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(Writer election issue) how I met you in my most beautiful moment

Always listen to the silent gazing at, how fleeting wisp of white moon slide that I met you in my most beautiful moment in the context of thoughts had approached the bonds of that period, they will quietly listen to a blooming water Han Yancui the human mind as the ultimate hang around a bustling blooming Tumi, but the fragrance is still convinced that the soul is the induction of years no trace, there is the sound of the wind to be carried, but sleeves days to shortage, to be old but a dream, not tell me wake up, you are my fleeting it through the monsoon, who cited a tie for whom the rainy season came Acacia, who for whom keep a pool of light years beautiful and tempting, perhaps, to remember and perhaps had nothing, nothing do not forget the horizon, right close right close horizon how I met you in my most beautiful moment that I was in the water side, standing near the water ah woman carrying three thousand Yuet Wah, tread water for you every night and the song just waiting for you to love Allure, through the Mekong water gently taken away along with me, my gentle Red smile put pen to paper in 2012 QQ1285207538 15 Ri

(The little people) Laowei

(The little people) Old Wei [text / seductive woman] Old Wei couple downstairs to open the store breaking six hours at night, leaving home again plucked out of bed the moment the slightest Huoshaohuoliao time, purchase, delivery rest of the time , pull the net in front of the store, doing the squat to prevent fish missed two long upward age, stature year by year, but the decline is not strong stable bone crevices rivet.Shelf-like body quickly scattered, the case of wind looked out a few years ago, Old Wei always said hungry all day long gradient face, eyes convex.Like goldfish blister wife scolded him Sigui bounce doctor Laowei correct birth.Old Wei put hyperthyroidism swallowing all day, to appease the ghost lodged in the body one day in July, his wife being with people showing off his son on two scores suddenly “ouch” loudly, unconscious on the Old Wei spent fifteen million, or buy medicine retained marks, only to reclaim his wife now 24 hours sleeping Laowei fed her, feed her to drink, wash diapers child lost her life allegedly east shouting West Old Wei often used to control rickets back, place round and round like a clay sculpture

(March mood) so to get by

The sun shines on the idle windows, to be severely blocked outside the curtain.Perhaps the room a mess, chaos settled nowhere, perhaps very clean, clean, could not bear to be settled.Day, two days, many days, a month.    Cold sting of a cool afternoon each, I hid indoors, do not go out, but it seems to have been this cold sting, reluctant to move.Actually, I should not be ignored out of the sun, I sometimes blame themselves, but never thought to put it in, illuminating the entire house.    Class less and less, a lot of time in the afternoon the air out, I do not want to give all sleep, but do not know what to do.I think probably a lot of busy to go to school friends envy us, you can simply release it, but too long to release the blind, the future has become very slim.Do not want to go on like this, so he slowly began to worry, look for some very common thing, working is a full day; also find a mood, quietly spend the day in recollection and thinking; and if holding a book, It is also a day.I do not know how many this day gone without warning.He says less and less likely to go out do not know how to communicate with others.Holding a cell phone, turned over the phone book carefully turned over and over again, but do not know who to call.Others are too busy, all right, I really do not know who is available after another because of boredom dial phone, then looked at Duo Anni baby write something, except I do not know who she described’s lonely there a text this description is lonely.    I do not like this life, but can only survive so.I want to be busy, so I was happy, fulfilling.Come practice it, to break the conventions, do not want to live in such a wasted day, one day, I spent the life and dreams.Dream a little devoid of, I do not want to stay only hope there is a little bit gone.

