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Father and Qin Opera

A black and white photo of my father reminds me of the past.   Father is a humble farmer, suffering hardships is a common occurrence. There are many brothers in our family, except for the eldest brother and the second brother, they can hardly help much. For the livelihood of the family, they sell coolies and dig wells for others in the countryside of dozens of miles around the year.. Every winter and December, the cold wind blows like a sword at the father who stands in the water waving a spade.. Many families around enjoy the sweetness of the well water, while the father, apart from getting a meager wage, is suffering from rheumatic arthritis, which is difficult to sleep in all his life..   In the face of the difficulties of life and his own ailments, his father always smiled at the corners of his mouth and calmly dealt with everything. At that time, I was still too young to get the answer. On my return from school, through the mottled and blurred shadows of the trees, I clearly heard my father’s familiar voice ( only related to the local opera Qin Qiang in my hometown ) curling up, as if singing with relish.. I was lucky enough to listen to my father’s high and mellow’ Qin Zhisheng’ many times, and then lost in thought. Although the ordinary day is bitter and scorching, the burden on the shoulders is not easy, but the father is still full of spirit and may be related to the accompanying Qin opera in the morning and evening.. In the years of suffering, singing the Qin tune, the heavy footsteps will slowly become easier!   Later learned some things just confirmed this point. He first entered a group of like-minded people’s ” self – music class” in the Qin dialect, and when big things such as weddings and funerals appear in the countryside, they naturally have to work hard.. Once the dinner party was over, he hurried to work hard in the fields. For his beloved Qin dialect and the ” self – music class” that let him hold his heart, he resigned a tolerance that was enough to make the world envy him.. Perhaps, in the father’s mind, Qin Qiang is the whole of their generation’s spiritual life.   With the passage of time, the family’s conditions have improved compared with the past, and the pressure on the father has been relieved. Even so, his father still loves his Qin accent. Or continue to participate in the daily activities of’ self – music class’, or’ keep’ enjoying the wonderful singing passages of famous rookies played by provincial radio stations outside the window of a family with a radio. ah, after all, the years have not spared people, the father is getting older and older, the silver is getting more and more, the person is thinner, and his early hale and hearty body is no longer tall and straight.. By the middle of the 1980s, my father died quietly from myocardial infarction..   Father left with all his contentment and regrets. However, it seems that an ordinary portrait can not always be found. I don’t know who came up with the idea. The eldest brother ran several natural villages with the hope of the whole family, and finally found a ” family photo” at the home of an old artist who sang with his father’s ” Zile Ban”. The gray-yellow picture was finally’ framed’ and’ single shot’ by the father after being photographed, cut, enlarged and developed by the master of the town photo studio..   Every time I see this photo, I think of the past events related to my father: such as drilling wells, quitting business, singing’ self – music class’ . ” Staring at this black and white photo, my father’s voice and smile seem to live in front of me, while my father’s lofty and mellow Qin Feng Qin Yun seems to echo in my ears again … Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Deep in the forest of clouds, a hangover of soul

