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Minute of the passage of time, the owl from very early from their rooms to sit out on the sofa, he was waiting outside sounds and transaction.

  Perhaps never before from nosy owl, especially with this he had nothing to do people, life and death meant nothing to him.
  But this is not the same.
  He needs a healthy Chen diving can also stand up when Zhao Wei Tong in need of help.
  So from now do everything owl investment, and this investment would be for him to get a very big return, security Zhao Wei Tong is not describe anything in return.
  Time finally over twelve, the outside can still be calm, except for occasional voice shaking branches, what the rest of the sounds are not.
  But the owl was still able to maintain the spirit of one hundred percent, Dousou eyes staring at the ceiling, all the focus was on alert.
  After all, Zhao Wei Tong also in the house to rest, he will not permit any person to disturb her.
  O’clock in the morning, when outside the room finally got the long-awaited transaction from the owl, the first time he stood up, flash figure disappeared in the living room sofa.
  PS: Bunshinsaba meant it, to get the book list first broke Chapter 10, a week later I am sorry, because there is no manuscripts are extant, I hope you understand.
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Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Zodiac Man Tells You the Truth

Have you ever met a boyfriend who asked to have sex with you before long? If you refuse, you will worry about the boyfriend’s unhappiness. Why do boys always want to go to bed?? Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Then let Zodiac Man tell you the truth!   Point of view 1: to! This is proof and sublimation of feelings.!   Sex enables lovers to find The Cormorant TV. This is why they must go to bed. It is inevitable that when love is strong, they will like someone and want to have her. Why do they want to suppress their own impulses? Since they are lovers, why can’t they do something shameful together?? Once in love, every physical contact is beautiful. How can these acquisitiveness and sexual desire’s strong constellation men suppress themselves??   Support the following contents of the constellation: Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius Point of View II: No, you can express your love in other ways, why do you want to go to bed.   These constellation men can’t say that they don’t have sexual desire, but they know better how to control their Desire and respect the woman’s concerns. Moreover, the more traditional constellation men will support the statement that there is no relationship before marriage. After all, it seems irresponsible for them to enjoy the treatment after marriage before marriage. Besides, love can be expressed by taking their sister to play and buying her sister buy buy. Why must they go to bed so early??   Support the following contents of constellation: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Point of View III: Marriage With A Liar, More Insurance.   Since these constellation men have fallen in love with each other, they will definitely consider living together in the future. The relationship is stable. However, they do not know whether the degree of mutual agreement is high or not in the aspect of sex. In case of incompatibility in that aspect, which will affect the future sexual life, it is better to try to be safer first. These constellation men believe that on the basis of stable feelings, premarital sex is not impossible..   Support the following elements of the constellation: Leo, Cancer, Libra Point of View IV The following elements: Let nature take its course and follow its course.   These constellation men’s views are more neutral, and they are not sure to have relationships or refuse to have relationships.. Everything is left to each other’s feelings, let nature take its course, and when the time is ripe, we will do some things. if the woman refuses, it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect her love, because compared with the physical pleasure, these attach more importance to the spiritual fit, of course, there are needs in this area will not refuse..   Support the following contents of the constellation: Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini original music articles, reprint must indicate the source

Where are the twelve constellations easy to encounter love

Love is not something you can meet casually on the road. For the twelve constellations, some places will strengthen the luck of love. Maybe love is waiting for you. Come and see where the twelve constellations are easy to meet love.!   Aries has the following contents: Aries, who is passionate in the gym, is best suited to sprinkle sweat in the gym and show off her proud figure. moreover, the body with fitness ability and physique are very good, and there is a great possibility of meeting people who can make her happy every night.!   Taurus: The focus of Taurus’s life in the office is mainly on his own career. The office is a place where Taurus is like a duck to water. Taurus who is slow and hot will not be so restrained. Taurus’s meticulous and serious work attitude can easily be appreciated by the opposite sex..   Gemini’s following content: Gemini has always taken an unusual path online. Gemini, who likes freshness, is very keen to chat with all kinds of people online. After chatting for a long time, most people will talk about their feelings and have a great chance to develop from online love to marriage.!   Cancer’s following contents: Cancer, who is pure and delicate on campus, yearns for simplicity and youth on campus. Giant love for lovers is like unreserved love in school. Cancer, who is considerate and caring for people, is likely to meet his love in inside on campus..   Leo’s following content: theater lions are good at showing themselves. The stage is the place where lions can give full play to their own brilliance. Their sense of drama and infectious performance can easily make the opposite sex fall in love with lions at first sight..   Virgo’s following content: Virgo likes to enjoy high art and is knowledgeable. Virgo can meet true love most in the museum. Virgo can meet people with the same hobbies and tastes in the museum. Virgo can impress more heterosexuals with her profound knowledge in familiar places..   The following contents of Libra: Fashion Show Libra is the doctrine of beauty and value supremacy. Where there are many beautiful women and men like fashion show, it is a good place for Libra cognitive object. Moreover, Libra has a keen sense of fashion and can realize more desirable members of the opposite sex here..   Scorpio: Bar Scorpio is a romantic old hand. You can meet a lot of romantic encounters in a place with a strong nightlife atmosphere, such as a bar. Maybe it is also possible for Friends with Benefits to become true love..   Sagittarius: Sagittarius, who likes traveling in tourist attractions, can meet his true love even more in a place full of freshness. Sagittarius doesn’t stick to where he knows, so long as he meets his mind, the meeting object may be among the travelers who travel together..   The following contents of Capricorn: librarianship Capricorn is calm and reserved. in a quiet and cultural place like the library, it can strengthen the luck of love. maybe it is your true love that touches the same book with you at the same time.   Aquarius: The planetarium is originally equipped with a mysterious water bottle, which is very suitable for a quiet and mysterious place like the planetarium. In this place, water bottles can greatly enhance the mysterious charm of water bottles, and love is also very strong..   Pisces the following contents: amusement park for Pisces who like romantic fantasy, amusement park is the place that can increase the love of Pisces. Pisces may encounter romantic love in the amusement park. you can also try to invite interested objects to the amusement park. please indicate the source for reprinting