(Confused verses) cat catch mice, unscrupulous knowledge

Hot day wearing cotton Yao land father started asking a few drops of rain fell Haha, I am a poet / to lie to eat the way to take an red mouse from a cat to catch yo West, made nervous Tean Plaza / a dwarf learning squint stare with open eyes God, leading a short-sighted being loaded, weighed down / ho ho, I was playing fine designer brand children shout chicken, two cylinder, dumped slap idiot, coax dead / wisdom?Meier has come to me to say nothing of panic, I had a very busy oh eleven large rat theory / spy watch for it to bar the mouse world loud and clear everyone said I was in Hong Kong to invigorate the economy rat / Needless to say how far Quzhao cat’s eye cave implemented in the dark lair with rat fantasy life / wisdom to the run, yeah mother cat, scary stuff quickly create eleven great, unscrupulous knowledge cat catch mice, yeah


First, the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years, eunuch regime inone.Eunuch Liu is the Emperor ordered Baiguan, strongly exclusionary.He kangaroo criminal court twelve pits, each seat pits were placed in a variety of brutal rats, snakes, scorpions, mad dog, wolf and other animals.These animals had hemophagocytic nature, DPRK officials to talk about its mere mention, feel insecure.  More people are times of hardship, displacement, haze enveloped the entire next big tomorrow.  Second, at the time, there are two juggling team, Cao Song classes and classes in the capital on the ground.Cao Cao squad headed by the boss, he relied on a dozen of the pole and only then pull the uncle, Liu Liu Gonggong, he was ill, evil bully female male hegemony.Cao boss Song class as the thorn in the flesh, can not wait to head at the beginning of the Song class Songjahak, get hold of mutilated bodies hate in my heart to pieces Party Solutions.Helpless as good as others, could not find an excuse.  There were two men Songjahak early Christians yuan less and Yuen Wah, their young and fit, able to meet the master of life and death to complete the exclusive turntable tricks.This is life and death, but the turntable Song class exclusive secrets, finale.Competition every year when Cao boss is lost in it.  On several occasions, Cao boss want to spend the high prices they dug up, however, few Chinese yuan and the dollar are in love with the daughter of Song Mei Songjahak beginning, no one wanted to leave their infighting, which makes Cao boss helpless.  Right now the current situation as chaotic, everywhere hungry refugees, who also thought to look at these things?Songjahak beginning also feel old, bloated, he closed thank-you, ready to open the Temple Chuan bowl.He set a Zuxun: in six months, who are highly skilled, do Song class head, and with the promise to his daughter.  From that point, early on Songjahak yuan less esoteric and Yuen Wah skills, they are more sleepless nights, practiced.Suddenly, six months passed quickly, after appraisal, Yuen Wah slightly inferior, less dollars riding on a very smooth head.Songjahak early decision, and so after a while, let them marry.  Yuen Wah not convinced, he felt better than anywhere yuan less poor.Master certainly eccentric, which makes him very angry, soak all day to drink down the pub, drunk and disorderly behavior, which makes Song Ban foul, despite the early Songjahak all sorts of persuasion does not help, reluctantly forced his deportation door division.  Cao boss see chance and find Yuen Wah straight to the point: Song Yanzhuo boss, you do not know the people, he did not even have a bowl of water end injustice, how do you master with?You just told me immediately is the underboss, the popular hot drink, and enjoy the endless wealth and status.  Yuen Wah said dismissively: our class thing, not for you to say mouth.I am here to thank you so honor me, respect me, but I have no interest in it when improper head.  Cao boss a Ming Bai Yuanhua What do you mean, there are people he wants.Cao boss boldly said: You just told me, help me off the Song class, I guarantee your little junior sister apprentice to time, will obediently into your arms.  Yuen Wah surprise: how?You have to dare hurt my master, I’ll get you.Cao secretive boss said: I want you to help me, but not hurt, you just tell me what the secret of life and death turntable on the line.Yuen Wah understand, as long as the secret once you say it, the Song class will no foothold.  In fact, this is the Yuen Wah want, even if Cao boss does not come to him, he would seek refuge in him, Cao boss is much backing, but his heart knows best the.Cao boss can only helped themselves to get rid of dollars less, to when they could Outrageous.  In this way, Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take the hands off the Song class; Yuan Hua Cao boss would like to take forces to exterminate yuan less, they are dishonest, mercenary come together.  Huawei yuan a little table sincerity, a clean breast of his secret life and death turntable, Cao boss to hear a good laugh.He has not kept his word, really let Yuen Wah got into the top spot underboss.  Two of them act in collusion, conspiracy to kill two birds with one stone out of the deadly trap, ready to be implemented in time to participate in Liu An Shouchen.Liu Gonggong they want through the hands of the Song class in out.  Three to Liu An Shouchen this day, Cao Song classes and classes in previous years have received the invitation, they dare not neglect invited to.However, Song class early Songjahak infirmity did not participate, and only a few dollars with a few Young Song Mei.  Liu out of the entire house is heavily guarded, kings and ministers come to send gifts of countless, in front of busy.Inside the government is may sound, floating banners, the capital of the major famous male troupe, juggling have been invited over, bustling.  Liu Happy sit high above the chair stays on, put on a majestic look.Stage right opposite him, he looked domineering program.  Cao Song class and another class sang a rival show, they are almost the same as the previous program.First birthday celebration lions, fairy offer peach, and finally come up with their own housekeeping skills.Cao boss is played through the ring of fire around the ring studded with sharp knife, he stripped to the waist, leap on drilling in the past from the middle of the circle and win a lot of applause.  Song class play is life and death turntable, Song Mei saw standing on the same height and turntable, tied the limbs, then people turn the dial.Yuan less stood ten paces away, holding four shining darts.  Yuan will be a good location less carefully, memorizing the number of turns.Finally, he was blindfolded, he began throwing darts.They are breathless, heart in his throat.  I saw the yuan less robustly standing on the stage, holding the hands of darts, seize the opportunity to decisively threw out three darts impartial, inserted in the Song Mei’s side, but was not hurt.We have kept cheering, cries already overwhelm Cao team.

