Remember the waste oil event yet?Because the waste oil, since I shunned for pickled fish, and the reason why you panicked in front of a bowl of bean curd, is also the same reason – you witnessed the blood spilled Peas into the white curd, so bang , Zhou Ming slid down the cup on the table, Zhou Ming can not wipe off the water, but laughed and said: great reporter, you too will be the reasoning, put it vivid, even the details are so vivid, as if the same personal experience but what evidence?Yes, the 15th night I really drunk, but drunk I went home to bed, one did not go, Oh, you can not make the presumption of guilt.  Ease shook his head, his face faint disappointment, saying: Zhou Ming, remember how we know it?Peas are, is lovely Peas made our matchmaker, and now she is dead, although unexpected, but after all, die in your hands, and you actually have the courage to face, do you worthy of her?She has been bitter enough alive, dead still unclear, you say her little soul in heaven you will rest in peace?Also I tell you, now only a small Peas grandmother Half-Life, and that is, you almost killed by a car two people!  Zhou Ming heard his teeth clenched, head buried his hands concealed, just speechless.Peace of mind in the heart sigh, weak weak to say: Zhou Ming, you still refuses to face, but you know it?God always leaves in the quietly paved the way, and when there is good prize, guilt is a penalty – and paved the way for this case is to send your puppy Peas.15 That night, when you went to see Peas same as before, on the puppies go with the flow zone, when you hit the car door Peas point of view, the puppy down, it was too little master wants it , and it does not understand why the little master as usual delighted to pick it, but did not move, so it is facing the young master they sniffed, sniffed it this left its mark, it Peas body He left a few dog hair.Last time I send you the way home when the dog hair pulled out two, these have been identified forensic DNA and dog hair left exactly at the scene, Zhou Ming, can you say why you clear the scene there will be dog hair Zhou Ming suddenly lift began, pale and trembling, to ask: Why?Peace of mind, I’m your boyfriend, why do you harm me?Then why are you?  Peace of mind to not look directly at him, trembling voice: Because Peas, because my grandmother, because conscience, I can not keep out the past.Zhou Ming, surrendered it, I’ll wait for you next week unsteadily stood up, suddenly back laughing: Ha ha ha, I finally freed, peace of mind, you know, after the death of peas every night I dreamed her dream see her sweetly call me ‘kind of big brother’, she dreamed end curd for me to eat, she said do not blame me, said I was careless true, many times I wanted to surrender, but I’m afraid of, ah, I’m afraid ruin, loss of freedom from fear.Now finally freed, peace of mind, thank you, Peas, Grandma, I’m sorry!  Zhou Ming looked increasingly thin firmly back went out, peace of mind wanton tears finally flowed down, silently saying: Zhou Ming, in fact, all this is all I guess, you do not admit that I simply can not denounce you, and I wish that I guess was wrong ah crime scene because there is no dog hair!