Attend the bamboo pavilion regulations Wang Wei leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song.     too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon.     Wen / light ink world of mortals is still at night and the wind is clear. A wisp of moonlight came, a note of vegetarian warmth was held, a cup of inky incense was poured, and a Qinghuan was found.. I like the cool and refreshing place in my heart most, laying quietly elegant poetry. Low brow, suddenly heard the sound of a great zither, from between the lines, reaching deep into the soul, trying to find out through the fog, only to fall into the wonderful realm of Tao Ran’s ethereal spirit without knowing the way home..     On the bank of the water mae, I saw a bright and long man with a happy face in the depths of the cloud forest, waving five strings, singing and singing, his eyes slightly closed and his heart wandering in taixuan. The gentle moonlight, like gauze, gently sprinkled on him and looked far away, giving people a sacred and inviolable purity.. I, who strayed into the water bank, listened quietly and looked silently as if even breathing was unnecessary..     This is a leisurely meeting with the moon and bamboo forest, a romantic love with nature and music, a dance with soul, and a unique joy in life..     A Mohist once said that happiness alone is the Buddha nature of life, like the wind blowing from the bottom of the lotus.. It is not a hysterical carnival, nor is it a solitary solitude, but an indulgence beyond life, a dialogue with one’s own heart on the way of pilgrimage..     Indeed, all living beings are in uproar, only the flowers are still. Poet leaning alone in the close bamboos, the world forgets its opportunities, and there is no obstacle from common dust, nor is there any other person’s asking for help. He is full of forgiveness from heaven and earth and forgets everything from me to me.. The most beautiful flowers in the world are in the unknown. The clearest water flows in the mountains and forests. The ideal Taoyuan is in everyone’s heart.     The flashy world will only dye a heart in color and lose its former pure posture.. However, a quiet plain heart can shed all the magnificent colors in the world and enjoy simple happiness in a tune.. Because it is simple, it is clean. Because of light, so compassion; Because Ann tien, so precious. Deep in the forest of clouds, many fame and fortune have been played as white paper, and many past events have been divided into autumn red and autumn red.. As if one flower, one wood, one mountain and one water have Zen meaning, and all this is only for those who look at the scenery.     Suddenly, only the sound of the piano on the other side is getting further and further away from me, and all the wonderful interests in front of me are gradually becoming hazy.. Quiet corner of me, sudden feeling inner panic, unprepared, so beautiful and beautiful, it is sentimentally attached, let a person not give up leaving.     Lift your eyes, it is already late at night, the scene in front of you has already changed into a poem volume in your hand. However, is the wet handwriting my clear tears? It turned out that it was only a dream encounter, so the world forgot the machine is always too far away from me, across the shore of the distance. In this world, after all, I have too many worries, too many responsibilities, and the fetters of fate do not allow me to run away decisively.     The author of this poem is Wang Wei, who is called Shi Fo. Buddhism has a bill to participate in the Vimalakirt Sutra, which implies cleanness and freedom from pollution. Wang Wei, knowing that the Buddha is deeply related to him, took the word Vimalakirt.. He spent his life seeking sustenance in Buddhism and landscape, calling himself’ one enlightenment and silence is joy, and this life has nothing to spare’.     Whenever he is bound by the floating world, he will think of a poem by Wang Wei’ I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds’. There were numerous poets and monks in the Tang Dynasty, but only Wang Mojie was in Shi Fo. His poetry is cold and deep, far away from the world, free from earthly fireworks and full of Zen. The landscape in his works has surpassed the natural interest and immersed itself in a Zen realm, which is the difference between Wang and other poets.. Many people’s love for him is due to his poetic environment, which can take you away from the distracting worldly life in an instant and give the poor and needy a chance to change their fortunes..     It is often said that all encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. Perhaps, oneself and Wang Shi have some kind of inseparable predestination. Under the same time, everyone lives a life of his own. Some people, thousands of years apart, can confide in themselves. Some people, close at hand, are strangers. The same Tang poem, different people, was moved by different words. Emotion is the fatal weakness of human nature. The person you like may be ordinary, but you can’t forget it. The sentence you like may be unusual, but it makes you fondle admiringly..     Every time I read Wang Wei’s poems, I feel that although the journey under my feet is like the wind, there is a beautiful and picturesque rhyme that will never float away with time.. His poem, like a pot of tea cooked in the moonlight, lets you melt in without knowing it. If you grind in inkstone, your soul is dyed on rice paper by painter bo, and you think it is in the world.     In his poems, there is a kind of silent beauty in the emptiness, which enables readers to withstand the numerous temptations and endure the boundless loneliness. Indifferent feelings, flowing leisurely Zen. At the moment, you are still worrying about common things. All you need is a wisp of music, a cut of rhyme and a little ink and wash to resolve all the suffering there..     In the regulations on a dream of red mansions, Dai Yu taught Xiangling to write poetry, which was the first of Wang Mochai’s poems, again from Du Gongbu and Li Qinglian.. She lent Xiangling her regulations on participating in the complete works of Wang Mojie to read, which shows how much the talented woman of Zhong Ling Yuxiu likes Mojie’s poetry scene..    The bustling city with neon flashing and materialistic desire is indeed a temptation, but it seems to be less natural and simple than the clean mountain forest.. The reason why Wang Wei’s poems can be as light as floating dust is that his heart realizes that only nature is real and eternal.     Although everyone can touch the cool breeze with his hand, white clouds can be seen with his eyes lifted, and water can be heard while sitting still, if you do not have a quiet heart, you cannot have a profound conversation with all things in nature.. We should believe that everyone lives with his or her heart resting on him or her, or life will be dull..     leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song, too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon. Some people, some things, are destined to meet only in dreams. But I know that the strings of life will play brighter and brighter and shine clean in the cold moonlight..     QQ : 786835068

