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2015CBA-Guangdong Jedi counterattack wins Beijing 1-2 to return to Moody _1


2015CBA-Guangdong Jedi counterattack wins Beijing 1-2 to return to Mudiere
On the evening of March 1, Beijing time, in the third round of the 2014-15 season CBA semifinals, the Guangdong team continued to sit at home against Beijing.Guangdong returned to Mudieer, and the Jedi counterattack was successful. They won Beijing 110 to 99 and set the total score to 1 to 2.  In this game, the Guangdong team made a double-double with 5 players, Mudieer 24 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, Zhou Peng 24 points and 4 sub-divisions, Yi Jianlian 23 points and 15 rebounds, Bynum 13 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists, noble 13 points.As for the Beijing team, 5 players made double figures, Morris 27 points and 11 rebounds, Marbury 16 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, Sun Yue 15 points and 9 rebounds, Li Gen 13 points and 6 rebounds, Zhu Yanxi 13 points.In other respects, the Beijing team made 17 turnovers and the Guangdong team made 8 turnovers.The three-man attack on the Arab League Guangdong team quickly changed back to Mudiere, changing the pressure of sharing Bynum. This substitution really worked. The Guangdong team was revitalized from the beginning of the attack and the offensive method was simpler. Mudieer attacked 19In 8, also contributed 8 rebounds and 4 assists.  Bynum, 4 of 3 in the field and 1 of 6 in the outside, compared with the previous two games, his focus is on the organization of the team’s offense. He personally contributed 9 assists and about 4 steals.To make the Guangdong team’s offense more reasonable.  And because Adrian was replaced by Mudiere, only the United team has a reliable bloom point in the Guangdong team.But in the first two games of the ranking, the U.S. shooting rate improved, 9 of 21 shots, but still got the team’s second-highest 23 points.And he even grabbed 15 rebounds, creating a lot of opportunities for the Guangdong team.  Zhou Peng played 41 minutes, 9 of 16 and contributed a team-high 24 points like Mudiay.  Although Zhu Fangyu only had 7 points for his poor hand, he used his extensive experience to help the team cope with various situations on the field.  In other respects, Noble 9 and 5 scored 13 points, and Wang Shipeng and Dong Hanlin each had 3 points.  The Beijing team has been suppressed by Guangdong in the beginning, and the offense mainly relies on double foreign aid.Mori’s performance has been documented, 8 of 21, using free throws to get 11 points, and also contributed 11 rebounds.  Marbury played for nearly 40 minutes, but his feel was average. He shot only 5 of 16 shots. However, he contributed 9 assists. Unfortunately, the overall shooting rate of the Beijing team is not high.At the same time, he had five personal errors.  Sun Yue did not make a lot of shots this time, but he was very efficient. He shot 6 of 7 and also grabbed 9 rebounds. However, he also fouled 5 times and made 3 turnovers. Li Gen’s shooting percentage was not high in sports and 8 of 13 pointspenalty.  In other respects, Zhu Yanxi had 13 points, Ji Zhe had 7 points, Zhang Songtao had 4 points, and Zhang Qingpeng had 3 points.  The fourth round of the contest between the two teams was launched in Beijing on March 3.Starting from both sides: Guangdong: Zhu Fangyu, Gao Shang, Zhou Peng, Yi Jianlian, Bynum Beijing: Zhai Xiaochuan, Ji Zhe, Zhang Songtao, Sun Yue, Marbury (Xiaoan)

[How to choose croissants]_How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose croissants]_How to choose_How to choose

Fruits are rich in vitamins and low in transition. They are often inedible foods.

Fruits can reduce fire, diuretic, moisturize the intestines, beauty the skin, lower blood lipids and more.

Fruits have many benefits and are beneficial for consumption.

There are many types of fruits, melons and fruits.

Watermelons in melons are a good summer product and can diuretic.

Crunchy croissant is also a kind of melon, crisp and tender, rich in vitamins, it is also a good food.

Crispy croissants, a type of melon, the melons form a croissant.

After the melon matures, the fruit becomes off-white, pale green, and orange-yellow, with a fruit length of about 25 cm, a single melon weighing 1-2 kg, a meat thickness of about 2 cm, high sugar content, and sweetness of 20-26 degrees.Unique taste, fragrant and crispy.

The croissants are mostly grown in greenhouses and Dashilan. They are listed in spring all year round, and prices are higher in spring, autumn and winter, and relatively high in summer.

In addition, there are other melons with the same shape as croissants in other places. The name is croissant honey. The croissants are more crispy than the previous ones, so the price is higher.

The croissant is a summer fruit, and its nutritional value can replace the beauty of watermelon.

According to measurements, in addition to the moisture and protein content of the croissant is more than watermelon, other nutrients are more than watermelon, and the content of aromatic substances, minerals, sugar and vitamin C are significantly higher than watermelon.

Eat more melon, which is beneficial to the human heart and liver and internal system activities, and promote endocrine and hematopoietic functions.

The medicine of the motherland confirms that the shorn horn crisp has the significant effect of “reducing summer heat, relieving irritability and urination”.

Raw croissant flesh, quenches thirst and clears dryness, can eliminate bad breath.

