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Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note

Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note?Some 20-year-old young women often feel abdominal pain, backache, after doctors diagnosed to be afflicted with uterine fibroids, and this disease occurs in young women who may be caused by long-term weight-loss drugs were caused, then the way to prevent uterine fibroids What then, let's take a look at: 1, not eat spicy, wine, frozen and other foods, these foods should be avoided in women, which is one method of prevention of uterine fibroids。 2, many women do not pay attention in the diet, eat two meals a day eating disorders, eating lunch, no dinner may eat。
For women, the diet should be regular quantitative, not overeating。
Women suffering from uterine fibroids which note 3, eat more whole grains such as corn, beans, etc., a lot of people overlook the importance of whole grains to prevent uterine fibroids, in fact, these very helpful for the prevention of uterine fibroids。 4, adhere to a low-fat diet, eat more lean meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, etc.。 5, to prevent uterine fibroids should also eat nutritious dried foods, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc.。 These are the methods of prevention of uterine fibroids, women want in life can do a good prevention work, make healthy woman。

Port next fiscal year will sell 28 new residential land in eight at Kai Tak

  News agency Xinhua (Samuel Chan boat) Hong Kong SAR government announced 23, 2017–18 annual land sales program, will sell a total of 32 land, where 28 residential land, you can build an estimated 18,910 residential units。
  Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Development Bureau Ma Shaoxiang said the 28 ground, eight of the previous year is rolled over land, 20 is the new land。 In addition, there will be five metro property development projects this year, it is estimated to provide 8030 units。
Account the supply of land from the Urban Renewal Authority projects and private reconstruction or development projects next fiscal year estimated potential supply of land for private housing construction of about 31,620 units。   Commercial aspects of business sites, a total of three, one of which Cheung Sha Wan site, two Kai Tak site, providing maximum floor area of ten thousand square meters。
Ma Shaoxiang said it would increase the supply of commercial floor space in various ways, for example, a suitable core business area of government land rezoning, as well as the relocation of government offices located in central business district。   Land sales program also includes a hotel site, can provide 550 hotel rooms。 Furthermore, the two portions of the floor area of commercial land at Kai Tak development such as hotels, rooms provide about 1370。   It is noteworthy that, of the 20 new residential land, there are eight at Kai Tak, while the previous year rollover of two Kai Tak land。 Ma Shaoxiang said Kai Tak to be the last large land downtown Kowloon, should make good use of land, again from transportation, infrastructure aspects to examine how to increase development density, so that more economic activity can take advantage of the land。 Director of the Government planning Liqi Rong said that this 8 Kai Tak to provide a total of 7500 residential units。
  2017–18 in the first quarter (April 2017 to June) the Government will tender to sell three residential sites, providing 1790 units, plus the West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station first phase of the project to provide 1650 units, the city renewal Authority project will provide 96 units, and private reconstruction / development projects over 4500 units, a total of more than 8000 units available。
  SAR Government Financial Secretary Paul Chan 22 announced 2017–18 annual "budget" is expected this year's surplus of 92.8 billion yuan (HK $, the same below), the vast majority of revenue from land sales and stamp duty revenue more than expected。
Land sales revenue 50.8 billion yuan higher than the original estimate that 76% stamp duty revenue more than 8 billion yuan than expected, namely 16%。   Paul Chan said: "Hong Kong real estate market experienced a bull market for nearly eight years, the current prices are still historically high, trading volume was relatively quiet。 Future private housing supply will gradually return average annual level of nearly 20,000 partners, future revenue from land sales can not continue to hit record highs, is unknown。 "Editor: Shao Yuxiang。

Fast freckle coup from spot to go without a trace

The coup has fast freckle spots which face is that many people are annoyance, so the freckle has become a very attractive thing, but we should more or less have to know the freckle。
Following small coup to bring fast freckle for everyone, from the spot to go without a trace Oh!Quick fast freckle freckle coup a coup: vinegar practice facial Method: 1, to buy some pharmacies Atractylodes, with white vinegar soaked in a sealed tank。
2, about a week after soaking extraction Atractylodes, with its facial portion, the effect can play a freckle。 Experience: Atractylodes is a very good freckle effect, in addition to facial and white vinegar soak, but also can be ground into a powder white cedar, add the right amount of vinegar and water deposited on the face, which is also able to play a role freckle。 Drink soup plus Atractylodes, in tune topical, more rapid freckle。
Fast freckle coup two: freckle methods approaches: Fast freckle coup 1, fresh tomato juice of clean。 2, and the tomato juice at 5: 1 ratio, stir 3, spread on the face, ten minutes after the wash。
Experience: Glutathione is a component of tomatoes can inhibit melanin, so the tomatoes are able to dilute the spot, in addition to attaining a tomato juice, a cup of tomato juice daily can not only be able to fade away, as well as skin whitening effect。

