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Love and be loved

Love and be loved spring is not the degree Pass, a rhyme between Shuiyun, Chu Yu swirling dream season, away from crossing the Lanzhou-wing thinking led.Ancient ferry, deep and shallow traces vaguely dream water, promenade overlooking the millennium, the slightest waft of melancholy lonely, peach sweet laugh, but not the enemy Yan, faces of the people do not know where to go?Love and be loved!    ——————————————- Inscription peach tree spring open, like a beautiful woman laughing sweet, southern beauty book endless, unrolling thick scent of ink poetry.Whispering such as Splendor elegant, romantic fragrance drunk sunset.James Peach rain early morning mist, Xianlian See all the gods sweet smile, Moment of truth, the other side view, flowers Pina who poetry volumes?Faces of the people do not know where to go?Love and be loved!    Peach Blossom Spring curtain hidden rhyme Man, peach Misuuchi black hair pull.Peach Lianwai aryl quiet tim Moment of truth.Peach Lianwai pretty sweet, tender and beautiful peach shade than human.Flower Jie-ren interpretive dance limp walk, curtain lonely Without Relief.Quiet wind blowing curtain fragrance overflow, lonely empty Wan Ting Chun Yun.    Whispering Mo lightly busy people, the night was still dim beauty Man.Hope alone lean on a railing distant dream, dream Lanzhou were riding sail heart.    Peach Fun fall dance dancing, dance between suspected butterfly flower, green, pink Yun Rui Wan Pa laugh, charming flower Huan Yan Yi.Peach Blossom Spring whisk, Mianfan pink flower Ibero-American.Moment of truth, something graceful and fragrant old Man.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.    Spread upward into the clouds, fog around nine days Jade Pool.Pianfei among flowers, sweets diffuse cloud Zuiwo.Wine Cifu, roll back and forth admiral dancing, exhibition sway paper, pens dye rivers and mountains.Bright eyes stare, meditation poetry one thousand volumes, ink dye youth, stroll pleasing blossoms painting.Human beauty, mountains with Dai into the clouds, strolling gallery, clear water ripples swing Yi Lin.Getting better, Liu Ruyan Dongting Lake, the beauty linger, such as peach sweet laugh Iraq.Iraqi dream, poetry pen products, such as blue; exhibition paper sway, Su Juan Pina Butterfly flower blossoms.    Last night the stars last night wind, gazing Iraqis thought the opposite direction, cut flowers clouds brocade dream, monopoly of the Spring and Autumn Pavilion.Message Su Jian Fu poetry, ink concentrated alcohol aryl Meaning.A Bing Xin Ning Yuhu, Millennium fragrance incense boat load, surplus spring blossoming peach, sweet mid-seeking human face.    Ruoliu Fufeng, Indus autumn, persevering, full of melancholy?Regain memory, willow last month, she explains difficult message to appeal, the mind will, Imada look for, how a bleak?Faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved!    Nostalgia Fu, Man whisk times past, clear autumn cold, after thinking quiet leisurely.Insomnia people Hanyue surplus window, the breeze whisk window frames, gazing quietly savor, clouds Shear curtain quiet dream, empty sadness negative.Yue Ying dream of floating flowers several times, the current memory, the recollection of riding Lanzhou, Shu Yudie Pina dance dream dust, brush the slightest worry, Bliss a dream, and pour the wines from toast, pour a cup Yuye alone poems, peach Su Jian Yi ink worry, worry more worry heavy drinker.Faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved!    Life is a dream and boating, wandering away from the books worry, I yo Interpreting Solutions.    Millennium Fu Imada, dream Lanzhou, who Xianrou trace of red, desolate change smile, vows memorable, Trinidad Yi yo, who dreams to be quiet mind, a Ye Qingfan rolls of the book, End of the journey back Man.Now spring rhyme initiation, blowing side is not cold Wind in the Willows, Love and be loved!    