After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose article

We have 90 and 90 after the society, what could have been a famous name, a group of youth power, but now it has become the object of social reviled.I want to make 90 innocence, not that we destroy the social atmosphere, the social atmosphere is ruined us, but in the end all the responsibility even all the blame to us who said 90 no, 90 funeral scum who said that Mao was 90 , 1893, Zhou Enlai was 90, in 1898, this figure it is not all good?Some might say that the reason I find too far-fetched, but it is understandable: after 90 really is an important force in the construction of the motherland after 90 seems to be done many wrong things, but how many people know why?Nobody cares about other people only know the chatter in our time getting into the act, really care about our people psychologically I never saw sex, this is a once let me see you blush word now is nothing but a lot of people’s child’s play.We do not know, not at all, the emotional power of articles and essays net curiosity should not be overlooked, so one by one to defy the law, it is ironic that we finally became the trend of the first two days of school already, the school also requested topic on people , that is a preliminary understanding thereafter did not know more about!Wanfeng teacher said: sex education should start with children, teach the sooner the better!I think yes!Many people just do not know because, as we understand, will not be so impulsive, can not go wrong if after 90 is a forest, then some people only see a dead tree, and stared and hold a big fuss, he said: this piece of wood can not be saved!How sad, because a dead tree to put out the forest I refused to accept negative!Not at all!I admit that after 90 is wrong, but that’s not all wrong, and who are responsible for the wrong cause, do not just pass the buck at the crucial moment, should be thinking about how to save after 90, we have to remember that he is young power!Can not make it so confusedly fallen hat buckle in our heads, we have to use their own actions to prove, so time to explain: we are still the best!After 90 of us emotional and social networks prose articles Related links:

8 big girl compulsory “in love scheming” Explode Your charm!