[REVIEW] our house is relatively dry well early, in the late sixties all the basic old village wells have dried up, lost its role, people have gradually forgotten those old wells, although they also there, but who would not go ignored it, as if these old wells were drained out of her, they are still the same as dry bottle forgotten in every corner of the village, past history and become a memory of childhood. Home yard has an old well, already withered, about forty years ago it has withered away.The reason was due to withered village while playing a mouthful Eighty percent of domestic water supply of the village people, the beginning of the mouth of the old water wells there are so few, over a period of time is completely no water.The village domestic water supply wells later because they can not meet people in the village with water, and conducted a second deep drilling, deep drilling after a lot of people in the village of old wells are gradually dried up, our family seemed old wells dry earlier Some, because our family is not the old well like many people of old wells so deep.Old well in the yard after dry completely useless, and things of no use to seal it.Since then it is covered with old wells with a large stone, or as far covered.When the old well is truly vibrant those years of my childhood, to my eight-year-old on the verge of death.Large yard of our house can be said that a large vegetable garden.It is four years old when my grandfather was still alive, he planted a lot of spinach, of course, grow vegetables need water for irrigation to rely on these old mouth of the well.Old well in the southeast corner of the yard, the spring and the ground one meter higher than the appearance, of course, is to have the well of the winch, but also has a water tank dustpan, dustpan and water tank are stones; playing up with a potter’s wheel well water poured into water dustpan, dustpan water from flowing into the sink, the sink has a hole, out of the hole where the water can flow out and flow into the garden.Six or seven when I had more skilled shake gin and put the winch, windlass is to shake down (into the well) to put a bucket, put a hand winch need to control the rate of decline in contact gin gin, or hit the bucket back hit the wall of the drain, down to the winch, and to the bucket downhole, to shy operated by hand, so that the bucket can be filled with water.Bucket full of feeling, but then that is shaking the winch, is to put up a bucket, of course, hand winch to winch the.Shake gin more strenuous, not put gin, is put down is empty barrels; there shake up the weight, but also shake up.Fortunately, I was a kid relatively strong body, strong and also, what do these not live.In fact, like gin wheel, is the need for frequent lubrication, it would need oil, lack of oil, like the potter’s wheel as Laoniupoche not easy to rotate, shake it up is a lot of strength.Use the winch is to know how to use the method, in particular, put gin pay attention to safety, to stand a good position, otherwise the fast rotating pulley, winch easy to name the person’s head, which is very dangerous.Shake gin must bang, not elastic, or just put an eagle, then a heavy bucket of water, windlass will run down very quickly, which is very dangerous.Actually, the most interesting is not that shake gin gin release, nor is my deepest impression of old wells memories, and remember most is when I was seven, a lot of rain that year, the old water wells are full, straight spillover many people in the village have come here to draw water, and this is helping our family, or flood occurs.But remember really crowded, busy, bustling!I was holding a small jug to take water from the well to play, I feel very interesting, water is very clear, sweet, get up to drink.Tianjin Baoding year there seems to have made a flood, an ocean of it!Groundwater levels drop, reducing the village’s wells had dried up all the rain, our house is relatively dry well early, in the late sixties all the basic old village wells have dried up, lost its role, it also gradually forget those old wells, although they are still there, but who would not go ignored it, as if these old wells were drained out of her, they are still the same as dry bottle forgotten in the village every corner, past history and become a memory of childhood.[Editor: easy to get along]

