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The twelve constellations pulled women, who pulled the most in place?

The twelve constellations pulled women, who pulled the most in place? Think about which of the twelve constellations has the most opposite sex? What constellations are your heterosexual friends?? Let’s have a look!   Libra Libra men not only look good, but also pay great attention to dress up, a look is a man of taste.. At ordinary times, there are many Yingying and Yanyan around, and they have accumulated a lot of experience. They are regarded as old hand of Pick up hot chicks.. He is very good at Hit on what one likes. He can know what girls like and dislike. This is what many men don’t understand..   Scorpio Scorpio Men in Pick up hot chicks rely on the strength of their overbearing president.. Which girl has no illusions about being pushed to bed by Kabedon or kiss?? Scorpio men are full of sexy and provocative temperament. If you take the initiative, your sister will submit.!   Sagittarius Sagittarius Some Like It Hot, he will use his sincerity to impress girls. Although many girls will behave more reserved and passive, shooters will not rush for success.. Sagittarius will first make friends with you, understand you, and slowly walk into your life. They will appear when they should and not when they should not.. Grasp the discretion, more popular with girls! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

Gratitude sparrow

Morning, walking on the sidewalk, in front of full heard the sound of wings flap.In the absence of pedestrians, sparrows on freedom on the sidewalk or jumping, or chase, or catch the worm in the grass, hear the footsteps of people near, then the call is heard, wings left the place.This is the best hedge sparrow method, even if it is with you in a friendly, it will not hesitate to stay.Just when the sparrow a suddenly fly, there on the sidewalk clean tile leave the place a sparrow on the ground flap edge is injured, sparrow see me near it, his eyes showing panic look, flap a few on the ground, too even move a step away, my hand holding it, it is struggling Jiaoji Sheng, as if begging for me, it put his head twisted to the inside of the fence Kuan wide vegetable fields, which disappointed craned his neck, fear is this life can not get it there.Sparrow when the hands grip the hair slippery, warm.As a result, I thought of something interesting countryside hour.    Hours, next to my family big house has a small thatched house in full bloom tool.There is a chink in the wall where a sparrow nest, one day, a little hair has not grown sparrow fall to the ground, I looked forward, sparrow whole body is reddish, he tossed and turned in to the ground, chirp cried, it was little sparrows out of the nest, no wings how to return to their homes yet, when I want to grab his hand when a father stopped me and said: sparrow can not go hand caught, you grab his hand, and a large sparrow smell of human sweat, it does not recognize the child.Went on to say: we go away, is there a way of sparrows.I worry a long time, there will be little mouse to young sparrow to eat.At the moment we left, looking back, I saw, a large sparrow pose a walk around, to the ground, look at the little sparrow Diao back.Thanks to no hand to touch it, whether it is actually Sparrow took the staff, do not, have not been verified, but, once we hand touch it, a bit of a heavy hand, hurt her, it touches on the truth.    Originally matter how many days have passed, and I have gradually faded away.After a season when I was carrying a bag of fertilizer to fertilize the corn, the edge of a large tree was gone, my family’s land on the inside, away from the road where there are a hundred meters, buried edge of the block boundary marker but the field is the same bar, where to find the boundary marker, just as I do nothing, I am facing the front of a sparrow, chirp cried, and then jump in front of me, is it for me to lead the way?    I was hesitant, the little sparrow has not left in front of me, there is no better way compared to several kilograms of urea bag on his shoulder, blame the heavy, I rubbed his forehead with sweat, followed by a small sparrow go , sparrow led the way, from time to time to look back, I’m behind, walked, really went to my next piece of the familiar boundary marker, sparrow than twenty meters from me, the way I see the fertilizer the bag on the ground and seemed to put a heart, I want to chase forward, stroked its head to express gratitude, the little sparrow without looking, fly away.I felt strange, is not I pity the spring of that one, I love it, it comes back to repay it.It must have, in previous years, also this is the case, how there is no such thing?He has in the past several decades, but the sparrow lead the way things are still fresh in our memory, the same as happened yesterday.    Time flies, I’m certainly not in the hands of a few decades ago sparrow sparrow, but perhaps it is the sons of sparrows is life is in danger, help the people most in need of sympathy and affection.Looked at the hands of a small sparrow, I gradually let go, sparrow break out of my hand, happy to jump past the iron fence along the gap, into the grass, I believe that it companions heard its voice, We will try to rescue it.It is also in return, free after promising to hear the sparrows hopping figure, enough.