Thriving peach fragrance overflow, noodles Han Xiang Yun elegant, warm breeze wind blowing Man, according to spring sweet smile.Shaohua goes by tactfully rhyme, enamored with Xu Fu waterclouds.Whispering Beauties, string string partition, Youmeng hard to find, and now West Side Story horizon, beauty dream sometime opposite direction, first, how a rhyme melancholy sadness, plaintive quiet Yat whisk wind, Trinidad difficult to continue the dream, leaving only aromatic Han volume.Cold night, floating shadow swept the opposite direction intended hearted beauty; bright eyes sparkling, on hazy, dream Ripples, who now carry Lanzhou crossing?    A cup of tea, fragrance Man, towering sails had to actually place; Fuqin played, chord song quiet, incense boat waves cloud dream book, a roll of poetry, comfortable desk, pillow quiet Fang drunk refreshing sleep!    Look endless joys and sorrows, hope to continue quiet Italian-hearted.Deep affection, Chouchangbaijie, rivers and mountains, beautiful scenery, Seduction dance Pina fly Viburnum.Memorable love, heart Juan Juan, moonlit night, the passage of time around the mean incense.Reincarnation cycle carrier, once recalled, such as night-blooming cereus, Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns, monopoly sometime between Han Fang orchids, flowers Pina dance, dance flower dust, Fang still tonight.Love and be loved, I do not know where to find human face?    Hui ink, Han Fang Ying little bit warm, quiet, a quiet month to send Xinyu.Shabana flower fly sky, water Jushui swing Yat Hong fan.Dream beauty, tough job faced, meaning warm, send Menghan.V Xinyu, Hunmeng led, full moon dance Pina, fragrant incense coil around the mean dye.Recalling the room, terraced rice paddies flowers monarch farewell, inter review, Adventure waterfront where to find, among review, alone, leaning against the railing dream-hearted.Silent alone on the West down, the faces of the people where to go, Love and be loved..Wan played the flute song, rhyme Chhnang, a clock spring rhyme Chui south, all the way brocade this time.Poetic Chhnang prime volume by singing, present and hope dreams still heartbroken, stay graceful verse, singing miss watery chord fragrance.    Peach fragrance diffuse sky, spring Fuliu drunk Tobacco and visitors carrying bank accompanied, Love and be loved, I do not know at Acacia Review, Volume coagulation factors Hanfang.Read beauty, Acacia complex coagulation factors volume, look at the sky, the stars led quiet month, little drunk Lau Yinghui bright, crisp night Yurun tamarisk.According to Ting River, Moonlight quiet sleep, gazing look, and work Dramas flower blossoms, Acacia buckle, Department who?Meso human emotion chord, quiet music playing, chord playing, listening to dream dreams leisure.    Hearts thoughts were floating in the Tang Dynasty That rain concentrated peach, peach and Tang Dynasty in March that the beautiful and secluded sad story Bingdi open.So, stunning bright eyes, hidden in a faint sadness, a clock spring poetic rhyme covered with fragrant.Love and be loved, gentle and elegant Han Fang.Man at Whispering fragrance whisk, peach dream in my heart is removed poem dream, beauty stare vaguely years, playing stringed dance Seduction, drunk bomb Beauties.Peach flying in poetic roam, peach whisk spring, floating skirt beautiful woman, as if she was a shy woman, Jiao language whisper, sweet smile, her graceful peach branches waist, green leaves her veil, flower is her noodles Han Xiang, passing breeze, swaying Pina dance, to bring a spring stunning views.    March peach color, fragrance pour solitude, I do not know florid sweet rhyme, Who fiber cloud get clever?At this ethereal poetry, trickling water appears to have played the eternal light singing —- “Last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.”Millennium Imada, the Millennium loss, text like a leaf incense boat carrying the Italian genius and beauty, graceful convey the story through the ages in the world.I quietly savor the story of a beautiful, dream-like taste of the millennium, between heaven and earth, holding a roll of fragrant volume of poetry, was removed between mind deep-seated tenderness, in poetry echoed linger..Interpretation of the millennium change feelings, immortal human love story Puppetry world.    Limbo fairy made in March 18, 2014 QQ; 1264580833

