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Western Valentine's Day Valentine's Day custom ate

Western custom of Valentine's Day Valentine's Day in the West, which is also Well, then, what is the custom of Western Valentine's Day, what to eat valentine day it together and take a look at small series 6681 Western custom of Valentine's Day what it!Western custom of Valentine's Day every year, "Valentine's Day", also known as "Valentine's Day" February 14 is a day need to be careful – for single people and people who particularly romantic。
"Valentine's Day" you ought to get up early in the morning to spy out through the keyhole。
According to legend records, if the first person you see is the lone, then you will be celibate; if you see two or more persons traveling together, then you will certainly be the year to find a lover; if you look to a rooster and a hen, then you will be in the "Christmas" before marriage。 But now there are various patio has rarely rooster hen infested, there will be no trace of chickens on urban open space, so if we see a pair of doves or a pair of sparrows also have wonderful co-workers of。
Bachelors of the first personal encounter "Valentine's Day" morning special attention, because if you are unmarried and are looking for a partner, you are destined to be the first person to February 14 saw the marriage, at least this one will It plays an important role in your life。
If you're not shy, you can give your loved one to call early in the morning, take the other side of the car to work requirements。 Or behind closed doors, to go out at noon, it is also a good countermeasure。
"Valentine's Day" is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to before Christianity, but "Valentine's Day" is the recent statement。
According to legend records, Valentine was a bishop of the Roman two of the same name, both of whom were killed in 270 AD。 They were killed before the last thing to do is to write a love letter to his wife (at the time of the priest can get married), then, "Valentine's Day" is the name applied to the earlier ritual。
According to the same legend records, "Valentine's Day" the day the birds in pairs, dual habitat Flying bees, people, too。 Different age, marital predict when "Valentine's Day" to attract lovers are not the same。
From ancient Rome to Victorian times, people with two half-open flowers to predict the state of marriage。
Unmarried men and women planted two half-open flowers, the first letter of the nickname to the first letter of each name with the same。
If the two-phase open flower delivery, presages a happy marital life; if the two spent contrary to the open, presages the couple will split; if the flowers in full bloom, it means that future family flourishing population; If there is a flower or wither death situation, it means that the couple will have a party before the other and untimely death。 Western custom of Valentine's Day if you do not want to fate, you can try an old method from Buckinghamshire: that in "Valentine's Day" night lit a candle, two needles at the bottom of the bar, to ensure that the needle through the wick, side bar and saying: I do not just tie a candle, I want to penetrate the heart ××× is, whether he is asleep or awake, I have to talk to him to come with me, but be careful you want to choose the actual number of dreams, do not expect not make the characters。 It is said that to be a candle burning needle, your lover will open the door came to you。
The second way is in the "Valentine's Day" every night during the week before the right foot to the left foot wear socks while murmuring: "dream of living rather than the devil, this is the young man, I want to with marriage。 "After talking to remain silent to wake up the next day。 A third way is to put the left foot before going to bed socks tied around the neck。
Be careful not too tight, if strangled himself, and that it may miss the event。
Unmarried women believe that if put into the shoes?Font under the bed, and the open window, then it will dream of their sweethearts or found him standing in the bed。
This success rate is higher in rural areas, because of her suitors and could see from the window specially put shoes。
Although since the Victorian era, "Valentine's Day" fading for over 100 years。 Today, the festival has been increasing in popularity。 "Valentine's Day" is a holiday about love, romance and flowers, chocolates, cards, our hearts are invaluable。

In Spring will eat diet these essential

Ready jujube 50 grams, peanuts 80 grams, 50 grams of sugar。 Red dates, peanuts washed sand with the release pot, add some water, after the fire to boil, cook until peanuts Shulan low heat, add sugar and then boil for a moment, you can eat。
With spleen and stomach, nourishing and bleeding effect。 5, 100 grams of rice gruel Semen, Semen 15 g, sugar 10 grams。
Semen Guochao the dry yellow alternate end mill。 Panning clean, soak for half an hour into the pot, into about 1000 ml of cold water, dried boiling low heat boil。 Semen was added when the end of the thick porridge, continued boil into a porridge, add sugar and seasoning, should fasting food。 Anshen。 For heart palpitations, insomnia, upset crowd。 Chinese medicine, spring Xingan should increase, decrease acid。
In other words, spring is not suitable for healthy people eating acidic foods, if eat will strengthen liver function, so that the already partial Kang liver even more vigorously, this will hurt the spleen and stomach。 Meanwhile convergence of acidic foods are not conducive to liver catharsis, can lead to liver qi stagnation。
Often sullen, two threatening pain, chest tightness and other people qi stagnation, if consumption of acidic foods can aggravate symptoms。
Spleen and sweet food, can benefit temper, it can eat a little, such as jujube, yam。