Autumn footprint (c)

REVIEW: Where Home?In the city, in a tall building, in the countryside, in the mountains covered with trees and grass in?Although the original ancestors of the practice, there is no shortage of scientific truth.Settlements, people learn from each other, the development of civilization may survive but also to excessive use of regional resources, set up obstacles to recycling, people in the wrong direction on health grew farther away desolate floating leaves, joy once repeated, repeated Melancholy?Thanked Spring Summer.    A thousand years back, although they are still that piece wedding dress, when there is bright, dim when, as in the expression of affection to follow in.    If the boat, how many creatures survive crisis?Laughter also, there are grievances, I do not know what is flowing head.    Autumn night, brilliant on the branches, and sorrow, it is unhappy, whining and change the face of Castle Peak.    The way people throw into confusion, several rounds of hysteria, who said there is no reason?Painting Zhong Qing, the situation in the margin, what poetry expressing ideals?Nakan wind and rain made-to-head.The winter fast, high-rise window seeing thick dust, and go worry.    I was random, but in the fall, not the leaves almost no one, unless I walked into the place of trees can not grow, and where can I find a bit far away from home.    Is not it?Home is a warm, comfortable and is still free to indulge.Home can ease the tension, the body and mind can rest, can mediate physiological, can display a new force.I use a few one hundred thousand yuan in repairing the nest Curie, always wanted to open the windows, approached the heart always want to cement those places outside the besieged city with green trees and grass are dwelling, they do not know that they attract good, they still smell that fascinated me, but for fear Sven out of everyone’s understanding, I would rather like them.    I thought from the countryside into the cities, especially after decades of influence, I can become a top grade deviant humans, who knows only now realize what they were.So my heart often think bowed deeply loess those green leaves, and by their simple emotions, longing is not difficult and can not be the realm of top grade.    Loess always makes me full of infatuation, especially in light of foot stepped into the water when the soil is almost saturated, that feeling is definitely thorough heart, just as wonderful to spring surf.And when children put loess slope situation is no different, but then there is no barrier now put text materials and techniques.Once anyone remember standing on the covered woods soil, it is almost like diarrhea in the bath, said wind stroking unlike, say scent body also poured nerve nor the exact point, is very friendly, very excited, very comfortable , as it is nostalgia.When integrated appreciate the impression that, unlike like the wedding night that has a sense of smooth, not like the excitement of first love to do so at the riverside of the month, just as excited bang nomination or between a career in Qingyun, emotional Shun burst the kind of excitement helpless.There are many life feeling, really subtle, really impressed, but really can not describe the kind of pass.This feeling of my life, should be one of the most vivid.I think this return to basics, so I really experience a return of interest in life.    Where Home?In the city, in a tall building, in the countryside, in the mountains covered with trees and grass in?Although the original ancestors of the practice, there is no shortage of scientific truth.Settlements, people learn from each other, the development of civilization may survive but also to excessive use of regional resources, set up obstacles to recycling, people in the wrong direction on health grew farther away.    