Liuyang River wine taste blue and white collection

National Day around the corner, a friend invited me to mention a bottle of wine to share, I saw “Liuyang River blue and white collection,” the words on this porcelain bottle and its logo, interested Dayton.After a few glasses, he opened his emotions freely, said alcohol on the road, try to describe the original intention and the intention of the planners of the brewer sales of wine, there are also resulting in this record summarized as follows: Name – humanistic tradition of pursuing “Liuyang River blue and white collection, “the name reflects the vision of the humanistic tradition brewer and marketer of.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, is a natural ecological Liuyang River to Heaven made her brewing, it is a long cultural history of forging her, so she has a unique spirit and endoplasmic.  Liuyang River local culture has given her mettle feature.Liuyang River in a beautiful story: Sun Ssu Tang Liuyang alchemy, to cure disease that dragon, dragon guide for the “Mo destroy mountains and pests, not to hurt the creatures nuisance” of training and charity foundation, creating side-possession to drink wine making The clean body treatment table, to rehabilitate dragon.Deen local people and bring benefit to be Dehua, wine party seeking to help people pass drug holiness St..Born seen its wine source “Germany” and called “de wine” also.  The traditional blue and white porcelain was her cherished cultural complex.Liuyang River possession fitted blue and white porcelain bottle wine collection, known as the “porcelain country” for the unique ancient Chinese, the English expression again, and “China” in English abbreviation “Chinese” wonderful God together.Westerners respected Chinese, began in earnest admiration for the blue and white porcelain culture.Chinese blue and white porcelain is also hidden in the soul of man-made Nuwa Tuan mystery stories.After the mud is said to Sky Goddess Tuan made man, found the lack of a spirit mortal beings, so that mining blue spiritual soul, attached to the clay glaze, firing into the fire.Nirvana rebirth of blue and white soul, passed through the ages, love eternal, immortal spirit of public life.Nirvana rebirth of blue and white porcelain, burned through the ages, hidden through the ages to become the feelings of Chinese people forever.So the wine known as “blue and white” wine.  Excellent red Hunan culture and cultural cast her enduring strength of character.”Pioneers”, “Times,” “seek truth from facts”, “inclusive” and “loyalty, play, and yes, strengthen the country,” the Hunan spirit is her innate gene.Wine of “Liuyang River” title and jointly associated with some extraordinary years and the situation “Liuyang River” song.That is a great man Mao Zedong, Chen YangKaiHui strong women’s, leaders of the Zhiyong Ren Bishi; there are strategizing Liu Shaoqi, Hengdao Yamaha Peng, the leader of the enemy crack bile tende far.Times pillars, running in Liuyang, Shu-toast, swept thousands of miles, creating a new life of ancient China magnum.So Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white and a ” ‘red’ (the spirit of red) wine” in the world.  Classic “and” the spirit of her eternal conservation.”Neutralize” as ethical behavior, offer as an example to Yao and Shun.The ancient moral philosophy that “in” is “day status” “Big”; “and” are “all things education” of the “Da Tao”.Foundations and bottles decorated Liuyang River blue and white collection wine embodies “and” spirit, its essence is the “elegant” Positioning ethical standards, “harmony” regulate life requirements in order to “blue and white” cultivate feelings, impetuous lavish world situation the Sound of Music in the spread of warmhearted.At this point, Liuyang River wine collection is the classic blue and white “wine culture”.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white infiltrated the history and culture, responsible for the cultural heritage, she is no longer a pure substance can only be used.She is a special responsibility and historical mission of business cards, a symbol of culture and the spirit of goodness.    Bottled – aesthetic Xingyi Xiangde blue and white collection of Liuyang River wine bottle art, in the traditional culture of ethics and aesthetics psychological effects can be “God-shaped one”, “things like the” artistic conception and aesthetic taste, and symbolism to convey his “fine”, “gas”, “God”.  In the visual arts, Liuyang River wine bottle collection of blue and white dress according to the “God-shaped one” aesthetic principle, based on the “radius” structure, the use of soft jade porcelain, soft Korea cobalt material, plain green color, composition bottle decorated with images.Bottle decorated with paintings, blue and white dotted quiet and refreshing, blue sky Extension wide reaching high, surging river lengthy small waves, “blue collection” reveals a strength of character.- harmonious and elegant atmosphere, the release of “feeling blue”.The well known at home and abroad famous painter, Wang Shu-sheng of the fifth-generation Sun Wangde water master, specially Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white brush of “Tao Song” calligraphy – “blue and white glaze into a fire and spent the glaze seeped from clear; good luck can participate in innate Miao, the origin of polar Tai Chi “, placed at the blank blue glaze, but the blue and white porcelain rendering collection and wine flavor, artistically culture, it ‘shape’ of the mood and blending purport Feng doubled concentrated and deep.  Liuyang River blue and white collection wine also radius configuration of meaning, penetrate into the wine Gan Shuang Mian alcohol, so that the “harmonious and elegant, blue feelings,” the mood and the pursuit, by taste, by people’s physical and psychological effects of wine, internalized into emotional and spiritual, produce such as “Return to Innocence, wash leather Magnificence,” “Founder personality, sophistication human” life comprehend.  In the sense of art, Liuyang River wine to create a collection of blue and white “things like the” aesthetic taste.”Images Beyond Image” refers to the subjective views of body image reconstruction feel the external image of the art and give birth by heart.People beyond “outside like” image where you can construct your ideal soul rest tired cabin.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white “things like the” taste reflected as: bottle decorated with art picture environment, such as recycling can lead to the viewer, “tsetse water, Peng-Peng Yuan-chun,” “flower plain white water, people sentenced quiet” personalized scene.Play with blue and white porcelain, taste wine collection, can be recycled as a “pouring do both, Zhang Li line of song”, “towel off the only solution, when you hear the birds,” the personality of the “I”.The “I” into the picturesque wine ecstatic, will produce “wine painting, painting in wine” feeling and emotion to communicate diversion – PIP also wine wine wine wine also painted painting; the concept of painting derived Fun wine tasting and Wu painting, so that will draw people to revel in wine.  In short, Liuyang River blue and white collection wine, traditional country put in porcelain, traditional country blue and white porcelain, blue and white porcelain collection of traditional country these classical art forms and aesthetic beauty aesthetics to present time, is a Yazheng items, a way to play with art, it is a far more modern treasures of the ancient Order of the value of the collection has come veins.    Icon – contains “radius” philosophy “radius” concept of traditional Chinese culture, ethics refers Life Wisdom of life and should work with the.Pipe “to the radius of the rules as to”, “Songs” and “He could circumferential radius of Xi, Cardiff Road, and what different Xiangan”, its elucidation ethics.The sophistication world situation, courteous, failing radius, informal and other details, the actual social practice through the ages, it is the practice of philosophy of life.Cultural content Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, contains the meaning of these two aspects is the exploration of the “radius” of the realm of philosophy.  Collection of blue and white wine Liuyang River “blue and white”, is “an area of” extreme.Its bottle decorated with flags – “radius” combination image composed of blue and white, reflecting the psychological effects of traditional Chinese “radius” philosophy.Blue and white porcelain attached to the tender jade is a symbol of the ancient abstinence.Jane blue and white to pale to the scene, is to clear to clear portrayal of life.Ancient nobles, literati, resulting in fatigue livelihoods of those, or the pursuit of elegance, heart rate or cultivation, or self-regulation, or back to nature, everyone is most satisfying in light colors.The bottle decorated with flags “hold parties on the inside, Zhang Yuan on the outside” combination, a more clear to the trail personality.Guzhi Ren also, however, modified by Zhuang, Confucianism, and other eclectic philosophy which influence its life also, all seeking “within the cylindrical side”, “the defender of circular”, “an area of intermediation” savoir-faire state.To “party” n-hexyl, Sacred Hearts, positive, is the moral life; to “circle” treat people doing things, leave it alone, adult succeed, is the wisdom of life.Look at people, observing the party of “being” available essence, circle the “wide” knower level.Blue and white “hold Zhang Yuan Fang,” Park seems flat, but in reality exquisite.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white “wine”, described as “an area of” Transformation.Water is the essence of wine, this wine is the water.Returning to the truth, raising the water “radius” Avenue, so have I “of charity,” the motto advised.Water lies in its “Three of the four Bade”.”Three” form, color taste i.e., water for “No” and “Yes”, produced Vientiane, implies Tao ‘Vitalizing Endlessly with Passion “of processing tact.”Four” of flexible and rigid permeable i.e. with: all soft, supple, just keep disposition, nature pass-through, with a suitable shape, it is possible to freely flow, changes intermediation.”Pate” that Shouzhuo, go with the flow, only at low CD; united, the same target, drip gather into a stream; perseverance, bone to soft, pleated Rao; broad, be tolerant to diversity, tolerance Vientiane; flexible, transparent rounded, with the appropriate technology; transparent, clear character, cricket; fair, good flat objects to be non-discriminatory; Chi Heng, flowing over the years, with no danger of unremitting.”Pate” normalization, is nothing more than “an area of”.Drinking and thinking, back to this truth, naturally can realize “radius” to reason.In particular drink blue and white collection Liuyang River wine – a wine with origins virtue, feelings and culture of blue and white, more people being infected with the radius of influence Boulevard Transformation.  ”Elegant and harmonious” Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, is “an area of” the essence of.Classic – honesty and moral character, words and deeds Zundao, work rules, have raised the quality, character and have made.Harmony – harmony with people, good cooperation, respect for different personality to play, benefit-sharing.Elegant and harmonious integration, the natural “and”.Core “and” Yes “radius”, the highest realm of classical ethics.”Book of Rites,” saying: “also were, the world of Big Ben, and also those of the world of road also.Chih-chung, day position Yan, Yu Yan things.”When the blend radius, to ‘neutralize’ time, the best of both worlds, pitch freely; sitting on a lotus volley, hand hibiscus; self-control, condescending; Shi with people, and Wyatt spring; no hard puzzled, not useless.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, the ultimate idea brewing and marketing positioning in the “harmonious and elegant, blue and white feelings”, is “an area and” promote the spirit, she sought to this ideal, “wine” mass public, cultivate life.    Drink – Character Ya Road ago that wine is the soul of the valley, the water fine, natural good fortune of spiritual things.From the day it was discovered Bacchus Yi Di, it is simply a wizard, outside the human body is a “self”.Xu Shen in the “Dictionary” in the trip said: “wine, it also, so it is human nature of good and evil.”Seen in this light, wine accommodate human nature, but there is no property in humanity, only ‘casual’, that is, with the nature of the shock, chasing love love Zhang.Good and evil, beauty and ugliness of human nature, like sad music, reason and impulse, it will be enlarged; veil and packaging, it will be elegant and vulgar simplicity.Therefore, since ancient times, people have been drinking are exploring the road, and strive to drink wine, drink good wine, a product of virtue, in order to enhance their taste.  ”Drinking wine” is to wholesome, high quality grades of wine.First, high-end wine quality of the US, second and Position.Liuyang River wine with blue and white collection, for example, due to the quality of its wine selection with glutinous rice, corn, wheat, sorghum and other grains, the use of “holy medicine” (Sun Ssu Tang) square pass into the modern tools fine brew.Hyaluronic run color, alcohol Gan soft cotton, years of experience, typical style.So the United States and quality, will benefit its body.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, its place of honor is that it has its own cultural identity.Liuyang River of good fortune gives it outstanding strength of character.The story Yaosheng brewery Dehua dragon creators square, features of Chinese classical culture, the traditional culture of Hunan, red culture, wine making meaning and value, far more than the material factors of history and become a business card, a kinds of national culture, Hunan spirit.Drink their wine, deep taste of culture is not only an elegant, but also a learning support a complex and spiritual.  Dignities of Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white, but also in the artistic personality.Its bottle decorated, reflecting the classical Chinese wine Tibetan culture.In the history of civilization for thousands of years in China, the cellar of the device, is a very important cultural symbol and cultural heritage.High-grade wine, whether it is ceramic, vitreous, metal or other material quality, which is forging manufacturing process, carving art of calligraphy painting, embody the aesthetic and cultural quality and the level of civilization’s brewery, its taste when combined with high wines complement each other.Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white “porcelain country” – blue and white wine bottles, its jade tender and delicate white porcelain, hard and soft mellow glaze, fresh and elegant blue and white, simple and elegant trace, trace Eau scenery, it is can enjoy, play, art collection.  So, drink good wine, we should drink a model like blue and white collection Liuyang River wine wine, specialty wine.  ”Wine tasting good,” is to re wine road.Ancient and modern wine road, stressing that “regulation” and “Law”, “reason”.”Regulation” is a program that “law” is a method, “reason” is the reason.To sum up, we must follow the wine road wine selection determined, have a cup Arts, ordered the wine, pour well and do not have food and wine, have a drink, wine has resigned body, tasting the know.But the wine road of purpose, meaning, or core, which is the realm of high alcohol consumption, but express heart, bow, tasting, papers.  Product Liuyang River wine collection to express blue and white heart, “three cups pass road, a bucket With Nature,” inspired “wine and song, life geometry” feeling, awaken memories of the ups and downs, repair scars of life, the release of “wine thoracotomy gall and open, “the Zhuanghuai, catalytic slurry of life and the power of human nature, emotional tension radiates enthusiasm and ideals, life enter into the fairy tale of fantasy and ecstasy, the realm of the heart to be sublimated.  Product Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white bow, “I have Zhijiu to the heart of Penn Yan Yuejia”.King Cup Diocese to filial piety; almost a full house, in order to make Friends of the Road; Concert sit drink to make Chi Road; communicative Syria to drink, to enjoy the Road.Welcoming glass of welcome home; Fris glass Zhuanghang.Festival filial loyalty, inji Morrison, Pate cast charisma.The tree of friendship, a network of roots, watering and lush wines developed.  Liuyang River product collection blue and white wine to taste, playing its first bottle, “National porcelain” mystery will welcome you into the history of the tunnel, in the myth of Nuwa Tuan man-made flying soul’s mental state.Sober and elegant blue and white mood, which deliberately scored radius combination, and you will feel the influence of traditional culture in a quiet and refreshing, simple and elegant environment, your soul will be baptized in the elegant atmosphere of harmony.The contemporary painter, Wang ancient holy book of fifty five generations Sun Wangde water master specially Liuyang River wine brush blue and white collection of “Tao Song” calligraphy, its flamboyant legacy of the holy book, not only make you feel in this Yang Mu ancient tradition Everbright culture, but also more insight into the Liuyang River wine collection of precious blue and white hide.As for local cultural complex, Hunan Cultural Complex, red blue and white collection Cultural Complex Liuyang River wine, will make you more difficult to return the soul intoxicated infatuation.Yaosheng style, leadership style, Hunan spirit will be your life style.Here you can be on their own value proposition.  Wine products which then will open a bottle Yixiang, artistically linger; gaze light absorption, intestinal lung permeability aryl; taste to tongue, wines glycol; sip choking, grease and greasy run cool; drink which Shu Zhang blood Tongmai ; drink fragrance, long quiet Meaningful.Often drink their wine, tendons living bone strength.Benefits are raised in, the light of God Yang Yan.  Product Liuyang River wine collection with blue and white paper, “highbrow, low class”, tastes, wrong for ages, they are revelry.Such as the line “Drinking” is a thinking game, eloquence performances, literary talent show.Often classic and gimmicks will occur, accompanied by jokes and Compliments.Should the high-level text to naturally “Zhuojiu of poetry,” “pipa”.Wine and cultural compatibility, and compatibility altogether as one and said “wine culture” or “wine culture”, probably along with the wine culture and the line, the wine culture was born about watering.No water ancestors Wang Wang first “pipa” reception, there is no Liufangqiangu “Orchid Pavilion” born “Orchid Pavilion” and “Orchid Pavilion” the running script calligraphy.”Orchid Pavilion” running script calligraphy through the ages is a must, to his book, the “sage” shi.Essay Miaoshi since ancient times, have more in wine.Li Bai’s life alcoholics, he “wine into the intestinal Hao, seven led to the moon, as well as a third of Xiao Jian Qi, show a spit mouth is half the Tang Dynasty”.Ouyang Xiu is no unwritten wine, he left, “Drunkard Pavilion”, has intoxicating like wine.Tasting papers, temperament generous, imaginative agility, a flash of inspiration.So someone said, wine is the soul of poetry, the text of God.  Liuyang River wine collection of blue and white goods Germany to support, when the wine culture with its own load to Dehua, the spirit of harmony Athens perfusion wine, the pursuit of fame and blue feelings, explore secret “and” Road to the first minded leaders as a prime example of this sage.Not drink wine tasting, wine tasting is a science, a virtue.Satisfy only hobby tasting, wine does not know the channel, as cattle can drink canal.Wine tasting should be noted that “three-ring five decision” that quit drinking alcohol earlier, Doujiu seats and even wine; meat should be drinking wine, sitting wine, slow wine, is wine, wine festival.Do not dance, “a cup of refined style; two cups of men of letters; three cups of rhetoric; four cups outspoken; five cups true colors” in the past.Only good taste, conservation, know how to live, no publicity, no hustle and bustle of people, to get to enjoy the moral in the wine, spirit of joy.    Finally, I want to taste the wine collection of blue and white Liuyang River summarized in four words to grant drinking buddy: clear – elegant – cotton – cool clear: alcohol Bitou green color Mingxiu, quiet indifferent and soft; aromatic smoke into the air stream Shenxiang , chic and elegant rhyme faint.- Liquor natural nectar, turned into honest clarity of elegance, free and natural distribution of fresh breath ya: Virtue product stuffed in the side, bearing a model of quality arts-reliance; Gog years into the warm, Grace gentleman worthy of appreciation.  - Quality penetrate time and space, stretches elegant soften the Divine Comedy, cultivate tact sophistication of nature.  Cotton: a long drink choking smell, mouth hold in the mouth fragrant long linger; soft and never was holiness, meaning more than good-natured tolerance recall.  - Tage for the classic interpretation of the story of the history of deep, cool heritage harmonious and elegant ideal: strong bones moist organs, blood veins Shu-being; support Anna Accompanying Yuye and prolong the harvest blessing boundless.  - clear cool Yat style, publicity hearty pride, joy breed of elegance Recreation.


