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Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]10 grams of Chuanbei, 3 Sydney, 100 grams of pig lung.

  [Production]Wash the pig lungs and cut into pieces; wash the Sydney, remove the kernels, cut 4 pieces into each skin; smash the scallops.

Put all the ingredients in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with wuhuo, then cook for 2 hours in a simmering pot, season and serve.

  [Usage]Drink soup to eat pig lung, Sydney.

  [Efficacy]moisturizes lungs and relieves phlegm.

For hot and dry lungs, insufficient lung fluid, cough, thick phlegm, bad sputum, dry throat and thirst.

Be wary of the top three snacks that reduce children’s intelligence

Be wary of the top three snacks that reduce children’s intelligence

Snacks are children’s favorite foods, but many snacks are now added to supplemented artificial raw materials. These raw materials include trans traces, puffed foods, and foods and beverages with a large amount of artificial colors. These raw materials will harm children’s brain development.

Therefore, when parents are parents, they should pay attention to the following three snacks that reduce their children’s intelligence: The culprit 1: Ms. Trans Aunt Zhuo has loved to eat fried foods since she was a child. Her habit seems to be passed on to her son.

Ms. Zhuo’s son is in grade 3 in a primary school in our city. Recently, during the winter vacation in school, she often fried buns, lamb skewers and spiced sticks for her son.

But yesterday morning, Ms. Zhuo was in bed together and found that all the oral cavity was blistered. She hurried to see the doctor at the Department of Stomatology of Zhongshan Hospital.

When Ms. Zhuo received the test report, she was taken aback: her blood consistency was twice as high as normal.

The doctor inquired about her lifestyle and said that it was because she repeatedly overtransmitted fatty acids.

The doctor also reminded her that if she continued to eat like this for a long time, I’m afraid she would eat Alzheimer’s disease in the future!

Trans-impurities, also known as trans-fatty acids, are generally produced after the treatment of vegetable oils by “hydrogenation” technology. Compared with general vegetable oils, artificial trans-impurities have the advantages of high temperature resistance, resistance to deterioration, and longer storage.

Currently, the United States fast food industry uses artificial trans traces quite commonly, and it is usually used to make crispy bread, french fries and donuts.

Some fats that can make the dough crisp, margarine, and cooking oils for frying may all contain artificial trans traces.

After pregnant women consume too much trans fatty acids, they can be passed to the fatty acids through the placenta, and the nursing mothers will also “feed” the trans fatty acids to the babies through milk, which will cause young children to lack the necessary fats, which will affect their growth and development. It may alsoCauses the lack of children’s brain lipids, affecting their intellectual development.

So parents should pay special attention to the following foods: first is margarine, such as margarine (vegetable cream); second is fried foods, such as instant noodles, potato chips, french fries, etc.

Some processed foods containing fats, such as instant soups, fast foods, frozen foods (such as dumplings), baked foods (such as biscuits, cookies, and bread, etc.), all kinds of instant battered foods (such as powdered oatmeal, coconut flour), Sesame paste powder, etc.), all kinds of butter sugar, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, there may be trans fatty acids.

The culprit 2: Residues of puffed foods, puffed small foods are popular among children because of their crispy, crisp, fragrant and sweet flavor characteristics.

However, medical experts at home and abroad believe that puffed foods are not really safe or healthy foods. If children eat such foods for a long time, it will be harmful to their brain and physical development.

American nutritional food experts have advised many years ago that the existence of harmful metal elements such as lead or aluminum in puffed foods, and parents often let their children eat these foods.

Puffed food contains lead and aluminum is relatively high for the following reasons: First, additives such as leavening agents are often added to process such foods. Some leavening agents (such as alum and sodium bicarbonate) contain more lead or aluminum.
Equal heavy metals; the second is that food passes through metal pipes during processing. Metal pipes usually contain lead and tin alloys. At high temperatures, these lead are easily gasified, and the gasified lead will contaminate these puffs.Food.

Eating puffed foods regularly can hurt children (especially children under 3 years old).

When “lead comes in from the mouth” for a long time, it will gradually lurk in the blood and bones, and it will be difficult to metabolize it naturally.

Children are at the stage of growth and development, the amount of lead absorption is several times that of adults, and children’s excretion function of lead is relatively weak, it is easier to accumulate in the body.

When harmful heavy metals accumulate to a certain amount, it will cause significant damage to the human nervous system, digestion, hematopoiesis and other systems, especially cause cognitive impairment or decreased thinking ability, and may even affect children’s life-long health.

Excessive intake of aluminum mainly damages brain function.