Haze is only in recent years to see make a good Chinese people used to say that one has to pay attention to reality.To protect themselves from a man’s point of view, there are really trying to say it, but this comes out of the haze and smell it, and then incense meals, then mellow nectar also could not conceal the.This is not the owner of jade Zuiwo, in people’s attention on stage, speaking through a science can Yuyu clarify Miles angstroms.Look far do not say, dust piled up, one can pass through walls, but I do not know what the consequences will be, and is not afraid to compliment.With rumors that this natural phenomenon due to air pollution formation of global deaths caused every year as many as many as two million people.    When US scientists using satellite data analysis and evaluation of the situation, said Chinese air, air no longer possible to see the Great Wall of China, only to see the polluted air.I was not convinced, you can not do have arguments to refute others.Suddenly his mind would emerge out of one sentence: all the imperialists are paper tigers.You can make use of it?New China was young there is spirit, many could not have done it, friend and foe alike convinced from the heart.    I have repeatedly heard TV sound warned everyone, haze struck, sooner or later is not easy to go out to exercise.Not easy to go home it can be a healthy body?When all the buildings, roads, factories, parks, garden, rivers have been locked haze, home, what will happen?You say, decentralized use of fossil fuels if we could provide a shortcut to cycle?Urbanization focus low-carbon living is what kind of concept, low to allow people to endure, still low enough to make people healthy?Agricultural facilities had said, as the carbon is a treasure, said: organic, yield and quality are excellent.Fall, I saw a lot of footprints, such as haze, like my heart is confused.    I find no place in the footprint of the assassination of an acid analog, a clump of bushes next to a very spiritual, very cute, leaned a little, can also felt comfortable.I think, had been picking a leaf placed in the water, like a boat, drifting with the wind and go with the flow.I do not know how will they wanted to Noah’s Ark, it is ideal for the Bible.Once a disaster and helpless human beings, there is an ideal destination, it can have baptized Jesus to go to heaven, it is that people think that life is the happiest place.Earth will not collapse, not sure, votaries who want to go to heaven, we really do not have forces that can stop, but I always feel that if the Earth is really the collapse of the paper in the Noah’s Ark will be able to make tens of thousands of votary born again, it is a little ridiculous.Say the real deal, what the real Noah’s Ark, and where is it?I think that is all around us children.Our children around trees and grass Noah’s Ark is to make us healthy life, they can save us untold miseries.    It is often said, there is heaven, there are Suzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, meaning that the place of residence of the gods of heaven and can be comparable, where you can go to look at those Jiangnan Water is not abundant rainfall lush vegetation, lush vegetation basis is not on biodiversity is relatively abundant, benign ecological cycle also interested in.    Garden City, we are pursuing four seasons landscape is natural that a flowers, if you are determined to track, you will find, not the designer and the builder Passions is the best, there are many to fend for themselves, many have chosen an environment and multiply their descendants settled down after a long, long looks are part of the disease of cleavers.Those children riverside seasonal wetlands, if people do not interfere, fruit is strong.In the city outskirts you will see a little unloved gardens are not happy, nobody cares about the opposite of those quinoa, amaranth, yellow chrysanthemum, hardcore Artemisia always swift foot pedal first, and momentum and almost overwhelming.A little bit of humidity, mold assassination acid, intestinal carp, barnyard, commercial land is very high-handed.This is a natural choice, but also love relay, although no flowers, no trees high, as in the beautification of the city, as in the healthy human body and mind.    From these trails, you can see the place of carbon, if there is a large enough community, and they can let the haze relegated three homes.What is Noah’s Ark to save human society, let carbon haze attributed to the right path and who is a true Noah’s Ark Earth.