According to the identification of relevant experts, croissant crisp contains malic acid, glucose, amino acids, beet eggplant, vitamin C and other rich nutrients, has a good effect on infectious fever, thirst and so on.

How to choose the croissants: The croissants will have a strong aroma when they are crisp and mature, and the nose can be smelled at a glance. The croissants are usually crisp and mature.The characteristics of the latter are three touches: the horns are crisp and mature and the melons can be touched earlier.The melon soup has laxative and bowel effects; because of its high sweetness, people who have contraindications to sugar should ask the doctor; finally, although the croissants are delicious, they must have a quantity and eat moreThe body is burdened.

[How long can you eat soy sauce after you have moles]_Spot mole_Soya sauce_Can you eat it?

It ‘s so easy to go back to the home stub ┒ adv.庝笉閫傚悎鍚冮叡娌癸紝搴旇绛夊埌缁撶梻鐨勯儴浣嶈嚜鍔ㄦ帀钀戒箣鍚庡啀椋熺敤锛岃€屼笖涔熻灏戝悆娌硅吇椋熺墿銆?1鐐圭棧鍚庝竴鍛ㄥ唴涓嶈鍚冮叡娌广€傚湪鐐圭棧鍚庝竴瀹氳灏介噺灏戝悆閰辨补锛屽洜涓哄悆澶氫簡锛岄叡娌瑰緢瀹规槗瀵艰嚧榛戣壊绱犵殑浜х敓銆傚嵆浣挎病鏈夌偣鐥o紝鍦ㄥ钩鏃剁敓娲婚噷涔熷敖閲忚灏戝悆閰辨补锛屽悆澶氫簡閰辨补浼氬韬綋鐨勫仴搴锋湁涓€瀹氱殑鍗卞銆?2鐐圭棧涔嬪悗涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰楗涔犳儻銆備竴瀹氳绂佹鍚哥儫鍠濋厭锛屼竴瀹氳绂佹鍚冭緵杈e埡婵€鐨勯鐗╋紝瑕佸皯鍚冩补鐐搁鍝併€傞ギ椋熶竴瀹氳浠ユ竻娣′负涓伙紝澶氬悆鏂伴矞鐨勬按鏋滃拰钄彍锛屽悓鏃惰繕鍙互閫傚綋鐨勫枬涓€浜涚墰濂舵潵琛ュ厖韬綋鎵€闇€瑕佺殑钀ュ吇銆?3鐐圭棧鍚庝竴瀹氳娉ㄦ剰涓汉鍗敓銆傜偣鐥e悗鍑犲ぉ鑳藉悆閰辨补涓€瀹氳绛夌粨鐥傚ソ浜嗕互鍚庢墠鑳藉悆锛岃灏介噺灏戝悆锛岃€屼笖鍦ㄤ竴鍛ㄥ唴涓€瀹氳绂佹纰版按锛屽崈涓囦笉瑕佽Е纰扮偣鐥i偅閲岋紝涓€瀹氳閬垮厤缁嗚弻鐥呮瘨鑰屽紩璧风殑鎰熸煋銆?銆佹敞鎰忎簨椤癸細澶у涓€瀹氳閫夋嫨姝h鐨勫尰闄㈣繘琛岀偣鐥o紝鍗冧竾涓嶈兘鐩茬洰鍦板埌绉佷汉缇庡闄㈣繘琛岀偣鐥o紝杩欐牱鏈夊彲鑳戒細瀵艰嚧鐐圭棧澶辫触锛岀敋鑷充細鏈夋瘉瀹圭殑鐜拌薄鍙戠敓锛屾墍浠ヤ竴瀹氳寮曡捣楂樺害閲嶈浜嗐€?