(Prose) kilns playful

(Prose) kilns old things – (3) kilns playful 1960s Yixing kilns, it is the economic Great Leap Forward, the state is also to encourage fertility, have more glorious era.Back then kilns of every family, at least have to have four or five children; many fertility nearly ten children.I was the seventh of my house to the.Each family is more than the basic working parents, usually very busy tired, home child on time to eat has been very good, and they have time to manage you learn, play and other things.Children are bigger look after small point, if a girl, twelve or thirteen have to cook and clean up at home Gu.The boy is no place to play, kilns, and kilns surrounding open space, pine heap on the yard has become a paradise for children.A dozen or even dozens of similar age kids goofed, there is little brave girl sometimes added to the mix to play.To the school holidays, on nobody, place and whenever the kilns, is their playground.Moreover filled in the finished blank barn, where the slit blank crawling in and out of the blank; winter as greenware was dried for heating in the drying room kilns, playing a. Then kilns kilns unlike the later tunnel kiln is continuous mechanized production, goods installed in each kiln, burned, after opening the kiln ship, there will be a break kiln time.This is the time kilns potters descendants of these naughty egg’s battlefield.In my memory, the original is precisely the new kiln new ceramics factory, Huang Jia Yao is our lake wooden village east ditch along the main battlefield of the child.West Malaysia and East Malaysia kiln kiln is in the vicinity of the Pan family child pottery village to the main battlefield of the batch station.Like the current international practice, although no one assigned to you or designated places, but it is a natural convention, we can not play with cross-border, cross-border consequences are serious, the child kilns good fight, fights often occur. Long Yao to play in the game are the “catch devil”.Affected by the time the film “Tunnel Warfare”, “mine warfare”, there are a few people play devils, are enclosed within the kilns giving recalcitrant, the Eighth Route Army military construction teams to play junior partner surrounded kilns, cast holes in wood kilns of ( scales eye holes) shot down.Their weapons are homemade slingshot, using waste paper to do a “bullet” hit him although not hurt, but at close range hit the exposed skin of the face, neck, hands, etc., or painful and often will be a hit “purple camel camel block”.Grenade is picked heap of pine cones a.There will also naughty daring wrapped with paper dust of the earth, as the smoke bomb with.The bad guys often do the following choking again and again called to surrender, and later had to be above the Eighth Route Army guerrillas marched out.This game is a traitor to do devils suffered enough in this game to help future generations kiln workers, he grew to know a traitor traitor is not able to do. Another game is “catch spies” or “militia to catch robbers” game venue changed to the edge of the kiln open land, and pile pine, dragon kiln is surrounded by secluded place.The same person is divided into two parts, one half Militia, half spy.In the open ground at both ends has a stronghold, after the departure covert spy activities, within the prescribed period of time, if not the militia found, can be crossed open ground back to base, even if the victory.Militia can stay one to two guard positions, find spy can intercept, but most people have to scout out, arrest, although seen in the process of searching for your hidden spy is good or bad, testing your ability to hunt down the militia, but the most exciting and the most intense is the stronghold of the process of return, although only two of the militia guarding, but you spies from the onset, through open space, running this way is the key, almost running ability, age or a little small, often will be intercepted caught. In addition every ceramics factory stockpile also activities for children paradise.Remember when several small partners to do the debate ceramic materials in the end is from underground mines dug up, or so open-pit mining bet a dozen children first to the Huanglong Mountain, looked at mine, seeing is believing, say a bunch of open-pit mining to say win, another refused to accept help, and took everyone to the fourth Qinglongshan foot well and saw a car a car pull workers out of the mine in the mud, the two sides neck and neck.Refuses to accept each other, they begin to climb Qinglongshan game, when there are two bunkers on two Japanese devils left the Green Dragon, who first bunker to victory.A group of a dozen kids, great dissatisfaction-year-old, so small that only five or six years, from the early out, did not go home to eat lunch, to getting dark, but he did not return home, the adults around the house to hurry around to find I could not find, he alerted the police station, and later the workers and fourth wells said to have a bunch of kids came in the afternoon, as if on Qinglongshan, until almost ten o’clock at night, the police only in Qinglongshan bunker, find the children had fallen asleep.It turned out that several children climbed up the hill, tired and thirsty, go back, can not find down the road, and had to hide in bunkers, one will fall asleep. In the winter, because the cold weather, these children often converge in the drying room heating in the kilns.In the drying room where the rules on more: a great people can not affect the work, and second, can not run around, run around the ground will bring up the choking dust, unruly adults have to be coaxed out of the drying room.At that time, most of the kids are basically a light jacket, and some buttons insufficiency, or for heating, belts out a bunch, and some is a straw rope.It feels like cold days than it is now, over naughty, adults were driven out of the drying room to the cold, cold water nose began to pour in itself, so we have to be honest in a little warm place to stay, play fly ” foreign films, “playing marbles, without these toys because children would be drawn, is the mud kilns children are always toys in their hands can be made beloved pistol can be made into a variety of small animals, in on the ground made house, bunkers, shape into a villain, etc., or go to the other one kind of child beaten to death on the floor of checkers board uniform, of course, but also with pieces of mud readily pinched.Descendants of potters, playing with mud self-taught, which is probably the source of endless potters bar.