8 big girl compulsory in love scheming to detonate your charm!Smart woman knows, in order to enhance their charm, scheming woman will Dances.So as not to make their own trends in fashion, you can not find a personality of their own charm; and can make its own charm in the shortest possible time to get the biggest upgrade.Eight compulsory woman in love scheming to help you enhance the charm, to be a smart girl!1 person must find their own true love, not to find people who love their man to remember before and after marriage are two different worlds, he loves you now does not mean a lifetime love you.Many people hold an argument, clever woman find love themselves, not to find their loved ones.Reflect carefully, you find someone, he loves you, but you do not love him, you can really happy it?With a man who did not love live life, you can really happy it?Furthermore, said a man, he loves you now, we still love you so in the future it?In a general sense, man before and after marriage is a big difference, especially in some men chasing you, love eachother, so after the catch, 180-degree turn immediately attitude.So, before you accept a person who loves you, you make it clear.Of course, if you can find someone who wants to love each other, that is the most perfect, if not, recommend, to find their own true love, at least this way, you pay for him you do not regret.2 Do not expect reliable man, we must first find a reliable person who can not find their own true love, then at least to find a reliable person.What is a reliable person, in short, it is that you can rely on people.First, the character was decent, some girls do not care about this, special like playboy type, bad boy type.These people need to entrust his life, you have to be careful.These people simply do not fly, how you rely on?Reliable man easy to find, at least to find a fly.3 character is a necessary but not sufficient condition is critical, how to see how a person can not simply look at what he has done for you, it is important to see the essence of a person.Because, he is likely to do something in acting, putting on a show.But just because good people, this does not constitute make you reconsider the conditions of good character is a necessary, but not all,.4 Guizhongmiyou if not the whole letter simple little girls used to come across anything close friend seeking to find ideas, but the life of a major event to others, always wrong.Such a thing, however, is also the own mind.No matter how good your relationship with close friend, also can not represent you, because you always are two separate individuals, you aesthetically, it is customary, the inclination, the pursuit of.There will always be nuances such as.No matter how people say that he must have an idea.Even worse is that now a lot of boys chasing women well versed in the road, one of which is to get a close friend by your side, both hardware and software, plus confuse isolated, let you into submission in the confusion.5 ethereal romantic love will make the same ethereal little girls like romance, you’re right.Is a romantic mood, but also a feeling hard to come by, but not completely just love romantic, romantic love is only a small part.Emphasizes two people love each other, not just the sky gardens, a mirage, these ethereal romance is certainly beautiful, but still did not go far.If you as a little bit of romance to be touched, not to see the essence of the problem, will one day come to regret.6 to give up everything for love is not worth the girls love cherish very sacred vision.Yes, love is sacred, but it is sacred because it is sacred in love but your life more exciting, not because of love, to make your life more bleak.Because girls have a lot of love to give up the home, give up family, whether right or wrong, but you have to think about it, are you in the end worthwhile.And some girls for her boyfriend’s preferences, go to plastic surgery, after failing to disfigurement, abandoned by her boyfriend also abound.7 Do not take youth when the chips are a gift of God’s grace, it is to cherish, to taste, not for gambling chips.Many simple tasks themselves invincible youth girls, unruly behavior and therefore, arbitrary.But the era of youth, after all, immature, do not know how to cherish this period of time, to be youth is past and repentant.Youth is an accumulation of age, rather than the root causes of bold.8 do not think they suddenly realized the truth very mature one or two people, and suddenly from books or lectures to understand one or two seemingly very profound truth, they think they have matured.You know, you that in itself is very immature, real mature person, first of all have their own thinking people, they can calmly analyze other people’s words, analyze problems, social analysis.For others and not easily moved by one or two sentences on.Even many celebrities have said, when border migration, but also the careful analysis of the.A person without their own ideas, can not always be mature.A sign of maturity is that first of all do not be fooled people.Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)