[Village] Cooper Cooper cypress cypress village named after an ancient cypress sufficient to show.There are two Cooper.My focus here is one pair of Pine View.Although called the concept of pine, cypress tree is.Because there are two, hence the name of the song outlook.    Pine view, converted into a commune after the founding of the cemetery to pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs.Cooper in the middle of the yard.    Cooper acquaintance tree and, of course, it is because of Martyrs.At that time I started school, the festival organized by the school to the grave.Before a meeting on the playground next to the cypress.Program is bowed, his speech, lay a wreath.Then pay tribute to Martyrs.There is no tomb, and the north of the house on display martyrs souls and deeds on behalf of the.Participants who in turn pay their last respects to the North House deeds of the martyrs.    Entered the courtyard, the face is a large cypress tree.The feeling is very thick tree trunks, large crown, leaves deep.The tree suddenly put a small courtyard enveloped.Spooky feeling, and my heart was afraid.This feeling often written after the fact in writing, that is solemn.    After returning home, and his father said that this big tree.My father said that the tree where the nails driven into.I understand.Father would say, so much ancient cypress trees, few.Since ancient times, is a cypress coffin of good material, a lot of people do steal the coffin.In sub-nails hammered into the trunk, you can not use a sawing.This is to prevent people being killed unawares tree.    Hear, feel it a solemn Cooper more.    [East Island School of Ping Ping is Cooper Island East Village].Liu village in the mountains where.Divided into two small villages.West Village has a temple, the temple into a school.Cypress in the school.    Know cypress tree, because relatives.Grandmother’s maiden East Island Village.Grandmother to go home, I went along, uncle and grandfather took me to play, I went to school, also saw the old cypress tree.    I can not remember how old was.Just remember seeing the cypress, it felt very tall.I opened my arms to go around it, my little arm can not bend.From that, I always forget the old tree.    Wait to go there, I’ve done a teacher.Because the official to the school.Yet to see the teachers, I first look at Grand Cypress.It looks like I was a kid and saw that did not change.    In the teachers’ office, I saw a pile of student composition book.I casually open look, one student wrote, it is old cypress.A student wrote: listen to my grandfather say, old tree is spiritual.The Japanese devils want to cut it away, forcing people to cut down with an ax.The results cut it, the tree will bleed.Japanese devils fear, not cut.This old cypress retained.After watching, this respect for the Cooper more.    [Cooper] on Bai Shuling This is my village after Cooper.Ridge called Bai Shuling.My village is located in a slip Yamane.Wuling mountains, including the second, third, fourth.Old cypress trees on the ridge at the third summit.    Big trees, high ridge, so you can stand in the village saw it.    With respect to the other two trees, the tree I am most familiar with Cooper.My village is located one of the reasons, most notably because of his father’s mountain points on its feet.    Since childhood, I went with my father farming.Mountain farming a lot of trouble, dig, plow land, pull out seedlings, weeding, fertilizing, to fight drugs, harvested, each link is very tiring.Dry for a while, you have to take a rest.My favorite climb to the top of the old cypress trees, in its shade, listening to the whistling pines, let the mountain breeze blowing.That’s how comfortable!    Sometimes climbing tired, lying under a tree in the stone plate, look at the sun through the tree branches moving slowly.I was on the way to the number of branches.Mother often said that the cypress tree has nine shares eighteen branches of a tree.I can count numerous times, did not clear in the end the number of shares or the branches of a tree The branch considered.    Rocks next to the towering old trees.Small crevice between the already tall cypress.Chessboard engraved on the stone under the trees.I do not know when and who carved.I want to let people passing by in the rest shade, something which the board is undoubtedly a matter of goodness.    Old trees in between the rocks so desolate independent.I often looked at it carefully.It seems the whole skinny body.Two trees with respect to that, a length in the ground, a mountainside, relatively rich soil and water, which flourishes reasonable.    The old tree stand Peak, the most barren environment, driest, so it had was an old, white leaves, rough tree trunks, branches sparse.But it is hale and hearty, standing against the breeze, towering fixed.Standing mountain, overlooking the vicissitudes, changes in the world of reading to do.No doubt I admire most!    Every time I see it, I always thought that the oldest old village.

