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Blood-stained wedding dress

Who pulled your hair loose under lights your hair floating into the sky black flag covered with sad eyes who destroyed your beauty cry in the silence of the night you looked indifferent pale face, blood-red lips bleak world frightened vigil lights white wedding dress drift into a mask of tears turned into laughter sing Phantom Lover echoed echoed mind is a world longing for the invisible distance you walked the pace of light walk through the tunnel of death in the night’s no nostalgia, no hesitation which is a window stuck in a moment of light and shadow lively with something more to say against the words of blessing into the whole wedding wine fans coming down the center of the intersection of the groom’s mouth early in the morning many people around them at the ground – a bloody red next to the white wedding dress, a red heart with open eyes [editor: men tree]

(Writer election issue 12) Pushan grandmother

Grandma Pushan text / early Qing Shao “hope ah hope, hope the New Year; over the years, hope cent; hope Cold Food fifteen hope; hope for a Cold Food nothing to look forward, squat ass ed Pushan.”This is a song popular in the Great Lakes area of hemp, until now, there has been still in singing, however, compiled Pushan people now very little, almost no.    In the past, after the Ching Ming, the weather gradually warming, Ma Great Lakes area of women began to compile Pushan.This is also the geographical environment in which we live and have a close relationship, and there is a beautiful legend.    Formerly known as the Great Lakes Ma Mata Lake, where according to legend the Duke Alliance princes, horse riding into the lake, hence the name Mata Lake.In ancient times, here suffered a rare drought, the lake horse riding are also exposed dry bottom, in order to survive, everyone have to go out hunger.    People along this river, horse riding across the lake to the south walked, went to the center of the lake, saw a beautiful young girl, hand baskets, before fleeing people came and asked: “Where is it folks Yeah?”People have replied:” move trees die, people move to live, not live at home, and had to go to the field from hunger.”The girl smiled and said:” remark poor men, this lake on thousands of foods can be found everywhere.”Then, the girl clawed land in the lake, exposing the white snow Di Liu ring, purse chestnut, Forgan, etc., she hold in your hand, he said:” This was the lake are everywhere, so why go out hunger, say this lake reed in the ground, full of vegetables, can eat.Horse riding lake three Po, Po child, wicker, reed grass, these things can be seen everywhere, you can use reed mat weaving, knitting basket, compiled sieve; wicker basket cow can be compiled, crates, baskets of soil; this role is sub-Po greater, you can compile Pushan, straw sandals, twist futon.Here are the money everywhere, why go out hunger.”Someone asked:” girl, who you are?”The girl said:” My name is Ma, I called it Magu!”We’re experience with her words, and shortly girl missing.    We all know that the gods met to rescue the people on this side, are back home, digging wild, Di Liu ring plane, dig purse chestnut eat and Fugen.Start with a reed, Po child, wicker various utensils, to get market and sell it, we work together, we spent the famine.To commemorate the gods, built a temple in Magu lake horse riding, horse riding Lake also changed its name to the Great Lakes since then cannabis, hemp living in the Great Lakes area, everyone learned to knit.Willow, reed compiled, edited Po is very famous, especially Pu ed.    Now, the Po ed species thousands of products, exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.But in the fifties and sixties, we have compiled here the Po kind, little, only sandals, Po, futon and several species of palm-leaf fan.Young women straw sandals and Bo, older women knitting and knitting futon Pushan.    Ma in the Great Lakes area, my grandmother most famous series of palm-leaf fan.He Pushan seedling series, variety, have square, circular, trapezoidal, hexagonal in particular that, at each corner of the triangle has a small hole, the top hole to fasten the red silken Department of the bells, shake it up still jingling, very beautiful!    At that time, my age is still small, five brothers and sisters, the mother is sick, three days on two of hospitalization, injections and medicine all day, eight people work points earned by the father of a labor force over the past year, not only points less than a penny Qian, also down due to the current account production team.The whole family to rely on a grandmother who compiled Pushan, fill a prescription to his mother, to maintain the incidental expenses at home.    Etc. Every morning we wake up, my grandmother has been compiled Pushan; in the evening until we fell asleep, my grandmother also compiled Pushan.    In our brothers and sisters among the most loving grandmother that I, a little taste of my grandmother would keep me, give me secretly.A time, I always sat next to her grandmother, watching my grandmother knitting Pushan.    One to seedling grandmother first dielectric up, followed by a knife blade on both sides, to a relatively wide width as seedling cleaved.This knife, my grandmother called it “maze” knife sharp tip, behind a thin handle, just like the kind of movie with darts.Then placed in a one and a half meters long, half a meter wide there are on board, grandmother sat on, he starts up compiled.    Grandma while eds Pushan, while told me the story and what the Cowherd and the Milky Way with it, the story of Dong sold themselves buried father, ah, over and over again, patiently.    One day, my grandmother gave me about the story of Vega, I smiled and said: “Grandma, you are talking about dozens of times, and can not tell me a new story.”Grandma looked at me, smiled and said: ‘Well, I will tell you a story of Ji Gong Cricket fighting’ We listen attentively story, Grandma smiled and said to us after the finish:” You know, Chi Kung hands that the palm-leaf fan, it is where they come from?”We smiled and shook his head does not know, my grandmother told us that the hands of Chi Kung palm-leaf fan, here is the Great Lakes Ma gave her an old woman, Ji Gong for the poor people to do good, the evil, good record straight, an old lady know after deliberately compiled a palm-leaf fan gave him.    We dubious, Chi Kung hands obviously the banana leaf Pushan, why Ma said that large seedling series with the Lakers Pushan.Later, I realized, my grandmother said, an expectation, an ideal, kind rewarded, as long as we do something good, people will not forget him.    Grandma finished the story, a palm-leaf fan also compiled a good.Then he or she used a thin rope wrapped around the palm fan on an end of a rope hung on the foot, the other end there is a wooden, tightly gripping in his hand, the palm fan around a circle, a pressure below the string, side turn side force, then the Department together, so wrapped up four, then the knife to cut the palm-leaf fan, like Qi, then she picked up a board of ten centimeters square, this board I do not know how many years with her grandmother, Youming and bright, grandmother call it destroyed the board, back and forth above her grandmother in Pushan destroyed several times, own a few fans, smiled and handed it to me.    I was a fan in his hand, he said at a few: “fan the wind in my hand, someone to borrow, and so in the dead of winter.”Grandma smiled and said:” The deepest winter, who fan palm-leaf fan, you do not want to lend to people it.”I said:” Yes ah, this is the grandmother knitting too, that they can not lend.”Grandma smiled and said:” Boy, this can be bad, it should be said, was to pick, to the energy in.”I tilted his head asked:” Why?”Grandma said:” give people convenience, their own convenience, do not just think of themselves, but also for others, others will get close to you, you will have a difficult time to help you.”I nodded Sidongfeidong.    In the evening, all my grandmother let me sleep with her in a summer when the weather is hot, then there is no electric fan, my grandmother always kept me violently, himself a hot sweat DC.I saw my grandmother’s face sweat and asked: “Grandma, how do you so sweaty, I did not sweat how?”Grandma smiled and said:” Your sweat ah, came to me, so my grandmother sweating.”At that time, I do not understand the meaning of words grandmother, he asked:” Why do I sweat to your body?”Grandma waving palm-leaf fan, while saying:” This is my pass Pushan.”At night, Grandma has been waving palm-leaf fan, until I fell asleep.    Pushan are programmed every five same bundle, above and below, put a good quality, called “hijab”.Grandma has never letting go hijab, inside and outside are the same, I asked my grandmother, my grandmother told me: “we can not put into good outside, to deceive people, you lied to the people, who we come here to buy, people first once fooled, fooled a second time and then it can?Man to be real.”So, Grandma series of palm-leaf fan, never got the market and sell it off, people are attracted, the price is cheap, so, Grandma Pushan in short supply.    One summer, my grandmother in Taoyuan inside my house, saw a young, hurried went to my house to see Taoyuan house, and I saw my grandmother, but also with the inside.Suddenly, an unpleasant smell got into my nose inside, we see that the young man, is lying on his back on the kang, constantly vomiting.On the ground, the kang, quilts are vomit.Many flies flying around him, her grandmother quickly picked up while driving with palm-leaf fan the flies, while violently him.    I quickly ran out of his nose, grandma end runoff gave him a drink, but the young man unconscious, even unable to speak, her grandmother quickly call someone to sent him to the hospital, all the way to grandma he kept violently Pushan.    After about half a month, he carried the gifts, Taoyuan came to my house, after seeing my grandmother, “splash” kneeling on the ground, thanks to Grandma’s saving grace.    Grandma quickly propped he said: “This is what I should do, so who see, it will not sit idly by.”Young people leaving, to my grandmother put the palm-leaf fan gave him as a souvenir, grandmother readily agreed.    Real life, all for the sake of others, patronizing Wunian by Enmo forget, this is the grandmother character, but also our people’s character Ma Great Lakes area.Although my grandmother passed away a few years, but her character but never affect our next generation.