[Homemade practice of hot pot meatballs]_How to_How to do

澶у鍦ㄥ钩鏃朵紤闂茬殑鏃跺€欓兘浼氬悆鐏攨銆佹垨鑰呴夯杈g儷绛夌瓑锛屽湪鍚冪殑杩囩▼涓粡甯歌兘鐪嬪埌璇稿姝ょ被鐨勪父瀛愶紝璀鎾掑翱鐗涗父銆佺嚂楗恒€佽煿妫掋€侀奔璞嗚厫绛夌瓑锛岃繖浜涚伀閿呯被鐨勮倝涓稿瓙杩戜簺骞存潵寰堝彈浜轰滑鐨勯潚鐫愶紝涓嶈鏄湪瀹讹紝杩樻槸鍦ㄥ闈㈢殑楗閲岋紝閮介殢澶勫彲瑙併€備絾鏄繖浜涜櫧鐒跺湪琛ㄩ潰涓婂彨鑲夛紝浣嗗嵈骞朵笉鏄湡姝g殑鑲夌被銆備笅闈㈡垜For example: Ammonia, Jane, Nauder, I’m not sure what to do, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!涓€銆侀杈g伀閿呬父鏈変簺浜虹壒鍒枩娆㈠悆铏句父銆侀奔涓搞€佽础涓搞€侀奔璞嗚厫銆傗憼鐢ㄦ枡澶ц挏瀛愪簲棰楀涓€灏忓潹鏂伴矞杈f6鏍瑰共杈f 鑰楁补涓€鍕虹敓鎶藉崐鍕洪叡娌瑰皯璁搁浮绮句竴灏忓嫼椋熺敤娌逛竴鍕衡憽姝ラ 1鐏攨涓稿瓙鍏ㄩ儴鍒囧紑澶囩敤 澶ц挏瀛?Pu?Fork f 鍒 囧 ソ 擶 囩 姤 姝 ラ  2 What is it?鏀 銀  鐢 ㄦ 补 Do you fear it?Pu?Shackled?鐖嗛 鏀惧叆鐏攨涓稿瓙缈荤倰涓€涓?Are you afraid of the key? You are the one who is going to make up?What’s the matter?閰辨补缈荤倰 濡傛灉姝ゆ椂閿呴噷鐐掔殑鏈夌偣骞插彲鏀惧叆涓€鐐圭偣姘?The rudder?鏀惧叆楦$簿缈荤倰涓€涓?Hong Hong, who is in the dark, is dying out of troubles, and he is so serious that his father and his father are in a hurry.斁鐩愩€備簩銆佺伀閿呬父瀛愮敓鑿滄堡鈶犵敤鏂欑敓鑿滀竴棰楀悇绉嶇伀閿呬父瀛愰€傞噺鐩愰€傞噺鍗楀痉閫傞噺鏂欓厭灏戣鐢熸娊灏戣楦$簿閫傞噺鑺濋夯棣欐补閫傞噺鐢熷涓€鍧楀ぇ钂滈€傞噺钁变竴鐐光憽姝ラ 1鐢熻彍娲楀ソ 鍒囦袱鍗?涓€鏁寸墖瀵逛簬瀛╁瓙澶ぇ姝ラ 2鎶婂悇绉嶄父瀛愭礂鍑€姝ラ 3濮滃垏鐗?Sorry?钁 卞 垏 滃 滃 姝 嫝 ラ钁 卞  钂?I am going to make up for it. It ‘s 5 drafts. It ‘s a lot of time. It ‘s a chain. It ‘s a lot of things. It ‘s a lot of things. It ‘s a lot of people. It ‘s a lot.Nickname?Weaknesses and sorrows are very important, and we have to make up for the troubles and sorrows. It ‘s very difficult to make up for it. It ‘s very difficult to make up for it.殑鏀剧伀閿呭簳鏂欐垨鑰呰荆妞掗兘鍙互 姣旂洿鎺ョ叜鐏攨蹇€?棣欐补鏈€鍚庢斁鑳戒繚鎸侀鍛?鍠滄澶氬枬姹ょ殑澶氭斁鐐规按 涓嶅枩娆㈠枬鐨勫皯鏀剧偣銆備笁銆佺倰涓稿瓙鈶犵敤鏂欓€熷喕涓稿瓙500g钁辫Could it be ℃ Nan?1 Click here to read the draft. Press the button to broadcast the fork Nan?2閿呭唴鍊掓补锛岃挏鍊掑叆鐓搁姝ラ 3鍊掑叆涓稿瓙鐐掔啛鍚庡姞鍏ヨ懕鑺便€佽€佹娊姝ラ 4鍑洪攨鈶㈠皬璐村+涓稿瓙鏈韩鏈夌洂鍛筹紝鏀剧洂鐨勬椂鍊欒皑鎱庛€傚洓銆佹潅鐑╃伀閿呬父瀛愨憼鐢ㄦ枡鐏攨涓稿瓙閫傞噺閰歌彍閫傞噺鑺硅彍鈶℃楠?1閰歌彍銆佽姽鑿溿€佸钂溿€佸垏鏈楠?2鐢ㄥ紑姘存妸涓稿瓙鐓啛姝ラ 3閿呴噷鏀炬补锛屾斁浜洪吀鑿滃钂滄湯锛屼竴鐐归儷鍘胯眴鐡o紝涓€鐐圭櫧绯栫倰棣欙紝鐒跺悗鍊掑叆涓稿瓙璁╁畠鐓竴浼氬効鍏ュ懗姝ラ 4鐓父瀛愮殑鏃跺€欏氨璋冩眮锛屼竴鎼藉寵閱嬨€佷竴鐐硅€佹娊銆佺劧鍚庨浮绮惧懗绮句竴鐐广€佽姟绮夐€傞噺璋冩垚姹侊紝绛変父瀛愬樊涓嶅鍏ュ懗浜嗗€掑叆璋冨懗姹佸啀鏀惧叆鑺硅彍鏈紝璧烽攨瑁呯洏锛屾渶鍚庢拻涓婅懕鑺卞氨OK浜嗏憿灏忚创澹吀鑿滄槸瓒呭競涔扮殑涓撻棬鍋氶吀鑿滈奔鐨勯偅涓吀鑿滐紝鍖呰鏄竴灏忚鐨勶紝涔板洖鏉ュ垏缁嗗氨濂姐€傝眴鐡e拰閰歌彍鏈夌洂鍛充簡灏变笉鐢ㄦ斁鐩愬厤寰楀捀銆傛渶濂藉涓€鐐规堡姹侊紝閭f牱娉¢キ鍚冧篃寰堝ソ鍚冪殑鍝︺€備簲銆佺櫧鑿滅儵鐏攨涓稿瓙鈶犵敤鏂欑櫧鑿滈€傞噺鍚勭鐏攨涓稿瓙閫傞噺 閰辨补涓€鍕鸿€佹娊鍗婂嫼(閰岄噺娣诲姞锛屾牴鎹鑹?鐩愰厡閲忔坊鍔犵硸涓€灏忓嫼棣欐补鍗婂皬鍕衡憽姝ラ 1鐧借彍娲楀噣鍒囨垚婊氬垁鍧楁楠?2鐏攨涓稿瓙瑙e喕锛屽ぇ鐨勫彲浠ュ垏鎴愪袱鍗婏紝灏忕殑灏辨暣涓斁鐫€鍗冲彲姝ラ 3寮€鐏斁涓婄倰閿咃紝閿呯儹鍚庢斁娌癸紝鏀句笂鐧借彍姊楀拰鐏攨涓稿瓙缈荤倰姝ラ 4鏀惧叆閰辨补鍜岃€佹娊璋冮鑹茶皟鍛筹紝鍔犳按銆傛按閲忎笉瑕佸お澶氭瘮骞虫椂鐨勭倴鑿滃皯涓€鐐瑰嵆鍙楠?5鏀剧洂锛岀硸璋冨懗銆傝繖閲屾敞鎰忕殑鏄紝鐩愯灏戞斁锛屽洜涓虹伀閿呬父瀛愭湰鏉ユ湁鍜稿懗锛岃€屼笖鏀舵眮鍚庢堡鍙樻祿涔熶細鍙樺捀姝ラ 6鐩栦笂閿呯洊鐐栧嚑鍒嗛挓锛岀瓑姹ゆ敹鐨勫樊涓嶅浜嗭紝鏍规嵁涓Han dynasty, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.7鏀舵堡姹佺殑鏃跺€欐垜瑙夊緱鐣欎竴鐐规堡姹佹瘮杈冨ソ锛屽彲浠ユ祰鍦ㄩキ涓婂仛鎴愮洊娴囬キ!