Bloody Magic

Midnight theater magic show is being broadcast, wearing a dark tuxedo magician performing on stage, beginning after the great changes in living, a man walked into the cabinet, said the magician: Look cabinet!I saw the chest slowly rising, slowly falling, the heavy door was hard to pull two assistants, who disappeared!Standing ovation!But who would have no.  He later found in the background, he was holding a wire, back of the head was blunt attacks, cause of death was strangulation wire police after careful consideration did not result, ready to commit suicide concluded, may at this time, Detective phoneshine came to the scene and launched survey.  Mr. ^ h magician said: In fact, there are bodies on the floor, so it can be changed from the cabinet to go back when magic.  L boss said: Most people can not go back, only I, magicians, visit Mr. X and Mr. gaffer v Theater.  Detective phoneshine asked about the incident at the time (around 00:45) What are they doing.  ^ H said: I am performing magic ah!The audience of several hundred people can testify for me.  L: I have a show at the urging of performers as I can testify.  X: I go to the bathroom at the time of the incident, no one can testify, but I’m really not a murderer.  Five: I’m me, I’m in tune light ah.  The boss said: Our work specific process we are all aware of each other, it is a good show but smooth magic to be kept confidential.  poneshine smiled and said: We have been cheated of his illusion, the murderer is what you said, pointing with his hand to ask: Who is the murderer?He fooled everyone what way?  (Please find the answer in this period) period Yaya detective agency answer: the killer is a magician.L have witnesses, X can not be free and out of the background, and finally the suspects left and v?.The boss said that magic should be kept confidential, gaffer v impossible to know the magic process, so only familiar with the Magic have a chance to start the process of magic.Modus operandi, the deceased went into the cupboard, open floor organs into the underground passage, but was pre-arranged murderer good wire wrapped neck.Then rising cabinet, cabinet lighting to follow the move, so when the audience can only see cabinet.Magic took the opportunity to enter the underground passage, the wire is hanging unconscious from behind struggling dead, strangled him and then carried to the background, and from the underground passage back on stage.