(Prose) style Hainan

In an early spring afternoon, we have several people a feeling of urgent mood, landed in Sanya, Hainan.    As a child, had seen a picture card, Hainan blue sky, white clouds and the sea, the beach is trees towering coconut trees, it is deeply remember the beautiful Hainan.But, really set foot on land in Hainan, or was that charming scenery shocked, almost in a dream.    Just Jinan, still chilly wind, all the flowers and trees, is still waiting for spring bath to hope germination of deep, repressed green buds of a winter, eyes as if there is a roadside green cornfield Jinan Airport sparse snow, and here, and everywhere is green, is abundant in the spring, is a school of tropical scenery.Impossible not to like Hainan, Hainan, is the blue sea, is the blue sky, white clouds that, from beaches and waves, is elegant clever fishing village, clear water, a piece of fairy-tale tall slender coconut and areca.    Boao knew, knew Boao Forum for Asia.Small Boao, located in the eastern coast of the South China Sea, Hainan was once a little-known town, because Forum for Asia, has become a star town.Today’s Boao, with one of the downtown scene, fresh and delicate, abnormal development of tourism, bustling crowd, almost all flags held tours.Since being designated as the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, which is famous for.Boao of rivers and lakes, rocks Beach, Coconut Grove and there was a dashing lush rural scenery, the elegant Boao, a world-class convention center and tourist resort with a distinctive tropical scenery.    Wanquan River estuary in Boao.Because that well-known dance, as well as the beautiful melodies and songs, River has long been known throughout the country.Estuary is a quiet haven, with clear water, fishing boats, ferries and yachts docked at the shore scattered pier.Outside the estuary, is the world-famous Jade Belt Beach.This is the nature of good fortune, while the Wanquan River, nine river and Long Rolling River Sanjiangkou convergence, while the expanse of the South China Sea roaring waves hit the shot, and narrow Yudai Tan, quietly lying in between.A narrow, long, yellow ocher sands for thousands of years despite the impact of surging river and sea storms, away from the coast, but safely lying there, there is little change.This special geographical location, the power flow in different directions, as well as the South China Sea lapping waves estuary, the result of the combined effects of, and therefore confirms the Jade Belt Beach prowess.    We took the ferry to and from the beach, ten minutes of flight.Jade Belt is like a huge Wolong, meandering abruptly lie in the sea, though not wide, but narrow, boundless side.Wanquan River and the inside is calm inland lake, green color, almost placid, outside territorial waters is thousands of miles, the sea breeze and the trend of South China Sea Yanbohaomiao, sparking white spray, waves rushed to the beach.Full of tourists, some swimming, some sitting, some photography, and some overlooking the endless sea gulls and bits and pieces of the ship shadow.Walk on the beach, the shoes are not as loose sand, it will leak into the shoe.People have to take off the shoes, barefoot, walking on the beach.This is indeed a special magical beaches, sand is not particularly fine, sandy and probably has a relationship to walk on, there is a feeling creak, special Ge feet.Beach is like a natural massage therapist, an hour down, feet Shengtengshengteng even dare to walk.But the car back to the hotel after the whole body and feet but particularly comfortable.    I particularly like the taste of the sea, and the sea beach, Rizhao golden beaches on special rods, delicate and soft.Hainan, sand is the best samut Bay, valuables such as sand powder, such as silver white color.Lung Tsai Bay, Hainan Pearl, the water is so clear, almost completely transparent, the sky is so blue, like freshly washed crystal without a trace of dust with just a few feather-like clouds, gently float in the sky.In this pure place, I knew what it meant to the blue sea, to experience the true picture of the sky and sea depicted.Samut exposure to the beautiful bay, complicated soul can be temporarily relaxed, or even washing, it melts into the pleasant nature in.In front of the sea, like a giant sparkling gems in the spring sun irradiation, issued a gentle, transparent blue, with a slight breeze, softly watch, who all seemed to be tired with all the away.On the beach, the rocks, sparsely dotted with small palm trees and coconut trees, blue sky and white clouds leisurely stretch.Looking view, the boundless expanse of the South China Sea, gradually disappeared in the horizon of sea and sky intersect.Color of the sea has a different color, green, light blue and blue, you can faintly see the sea in the distance, with passenger ships and fishing boats figure, the bits and pieces, but not over the reef and the vast sea in the distance, a few gulls fly in elegant, white very light and agile figure, just like a white wizard.    In the corner stands a black rock, can not wait companions, started early swim, do not want to go ashore, have been playing the part of an hour in the sea.The sea a bit chilly, spent some time in the water later, I was sitting alone on a quiet beach side of white stone, with four of the browser landscape, looking up at the clear sky, patrol people play.Not far from the three northeastern speaking words of female tourists, tempted the sea, but also down to the water.Probably did not know water is not to deep water, but playing together, playing water fights.Lady wore a red coral necklace, I see a man alone on the shore, the sea suddenly attacked me, I hesitated a little, they are also infected with the cheerful mood, hurry down to the water, holding they poured the water to go.Over the rocks they giggled, elegant laughter, co-author of the waves, glowing white spray of waves, echoed across the water and rocky.    Tour of Hainan, size of the Cave Scenic Area is a must-see place.Size of the Cave Scenic Area, located in the west of Sanya city, there are more than forty kilometers distance away, the beautiful sea, mountain and rock formations, its characteristics, known as the first Qiongya Scenic Spots.Enter the gate area, the eye, the trees are tall, slender coconut trees, stand there, as if to welcome guests from afar.Scenic area attractions, dizzying, “Little Cave”, “stool”, “seamounts wonders,” and “fairy feet” and so many LITHOGLYPHS.Here, Cliff Island Bay, Bibo million dumping, boundless, coast Cloudland Lin Cui, Yan Shiqi Jun, deep cave, as everywhere can Shengongguifu.According to near the scenic hills of verdant trees, slap Jingtao along the coast, winds extend forward away.Some low palm plants, there is also a high one, two or three tall coconut trees, chic grows between the rocks and the sea shore along the roadsides.Palm plant is the largest, black roots and branches wrapped around each other, spikes, spread away, it may have been growing for decades.    