I want to improve the immune system to do these make your body Bel bar!(1)

  The immune system is our body on the outside of bacteria, virus protection walls, poor immunity, how to do it?how is it?To enhance immunity, the first thing you wants to understand the performance of low immunity, and then acquire a certain way to improve immunity, in addition, also known foods which enhance immunity。  How a bowl of porridge grains every day。
As we all know, the nutrient-rich whole grains, whole grains retain the grain dietary fiber, and vitamins B and minerals, can prevent colon cancer, constipation, diabetes, heart disease and so many diseases, effective。
Many types of whole grains, oats, millet, corn, black beans and rice and a variety of porridge can drink together。
  One kind of red meat a day。Iron deficiency can lead to reduction in the number of immune cells, antibodies Effect。Iron animal foods, red meat, liver, blood and other high-heme iron is not only good content and absorption。Animals can eat red meat every day a little, eat up to 500 grams adults one week; 2 eat animal liver monthly?Three times, each time for about two and a half you can。
  1 cup of yogurt a day。
Seventy percent of the body's immune cells to survive in the intestinal mucosa, therefore, very important intestinal health。To ensure intestinal health crucial factor is to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, to regular intake of probiotic yogurt, intestinal health care organizations are also gastrointestinal one of ten recommendations。  One kind of high-dimensional day?fruit。
Vitamins?It can promote the formation of antibodies。
dimension?Mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, mustard, shepherd's purse, cabbage, rape, bell peppers, hawthorn, jujube, kiwi, papaya, oranges, strawberries, guava, etc.。  1 part of daily fungus。
Algae foods such as mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, white fungus, seaweed, etc. can improve immune function。Researchers study shows that eating mushrooms a day for four weeks, can effectively increase the body's immune system, but also reduce the inflammatory response。  1 orange fruit and vegetable servings per day。
Vitamin A is also very close relationship with the immune system, it can not only promote the formation of antibodies, and vitamin A to help maintain the integrity of airway epithelial cells。In addition to A-dimensional, such as liver, goose yellow, cod liver oil content is very rich in animal food, the content of plant foods is also a lot。  Orange and dark green fruits and vegetables β- carotene (carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, kale, mustard, etc.) provided a source of vitamin A, the body will be converted into retinoic in。  1 day knock on the sternum。The method is very simple chest tap, tap root sternum palm Tanzhong。From medical terms, percussion and stimulate Tanzhong can replenishing the gas, air-conditioning body; from now on medicine, there thymus tissue sternum, is an important human immune organs, percussion sternum can stimulate the secretion of thymosin ,。  Once a day to smile and laugh。There is a human immune cells, called?Cells, also known as "happy cells", when people laugh can stimulate?Production and cell division, thereby enhancing the body's immune system。

OFO Mount worship anyone who merge?The first fight but to fight commercial profitability