(Original) leaving no pass book (serial) 28

DFDS Nordic well-known companies, control of the European maritime passenger and freight logistics network, the company DFDS sea routes include waters in the North Sea, Irish Sea, the Baltic Sea and the English Channel, etc., is said to have five thousand employees, there’s all kinds of ships fifty ships, “Scandinavia Crystal Palace” is one of them.In addition to its cabin can accommodate thousands of passengers other than the huge cruise ship bottoms with a super garage, there are four hundred and fifty parking spaces, leisurely cruise Europeans, driving a wide variety of cars, caravans, SUVs and high-power horsepower motorcycle, orderly queuing to enter the order, very busy spectacular.    ”Scandinavia Crystal Palace” is a masterpiece of Norwegian shipbuilding industry, it is said to be retiring soon, but got it a new repair, the whole boat is simply a mirage floating on the Arctic Ocean, cruising in the other side of the harbor ships, compared to just under humble BUTTERFLY.By the superior elevator to have six, which is the five-story deck.It almost up to the highest level for a grander sight, looking for ancient Greeks third argument on the earth is round: people first see the emergence in the distant sea level mast, and then only to see the boat.Originally broke the ice of the frozen sea soon, cruise opened the ice when there is broken glass crystal-like sound, crisp percussion sea Ruo-Bing, mirror-like ice like lightning, and instantly appear cracks roads falling apart, quickly revert to the blue ocean Shensui.Long was the first time so much riding on ten thousand tons passenger, we are full of curiosity and began wandering around the various parts of the ship.This giant deck activities for guests, is divided into a variety of outdoor activities venue: tennis, “hopscotch”, chess and mini-golf course.You can soak in the summer outdoor swimming pool, on the sun lounger, sea breeze.This “sea palace” a church, a theater, a planetarium, a fashion show hall, jazz club, disco, concert halls, dance halls, library, casino, beauty salon, piano bars, shopping centers, and give people consume calories, prepared a variety of sports and entertainment facilities: gym, hydromassage pool, indoor swimming pool, an artificial surf rock climbing area, skating rink, children’s playground, everything.There let the super-rich private cigar club, luxurious presidential suite at sea, reportedly surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, can be all-round panoramic ocean view.    DFDS company also owns Princess of Norway, Nordic king number, number, and Dana Nordic Crown Cruise siren number, etc., from the West to the name is not a feudal monarchy means, and is related to demons, and we Asians tend to love a positive image a very different creature of habit, this cultural phenomenon is very strange, it is worth a good study sociologist.    Our ferry from Copenhagen starting over Oresund, traveling north along the Kattegat.Strait are Denmark and Sweden, the ship is sailing along the Danish side of the territorial sea, fjords beautiful, majestic steep sides of the high ranges.This is the North Sea, the deck temperatures as low as minus 28 degrees, cold and windy, if the air is solidified.Drifting on the sea everywhere icebreaker of being crushed ice, and our boat collision, rumbling sound from time to time, indeed it is both spectacular and thrilling spectacle.”Scandinavian Crystal Palace” is simply a city, or floating on the surface of Dragon Palace.Are wondering, so monster, how can we be contained without overturning sank on the cusp?Suddenly felt this ship in the vast ocean, is just a tiny leaf of Noah’s Ark, like UFO Earth in the vast universe, just drop in the ocean.    On the “Scandinavian Crystal Palace”, we have been visited everywhere, and so each room waiters are happy to satisfy the curiosity of the guests, because this is the best way to word of mouth advertising stand.”Scandinavian Crystal Palace” Captain-level luxury suite cabin with a jacuzzi, lounge and luxury unique furnishings, and room service and extra space to enjoy, there are specialized private balcony, so guests sailing when, along with the comfortable enjoyment, appreciate the North Sea spectacular sea views.That is the second fairway senior cabin, where you can watch the sea views from wide windows, with excellent facilities.Third class is inside the cabin, including a full bathroom, bathroom, air conditioning and reading lights, these high-quality facilities, in our eyes is enough luxury.Somewhere between the captain and waterways senior-level luxury cabin cabin, as well as Brigadier cabin, by definition live there have to be a general feeling, and this name we can observe that the Nordic people have a martial history.    We take five other cabin (if you count the Commodore cabin) economic level in the last flow.Five other cabin no beds, there are fifty largest airline can adjust the tilt chair.Through full-field floor windows facing the sea with views of the vast landscape.Soon we discovered that the entire cabin is always the two of us.When the pier to buy tickets, the ticket lady looks like a doll, the cabin is divided into five divisions, etc., to answer this question is clearly no need to be thinking about, and so we naturally buy the end of the cabin, she raised thrush sultry, ask Are we determined that we were a bit puzzled, is it difficult to get a ticket cheaper cabin?Now understand, there is simply no one to sit five other cabin, there is no wonder that ticket lady first-ever feeling.[Editor: Yuet Wah]

(F) a flower-filled fields

Kazakhstan’s northern and central parts of the world-famous prairie, an area of 1.4 million square kilometers, accounting for a full half of its land area, but too far away from Almaty, I am not privileged to go, to enjoy its boundless vast and style.    Fortunately, a chance, in the west of Almaty, also found that there are no small prairie (at least in my eyes), make me a fresh.    That was in Jaunpur Island in the country, I take the car along Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan Highway (Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan) Mercedes-Benz.Outside the car, through windbreaks, showing a green prairie, colorful fields, has been extended to the distant horizon.    We can not help but stopped the car to grassland, prairie summer flowers in full bloom, into a film into a piece of bright red wild poppies, a touch of small white flowers, glistening golden nameless wild flowers scattered on the green grassland, the earth like a true talent for Fairview.    Grasslands, growing into a piece of wild wheat and oat feed when planting.Wild wheat ground, and mixed with bits and pieces of red wild poppies, silhouetted against each other, beautiful eye-catching.Not far away, dotted with white sheep, horses and a small, free eating grass, out of sight of the shepherd, surrounded by the silence was only hear the wind whispers and bees buzz.It is said that due to the sparsely populated, vast land, labor is scarce, people ha crops, sowing and harvesting generally just two things, attend intensive cultivation and management, never applied fertilizer and pesticides, extensive cultivation, low yields, but it is definitely safety of green plants.Those into a piece of colorful wild poppies, the flowers bloom year after year, students from self-destruction, the locals take for granted.Sometimes just to collect thin poppy seeds, like sesame, like Caesar, sprinkled on bread baking edible.This bakery, various supermarkets.Food stores are sold, for a long time, not drugs, not illegal, the former Soviet republics are so.    I have never seen such a beautiful and vast wilderness, under the blue sky, the monastery is surrounded around, far from the sight of the end of the rolling snow-capped mountains, snow-capped mountains is a vast prairie flowers, green and wild and fog, how vast.This is the country’s modern times as the “North Star on the Prairie,” the great poet Abai had burst Acura grasslands, perhaps enough to pen with the Russian writer Sholokhov “Quiet Flows the Don” in the fertile phase of the Don steppe rival.Only beauty in the past in order to see the film and television works, now displayed in front, I was shocked.    I can not help but think of the student, we all like to mention a song, a magnificent song of the Soviet Union: “What the vast majority of our country, it has numerous fields and forests, we have not seen in other countries, so you can breathe freely.”Today, the disintegration of the Soviet Union long gone, but one of the former republics of Kazakhstan, has become the nascent independent state.Kazakh area of over 2.72 million square kilometers, in the Soviet Union after Russia; second only to China and India in Asia, ranking third.Although piece of a jigsaw, during the visit of Kazakhstan, including today, I witnessed it that the vast majority of the land, flotilla.    At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains in the distance, there are several small villages, the houses, spread, spread it on the prairie, metal roof shining in the sun, lavender curl of smoke rising over the village, disappeared in the grasslands..Ha existing fifteen million population of the country, just over one tenth of China’s population of a little more, while almost one-third of the land area of our country, real sparsely populated.It has both rich fertile land, there are plenty arid desert, semi-desert, but extremely rich products and resources, its huge oil and gas resources, and now is a steady stream of exports to China and other neighboring countries a lot of food in the country and livestock products are exported every year, great development potential.    I was the first step of this land is not barren, but it is not the vast majority of virgin land reclamation farming.I think, not much water drought, shortage of manpower, agricultural machinery, may have been one reason.Different national circumstances, according to local conditions, open pasture, kept semi-natural state, as I could see it, is probably the best choice made by local villagers.    I wish this piece of wilderness, forever flowers!    (Continued) 2010-02-25 Zhaoding Hua

