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How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues?

In the face of stubborn colleagues, you need to clear some psychological barriers.

However, you cannot expect others to solve it for you.

  Here are some ways to get along with stubborn colleagues: 1.

Are you ready?

Talk to someone who understands your consensus.

Is he the original style person?

What kind of pressure is he facing?

What is his motivation?

What does he hate?

This information should be integrated and used in the consensus with him.


Do you know what you can afford?

Before starting consensus, determine your bottom line and write it down on a piece of paper.

In this way, once you enter the consensus process, you will not be at a loss what to do.


Can you calmly face silence?

Discomfort with silence is bound to lead to disagreement.

People said something unhelpful just to get involved in the silence.

If you are smart and patient, silence is golden.


Did you show the other party that he is not your only choice?

In the consensus, once you make the other person feel that he is your only person to ask for help, the other person will be in an incomparable advantage.

Therefore, whether it is true or not, make it clear to the other party that you have other options.


Do you know when to accept the other’s “no”?

Most consensus ended up stranded when one side said “no” and insisted.

Accept this “no” and then use your creativity.

Use your full knowledge of the other party to come up with a new proposal that meets the needs of both parties.

Chinese medicine is not all taken after meals_1

Chinese medicine is not all taken after meals

Many people think that the medicine must be taken after meals. In fact, the time of taking the Chinese medicine decoction will affect the efficacy of the medicine. It is very important to choose the appropriate time to take the medicine. Some medicines need to be taken on an empty stomach.

  Medications taken on an empty stomach should be taken at least an hour before a meal, and properly taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Since there is no food in the stomach and duodenum on an empty stomach, the medication can be avoided from mixing with food and quickly enters the intestine.Digestion and absorption, this part of the drug includes the following three categories: tonic drugs: such as Siwu decoction, Sijunzi decoction, Shengmaiyin, etc., taken on an empty stomach, can fully absorb the drug, better play the role of nourishing qi and blood, conditioning Yin and Yang.
  Drugs for the treatment of cancer diseases: such as laxatives, which can be taken on an empty stomach so that the drug is not blocked by food, and the effect of the drug can be exerted quickly.

  Deworming drugs: such as Lizhong Anzhi Decoction, Wumei Wan, etc., taken on an empty stomach can maintain a high drug concentration in the intestine, which can drive the insects to kill the insects and make the insects quickly discharged.

Children need parents to grow up

Children need parents to grow up

I feel useless and incompetent. Whenever I see the eyes of my parents full of expectations, I feel very sad. I do n’t know how to achieve the requirements of my parents. Today, I am afraid of seeing a book and really want to throw it out . “It is reported that among adolescents under 17 years old in China, at least 30 million people suffer from various emotional disorders and behavioral problems, and the prevalence of mental disorders among primary and middle school students reaches 21.



According to relevant expert analysis, parents’ expectations of their children are too high, which is the primary cause of stress for children.

  Indeed, the transformation of modern society is becoming more and more competitive. Many parents hold too much hope for their children and often consciously or unconsciously put pressure on their children to force them to learn this at an early age. As a result, many children have a problem with learning.Some people feel disgusted, and some seriously affect their health.

“Looking for a child into a dragon” is a good wish of many people. This is understandable, but it must be understood that not everyone is a “dragon”. You must not be too demanding of your children, and do not let children carry heavy burdens of thought.

  To educate a child is not necessarily to train him into a professor or a doctorate. The key is to make the child a happy person.

As a parent, you should consider your child ‘s actual situation, take care of the child ‘s hobbies and practical abilities, think that the child ‘s intentions are not blindly asking them to grow in accordance with the pre-designed track of the adult, and never put too high expectations on the childRequirements, but also pay attention to reduce the child’s excessive mental stress.

  In order for a child to become a happy adult, parents must first have a peaceful mindset, lower expectations, decompress the child, and work out appropriate goals with the child based on the actual situation.