Staring at your back

It is like to walk in your back, your back just to gaze.The warm wind, gently glide your hair, long hair fluttering brought up, my heart flows ignorant of happiness.    April is the spring season is also the time Acacia.That day you walked silently beside me, mouth smile always remain in the eyes, the sweet slowly overflow from the corner.You are willing to stay for me, my thoughts ever since rely.You gently bouncing pace, willowy exudes from behind you, involved with my eyes, reluctant to part with your steps.    Go behind your back, in order to enjoy the breeze light swing, that purple skirt swaying lightly instant style overflow of the heart, is to look at your weak want to hold the feeling of the wind in the attack and watch you smile at the moment, eclipsed spring moment, my heart happy quietly out of the wind.So okay?Staring at your back, just to leave your memories in the shadows, in the absence of the fall can be thin aftertaste.    April Rose’s full of gardens, flowers leaning against the front of your Fang-shiny red flowers, let your charming rose gently peeling shy, shy among that cluster slowly open.I gently hold your hand, my heart handle the situation fixed spread from the palm of your hand, you can understand I’m happy at the moment it.The original taste of love so sweet, as sweet brown southern, Qinru Heart, circulation of the body, the heart of the dumb overflow from the eyes, the way to love.    Staring at your back, dancing in the botanical gardens, are you happy.    Take a boat boat, light ubiquitous in East Lake Park Lake.Willow Dangzhuo painted green ripples in the water, Zhang Qing Dutch Sentimental smile, envious hot I’m proud.Rowing oars, standing on the bow looking at you, back in daylight unbridled deeply moved, faintly visible graceful slender legs straight, let me faint beauty between vertigo.You looked back at me, I heard scoff “fool, to see what it?”Rude pull off your hand, hold you in my arms, I look in your eyes that fanatical eyes, you Weibi eyes, whispering, asked:” What do you want?”Lips instantly intertwined, light your wonderful body trembling slightly, his hands between my neck Languo.After hurried kiss, I gently ask you: “Are you happy?”April came, but you gotta go.After breakfast, transfer you go, I watch your back far into the station, you insisted I accompany you into together, I do not want to, I’m afraid the separation of sad, though you just leave dozens of days, cough, think later I want a man two months spent worrying about the kind of thoughts I am afraid that a time alone, can not see your back I’ll be lonely.    So okay, you walk alone, I leave you back, at night, when lonely, can be painted memories of your back, you want to diffuse way, so good?    Watch your back boarded the car, I was hidden in the corner, wiping his eyes that tear.    All the way, I will always think of you.    Through the Botanical Garden, to see you back among the flowers dancing, not peach Xie, already full of roses.