Elopement Eve

The results need love, and sometimes not own a subjective act, but broke our hearts cruel reality —– 1.Girlfriend died suddenly near noon, Lin Fan and again handed over the resignation, the principal was a bit angry, look at him, did not answer.In the case of stalemate, Lin Fan’s phone suddenly rang hasty.Phone call from a brother Lim.  However, little brother you come home hurt her sister.  He stumbled and then went to Ye rented room, clawed through the crowd when he discovered that the forest can be positive trembling curled up in a corner, while his girlfriend has a small contingent face serenely away from him.  Lin Fan arm around the trembling forest can be, he would not understand, how can Ye however cruel it away from their own?  The police then arrived, the scene has been destroyed because people crowd, a policeman can not accurately judge the time is suicide or homicide.After careful survey the scene and understand the situation.The only clue is an ordinary bottle bedside charge of those few, which confirmed all sleeping pills.At that time, the room was electric Ye Ran live trip.Police from the face of the deceased and no signs of struggle point of view, there are three possible.Suicide, eating overdose of sleeping pills and cause death; eating a lot of sleeping pills, because the electricity suddenly the room that night trip, not feeling the Ye then took the pills in the dark, but she forgot these bottles are sleeping pills; homicide, someone is secretly put the bottle in the medicine for a.  Lin Fan squatting on the ground, some absent-minded inquiry and analysis of police, his whole person across, while the forest can still huddled in the side, scared pale skin, pale.  Subsequently, the police also found the deceased leaves small natural harbor has been three months pregnant.When asked about Lin Fan, Lin Fan suddenly stood up, his fists.It must be the beast of children.  2.The man Lin Fan mouth barbaric manager, who is it?  The man called Zhuo and Qi Ye’s company then general manager,.  Lin Fan said, because then the secretary Zhuo Qi Ye party, Zhuo Fang Qi has repeatedly harassed her in private.But Ye then neither overbearing nor always refused.To keep Lin Fan sad for her, she has not told it Lin Fan.Until one day, Qifang Li Zhuo with a chance to travel, then forcibly took possession of the Ye.Later, Ye then discovered she was pregnant last resort, she was told it the Lin Fan.Lin Fan angry, however, has found Zhuo and Qi theory, did not expect, but was beaten Zhuo and Qi face was swollen nose light.Later, however Ye resigned, Zhuo and Qi still would not let her, often called harassing phone calls.In desperation, Lin Fan Ye then letting her find a place to live now.After the move, some calm days, but one day, Lin Fan turn to intimidation or information from Zhuo and Qi Ye Ran phone.He clearly remembers the content of that information, say, one day, I’ll find you and kill you, you can not escape my palm.To this end, Ye then has been living in fear, and often insomnia.  Lin Fan said Qi Fang Zhuo must find a place to live in small contingent, had we intend to leave the city with it?How could she suddenly committed suicide it?Subsequently, Lin Fan took out two tickets.We are preparing to quietly leave it?  At this time, aside silent forest can suddenly ran up, snatched the ticket Lin Fan hands, torn to pieces, he looked at Lin Fan, an expression of pain.Brother, you are really ready to get out of here?what about me?It is how my parents died when you asked, so no matter where you have to take me, and you actually forgot all about it?  The police no longer continue to ask it, they quickly found Zhuo and Qi.Zhuo and Qi suit to a meeting, he heard the news of the death of Ye However, he said that for Ye course, I know I did wrong, but I definitely did not kill Ye Ran.  Qi Fang Zhuo debate again, and he said words Zaozao can find someone to testify, he has been working overtime last night in the unit.A policeman suddenly said, according to Ye then boyfriend said, Ye then pregnant with your child.Zhuo and Qi suddenly laughed: children?Can not, I have to prove infertility.Who knows that the child is not her father and then fucks Ye born out of?  3.Wretched stepfather night, at the police station, Ye Ran’s parents from the suburbs to drive over.Mom cried all the way, the eyes were badly swollen.The father, just head down.  However, Ye’s father died many years ago, she has followed her mother lives.Later, her mother remarried, he is the man in front of her stepfather.Old mother distraught daughter’s death, she repeatedly beat the men around him, his mouth kept talking about: If not you, then little will not go down this road to ruin.  Admittedly, the police discovered a big secret.That is, Ye then had been harassed stepfather, so always want to escape.After work, Ye Ran rarely home, and family relationships indifference.Her poor mother, but the mother hated the weakness she hated stepfather, but because his mother had to endure the torture of family.She wrote a diary, which records this painful memories, until she met a teacher Lin Fan, just get away from it all.  But marriage stepfather did not agree with Lin Fan Ye However, he did not interfere in the breath of five tripled to a poor teach.

