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Harmonious in the defense, years of quiet good (writer election issue)

Read flow trough purple "Zhen Huan Biography", quite touched, beautiful and touching love between the hero of the book Zhen Huan and fruit county Wang Xuanqing very heart resonate and moved。  Xuan Qing dynasty feudal clan as Prince, for the loved ones of infatuation and persistence in fact, rare, his faith moves Zhen Huan finally put aside worldly fetters, to open their hearts with his beloved people together, their oath is : the life around, never became good; Harmonious in the defense, years of quiet good。  What a wonderful wish ah!But in an era that closed and autocratic, the imperial power is highly concentrated, higher than the imperial monarchy, the king to Chen Si, Chen had to die, their desire to eventually become a luxury and even despair, in order to protect Xuan Qing Zhen Huan, replaced a drink poisoned wine and do, lay dying, also for the sake of Zhen Huan situation, total disregard for his own life and death, so great and selfless love, tear-jerking to read。  “Advent of what love is, straight people Shengsixiangxu。”Want this to be pure and true human love is the highest state of love it, because once had a romantic love so pure, so once lost loved ones will be very painful to me, until the full numbness, heart like a dry well , waves can not afford。  Years of quiet good for a woman of ancient feudal society, it is indeed rare, especially in the palace of the woman, so through the ages, after describing the poetry of the palace necessarily contain a hardy woman sad life experience, such as:“Longitudinal buy Xiangru daughter, tenderness in this situation who is v.”Chen Gillian, and if“Yuyan less Jackdaws color, Zhaoyang shadow to Youdai”The Consort Ban, as well as in Dream of Red Mansions women, many of them endowed with both of them, those gentle temperament, however, that the woman's virtue era, the fate of women can only be“Air knife biting frost”even“Desolated for dust”。People can get bent, old age is not way off at that time is undoubtedly a myth。  Ask volume reflection, I thought: what makes for a happy woman's life?Is another man's fame important thing is to stick to their promise with an extraordinary friend rare?I remember have seen this sentence: marriage will be like our daily wear shoes do not fit known only to themselves。The best is the one that suit for you。  Also thought of Zhen Huan, who eventually board the Queen Mother was prominent position, the right to dump the harem, with unlimited glory, then watch his life, it is nothing but a sad comedown and shame。Therefore, choose what you love, love your choice, after all, how was the day, and one taste only two people know, do not be too concerned about the opinions of others, as long as each other have a thankful heart, cherished possession, reminds happiness, we will hold your hand in the years of quiet good, and grow old。

What are the signs of female infertility men and women have to look at

What are the signs of infertility female infertility in the moment regarded as a very large number of diseases, I believe many people have around these patients, then infertility together and what signs to look small series infertility What are the signs of infertility have it introduced!Female infertility signs you know what signs appear or what diseases it can react female infertility the infertility is a big problem。 Now female infertility is increasing, many women are worried that they will infertility, but it is not clear that infertility is a sign, you can not rush to the hospital for infertility examination, that the following to introduce female infertility What are the symptoms。 1.Abnormal menstrual women over the age of 18 if no menstruation, menstruation or menopause after more than six consecutive months, then it belongs to amenorrhea, can cause female infertility, as well as the performance of irregular menstruation。 2.Some gynecological pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cancer and other chronic often show lower abdomen, abdominal pain, or both sides of the lumbosacral pain, which diseases are likely to cause infertility in women。
3.Menstruation female infertility What are some signs of female friends have before and after menstruation cyclical premenstrual breast swelling and headache occurs through the line, as well as by the emergence of a series of rows depression or irritability and other symptoms, these The reason is can lead to female infertility。 4.Some dysmenorrhea gynecological diseases like inflammation also cause infertility, if abnormal vaginal discharge or genital itching, it will also affect women pregnancy。

Seeing Zheng dish: white horse stocks have Budie future market is expected to stabilize | White Horse Unit