Sightseeing along the scenic road, all the way forward, the right is the blue waves of the sea, the waves beat against the rocks and the coast, the left Lin Cuihua red hill, almost one hundred percent vegetation cover.Walk the road in such a small coconut, palm, flowers, landscapes and seaside boulder cover hidden, like a paradise on earth, filled with reverie.Scenic Area has a rugged rock formations and sea steep trail, just off the coast of Qionghai by a huge rock and darkness under a small rock cave cave landscape composition, engraved with the handwritten Song Kui Mao’s “Little Cave” three stone red characters.The shape of the rock resembles a giant Ao, head towards the sea choppy, from afar, like a giant Ao Goes to Sea.Ao, the glans is the legendary dragon fish tail carp, giant tortoises or sea, and legendary size of the Cave, is due to have this magical giant Ao.In the following piece of stone, there is a dark cave, the legend was once a god place to live, into the rock below the cave, fresh and cool, dark and narrow, is that some parts of the low, tall, bending beneath Come.    Chinese people who do not know the ends of the earth?Travel Sanya reaching the ends of the earth scenic southwest direction over twenty kilometers away, might be a little tired physically and mentally, it seems really had a kind of feeling to the end of the world.Scenic wagon must be stopped at the door, and to the main attractions, to be hiking, go to nap along the winding mountain road and a specially built veranda, and must have two or three kilometers away, a little older, almost Some stumble.Blue sky and sea, seagull sails little, coconut trees, stone buildings, is a feature of the ends of the earth scenic.Came to the main area, it is engraved with “End of the World,” “Cape”, “pillar”, “Sea sentenced to south” of rock, Xiongzhi seaside, picturesque whole area in general, can be beautiful.Ends of the earth scenic, saddled Maling Mountain, facing the ocean, which means days of the edge of the end of the sea.The most striking is the bay, hundreds of pieces of different shapes stands on the beach of boulders, large spectacular, with many of the Cliff.The earliest stone, the book by the fifty-three years of Qing Emperor Kangxi imperial envoy Tang Miao Cao, is “sentenced sea south” four characters.”Sea sentenced to south” across the carved stone, there is a column about seven meters high conical rock stalwart, this is the famous “pillar” of the landscape.”Pillar”, describe for the first year Yazhou know the state of the Qing Dynasty Xuantong Fan ladder Inscription.In fact, you already are familiar with the “pillar”, but may not be aware that you pulled out a fourth set of RMB Eryuan tickets to see the back of the pattern, is the profound meaning of the “pillar”.    Although not believers, also traveled to the famous Buddhist temple Nanshan Temple.It was a solemn, quiet location, mountain on the potential, clean elegant, revealing the Buddhist noble and everywhere.Nanshan Temple location, surrounded by mountains around, facing the South China Sea, extremely wide field of vision.There is such a superstition, an officer who is not the ends of the earth, because the ends of the earth’s another layer of meaning is the end of the day, that is a dead end.So, those who want to grow in the career of the most social taboos, and more choice, this is the strong Nanshan Temple incense burn incense and pray, beg to cement it, pray for wealth, peace, love, karma pray.Nanshan Temple is located south of the city of Sanya Nanshan, because there Tuo weather, so the construction of a large-scale Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone.Nanshan Temple in the history and contemporary Buddhism are the Guangzhou-Shenzhen, a thousand two hundred years ago, Master Jianzhen kai apprentice of 15, fifth went to Japan, typhoon blocked, wandering thousands of miles to come here, suffered suffering, and resides in vibration chow for years, the construction of Buddha, people crossing the argument.Size Cave scenic coast side, there Jianzhen master drifting monument landing at Hainan.Legend, under the blessing of Avalokiteshvara, the sixth monk Jian Zhen went to Japan was able to succeed, Nanshan Buddhist disciples therefore praise for the propitious place.Nanshan Temple of planning and construction, it is the mid-nineties Zhao lay merit, and personally wrote the “Nanshan Temple” three characters, Emotion strong, worthy of calligraphy.    In the solemn temples, the Buddhist guarded atmosphere, although just wide to the vast sea, washing away a bit complicated state of mind, but, here, in the Nanshan Temple, you’ll still have some perception once again.Everything earthly and office, money, wealth, honor gains and losses, joys and sorrows, if that is superficial, not how important that is, a feeling.Buddhist stress edge method, pay attention to practice, pay attention to consciousness, attention to good deeds, pay attention to retribution, is a grand idea, Nanshan Temple also strong incense, the faithful flocked to.    In the solemn hall, dedicated to Lord Buddha in the hall, and I stuck a note to burn incense, but did not pray, did not kowtow.    Last Night in Hainan, lived in a seaside hotel in Sanya Bay.Facing the sea, the beautiful Sanya Bay and broad, flat beach on the road.Late at night, the hall has executed more staff playing a yawn, I was alone, along the coastal road in front of, leisurely stroll.No pedestrians, all is quiet, only dry yellow light, according to the road hardship.East and West sea turtle island shadow distant, vaguely floating in the dark sea, roadside looming towering coconut trees, miles Silver Beach serene silence.On the sea in the distance, sparse with few lights dim light, the shadow is very long, probably fish lantern.Starry sky, a cool and bright, noisy, busy day, Hainan and Sanya City, seems to have been sleepy.    Hainan line, there is another harvest.Hainan know what is “tea”.Tea is the woman busy working in the fields during the day, after men get up in the morning, doing nothing, in twos and threes together, drink tea, sit, chat, eat a snack or breakfast, for several hours, and then in the afternoon still so, this is a man’s lifestyle Hainan.Hainan men and women, and we certainly are the same race.May be a factor in climate, water, soil and genetic, are relatively short stature, and black, true small size.Accompanied by a traveling companion, this year twenties, six less than one meter tall, thin face, is an enthusiastic youth.One to Hainan, Hainan, he bought a shirt, shorts and short-sleeved, white background, chemical fiber material, there are two beautiful, green coconut trees on the shirt, we all affectionately call him “Hainan”.