Cultivate "Zhejiang New Forces" Zhejiang push students' sports new format "business

Speaking on behalf of students。
 The king title photo title Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition since the start of March this year, ending in October。 Competition includes the Tenth Career Planning and Entrepreneurship Competition in Zhejiang Province "Year of Youth", Zhejiang Province, the Eleventh "Challenge Cup" Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, the Fourth of Zhejiang Province "Internet +" students innovation and entrepreneurship competition "Sports Lottery Cup" The second session of the college students' sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship contest four events。
It is reported that, "Sports Lottery Cup" the second session of college students' sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship competition are a new innovation university student entrepreneurship competition of this year's sports industry business events。
  In addition to increasing the event, this year the contest on innovation and entrepreneurship students improve the quality of competition, improve the province participating teams and work in the country's competitiveness, and so made a new change。
The contest's four events will be implemented by way of separately, but continued to use the unified planning, unified leadership, unified deployment, unified advocacy, unity and reunification awards ceremony launching ceremony。 At the same time, this competition strengthened cooperation with local government, business park and a number of business incubators, special support to this year's contest award winning project landing。
  The tournament is set to serve the needs of social development, talked about the new venture this competition sports industry events, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department Director Guo Huawei, said, "2018, in the context of China's socialist construction has entered a 'new era', I Undergraduates innovation and entrepreneurship competition has ushered in new opportunities and challenges。
November 2018, the 'Year of Youth' National Undergraduate Business Plan Competition will be held in the province; by 2019, the country 'Internet +' Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held in the province; in 2022, the 19th Asian Games will be held in the province sports industry venture will be the next new areas of innovation and entrepreneurship in our province college students a period。 Based on these opportunities and challenges, we added the sports industry business event at this year's innovation and entrepreneurship contest。 "。

Pan Xiangdong: Sino-US trade friction conflict has begun, and ultimately the possibility to avoid war?