Share bike called the mid-2017's hottest Internet market segments, from OFO, Mount worship and other shared bicycle brand alone to attract incoming including Tencent, drops, ants gold dress and other giants, but also experienced only less than two years。
The two companies also compete for markets around the brand and user scale to completely intense。
While in the domestic market has become increasingly saturated environment, OFO Mount worship will continue to compete overseas incremental market。 Today, the market has grown from the original barbaric brutality began to usher in the industry reshuffle。 Wukong bicycle, 3Vbike, cho-cho bicycle, cool rides, and other small blue bicycle with those who have quit, OFO friction thanks to the merger rumors everywhere。
But for any industry and users, the competition is always good too merger, the user has several options are always good too only one choice。
OFO friction thanks to the war has been upgraded to the ending of the war in the second half for those who want to occupy the final absolute dominance, not only to see who is the first market share, but also to start their profitability Competition。 Nuggets overseas markets and expand the incremental increase liquidity yellow orange (OFO, Morocco worship) brought the curtain opened to ride bicycles share the second half, and the international order into a new path to achieve their global brand and subscriber growth, their focus extends from domestic duel single combat to a broader international battlefield。
Two companies, OFO is the first to explore the sea mode of shared bicycle business, Moldova thanks mainly to follow the strategy cycling。
In February this year, the first stop of the sea OFO selected in the "greenest city in Asia" – Singapore, Singapore a month later settled in OFO, Morocco thanks also announced to enter the market, this time OFO has launched an upgraded transmission in the local bicycle。 Coincidentally, in April this year, OFO first to spread its tentacles into the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in Europe – Britain, became the first British bicycle share Cycling Association certified enterprise, next June thanks to Mount Bike Cycling announced the launch in Manchester, England。 And thus began a OFO again in the same country, in different cities, "Running"。
December 7, OFO announced officially arrived in the French capital Paris, which is following the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, 19 overseas countries, OFO into the first 20 countries, suggesting that the G-20 plan it had prepared earlier this year has ahead of the completion。 Anti observe worship, November 21, announced stationed in Morocco thanks to Berlin, also said it is entering its first 12 countries and completed the layout of the city settled 200。 Seen in this light, thanks to the sea Mount speed is quite fast, but compare and OFO, or worse part of it。 The author notes, OFO has now entered the overseas countries more than the sum of the number of friction worship and all followers。
Currently OFO small yellow car overseas operations exceeded 50 cities city, the number of worldwide covering more than 250 cities。
Quantity often only basis, determine the success or failure lies in the quality of operations。 Currently, OFO put in a total of more than 100,000 bikes in the overseas share for overseas users with more than 10 million times the cumulative ride service。 It is worth mentioning that the proportion of overseas orders contributed by local users of more than 99%, which means OFO has become a truly global service bike sharing platform。 As we all know, Chinese Internet companies in their internationalization process is very easy, "beaten", as strong overseas road of the Big Three BAT is invariably met with resistance。
So, OFO is how to create a new record in the history of the fastest sea Chinese Internet companies do?OFO As the originator no pile bike sharing model, with core technology and product competitiveness is rapidly expanding its killer。
Looking overseas, OFO no body can be described as a considerable amount of opponents, while it will NB- of IoT smart locks and other innovative technologies used in the industry, and promote the industry change again。 Even the same opponents thanks to Morocco from China in the short term it is difficult to break through the OFO's leading-edge technology。 In addition, localization is the key to winning overseas OFO。
OFO small yellow car co-founder Pat Zhang Ding believes that multinational companies in the process of internationalization, facing a big difficulty is to find the "breaking point"。 On this issue, he believes the localization to be used the way they operate。
OFO adhere to recruit localization operations team, and respect for different cultural practices all over; at the same time and will be combined with local governments to jointly regulate the management after delivery。 In my opinion, OFO and Mount worship is so great importance to overseas markets, in addition to the huge increment overseas market space, but also in the overseas have a better realization possible。
First of all, foreign users have a stronger willingness to pay, has been the development of foreign Internet is built on a sound mechanism of paid services, users are willing to pay for good service; secondly, foreign user customer price higher than the domestic。 At present bicycle share in the domestic market is still in the cultivation stage of subsidies, already underway charges in foreign countries, and positive user feedback。
Look at a set of data: OFO in Seattle charges $ 100 per hour, cost per use is zero in London.£ 5, in Paris, France 0 charge every 20 minutes.5 euros, can be inferred that foreign bicycle market share with further large-scale, and the enterprises will get sustained revenue return。
Bike sharing the second half of the dispute: Profitability>Share Currently, there are uncertainties related domestic policies, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other major cities have more than 10 announced the suspension of traffic a shared bicycle。
Nevertheless, the domestic market around the cake competition is still fierce, no one wants to easily lose market share, while the share of opponents are hoping to snatch as much as possible。
Large mobile data service provider QuestMobile latest monthly data show that in October, in the case of Morocco and worship OFO ranked two strong and competitive industry head further exacerbated effect, a small living space platforms continue to be squeezed。 OFO latest monthly living subscribers increased to 4246.840,000, ranking the first, thanks to the latest monthly living friction subscribers increased to 4101.270,000, ranking the second industry。 Haro bicycle monthly live user 356.230,000 ranked third, but with the OFO, Morocco thanks to a far cry from its active users nowhere near the scale of one-tenth of second place thanks to Morocco。 Cool bike, little blue bicycle 10 monthly active users scale showed a downward trend, which cool ride users live month of October 204.470,000, down nearly 50%, the small blue bicycle monthly live user 145.300,000, down nearly 40%。
In the bicycle industry slowdown shared background, the root cause of OFO growth trend is eating a cool ride, little blue bike market share of these two rivals。 I believe that the medium and long term, newly acquired gold suit ant investment Haro bikes will win the role of leader of the second tier, but obviously very difficult threat to OFO, thanks to the location of Morocco。
Brand suffered a major crisis of cool blue bike ride and small, continued to decline or whether it is bottoming out, there remains to be seen。 But with the increasingly prominent Matthew industry, users, and capital markets have further to head tilt, a small platform basically lost time window of the first echelon of the impact。
Matches OFO and Mount worship, will directly determine the future share patterns and trends bicycle industry。
Connecting hundreds of millions a bike, generate shared economic prospects of millions of times data can be described as big trip every day is extremely broad, but it also faces enormous challenges of how to make money as soon as possible。 Data show that shared bicycle industry has burned nearly billion of capital, but not yet really profitable enterprises。
Everyone in the pursuit of scale, but whether this business model it will be lasting?During this time the discussion is around the OFO, whether Morocco is also thanks to the combined peak。 Chinese entrepreneurs on investment Forum, as OFO A round investor, the director of GSR Ventures Zhu Xiaohu, general manager responded by saying: "Any business combination is very complicated, because there are a lot of factors in it, including investors including entrepreneurs, including shareholders, including users, all aspects of the sound in it, to balance a variety of sounds, there is a lot of interest is not so easy balance。
"But he also pointed out that when the situation has been relatively clear, resort to a war of attrition does not make sense。 This passage of large amount of information, the merger seems to be a high probability event will happen, but what he said came to light refers to it?At present, both from the domestic market share, user activity and user growth, or is overseas expansion effectiveness point of view, OFO are clearly ahead thanks to a friction body position, is the shared cycling field worthy of the "Big Brother"。
If at this merger, OFO is very likely to be in a dominant position in the negotiations。
But clearly, the Mount of worship is not easily agree。 Morocco thanks to merger rumors official response is: "Do not consider merger。
"Rumors of half-truths, only their own blacksmith hard。 More capital will be consolidated, for businesses to compete for market leader position is the real deal, the Internet is always a strong take-all competition。 In addition, from the industry point of view, only full of healthy competition to encourage more innovation and birth, give users a better service。 From the user's point of view, but also we do not want to see the merger of the two companies premature。 I also believe that, in the short term will not be shared bike path toward merger, on the one hand is the will of the founder, have more hope of independent development; but more importantly, there is a huge difference of the two companies business model。
Mount worship model is relatively heavy, its insistence on quality and cost-price bicycles, hoping to win on service; OFO then stick to the asset-light model, it does not produce bicycles and bicycle businesses to connect more。 This result OFO operating costs far lower than the opponent, and the more obvious scale effect。 The main source of revenue is shared bicycle riding user fees, and other revenue model is icing on the cake。
It appears that, thanks to asset-light business model, OFO expected earlier than the opponent, faster profit。 As written in the final analysis, whether shared bicycle eldest two will merge if they are supposed to optimize the business model as soon as possible, through technical innovation to constantly optimize the products and services, reduce manufacturing costs, cycle failure rate and operating costs, while the rich business cash means。
They only survive better in order to truly solve the problem of urban travel by bicycle as a carrier, to achieve a more environmentally friendly way to travel green。
Such a bicycle before sharing social value and economic benefits of a win-win。