About cold

About the cold, I am afraid of the cold. It is cool to talk about the cold.. Last night, a piece of news in the circle of friends began to spread like a plague, saying that Liaocheng is going to have a big temperature drop, rain and strong winds, which are very severe and combative. At night, I curled up in bed and shivered..     There is such a fear that it is all caused by the cold memory in childhood. I think it makes sense to say’ childhood can’t go out for a lifetime’. The feeling and memory of cold in a long childhood are too deep and profound, even if you pick up some fragments of cold memory in your childhood today, it can be said that you can easily pick them up..     For example, when I was a child, there were many cracks, large and small, on the road in winter in my hometown, saying that it was frozen and like a ghost, I would eat people with my mouth open.. Again, for example, in winter, there are often some cracks on the back of the hand, which is also frozen. The volume of the whole hand is nearly twice as large as normal. If the color is as ripe as pork elbow, the fragile skin will inevitably burst and ooze blood and thick juice from time to time.. In fact, the phenomenon is also very common. I still feel more profound and profound. I learned a few words about cold after school, such as’ the cold wind is biting’ and’ the wind is cutting like a knife. The teacher described the weather as cold as if it had been exaggerated many times, but I felt that the cold wind is biting and the wind is cutting like a knife is not exaggerating at all..     Because of fear of the cold, one of my greatest wishes as a child was to go to the south in the future, because I think the south must be warm near the sun. As a child, my imagination of space was very different between the north and the south. The imagination of the north can only reach 7 – 8 miles to the north of our village. I can’t imagine anything further north, but for the south, I can imagine the area around the Yangtze River, which is a paradise in my imagination..     Until many years later, I met a friend who went to school from the Yangtze River in the south. Speaking of winter in the south was much more than I expected. He said that winter in the south was much more profound than my feeling of cold, saying,’ We are all fake cold here, that’s really cold in the south. The cold here is cold meat pain, and the cold in the south is frozen into bones’. It turned out that the warm south I imagined was a misunderstanding. In cold weather, the south and the north have nowhere to hide..     In the history of our country, it is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the external disasters come from the north. Is there any weather factor in the persistent southward attacks of the nomads born in the north?? Is there any misunderstanding of the south as I do? At the thought of this, I sometimes have a somewhat better understanding of the continuous southward invasion of nomads born in the north in history. If I were born in the desolate and cold northern grassland, would I be willing to do so?? It is estimated that he will ride his horse and kick all the way south. The warm south is a gentle land of milk and honey, and the lotus flowers in the three autumn laurels will drool when he thinks about it..     In fact, compared with places farther north, such as northeast China, our coldness here is really nothing, and it is only minus ten degrees when we are coldest here, but the northeast China will casually get a minus ten degrees. I haven’t been to northeast China in winter, and I can’t imagine what kind of cold it is, so I thought once that the northeast people’s body must have strong cold resistance, but one year a northeast folks came back to visit relatives, but they were bitter and bitter with cold and turned hair and color, shrinking their heads and tails, saying that Shandong is too cold and their expressions are much more exaggerated than ours.. I was really surprised to see businessmen and craftsmen from the south walking through the cold wind in the north with thin plates and thinner clothes from time to time.! It is really completely subverting my previous understanding of northerners and southerners.     The cold resistance of animals is much stronger than that of human beings, and some experts have concluded that the animal skin is covered with thick fluff and the warmth retention index is quite good.. However, there are still many animals that do not have fluff, such as cattle and horses, which have very little fluff and only a thin layer of body hair. The pig’s body is even small and thick and hard with ordinary hair, and those animals that do not have hair, such as frogs and snakes, are forced to fight the cold with fresh meat. This spirit of Hong Mei proud of snow is also true..     I often think that people should really hibernate. When the earth is frozen for thousands of miles, where is it suitable for survival? , but human beings just can’t bear loneliness, don’t want to kill all things shaw season noisy not line. Did man really evolve from ape man? If you are so intolerant to the cold, why did you get rid of all your hair?? So that now from time to time, some other animals’ fur has been forcibly peeled off and put on their own bodies. If you leave me with a beautiful hair, I will dye it in various colors to make a changeable hair style, which is definitely much more than the wisp of black hair on the top of my head now..     From time to time in recent years, there have been articles about Japanese education, saying that Japanese teenagers deliberately run outdoors in the winter season with shorts and thin shirts, in order to work their muscles and bones to strengthen their will and respect them, and that they are more spoiled than Chinese teenagers.. I looked very disapprovingly and unconvinced, thinking that Japanese teenagers have a good life, what do they have when they move from warm indoor to outdoor, the heat stored in their bodies can completely cope with the cold within a certain period of time and protect their bodies from frostbite, and their feelings for the cold are also different.. Just like a person who deliberately does not eat for one or two days feels different about hunger from those who are destitute and have not been able to find a place for the last meal..     When I was a teenager, I never had to run outdoors deliberately, because there was no difference between our indoor and outdoor areas. When I was a child, the doors and windows in my hometown were not tightly sealed, and there was no heating facilities in the room. When the outdoor temperature was below zero, the indoor was frozen at any time. I still remember that the rice bowls piled up during meals were frozen together and need to be boiled with hot rice.. Although three meals a day can eat but not enough calories, and the body is cold this winter, so frostbite of feet, hands, ears and face is a common occurrence every winter, first swelling and discoloring, then skin cracking and bleeding, then festering and festering, and finally scabbing and molting, year after year. If one can compare with the other in terms of will?     My daughter asked me what I was doing. I said I had written some words about the cold. My daughter returned to me:’ Dad, you are so boring’.     I replied, ” Isn’t it?”. Just boring.     2019. 11. 08. 21.08