Bloody love triangle

Feng Juan, a pharmaceutical company in the provincial capital to work, because the Feng Juan who is beautiful, the company has a lot of boys are chasing Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan is one of chasing boys, Ma Tao Feng Juan than three years older, MA Tao is in charge of the company’s business, it usually helps Feng Juan, Ma Tao Feng Juan sometimes invited to dinner and a movie, but often are rejected Feng Juan.  On this day, about Ma Tao Feng Juan shopping together, the two came to a mobile phone shop, Feng Juan, one on the phase of a high-end mobile phones, Feng Juan said to Ma Tao spoiled: Marco Yeah, I fancy that phone, can you buy me down?Look Ma Tao a phone prices nearly 10,000, suddenly too expensive, Ma Tao said: I will buy you one, but this store is a little high, I met an acquaintance of mine was selling mobile phones, and another day I get you a.Feng Juan a bad music.  Ma Tao home after figuring out how to give yourself goddess Feng Juan bought the part of high-end mobile phones, much deliberation, Ma Tao had an idea, Ma Tao often shop online, so, Ma Tao will open the online store, pick a company to buy high-end mobile phone shop, Ma Tao in this shop ordered that part of the high-end mobile phones to Feng Juan, Ma Tao to fill in their own identity information when writing are false, Ma Tao has deliberately chosen cash on delivery, then, Ma Tao and online with the money to buy a high-simulation model of mobile phone.  Soon, Ma Tao received a phone model that models high simulation online ordering, Ma Tao took a look himself: to do with the real thing, really like!  On this day, the courier Ma Tao online ordering of that section of high-end mobile phones sent, the phone is cash on delivery, Ma Tao picked up the first express parcel carefully check up, check the package while Ma Tao eyes are always stare the courier, the courier when Ma Tao saw bow call when Ma Tao quickly put this phone really wrap themselves already prepared and simulation package swapped phone, courier who did not find the courier see Ma Tao looked for a long time and said: brother, you have not finished checking, if no problem, then you pay it.Ma Tao pretend touched his trouser say: Oh, I forgot any money.Courier said: You do not live in this house right upstairs, go back and get it, I’ll wait for you for a while.Ma Tao shook his head and said: I also forgot the keys at home, either way you put the package to get back, give me another day.In this way, without the knowledge of courier parcels that took part in the simulation cell phone taken back, Ma Tao is with this phone really happily home.  Since the high-end smart phone that Ma Tao through with this stuff get to the Feng Juan, Feng Juan to see their favorite phone is simply thrilled bad, Ma Tao Feng Juan like to take this opportunity to marry him, Feng Juan Ma Tao said yes without thinking.  Soon, you and Ma Tao Feng Juan registration of marriage, and Ma Tao finally catch up with their goddess, heart felt extremely excited, but after marriage, but also a real problem after another, and that is the problem of the house, and Feng Juan Ma Tao can not buy a house.Feng Juan’s mother-in-law has urged Ma Tao hurry to buy a house in the provincial capital, but now the economic conditions of the two people, buy a house is simply a myth.  On this day, Ma Tao suddenly felt stomach pain, Feng Juan and quickly helped Ma Tao came to a nearby hospital for an examination, Ma Tao turned out to be a problem cecum, appendix surgery needs to be done right away, one on the right Feng Juan Ma Tao He said: her husband, the provincial capital of Hospitals we do it, I hear it is the best of medical conditions.Ma Tao said: Well, you heard.  In this way, Feng Juan let his mother stay with Ma Tao to the provincial capital Third Hospital, Feng Juan and he did not go, that day, was lying in bed waiting for surgery Hospitals Ma Tao Feng Juan’s wife received a phone Feng Juan on the phone said: her husband Yeah, you are certain requirements to be a surgery called surgical director Rowan surgeon to you, my friend is a surgeon Rowan did appendectomy surgery, the surgery was very successful.Ma Tao said one: his wife, or do you care about me, I heard you.In this way, Ma Tao to the hospital for surgery the surgeon himself personally Rowan, Rowan does not feel strange, because there are many patients know their reputation, so Rowan did not hesitate to give Ma Tao, chief surgeon to do surgery to remove appendix.  Ma Tao soon recovered and were discharged, on this day, Feng Juan suddenly said Ma Tao: My husband Yeah, do you want to buy a house right away.Ma Tao one is surprised a moment, he said: certainly want to, and his wife do not you have a way.Feng Juan near Ma Tao said: My husband and I have a good idea, so that we can have money to buy a house right away.Ma Tao a hurry to ask: What way, you quickly say!Juan Feng said: You have to suffer the pain points!Ma Tao said: No problem, in order to buy a house, what pain I can endure!Juan Feng said: You put a medical needle swallowed the stomach, and then we will tell that hospital, he said, is to give you the surgeon who called Rowan surgeon, forget to remove the needle falls on your belly years, to the time we can get a lot of damages, which belong to medical malpractice, I think in time that is called Rowan gave his reputation will certainly be reluctant to choose compounding!Ma Tao a suddenly to the spirit, Ma Tao did not expect his wife also plan this hand, Ma Tao also boast Wife: You’re Zhuge Liang, well this way, we’ll be able to buy a house!