Chongqing debris

Because of work, to go to Chongqing.  Arrival is already two o’clock in the afternoon.Tips on the plane: “the ground temperature is 30 ℃.”Early spring season, Chongqing will have such a” warm “!  The plane, a surge of hot, humid breath walking towards me, all of a sudden people were transpiration in the mist Meng Meng, the spiritual head of a little listless listless child.  Fixed fixed mind, and then look up to show, faint blue surrounded by mountains, such as a circle to land bordered perspective lace.  All this seems familiar, but very strange.  Many years ago I had been to Chongqing, but the impression of the city has been blurred.Memory can be pieced together the fragmented pieces are – shopped in ancient lingering ciqikou, a taste of the crowded and bustling Liberation Monument, Chongqing hot pot had tasted delicious spicy, Chaotianmen wharf stood looking at the Jialing River water hair over stay, also marveled over everywhere, chaotic eye of the beauty of Chongqing.These popular, classic card Chongqing will leave a deep imprint in the hearts of everyone’s been here.  Today, I hurried to come here, how much can readily pick up the fragments of Chongqing, remain in my memory of it?  Driver to pick us up master is in Chongqing, said the authentic Chongqing, then, Chongqing, then the gag, humorous humor, is make people laugh, it also re-instituted my spiritual children.Master ramble said, I really enjoy listening, felt warm and cordial.  Master driving a car, turn around to go from the edge of the city, through the city’s hinterland.In the traffic flow on the road of ups and downs, like a river.Through the window, we see the same growth of tall buildings like a tree on the mountain, layer upon layer, imposing.Really worthy of a hill city.Also see some names on signs written on familiar names: Shapingba, Beibei, Bishan.In the eyes flashed some fragmented memories flashed through my mind also, not all.  Such and such, and only the city hastily called face to face, they put into the intense work.  Busy work, is nightfall.Enthusiastic colleagues inevitably invited us to eat hot pot, go to that store called “dry ore old pot”, bright red signs, especially conspicuous in the night, the excitement of coming and going also overshadowed next to the brightly lit store.The store is said to be particularly authentic, authentic Chongqing “old pot” flavor.Sure enough, Ma taste is not so heavy, spicy and fragrant, quite to my taste.Remove from the soup pot dishes to be stained with oil in a small bowl to cool pepper, flavoring.Edible vegetable oil does not need to store special bowl put other spices, as long as a lot of ground to mix with garlic, which I used to have to eat hot pot modulation a small bowl of dip is different.We ordered the Duck and goose intestines, are very tasty.Yellow-throated, eel, crisp meat is also very good, very fresh dishes, moderate prices.  Here to talk about the “old pot” and “new pot” distinction, the former re-use old oil recovery, which is the abandoned old oil, the use of disposable pot.Most of Chongqing old pot favorite local connoisseurs, the taste is hot pot Jervis, thick, long aftertaste.Foreigners and young people are multi-select “new pot”, the emphasis is on hygiene, health.Each love everyone, as you choose.  Mouth to eat fun, eye-handed to a group of people at the next table is eating steaming hot, in which a woman is particularly rosy – white skin, looks beautiful, modest stature, and this is my heart standard “mountain beauty” ah!- dignified, generous.This graceful charm have ever seen in my memory, today goodbye, still lamented the deep mountain Hua Yun, the old times.  Dinner, only eat the delicious food, but also eat a treat, described as “value to enjoy”!Prachuab food, beauty gave many people bow ah!  Unfortunately, the mountain night sleep in my weary slipped away, to live up to the kind of colleague recommended Chongqing.  Busy, come and gone, can be a little time to look at the city’s only moment.  Noon the next day, they traveled to the airport to return to Hangzhou.  Again as the wheel gallop, Shuangbei across the bridge, the bridge JIALING like a thin tape wrapped around the foot yo; Shuangbei long way through the tunnel and I think this head is longer with mountain trees also long house?Suddenly a light rail carriages across an arc from the eye side; suddenly have a stacked layer of the viaduct is magically vertical standing there; the bright spring flowers also add color everywhere dyed.Rotating wheels, gives me a lot of pictures, the pictures are with the trend of the mountain, with the meandering water, fixed in a very stable, very harmonious and natural rhythms, seasonal colors for the financial one.People living here, from generation to generation, a sum of intentions, with the wisdom to make their homes painted colorful grace becomes deposited into heavy heritage.  A Ping a dam; a ditch a ridge, dotted the landscape aspect ratio; a smile said, a tea and a meal, nourishing flow context.Brewed the city stretches for thousands of years to flavor survives.Chongqing taste as “old pot”, like, gets better.  Unless the driver master passion honest, I still get enough to ponder the context of the city.  Say, “Chongqing” origin of the name is also quite closely, Song Chun Xi month 16 years, son Xiao Zhong Zhao Dun of the first letters Prince Gong (at that time called Chongqing “Christine states”), Song Guangzong emperor to the throne in February, saying “double celebration”, Chongqing will be named after this.Here are Prachuab powerhouse dynasties.Now positioned to the center of the central municipality, the national center of the city, large city, the economic center of the upper Yangtze, financial centers and innovation centers, politics, culture, science, education, art, etc., the State Department is targeting international metropolis.Midwest water, land and air-based integrated transport hub.  With popular word expression is: “powerful, Chongqing!’Thoughts were interrupted by the roar of the engine, high-altitude aircraft Xu Yujian rise, more and more distant top of Chongqing – Yangtze River from west to east across the whole territory, Jialing River, Wujiang imported separately, entangled in one of the clear stream meandering lingering , blew; Aoyama undulating like a lace strip wound around a ring cyan Dai land.So here blessing God gave her so good Silk Mountain, creating a so mellow customs.  This is an ordinary people like the city, she let spicy on the tongue become soft; her rustic accent to make newcomers feel strange to people.She no other metropolis of publicity and pride, she is so dignified, generous, warmly welcome everyone to come here.  I afar off, pick up the bits and pieces, beautiful fragments into memory favorites treasures.  Look forward to come back next time, stay too long some can stand on a flat exhibition dam dam listen Chongqing put long “Longmen”; can Chaotianmen dock, boarded the cruise ship, with billowing Yangtze River flowing east, down the river down, over Wushan, the Three Gorges, until the ocean import.Back when it was late in Hangzhou, Chongqing has opened lit button bar?Every night, those long in the house on the hill, each window will bloom a flower light, far and near, high and low, is stitching together a picture hanging in the bright light in the sky, dreamy and mysterious.This scenery, many years ago I used to enjoy before, this piece of magical picture has been shining in my memory, mapping out the beauty of Chongqing.  April 2, 2017 Sunday