Blood-stained wedding dress

Who pulled your hair loose under lights your hair floating into the sky black flag covered with sad eyes who destroyed your beauty cry in the silence of the night you looked indifferent pale face, blood-red lips bleak world frightened vigil lights white wedding dress drift into a mask of tears turned into laughter sing Phantom Lover echoed echoed mind is a world longing for the invisible distance you walked the pace of light walk through the tunnel of death in the night’s no nostalgia, no hesitation which is a window stuck in a moment of light and shadow lively with something more to say against the words of blessing into the whole wedding wine fans coming down the center of the intersection of the groom’s mouth early in the morning many people around them at the ground – a bloody red next to the white wedding dress, a red heart with open eyes [editor: men tree]

(Writer election issue 12) Pushan grandmother

Grandma Pushan text / early Qing Shao “hope ah hope, hope the New Year; over the years, hope cent; hope Cold Food fifteen hope; hope for a Cold Food nothing to look forward, squat ass ed Pushan.”This is a song popular in the Great Lakes area of hemp, until now, there has been still in singing, however, compiled Pushan people now very little, almost no.    In the past, after the Ching Ming, the weather gradually warming, Ma Great Lakes area of women began to compile Pushan.This is also the geographical environment in which we live and have a close relationship, and there is a beautiful legend.    Formerly known as the Great Lakes Ma Mata Lake, where according to legend the Duke Alliance princes, horse riding into the lake, hence the name Mata Lake.In ancient times, here suffered a rare drought, the lake horse riding are also exposed dry bottom, in order to survive, everyone have to go out hunger.    People along this river, horse riding across the lake to the south walked, went to the center of the lake, saw a beautiful young girl, hand baskets, before fleeing people came and asked: “Where is it folks Yeah?”People have replied:” move trees die, people move to live, not live at home, and had to go to the field from hunger.”The girl smiled and said:” remark poor men, this lake on thousands of foods can be found everywhere.”Then, the girl clawed land in the lake, exposing the white snow Di Liu ring, purse chestnut, Forgan, etc., she hold in your hand, he said:” This was the lake are everywhere, so why go out hunger, say this lake reed in the ground, full of vegetables, can eat.Horse riding lake three Po, Po child, wicker, reed grass, these things can be seen everywhere, you can use reed mat weaving, knitting basket, compiled sieve; wicker basket cow can be compiled, crates, baskets of soil; this role is sub-Po greater, you can compile Pushan, straw sandals, twist futon.Here are the money everywhere, why go out hunger.”Someone asked:” girl, who you are?”The girl said:” My name is Ma, I called it Magu!”We’re experience with her words, and shortly girl missing.    We all know that the gods met to rescue the people on this side, are back home, digging wild, Di Liu ring plane, dig purse chestnut eat and Fugen.Start with a reed, Po child, wicker various utensils, to get market and sell it, we work together, we spent the famine.To commemorate the gods, built a temple in Magu lake horse riding, horse riding Lake also changed its name to the Great Lakes since then cannabis, hemp living in the Great Lakes area, everyone learned to knit.Willow, reed compiled, edited Po is very famous, especially Pu ed.    Now, the Po ed species thousands of products, exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.But in the fifties and sixties, we have compiled here the Po kind, little, only sandals, Po, futon and several species of palm-leaf fan.Young women straw sandals and Bo, older women knitting and knitting futon Pushan.    Ma in the Great Lakes area, my grandmother most famous series of palm-leaf fan.He Pushan seedling series, variety, have square, circular, trapezoidal, hexagonal in particular that, at each corner of the triangle has a small hole, the top hole to fasten the red silken Department of the bells, shake it up still jingling, very beautiful!    At that time, my age is still small, five brothers and sisters, the mother is sick, three days on two of hospitalization, injections and medicine all day, eight people work points earned by the father of a labor force over the past year, not only points less than a penny Qian, also down due to the current account production team.The whole family to rely on a grandmother who compiled Pushan, fill a prescription to his mother, to maintain the incidental expenses at home.    Etc. Every morning we wake up, my grandmother has been compiled Pushan; in the evening until we fell asleep, my grandmother also compiled Pushan.    In our brothers and sisters among the most loving grandmother that I, a little taste of my grandmother would keep me, give me secretly.A time, I always sat next to her grandmother, watching my grandmother knitting Pushan.    One to seedling grandmother first dielectric up, followed by a knife blade on both sides, to a relatively wide width as seedling cleaved.This knife, my grandmother called it “maze” knife sharp tip, behind a thin handle, just like the kind of movie with darts.Then placed in a one and a half meters long, half a meter wide there are on board, grandmother sat on, he starts up compiled.    Grandma while eds Pushan, while told me the story and what the Cowherd and the Milky Way with it, the story of Dong sold themselves buried father, ah, over and over again, patiently.    One day, my grandmother gave me about the story of Vega, I smiled and said: “Grandma, you are talking about dozens of times, and can not tell me a new story.”Grandma looked at me, smiled and said: ‘Well, I will tell you a story of Ji Gong Cricket fighting’ We listen attentively story, Grandma smiled and said to us after the finish:” You know, Chi Kung hands that the palm-leaf fan, it is where they come from?”We smiled and shook his head does not know, my grandmother told us that the hands of Chi Kung palm-leaf fan, here is the Great Lakes Ma gave her an old woman, Ji Gong for the poor people to do good, the evil, good record straight, an old lady know after deliberately compiled a palm-leaf fan gave him.    We dubious, Chi Kung hands obviously the banana leaf Pushan, why Ma said that large seedling series with the Lakers Pushan.Later, I realized, my grandmother said, an expectation, an ideal, kind rewarded, as long as we do something good, people will not forget him.    Grandma finished the story, a palm-leaf fan also compiled a good.Then he or she used a thin rope wrapped around the palm fan on an end of a rope hung on the foot, the other end there is a wooden, tightly gripping in his hand, the palm fan around a circle, a pressure below the string, side turn side force, then the Department together, so wrapped up four, then the knife to cut the palm-leaf fan, like Qi, then she picked up a board of ten centimeters square, this board I do not know how many years with her grandmother, Youming and bright, grandmother call it destroyed the board, back and forth above her grandmother in Pushan destroyed several times, own a few fans, smiled and handed it to me.    I was a fan in his hand, he said at a few: “fan the wind in my hand, someone to borrow, and so in the dead of winter.”Grandma smiled and said:” The deepest winter, who fan palm-leaf fan, you do not want to lend to people it.”I said:” Yes ah, this is the grandmother knitting too, that they can not lend.”Grandma smiled and said:” Boy, this can be bad, it should be said, was to pick, to the energy in.”I tilted his head asked:” Why?”Grandma said:” give people convenience, their own convenience, do not just think of themselves, but also for others, others will get close to you, you will have a difficult time to help you.”I nodded Sidongfeidong.    In the evening, all my grandmother let me sleep with her in a summer when the weather is hot, then there is no electric fan, my grandmother always kept me violently, himself a hot sweat DC.I saw my grandmother’s face sweat and asked: “Grandma, how do you so sweaty, I did not sweat how?”Grandma smiled and said:” Your sweat ah, came to me, so my grandmother sweating.”At that time, I do not understand the meaning of words grandmother, he asked:” Why do I sweat to your body?”Grandma waving palm-leaf fan, while saying:” This is my pass Pushan.”At night, Grandma has been waving palm-leaf fan, until I fell asleep.    Pushan are programmed every five same bundle, above and below, put a good quality, called “hijab”.Grandma has never letting go hijab, inside and outside are the same, I asked my grandmother, my grandmother told me: “we can not put into good outside, to deceive people, you lied to the people, who we come here to buy, people first once fooled, fooled a second time and then it can?Man to be real.”So, Grandma series of palm-leaf fan, never got the market and sell it off, people are attracted, the price is cheap, so, Grandma Pushan in short supply.    One summer, my grandmother in Taoyuan inside my house, saw a young, hurried went to my house to see Taoyuan house, and I saw my grandmother, but also with the inside.Suddenly, an unpleasant smell got into my nose inside, we see that the young man, is lying on his back on the kang, constantly vomiting.On the ground, the kang, quilts are vomit.Many flies flying around him, her grandmother quickly picked up while driving with palm-leaf fan the flies, while violently him.    I quickly ran out of his nose, grandma end runoff gave him a drink, but the young man unconscious, even unable to speak, her grandmother quickly call someone to sent him to the hospital, all the way to grandma he kept violently Pushan.    After about half a month, he carried the gifts, Taoyuan came to my house, after seeing my grandmother, “splash” kneeling on the ground, thanks to Grandma’s saving grace.    Grandma quickly propped he said: “This is what I should do, so who see, it will not sit idly by.”Young people leaving, to my grandmother put the palm-leaf fan gave him as a souvenir, grandmother readily agreed.    Real life, all for the sake of others, patronizing Wunian by Enmo forget, this is the grandmother character, but also our people’s character Ma Great Lakes area.Although my grandmother passed away a few years, but her character but never affect our next generation.