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銆 愰 Floating upset tea stew pot
The floating upset tea is soaked, the kettle is slippery, the slide is weak, the bomb is stirred, the umbrella is blended, the craftsman sets it in, and the chain is made out.殑璋锋皑閰搁挔锛屽悆璧锋潵椴滃懗鍗佽冻锛屼笉绠℃槸鐐掋€佺偢锛岃繕鏄倴锛屽摢涓€绉嶅仛娉曢兘鏄崄鍒嗗彈娆㈣繋鐨勩€傝煿鏈夋渤锜癸紝娴疯煿锛岃惀鍏讳赴瀵岋紝鎶婇浮鍜岃煿涓€璧风叢姹わ紝閫傚悎澶у鏁Announcing the Han Dynasty?闑 嗗  鏉 懭 枡 鑺 Braided heart?鍙?What is it?00 鍏?Adorable?00 嬬 笨 瑨 瑬 笂 姹?娓呴浮姹わ細閫傞噺 鐩愶細閫傞噺 鐮傜硸锛氶€傞噺鐢熻挏锛?Liao?绾 ㈡ Ad?Trickle?Sorry, you will be able to see how to use ammonia and silicon. You will be able to use the tea to make tea. You will find an umbrella and a umbrella. You will be able to learn more about it.   鍐楗彍锛屼粖骞村勾澶滈キ涓绘墦鑿滃氨鏄畠浜嗐€傛瘡瀹堕鍘呯殑鍋氭硶閮藉ぇ鍚屽皬寮傦紝瀹跺涵寮忕殑鍒朵綔濂藉悆灏辫锛屾渶閲嶈鏄彲浠ュ綋鍋氱伀閿呬竴鏍峰悆锛屽姞鍏ュ叾浠栨潗鏂欎竴璧风叜銆?Rouduohushu Getting 1 Mocimingqi Rose  Jiahuahelu ╂ Xin Lianjiemenqie Tai  Wanchaxili ュ Gongpindaren Uu eng Zhigejubo Xi Fanrenqigui Jian Jiangxuanranghuan嶆媿纰庤锛屽湪鐒栫叜鏃跺叆鍛虫柟渚裤€?2銆佸厜楦″啿娲楀共鍑€鍓佸潡澶囩敤锛岀敓钂滃垏濂藉垎钂滅櫧钂滅豢涓ら儴浠斤紝绾㈡鍘荤苯鍐叉礂骞插噣鍒囧潡锛岄鑿滅洂姘存蹈娉$墖鍒诲悗鍐叉礂骞插噣鍒囧ソ澶囩敤銆傚啲鐡滃幓鐨啿娲楀共鍑€鍒囧潡澶囩护 銆?3銆佽姳锜硅繃娌规崬璧锋播骞叉补澶囩敤锛屽鐗囧拰钂滅櫧閮ㄥ垎涓嬮攨鐖嗙倰鐗囧埢鍚庡€掑叆鍏夐浮锛屾拻鏂欓厭鐖嗙倰鐗囧埢鍚庡姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勬竻楦℃堡澶х伀鐓紑鍚庢敼灏忕伀锛屽€掑叆鍐摐鍜屽皯璁哥敓鎶藉拰灏戣鐮傜硸鐒栫叜8-10鍒嗛挓銆? 4銆佸姞鍏ヨ姳锜圭炕鐐掑潎鍖€鐒?-5鍒嗛挓鍚庡姞鍏ョ孩妞掑拰灏戣鐩愯皟鍛冲啀鐓墖鍒汇€?5 銆 佹 斁 鍏 郏 ヨ 漏 擁 擣 撣 滣 Luan 午 卤 印 鍧 囧 团 南 鍗 卲 啡 勭 伀 銆?For more information, please refer to the following questions: What do you want to do? What do you mean? Do you want to know how to do it?粬闈掕彍鍜岀伀閿呮枡鐑潃鍚冦€?

Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical (603456) Annual Report Comment: Compound Performance Expects CDMO Business to Continue High Growth

Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical (603456) Annual Report Comment: Compound Performance Expects CDMO Business to Continue High Growth

Report reading event: The company released the 2018 annual report, reporting that the combined company realized operating income18.

62 ppm; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

57 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

46%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in place of non-recurring gains and losses1.

79 trillion, an increase of 30 in ten years.

64% of investment key points performance commitments completed, Ruibo Pharmaceutical’s high growth report company CDMO business achieved sales revenue5.

37 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

87%, mainly because the company’s large variety of business orders continued to grow.

The company’s core subsidiary, Ruibo Pharmaceuticals, reported a series of realized operating income.

5.1 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.

71%, achieving a net profit of 1.

9.4 billion, an increase of 44 in ten years.

77%, performance growth growth is mainly due to the company’s continued high growth in CDMO business.

Jiangsu Ruike, a subsidiary, reported a net profit of -59.67 million yuan. The expansion was mainly due to the environmental damage caused by the subsidiary in 2018 and subsequent replacement of environmental waste disposal costs. It is a one-time expenditure and will turn a deficit in 2019.

The non-recurring profit and loss breakthroughs of the company are mainly due to the company’s exchange gains and losses, the impact of goodwill impairment and the amortization of decentralized incentive costs affecting the company’s apparent performance.

The company achieved operating income in the fourth quarter5.

9.3 billion, an increase of 22 in ten years.

77%, achieving net profit attributable to the parent company of 62.4 million, an annual increase of 85.


The fourth-quarter performance increase was mainly due to the company’s continuous confirmation of orders in the third quarter, which increased its fourth-quarter results after confirmation.

Reporting that the sales and management expenses of major companies are relatively stable, and the significant reduction in financial expenses is mainly due to exchange losses and gains.

Entresto sales hit $ 1 billion, and the CDMO sector’s continued high growth can be expected. According to Novartis’ 2018 financial report, Entresto products achieved a global ranking of 10 in 2018.

USD 2.8 billion, which has doubled before, and shows a quarter-on-quarter growth trend from the perspective of the trend. At present, Entresto is in the heavy volume period, and it is expected to continue to maintain high growth in 2019.

As the company that provides CDMO business, the company’s related orders are expected to continue to increase.

At present, the company’s CDMO business includes 11 commercial projects, 35 projects in Phase III clinical trials, and 270 projects in Phase I and Phase II clinical trials. The total number of projects has increased significantly by 2017.

In 2018, the company’s CDMO business expanded upstream and downstream, widening the source of CDMO business orders, and only a single large variety supports the business.

The company’s early CDMO project ranking in 2018 is expected to achieve more than double the growth in 2017.

With the high growth of Entresto orders and the continuous increase in the number of CDMO projects at all stages of the company, it is expected that the company will fulfill its 2019 performance commitments.

In addition, benefiting from the MAH system, the company’s domestic customer development has made certain breakthroughs. Currently, it has established CDMO business cooperation relationships with pharmaceutical companies such as Hualing and Luye. The areas of cooperation projects include major areas such as cancer and diabetes, and many of these products are in the process of impacting commercialization.This stage will provide growth for the company’s CDMO sector in the future.

Extensive strategic cooperation layout, the expansion of API business categories continues to promote the existing varieties of API companies. The company’s existing varieties are already in the global leading position. At the same time, it actively expands new categories and gradually promotes further development in the field of diabetes. Diabetes is the current growth of the chronic disease drug marketIn the best areas, the subsequent listing of products in the diabetes field is expected to improve the company’s API business growth.

In the future, the company will take the research and development of innovative drugs and high-end generic drugs and the integration of production resources as the direction, and develop a diversified layout of the pharmaceutical field around the relevant industries of the company’s strategic development plan.

At present, the company’s business is two major sections, CDMO and API. In the future, it will be upgraded to two comprehensive business sections: “CRO + CDMO innovative research and development services” and “API + formulation integrated product services”. We hope to acquire intellectual property through acquisition of enterprises, etc.Way, to achieve the holder of high-end generic drugs domestic drug marketing licensee (MAH), 北京夜网 the international ANDA of pharmaceutical preparations.

In 2017, the company implemented the financial stock incentive plan, which involved senior management and 205 core senior management.

The assessment index is net profit after deduction in 2016 (0.

9.5 billion) as the basis, the company’s non-net profit for 2017-2019 is not less than 1.

35 billion, 1.

9 billion, 2.

8.5 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 45%.The company is currently mainly located at the raw material end of the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry. In the future, the expansion of downstream preparations will gradually realize the integration of the industrial chain.

Earnings forecast and forecast It is expected that the company will achieve operating income in 2019-2021.

2.5 billion, 24.

3.6 billion, 28.