Asan summary April 2014

Remember that should be the start of a diary after graduating from college, behind the boss said to adhere to summarize, we continue to write, and then the back of her former do not like, I stopped six months later began.To write now, I feel have become accustomed to.    Every month, a lot can write, what to write it again in May?spring?summer?Like college entrance examination is coming.    First, father and mother, then I was an obedient child, also a disobedient child.Because the father is too strong, my mom was okay, super good heart.So my article would say that a child is old to fight, because my mom is counted in the state-owned enterprise, together with young people all day.  Because the father also had been hit, so do a lot of things I do not like to tell them that it will be cursed Oh.  So when I buy a house, but also to buy all that he says, because before that, I said to buy, Dad said, get married for two years to buy.So I bought Besides, it is also like this, the pressure will be great point, because certainly can not find help at home.  Buy a car, too, they are bought only with the father said, but because I was red, and said to my father painted in black.Certainly I can not spray, and eventually got depressed.But can not change back, they subsequently disappeared.  So, I mean, some things can not tell the family Do not try to tell the family, very different point of view.  In April last year, because something was stolen, four computers as well as mobile phone, about the loss of more than 20,000, is behind casual talk, the results worried father for a long time, do a good job they could not sleep for several nights, they I could not sleep even worse.  This year’s April, I was scolded by dad.Nothing, but also to tell them the things.For us it is very simple and very common, but in their father there, but like the event, said that we must come Fuzhou.  So a lot of times can not say or do not say, whether it is good or bad.Do it quietly, silently to bear.    Second, Vulgar and Elegant I have always felt, powerful people in the world is either a good person or a bad guy, but it must be the ultimate is to be the best.But to achieve the ultimate, a lot of things will become interlinked, the saying goes, it is a large custom Daya.  Vulgar mean, what you said to drink tea, he said, well, tea is tea.  Ya man in the beginning, and it is said that tea is tea, behind that tea is not just tea, then change back the Ya say, drinking tea really is a cup of tea, but most people do not understand.The same, with the second Vulgar is the same.  April home, chatting with cousin, a lot of people do not come to talk to him.But I was okay, because I always mess.  Is a word that man ten thousand, he did pay attention to depth, so his height is very high, we chat, a friend joked that my height to my cousin’s one of 10 points.I said, I have one on his very sad.  why?We are taking a different route, he is to take the Taiga line, I go Vulgar route.  The character with the relevant, also related with the pursuit of.But I know that he will be tired, but I should be a good point.  In fact, too many things, as long as we do the most simple, well then, we do think it will go even easier.  There are not found, this world, only two kinds of people doing the best.Must be the hardest thing to do, very, very difficult thing he was out research.But it must be the easiest thing to do, as long as the difficulties he will not, he would become a little difficult simply.    Third, Tibet is not enough sometimes I regret it, but I know that this must be among the growing pain.  A few days ago on the network saw a person in the marriage, say, who marries him immediately written to the house of a woman.Finished, and being miserable, very miserable, some people say he is evicted, some say he was revenge people, some people say, bragging.  Maybe he does have a house, maybe he really wanted to do it, some things can not say, but anyway, he says it is his wrong.Words will hurt, really like this, at this point, in fact I was not good enough.  I have always said that the article should avoid writing their own good, so do not write a lot, but still wrote.  Such as writing house, writing car and the like, but fortunately, there is no other more descriptive.  On the network every day to see some people say, how much money, making millions, perhaps a lot of people said he was rarely on the surface, but was scolded badly in the back.So Tibet is really important, a lot of time, and even then can not say.  