Bloody cross-stitch

When the top of the mall electronic clock clock point to eleven, a factory night bus stopped at the time of parking spots have been gathering in front of night shift workers, people silently filed into the room, like all the people who work late at night looked listless.Because not yet reached the time to drive the car in people’s silence, quietly parked in the dim light from afar like a giant reptile.With a sudden burst of rapid footsteps, a slender white figure flash into the car, it was a beautiful young girl, I saw her rapid panting, fear and vacant eyes looked out four.Suddenly, like to see the rare animals, car brush all eyes focused on the girl who grew up in the mouths of people stunned, because this woman actually naked naked, glistening naked body without shelter in the eyes of the crowd.Not so the reaction from the stunned crowd came in, followed by a man came up, the faint light can be seen in his face the color of panic.When he found a nude, cold eyes showed a trace of a smile, he walked quickly jumped up and grabbed the arm Nude.Ah sound sharp cry of horror from the mouth Nude pierced the silence of the night sky, saw the naked women as men struggling like hell, he kept his mouth issued a few screams of terror.Witnessed all the crowd began to stir up the first few energetic young man indignation came up, one of which looks very strong young man after a pull, with no doubt the tone: you first let go of her.Ranging from opening man, his face suspiciously asks: Who are you her?How she met you like a ghost-like?Wait for the man explained that several women chattering too Coushang, while they fuss around the woman rushes, while his coat off to put naked women, naked women can be at the moment as silly as not saying a word, just horror staring at the man could not shake.Upon seeing the man quickly explained the name haha: This is my sister, because her boyfriend dumped her, she suffered a stimulating mental disorders, often at night naked run out if not finished was playing a worker exclaimed broken.blood!Nude original to wear clothes of women found nude belly swollen eye of a needle full of dense, little blood was oozing, its painful to behold.Too cruel!Alarm, can not let this man run.People angry, pairs of eyes staring at the man puffing anger, shouting want man to the police station.Men began to cheeky color panic, the crowd tried to push bailing.Then several police do not know who would have turned heaven quietly called 110.Li Yong, vice squad captain received a phone call, with his wife at the computer typing bamboo said loudly, then rushed to the bureau.After listening to his duty to report the police, was a major case, quickly dressed and went nude in front of asked about the situation, but unfortunately Nude insane, she just stared at a place of horror, does not issue a few times when people Shen screech.It is clear from the face and scars Nude point of view, she has been a certain disorders before inhuman torture, with professional sensitivity Li Yong think there must be a major behind Nude.Will there be a relationship with the girl’s disappearance nearly two years it?The past two years frequently received the bureau reported the girl missing, many young girls in the mysterious disappearance of the city’s major entertainment.PUC task force had been set up, but because very few clues to the case, resulting in the case has not broken.See Li Yong captain could not get any clues from the nude body, arranged for people sent her to a psychiatric hospital after the start of the man arraigned.Man is very cunning, he claimed Wang Huai, with naked girls did not know, but came across when wandering on the road late last night doing nothing, and sometimes move broken heart, fear of night shift workers to see through the car after the morning train reason fooled them.Li Yong to ask anything else, he remained silent, without speaking a.Li Yong know, cunning criminal suspects apparently with Interpol are time-consuming, because everyone knows that in the absence of any evidence, suspects detained generally not more than 24 hours, claiming to be Wang Huai man just drag this tomorrow night time, Interpol will have to let him go.A trial two hours still no progress, Li Yong