US police shot dead a mad open 20 people found each other not to take the gun (video)

  Overseas Network March 22 – U.S. police on Wednesday (21) night announced for a law enforcement video recorder captured, led to a public controversy。 Video is recorded on Sunday (18th) evening, police Sacramento, California United States saw a 23-year-old black man, Stephen Clarke (StephanClark) holds an object in the hands, then opened 20 gun mad to fight in the backyard of his home dead found in his hand not holding the gun, but the phone。
  According to "Washington Post" reported that, when two police officers received a 911 call that someone broke the window。 According to law enforcement video recorder Sacramento Police Department released, police took the police to track a flashlight on the dark streets in Clark, Clark is seen approaching a house。
Police running and shouting, raised his hand to。
To stop!To stop!When the police close to the corner of the house, Clark found hiding under a covered terrace。 Infrared camera above the helicopter was lost at this time Clark's whereabouts。   A policeman shouted, raised his hand to!gun!Immediately after the wall and hid。
Helicopter footage showed a policeman obviously trying to seize the companion masking。
Clark a step or two closer to the police。
After police ordered the wall continues, he raised his hand to!Then call immediately, gun, gun, gun!Two policemen rapid fire, bullets burst of sparks to form a white light in the infrared camera in helicopters。   According to reports, hiding from the police first saw Clark terrace, to play the first rounds of ammunition, the entire process just over 6 seconds。 The police never show their police identity, Clark died on the spot。 The picture shows Clark grandmother recalls with horror grandson was killed by police in the backyard。 (Source: AP) Sacramento Police on Monday (19) said they believed the man broke the window is to be shot on the spot of people-intensive bullet。 Police have not yet confirmed whether the suspect or victim Clark。 But Clark said the family, broke the window of someone else, Clark just the wrong time in the backyard。 His family to a local newspaper said, when the doorbell is broken, the family was knocking back window, call someone to open the garage door。
Clark was pending in their grandmother's house, the old man shot the night terrified。
  His grandmother said, I only heard a banging sound, and then I fell to the ground。
Later, police say someone died in her backyard, she suspected that the deceased was her family。 She said, I told the police, you guys are murderers, murderers!You put him away from the children。 The Associated Press reported that the deceased had two young sons, and one fiancee。   According to statement released by the local police, on Sunday (18 May) evening at 9 am, the helicopter found one of the suspects picked up a tool to break a window to enter homes。 Local media reported that a neighbor was broken sliding glass door。
Police said the suspects fled and locked in a car。
Subsequently, the police helicopter ground command into the front yard Clark grandmother's house, when Clark is entering from the back yard, the two sides meet in the middle。
  It is not clear how much Clark gun body, the details pending further investigation。
Sacramento police detective said that as of Wednesday (21 May) that they are not yet known when the police use of weapons of specific models, as well as 10 rounds per person if their load all the bullets amount。 The police is currently in someone's paid leave in。
  According to reports, police on Monday (19), said after the incident about five minutes, the collusion of police arrived on the scene, handcuffed to Clark and first aid。 But the relevant time line is not accurate。 Law enforcement records show, shot from the police to put on handcuffs, after 5 minutes and 16 seconds during this period, then spent another few seconds, the scene before anyone began chest compressions。
  It reported that police related regulations and requirements, while ensuring the safety of the police to deal with the injured first time to provide relief。
There are many factors that may affect the police rescue, such as resistance or other weapons held by the police that the other side。 However, in the instant case, Clark does not move after the fall, on-site police did not show fear and other emotions。
And one of the officers, in apparently unnecessarily spent one and a half time reloading bullets。
  Sacramento Mayor 斯泰因伯格 (DarrellSteinberg) on Wednesday (21) night released a statement expressing condolences to the Clark family。
He said it had carefully watched the video, saying the video itself, I can not question the decision only moment of our police, I would not do that。 But the question raised by the community and members of parliament is reasonable, you must be answered in the survey。
  Police said before the announcement video, the review has allowed Clark family video。
Clark's aunt questioned, the police just call 'em up immediately opened fire fall。
Local clergy and community activists also believe that, even if he really did what the police claimed, this does not mean that you can take away his life。   According to reports, the United States last year, a total of 987 people were killed by police, 68 of them are not armed。
Among them, 30 were white, 20 were black, 13 were Hispanic, and five others unidentified。 (Compiler / Jiang Shu overseas online translation)。