(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 32

[REVIEW] with the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.  Tian Shan, Pamirs, Karakoram Tash surrounded on three sides, the east is the vast expanse of the intake heartstrings of the Taklimakan Desert, just listen to these very wits names, we came to realize that it is the backbone of the world.Indomitable mountain glaciers directed at the sky, in a much hanging in the alpine lake between heaven and earth, against the background of the mysterious thrill of climbing towering wall of snow, otherworldly landscapes, people lamented the good fortune and the supernatural forces of the universe, human beings are so small and insignificant, the original test gone than God’s opinionated, it seems that people should not and can not be no awe.    At that time only one taxkorgan county road, in addition to an extremely poor supply and marketing cooperatives, no shopping malls, restaurants and pubs.Local farmers and mixed Tajiks almost no concept of business, centuries where people do not need commodities, and perhaps money is superfluous.Tajik Wrangler sheep rake grass firewood youth can not imagine, these Qingtian peers from south longing, and young people in Western countries who favored pretty laidback, the same can not understand Chinese youth into the world of impulse and motivation.There are also other Muslim minorities, such as Uighurs and Uzbeks living in Western cultures blend zone.Xinjiang is the largest Islamic mosque in Tasch, every Friday Muslims who came to listen to the imam’s preaching.    Owner with guests from Qingtian, take endemic carriage, from an altitude of more than three thousand meters of the town, moving to an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters Rapp red flag post, people began to breath, with altitude sickness.May to November each year, Khunjerab Pass switch traffic, the rest of the retreat.Tower county town line to the Pakistan border as well as over one hundred kilometers, here is the magnificent Pamirs, Karakoram scared of ghosts worry peaks, like the East Zeus stand between heaven and earth, desolate sparse, chilly no vegetation biomass, is a barren birds do not lay eggs in the world.    Kind of heads of troops, is a delightfully, two let’s take a look at the battle afar off nature, hope they can quit, and tell them, even to the other side of the border, it was just the Long March start, the other end of the natural environment and living conditions even worse.The face of endless rain timeless wilderness, due to strong ultraviolet radiation face dark border guards, have urged them not to take risks.    During their stay in Kashgar, though bored, but added experience the customs.Here is the Pamirs most densely populated towns, sparsely populated but still very few, since it is the grazing season from now until the fall, people are into mountain forests and vast prairies, young and old sick only left behind.The ancient adventurers who come and go from here, now no longer the slightest trace of the new generation will soon have to follow suit, but to a distant land to make a living, less senior swan.    Like pawns across the river, there is no room for retreat, they expressed determination to pull out all the stops, touched God, Mission staff to consult superiors, since there is a legal visa, the authorities will approve an exception to release.The date of departure, troops deliberately used cars to take guests to the border, and finally to the finish line of the Pamirs, here stands the famous Seven pillar, while the Chinese side is Pakistan.Retort girl later recalled the scene, not without emotion, said, “We have been worried that they will consult the Department of State, and if so would be finished.When we walked down off the military jeep, through the Pakistan border check points, only sigh of relief.”The Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the south of Asia, with India, Iran, Afghanistan, near the south Indian Ocean, northeast China, Xinjiang is.”Pakistan” as meaning “holy land” or “Muslim country”, its capital, Islamabad is the first goal of the group of three assault.Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains three big mountains began to meet at the Pakistan border, forming a roof of the world.Enter the territory of Pakistan, get extremely dilapidated caravans, window SHIWANDASHAN year-round constant snow, and the Chinese side of the border compared to here more than a thousand yards cliffs, canyons seemed to be cut out, people can not help but sigh Mother nature.    A lot of red flags from Rapp border into Pakistan is the first leg of Soest (SOST), it is also the Karakoram highway traffic hub, away from the border customs border of Pakistan, is located in this ancient village, banks, restaurants and a post office not and will not, canyon yard humble mud hut, keeping the original appearance of thousands of years.Dilapidated caravan entered the yard, as if braving the caravan came to the shop carts.The only Pakistani border police, wearing greasy shiny uniforms, came as a pleasant surprise welcoming treasurer, said in Chinese: “Hello!”And politely expressed an entry visa exemption, the young people is the first taste of foreign guests of honor and privileges.    The reason why the good-neighborly friendship between China and Pakistan, India relations have been strained since the sixties because the border issue, the two countries have done a great battle the Chinese therefore bitterly learned in India; Pakistan and India, and not always, the two countries there are also inter-territorial dispute, such as the Kashmir dispute.India and Pakistan is one of the former, the British colonization ** defined below the belt out of the “partition of India.”.After the founding of Pakistan, whose territory is divided between east and west across the Indian two, Dongba and Seba land, more than two thousand kilometers away.With the support of India, East, West split, the original independent enclave Dongba to Bangladesh.Chairman Mao said, the enemy of my enemy is a friend!China and Pakistan to come together, this is the geopolitical needs and results.    Car to continue moving, to arrive before dark Hunza (HUNZA).From Soest to nearly four hours away Hunza, the year of the car along the Silk Road, the difficult driving forward.This article in today’s “China-Pakistan Friendship Highway”, from Rawalpindi in Pakistan to Kashgar in China, a total length of more than one thousand kilometers, gracefully across the Himalayas, Karakoram and Pamirs, is the world’s highest highway one.    Hunza Valley is actually the main vein of the Karakoram mountains, surrounded by the Himalayas, is the capital of 卡里玛巴德, located in the Hunza River, right bank, is the local administrative center.South through the city of Gilgit, capable of reaching the capital, Islamabad.Hunza is a small kingdom in the past, only a few bars along the cliff on the cliffs and the outside world, a bit like Ming had six year apprenticeship Qishan.Hunza people have their own customs and language, because it is white skin and blue eyes, said to be the ancestors of Alexander the Great’s soldiers settled here.For thousands of years, people in the Hunza Valley in farming, irrigation terraces with glacier snow and fruit trees, never in contact with the world.A time when the hills are covered with apricot, blooming in the lower peaks of the mountains, a high-spirited angry.    Hunza quiet simple life, as snow melt water in general here.Their ancestors once across battlefields, armored cavalry, facing a DDR, looking for a place cut off from the world, from farming aloof, home of ancient and modern life are interlinked, like astronomy collapsed stars horizon, here time is flowing so slowly that in the outside world seems like a general stagnation, so people here live longer abnormal, the region became the world’s longevity is not surprising region.Hefatongyan few centenarians, up the hill firewood Rulvpingdi have legs, they are naked, hungry, extreme poverty, but there is sunshine, snow-capped mountains, the world’s cleanest air, and the least contaminated water poor life heaven forbid, God is merciful providence.    Under the car, the guests from afar to rest and start looking, I ask where there are restaurants, cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen.    Hunza Karimabad town there is a paradise-like peaceful and quiet, and the valley at an altitude of 2000 meters peaks, rivers and the trees side by side.The original ecology of the natural scenery, like a lotus country girls, welcomes visitors from exotic.Although it said to have tens of thousands of people, but the feeling is still sparsely populated and extraordinary Juesu.