French Prime Minister announced the anti-racism plan to be combat online hate speech

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Lilan] According to the French European Times quoted March 19 Agence France-Presse reported that French Prime Minister Philip announced new anti-racism and anti-Semitism planned local time March 19, is intended to more effectively combat banning hate speech on the internet, they shoulder their responsibility to curb online hate spilling turbidity by forcing the platform。
  After January 2015 and November terrorist attack occurs, the whole law anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks surge behavior, in this context, the French government launched the first set of plans。
Philip wanted to show the government's mobilization efforts on anti-racism issues, he led eight Minister of Immigration Museum in Paris announced a second set of plans covering the years 2018 to 2020。   Phillips pointed out, the hatred of racism in France in mid-2017 words and deeds the second consecutive year。
Despite the overall drop in the number, but the number of racist violence has increased, but these statistics are not put in every day spilling into account online hate speech。 Phillips said the government intends to strive to promote the EU adopted a new law to strengthen accountability Internet platform, the government will proceed to amend French law。
  Reported that the French government will follow the example of Germany, forced to delete all the major social networks hate speech on the platform within 24 hours, otherwise impose fines, penalties may be up to 50 million euros (about RMB 100 million), the French government will For this purpose the establishment of a supervision and inspection agencies。 Philip stressed that social networking is not outside the space frontier。
France announced on the Internet space and dissemination of information, publication and dissemination of information is on French territory, it must comply with French law。   Since combat online hate words and deeds need to increase the human and material resources, the French government will inform the platform management unit increase in staffing at the Internet illegal content, it will be conferred on the Association informed the task of hate speech。