  Every time there was correspondent Zheng Buchun overnight Fed, as expected, hiked interest rates by 25 basis points after the policy statement will be roughly neutral。
Asia-Pacific stock market reaction is relatively neutral, closed mixed on Thursday。 In the A shares, because shares sell into the White Horse, major indexes fell Qi。 % Benchmark Shanghai Composite Index fell to a point, and the remaining majority index fell almost the same, the SSE 50 and the CSI 300 fell slightly larger。
In addition, the Hang Seng Index tumbled%。
  Our central bank have taken advantage of a slight increase in seven days reverse repo operations interest rates five basis points, a smaller rate increases, in line with market expectations, the impact on the stock market temporarily limited。 If the comb recent trend of White Horse Unit, difficult to find, first banking, real estate, coal and other cyclical stocks fall slightly, and now gradually turn to more defensive stocks of electrical appliances, liquor stocks, the decline has spread signs。
This is the easy confidence of the impact of institutional investors, which causes more loose chips。
  Some institutions seem very professional, but in fact very susceptible to influence market sentiment。 Specific performance is, the rally often hold together, the decline in mutual stampede。 With appliances, liquor and other sections have Budie, the current White Horse shares a relatively high valuation levels have not breed too much, should future market is expected to stabilize。   Although I think the market is limited downside, but I am not very optimistic about the A-share short-term trend。 It has entered the end of the month because, quarter hours, usually marginal market funds face tight。 In this context, the market to maintain the shock consolidation pattern pretty good。
In addition to the funds face pressure, and another potential pressure Foxconn IPO, the current situation in this area is not yet clear。
  The next two weeks is the peak of a quarterly notice, if the investor holds that the blue chips, which should attach great importance to。 For the cycle stocks, you should see some of the more long-term。
Because once the cycle stocks trend inflection point, would be quite amazing lethality。
  The market tends to run toward the direction of least resistance, the current situation seen by the Shanghai Composite Index, which is up to a slightly larger resistance, in which case investors should beware that closed down upward gap near 3200 points, now only from this point 2%。

Anti-aging tonic wine, red and white but there are differences (1)

  A nourishing and anti-aging action, wine contains sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals。These nutrients are essential for the body。
It can not go through pre-digested, absorbed by the body directly。Especially for the infirm, regular moderate drinking of wine, good for recovery。
Wine phenolics and Oliver multi-element, having the function of engaging the oxidant, the reaction can be prevented from oxygen generated in the body during metabolism damage the human body (e.g., damage to cell DNA and RNA), these injuries leading to a number of degenerative diseases, such as one of cataracts, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, aging factors。
Therefore, regular moderate drinking of wine has anti-aging, longevity effect。
But red wine and there is a certain difference。
    Antioxidant Grape antioxidant fruits themselves are in the process of brewing, the pulp is fermented with the grape, antioxidant matter content belongs to a relatively high, can effectively alleviate the effect of cell oxidation, it is very beneficial to the body drinks。
    For women, is a beauty drinks, white wine has inflated blood circulation effect, after the women drank, make the skin rosy smooth and elastic。
  Improve sleep quality red wine University of Milan found in all alcoholic beverages, red wine contains most of melatonin。Melatonin can effectively help people regulate sleep, improve sleep quality and melatonin in the human body easily reached the highest value at night, so drink a glass of red wine before going to bed can help sleep very。  Weight loss studies found that drinking red wine a day to thin people do not drink more than people, and people who drink red wine compared with people drinking beer waist thinner, and fewer abdominal fat。  A scientific experiment of the University of Virginia Cancer Prevention showed that the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine can kill cancer cells, so moderate drinking of red wine can reduce the chance of cancer。
  Red wine in pursuit of complex, full, full-bodied taste, and even more refreshing with high acid and endearing。To achieve this purpose, the vast majority of red wine will be malic acid – lactic fermentation, the wine in order to reduce the sharp acidity, and aging in oak barrels will be used to add to the flavor of wine。As for white wine, stainless steel fermentation may well keep the wine fruity and high acid, malic acid – lactic fermentation and oak are rarely used。

Skim milk also tied up nutrition!Do not blindly drink (1)