captain had announced tomorrow retrial.Li Yong preoccupied when one o’clock in the morning at home, see also bamboo leaves lying in front of the computer typing.Bamboo is a writer, she wrote especially good reasoning detection of novel, psychological novel nuanced description, reasoning with great accuracy, often give readers real to the enemy.Li Yong wife is an avid reader, he often inspired from bamboo novel, for which has also uncovered a lot of unsolved, famous in the small city of Interpol.Bamboo often get material from the case of her husband, so the couple a regular exchange with each other, learn from each other.This is no exception, Li Yong these strange pieces Nude Night Flight case about listening to bamboo, bamboo stand up thoughtfully hear from the front of the computer and began to pace back and forth in the house began to imagine her reasoning : obviously, insanity Nude certainly was due to the inhuman torture actions, the man is not a murderer is also a minimum of insiders, then looked at himself in the contemplation of bamboo, Li Yong captain nodded echoed: I think so, with professional sensitivity, I always felt that the man with the recent years ‘girl disappearances’ have a direct relationship, but there is no evidence, the only witness of naked women and insane, hey bamboo heard Lee Yong girl talked about in recent years, disappearances, heard some heart moving, she looked at the frowning Li Yong murmured: that is a good subject you first go to sleep, I want to catch tonight draft articles.Having aroused again sitting at a computer.The night even more quiet, to sleep after Li Yong, Zhu Ye Jingjing waited at the computer next to the machine hit the text, just to find that more than two in the morning the.Then gradually because bamboo brow twisted into thinking obstruction of a big lump, followed by waves of drowsiness hit her, her consciousness began to blur.Suddenly, the computer found that bamboo leaves something wrong, it seems to have a life like self-running, running faster and faster, simply ignore the command of bamboo.It is rapidly one after another through the website, messy display a variety of numbers, words flash across in front of bamboo leaves, when the letters on the keyboard to start rolling back and forth automatically ordered, on screen into a a silver-gray.Just bamboo stunned, helpless, the emergence of such scenes documentary of the same image on the silver-screen.Noisy ballroom, beautiful girl, a well-dressed man in the ballroom flashing of the lights, staring greedy eyes looking for prey.A simple girl he cheated with extremely attractive lies a ballroom, their car came to a small courtyard, overgrown with weeds hospital, was extremely bleak and gloomy.Girls start cheeky fear of the color, turned to an attempt to escape.Gentle man may have also been ferocious pouncing, the girl struggled a few did not move, men take cover in the open mouth girl’s hand, ominous tone emitted’s creepy grinning when the girl woke up again, she has tied to a wooden massage table resembles.Perverted man’s face appears in the gray display abnormal hideous, he was out one by one, shining coldness of needles girl died from a suitcase, died in agony and terror.Under peach men, as the specter of a man, the girl buried in flowers over the branches of the tree, there have been a bunch of dense bones, the man burying the strange metamorphosis girl smiled and went on repeating the tragedy of a girl on a girl bamboo look creepy, Jiyu up and turn off the computer, you can hand like like to struggle with loss of consciousness.So he followed a bamboo watched as a bud-like girl was devastated perverted man to death, and finally anger instead of terror.Then a flash of silver on display, it gradually becomes gorgeous, charming a blossoming peach from the center of the screen, and slowly by a blood-red dots gradually increases until it fills the entire screen, the number of bamboo a total of ten the number of.Peach abnormal beautiful, because they are not usually too pink, but Yan Yan’s red, very rich ruby red, the color of blood.At this corner of the display a line of small print: bamboo Hello, we finally found you.Bamboo hesitated a moment, with a somewhat puzzled and asked: Who are you?