At the same time, parents also need to learn some pedagogy and psychology knowledge, master some children’s physical and mental growth and development laws and educational skills, and improve their quality and self-cultivation.

In response to the problems that have arisen, we should point out the direction of future efforts for the child, use the method that the child is willing to accept in order to seduce, transform his love to learn, learn, and develop good learning habits. At the same time, parents should pay attention to inspiring the child’s creativity, Cultivate children’s ability to live, guide children not only to learn about knowledge, but also to learn to be a human, and change the “force” into a “dragon” into a child into a “human.”

In this way, children can grow up healthy.

Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver, nourishing yin, no body disease


Chinese medicine, nourishing the liver, nourishing yin, no body disease

The internal organs are important organs for maintaining our health.

The five internal organs of Chinese medicine refer to the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and six sputum refers to the gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, and triple burner.

The five internal organs are mainly storage essence, and if the six cockroaches digest food, absorb the essence and eliminate the dross.

銆€銆€The “liver” in traditional Chinese medicine is obviously different from the liver of western medicine. It is just an anatomical concept and a concept of pathophysiology.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is one of the five internal organs, living in the right flank, is the important and largest organ of the human body, and its yin and yang properties are the yin of the yin, also known as sputum.

The liver has the characteristics of rising hair, hi-bar, depression, body yin and yang.

Its function is mainly to relieve the venting, the main blood, the main ribs, the claws, open to the eyes, and the gallbladder.

In addition, there is the role of the main hiding soul, the division of reproduction.

This knowledge basically includes the liver physiology and various metabolic functions of Western medicine and some functions of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, blood system, digestive system and so on.

銆€銆€First, the liver mainly stores blood: the liver has the function of storing blood and regulating blood volume.

“Su Wen 路 Five Internal Organs Generation” Day: “The old man is lying in the liver, the liver can be seen by the blood, and the foot can be grasped by the knowledge. The palm can receive the blood and can be taken by the blood.

“When people are resting and sleeping, the body’s needs are reduced.

A large amount of blood is stored in the liver; when the person is active, the blood volume of the body increases, and the liver discharges the stored blood for the purpose of the body’s activities.

If the liver is not enough, the liver does not hide blood, there will be fatigue and fatigue, not tired, tired eyes, dim eyes, and hematemesis, blood in the stool, nosebleeds and other symptoms.

Mainly in two aspects: 1 regulate blood volume: When the human body is in a relatively quiet state, part of the blood is returned to the liver and hidden. When the human body is in active state, the blood is transported to the whole body to support the functional activities of various tissues and organs.Therefore, there is a saying that “the liver stores blood, the heart does it, the human movements are blood in the classics, and the human blood is in the liver.”

If the blood function of the liver is dysfunctional, the blood will overflow and overflow, and there may be hemorrhagic diseases such as vomiting blood, blood stasis, menorrhagia, and uterine bleeding.

銆€銆€2 nourish the liver itself: the liver should play a normal physiological function, and it needs to have enough blood to nourish itself, that is, the so-called “liver needs blood”, if the liver blood is insufficient, it will appear dizzy, the eyesight is diminished, and the vision is unclear.

Because the liver vein is connected with the rushing pulse, it rushes into the blood sea, the main menstruation, so the liver blood is insufficient, the rushing is damaged, the woman has irregular menstruation, the amount is less pale, and even the menstruation is closed.

銆€銆€Second, the liver main venting: that is, the liver gas should be vented, liver qi refers to the function of the liver.

Discharge is the meaning of 鈥渃learing鈥?
, 鈥渟moothness鈥?and 鈥渟triping鈥? transforming, under normal physiological conditions, liver gas has the characteristics of dredging and stripping, this function is mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) dredgeAir machine: “Air machine is the movement of gas into and out.

The organs, organs, organs and other activities of the body depend on the movement of the air.

The physiological characteristics of the liver are also active and active. Therefore, this is definitely an important factor for the dredging, smoothness and promotion of the air machine.