  Compared with the full-fat, low-fat / do offer the same amount of calcium and protein with lower calories and fat content。But also inevitably take off the same healthy fat-soluble vitamins, so that the value of the milk itself compromised。
So unless patients with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, or urgent need to control the fat intake, it is not advisable to select low-fat / skim milk。
  Fat value of value is very high, which is very small particles of fat globules, so drink up delicate taste, easy to digest。In addition, milk fat also contains essential fatty acids and phospholipids, is high nutritional value of fat。  It contains all the essential amino acids the human body's growth and development and other amino acids。Amino acid composition of 20 species of human proteins, of which there are eight kinds of human body itself can not be synthesized, they are called essential amino acids。If we eat protein contains all the essential amino acids, the protein they called the whole protein, milk protein they belong to the whole protein。Milk protein digestibility of up to 100%, while the protein digestibility of beans contained only 80%。  The carbohydrate is lactose, its function is to provide thermal energy and promote the absorption of metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and the like, it is very important for the development of Infant Intelligence。
Extent of absorption of lactose in the human body is proportional to the number of calcium, so drink more milk, the more the body absorb calcium。In addition, lactose can promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the human gut, inhibit intestinal abnormal fermentation caused by poisoning, ensure intestinal health。
Lactose than other carbohydrates。  Species are very rich in minerals, in addition we know calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum content are many。The most unusual is that human milk is the best source of calcium, and calcium and phosphorus ratio is very appropriate, facilitate the absorption of calcium。Milk is also a great role for vitamin supplements。
Which contains all known types of vitamins, especially the high content of vitamin A and vitamin B2, can make up for our lack in the diet。  As a natural food, after sterilization, without any processing, can be used directly for human consumption。And we drink almost all the digestion and absorption, will not produce excess waste excretion。
Which are conducive to the use of milk rich in substances。

"Fire Cantabile" ice-breaking return to Vic hope that friends and Reba recurrence sugar

  "Fire Cantabile" fans booster highest charting Vic Dilly Reba love, then according to well-known Chinese writer of romantic novels Ming Xiaoxi classic original adaptation, Vic, Dilly Reba, Zhang Binbin Liu Rui Lin starred in the costume drama "fire Cantabile" It is hit, as of now playing has exceeded 1.8 billion。
Since last week, lovestruck son silver snow suddenly dropped, the majority of users crying constantly, "the first silver snow go?Day, think he。 "After leaving the silver snow, the story took a new turn, forces the parties have been unable to control themselves, have mobilized, the situation is worrying Cantabile。 Too deep into the drama of opera fans affectionately call silver snow not only in the return of hard to wait "a couple biscuits" made of sugar again, but also through the official activities Idol hit list, the "fried couple" pet God, in the port of Shanghai World Petronas Twin Towers sweet off screen "fit"。   Fans help "biscuits couple" fit "snow-style" love, then pull up to open high altitude in the "fire Cantabile" launch early, launch a "pet you have pet heaven" as the idol was sent to the official online Meteors activity by users to participate in the hit list idol pet heaven。 After the event start trigger opera fans to take part, and "fried couple" Vic, Dilly Reba has been the highest "Wild pet list" in the forefront。
Last week, Vic, played by silver snow due to strong help Cantabile (Dilly Reba ornaments) of the two brothers from Yu Han (Liu Rui Lin ornaments) to lift the curse cold and deep crisis of life and death, the last of the snow disappeared temporarily offline, so opera fans distressed silver snow collective thoughts and seek "biscuits couple" can be sweet again as soon as possible with box。
  Thursday (March 15) evening to update the story, the silver snow off the assembly line last week to break the ice in the long-awaited return, although "biscuits couple" No Sweet Sue in the update screen appears in the story, but by friends earlier crazy highest charting power, the "fried couple" off screen "fit", and in the evening debut at the Shanghai World Petronas Twin towers in Hong Kong。 Meanwhile, the "spoil you, will spoil God," "Girl, do not forget me", "I promise you, I will try hard to love you," "my bride" "rest of his life, let me take care of you" and " snow-style "love, then repeated the confession at high altitude bombing, so users struggling to cope have also issued a confession:" snow is a 2018 silver most girls want to marry her husband, not one。
"Netizens speak broken heart brain distressed silver snow hole wide open: no time to fall in love netizens 'call', the affectionate silver snow finally return, off the assembly line in its day, can be described so that users who speak broken heart, some even brain hole wide open to ridicule silver snow not learn "Sansei III miles peach" in the deep ink on God: "do not silver snow hibernation, think deep ink, and quickly come back." "do you remember the" Sansei III miles peach " Kunlun virtual ink on it deep?He slept, like the disciples became his sister-in。 "After the ice-breaking snow silver on the line, the audience did not like the look as sweet and Cantabile same box, but for helping Cantabile, jade from Han, who make their appearance in resolving the crisis age, Cantabile meet again with scenes of extreme child heart make friends distressed: "I am so poor why snow?"" Moment becomes ice, while to the elderly, but also to save their rival, there would be no time to fall in love Well!"         。