Rain, dripping onto the atrium

Raindrops falling, the sound I was very impulsive.Severe headaches, but the loss of cold air into the room in a consistent.    I told myself, should not be so sigh of fear in life is just over a quarter, is still very long, very long.However, imagine the beauty and the cruel reality, I had to stand in the corner, I’m afraid, fear, even if I know that everyone will experience these.In fact, I am very fragile, never learned to disguise themselves, someone cynical, I feel something wrong, how have so much temper, that when I cry, I only had I really want to do, never malicious, I am the only one person has been standing there.You do not know is that I never needed someone move closer to me, but, I really do not when when trying to ridicule me, I will be very sad, really.    Rain, the weather suddenly cool down.I saw the grave behind the school dormitory, a seat, as the morning sun, stuck to my eyes.I think really should rest quietly and think about his past and what will be done, on their own is the most real, is not it?Experience, I understand that the University is different from the past, at least, wayward consequences of their own can not afford.Looking back, I wandered, look forward, now it can be determined only life something to look forward, it will not be boring, only a plan, the habit of going live, it will not fall, has been the case, has never changed.    I never insist on only half as long as the things that do not do it at the beginning of.Know the word “fine”, that is sophisticated and meticulous; fine, learn to “fine life”, not all people are the most out of color, but it is to live the freest, happiest, most satisfied.Only do what you want, as long as they want, not vanity, not greedy, do only their own.Life can go sad, unwilling to be, all have a limit, you find it?Whether like me, but I told myself, listening to a song, cry over, just now decided to start, what is too late, just stick to it, there is a chance of success.    Suddenly, the thought of the Three Kingdoms of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang before encountering almost no city, no soldiers.”Virtue” is Liu Bei’s stick, when I look at the three countries, many of scared, scared people do know how to dream a stick, from fall.Compared to him, I was regarded as a disease-free chaos groan.I understand that dream, from big or small, perhaps because of cowardice, will not firm, so what have become very unhappy.You can take a person, as long as your body is full of passion, blood, do not just give up.    Like March, at that time, seemed to be in early spring, the earth has green, no barren, dead, only the good start.That, is what I always hope.I’m looking for a harbor only to their own, it is here.    The rain stopped, the air fresh and all of a sudden it looked very empty, silent.Always remember you ever laughed at, disdain in the eyes, but you do not know: I will use my own mind, a strong hold up the sky.


Late at night, the world quietly off to sleep, people’s thoughts are flying at random.In the dream, miss their loved ones, friends, colleagues familiar with are still around, I will not feel lonely.    Riyousuosi night had a dream.In particular, who want, who will be able to dream.Loneliness is often part of the day, dream people do not feel alone at all I can get lost in a dream reproduction.People say: you have a dream there is hope, there is looking forward to have a dream, a dream there is ideal, the pursuit of.New Year, hope there will be dreams, there will be new dreams, hopes dreams come true!    Child’s dream is to be able to wear new clothes, have their favorite new toy; student’s dream is to get good grades, admitted to a good university, find a good job; adults dream is to make more money, the family can be peace, good life ; the old man’s dream is to have a good body, children can Huijia look.Everyone in the realization of their dreams!    In the dream, I was a carefree child, smile so bright.No matter how unhappy reality people, in a dream, he is happy.Sometimes I struggled to wake up from a nightmare.How many thoughts in a dream, how many melancholy, how many laughter, how many sad.    Cold cold day, but the dream always is so warm, I’m smiling.Missing loved ones, all the familiar can be reproduced in a dream.I am no longer a lonely man.    I daydream dream there will always be you appear, I do not know if reality is too let me down, why I love to dream.When in a bad mood, when troubles, the only way is to let yourself go to sleep and dream for, you can make yourself temporarily forget everything, forget and eliminate a lot of headaches, sadness, face reality in a better mood.    In the dream, I have a lot of little secrets to share with you, there are a lot of story to tell to you; in a dream, you in close proximity, there is no longer far away; I am no longer a man in a dream cry; only a dream, I can take you around.If you never met, maybe I’m in a dream is lonely, I’m just a fleeting shadow, nice to have you in my dreams accompanied!I’m not demanding, even if only a warm dream, nothing more!    In the dream, there is no worldly tie him down and entangled, no trouble and sorrow.Whether it is the past life of the agreement?That cherished dream, it has endless thoughts and thoughts, looked on children, the stars, make a colorful dream.    In the dream I can feel your sweet, your temperature, your breathing, your heartbeat.Dream, simple and pure desire and dream of a free and easy indifferent.Weave a dream for themselves, happily singing, let your thoughts freely, unfettered.In the dream, there is no interest and deception, just want to have a simple pleasure!    No dream, the spirit becomes a barren dream promised us a good wishes, let our souls can find a home.Let us dream of emotional sustenance, some praying, is no longer a blank.Although sometimes during the long night, tossing and turning, a myriad of thoughts, but in the dream it is the perfect, sweet, a dream I want to wake up.    Life can not lose hope, can not live without dreams, even if it can not be achieved, we must have a vision of the heart, we can smile in reality.Dream people find spiritual sustenance, rely on to ease the miss, the release of pressure.Even inviting a wisp of white hair, no regrets.Life is half reality, half dream is.I wish everyone can have a beautiful reality, but also do a nice dream!    Dream is fair to everyone, even beggars, can do on a dream, so dream can be realized in a dream.What a wonderful dream ah!It turned out missing can be spent in a dream, accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, take me fall asleep soundly, wake up not willing to dream, dream Yiyi always accompanied.    Acacia red beans with that, let me put you in a dream recovered, hide you in my dreams, I have written the poem, locked in my dreams!Accompanied by sweet of you, if living in a dream is a blessing!