With newspaper Author: New Times Securities macroeconomic research Pan Xiangdong, chief economist of the China Society for Finance of the Ninth Council executive director, members of the Finance Committee of Experts on the reform and development think tank, an analyst at China Securities Association of Professional Committee members, China's chief economics home Board of Governors。 Recently affect the sensitive nerve between the two countries not only continue for many years to comprehensive China-US economic dialogue, anti-dumping investigations against Chinese exports of commodities such as steel, ready to punitive tariffs on some Chinese goods wider adoption of, and restrictions on Chinese investment reduce visa, the United States more recently signed the "Taiwan Travel Act," Sino-US friction seems to continue to heat up。
Why at this time of conflict between China and the US will increase, what is the reason behind this is?How to deal with the future of Sino-US relations, the ability to avoid intensification of the conflict affect China's process of renewal?1 Sino-US conflict origin, Trump strengthen back to a virtual entity, would be to reverse the recession in the United States after the Vietnam war and the start of reform and opening up in China ten years, Sino-US relations have entered a honeymoon period, as China into the US-led market economic system, China's economy increasingly high degree of opening up, China has gradually become the world's second largest economy。
But China has become the world's second largest economy, when the conflict between the two countries began to appear, starting with Obama to return to Asia-Pacific strategy, initiated TPP to isolate China For international trade, the South China Sea conflict, it seems that incidents are constantly derivative。
Although it seems to get along friendlier between China and the US Trump took office, but from the second half of last year, relations between the two countries in the area of trade friction had already started to appear。 It is not difficult to see, whether the Republicans on the stage, on stage or Democrat, from China since becoming the world's second largest economy, seems to have become hard to become a constructive partnership between the two countries。
The root cause of this situation is that, as China becomes stronger, will inevitably impact the existing US-led global unilateralism。
Faced with this uncertainty about the possible impact, the way to achieve peace through the effective containment to avoid the impact, for the United States is naturally the best strategy。 After Trump came to power, more is achieved in the area of trade US strategic priorities, not only generate trade friction with China, but also to begin to redress the imbalance in trade with allies, and even asked some military allies to bear the cost, many this is also silent resentment allies。
The grasp of strategy, Trump is a strong team, they not only see China catch up with the challenges brought about, but also saw reason for the decline of the United States: virtual economy has been rapidly expanding, the United States continue to make industrial hollowing。
1990 yy – M 2010, about a net outflow of US dollars trillion, equivalent to the same period in the United States trillions of dollars of net investment%。
United States in mid-2009 appears for the first time ever negative growth of net investment, when the United States a net decrease of $ 272 billion investment。 Historically any powers to decline because of domestic interest groups curing, curing of these interest groups become rentier class, continue to carry out the export of capital or exploitation, and accumulation of long years, they have become the ruling class, they have decided the country decision (see Pan Xiangdong of "real prosperity")。 Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands were once a maritime power, by taking chances early after looting a large number of the world's treasures began when become rentier class, start a business capital, played down the Ocean Development, also played down the adventure。 Through export of capital, despite the rentier class can reap dividends, to enjoy life, but only to support the development of marine technology in other countries, support the development of industrial technology in other countries, to support other countries become stronger and eventually I go to the decline。
British Industrial Revolution to become powerful and rich country, with the continuous expansion of the financial system, continued to export capital to the United States。
For example: in mid-1914, a British overseas investment of up to $ 18.3 billion, equivalent to Britain the same year net investment of 48 million pounds (about billion) of 95 times。 1914 –1938 year after year, British foreign investment has been maintained at the level of 17 billion dollars a year, accounting for about 40% of the total foreign investment in the entire Western nations。 Eventually the United States, Germany's manufacturing sector continued rapid development, but also to the United States to replace power status。 Trump's team clearly see this trend, so when running for president from Trump proposed, he wanted to revive the US real economy, I want to reverse America's decline。 To revive the US real economy, we need to enhance the competitive advantage of the United States in terms of the real economy。 So, after Trump came to power, foreign trade protection introduced by way of a trade war, suppress competition。
The use of internal taxes reduce the real economy (tax cuts), to promote infrastructure projects, to encourage multinational companies to invest in the country, at the same time enable Bi Yelun more hawkish Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, to achieve financial capital off the virtual reality。 If only to revive the US real economy through competition in the economic field, that is actually no need to worry for China, after all, China has become the world's manufacturing powerhouse。