I made a firefly

The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light. My life gave me a pair of eyes that can sense day and night. I will use it to sense everything around me, the sound of everything and the sound of everything’s heart. In the radiance of all things, purify your heart and be a pure person. I know it’s hard. Under the pure blue, it is an endless plateau, a cold and lonely plateau; My heart will be safely stationed, in a moment of block, let imagination gallop without limit.     Because of love, we are tolerant; Because of tolerance, we love. This covers all love, flooding, sweeping me. Standing in the young mood, it has collapsed, but I still stubbornly guard this corner of the sky, looking for a world to go back to. Sometimes tears fall, it’s not fragile, it’s stubborn; Later, I shook my head and couldn’t define the plot of deja vu in the world, which was fortunate and unfortunate..     In this world, our wings are given to the wind. It was born by the wind. Our will continues to inject vitality into it. Our wings are heavy in setbacks and our eyes are gloomy. When spring comes, all things change their decadent faces, and we also rise up at the historic moment.. In fact, life is just like the four seasons. It is full of joys and sorrows, gains and losses in adversity. They consume our lives and make life go on to an old age..     In this world of mortals, all the love I have received from me is the sunshine of my life. Those warm voices and words. Of course, I also know that people can’t just want to harvest, but also to cultivate, irrigate and dedicate.. And my personal strength is so small. My face is somewhat humble and even obscene. I am not a singer, but I want to sing. I have the feelings of a singer and the unyielding soul of a singer. This true color shows its glimmer in the world like a firefly.. Fluorescent. It’s also light. Even though he was small, he also flew tirelessly in the world. He had a shining heart. There is no powerful and unconstrained style, no wind, no fire, no boom; There is no energy to illuminate all things.