Governing a large role in how folk hives small recipe

Folk how to treat hives is a relatively common disease, while people suffering from urticaria is very painful, and although there are many methods of treating urticaria, but not every valid。 So how are the folk cure hives do the following small series to tell us something about how to treat hives folk, small recipe big role oh!Folk how to treat urticaria therapy prescription: vaseline, the amount of alcohol, cupping a。 Usage: first a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the umbilical, and then a few drops of alcohol cupping, cotton ignition, when the can buckle in umbilical Huo lateral eyes, cupping 5-10 minutes, three times a day pulling。
Efficacy: cupping one day, the effective rate%。
Therapy prescription:, Sophora 30 grams, 10 grams of camphor, white wine 600 ml。
Usage: to impregnated within 7 days of wine, liquor to the residue was filtered off, camphor powder mix, rubbed the affected area with a cotton swab dipped in medicine。 3 times a day。 Folk how to treat urticaria: medication three days, cure papular urticaria, efficiency of 100%。
The cure rate of 92%。 Chinese medicine therapy drug name: Yunnan Baiyao。
Dosage: Adult 1/8 bottle per serving, plus 1st serving the insurance sub-1, Japan 3 times。

Why poisonous puffer Japanese also desperate binge

Eat fugu puffer fish is eaten in season "autumn eat spring the other side of the other side" from, that is, in late September to late March。 Especially from December to February puffer fish, because the spawning period is about to enter its flesh color of the crystal, the tasty meat has reached the extreme。 Often after the New Year, Japanese diners around the corner, puffer fish dishes but also ushered in the most prosperous period of the year。
Since the processing fugu puffer fish is poisonous, so fugu chefs must go through a professional qualification certificate has fugu chef, after "under-ki body" treatment process before eating。
This is what it refers to?Removing puffer lips and the back fins, peeling, and then remove the processing method viscera。
(Puffer toxic liver and ovarian main portion) of these treatment methods is very fine, because once damaged, it will also bring edible portion toxins, affect food。 The puffer fish skin is full of toughness, not only unique taste, but also the ancient folk art material。 So peeling is also a highly specialized work。 So the whole process fugu chef wages should pretty high bar。 Puffer treated, but interestingly, the Japanese fugu chefs for each county certificate examinations and certification are not the same, so there are the chefs of the region go to another area of employment is not recognized。 In Japan, as long as there are cooks treated through certificate of blowfish, secondary processing certificate is not required, it is generally the restaurant, and will introduce some supermarkets have been treated puffer fish to sell。 Eat fugu chef certificate general, the fish died within 4-5 hours is the freshest, after the meat will be stiff, affect the taste。
The puffer fish is not the same, it would have been meat firm, will soften down 24-36 hours after the death of meat, this is the best time to eat, but also the most delicious taste of。
① thorn gu shi fu (sashimi) must be mentioned first of all, of course, sashimi, and senior Japanese ah。 Not only fugu skin is very chewy, meat raw fugu is also very flexible, you want to be a biting hard。
So, do sashimi time to try to cut into thin as rice paper, crystal clear。 And this Daogong requires not only skilled knife, also need special "puffer cutter"。
And transfer to a plate method puffer fish is also very particular, are divided into "Hok Sheng ri", "Ju-sheng ri", "Peacock a paddle", "Peony Sheng ri" four kinds。 Each of which is pleasing, and strive to achieve the enjoyment of art in general as。
Peacock Sheng Sheng ri ri crane Ju-sheng ri 🙁 left is fugu skin) peony a paddle when eating with chopsticks to gently pick up a crystal clear puffer fish meat, then eat vinegar dip。 Such additional eating also after the hot water treatment of skin fugu。 ② pot fu gu (blowfish pot) is a stew pot puffer puffer fish and seaweed together, such as a combination of vegetables and miso。
And with sashimi, like, eat when eating vinegar dip。 After the cooked soup, add a little salt, and rice cooked together, abnormal delicious。 ③ albino food Well, when it comes to a special place。 What is it albino?In fact, male pufferfish testis。 One of the spawning period of January to March is the most delicious moments, but also the most expensive dishes。 Cooking with which the barbecue, fried, and eat tofu dishes are top grade。
Salt burn albino: albino tofu: ④ nikogori ri。