In the process of China's manufacturing industry upgrade, the US trade protection measures against China will eventually have little effect, after all, the international division of labor is not so easily can be reversed。 In mid-1932, the face of the United States, the rapid development of Germany, the United Kingdom in order to maintain their dominance, the implementation of trade protectionism in the implementation of imperial preference, to impose high tariffs on goods from countries outside the UK, but in the end did not change its decline pattern, did not stop the rapid development of the United States。
But for China, we still need to beware of the two countries fall into the trap of Thucydides。 2 History repeated, Thucydides trap, the sun is not a new thing Thucydides trap, refers to a new rising power is bound to challenge the existing powers, while the existing powers are bound to respond to this threat, this war has become unavoidable。
This statement from the famous ancient Greek historian Thucydides, in his view, when a rising great power competition and rule of dominant existing danger faced by most of the parties to end the war。 Cold War era, the rise of powers does not solve not through war, because war is the best means to plunder the wealth。 Ancient Greek prosperous, but it was finally conquered by the Roman cavalry, once bustling ashes。 Roman city known as the Eternal City, but eventually fell to the Goths。
With advanced marine technology and looted from the colonies over wealth, Portugal and Spain rise rapidly build out the Armada, but with the emerging European countries Britain, France, the Netherlands produced a constant war, in 1588, Armada was defeated Great Britain, subsequently conquered by the French military genius Napoleon。
Holland replaced the Spanish in the 17th century as the world's number one maritime power, on a global scale has been widely colony, but experienced four Anglo-Dutch War, and finally to 1795, faced with the heel of the French army, the Dutch Republic know what to surrender , the last ruling William V fled to Britain, since 1579, the Dutch Republic Dutch painstakingly created to this end, enjoy Jo 216 years。 Although in 1588 the British defeated the Spanish Armada, and then they defeated the maritime carriage Fu Helan, and later with its leading industrial revolution brought about by the rapid growth of wealth, in the late 18th century Seven Years' War, he also defeated the French, well-deserved Empire became the world number one。
I regret that the UK is fast catching up in Germany in World War II slander the vitality, the sun never sets empire eventually reduced to US attendant。
Even in World War II defeat of Germany and Japan, with the rapid development of the post-war economic strength later in excess of the UK。
(See Pan Xiangdong of "real prosperity") from a historical point of view, once the global hegemon, no not the first to be challenged on the economy began to decline, and finally collapse into decline war。 3 break open financial difficulties, and the mature economies rentier class of benefit in spite of bilateral economic trade friction will have an impact, and can not change the course of China's rapid development continues, but the war is not the same。 Since nuclear weapons, missile technology, developed stealth technology, to direct war between the great powers, almost hard to imagine that the Earth may have been brought to the disaster, leaving the Earth may not develop, but survival。 Therefore, as rational decision-makers, the probability of occurrence of a direct war powers is almost negligible (of course, we also need to be vigilant, a World War II battle and the results are non-rational decisions)。 As countries need to further catch-up, as long as there is cooperation between dominant and eventually will be beneficial to release their economic potential growth is beneficial to the country to become stronger。 So, on the way national recovery still need to try to avoid conflicts between the major powers and has, even if all-out war does not occur, if the emergence of local friction will bring setbacks to national recovery。
Even if trade friction will not affect the process of rapid development, but if there is a general sanctions, it will also affect the process of revival。
How to reduce such conflicts?Further opening of China's financial markets and to broaden the field of investment, to rentiers mature economies share dividend economic development brought about, of course, for our country is to allow their capital to further promote the development of China's real economy so that national change more to strengthen large。
Economic development into a mature economy class has begun to solidify, so-called capitalists have become rentier class, they not only affect the country's political and economic policies, and even the so-called head of state but also their spokesman。 By way of further financial liberalization, so that these capitalists to catch the train further development of China, and from which they can expect to get points bonuses, economies do I have you, then they will not make extreme nature of the government of China policy。
Respective interests, the heart!For us, do not have to worry too much about these rentiers will receive dividends in our development, the development of a peaceful environment is the key to revival。
We can use these financial capital to develop our real economy, cultivate internationally competitive industries and enterprises。
To this end, the core of open financial sector is to achieve financial capital off the virtual to real, rather than entertain in the financial system, create risk。
The development of the real economy, and the global competitiveness of the industry strong, powerful countries can only be counted on in the true sense, it can be said to achieve a revival。