44 childhood memories

44 childhood memories in the child’s turn to find the child a small stream of stones, the stones began to look up in the following; what kids are looking for it, no one knows, even the children themselves do not know.Sometimes, kids saw a red stone crab at below break apart, sometimes, the children turn over stones caught a beautiful insects, more often, the children broke the stone but found nothing.However, children should always stand still break apart streams of stones, in the hearts of children, he has a strong force, the overall trend of the children who go to turn over stones in water.Children find great significance in itself.Children’s looking to grow in streams, the achievements of their own; human development in the child’s looking for the perfect and beyond their own.A history of human development, is a child looking for history.    Children find crabs, happy to put it in her power, with a stream of the crab tied Xicao.Children away from the stream, it will ignite firewood in the mountains, it will be sturdy crab in the mountains barbecue, children did not forget to bring some salt from home.On the mountain breeze blowing, the children enjoy his delicious harvest in the mountains.Child heart happy, is not only a delicious treat, as well as generate a sense of achievement in a child’s heart.Distant past, the child’s ancestors as children generally enjoy delicious in the mountains, but in order to fill the belly of hunger.But the child it is not a search for traces of life of the ancestors inadvertently?Time kept rushing forward, but a lot of things everlasting.Children are always the most close to the nature of group life, their world, inadvertently interpretation of the full value and meaning of life.    Children find bugs, and put it firmly in the hands save.Worms in children’s palms creep, creep was a child she longs; between children and insects, is not there some kind of natural understanding it?Sometimes, the children in the hands of the insect on the edge of the creek, watching the spurt insects crawling on the ground, the child’s mouth, saying some adult children amused discourse; in the child’s mind, is not it already bears the motherly love and fatherly love it?Insects went into the water, the children left the creek, go somewhere else to find their playmates.In the insects got into the water to where the child will break apart rocks in the water passes again, the children wanted to see: drilling into the water, where it still bugs?Children and insects have extremely secretive feelings.    Children had found nothing, and my heart will be some unhappy people with big words, it is to have a sense of loss.Children can not find a playmate, delicious can not find the child’s wish come true.In streams churning tired child in the stream side to stop, stare at the confused his muddy stream, the children are waiting for clarification of the stream it slowly?Children are not still in mind: stream after clarification, there will his desire in the beautiful small insects it?Wait until the muddy stream clarify what the child did not see in the clear stream in, so he got up and left the children.When the children leave, but also picked up a stone from the ground, like some angry and threw it towards the brook.What is the child’s mind in thinking about it, the child in my heart kicks it?The child will not be in the clear stream complain that it?He did not complain or find bugs..Then the child, and my heart certainly is not pleasant.Even if the spring sunshine illuminated comfortably in the child’s body, the hearts of children is not fun is still there.A full day of time, the children are surrounded by an invisible trouble, inadvertently enjoying the warm sunshine, and has no intention care about birds brook.    Children back home, and even then do not bother to say.Mother knows the child’s mind, the child in her arms, and the children say the words does not matter, my mother’s warm embrace, not music to disperse the hearts of children, mothers Kind words, to fill the vacancies in the heart of the child..Child dreaming and dream in which Wang and clear up muddy stream in, saw the red crabs, there are many beautiful insects, they are the clear stream swam yet..Children do not catch bugs, help children dream to complete a desire heart.What child does not know what to soothe the spirit, the spirit of victory.Or, in the genes of children with such elements it would have been?Where does it come from?It is not from ancient ancestors in a dream to escape after a tiger tracking?    Entire childhood, children are fascinated to find, looking for fun in the growth of children.Zhou Guoping said: “Some people are always looking for things that are all hand they do not need; some people never find, all things are hand they want.”Children do, is a special group, they are always looking for, and are all hand they want.

Often do sit-ups six benefits of practicing sit-ups should pay attention to matters of

Six benefits often do, sit-ups abdominal exercise has a certain role, the benefits of doing sit-ups, there are many, specifically what do you know, today let Xiaobian to talk about 6681 often do sit-ups six benefits。 Often we do sit-ups six benefits to improve the body's physiological function sit-ups play an important role in the development of a balanced and sustainable capacity。 Can improve the central nervous system, bone pots in a solid, flexible joints, ligaments strong, thick muscles and flexibility, while able to accelerate blood circulation, increase lung capacity, promote growth, improve exercise capacity。 Facilitate gastrointestinal motility crunches need to coordinate breathing, during exercise can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, facilitate the discharge of body exudates, and clear the air in the stomach, can well prevent constipation occurs。
Enhance, improve health often full sit-up exercise, physical and mental development is beneficial, you can adjust the person's mental, energetic people, play a physical fitness, strive to exercise will prolong pot life role。 Perseverance sit-ups sit-ups once the exercise itself is actually not a big amount of exercise, but need daily to maintain good stick and a certain movement frequency is not a easy thing to do。 So this simple exercise is a test of human perseverance way down a small movement persevere, will be a great thing, you have the willpower to stick with it every day it。
Often do sit-ups sit-ups belong to six major benefits of a more comprehensive form of exercise, his main exercise is the abdominal muscles, back muscles, the pectoralis major muscle groups, etc.。
Often do can be extended shoulder, enhanced arm, lower abdomen, chest muscles, is a well-proportioned body more upright。 Push-ups of exercise there are many, the key is to exercise for different purposes given。 Perseverance sit-ups sit-ups once the exercise itself is actually not a big amount of exercise, but need daily to maintain good stick and a certain movement frequency is not a easy thing to do, so this simple exercise is a test of perseverance person way down a small movement persevere, will be a great thing, you have perseverance every day can reduce it down to the stomach and groin sit-ups is a great movement in favor of boys, while the abdominal muscles can stimulate the groin。