China media: China to boost educational development of overseas Chinese took to the fast lane

December 20, according to news report, the Fourth World Chinese Conference on Education held in Beijing on the 19th。
Nearly 600 Chinese education sector representatives from around the world 55 countries and regions participating。 The participants learn from each other experience in education, help achieve better development of Chinese education。 Chinese education has developed into the deepest, the most extensive coverage in the overseas rooted, the most effective form of education of Chinese language and culture, about 20,000 Chinese schools scattered around the world。
With China's comprehensive national strength gradually increase influence in the world is growing, overseas Chinese education has also ushered in more opportunities for development。
Especially after Chinese fever swept the world, Chinese has become a "hot", more and more countries to adopt Chinese acceptance, promotion policy。 British parents but as the Chinese prefer their children to learn a foreign language。
Chinese culture is recognized and sought after by overseas community, so that the development of Chinese education to get a good opportunity。
With the Chinese out of education, integration with local mainstream education system, overseas Chinese education will be more standardization, specialization。
The past shortcomings of teachers, teaching materials old, from local and other circumstances will with the development of Chinese education and get changed。 Especially with the continuous progress "along the way" building enthusiasm for participating countries along rising project。 This requires a lot of talents who are proficient in Chinese language and understand the local language, while Chinese education can serve as a base for nurturing talent, provide their own power to the local community development。
Under the new era, Chinese language education overseas Chinese children for the past service, to undertake the responsibility of national cultural heritage language learners will change with the change of ethnic identity occurs。 Adding a large number of local people, Chinese education will take more social responsibility and mission。 This will help Chinese education to get more recognition, but also to allow more people to accept, experience Chinese culture。 Chinese education participants from around the world to communicate with each other to learn from experience, will be able to promote Chinese language education in the right direction。
And more help from China will boost the development of overseas Chinese education embarked on the fast lane。
Whether teachers, teaching materials and teaching ideas, or inter-governmental negotiations, cooperation, which can provide better conditions and atmosphere for the development of overseas Chinese education。
Development of overseas Chinese education is inseparable from overseas Chinese living overseas, it is their tireless efforts, only to let the Chinese cultural tradition and orderly, and successfully take root overseas。 With the gradual normalization of Chinese education, standardization, specialization, its impact will be more and more, which will contribute to the dissemination of Chinese culture, so that the essence of traditional culture from China can be for more people to understand, identity。
Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。

Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang: for information management and supervision of listed companies will implement transmissive