Style switches are now focusing their differences private "blue chip + growth" double main line

  Growth stocks is expected to increase "Since February, the GEM board has gone up and fell back, which can be seen as market revaluation periodic rest, but also convert normal operation of the market。 When the blue chips become less expensive, the market will naturally have been expected growth stocks。 "Double Ninth investment co-chief investment officer Chen expressed heart。   The new value of the investment research director Fan Bo believes that the main reason for the strong growth stocks there are two: First, after two years of adjustment, the overall valuation of small and medium-invasive leading companies already not high, part of the company's price-earnings ratio is only 20 times earnings growth there are about 30% level, it will naturally have a certain appeal; the second is that this year, slightly turned to the outlet, from the industrial to the Internet "unicorn" basically closer to the "new economy" direction。
  In the long red capital president Qiu Jiantang view, the recent growth stocks continued strong, after all, or because the early fall appear undervalued, plus around the Spring Festival market from blue-chip market to "nurture" and "mining" the market "unicorn", on behalf of the "new economy" innovative industry leading companies showed a more sustained high growth potential, part of the innovation industry segments leading growth of over 50%, while the current valuation is about 35 times, according to 2018 and 2019 expected performance estimates, valuations are very low, attracts growing flow of capital of listed companies。   " 'Unicorn' green channel open enterprise, which provides a favorable policy environment for 'a blue-chip' stock market。
In addition, GEM refers to the valuation at historically low levels, is technically rebound in demand。
In particular, some victimizes 'a blue chip' stocks due to the stable performance, high growth rate, there are the 'new economy' concept, thus becoming a pioneer in the GEM rebound。
"Winter Tinto investment researcher Liu Jinting representation。
Basaltic investment Lixian Jun, president also believes that the presence of blue-chip market pullback after pressure continued to rise, continue to maintain the upward trend needs more funds to promote, can not be sustained on the objective; the other hand, small-cap growth stocks, due to the lower pre-shock some good growth stocks already has configuration value, it is expected to follow these stocks share price will gradually rebound。
  Now switch the style differences "from the past couple of months the trend, there are signs of market-style switch, because the blue-chip market rose more than two years, average valuations relative to history is already not cheap。
While the pre-growth stocks fall, the valuation bottomed out, switching to cost-effective funding of growth stocks, but also a reasonable choice。 "Fan Bo expressed。
In Liu Jinting view, since February 9, Shanghai 50 turnover slightly in the doldrums, trading volume moderate zoom GEM, indicating funds continue to flow to the GEM market, market style may have occurred in the conversion。   Qiujian Tang believes that the broader market blue-chip sector will not adjust too, recognized the logic value is still the mainstream market experienced in 2015 – the shock of mid-2017, investors in the valuation of listed companies has been quite rational judgments, do not repeat the past cap blue chip and small-cap stocks innovation severe "seesaw" effect。
" 'Real growth' listed companies will continue to get estimates to enhance and accelerate the precipitation attract funding approach, 'pseudo-growth' of listed companies after the overall rebound may still deserted and attributed the downturn, can not be too optimistic that the market in terms of risk preference coefficient a major shift, the core logic market still has not changed, still the fundamentals of listed companies around the changes in the share price to reflect。
"Qiu Jiantang representation。   "If a shift in market style, we feel that the market value from the revaluation to stage the discovery phase, rather than the transitions between market participants often talk about growth and value。
"Chen heart represents。
  "The future should no longer distinguish the style or large blue-chip growth stocks, but should focus on growth potential and value of the company itself, relying on storytelling and funds to promote the shares of individual stocks is difficult to continue to rise, the real high-quality stocks regardless of the size of the dish will be gradually strengthened。 "Lixian Jun representation。
  Focus double mainline "From the large investment logic, blue chips and growth stocks are parallel investment theme, but there is a deviation cycle in guiding the flow of funds in the market。
To 2018, the blue-chip sector has continued to rise after a year and a half, from the overall look of the valuation need to rest, and sell sentiment has led to 'real growth' segments of the leading companies generally suffered victimizes。 "Qiu Jiantang representation。   Tang Guo Meng is now chief strategist of wealth that, in fact the market for blue chips and growth stocks division is not particularly accurate, high-growth market, there are stocks, small cap in there, so high-growth direction is the core configuration。 "TMT stocks such as high-quality, good profitability many companies, but the market is subject to investment style repression, many fund positions in the TMT configuration than two years ago has been greatly reduced, media and consumer goods stocks like have this phenomenon。 "He said。

MTR: descendants of the New Year holiday traffic generals closely monitor the South Island Line

December 29, according to "Wen Wei Po" reported that, according to Radio Television Hong Kong reported, Lo Kin-hei said, indicating the Admiralty station found is not very good on the 28th test-ride the South Island Line, passengers still need time to adapt to believe the station facilities。
In this regard, MTR bus services operating officer Lisheng Ji said the South Island Line 28 opened to traffic, car traffic smooth, full-day total of 15 million people out of four stations along the route, he estimated, return to work after the holidays next Tuesday, the first day of resumption of classes, the use of the South Island line passengers will be slightly more than 28, will then closely monitor the situation。
Admiralty station is three wire port forwarding line station, Lisheng Ji said that certain times Admiralty Station will be busy before the Tsuen Wan Line can encrypt frequency, the flow of passengers will try to do the work, such as deploying additional staff to assist passengers more space where the car。
Lisheng Ji pointed out that although the South Island Line is fully automated operation, but the stations along the route have screen doors and security doors, little chance passengers strayed rails, the car also different cars and tracks video recorder monitoring the situation, so that the control center can grasp the entire operation and exterior case。
Editor: Shao Yuxiang, Yan Guo Xi。