(Essay) Ms. Xia

Clean is clean, a good lifestyle.Excessive cleaning is a problem, clean became a habit, even serious over the top, it is a kind of psychological disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder suspects. First floor, second floor area of the four-unit, there lived a lady, was originally a business accountant, worked as Deputy Director of Finance, he has been retired.She is a more elegant lady, upper body, good skin care, micro-hot hair, decent, casual clothes.Although retired, I never go out, to be bored at home every day.Occasionally to see her go out to buy food, carrying a shiny black handbag, wearing a light blue wool coat, chest rise look, walking light, full of confidence, like going to the same date. Ms. surnamed Xia, because they live in a community for many years, so very familiar.She is a very good reputation of a person, the character seems quite good, never quarrel with someone, have not seen her quarreled with neighbors, met on the way familiar neighbor, also affectionately say hello, or even to stop and say a few sentence.She was a quiet person, can be a gentle, he has a good temperament and politeness.Some is slightly cold, like some aloof. Ms. Xia was a special person like the clean, 2078, in our neighborhood, well-known. I heard that, she put her Liangshiliangting home tidy is simply spotless, real bright and clean.She is a cleaning of the madman, not stingy time, not stingy costs.Small houses, more than 120 square one day have to rub it twice, the first time and have to use a mixture of water ‘August’ disinfectant, a furniture and floor disinfection, all every corner, We have to wipe, even at the prostrate on the ground.I heard, for cleaning, she purchased a variety of mop, there are a dozen. Occasionally visited her family said, her home decorated very pretty.A door is a spacious foyer, the eye, is a beautiful fabric sofa combination of one hundred twenty-four, beautiful and generous.However, people can not sit, can only stand to speak, she never asked people to sit on the sofa, she was afraid someone else messed up neat, angular cloth pad.Her home curtains, is landing, Milan, Italy, curtain cloth, full European style, in line with the current trend of home decoration, with a fresh, elegant modern. Almost ten days, I saw that he has also been in the back of her husband, struggling, even gingerly, stepping on a small red household ladder, picking curtains in unloading, or as in the installation of the curtain. In fact, Ms. Xia is the denial to her home to go to, and what people can not go to her house, she was not welcome, she was afraid her family’s dirty ground, even Mengen not open, they speak through the door.There is no way, and opened a thin crack in the door, through the door and guests say a few words, then quickly shut, for fear that others entered the house. On one occasion, because the family faucet is broken, but she will not repair, there is no alternative but to ask residential property maintenance staff came to repair it.After the work is completed, need to pay part of the cost, while waiting, the maintenance man sat her on the sofa, that is, half a minute, people left, she took her a clean or wash a sofa cover the whole.That’s a big sofa, fabric sofa sets 10 senders, washed with a washing machine, but also more than one hour. Listen to the other woman said, if Ms. Xia bath, must be at least two hours, desperately rubbing, it seems, like any grudges and their own will oozing blood stained thin arm.She will say pain, it is unable to control. Although the neighbors are cooked, but Ms. Xia never stopping, I do not know how she thinks. Sometimes, the district where the neighbors for her particularly clean, but also talk.Say, she may be sick, psychological disorders, they may be suffering from obsessive disorder. Disease, not evil, whether it is a physical illness or mental illness, especially mental illness, people just happened unhealthy psychological conditions. In this intricate world, in this complex society, social transformation fast, fierce competition for survival, it is because of genetic factors, differences in personality, different experiences, due to the tension, the pressure of work, outside interference spirit, plus limitations on self-awareness and debugging, so that on their own thinking, serious emotional disturbance occurred and the behavior, it may be sick. I suggested that she should go see a psychiatrist.But if she says mental “illness”, her confident personality, which is nothing short of curse words, certainly will not listen.Moreover, she is fifty six or seven, do not know can not be treated and corrected.