Guishan Island View the Sea

Last year’s National Day holiday lasted several days in the south. The most impressive thing was watching the sea on Guishan Island..     On October 6, at 10: 00, we boarded the ship from Xiangzhou wharf to Guishan Island. The sea water in Xiangzhou District is a light grass green with yellow green, while when it is near Guishan Island, the sea water is clear, bluer and bluer, and the sea is closer to the color of blue sky.. The waves of the sea are vast and the endless momentum is shocking.     Soon Guishan Island arrived, which is very close to Macau in the west, Lantau Island in Hong Kong in the north and Shenzhen in the north, and is known as the intersection of ” one country, two systems”. The car passed through the streets of Guishan Town, climbed up the green mountain forest to the west, drove left and right for a while, and then stopped in front of a two-story building in the local barracks on the hillside, which was the hostel for the resident troops..     The soldiers who served us gave us a rest and then went to the seaside.. There are stone tables and benches in the courtyard of the hostel, and the green stones are polished smooth and smooth by the careful soldiers.. Standing here in the vast sea area, you can see everything in a glance, enjoy tea and watch the sea, and have a special interest.. My memory of the sea comes from the song I love the blue sea regulations from primary school to high school. Gorky’s participation in the song ” Haiyan” and ” Ba Jin’s participation in the sea sunrise regulations” were dismembered by the teacher, and my understanding of the sea is still vague.. For decades, I looked forward to the sea and dreamt about it more than once. This time, I really saw the sea. Her vast expanse and mysterious blue suddenly shocked me..     I stubbornly believe that a person should be close to the sea once in his life. Her boundless blue can make people feel their insignificance and ignorance and destroy the self-enclosed castle of consciousness in people’s hearts.. In addition, I would like to step on the coast and touch the sea at zero distance. I would like to personally feel what the ocean tide sound is and see how the waves roll around the rock. This time, I finally touch the sea at zero distance. Why not keep up with the new trend and ups and downs?! I feel vaguely that what I have been looking for on the journey of life may be such a sea.     The huge white rock on the green mountain ridge, half volleyed, and a Shan Ying held his head up as if he was not reposing, but enjoying the beautiful scenery of the coast. Does he also want to break through the bottleneck of life and look for the philosophical subject that troubles life as I do?? With such a fine seashore, life can be bold and romantic. Shan Ying turns a blind eye to the birds twittering in the sky above him..     From here, I can see clearly the Diaoteng Bay, the garbage tail island, the deep blue sea water, the impact of sea waves on rocks and the splashing of white water curtains.. The stones, large and small, are strewn at random, which the most brilliant gardener can’t create. Turning around Diaoteng Bay, there was a long artificial seawall in the distance. The fishing boats on the water in the dike stopped for several rows, with hundreds of boats, just like the fishermen basking in the fish on the dock, and placed neatly. There are fishing boats, merchant ships, coming and going, sirens, and huge sea ships at the farthest point, like a mountain, standing firmly on the sea, but it is white. We found out that it is a life-saving ship at sea, because the coastal defense forces guard it day and night, the fishermen are carefree and live and work in peace and contentment. Only then can we enjoy the beautiful natural picture of Guishan Island with ease and contentment.. If you’re sleepy, it’s also nice to sit in the camp hostel house near the window to see the sea. The window is like a view frame. You just have to move your eyes..     An hour later, under the leadership of the resident soldiers, we rode to the highest landing point of Guishan ship’s hero, Diaoteng Bay, and walked step by step from the hillside of Guishan to the beach of Diaoteng Bay on Junk Tail Island. The first scene was the Guishan Hero Monument.. I bowed deeply to the PLA soldiers who were buried here. Martyrs’ Cemetery is very small, a small monument, a half-body statue of the PLA hero, and the memorial site is just as big as the farm yard. However, the sea here is deep blue, with many strange rocks and steep slopes, and the terrain is very dangerous, indicating that the battle here was very fierce half a century ago.. The officers and soldiers in the compound cleaned up the area and dressed it solemnly, making people respect the heroes. From here, the stone steps winding down to the bottom of the sea are neat and beautiful. Iron pillars are installed on the rocks by the sea and connected by chains, which are the crystallization of the sweat of the officers and soldiers stationed there.. Through the winding coastal boulders and cliffs, let the waves come out of the crevices, lick my feet of the northwest landlubber, and listen to the wave after wave’ swish – swish – swish’ rushing through, the long-term worries and unhappiness that have settled in my heart are fading away.. The big and small stones by the sea are round edges and corners, not ferocious, not sharp. Standing or sitting on a huge rock in the bay is the sound of the tide striking the rock in a rhythmic way, except for the sound of a whistle or two coming and going from far to near.. Sometimes ships try quietly from the sea in front of you, just like kites flying in the blue sky. If you focus on the sound of the waves, then the boat that honks the flute seems to pass through your heart.. I suddenly thought of attending the wonderful sound of the ” Regulations” of the Puranas, the Sanskrit sound of the tides, and the sound of the world’ these words’. According to Buddhist scriptures, Guanyin Bodhisattva can observe the sounds of the world and save suffering, ” thousands of places pray for thousands of responses, and the sea of suffering is often used as a boat for crossing people”, hence the name of the wonderful sound, which is like the sound of the sea and can be heard everywhere. If the tide has a flood and responds to it, it is called the sound of the tides. ”. The tide sound has been given the message of truth. After all, what is her rhythmic tide sound venting to all sentient life for hundreds of millions of years? If these stones are placed in the mountains in northwest China and stand on the bank of Jinghe River, they may not be able to activate people’s thoughts and feelings, but here they become sentient and enchanting..     Those rocks with a unique posture are full of bright red poems and inscriptions by celebrities and painters.. The flame of thought shone brightly. There are ” eternal waves” and ” sea spirits” and ” fresh air” and huge pages with thousands of words.. Walking in the sound of the waves, walking through the pages of stone pages while listening to the tide, reading and reading those words, the stones are no longer stones, some of them are like soldiers holding guns, and they are mighty and inviolable. Some beautiful Jiangnan gifted scholars in Wanyang thought passionately before they saw Diaoteng Bay and went to Sea Ragwood Bay, stepping on the white waves in the sand and rushing in the waves..     The children of the same trade are the most happy. The front waves wet their trousers and just receded. Before people could move their feet, the back waves came again, reaching over their knees and dodging. People joined together with the rolling waves. Surrounded by the waves, people were just a spray. People left and the waves still pushed each other.. Standing at the height of Ngau Tau Island to watch the sea, the October sea was very calm, the sea was clear and smooth, the beach waves were gentle, the fishing boats in the inner bay were silent, and the pedestrians in the harbor were 3322, giving people a kind of serenity and serenity. This is a heart-nourishing bay..     The night in Guishan is quiet and the night sky is naturally dark, because the stars fall on the sea – that’s the light on the fishing boat in Guishan Town. Fishermen use colored lights to catch fish at night. The sea is more lively at night than during the day, and the sound of the ship’s horse chimes in.. From time to time there were insects singing in the grass beside the beach road, singing vividly, and setting off the night here with extra peace. All this seems to be no different from the quiet night in the mountain village in the mainland. Only the moist and fresh sea breeze makes me feel that the night here is different from the night I spent before..     After swimming the seawall, eating seafood from restaurants in the town, and returning to the hostel on the mountainside, I felt sleepy. I felt lethargic on such a refreshing, quiet and fresh island night, which was a bit of a waste of beautiful time.. There is a kind of thoughts from the bottom of my heart, rushing through the city for days. I was held by an indescribable thing, drifting in an inertia and feeling a little numb.. Only when I arrived in Zhuhai and Guishan did I regain my air, and my spirit began to increase, listening to the tides in the sea, stepping on the waves in the wind, and stepping on the sand to pick up seashells. I was full of pride again..     In Zhuhai, I was lucky enough to bathe in the sea like Guishan Island, and let my heart focus on the pure blue of the sea, rest assured that the vast expanse of the sea, let my beautiful thoughts pass through my heart and enjoy only the quiet, clear and clear beauty in my heart. Is this the wonderful sound of ” winning the world”?!