88 trillion, with 杭州桑拿 growth rates of 14 respectively.

13%, 14.

62%, 18.


Net profit attributable to parent company 2.

8.6 billion, 3.

5.1 billion, 4.

3.3 billion yuan, with growth rates of 82.

40%, 22.

44%, 23.


The company’s EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

36, 0.

44, 0.

54 / share, corresponding to PE of 26.

01, 21.

24, 17.

twenty one.
Risk Warning 1.

The number of CDMO business projects grew less than expected2.

Product development progress is less than expected

CV Sources (002841) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance continues to grow at high speed, intelligent interactive display tops

CV Sources (002841) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance continues to grow at high speed, intelligent interactive display tops
Event: Vision Source released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 169 in 18 years.8.4 billion (+56 compared to the same period last year).28%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 10.4.0 billion (+ 45% YoY).32), to achieve net profit after deductions to mothers9.4.1 billion (+ 36% YoY).13%).The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of every 10 shares to all shareholders5.41 yuan (including tax), the dividend ratio reaches 35.33%. Opinion: CV Source has continued its high growth trend for 18 years. 14?The compound growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers for 18 years reached 43.67%.2014?In 2018, the company’s business income was 43.09 million yuan, increased to 169.8.4 billion, with a compound growth rate of 39.08%; net profit attributable to mother is from 1.64 ppm, increased to 10.04 trillion, compound growth rate of 43.67%, achieving rapid growth in revenue and net profit.18Q1?In Q4, the company’s revenue scale was 26.60, 35.59, 57.84, 49.81 ppm; net profit attributable to mothers is 1.28, 2.57、4.65, 1.5.4 billion. The board card business grew significantly, accounting for the largest proportion of revenue. The growth of education business and conference service business was in line with expectations.The company’s liquid crystal display main control board business realized operating income for 86 years.3.1 billion (+57 compared to the same period last year).08%), accounting for 50% of the company’s operating income in 2018.82%; education business achieved operating income 56.7.6 billion (+ 36% YoY).02%), accounting for 33% of the company’s operating income.42%; business services business realized operating income6.4.8 billion (+103 compared to the same period last year).76%), accounting for 3 of the company’s operating income.81%; other businesses realized a total of 20 operating income.2.9 billion (+129 year-on-year.99%), accounting for 11% of the company’s operating income.95%. The company’s overall gross profit margin for the past 18 years has improved, and various rates have generally remained stable.The company’s overall gross profit margin reached 20 in 2018.07% (+0.08 pcts), of which the gross profit margin of the board business reached 12.35% (-0.62pcts), but 11 compared to 2018H1.The gross profit margin of 74% has improved significantly; the gross profit margin of interactive smart tablets has reached 30.50% (+2.42pcts); gross profit margin for other businesses is 20.42% (-2.05pcts).The company’s sales fee for 18 years was priced 4.72% (+0.04pcts), management fee expenses 2.93% (-0.33pcts), R & D subsidy4.64% (+0.10pcts); financial rate 0.13% (-17 in -0.37%), and the budget rate remained basically stable. The company’s operating net cash flow is good, and the proportion of accounts receivable income continues to be below 1%.In 2018, the company’s net operating cash flow was 17.8.3 billion (+ 94% YoY).4%), and the business is in good condition.The company’s accounts receivables accounted for only 0.About 61%, continued to remain low, 2013?In 2018, it was less than 1% of the income scale. The board business has steadily ranked first in the world. In 18 years, the profitability has improved, and both volume and price have risen.The global LCD TV restructuring volume in 2018 was approximately 22,495.300,000 units, up 2 before.At 50%, the prosperity of the TV industry picked up slightly.The company is actively working on the favorable opportunities of the World Cup, and its market share has been further improved: In 2018, the company’s LCD TV main control board expected volume is 7,877.550,000 pieces, with an income scale of 86.31 trillion, accounting for more than 35% of the global LCD TV main control board expansion in 2018.Among them, the smart TV board is expected to expand 3,232 in 2018.790,000 pieces, accounting for 41 of the company’s first-class LCD TV main control board rating.04%; smart board operating income 55.90 trillion, an increase of 116 in ten years.13%.According to our calculations, the average unit price of the company’s boards in 2018 increased to 109.6 yuan, of which the unit price of non-smart card is 65.4 yuan, smart card price is 172.9 yuan, which is an improvement over 2017.In the future, the company will further launch LCD TV main control board product system based on mainstream chip platforms such as Mstar, MTK, Realtek, Amlogic, RDA, and Hisilicon.The company also improves the added value of products through the integration of product functions.In addition, the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019?2022) “will also bring new development potential to the company’s board business. The education business leads the domestic market and upgrades its product system based on hardware advantages.According to the statistics of the Q4 2018 China B2B IWB Market Research Report by, the company’s interactive smart tablet in the education market in 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively had a market share of 31.30%, 35.50%, 36.50%, each period is in the leading position of interactive smart tablet market in mainland China.Sivo is positioned as a provider of educational informatization application tools, and is actively committed to the development of internal education industry policy. With “users” as the core, it breaks through the past business model of a single interactive smart tablet product, based on “teachers, classrooms, teaching” and targetedDifferent application scenarios of education informatization, upgrade the product system to “normalized teaching application software, digital environment hardware, data management and service software” three major parts, launched a smart blackboard, electronic whiteboard, normalized intelligent recording and broadcasting system, studentsNew hardware and software products such as terminals and easy classrooms have basically achieved comprehensive coverage of educational informatization application tools. The enterprise services business has seized the blue ocean market with complementary products and channels.According to the statistics of Aowei Cloud’s “2018Q4 China Conference Tablet Market Research Report”, the company’s highly efficient conference platform, MAXHUB, ranked first in the interactive smart tablet market in mainland China. The MAXHUB interactive smart tablet is located in an urban area of 25.40%.In 2018, the company released a new generation of products MAXHUB X3, a new OS and a full-meeting solution for conferences. The product maintains a leading edge in technology.After nearly two years of marketing system construction, MAXHUB has initially completed the layout of national first- and second-tier channels, and has established key industry and major customer, e-commerce channel and other business models, and has established a comprehensive pre-sales service system.According to the application needs of customers in different industries, MAXHUB opened the SDK to develop and integrate requirements, improve the stickiness of key customers, and successfully create industry model cases.At the same time, MAXHUB provides a free trial experience for all users, expands large-scale promotion in various regions of the country, increases the coverage of search engines such as Baidu and mainstream media, and further opens user awareness of products and brands. The company issued about 9 in 2019.The 42 trillion convertible bonds are expected to further enhance the company’s product technology accumulation and increase its performance.According to the use of funds disclosed by the company, the funds raised from the convertible bonds will be used for the construction of efficient conference platforms, intelligent control of home appliances, smart campus software development, and human-computer interaction technology research.According to the feasibility analysis report issued by the company, the conference platform project is expected to be replenished by about 19 in the same year.2.3 billion yuan in revenue, 1.4.6 billion profit after tax; the project of home appliances intelligent control products is expected to increase by about 14 in the same year.2 billion yuan in revenue, 1.10 billion profit after tax.Technology research and development projects will strengthen the company’s technology accumulation: the smart campus project will enrich the teaching module and campus management module functions in the smart campus solution, and provide the 厦门夜网 market with smart campus solutions based on big data collection and analysis; enhanced human-computer interaction projectsThe company’s basic research capabilities in speech recognition and machine vision recognition, profit forecasting, evaluation and rating.Fully considering the development trend of CV’s target business, combined with the company’s 18-year annual report, we maintain the CV 2019?The net profit for mothers in 2020 is forecast to be 13.07/17.41 trillion, corresponding to EPS 1.99/2.65 yuan, plus 2021 net profit forecast is 22.98 trillion, corresponding to EPS 3.50 yuan, corresponding to 19?The 21-year PE is 40X / 30X / 23X, maintaining the “Buy” level. Risk factors.Changes in education informatization policies, fierce market competition affects corporate competitiveness, and economic downturns affect the advancement of enterprise informatization