(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

(The little people) Laowei

(The little people) Old Wei [text / seductive woman] Old Wei couple downstairs to open the store breaking six hours at night, leaving home again plucked out of bed the moment the slightest Huoshaohuoliao time, purchase, delivery rest of the time , pull the net in front of the store, doing the squat to prevent fish missed two long upward age, stature year by year, but the decline is not strong stable bone crevices rivet.Shelf-like body quickly scattered, the case of wind looked out a few years ago, Old Wei always said hungry all day long gradient face, eyes convex.Like goldfish blister wife scolded him Sigui bounce doctor Laowei correct birth.Old Wei put hyperthyroidism swallowing all day, to appease the ghost lodged in the body one day in July, his wife being with people showing off his son on two scores suddenly “ouch” loudly, unconscious on the Old Wei spent fifteen million, or buy medicine retained marks, only to reclaim his wife now 24 hours sleeping Laowei fed her, feed her to drink, wash diapers child lost her life allegedly east shouting West Old Wei often used to control rickets back, place round and round like a clay sculpture

(March mood) so to get by

The sun shines on the idle windows, to be severely blocked outside the curtain.Perhaps the room a mess, chaos settled nowhere, perhaps very clean, clean, could not bear to be settled.Day, two days, many days, a month.    Cold sting of a cool afternoon each, I hid indoors, do not go out, but it seems to have been this cold sting, reluctant to move.Actually, I should not be ignored out of the sun, I sometimes blame themselves, but never thought to put it in, illuminating the entire house.    Class less and less, a lot of time in the afternoon the air out, I do not want to give all sleep, but do not know what to do.I think probably a lot of busy to go to school friends envy us, you can simply release it, but too long to release the blind, the future has become very slim.Do not want to go on like this, so he slowly began to worry, look for some very common thing, working is a full day; also find a mood, quietly spend the day in recollection and thinking; and if holding a book, It is also a day.I do not know how many this day gone without warning.He says less and less likely to go out do not know how to communicate with others.Holding a cell phone, turned over the phone book carefully turned over and over again, but do not know who to call.Others are too busy, all right, I really do not know who is available after another because of boredom dial phone, then looked at Duo Anni baby write something, except I do not know who she described’s lonely there a text this description is lonely.    I do not like this life, but can only survive so.I want to be busy, so I was happy, fulfilling.Come practice it, to break the conventions, do not want to live in such a wasted day, one day, I spent the life and dreams.Dream a little devoid of, I do not want to stay only hope there is a little bit gone.

(Confused verses) cat catch mice, unscrupulous knowledge

Hot day wearing cotton Yao land father started asking a few drops of rain fell Haha, I am a poet / to lie to eat the way to take an red mouse from a cat to catch yo West, made nervous Tean Plaza / a dwarf learning squint stare with open eyes God, leading a short-sighted being loaded, weighed down / ho ho, I was playing fine designer brand children shout chicken, two cylinder, dumped slap idiot, coax dead / wisdom?Meier has come to me to say nothing of panic, I had a very busy oh eleven large rat theory / spy watch for it to bar the mouse world loud and clear everyone said I was in Hong Kong to invigorate the economy rat / Needless to say how far Quzhao cat’s eye cave implemented in the dark lair with rat fantasy life / wisdom to the run, yeah mother cat, scary stuff quickly create eleven great, unscrupulous knowledge cat catch mice, yeah