Beijing slowly to look at 7: Ran rain

Seven, rain Carefree these days itinerary is still relatively tight, but the main attractions are therefore generally went on a tour。Today there is a conscious slow down a bit later to go out into the front nine to Tiananmen Square Memorial Hall, and the Temple of Heaven, Taoranting, Grand View Garden and Fayuan, these places are more concentrated, and the rain today, you can quietly tour for the rain。    In the eastern side of the North Gate Memorial, to pay tribute to his wife discharged into the ranks Xu Xiangqian, I put the bag carrying his wife to go to the east side of the south gate waiting for her exit along Memorial。Zhengyang go faster when Suddenly he heard his wife call me in the back, a look back, panting rushed over to his wife, he said to bring bag ID。Just north entrance line up in place, we asked whether you want to maintain order documents when security door, the young man answered with certainty what do not, do not take the package on the line, did not expect his wife routed to the door, armed police asked her to produce documents, depriving his wife run a lot of road, and came in first team!I constantly complain about the little guy, but his wife says that little extra we pay tribute to the twists and turns even more pious。I sat down in Zhengyang while waiting for his wife, watching the steady stream of people Memorial South exit, with great emotion and charm of Chairman Mao, died almost forty years, there are still millions of people, come together from all directions, very reverently pay homage to his Holiness!    After his wife came out, we are ready to walk through the Zhengyang Temple of Heaven, I did not expect quite a few more stops in the doorway special police cars, a lot of special police was waiting, I thought today might be sensitive sixty-four, the police increased vigilance bar。Then pass out of the underground passage from the square, take a bus destined for the Temple of Heaven Park。    Temple of Heaven in Beijing in the east side of the axis and Yongding Gate Avenue, had walked through the front door pedestrian street just a few hundred meters, the results will take a bus to get to several stations around。The temple was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420), the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Guangxu had rebuilt rebuilt, Ming and Qing emperors to worship Heaven, pray for bumper grain harvest of the place, with strict building layout, unusual and magnificent building construction architectural decoration known to the world。Temple of Heaven is the Circular Mound, pray Valley two altar collectively, have double altar wall to form inside and outside the altar wall of the South North round, symbolizing the hemispherical dome。The main building, including the altar, the South Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven, north Qiniandian, Wong dry Temple, consists of a north-south corridor——Dan PI bridge, linking these two groups of buildings。Temple of Heaven is the world's cultural heritage, demonstrate national cultural heritage, national 5A-class tourist attractions, the National Scenic Area civilized point。    But we are not very good impression of the Temple of Heaven Park, bought a ticket to go after only the inner periphery tour altar, the altar was surrounded by a whole up, buy a ticket to get in again。We further rub a travel team, take a guided tour to visit all the way along the inner periphery of the altar, until they came to Dan PI bridge。In fact, he said that the bridge was a high-road, just like the Ming Tombs Shinto, broad and luxurious。Dan PI bridge nearly 360 meters long, 30 meters wide from north to south, is the link pray Valley altar and the Circular Mound Altar。It changed. A virtual Chinese ancient buildings to permutations and combinations of the building is formed, invisible layout approach axis, forming a real, physical axis。This practice, unique in the palace buildings。Dan PI bridge has three Rock Road, in Shinto, Okimichi east, west king, from north to south, the northern end of four meters high, the southern tip of one meter, it is northbound climbing step by step, immersive heaven。I'm Dan PI bridge to go with his wife had a back and forth, shuttling between the three God Yu Wang, experience a feeling of emperors。    We are in the Yongding Gate Street and get off at the south gate of the striking snack bar to eat lunch early, and then enter from the south gate of the Temple of Heaven。I do not know right, but we think the south gate is the main entrance, where are specifically looking into the South Gate。Now we are out of the north gate of the Temple of Heaven, Temple of Heaven and then take a bus along the road to Taoranting Park, a place to get off the result is Taoranting East Gate, larger than the rain this time, we would like to East Gate East Gate Bar。Buy tickets when could not believe, as long as two dollars, suddenly looked Taoranting Park, a few words, there is a sense of intimacy, to immediately take a photo of his wife。Of course, this is a joke, my husband and I are regarded as a literary young and old, in the face of such a famous cultural attractions, natural sense of intimacy is sincere from the。Later know, this East Gate, the main entrance is Taoranting Park。    Taoranting Park was built in mid-1952, is a blend of classical architecture and modern garden art as a whole, to highlight“Culture Pavilion”As the main content of the historical and cultural park, national tetracarboxylic area, Beijing boutique Park。The whole garden covers an area of more than fifty hectares, of which the water area of a quarter。Cibei An park built in Yuan, Lin, Gong, Qiu et frequent the poetry sentiment。Li Dazhao, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and have engaged in revolutionary activities in this。In 1985, the park in the southwest Chinese name of building new garden pavilion, built around the country famous pavilions Shiyu Zuo, we Anhui Ong Ting was among them。After Taoranting Park is the first park pavilion there。Qing Emperor Kangxi 34 years (AD 1695), when any doctor kilns supervision and Industry Jiangzao Citing created within Cibei An, and take the Tang Dynasty poet,“Huang Ju home brew to be more mature, a total of Jun drunk a Ran”Of poetry, said for the pavilion Inscribed“Carefree”。