Therefore, whether the function of evacuation of the liver is normal or not plays a role in regulating the balance between the elevation and the influx of the gas.

The function of evacuation of the liver is normal, the air machine is smooth, the lifting is suitable, the blood and blood are adjusted, the meridian is profitable, and the organs of the organs are normal.

銆€銆€If the evacuation function of the liver is abnormal, there may be two pathological phenomena: First, the liver’s evacuation function is reduced, that is, the liver is lost, the air machine is not smooth, the liver qi is stagnation, the chest is threatened, the two breasts or the lower abdomen are etc.Some local pain and discomfort.

If the “wood is not soil” and the liver and stomach (spleen) and the embolism, there are symptoms such as loss of appetite, phlegm and spleen and other spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Because of qi and blood, qi stagnation is bloody, the elderly have symptoms, sputum, in women, there may be poor menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and so on.

In addition, the stagnation of the air machine will lead to obstacles in the metabolism of the body fluid, resulting in water-wet retention or turbid internal resistance, and swelling or nucleus.

Second, the rise and fall is too much, the gas is not falling, the liver gas is reversed, the head is suffering from pain, the face is red, the irritability and irritability.

If the gas rises too much, the blood will be reversed by the gas, which may lead to symptoms of vomiting blood, hemoptysis and other blood from overflow.

Even the symptoms of suffocating stunned people can be seen.

If the liver gas crosses the “Muwangke soil”, the appetite of the spleen and stomach dysfunction will be weak, the abdomen is full, the pain, the phlegm swallow acid, and the stool is abnormal.

銆€銆€(2) The impact on emotions: liver is like wood, hi-bar is comfortable, depression is depressive, and mental stimulation is avoided. “Shen Wen路Pain Pain” is said to be “healthy.”
鈥?”It is the impact of emotional damage on the smoothness of the air machine.
鈥?Therefore, if the liver is relieved, the air is smooth, the blood and the tone are adjusted, and the spirit of the person is happy and comfortable. If the liver is lost, the liver is not comfortable, the air is not smooth, the spirit is depressed, and depression is unpleasant, and depression is difficult orIf the venting is too much, and the yang is rising, then there will be an upset and irritability. On the contrary, excessive mental stimulation is often an important cause of liver loss.

Therefore, there are lesions of “angry liver” and “hepatic hilarity and malignant depression”.

銆€銆€(3) Evacuation of bile: in the liver and gallbladder phase, there is a meridian relationship. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of bile is 鈥渞emaining in the liver, overflowing into the gallbladder, accumulating.鈥?Therefore, the function of liver evacuation is also expressed in bile.In the secretion and excretion, if the liver is lost, the biliary tract is unfavorable, which affects the normal secretion and excretion of bile, hypochondriac pain, less food, mouth pain, vomiting yellow water or jaundice.

銆€銆€(4) Health spleen and stomach, promote digestion: such as liver loss and suffocation, can affect the digestion of the spleen and stomach, in addition to chest pain, irritability and other symptoms of liver and depression, but also digestive dysfunction, such as suffocation, abdominal distension and diarrhea and other symptoms, that is, “hepatic and stomach disharmony”, “liver and spleen do not” also.銆€銆€(5) Tongli Sanjiao: The liver main vents, adjusts the air machine, and Tongli Sanjiao, the effect of clearing the waterway.

If the liver is lost, the air machine is not smooth, the blood stasis is stagnation, the meridians are unfavorable, so that the blood is not working, leading to edema, ascites and other symptoms.

銆€銆€Third, the liver main gluten claw: fascia, refers to the joints, muscles, special sports organization.

The main ribs of the liver, the fascia depends on the nourishment of liver blood; “the claws are the ribs”, the rise and fall of liver blood, affecting the tendons and claws.

Such as liver and blood, the tendons are strong, the toughness of the claws is normal; if the liver is not enough, the blood does not raise the tendons, the weak and weak, the claws are soft and thin, dry and gray.