First, the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, eunuch regime inone.Eunuch Liu is the Emperor ordered Baiguan, strongly exclusionary.He kangaroo criminal court twelve pits, each seat pits were placed in a variety of brutal rats, snakes, scorpions, mad dog, wolf and other animals.These animals had hemophagocytic nature, DPRK officials to talk about its mere mention, feel insecure.  More people are times of hardship, displacement, haze enveloped the entire next big tomorrow.  Second, at the time, there are two juggling team, Cao Song classes and classes in the capital on the ground.Cao Cao squad headed by the boss, he relied on a dozen of the pole and only then pull the uncle, Liu Liu Gonggong, he was ill, evil bully female male hegemony.Cao boss Song class as the thorn in the flesh, can not wait to head at the beginning of the Song class Songjahak, get hold of mutilated bodies hate in my heart to pieces Party Solutions.Helpless as good as others, could not find an excuse.  There were two men Songjahak early Christians yuan less and Yuen Wah, their young and fit, able to meet the master of life and death to complete the exclusive turntable tricks.This is life and death, but the turntable Song class exclusive secrets, finale.Competition every year when Cao boss is lost in it.  On several occasions, Cao boss want to spend the high prices they dug up, however, few Chinese yuan and the dollar are in love with the daughter of Song Mei Songjahak beginning, no one wanted to leave their infighting, which makes Cao boss helpless.  Right now the current situation as chaotic, everywhere hungry refugees, who also thought to look at these things?Songjahak beginning also feel old, bloated, he closed thank-you, ready to open the Temple Chuan bowl.He set a Zuxun: in six months, who are highly skilled, do Song class head, and with the promise to his daughter.  From that point, early on Songjahak yuan less esoteric and Yuen Wah skills, they are more sleepless nights, practiced.Suddenly, six months passed quickly, after appraisal, Yuen Wah slightly inferior, less dollars riding on a very smooth head.Songjahak early decision, and so after a while, let them marry.  Yuen Wah not convinced, he felt better than anywhere yuan less poor.Master certainly eccentric, which makes him very angry, soak all day to drink down the pub, drunk and disorderly behavior, which makes Song Ban foul, despite the early Songjahak all sorts of persuasion does not help, reluctantly forced his deportation door division.  Cao boss see chance and find Yuen Wah straight to the point: Song Yanzhuo boss, you do not know the people, he did not even have a bowl of water end injustice, how do you master with?You just told me immediately is the underboss, the popular hot drink, and enjoy the endless wealth and status.  Yuen Wah said dismissively: our class thing, not for you to say mouth.I am here to thank you so honor me, respect me, but I have no interest in it when improper head.  Cao boss a Ming Bai Yuanhua What do you mean, there are people he wants.Cao boss boldly said: You just told me, help me off the Song class, I guarantee your little junior sister apprentice to time, will obediently into your arms.  Yuen Wah surprise: how?You have to dare hurt my master, I’ll get you.Cao secretive boss said: I want you to help me, but not hurt, you just tell me what the secret of life and death turntable on the line.Yuen Wah understand, as long as the secret once you say it, the Song class will no foothold.  In fact, this is the Yuen Wah want, even if Cao boss does not come to him, he would seek refuge in him, Cao boss is much backing, but his heart knows best the.Cao boss can only helped themselves to get rid of dollars less, to when they could Outrageous.  In this way, Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take the hands off the Song class; Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take forces to exterminate yuan less, they are dishonest, mercenary come together.  Huawei yuan a little table sincerity, a clean breast of his secret life and death turntable, Cao boss to hear a good laugh.He has not kept his word, really let Yuen Wah got into the top spot underboss.  Two of them act in collusion, conspiracy to kill two birds with one stone out of the deadly trap, ready to be implemented in time to participate in Liu An Shouchen.Liu Gonggong they want through the hands of the Song class in out.  Three to Liu An Shouchen this day, Cao Song classes and classes in previous years have received the invitation, they dare not neglect invited to.However, Song class early Songjahak infirmity did not participate, and only a few dollars with a few Young Song Mei.  Liu out of the entire house is heavily guarded, kings and ministers come to send gifts of countless, in front of busy.Inside the government is may sound, floating banners, the capital of the major famous male troupe, juggling have been invited over, bustling.  Liu Happy sit high above the chair stays on, put on a majestic look.Stage right opposite him, he looked domineering program.  Cao Song class and another class sang a rival show, they are almost the same as the previous program.First birthday celebration lions, fairy offer peach, and finally come up with their own housekeeping skills.Cao boss is played through the ring of fire around the ring studded with sharp knife, he stripped to the waist, leap on drilling in the past from the middle of the circle and win a lot of applause.  Song class play is life and death turntable, Song Mei saw standing on the same height and turntable, tied the limbs, then people turn the dial.Yuan less stood ten paces away, holding four shining darts.  Yuan will be a good location less carefully, memorizing the number of turns.Finally, he was blindfolded, he began throwing darts.They are breathless, heart in his throat.  I saw the yuan less robustly standing on the stage, holding the hands of darts, seize the opportunity to decisively threw out three darts impartial, inserted in the Song Mei’s side, but was not hurt.We have kept cheering, cries already overwhelm Cao team.