10 Unhealthy Mindsets to Find a Job

10 Unhealthy Mindsets to Find a Job

Shyness ran away at the job site and lost his cover letter. Faced with stammers and red ears, this kind of person is naturally uncomfortable for employers to appreciate.

  Shituo psychology is “learning while you are good”. I feel that being an official is the right way. I sharpened my head and drilled into the “Yimen”. I do n’t know that these places are a great competition for strength and relationship. Far from being able to enter, the results are mostly hit.It’s bloody.

  Psychology of comparison Some students talk about “level”, and feel that I have better grades than you, more honors than you, and “official” are older than you. Of course, work should be better than you.

However, I do n’t know that employers have not always been the only criterion for judging talents. These “high talents” who are keen on comparisons can only experience loneliness and indifference in the days of “worry in high places”.

  Excellent Psychology Some college students lack an independent consciousness, and go to see the parents and students of the Federation of Trade Unions, classmates, or a group of alumni to apply for the same unit together. Xi Yi will take care of each other in the future. This kind of unwilling and aggressive graduates will only be abandoned by employers.

  Dependency I do n’t rush to find a job, I think about climbing the relationship among relatives and friends all day, and get some money to buy a job. I’m afraid it wo n’t last long.

  Local college students are reluctant to go far, only to find employment in the “one acre, three points”, while others board the love ark early, and after graduation, stay with the other half and stay in the same trench.It’s hard to see what we can do.

  Be conservative.

Lack of sense of competition, dare not to meet challenges, or humble “virtue”, do not dare to show their strengths and characteristics, tiger spirit, lack of morale, such people are naturally not favored by employers.

  Low psychology is the opposite of conservative psychology. These people always feel that the competition is fierce, and their skills are not as good as others. Then they admire the disadvantages and dare not to “clearly price” themselves and find a buyer to sell hastily.

The inequality agreements issued by some units have also closed their eyes for a longer time, bringing serious hidden dangers to future work.

  These students are radical, edgy, avant-garde, and “cool” everywhere. They do n’t want to go out to look for work. They think it ‘s bad to get a low salary here. When they say they are looking for a job, they want to be the boss.Ass debt.

  Fake psychological fake education, fake certificates, fake honors, etc. are not life-saving straws that knock open the door to employment. After all, fakes will not grow, but they will only mislead their reputation and ruin their future.