(Prose) style Hainan

In an early spring afternoon, we have several people a feeling of urgent mood, landed in Sanya, Hainan.    As a child, had seen a picture card, Hainan blue sky, white clouds and the sea, the beach is trees towering coconut trees, it is deeply remember the beautiful Hainan.But, really set foot on land in Hainan, or was that charming scenery shocked, almost in a dream.    Just Jinan, still chilly wind, all the flowers and trees, is still waiting for spring bath to hope germination of deep, repressed green buds of a winter, eyes as if there is a roadside green cornfield Jinan Airport sparse snow, and here, and everywhere is green, is abundant in the spring, is a school of tropical scenery.Impossible not to like Hainan, Hainan, is the blue sea, is the blue sky, white clouds that, from beaches and waves, is elegant clever fishing village, clear water, a piece of fairy-tale tall slender coconut and areca.    Boao knew, knew Boao Forum for Asia.Small Boao, located in the eastern coast of the South China Sea, Hainan was once a little-known town, because Forum for Asia, has become a star town.Today’s Boao, with one of the downtown scene, fresh and delicate, abnormal development of tourism, bustling crowd, almost all flags held tours.Since being designated as the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, which is famous for.Boao of rivers and lakes, rocks Beach, Coconut Grove and there was a dashing lush rural scenery, the elegant Boao, a world-class convention center and tourist resort with a distinctive tropical scenery.    Wanquan River estuary in Boao.Because that well-known dance, as well as the beautiful melodies and songs, River has long been known throughout the country.Estuary is a quiet haven, with clear water, fishing boats, ferries and yachts docked at the shore scattered pier.Outside the estuary, is the world-famous Jade Belt Beach.This is the nature of good fortune, while the Wanquan River, nine river and Long Rolling River Sanjiangkou convergence, while the expanse of the South China Sea roaring waves hit the shot, and narrow Yudai Tan, quietly lying in between.A narrow, long, yellow ocher sands for thousands of years despite the impact of surging river and sea storms, away from the coast, but safely lying there, there is little change.This special geographical location, the power flow in different directions, as well as the South China Sea lapping waves estuary, the result of the combined effects of, and therefore confirms the Jade Belt Beach prowess.    We took the ferry to and from the beach, ten minutes of flight.Jade Belt is like a huge Wolong, meandering abruptly lie in the sea, though not wide, but narrow, boundless side.Wanquan River and the inside is calm inland lake, green color, almost placid, outside territorial waters is thousands of miles, the sea breeze and the trend of South China Sea Yanbohaomiao, sparking white spray, waves rushed to the beach.Full of tourists, some swimming, some sitting, some photography, and some overlooking the endless sea gulls and bits and pieces of the ship shadow.Walk on the beach, the shoes are not as loose sand, it will leak into the shoe.People have to take off the shoes, barefoot, walking on the beach.This is indeed a special magical beaches, sand is not particularly fine, sandy and probably has a relationship to walk on, there is a feeling creak, special Ge feet.Beach is like a natural massage therapist, an hour down, feet Shengtengshengteng even dare to walk.But the car back to the hotel after the whole body and feet but particularly comfortable.    I particularly like the taste of the sea, and the sea beach, Rizhao golden beaches on special rods, delicate and soft.Hainan, sand is the best samut Bay, valuables such as sand powder, such as silver white color.Lung Tsai Bay, Hainan Pearl, the water is so clear, almost completely transparent, the sky is so blue, like freshly washed crystal without a trace of dust with just a few feather-like clouds, gently float in the sky.In this pure place, I knew what it meant to the blue sea, to experience the true picture of the sky and sea depicted.Samut exposure to the beautiful bay, complicated soul can be temporarily relaxed, or even washing, it melts into the pleasant nature in.In front of the sea, like a giant sparkling gems in the spring sun irradiation, issued a gentle, transparent blue, with a slight breeze, softly watch, who all seemed to be tired with all the away.On the beach, the rocks, sparsely dotted with small palm trees and coconut trees, blue sky and white clouds leisurely stretch.Looking view, the boundless expanse of the South China Sea, gradually disappeared in the horizon of sea and sky intersect.Color of the sea has a different color, green, light blue and blue, you can faintly see the sea in the distance, with passenger ships and fishing boats figure, the bits and pieces, but not over the reef and the vast sea in the distance, a few gulls fly in elegant, white very light and agile figure, just like a white wizard.    In the corner stands a black rock, can not wait companions, started early swim, do not want to go ashore, have been playing the part of an hour in the sea.The sea a bit chilly, spent some time in the water later, I was sitting alone on a quiet beach side of white stone, with four of the browser landscape, looking up at the clear sky, patrol people play.Not far from the three northeastern speaking words of female tourists, tempted the sea, but also down to the water.Probably did not know water is not to deep water, but playing together, playing water fights.Lady wore a red coral necklace, I see a man alone on the shore, the sea suddenly attacked me, I hesitated a little, they are also infected with the cheerful mood, hurry down to the water, holding they poured the water to go.Over the rocks they giggled, elegant laughter, co-author of the waves, glowing white spray of waves, echoed across the water and rocky.    Tour of Hainan, size of the Cave Scenic Area is a must-see place.Size of the Cave Scenic Area, located in the west of Sanya city, there are more than forty kilometers distance away, the beautiful sea, mountain and rock formations, its characteristics, known as the first Qiongya Scenic Spots.Enter the gate area, the eye, the trees are tall, slender coconut trees, stand there, as if to welcome guests from afar.Scenic area attractions, dizzying, “Little Cave”, “stool”, “seamounts wonders,” and “fairy feet” and so many LITHOGLYPHS.Here, Cliff Island Bay, Bibo million dumping, boundless, coast Cloudland Lin Cui, Yan Shiqi Jun, deep cave, as everywhere can Shengongguifu.According to near the scenic hills of verdant trees, slap Jingtao along the coast, winds extend forward away.Some low palm plants, there is also a high one, two or three tall coconut trees, chic grows between the rocks and the sea shore along the roadsides.Palm plant is the largest, black roots and branches wrapped around each other, spikes, spread away, it may have been growing for decades.    Sightseeing along the scenic road, all the way forward, the right is the blue waves of the sea, the waves beat against the rocks and the coast, the left Lin Cuihua red hill, almost one hundred percent vegetation cover.Walk the road in such a small coconut, palm, flowers, landscapes and seaside boulder cover hidden, like a paradise on earth, filled with reverie.Scenic Area has a rugged rock formations and sea steep trail, just off the coast of Qionghai by a huge rock and darkness under a small rock cave cave landscape composition, engraved with the handwritten Song Kui Mao’s “Little Cave” three stone red characters.The shape of the rock resembles a giant Ao, head towards the sea choppy, from afar, like a giant Ao Goes to Sea.Ao, the glans is the legendary dragon fish tail carp, giant tortoises or sea, and legendary size of the Cave, is due to have this magical giant Ao.In the following piece of stone, there is a dark cave, the legend was once a god place to live, into the rock below the cave, fresh and cool, dark and narrow, is that some parts of the low, tall, bending beneath Come.    Chinese people who do not know the ends of the earth?Travel Sanya reaching the ends of the earth scenic southwest direction over twenty kilometers away, might be a little tired physically and mentally, it seems really had a kind of feeling to the end of the world.Scenic wagon must be stopped at the door, and to the main attractions, to be hiking, go to nap along the winding mountain road and a specially built veranda, and must have two or three kilometers away, a little older, almost Some stumble.Blue sky and sea, seagull sails little, coconut trees, stone buildings, is a feature of the ends of the earth scenic.Came to the main area, it is engraved with “End of the World,” “Cape”, “pillar”, “Sea sentenced to south” of rock, Xiongzhi seaside, picturesque whole area in general, can be beautiful.Ends of the earth scenic, saddled Maling Mountain, facing the ocean, which means days of the edge of the end of the sea.The most striking is the bay, hundreds of pieces of different shapes stands on the beach of boulders, large spectacular, with many of the Cliff.The earliest stone, the book by the fifty-three years of Qing Emperor Kangxi imperial envoy Tang Miao Cao, is “sentenced sea south” four characters.”Sea sentenced to south” across the carved stone, there is a column about seven meters high conical rock stalwart, this is the famous “pillar” of the landscape.”Pillar”, describe for the first year Yazhou know the state of the Qing Dynasty Xuantong Fan ladder Inscription.In fact, you already are familiar with the “pillar”, but may not be aware that you pulled out a fourth set of RMB Eryuan tickets to see the back of the pattern, is the profound meaning of the “pillar”.    Although not believers, also traveled to the famous Buddhist temple Nanshan Temple.It was a solemn, quiet location, mountain on the potential, clean elegant, revealing the Buddhist noble and everywhere.Nanshan Temple location, surrounded by mountains around, facing the South China Sea, extremely wide field of vision.There is such a superstition, an officer who is not the ends of the earth, because the ends of the earth’s another layer of meaning is the end of the day, that is a dead end.So, those who want to grow in the career of the most social taboos, and more choice, this is the strong Nanshan Temple incense burn incense and pray, beg to cement it, pray for wealth, peace, love, karma pray.Nanshan Temple is located south of the city of Sanya Nanshan, because there Tuo weather, so the construction of a large-scale Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone.Nanshan Temple in the history and contemporary Buddhism are the Guangzhou-Shenzhen, a thousand two hundred years ago, Master Jianzhen kai apprentice of 15, fifth went to Japan, typhoon blocked, wandering thousands of miles to come here, suffered suffering, and resides in vibration chow for years, the construction of Buddha, people crossing the argument.Size Cave scenic coast side, there Jianzhen master drifting monument landing at Hainan.Legend, under the blessing of Avalokiteshvara, the sixth monk Jian Zhen went to Japan was able to succeed, Nanshan Buddhist disciples therefore praise for the propitious place.Nanshan Temple of planning and construction, it is the mid-nineties Zhao lay merit, and personally wrote the “Nanshan Temple” three characters, Emotion strong, worthy of calligraphy.    In the solemn temples, the Buddhist guarded atmosphere, although just wide to the vast sea, washing away a bit complicated state of mind, but, here, in the Nanshan Temple, you’ll still have some perception once again.Everything earthly and office, money, wealth, honor gains and losses, joys and sorrows, if that is superficial, not how important that is, a feeling.Buddhist stress edge method, pay attention to practice, pay attention to consciousness, attention to good deeds, pay attention to retribution, is a grand idea, Nanshan Temple also strong incense, the faithful flocked to.    In the solemn hall, dedicated to Lord Buddha in the hall, and I stuck a note to burn incense, but did not pray, did not kowtow.    Last Night in Hainan, lived in a seaside hotel in Sanya Bay.Facing the sea, the beautiful Sanya Bay and broad, flat beach on the road.Late at night, the hall has executed more staff playing a yawn, I was alone, along the coastal road in front of, leisurely stroll.No pedestrians, all is quiet, only dry yellow light, according to the road hardship.East and West sea turtle island shadow distant, vaguely floating in the dark sea, roadside looming towering coconut trees, miles Silver Beach serene silence.On the sea in the distance, sparse with few lights dim light, the shadow is very long, probably fish lantern.Starry sky, a cool and bright, noisy, busy day, Hainan and Sanya City, seems to have been sleepy.    Hainan line, there is another harvest.Hainan know what is “tea”.Tea is the woman busy working in the fields during the day, after men get up in the morning, doing nothing, in twos and threes together, drink tea, sit, chat, eat a snack or breakfast, for several hours, and then in the afternoon still so, this is a man’s lifestyle Hainan.Hainan men and women, and we certainly are the same race.May be a factor in climate, water, soil and genetic, are relatively short stature, and black, true small size.Accompanied by a traveling companion, this year twenties, six less than one meter tall, thin face, is an enthusiastic youth.One to Hainan, Hainan, he bought a shirt, shorts and short-sleeved, white background, chemical fiber material, there are two beautiful, green coconut trees on the shirt, we all affectionately call him “Hainan”.