Kyoto Taoranting later became attractions, it is one of China's four famous Pavilion (Pavilion four famous ancient Chinese poetry article because the literati and famous attractions: Beijing Taoranting, Chuzhou Ong Ting, Hangzhou and Changsha love late Pavilion pavilion )。After the founding of the time into the park, then the name of the TaoRanTing。    In the drizzle, we carriageway from east to west along the garden, enjoying the scenery on both sides, while walking forward, and soon came to the pavilion lake bridge。Taoranting Park Lake and the main view is the central island to the main road is bounded by the East Gate, Lake Road south, central island in the middle of the lake, accounting for a quarter of the lake from north to south and Jade Terrace Lake Bridge Hongqiao points in the lake Northwest also called a single-hole arch bridge cloud Um Donghu lake, central island, linking Cibei an and clouds painted floor, while Hongqiao and jade together, the lake surrounded by a small South lake。Lake pavilion have a bridge two arches, north of the questions amounted to“Carefree”South of the letter, saying“Nirvana”。We are getting better from the archway, and wandering around in the thick of poetic。    From the bridge to the Jade Terrace Lake Hongqiao, the way we enjoy the beauty of the central island, boarded the hilltop Jinqiu Pavilion, approached the edge of jade Hongqiao love late Pavilion, Martyrs and there stood pavilion。But very sorry, Cibei An scenic area being repaired, Taoranting we can not see the whole picture, can only stand on top of the arch cloud Um, eagerly for a look at the besieged building block of cloth dome TaoRanTing。Fortunately, cloud across the floor and painted Qingyinge nestled in the green, we went into the hospital to see, but also around the periphery, in the lotus water lily leaves, looking at the shadows on the second floor, because these two pavilion is moved from Zhongnanhai built over, now with the Pavilion across the lake while, it does exist side by side。Finally, we went into the garden pavilion Chinese name, but because of the way seen too many pavilions, the idea of which built in imitation of the famous pavilions uninterested。They will be coming out soon, through the South Lake in the West Bank from the south gate of the park。Considering the time already in the afternoon three or four points, did not go a little further afield the Grand View Garden, but directly toward the fight Fayuan。    Although the old Beijing taxi drivers, Fayuan from the Pavilion is also very close, but he did not know whether we Li Ao, Buddhism how to inspire, he was a non-concept。Until I say teaching alley nearby, before he woke up, quickly put us to teach the child the end of the alley, and a loss away。We can only know Fayuan in the vicinity, but the exact location is not clear, but to the way the information desk on the map, hard to find location。Fayuan located in the southern end Xuanwumen teacher alley east side, but a few hundred meters away from the straight-line distance TaoRanTing。Because it faces south cross-West, and separated by Tang Minzhong Temple displace a large green belt, it is generally difficult to find a。Fayuan Fayuan called the path in front of the road, cross the intersection with the alley to teach the child, dilapidated roads, unimaginable even here there is a quiet place。    Fayuan Beijing is not only the city's historic temples, is also the Chinese Buddhist Academy, the Chinese Buddhist books Museum is located, is an important place for the training of young monks and Buddhist culture research in 1983 by the State Council as a national key Buddhist monasteries Han areas。In 2000, after a famous Taiwan writer Li Ao book "Beijing Fayuan" was published in the widely circulated at home and abroad, the Fayuan Temple reputation big rashness, attract numerous Buddhist believers and tourists explore the beautiful ancient。Fayuan covers an area of 6700 square meters, building large-scale, well-structured, using axial symmetry pattern, from south to north in turn has a gate, bell tower, King Hall, Main Hall, Benjamin Zhong Taiwan, the net industry hall, immeasurable Temple, Compassionate altar, scripture library, large plot of sleep hall, things Gallery veranda (voice service), a total of seven into six homes, layout, broad large, is Beijing's historic city extant ancient temple complex。    Fayuan Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as Benjamin loyal temple。Zhenguan nineteen years (645 years), Emperor Li Shimin of mourning for the fallen soldiers of North levy Liaodong, Dahir in this legislation Memorial Temple, Wu Long live to complete the project Babel first year (696 years), the given name Benjamin loyal temple, and later had Have“Minzhong the shelf, go Tianyi grip”The Compliments to reflected Sheng。Liao Qing Ning years (1057), it states when a major earthquake destroyed Minzhong Temple, Liao Yong salty six years (1070) renamed the large repair Minzhong Temple, to form today's scale and pattern。Qing Yongzheng years (1734), the monastery was designated as Lvzong temple, the initiation ceremonies。Later, Emperor Qianlong temple inscription“And sea true source”And have made“Yanjing most ancient temple, known as the origin of Minzhong”The poem, which officially changed its name to the monastery“Fayuan”。    Fayuan before we crossed the dilapidated road, entered from a side door, because the main entrance was blocked cars and beggars。However, he entered the hospital, immediately shines, beautiful scenery inside absolutely quiet, outside the door is really two different worlds。Within Fayuan, lilac filled courtyard, open Purple Haze-like, with towering guhuai, as well as the corner stone pots containing fragrant spit core bluegrass, clove at a leisurely running the released animals together to build a peaceful faction of paradise scene。We entered into a place to go back, entered into a land look around, see linger。    Go back, we stroll north along the alley to teach the child, there is a crowded middle of the street trees, brick by great circle table protection tightly, become a street scene。Here is the street, mosque minority in the alley, we buy in a store Muslims attractive brown bag, leaning against the railing on the side of the road, with relish to taste, really full of aroma。