Shanghai: the new hot spot of complaints of Internet banking security costs

  Shanghai March 19 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on the 19th revealed that the financial security of the Internet has become a new hot spot of complaints。
  The committee revealed that day in 2018 during the 3 · 15 (March 13 –15 days) situation the committee to accept complaints。
According to statistics, during the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted the 3056 complaint。 In addition to Internet banking security issues, complaints amount of new rental model, also caused a surge in travel mode。   It is reported that the current, third-party payment has become an important part of Internet banking。 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee terms pointed out that with the coverage of third-party payment expanding, increasingly complex deal structures, hidden risks become increasingly apparent, the issue of complaints also more difficult to handle。
According to statistics, during the 3-15, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted third-party payment times the number of complaints rose。
In addition to the transfer delay, not arrival, blocked accounts and other issues, consumer payment information theft and other issues are more prominent。
  Currently, the huge rental demand, the rapid development of the market long-term lease apartment。
During 3.15, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee accepted the number of complaints rental service grew nearly 3 times。
According to reports, compared to traditional rental housing, long-term lease apartments in areas such as housing quality, facilities, support services and other reference standards or specifications have not yet, the influx of a large number of small and medium sized agencies, the management and service level uneven leasing companies。 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee was told reporters, refundable deposit, housing and the quality of the equipment failure is a major complaint of similar enterprises in the case of unauthorized consumers forced to apply for small business loans, rent arrears caused by repaying the landlord tenant such as an increase in complaints。

Guard against bacterial vaginosis how to treat complications caused six good

Had bacterial vaginosis will make you miserable。
It is called a non-specific vaginitis is mainly due to mix some bacteria produce infection of the vagina so that。
So what complications can cause bacterial vaginosis generally do how to treat women who have to look at。 Bacterial vaginosis easily lead to six complications 1, pelvic inflammatory disease of the female reproductive tract secretions have pelvic inflammatory disease, the most frequently isolated bacteria consistent with BV flora, including Bacteroides, Streptococcus digestion number, Gartner vaginal bacteria。 2, abnormal uterine bleeding, and endometriosis abnormal uterine bleeding caused by endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding by direct damage by infection or inflammation of the uterus endometrium abnormal reaction to infection ovarian hormones induced endometrial or。 3, gynecological postoperative infection in women in the surgical termination of pregnancy, pregnant women with BV female pelvic inflammatory disease incidence is unincorporated times women's BV。
4, BV cervical cancer, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and genital human papilloma virus infection have the same epidemiological relationship, anaerobic bacteria metabolize BV produces ammonia vaginal secretions of ammonia and nitrite carcinogenic。
5, HIV infected patients with BV can increase the risk of HIV transmission。
When elevated PH, HIV viability and adhesion ability is increased, and may make it easier to spread。 6, tubal factor infertility and miscarriage in patients at increased rates of infertility BV。
In assisted reproductive therapy, patients with BV and embryo implantation rate in patients with non-BV similar, but the high rate of miscarriage during early pregnancy in patients with BV were non BV。
Treatment of bacterial vaginosis 1, the general treatment。
Keeping the vulva clean, dry and avoid scratching。
Do not eat spicy food。
Qinhuan underwear, washed with warm water, not mixed with other laundry washing, to avoid cross-infection。 2, local therapy。 Topical treatment may be used, such as metronidazole suppository, every night, once every 7。
3, treatment complications。 Other pathogens were detected for other pathogens medication, avoid the overuse of antibiotics。 Note the general condition of medication, immunotherapy may be given support and at the same time, pay attention to adverse drug reactions。
4, treatment of sexual partners。
Male sexual partners be treated simultaneously。 Experts advise: a female friend should be their own health as the most important, pay more attention to their own physical problems, routine maintenance and conservation work to do to ensure their physical and mental health。
related suggestion。

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