Gout is good reason to eat what food caused by gout

What to eat good food gout?Gout is a common disease of the elderly a higher risk of illness, gout that you know what food to eat right?Here to tell you exactly what to eat good food gout。 What to eat good food gout patients with gout in fact there are many foods that can be eaten, but there are some foods efficacy of the treatment of gout it, gout patients can eat some vegetables, and beans, in addition to good food fungus is gout patients s Choice。
A lot of people do not want the disease in his body, but do not know how the diet to prevent disease。
Gout in good health is based on diet, gout patients how to eat right, you can plan your diet in several ways following the direction, so that we no longer feel confused how to prevent gout。
Green vegetables are the original ecology of food, so the life of the vast majority of vegetable foods is helpful for gout disease, type vegetables gout patients can eat celery, female carrots, eggplant, squash, cucumber, melon and other foods , has a good effect discharge of uric acid, gout patients should pay attention to while soy foods and soy products related to food, food taboos fungus eating these foods may induce the onset of gout, deserves everyone's attention and attention。 Gout what food to eat some good food easily lead to weight gain is not conducive to patient。 Although coarse grain food contains no more purine ingredients, but it can cause gout patients eat more body fat, easily lead to obesity, such as corn, sorghum, noodles, bread and other foods。
The most common dietary requirements that patients with gout gout diet taboo to eat spicy foods, foods high in purine, drinking, eating hot pot, tea, coffee, fried type of food, barbecue type of food etc can not eat the food objects belonging, hope you resist the temptation of these foods in your life。

Spring health tips to teach you raise a good body

3, fresh fungus fresh fungus contains a morpholine-based photosensitizers, its sensitivity to light, after eating by the sun, solar dermatitis caused, also because the individual severe dyspnea throat edema。 To this end, inedible。 4, fresh day lily colchicine contained into the body by oxidation may produce toxic substances, the food can cause similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, often misdiagnosed。 The dried lily processed by full immersion in the water, have the majority of colchicine dissolution, it is generally not toxic。 5, bean-deoxy-6-phosphate in vivo erythrocyte deficiency of the enzyme would have to eat after hemolytic jaundice beans, also known as favism。
This disease mostly hereditary, therefore, have a family history of people should go to the hospital, and avoid eating beans。
The amount of activity people winter is very small, so in the spring, should take more exercise, make the body more healthy。
Spring comes, it is also the body feel tired and weak, always said he was Chunkun wraps, that is no winter maintenance of good kidney, we should not have to remind you not five, so a healthy regimen。 Spring health tips Reminder, in addition to the above mentioned several vegetables, cassava and other vegetables ,, also need to be used with caution Oh, in Spring drink water soup to make women's skin。
Ate in Spring Spring onions can eat up dimension?Onion content ratio of C ^ 10 times, 2 times higher than the citrus。 Onions and garlic also contains allicin, has a strong bactericidal effect of。

Trotters stew soy milk, soy braised trotters at how to do it

Trotters stew soy milk under it?Many students have insufficient maternal milk, the breast so that the baby does not drink, then stew trotters soy milk under it?Xiao Bian today to talk with you trotters stew soy milk under it, and how do trotters stewed soybeans。 Trotters stew soy milk under it if the three days, the new mom's milk is scarce or no secretion, called Queru。
It has a very significant effect on the post-Queru improve, if postpartum milk less than, or Shaonai, no milk, do not easily give up breastfeeding, try the following therapeutic side: 1, loofah gourd soup to take silver carp Jen Jen 50 grams, 500 grams of fresh carp, scepters soup。 When eating can put some soy sauce, no salt, the best fish soup once finished, drink once a day, and even drink three days。
Nutritional Effects: loofah Jen role of prolactin, Chub tonic, qi, the effect through milk, have the effect of anemia caused by Queru。 2, pig prolactin soup Fresh pig (leg bone cavity ,, safe) 500 grams through the grass 6 grams, plus 2000 grams of water, boiled in a pot with 1-2 hours, boiled until about 1 a small bowl of soup, add a little soy sauce。
Drinking once a day, and even drink 3-5 days。
Nutritional benefits: pig with qi, blood, the role of raw milk, in particular through the grass after adding stronger role of prolactin。
Trotters stew soy milk at 3 do, peanut porridge ingredients: cooked 50 grams, 250 ml of fresh low-fat, 150 grams of rice, sugar little。
Production: Put the rice into the soup pot, add peanuts and low-fat fresh milk when cooked, mix sugar Serve。 2 times daily immediate-early afternoon or sooner or later 1 finish。
Nutritional benefits: peanuts, sweet natured, can Xingpi Qi, laxative, with prolactin, the effect of hemostasis and blood。
4, carp soup ingredients: 500 grams of fresh fish, through the grass 6 grams, a little salt。
Production: first fresh carp to the scales, remove the internal organs, together through the grass soup, fish soup twice a day, and even drink 3-5 days。
Nutritional benefits: carp and energy tonic, dampness diuresis, Wenzhong Shun gas, with swelling, diuresis, through the effect of milk; through grass while under ventable milk, fish and match better results, but should be light food。