銆€銆€Fourth, the liver is open to the eye: “Lingshu 路 Pulse” article: “Hepatic ventilation in the eyes, the liver and the eye can distinguish the five color points.

“If the liver is not enough, there will be blurred vision, night blindness, etc.; if the liver fires on the inflammation, the eyes are red and sore.”

銆€銆€Fifth, the liver and the gallbladder phase: the liver’s evacuation function can directly affect the secretion and excretion of bile.

If the effusion is normal, the bile can follow the usual way; on the contrary, it can cause upside or overflow, and form consequences, such as bitterness and jaundice.

8 small moves that are healthy and long-lived


8 small moves that are healthy and long-lived

Pressing the armpit Chinese medicine believes that often press the armpit to place people to relax the muscles, reconcile the blood and delay aging.

The method is as follows: the left and right arms cross the chest, the left hand presses the right arm socket, and the right hand presses the left arm socket. Using the wrist force to drive the middle, the food, the ring finger, and the rhythm gently pinching the muscles under the arm 3?
5 minutes, 1 time in the morning and evening, avoid excessive force.

銆€銆€Looking far and wide, it can adjust the eye muscles and lens, relieve eye fatigue and improve vision.

The specific method is: every morning, evening or when the brain is tired, on your own balcony or boarding the mountain peaks, regularly turn the eyeballs and the distant peaks, roofs, spires and other scenery.

It will be beneficial to persist for many years.

銆€銆€Open your mouth, learn to do housework or watch TV, replace your mouth with one another, drive all the muscles of the face, and perform rhythmic movements, which can accelerate blood circulation, delay the aging of various tissues and organs, and make your mind clear and refreshed.
The method is as follows: sitting on a chair or bed, the mouth is easy and rhythmically combined, each time the stretch is 50 times, about 1 minute, and each morning and evening insist on doing it once.

銆€銆€After the leisure time of the neck tea, I often do the neck-turning exercise, which can not only receive the refreshing effect, but also prevent the occurrence of cervical disease.

The specific method is: sitting on the chair, first look up, try to lean back, then lower the lower jaw to the chest, so that the neck muscles are tightened and relaxed, and tilted to the left and right sides 10?
15 times, then put the back on the back of the chair, and hold the hands behind the neck for a while.

銆€銆€Making a fist every day to make a fist exercise can enhance the function of the internal organs, so that the physical strength of the person is multiplied and the energy is maintained vigorously.

The method is as follows: hold both hands into a fist, apply a little force to the whole body at the same time, then let go and repeat 50?
80 times, do it every morning and evening.

This method can be used for those who are not concerned about concentration and energy shortages.

銆€銆€The nose is a portal for the human body to breathe. It communicates with the natural world and is connected to many important organs.

Regular massage of the nose, it has the effect of enhancing local blood circulation, moistening the lungs, and preventing colds.

The specific method is: use the thumb of the thumb of the two hands to rub each other in the middle, rub the nose with each other 24 times, rub the nose with each other 12 times, and scrape the bridge of the nose with your fingers, 10 times from top to bottom.

The above three actions can be done at the same time.

銆€銆€Pharyngeal saliva has a close relationship with longevity.

Chinese medicine believes that saliva is full, often contains and slowly swallows, can run the five internal organs, raise the skin, and make people live longer.

The specific method is: first calm down, gently exhale 3 mouths, then stir the upper lip of the tongue tip, up and down and left and right; when the liquid is full, the drumstick 5?
10 times, the saliva was slowly sent to Dantian in 3 times.

Daily practice 3?
4 times.

銆€銆€Older people who are often elevated and sedentary often feel soreness in the lower limbs, and severe varicose veins in the lower extremities are caused by poor blood flow in the lower extremities.

You may want to do a “squat” activity every hour by constantly lifting your heels and keeping the blood in your lower extremities back.

Because the human blood lower limbs return, mainly by the heel of the heel to the contraction of the lower leg muscles, the amount of blood squeezed each time is roughly equivalent to the amount of blood discharged by the heart every time.