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note?Some 20-year-old young women often feel abdominal pain, backache, after doctors diagnosed to be afflicted with uterine fibroids, and this disease occurs in young women who may be caused by long-term weight-loss drugs were caused, then the way to prevent uterine fibroids What then, let's take a look at: 1, not eat spicy, wine, frozen and other foods, these foods should be avoided in women, which is one method of prevention of uterine fibroids。 2, many women do not pay attention in the diet, eat two meals a day eating disorders, eating lunch, no dinner may eat。
For women, the diet should be regular quantitative, not overeating。
Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note 3, eat more whole grains such as corn, beans, etc., a lot of people overlook the importance of whole grains to prevent uterine fibroids, in fact, these very helpful for the prevention of uterine fibroids。 4, adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, etc.。 5, to prevent uterine fibroids should also eat nutritious dried foods, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc.。 These are the methods of prevention of uterine fibroids, women want in life can do a good prevention work, make healthy woman。

Port next fiscal year will sell 28 new residential land in eight at Kai Tak

  News agency Xinhua (Samuel Chan boat) Hong Kong SAR government announced 23, 2017–18 annual land sales program, will sell a total of 32 land, where 28 residential land, you can build an estimated 18,910 residential units。
  Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Development Bureau Ma Shaoxiang said the 28 ground, eight of the previous year is rolled over land, 20 is the new land。 In addition, there will be five metro property development projects this year, it is estimated to provide 8030 units。
Account the supply of land from the Urban Renewal Authority projects and private reconstruction or development projects next fiscal year estimated potential supply of land for private housing construction of about 31,620 units。   Commercial aspects of business sites, a total of three, one of which Cheung Sha Wan site, two Kai Tak site, providing maximum floor area of ten thousand square meters。
Ma Shaoxiang said it would increase the supply of commercial floor space in various ways, for example, a suitable core business area of government land rezoning, as well as the relocation of government offices located in central business district。   Land sales program also includes a hotel site, can provide 550 hotel rooms。 Furthermore, the two portions of the floor area of commercial land at Kai Tak development such as hotels, rooms provide about 1370。   It is noteworthy that, of the 20 new residential land, there are eight at Kai Tak, while the previous year rollover of two Kai Tak land。 Ma Shaoxiang said Kai Tak to be the last large land downtown Kowloon, should make good use of land, again from transportation, infrastructure aspects to examine how to increase development density, so that more economic activity can take advantage of the land。 Director of the Government planning Liqi Rong said that this 8 Kai Tak to provide a total of 7500 residential units。
  2017–18 in the first quarter (April 2017 to June) the Government will tender to sell three residential sites, providing 1790 units, plus the West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station first phase of the project to provide 1650 units, the city renewal Authority project will provide 96 units, and private reconstruction / development projects over 4500 units, a total of more than 8000 units available。
  SAR Government Financial Secretary Paul Chan 22 announced 2017–18 annual "budget" is expected this year's surplus of 92.8 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), the vast majority of revenue from land sales and stamp duty revenue more than expected。
Land sales revenue 50.8 billion yuan higher than the original estimate that 76% stamp duty revenue more than 8 billion yuan than expected, namely 16%。   Paul Chan said: "Hong Kong real estate market experienced a bull market for nearly eight years, the current prices are still historically high, trading volume was relatively quiet。 Future private housing supply will gradually return average annual level of nearly 20,000 partners, future revenue from land sales can not continue to hit record highs, is unknown。 "Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

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