After nineteen great economy will rebound after the first dip | nineteen large | Economy | bottom

  Text / Central Economic Work Conference on Reuters opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist, Zuo-Jun, held December 18 to 20, although the annual meeting, but as an after party nineteenth great first meeting of the Central Economic Work Conference, charged with the task of implementing the nineteen spirit of the guiding ideology of the meeting is not only to guide the 2018 economic work, but also will have a profound economic impact on the future work of the past few years, many have long-term significance for scheduling meetings。 The meeting proposed that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, China's economic development has entered a new era, China's economy is the basic feature has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality development phase。
Promote the development of high quality is to determine the current and future periods and the development of ideas, formulation of economic policy, macro-control of the fundamental requirements。
  2010–2020 China's economy can be divided into three stages since mid-1978 China adopted reform and opening up policy, China's economic development in three stages evolution。   From 1978 to mid-2050, China's economic growth can be divided into three major stages: the first major phase (1978-2010 years) for the high-speed growth phase, with an average annual GDP growth rate of around%; the second largest stage (2010-2020) growth rate for the shift stage, economic growth gradually down the steps; third phase (2020-2050 years) for high-quality stage of development, economic growth to speed or low speed, but at the same time turned to high quality development stage。
  Among them, year after year 2010-20 can be divided into three smaller stages: the first stage of a small (2010-2016) for economic growth continued downward phase。 As GDP growth rate from 2010% to 2011%, 2012%, 2013%, 2014%, 2015%, 2016%, clearly showed a gradual downward trend。
Exports, investment, consumption, industrial added value and other indicators also show similar。   The second stage is a small mid-2017, economic growth stabilizes rebound。
GDP growth in mid-2017 as the first quarter, the second quarter% in the third quarter%, higher than the level of 2016%。
2017 January to November, in addition to dollar-denominated export growth declined% in February, the other will grow by more than% in January, compared with last year's significant reversal。
Real estate investment in January-November grew%, higher than the 2016 growth rate of%。 Private investment in January-November grew%, also higher than the 2016 growth rate of%。 Like other industrial added value, PMI, electricity, etc. are also good performance in 2016。   The third small stage (2018-2020 years) for a smooth bottom and efforts to cultivate new economic momentum phase。   Chinese economy to be stable first dip in mid-2017, after the second quarter economic data out of China's economic analysis there were two distinct opposing views: one view, the Chinese economy has passed the worst case, the bottom has exploration Ming began to enter into a new cycle or new stage; another point of view, stabilization of economic indicators rebound is only temporary economic downturn on the supernatural channel only, the bottom of the Chinese economy has not yet proven。   Which of these two views a more realistic it?What is the reason we look at the cause of economic stabilization and rebound is?For these reasons, if sustainable, then the economy has bottomed if these reasons are not sustainable, then the economy has yet to bottom。
  Cause of economic stabilization and rebound are: First, a major reversal in exports, which is the main reason causing the 2016 GDP growth rate higher than that; the second is a wide range of PPP projects in the country spread, a lot of local support fixed asset investment; Third, housing prices in 2016 caused by the lag effect, so that real estate investment in 2017 than last year, to support economic growth; Fourth, more new loans in 2017, indicating that credit still loose; Fifth, new growth momentum in recent years the implementation of our innovation-driven strategy, promoting popular entrepreneurship and innovation, to cultivate new growth momentum, it also brings some of the effects of economic growth。
  So, for these reasons they may not be sustainable?From the export point of view, the overall growth in the second half by mid-2017 downward, coupled with the recent rampant in some countries against China's anti-dumping and trade protectionism, the export situation next year is likely to be worse than this year。 PPP from the investment point of view, the relevant departments recently began rectifying and standardizing PPP, including state-owned enterprises rectifying and standardizing PPP project。 From the point of view of real estate investment, nineteen Report once again stressed the "house used to live," positioning, the next step is likely to control the four-tier cities prices。 From a credit point of view, the further strengthening of financial supervision and continue to de-leverage and squeeze the bubble, preventing and defusing a significant risk of large environments, it is not sustainable。
The only healthy and sustainable is fostering the growth of new momentum, but the momentum needs to cultivate a new process。
  Therefore, the whole, the bottom of the Chinese economy has not yet proven, to be smooth bottom。   Nineteen large after the Chinese economic trend of China's economy after the nineteenth great features will be presented in five areas: first, the first dip after a rebound; Second, prices will generally stable; third, will continue to optimize the economic structure ; fourth, old and new will accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy; fifth, will speed up the process of economic risk。   First, after nineteen large economies will bottom rebound after the first。   The foregoing analysis, currently bottom of the Chinese economy has not yet proven。 In this regard, nineteen Report has a very clear understanding, manifested in two aspects: First, no specific goal of doubling economic growth; the second is clear that one of the three battle next three years is to guard against and defuse a significant risk。 Indeed, the economic dip is not a bad thing, just to make the economy stable bottom, in order to solve the contradiction between the stock in order to make clear the market, can really down to earth, in order to really to a new journey。