CPPCC National Committee, China Securities Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang told Securities Times reporter, said transmissive supervision of the capital market, according to China's capital market regulatory approach unique to China's national conditions created by the international market some of this reference。Jiang Yang said, will be gradually introduced to the transmissive regulatory and information management, supervision of listed companies。  Jiang Yang: information management and trust company like shareholders should focus on whether the regulatory structure of shareholders of listed companies in the information management and trust products should be the key regulatory issues, Commission Vice-Chairman Jiang Yang said: "From the investor responsible for the majority of point of view, it should do so。Different regulators may have different regulatory orientations, but to protect the interests of investors are common principles。"Jiang Yang: Our market regulation can directly see through the account coding Jiang Yang, investors said, our market regulators can directly see through the account coding investors, but the Western market regulators can not see the individual investor accounts only see through intermediaries。  "Our transmissive regulation, because many Chinese retail market conditions, our market regulations, systems which still sound, so the funds, running a single trading account can grasp, easy to create a deterrent, so that they (offenders) hesitant market manipulation。"Jiang Yang told reporters, we have just launched when seen wearing style regulation, there are many international voices said they did not understand that the international practice is not the same。However, the capital market to develop, implement support for economic development, protect investors, it is imperative first of all see through the market, to see through the behavior of each trader。  "If the market is manipulated in turmoil, the market is gone," said Jiang Yang, so we lost the market to support development financing, economic development intention。  Commission to investigate illegal in mid-2017, the number of administrative punishment made to maintain growth year on year。Data show that the Commission make annual administrative penalty decision 224, the amount of fines 74.7.9 billion yuan, an increase of 74.74%, 44 Shichangjinru people, an increase of 18.91%, the number of administrative punishment decision, the amount of fines, a new record high number of market exclusion。  In fact, "see through style regulation" has already become a certain international consensus "China experience"。December 7, 2017, international organizations and the World Bank announced the Chinese "Financial Sector Assessment Program" (FSAP) update the assessment of core results reports, including "China's financial system stability assessment report", "China Financial Sector Assessment Report" and "About China to comply with regulatory objectives and principles of securities detailed assessment report "。  Assessment report affirmed the achievements of China's reform and development in recent years, economic and financial system, recognized by China's securities and futures regulatory system in line with the general requirements of international standards, positive comments from the China Securities Regulatory Commission for the first time since the FSAP prevention and control of risk assessments, strengthen supervision, deepen reform to promote the development of the main results achieved, noting in particular China advanced practices in investor protection and market risk monitoring is worth learn from other markets。  Among them, the report suggested that China Securities Regulatory Commission for the implementation of customer accounts "see through style" management, the establishment of capital market statistical monitoring center, construction of supervisory information sharing centralized supervision of the central information platform, enable the securities and futures market, "one yard pass' system risk identification and monitoring levels were significantly increased。  "We do transmissive regulation for many years, from we do not understand, do not know, everyone to understand, agree," Jiang Yang said that the establishment of transmissive supervision, regulation and create a unique Chinese way, won in the international part of understanding and support, are also part of the draw。This is a capital market builders, entrepreneurs and reformers common wisdom。  Transmissive regulatory supervision is exploring other developed market regulators have tried。SFC 90's of last century the United States has Xilaiweite in his memoirs "retail-oriented", the attention to detail that explains the problems in the US capital markets and the regulation of all kinds of frustration。  "It was Levitt also want to engage in penetration, programs are brought up, but was strongly opposed by Wall Street, not as dry as a。"Jiang Yang said that the main problem in Western markets see through the implementation of the regulatory formula that, after the securities firm representing clients, exchanges can only see the whole account, can not see behind the customer's transactions。When the customer orders, how declarations, how to deal, in the middle a few seconds or a few minutes of time difference, so there is a price quotes and spreads, the difference from the agency, "eaten"。  Jiang Yang said that our capital market is people-centered development philosophy, the transmissive regulation was supported by all levels of the country。He also said, will also see through style regulation adopted in Hong Kong and Shanghai through the field, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through, and asset management way。  Related reports

Make a woman blush fellatio skills quick start libido

Women already slow in terms of, if not properly stimulated, it is difficult to ignite the passion of sexual desire。
Especially after a busy day, the wife may be drowsy, and her husband spirit of the times。
American MSNBC website gives men some suggestions and tips that can make female sexuality quick start。
Her sense of smell to stimulate the survey shows that 71% of people think that body odor is a particular sex stimulants; about one-third of women of all ages appreciate the strong man, will swoon。
Men want to take advantage of this, on the one hand, try not to use too much taste of the bath bath, on the other hand can put her into her arms, so she quietly revel in your mind, feel your taste。 Do not let her wear underwear close-fitting underwear can outline curve, sexy show, sparking a man's desire。
But for women, bras and panties too close, let her worry about body。
After bathing her wear a loose silk pajamas, smooth fabrics can irritate her skin, so that women prone to sexual impulses。
Change the conversation a little bit provocative use of language, will be able to play very good results。 For example, fast work, in the office flirt send her a text message: the last time we have sex in the bathroom or kitchen that you are not feeling very nice that we do not try to find a new place tonight Experts believe that with provocative SMS can simultaneously mobilize both men and women's sexual radar, for the next action full of hope。 Enjoy the sweet photo study found that when people see companion photo for 30 seconds, part of the brain responsible for mobilizing libido will be increased, and thus it is easy to generate impulse to want to have sex。 You can appreciate her sweet photo shoot together, so she getting better。 At least 20 seconds embracing the latest study found that embracing time of 20 seconds will increase the amount of secretion in humans after two oxytocin。 The two sides face to face physical contact will generate a depth feeling of attachment, for women, a simple hug can mobilize their sexuality。