Several times been accused of thinking about my father, that is too much to me, though have been doing, but really not doing enough.  Dear, what is it easiest.You do not want to write, say you work, you say open Taobao shop, so you say you send only a drill.He certainly will not ask you, and will not let you send Taobao shop.Perhaps, this way there will be true love.  But whether or not, people die, the less of their own, to be sure, a lot less trouble, a lot more happy.    Fourth, there is no human life committed peach fate of it, maybe it will be a lot of people do not think he believes that he is the boss, but there are still some people think.  Friend recently depressed, why, because he always wanted to get married, but just can not bear, and each will be back to fight in the end be abandoned.In April, he went to a fortune-telling, figured he discovered that his own life made peach ah.  Not to mention really, really fortune teller said very accurate, he later lost hope, thinking it is estimated that can not find a wife.  For fate, I believe, I prefer to explain from a scientific point of view, such as your strength up, destined only to find a more delicate, such as your fragile, as long as you want to make progress, you can find a doomed let you rely on.  But if you delicate, but also want to be the boss, but also looking for a strong stronger, and that basically cats and dogs.  In my world, for the fate of only one word, that is, Germany, simply, that there should be good to others.Perhaps others offer all kinds of bad for us, but we must be good to others.Because I believe that social commitment.  For example, a friend’s life committed peach, I believe that to do with his good family, with his eloquent, smart brain related, although many things can not be modified, but if these people put on good, even though he himself did not become final , will be very happy.  Of course, too many people are thinking about their own good, good to let others, helping them yourself, let others loyal.That would be big trouble.  Many people will feel that their life is not good, you can look up the network to change the fate of the book.The purpose is also a word, Germany.  I have always felt that no one’s life will be good for life, the key is how we do it the day after tomorrow, go carefully.    Five, not enough soil (Capriccio with the mind) has been, I think I wrote the text than with others is considered scattered, but still not enough loose, simply put, is not enough light to light to what extent, is to light to calm it as little ripples on the surface of the lake is enough.  Because I always believe that many things are not stressed, among people rely on the heart, by the emotional connection.  Look at other people’s articles is the same, those who have been pursuing the depth of the surface results in the end become so deliberately, people have deliberately changed the.For example, we had a simple life, he was chosen to keep learning a star, spray on a lot of things that should not spray.  April, I’ve been closer to this aspect, I have always felt that life is text, text life.  As long as we have a good life, a nice detail, it is one of the best characters.  Now think about it, I had previously been a nice pretty tired, because I like to sum up things, and sometimes deliberately, thinking about when you can sort out Yaojin three tricks out like this against the three tricks to conquer the world.But, once again tempted.  Because life is like this, you may feel today this domain is very good, tomorrow will find better.  And if we want to have liquidity, straight ahead, only thing to do is to fill the gap, those who Linghu, unassailable, etc., they good internal strength, and moves it does not matter, the most important thing they can fill the gap.  What does it mean to fill the gap, that is, no matter what, are naturally very natural, but Meiyi Zhao are lethal.    Right at the fifty-one, May where I go it will definitely play, look to the scenery outside, but not really thinking about where to go, as long as the heart, where there will be harvest, perhaps the bookstore, Maybe go to the lake, maybe go home.  Heart is beautiful, where it will be beautiful.  Was right in May, began to heat up, but the fear of what is it hot, air-conditioned.It is still a good time to do things.  Another month necessary to test, not everyone nervous?I now think of before, I was very nervous very nervous and could not put down.  Advance bless everyone I know to drink do not know, 五一节快乐.Eat well, play well, good life.    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