But the bottom is also risky, we should strive to make the economy stable bottom, hold the bottom line of systemic economic risk does not occur。
Therefore, we must unswervingly continue to deepen the one hand, the supply-side structural reforms, on the other hand speed up fostering the growth of new economic growth momentum。   To understand the economic trends after nineteen large, must have a clear understanding of China's current stage of development in which the economy。
According to previous analysis, China's economy is still in a growth phase shift。
Growth stages of economic development is the shift conversion, that rapid economic growth in the high growth phase to a medium or medium-speed growth phase conversion。
After more than six years of growth is shifting, sustained economic growth down sharply overall nearing completion, but not yet completed, will enter in the new platform, the new platform is not, going to mark a new stage platform。
  To understand the economic trends after nineteen large, there must be a clear understanding of our current economic cycle in which the。
The economic cycle has four cycles: the first is about the short period of four years (or inventory cycle or Kitchin cycle), which starts from the end of a period of roughly 2014, is currently in the top down stage。 The second is about 10 years period (or periods or industrial production cycles or Juglar cycle), this round cycle starting from around 2009, is currently in the stage of tail or fast-bottom stage。
The third is the long-period (or construction or real estate cycle period or periods or financial Kuznets cycle) about 20 years, a long period after starting from 2003 years ago, is currently in the overall downtrend。 Fourth 50– about 60 years long period (or periods of technological progress or Kondratieff cycle), which is a long period if counting from 1971, is currently at an advanced stage, when from 1991 since the beginning, it is currently at its peak。   Currently the actual operation of the Chinese economy is the superposition of economic development, and four-stage conversion cycle caused。
Overall, the Chinese economy is currently in the bottom, not the bottom, going to the bottom of the stage。
As long as the economy stable bottom, with the new dynamics of growth, China's economy will rebound in the stock market out of a small, but can not rebound to 2010% that the height。
In short, it may be the first dip, after a slight rebound, then continue forward。   Two great nineteenth after the price trend will generally stable。   CPI from the point of view, has been relatively stable in recent years, 2015%, 2016%, slightly lower than 2017 in 2016, but higher than in 2015, is expected next year will continue the trend of steady。
PPI from the point of view, from March 2012 until August 2016 to start 54 consecutive months of negative growth since the September 2016 start of positive growth in 2017 from January to November every month in% or more, it can be said there is a clear reversal。
The possibility of mid-2018 the overall PPI lower than the 2017, but the continuous negative growth of little more than a month。
  Third, the economic structure will continue after nineteen large optimization。   Why will continue to optimize the economic structure?One reason is that economic restructuring will be Forced to optimize the economic structure; second reason is that the growth momentum will drive new economic structure optimization。
Optimizing the economic structure mainly in three aspects: First, the contribution of final consumption to GDP remain high。
2014, final consumption contribution to GDP ratio reached% 2015% 2016% 2017 remain above 60%, is expected 2018 will be, too。 Second, the service industry accounts for the proportion of GDP continues to rise。 2013 service industry accounts for the proportion of GDP% for the first time exceeded the proportion of secondary industry, 2014%, 2015%, 2016%, 2017 will be more than 52% in 2018 is expected to reach 53% the above。
Third, the urbanization rate continues to rise。
Over the past five years, an average annual increase of urbanization rate percent urbanization rate in 2014%, 2015%, 2016%, 2017 will be more than 58% in 2018 is expected to reach more than 59%。   Fourth, the old and new momentum after nineteen large will accelerate the conversion。   Over the past years, China mainly rely on three old kinetic energy to promote economic growth: first, is to rely on exports, investment and consumption, "Troika", this particular investment carriages stimulate economic growth; the second is to rely on extensive investment in large-scale elements stimulate economic growth; third, is to rely on GDP-oriented system to promote economic growth。 Now these three old kinetic energy, on the one hand diminishing marginal utility, on the other hand increase in side effects and sequelae。 Therefore, we must accelerate the nineteenth large fostering the growth of new momentum, continue to achieve new and kinetic energy conversion。
Need to cultivate new growth of kinetic energy, we can summarize it as institutional changes, structural optimization, upgrade elements of "three engines"。
Among them, institutional change refers to the reform, structural optimization, including new industrialization, new urbanization, regional economic integration, internationalization, factors upgrades include technological progress, to enhance human capital, promote information technology, knowledge, growth, etc.。
These three engines correspond to approximately the central emphasis of the reform, transformation and innovation of these three areas。
No doubt, nineteen large momentum will accelerate the growth of the new, old and new momentum will continue to accelerate conversion。   Fifth, after the big economic risk nineteen will speed up the process。
  Over the past nearly two decades of sustained high economic growth, resulting in the real economy, including excess capacity, high prices and other asset price bubbles, high leverage, increased resource and environmental constraints, the wealth gap and other issues, accumulated no small economic bubble and risks。
These issues, foam and risks, some are solving process, some also require the nineteenth Daxin more forceful measures to resolve。
Nineteen major report has made it clear that you want to guard against and defuse the risk of major battle as one of the next three years。 It is anticipated that the combined effect of promoting comprehensive reform, deepen the supply-side structural reforms, optimize the macro-control policies, economic risks will speed up the process。