"Anti-vice" fighters!Neymar opponents license to eat 3 times the audience were 10 fouls

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 reported: draw with Switzerland, Brazil tonight's performance is not satisfactory, but at least good enough Neymar back the level of assault。Teeter's eyes did not recover 100% of Neymar, by almost single-handedly destroyed the entire right of defense in Switzerland。Brazil No. 10 missing, it is just a goal。From the data, we can see that the threat of Neymar。The whole game, in addition to Neymar completed 5 successful breakthrough, he also met with his opponent's 10 fouls。Under normal conditions the defense, the Swiss team is difficult ball away from the foot of Neymar。Under the referee whistled for a relatively large scale, Switzerland players frequently choose to use foul to stop Neymar。It remained healthy after 10 fouls suffered, not to hurt Neymar is considered Brazil's victory。 All Swiss team game which three yellow cards, all eat the body Neymar。In the 32nd minute, a hug behind Lichtsteiner down Neymar。65 minutes Sher shirt pulling Neymar life and death do not let go。68 minutes Behrami and hook down the stretch in the back of Neymar。Swiss team right back, right defender and right back, Neymar have all been created yellow cards, Lichtsteiner and Behrami even have to be protective replaced。Battle a draw, to aim at winning Brazilian team, it regarded as a wake-up alarm。But Neymar is a good state, is still worthy of recognition and praise。Brazil team can go far in the World Cup, Neymar will largely depend on the individual play, after all, he is the only Brazilian team in this super-giant。

Tillerson was dismissed Trump lost the work of female subordinates "blessing in disguise" soaring as Under Secretary of State

  [World Wide Web Roundup] US Secretary of State Tillerson was sacked last week without warning President Trump, but he has not reuse the US State Department spokeswoman Heather·Nolte was a curse and a blessing Yindilesen。
According to the Associated Press reported on the 19th, as the State Department spokesman last week, less than a year Nolte Trump was appointed as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, which former Fox anchor from the media complete in just one year people to shining transformational diplomacy senior officials。   The Associated Press said that Nolte is already the No. 4 US State Department figures, the number one Tillerson and Undersecretary of State Nicholas Goldstein have all been fired on the occasion, the State Department Nolte become a rising star, she At the same time together with the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Li black woman to become heavyweight rare in diplomatic circles Trump government。   Nolte in April last year before entering the US Department of State。 She had been engaged in media work, especially as a female anchor in Trump's favorite Fox, done fast。
The Associated Press quoted unnamed sources disclosed that, in fact, before the entry Nolte, candidates for the posts Tillerson heart belongs to another, but eventually agreed to Nolte office。
After taking office, Nolte has been unable to integrate into the diplomatic core circle around Tillerson。
Tillerson visit always bring Nolte, even she has no way to an important meeting to attend。
As a spokesman, Nolte have to time to maintain sound Tillerson。
Just after Trump announced the dismissal decision Tillerson, Nolte emergency shorten the trip in Israel, handling processing domestic crisis。 Nolte is superior alienated so deeply unhappy, she has repeatedly said they want to quit on the side。
But before she resigned, but Tillerson Xiandiu work。   Tillerson weekdays alienate the media, but Nolte without being discouraged from special still orderly conduct of their work。
Last year, she has toured Bangladesh and Myanmar Rohingya issue to understand, recently visited Israel。 Nolte also launched a social media section of the US State Department, interviewed by her as a host of senior officials on major diplomatic issues。 In addition, Nolte has been harmonious relationship with the White House, the White House press office director Sanders Pingjiapogao to her, said she was good at collaboration team members, it is important for the government Trump。   Trump is said to have been very much appreciate Nolte, after Goldstein support Tillerson was sacked, Nolte was promoted seem to take for granted。 Nolte said she was surprised at first appointed by the president, a start had also recommended his colleague served as Under Secretary of State, but insist on seeing the White House, she accepted the new job。
(Chen Xiang)。