Thinking of You; Longgang real cow fight

Thinking of You?Doo Longgang real cow ccc111023 have long said that fighting the dragon, cattle everywhere along the coast, hundreds of miles east to find a leader, Dafeng Port eagerly, flying fish everywhere, more elk by stream, towers into the clouds.    After a fight in the eyes of Longkou, beauty go.  Windmill motion, high-speed Fen, the new atlas can.  Civil Aviation puts up north and south, China and South Korea also day.    Visible floor Lin Huan days, is expected to be happy beings.  Tailback large vertical Lake, tidal wetlands are, fighting Longgang real cattle!  2012-6-27 Wikipedia card fight Longgang, also known as Long kaihe, cattle Bay River.Five original upstream Shilihe, east by Fung, Longwangmiao, the next gate into the sea, total length 60 km.1965 Annual remediation.After the renovation of Longgang fighting west from Sun from the same village outskirts, upon Chuanchang River, Fang Qiang, ARON, Gangzha fighting the dragon into the sea, a total length of 78.2 km, the basin area of 4428 square kilometers, is the natural drainage into the sea dry river Lixiahe.

Father and Qin Opera

A black and white photo of my father reminds me of the past.   Father is a humble farmer, suffering hardships is a common occurrence. There are many brothers in our family, except for the eldest brother and the second brother, they can hardly help much. For the livelihood of the family, they sell coolies and dig wells for others in the countryside of dozens of miles around the year.. Every winter and December, the cold wind blows like a sword at the father who stands in the water waving a spade.. Many families around enjoy the sweetness of the well water, while the father, apart from getting a meager wage, is suffering from rheumatic arthritis, which is difficult to sleep in all his life..   In the face of the difficulties of life and his own ailments, his father always smiled at the corners of his mouth and calmly dealt with everything. At that time, I was still too young to get the answer. On my return from school, through the mottled and blurred shadows of the trees, I clearly heard my father’s familiar voice ( only related to the local opera Qin Qiang in my hometown ) curling up, as if singing with relish.. I was lucky enough to listen to my father’s high and mellow’ Qin Zhisheng’ many times, and then lost in thought. Although the ordinary day is bitter and scorching, the burden on the shoulders is not easy, but the father is still full of spirit and may be related to the accompanying Qin opera in the morning and evening.. In the years of suffering, singing the Qin tune, the heavy footsteps will slowly become easier!   Later learned some things just confirmed this point. He first entered a group of like-minded people’s ” self – music class” in the Qin dialect, and when big things such as weddings and funerals appear in the countryside, they naturally have to work hard.. Once the dinner party was over, he hurried to work hard in the fields. For his beloved Qin dialect and the ” self – music class” that let him hold his heart, he resigned a tolerance that was enough to make the world envy him.. Perhaps, in the father’s mind, Qin Qiang is the whole of their generation’s spiritual life.   With the passage of time, the family’s conditions have improved compared with the past, and the pressure on the father has been relieved. Even so, his father still loves his Qin accent. Or continue to participate in the daily activities of’ self – music class’, or’ keep’ enjoying the wonderful singing passages of famous rookies played by provincial radio stations outside the window of a family with a radio. ah, after all, the years have not spared people, the father is getting older and older, the silver is getting more and more, the person is thinner, and his early hale and hearty body is no longer tall and straight.. By the middle of the 1980s, my father died quietly from myocardial infarction..   Father left with all his contentment and regrets. However, it seems that an ordinary portrait can not always be found. I don’t know who came up with the idea. The eldest brother ran several natural villages with the hope of the whole family, and finally found a ” family photo” at the home of an old artist who sang with his father’s ” Zile Ban”. The gray-yellow picture was finally’ framed’ and’ single shot’ by the father after being photographed, cut, enlarged and developed by the master of the town photo studio..   Every time I see this photo, I think of the past events related to my father: such as drilling wells, quitting business, singing’ self – music class’ . ” Staring at this black and white photo, my father’s voice and smile seem to live in front of me, while my father’s lofty and mellow Qin Feng Qin Yun seems to echo in my ears again … Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Deep in the forest of clouds, a hangover of soul