Before the National Day holiday arrived, a friend asked me what arrangements I had for the holiday, and I replied with a smile that I would not go anywhere in keeping with my own land.. In fact, the days and I are just idle and busy. There is no holiday, and I don’t want to catch up with the holiday, go with the crowd, suffer from the crawl of cars like snails, jostle with each other, drive my head, and watch the anxiety of crowds of people.. Many people did not enjoy the scenery, but they were exhausted. Every day, I still wash, wash, brush, boil, cook, spend my spare time online, read books, listen to music and enjoy the peace at home. Occasionally, I also wrote three or two sentences, without carving or whitewashing, not to please others, but because my mind is tender. Some people, some things, some stories are as beautiful as flowers and pure as delicate and graceful. Those once moved and true feelings are not forgotten with the passage of time and the increase of age, but they have been renewed for years and added some flavor to the situation.. Perhaps the marks of the annual rings are heavy, but the marks of psychology are weak. The barriers that once thought could not be passed are gradually blurred.. Heart is so big, empty some, put down some, enter new blood, can hear steady heartbeat. Such sadness, walking in music, walking on the page, is that a piece of understanding? The four seasons change, without waiting for a look back, and the next promise will be cool. Your well – being, always in the in the mind and into thoughts. At present, Gui Xiang, like yesterday, overflowed the bookshop and looked up at the sky with blue sky and white clouds. I pulled open all the curtains to let the light shine through the cabin.. Let the heart wander back in a cup of tea. Time is wandering, time is in a hurry, the autumn of the season coincides with the autumn of life, but there is a clear mirror in my heart, which has been disturbed one after another. cool thin is only a cloud hidden in the folds of the annual rings and will eventually be forgotten in the wind..

” Civilization should be built from a small place.”

‘ Civilized Community Building” One of the Series Reports” Civilized Building, Start from a Small Place” Lao Song, who lives in Building 42, Xiyuan New Village, Jianhu County, never thought of the problems that have plagued him these days. Thanks to the efforts of cadres in Xiyuan Community, Jinhu Town, he has been solved very well and said happily to everyone: ” The public family has devoted all its mind to deepening civilized city building.”. As a member of the community residents, I also want to do my best to create snacks and contribute to civilization. ‘ In a green space in Xiyuan Community, Laosong, who has passed the age of flower armor, picked up a bottle blown by the wind and talked with reporters with mirth.. It turns out that odbo, who enjoys subsistence allowances, usually helps his family by picking up and selling waste products. the’ junk’ he picked up is placed in loudaokou and his home on the 42nd floor.. In summer, it is inevitable that some smells will be emitted and the cleanliness of the environment will also be affected. My neighbors have opinions and my heart is very sorry.. We should not only pay attention to people’s livelihood, but also do a good job in building civilization. On the one hand, life demands proper care, and on the other hand, environmental sanitation concerns image.. This gives the community cadres a difficult problem. After careful consideration, the community specially took out two staff members a few days ago to help odbo find a waste storage site. After many twists and turns, he finally coordinated a small house with more than 10 square meters and free waste storage at the waste transfer station in the district.. It not only solved the problem of odbo, but also won the understanding and support of the residents in the community.   Xiyuan community is a large community with 6 shaped communities and nearly 4000 households. During the interview, the reporter accompanied Secretary Zhu Zhenghong around Dengda, Weiye and other residential areas and found that the residents behaved generously and civilized and the residential environment was neat and orderly.. In every Loudaokou, there is a striking ” Basic Code of Conduct for Citizens”. In the windows and billboards, the content of civilization creation is rich and colorful. Every road and building is also very clean and sanitary. The whole community is in good order and permeated with a harmonious and civilized atmosphere everywhere..   ‘ civilization creation is no small matter. To build Wen Ming city and be a civilized person, one must start from every small matter. Although it is a small matter that we helped odbo to find a waste storage site, we let residents see our community cadres’ hands-on work attitude and moral pursuit of paying attention to people’s livelihood in the process of civilization creation.. To deepen the construction of civilized cities, a lot of work will end up in the community, and a lot of work needs us to implement one by one.. It is the high importance attached to every small matter concerning civilization and the effective resolution of every difficulty affecting civilization that makes the whole community look brand – new.. It is also because of the joint efforts of every community and every resident that the city’s civilization and harmony have been exchanged.. ‘ The words of Zhu Zhenghong, secretary of the Party General Branch of Xiyuan Community are convincing.   ‘ Everyone lives in a civilized and harmonious community, with a clean and comfortable environment, with flowers everywhere, grass and green, and civilized and peaceful families. Let’s not say how happy our mood is.. ‘ In the southern district of Taiping New Village, retired teacher Yuan took the reporter’s hand and said happily.   The improvement of a community’s civilization requires the active efforts and joint participation of the general public. There are more than 100 corridor leaders in our Xiyuan community, and more than 200 retired veteran cadres, old teachers and old workers who have formed a civilized volunteer team. They have been running around every neighborhood, building and household in the community all the year round. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, they can be seen in obscurity and toil and bustle.. With their support and dedication, the civilization of our Xiyuan community will be more colorful! ‘ Zhu Zhenghong said confidently.