Acute glomerulonephritis medicated diet 13


Acute glomerulonephritis medicated diet 13 prescriptions

Acute glomerulonephritis (referred to as acute nephritis) is a diffuse glomerular damage caused by an immune response.

Western medicine for the treatment of this disease is generally used to control infection, pay attention to rest and low salt diet.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acute nephritis is located in the kidney and is related to the lungs and spleen. The main treatment is to declare lung diuresis, cool blood and detoxify, and to restore heat and dampness, and to nourish yin.

Do not warm up.

  The 13 prescriptions of diet and medicated diet for acute glomerulonephritis are introduced below for clinical reference of patients.


Protein-free urine porridge with glutinous rice, 30g each of glutinous rice, 10 ginkgo, boiled porridge.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.

Temporary service 2?
4 courses (when eating less, glutinous rice, glutinous rice can be used for 15?


Sesame and walnut scattered black sesame 500g, walnut kernel 50g, finely divided, 20g each time, 3 times a day, served with warm water.

After serving, 7 jujubes are served.

The medicine is made for 1 course.


Carp soup 1 carp.

Descaling, peeling and internal organs, add Amomum villosum, coix kernel, ginger, garlic.

Steamed without salt, eat 1 stick daily.


Turtle stewed pork belly Turtle, 500 grams of pork belly, wash the two and cut into small pieces, add water to the casserole, and simmer in a simmered fire, with no salt or less, once daily.

Finished within 2 days.

Take 1 dose temporarily, 3 doses for 1 course.

At the same time with the proprietary Chinese medicine “Zhuangyao Jianshen Pill” 2 times a day, 1 pill each time, pregnant women should not take it.


One fish soup with anchovies and one head of garlic. Remove the fish from the internal organs, put the garlic in it, wrap it in paper, and put it in the bran to cook.

1 daily for 1 week.

For those with nephritis and edema.


1 winter melon, small bean, large winter melon, 12
5g red bean, boiled until cooked, divided into 3 servings, suitable for patients with systemic edema.


Broad bean lean broth 250g of aged broad bean (worm worms are better), 50g of lean pork, add water, stew.

Eat twice a day and drink soup.

For those with nephritis and edema.

Cuiyi porridge, 200g of watermelon, 100g of rice, and 30g of rock sugar. First, wash the watermelon skin and shred.

Use gauze to twist out the juice. After the rice was washed, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it over a fire, and cook for 40 minutes with gentle heat. Add watermelon juice and rock sugar to dissolve.


Maogen red bean porridge with fresh grass root 200g, red adzuki bean 200g, previous rice 100g.
Wash fresh chopped radish root and chop it into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and fry the juice to remove the residue. Previously, the red beans were washed out and then poured into the pot, first boiled with wuhu, and then boiled with simmering heat to dilutePorridge.
It is suitable for the treatment of acute nephritis with unfavorable urination and edema.


Huaishan Poria quail soup 1 quail, Huai yam 3g, Poria 15g, seasoned with refined salt.

Wash the yam and chrysanthemum; wash the quail after slaughter; put them in the pot together, add the right amount of water, boil with the huohuo, and then use the wenhuo to cook the quail, and add the salt to taste.


The stolon lean soup is 100g stolon, 150g lean pork, similar to refined salt.

Wash the stolons and cut into small pieces; wash lean pork and slice.

Heat the casserole, add the right amount of water, add stolons, lean pork slices, cook until cooked, and add some refined salt to serve.

Psyllium laver soup with laver 16g and plantain 50g.

Wash the laver and plantain, put them in the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 5 minutes, and season with sesame oil.

Astragalus steamed quail Astragalus 10g, 2 quail, 2 slices of ginger, 1 segment of white onion, 1g of pepper, 250g of clear soup.

The quail is slaughtered and depilated, the nest is cut open, the internal dirt is removed, the claws are chopped, and rinsed.

Wash and slice the astragalus, sandwich it in the belly of the quail, put the quail in a steaming bowl, pour the clear soup and seal it with wet paper, and steam for about 30 minutes. Remove the quail, peel the paper, waste the juice, add refined salt,After the pepper is seasoned, turn the quail into a soup bowl and pour in the original juice.

How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues

How to get along with stubborn colleagues?

In the face of stubborn colleagues, you need to clear some psychological barriers.

However, you cannot expect others to solve it for you.

  Here are some ways to get along with stubborn colleagues: 1.

Are you ready?

Talk to someone who understands your consensus.

Is he the original style person?

What kind of pressure is he facing?

What is his motivation?

What does he hate?

This information should be integrated and used in the consensus with him.


Do you know what you can afford?

Before starting consensus, determine your bottom line and write it down on a piece of paper.

In this way, once you enter the consensus process, you will not be at a loss what to do.


Can you calmly face silence?

Discomfort with silence is bound to lead to disagreement.

People said something unhelpful just to get involved in the silence.

If you are smart and patient, silence is golden.


Did you show the other party that he is not your only choice?

In the consensus, once you make the other person feel that he is your only person to ask for help, the other person will be in an incomparable advantage.

Therefore, whether it is true or not, make it clear to the other party that you have other options.


Do you know when to accept the other’s “no”?

Most consensus ended up stranded when one side said “no” and insisted.

Accept this “no” and then use your creativity.

Use your full knowledge of the other party to come up with a new proposal that meets the needs of both parties.