Attend the bamboo pavilion regulations Wang Wei leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song.     too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon.     Wen / light ink world of mortals is still at night and the wind is clear. A wisp of moonlight came, a note of vegetarian warmth was held, a cup of inky incense was poured, and a Qinghuan was found.. I like the cool and refreshing place in my heart most, laying quietly elegant poetry. Low brow, suddenly heard the sound of a great zither, from between the lines, reaching deep into the soul, trying to find out through the fog, only to fall into the wonderful realm of Tao Ran’s ethereal spirit without knowing the way home..     On the bank of the water mae, I saw a bright and long man with a happy face in the depths of the cloud forest, waving five strings, singing and singing, his eyes slightly closed and his heart wandering in taixuan. The gentle moonlight, like gauze, gently sprinkled on him and looked far away, giving people a sacred and inviolable purity.. I, who strayed into the water bank, listened quietly and looked silently as if even breathing was unnecessary..     This is a leisurely meeting with the moon and bamboo forest, a romantic love with nature and music, a dance with soul, and a unique joy in life..     A Mohist once said that happiness alone is the Buddha nature of life, like the wind blowing from the bottom of the lotus.. It is not a hysterical carnival, nor is it a solitary solitude, but an indulgence beyond life, a dialogue with one’s own heart on the way of pilgrimage..     Indeed, all living beings are in uproar, only the flowers are still. Poet leaning alone in the close bamboos, the world forgets its opportunities, and there is no obstacle from common dust, nor is there any other person’s asking for help. He is full of forgiveness from heaven and earth and forgets everything from me to me.. The most beautiful flowers in the world are in the unknown. The clearest water flows in the mountains and forests. The ideal Taoyuan is in everyone’s heart.     The flashy world will only dye a heart in color and lose its former pure posture.. However, a quiet plain heart can shed all the magnificent colors in the world and enjoy simple happiness in a tune.. Because it is simple, it is clean. Because of light, so compassion; Because Ann tien, so precious. Deep in the forest of clouds, many fame and fortune have been played as white paper, and many past events have been divided into autumn red and autumn red.. As if one flower, one wood, one mountain and one water have Zen meaning, and all this is only for those who look at the scenery.     Suddenly, only the sound of the piano on the other side is getting further and further away from me, and all the wonderful interests in front of me are gradually becoming hazy.. Quiet corner of me, sudden feeling inner panic, unprepared, so beautiful and beautiful, it is sentimentally attached, let a person not give up leaving.     Lift your eyes, it is already late at night, the scene in front of you has already changed into a poem volume in your hand. However, is the wet handwriting my clear tears? It turned out that it was only a dream encounter, so the world forgot the machine is always too far away from me, across the shore of the distance. In this world, after all, I have too many worries, too many responsibilities, and the fetters of fate do not allow me to run away decisively.     The author of this poem is Wang Wei, who is called Shi Fo. Buddhism has a bill to participate in the Vimalakirt Sutra, which implies cleanness and freedom from pollution. Wang Wei, knowing that the Buddha is deeply related to him, took the word Vimalakirt.. He spent his life seeking sustenance in Buddhism and landscape, calling himself’ one enlightenment and silence is joy, and this life has nothing to spare’.     Whenever he is bound by the floating world, he will think of a poem by Wang Wei’ I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds’. There were numerous poets and monks in the Tang Dynasty, but only Wang Mojie was in Shi Fo. His poetry is cold and deep, far away from the world, free from earthly fireworks and full of Zen. The landscape in his works has surpassed the natural interest and immersed itself in a Zen realm, which is the difference between Wang and other poets.. Many people’s love for him is due to his poetic environment, which can take you away from the distracting worldly life in an instant and give the poor and needy a chance to change their fortunes..     It is often said that all encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. Perhaps, oneself and Wang Shi have some kind of inseparable predestination. Under the same time, everyone lives a life of his own. Some people, thousands of years apart, can confide in themselves. Some people, close at hand, are strangers. The same Tang poem, different people, was moved by different words. Emotion is the fatal weakness of human nature. The person you like may be ordinary, but you can’t forget it. The sentence you like may be unusual, but it makes you fondle admiringly..     Every time I read Wang Wei’s poems, I feel that although the journey under my feet is like the wind, there is a beautiful and picturesque rhyme that will never float away with time.. His poem, like a pot of tea cooked in the moonlight, lets you melt in without knowing it. If you grind in inkstone, your soul is dyed on rice paper by painter bo, and you think it is in the world.     In his poems, there is a kind of silent beauty in the emptiness, which enables readers to withstand the numerous temptations and endure the boundless loneliness. Indifferent feelings, flowing leisurely Zen. At the moment, you are still worrying about common things. All you need is a wisp of music, a cut of rhyme and a little ink and wash to resolve all the suffering there..     In the regulations on a dream of red mansions, Dai Yu taught Xiangling to write poetry, which was the first of Wang Mochai’s poems, again from Du Gongbu and Li Qinglian.. She lent Xiangling her regulations on participating in the complete works of Wang Mojie to read, which shows how much the talented woman of Zhong Ling Yuxiu likes Mojie’s poetry scene..    The bustling city with neon flashing and materialistic desire is indeed a temptation, but it seems to be less natural and simple than the clean mountain forest.. The reason why Wang Wei’s poems can be as light as floating dust is that his heart realizes that only nature is real and eternal.     Although everyone can touch the cool breeze with his hand, white clouds can be seen with his eyes lifted, and water can be heard while sitting still, if you do not have a quiet heart, you cannot have a profound conversation with all things in nature.. We should believe that everyone lives with his or her heart resting on him or her, or life will be dull..     leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song, too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon. Some people, some things, are destined to meet only in dreams. But I know that the strings of life will play brighter and brighter and shine clean in the cold moonlight..     QQ : 786835068