Elements boy or woman want a boy to do so

What are the elements?Many people want a boy or a girl, but the results are often counterproductive, you know the elements of a boy or woman what it?Following small elements to talk about with you exactly what a boy or woman。
Elements of a chance of a boy or woman, the male to prevent overheating if the men I usually wear tight pants scrotal temperature will rise, resulting in reduced number of sperm, a boy y sperm will die first, so that a girl is greatly increased, too It may be temporarily infertile。
If you want a boy, must prevent scrotal temperature is too high, so men should pay attention to prevent scrotal temperature is too high in life, do not wear tight pants, hot bath or sauna often do not do strenuous exercise。
Second, healthy and strong body, a recent study by American scientists showed that affluent family, his family was well-off, high cultural level, the body healthy and strong married women, more likely to conceive a boy; and family poverty, poor health Women are more likely to have daughters。
The study in line with the principles of the theory of evolution, very often women more survivable, so more women will give birth survival rates of girls in poor families。
The family was wealthy, healthy and strong women more inclined to son, so it can ensure that their genes and family generation to generation。
Third, there are sex techniques, to have orgasm quality, harmonious sex life can enhance the chances of pregnant boy。
When the elements of a boy or woman because women are transmitted through sexual excitement, resulting in intense pleasure to reach orgasm, cervical secretion strong alkaline liquid, the acidic vaginal showed alkaline, help?Sperm growth。
At the same time, foreign studies have shown that when sperm and more prone to conceive a boy, the sperm less prone daughter。 So before making love sports men best to abstinence a few days, this can produce the maximum amount of sperm and sperm motility greatly improved; on sex positions as far as possible the insertion deeper position, such as the use of the insert from the position, or female hip pad 6-10 cm。
Fourth, the sperm count of men and women both young men will decrease with increasing age, the probability of a girl is particularly high, it is a fact that has been proven。
Similarly, the larger the women's age, due to aging effects of alkaline secretions of the uterus will gradually reduce the chances of a girl has significantly increased。
Probability want a boy, must be as early as possible, both men and women are young, good physical condition, viable sperm egg, a boy of relatively large。

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