Western Valentine's Day Valentine's Day custom ate

Western custom of Valentine's Day Valentine's Day in the West, which is also Well, then, what is the custom of Western Valentine's Day, what to eat valentine day it together and take a look at small series 6681 Western custom of Valentine's Day what it!Western custom of Valentine's Day every year, "Valentine's Day", also known as "Valentine's Day" February 14 is a day need to be careful – for single people and people who particularly romantic。
"Valentine's Day" you ought to get up early in the morning to spy out through the keyhole。
According to legend records, if the first person you see is the lone, then you will be celibate; if you see two or more persons traveling together, then you will certainly be the year to find a lover; if you look to a rooster and a hen, then you will be in the "Christmas" before marriage。 But now there are various patio has rarely rooster hen infested, there will be no trace of chickens on urban open space, so if we see a pair of doves or a pair of sparrows also have wonderful co-workers of。
Bachelors of the first personal encounter "Valentine's Day" morning special attention, because if you are unmarried and are looking for a partner, you are destined to be the first person to February 14 saw the marriage, at least this one will It plays an important role in your life。
If you're not shy, you can give your loved one to call early in the morning, take the other side of the car to work requirements。 Or behind closed doors, to go out at noon, it is also a good countermeasure。
"Valentine's Day" is one of the oldest festivals, dating back to before Christianity, but "Valentine's Day" is the recent statement。
According to legend records, Valentine was a bishop of the Roman two of the same name, both of whom were killed in 270 AD。 They were killed before the last thing to do is to write a love letter to his wife (at the time of the priest can get married), then, "Valentine's Day" is the name applied to the earlier ritual。
According to the same legend records, "Valentine's Day" the day the birds in pairs, dual habitat Flying bees, people, too。 Different age, marital predict when "Valentine's Day" to attract lovers are not the same。
From ancient Rome to Victorian times, people with two half-open flowers to predict the state of marriage。
Unmarried men and women planted two half-open flowers, the first letter of the nickname to the first letter of each name with the same。
If the two-phase open flower delivery, presages a happy marital life; if the two spent contrary to the open, presages the couple will split; if the flowers in full bloom, it means that future family flourishing population; If there is a flower or wither death situation, it means that the couple will have a party before the other and untimely death。 Western custom of Valentine's Day if you do not want to fate, you can try an old method from Buckinghamshire: that in "Valentine's Day" night lit a candle, two needles at the bottom of the bar, to ensure that the needle through the wick, side bar and saying: I do not just tie a candle, I want to penetrate the heart ××× is, whether he is asleep or awake, I have to talk to him to come with me, but be careful you want to choose the actual number of dreams, do not expect not make the characters。 It is said that to be a candle burning needle, your lover will open the door came to you。
The second way is in the "Valentine's Day" every night during the week before the right foot to the left foot wear socks while murmuring: "dream of living rather than the devil, this is the young man, I want to with marriage。 "After talking to remain silent to wake up the next day。 A third way is to put the left foot before going to bed socks tied around the neck。
Be careful not too tight, if strangled himself, and that it may miss the event。
Unmarried women believe that if put into the shoes?Font under the bed, and the open window, then it will dream of their sweethearts or found him standing in the bed。
This success rate is higher in rural areas, because of her suitors and could see from the window specially put shoes。
Although since the Victorian era, "Valentine's Day" fading for over 100 years。 Today, the festival has been increasing in popularity。 "Valentine's Day" is a holiday about love, romance and flowers, chocolates, cards, our hearts are invaluable。