Do a thoughtful snow

Swirl of snow hanging over northern land, an exquisitely carved graceful white snowflakes flying in the sky there is no masking.During the crowded crowded pay to pay floating Yi, she suddenly had some kind of desire.Eager to find out their past lives, present and future, all eager to learn a lot of things with their related.Came to earth this little snow in the afternoon is gray, suddenly had some kind of idea.    I come from?This deep and through the ancient philosophical proposition, so little snow is not far away looking at the front of a headache.Cold wind, water vapor vague, limitless sky, there are some with their origins, they are not my former life?Small snowflakes Youde thinking.Should they not, I would not have come to this eternal earthly, though, the world has me, maybe it is kind of consequential or incidental.That being said, they should be to offer my heartfelt gratitude, the inherent Thanksgiving, as I begin a better life.    I want to go?This is our flower bright little snowflake temptation to think the second issue.All snowflakes have a distant dream, dream of a colorful universe, show their gorgeous scene of life.And me?To drifting where?Ice is thousands of miles of the North, the South or spring-like warm?Steeply Chihiro is a high mountain or sea dusty Millennium?Is the campaign battlefield wandering armor, or be together lovers shoulders?Qiu branches of trees are vigorous branches, or between white grass wither and die?    Yes ah, I think about falling in a dream full of happiness and place.Walking the streets of street artists will be watching me play the unparalleled mountain stream; frustrated melancholy poet dressed in rain clothes will wander to the river, singing a verse of Chinese wonderful chapter.On the sticks fall weather-beaten old man, things turned out the vicissitudes of life; on the clothes of the girl’s fall Cong Huiling Xiu, condensed into a wonderful love.Is about to fall on frozen rivers break, do a spring dream.Flying, flying, I own my happiness and dreams.Snow opened a small inquisitive eyes, looked at the magical world, she wants to clean Find a quiet place to stop and breathe some fresh air.Find ah, ah look, she knew, only I kept looking, and happiness will come to him.She drift disdain those partners, those who hate the snow Qumei offer flatter.She cocked his head thinking about these things made her happy, and my heart is full of pride.Those dressed himself will make seven horns octagonal companions just want to win other people’s bright smile, where there is such a magical thinkers?    Dream there is hope.In the process every now and then, she constantly adjust the direction.To do it an ideal snow, she great time to think.Fly crown the rise of the sky, flying over the messy old city walls, flying ideal location.She’s Looking ah looking at it is to look for a dream place.    She really did not want to see surrounded by refugees, struggling to crawl in the same direction; do not want to see the ruins under fragmented pigeon, desperately struggling not find the warmth of the sun; not want to see dirty dancing fog over a city, we do not want to see the mountains bare prosaic chilly; do not want to.She just wanted to see better.Small snowflakes with blue eyes looked forward to this squandering For beautiful eyes in the world, his thoughts every now and then, quietly doing vague and remote magical dream.Where drifting?Where is the destination?What is the afterlife?For myself, everything is a dream it peter out?Sun to shine on the earth, after all, is eternal warmth between heaven and earth.By that time, maybe it will be turned into snowflakes and other dense water vapor, raising a trace of clouds, between heaven and earth disappear, without leaving some traces.What a sad thing ah!Life is too short, like a meteor across the sky an instant, then.Small snowflakes really want to cry, for this overcast afternoon relaxing without thinking.However, she immediately reveal a brilliant smile, because she clearly saw his ideal will be realized.A little rabbit quietly drilled out of the house, standing in the snow, looked up at the sky, as if looking for something.She must be waiting for me, and happy flying snow, spreading its wings Brisk, fly their own pure white world.Really beautiful ah!When the snow flying small tree branches with ideas, said sincerely, she clearly saw the upcoming spring from among budding twigs breath.Although life is short, but I want all the beautiful gift to the world, so that all of life to feel my presence, feel the warmth and beauty!Snow flying about, she finally found her own happiness.People are not it?Come into the world, after dozens of seasons and then return to Eternity.The pursuit of happiness, and more to leave the world some good, only worthwhile make a return to real people uppercase.There are thought to do a snow bar.(Shou name)