About cold

About the cold, I am afraid of the cold. It is cool to talk about the cold.. Last night, a piece of news in the circle of friends began to spread like a plague, saying that Liaocheng is going to have a big temperature drop, rain and strong winds, which are very severe and combative. At night, I curled up in bed and shivered..     There is such a fear that it is all caused by the cold memory in childhood. I think it makes sense to say’ childhood can’t go out for a lifetime’. The feeling and memory of cold in a long childhood are too deep and profound, even if you pick up some fragments of cold memory in your childhood today, it can be said that you can easily pick them up..     For example, when I was a child, there were many cracks, large and small, on the road in winter in my hometown, saying that it was frozen and like a ghost, I would eat people with my mouth open.. Again, for example, in winter, there are often some cracks on the back of the hand, which is also frozen. The volume of the whole hand is nearly twice as large as normal. If the color is as ripe as pork elbow, the fragile skin will inevitably burst and ooze blood and thick juice from time to time.. In fact, the phenomenon is also very common. I still feel more profound and profound. I learned a few words about cold after school, such as’ the cold wind is biting’ and’ the wind is cutting like a knife. The teacher described the weather as cold as if it had been exaggerated many times, but I felt that the cold wind is biting and the wind is cutting like a knife is not exaggerating at all..     Because of fear of the cold, one of my greatest wishes as a child was to go to the south in the future, because I think the south must be warm near the sun. As a child, my imagination of space was very different between the north and the south. The imagination of the north can only reach 7 – 8 miles to the north of our village. I can’t imagine anything further north, but for the south, I can imagine the area around the Yangtze River, which is a paradise in my imagination..     Until many years later, I met a friend who went to school from the Yangtze River in the south. Speaking of winter in the south was much more than I expected. He said that winter in the south was much more profound than my feeling of cold, saying,’ We are all fake cold here, that’s really cold in the south. The cold here is cold meat pain, and the cold in the south is frozen into bones’. It turned out that the warm south I imagined was a misunderstanding. In cold weather, the south and the north have nowhere to hide..     In the history of our country, it is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the external disasters come from the north. Is there any weather factor in the persistent southward attacks of the nomads born in the north?? Is there any misunderstanding of the south as I do? At the thought of this, I sometimes have a somewhat better understanding of the continuous southward invasion of nomads born in the north in history. If I were born in the desolate and cold northern grassland, would I be willing to do so?? It is estimated that he will ride his horse and kick all the way south. The warm south is a gentle land of milk and honey, and the lotus flowers in the three autumn laurels will drool when he thinks about it..     In fact, compared with places farther north, such as northeast China, our coldness here is really nothing, and it is only minus ten degrees when we are coldest here, but the northeast China will casually get a minus ten degrees. I haven’t been to northeast China in winter, and I can’t imagine what kind of cold it is, so I thought once that the northeast people’s body must have strong cold resistance, but one year a northeast folks came back to visit relatives, but they were bitter and bitter with cold and turned hair and color, shrinking their heads and tails, saying that Shandong is too cold and their expressions are much more exaggerated than ours.. I was really surprised to see businessmen and craftsmen from the south walking through the cold wind in the north with thin plates and thinner clothes from time to time.! It is really completely subverting my previous understanding of northerners and southerners.     The cold resistance of animals is much stronger than that of human beings, and some experts have concluded that the animal skin is covered with thick fluff and the warmth retention index is quite good.. However, there are still many animals that do not have fluff, such as cattle and horses, which have very little fluff and only a thin layer of body hair. The pig’s body is even small and thick and hard with ordinary hair, and those animals that do not have hair, such as frogs and snakes, are forced to fight the cold with fresh meat. This spirit of Hong Mei proud of snow is also true..     I often think that people should really hibernate. When the earth is frozen for thousands of miles, where is it suitable for survival? , but human beings just can’t bear loneliness, don’t want to kill all things shaw season noisy not line. Did man really evolve from ape man? If you are so intolerant to the cold, why did you get rid of all your hair?? So that now from time to time, some other animals’ fur has been forcibly peeled off and put on their own bodies. If you leave me with a beautiful hair, I will dye it in various colors to make a changeable hair style, which is definitely much more than the wisp of black hair on the top of my head now..     From time to time in recent years, there have been articles about Japanese education, saying that Japanese teenagers deliberately run outdoors in the winter season with shorts and thin shirts, in order to work their muscles and bones to strengthen their will and respect them, and that they are more spoiled than Chinese teenagers.. I looked very disapprovingly and unconvinced, thinking that Japanese teenagers have a good life, what do they have when they move from warm indoor to outdoor, the heat stored in their bodies can completely cope with the cold within a certain period of time and protect their bodies from frostbite, and their feelings for the cold are also different.. Just like a person who deliberately does not eat for one or two days feels different about hunger from those who are destitute and have not been able to find a place for the last meal..     When I was a teenager, I never had to run outdoors deliberately, because there was no difference between our indoor and outdoor areas. When I was a child, the doors and windows in my hometown were not tightly sealed, and there was no heating facilities in the room. When the outdoor temperature was below zero, the indoor was frozen at any time. I still remember that the rice bowls piled up during meals were frozen together and need to be boiled with hot rice.. Although three meals a day can eat but not enough calories, and the body is cold this winter, so frostbite of feet, hands, ears and face is a common occurrence every winter, first swelling and discoloring, then skin cracking and bleeding, then festering and festering, and finally scabbing and molting, year after year. If one can compare with the other in terms of will?     My daughter asked me what I was doing. I said I had written some words about the cold. My daughter returned to me:’ Dad, you are so boring’.     I replied, ” Isn’t it?”. Just boring.     2019. 11. 08. 21.08

Rain, dripping onto the atrium

Raindrops falling, the sound I was very impulsive.Severe headaches, but the loss of cold air into the room in a consistent.    I told myself, should not be so sigh of fear in life is just over a quarter, is still very long, very long.However, imagine the beauty and the cruel reality, I had to stand in the corner, I’m afraid, fear, even if I know that everyone will experience these.In fact, I am very fragile, never learned to disguise themselves, someone cynical, I feel something wrong, how have so much temper, that when I cry, I only had I really want to do, never malicious, I am the only one person has been standing there.You do not know is that I never needed someone move closer to me, but, I really do not when when trying to ridicule me, I will be very sad, really.    Rain, the weather suddenly cool down.I saw the grave behind the school dormitory, a seat, as the morning sun, stuck to my eyes.I think really should rest quietly and think about his past and what will be done, on their own is the most real, is not it?Experience, I understand that the University is different from the past, at least, wayward consequences of their own can not afford.Looking back, I wandered, look forward, now it can be determined only life something to look forward, it will not be boring, only a plan, the habit of going live, it will not fall, has been the case, has never changed.    I never insist on only half as long as the things that do not do it at the beginning of.Know the word “fine”, that is sophisticated and meticulous; fine, learn to “fine life”, not all people are the most out of color, but it is to live the freest, happiest, most satisfied.Only do what you want, as long as they want, not vanity, not greedy, do only their own.Life can go sad, unwilling to be, all have a limit, you find it?Whether like me, but I told myself, listening to a song, cry over, just now decided to start, what is too late, just stick to it, there is a chance of success.    Suddenly, the thought of the Three Kingdoms of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang before encountering almost no city, no soldiers.”Virtue” is Liu Bei’s stick, when I look at the three countries, many of scared, scared people do know how to dream a stick, from fall.Compared to him, I was regarded as a disease-free chaos groan.I understand that dream, from big or small, perhaps because of cowardice, will not firm, so what have become very unhappy.You can take a person, as long as your body is full of passion, blood, do not just give up.    Like March, at that time, seemed to be in early spring, the earth has green, no barren, dead, only the good start.That, is what I always hope.I’m looking for a harbor only to their own, it is here.    The rain stopped, the air fresh and all of a sudden it looked very empty, silent.Always remember you ever laughed at, disdain in the eyes, but you do not know: I will use my own mind, a strong hold up the sky.