In Spring will eat diet these essential

Ready jujube 50 grams, peanuts 80 grams, 50 grams of sugar。 Red dates, peanuts washed sand with the release pot, add some water, after the fire to boil, cook until peanuts Shulan low heat, add sugar and then boil for a moment, you can eat。
With spleen and stomach, nourishing and bleeding effect。 5, 100 grams of rice gruel Semen, Semen 15 g, sugar 10 grams。
Semen Guochao the dry yellow alternate end mill。 Panning clean, soak for half an hour into the pot, into about 1000 ml of cold water, dried boiling low heat boil。 Semen was added when the end of the thick porridge, continued boil into a porridge, add sugar and seasoning, should fasting food。 Anshen。 For heart palpitations, insomnia, upset crowd。 Chinese medicine, spring Xingan should increase, decrease acid。
In other words, spring is not suitable for healthy people eating acidic foods, if eat will strengthen liver function, so that the already partial Kang liver even more vigorously, this will hurt the spleen and stomach。 Meanwhile convergence of acidic foods are not conducive to liver catharsis, can lead to liver qi stagnation。
Often sullen, two threatening pain, chest tightness and other people qi stagnation, if consumption of acidic foods can aggravate symptoms。
Spleen and sweet food, can benefit temper, it can eat a little, such as jujube, yam。

I want to improve the immune system to do these make your body Bel bar!(1)

  The immune system is our body on the outside of bacteria, virus protection walls, poor immunity, how to do it?how is it?To enhance immunity, the first thing you wants to understand the performance of low immunity, and then acquire a certain way to improve immunity, in addition, also known foods which enhance immunity。  How a bowl of porridge grains every day。
As we all know, the nutrient-rich whole grains, whole grains retain the grain dietary fiber, and vitamins B and minerals, can prevent colon cancer, constipation, diabetes, heart disease and so many diseases, effective。
Many types of whole grains, oats, millet, corn, black beans and rice and a variety of porridge can drink together。
  One kind of red meat a day。Iron deficiency can lead to reduction in the number of immune cells, antibodies Effect。Iron animal foods, red meat, liver, blood and other high-heme iron is not only good content and absorption。Animals can eat red meat every day a little, eat up to 500 grams adults one week; 2 eat animal liver monthly?Three times, each time for about two and a half you can。
  1 cup of yogurt a day。
Seventy percent of the body's immune cells to survive in the intestinal mucosa, therefore, very important intestinal health。To ensure intestinal health crucial factor is to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, to regular intake of probiotic yogurt, intestinal health care organizations are also gastrointestinal one of ten recommendations。  One kind of high-dimensional day?fruit。
Vitamins?It can promote the formation of antibodies。
dimension?Mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, mustard, shepherd's purse, cabbage, rape, bell peppers, hawthorn, jujube, kiwi, papaya, oranges, strawberries, guava, etc.。  1 part of daily fungus。
Algae foods such as mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, white fungus, seaweed, etc. can improve immune function。Researchers study shows that eating mushrooms a day for four weeks, can effectively increase the body's immune system, but also reduce the inflammatory response。  1 orange fruit and vegetable servings per day。
Vitamin A is also very close relationship with the immune system, it can not only promote the formation of antibodies, and vitamin A to help maintain the integrity of airway epithelial cells。In addition to A-dimensional, such as liver, goose yellow, cod liver oil content is very rich in animal food, the content of plant foods is also a lot。  Orange and dark green fruits and vegetables β- carotene (carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, kale, mustard, etc.) provided a source of vitamin A, the body will be converted into retinoic in。  1 day knock on the sternum。The method is very simple chest tap, tap root sternum palm Tanzhong。From medical terms, percussion and stimulate Tanzhong can replenishing the gas, air-conditioning body; from now on medicine, there thymus tissue sternum, is an important human immune organs, percussion sternum can stimulate the secretion of thymosin ,。  Once a day to smile and laugh。There is a human immune cells, called?Cells, also known as "happy cells", when people laugh can stimulate?Production and cell division, thereby enhancing the body's immune system。

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