For example: it will interfere with people’s thinking, consciousness and memory functions, cause neurological diseases, manifested as memory loss, visual and motor coordination failure, brain damage, decreased intelligence, and severe cases may be dementia.

The culprit 3: Artificial coloring Modern children’s food has many names, sophisticated packaging, and colorful colors, but some of these “colored foods” containing pigments lurk hidden dangers to human health.

Excessive or long-term consumption is harmful to the healthy development of children without benefit.

At the stage of children’s intellectual development, a large number of high-quality proteins and lipids and other nutrients are required. Synthetic pigments cannot provide these nutrients.

At the same time, the synthetic metabolites themselves are toxic, and they may be mixed into them during storage. Lead or other toxic intermediate products will affect children’s intellectual development and neurobehavior.

In addition, supplementation with excessive synthetic pigments can cause allergies, such as high blood pressure, laryngeal edema, rhinitis, urticaria, itching of the skin, and neurological headaches; certain synthetic pigments act on human nerves and affect nerve impulses.Instead.
This can cause a series of symptoms.

Doctors advise parents to strictly control children’s diet, so that children eat more natural foods, and try to choose foods without any artificial additives when buying processed foods.

Experts from the Huiyuan Juice R & D Center also recommend that children avoid the effects of artificial colors from their daily diet. Be cautious when buying some brightly colored foods or beverages. Do not choose processed foods that are too bright in color.Food ingredients list habits, pay attention to whether carmine, lemon yellow, sunset yellow and other synthetic colors are added.

4 foods to nourish liver, kidney and stomach


4 foods to nourish liver, kidney and stomach

Four foods nourish the liver and kidneys and nourish the stomach, spleen and stomach complement the kidneys, and take care of them properly, making people full and full of vitality.

Chinese medicine believes that eating most of the following foods has a good effect.


Lycium barbarum can nourish kidney qi and also contains a lot of antioxidants.

You can eat 30-50 capsules a day. If you have symptoms such as excessive eye feces after taking it, it may be too hot, you should reduce the amount, or you can take chrysanthemum tea to reduce fire.


Yam fresh yam flat nourishes the stomach and helps adjust the digestive and endocrine systems.

Yam porridge is best, it can eliminate bloating, spleen and stomach.


This is a fungus that grows under the pine tree, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach, calm down and soothe the nerves, nourish liver and kidney, and enhance immunity.

Poria can be boiled in soup or added to porridge. Consuming Poria products has the same effect.


Porridge is easy to digest, and it has been recognized as a nourishing food since ancient times.

Porridge can eliminate swelling and fatigue, and is easy to digest without increasing the burden on the stomach.

Most people usually eat yam wolfberry porridge, nourish liver and kidney, and can strengthen immunity.

  Old Chinese medicine reminds people who have a bad stomach to eat less snacks to avoid indigestion.


Chinese medicine acupuncture point massage for myopia

Chinese medicine acupuncture point massage for myopia

When thinking about myopia, your first reaction may be excessive eye use. When thinking of treatment, your first reaction may be laser surgery.

Actually, you have another option.

In recent years, every summer vacation, more and more parents take their children to Chinese medicine for myopia.

Can Chinese medicine cure myopia?

If the child is pseudomyopia, acupuncture, acupressure and other treatments will generally have good results.

If it is genetic myopia or true myopia, these methods can improve symptoms and delay further deterioration of vision.

Guiding expert He Huiqin, director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Nanjing Traditional Chinese Hospital.

  Eyes reflect the situation of the five internal organs. Chinese medicine believes that “the essence of the internal organs of the five internal organs is focused on the eyes”, and “the eyes can see with blood.”

This means that the essence of the internal organs rises to the eyes, and the eyes are nourished by blood and can see the outside scene.

Therefore, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the eyes are closely related to various internal organs.

For example, the eyes and eyelids belong to the spleen, the white eyes belong to the lungs, the blood clots of the big and small corners belong to the heart, the black-eyed kernels belong to the liver, and the pupils belong to the kidney. They are like five wheels interlocking.

  Does acupuncture really work for myopia? Modern medicine believes that the main role of acupuncture is to regulate the function of the human body. It also increases the body’s ability to resist disease by enhancing the function of the immune system.Role.

The World Health Organization has included myopia in the list of diseases that can be treated with acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment of myopia is mainly based on acupuncture points around the eyes, limbs, and back. By stimulating these points, the introduction of phlegm-clearing and activating collaterals, qi and blood circulation, nourishing yin and blood of liver and kidney, and boosting yang qi.

In conjunction with acupuncture, with the help of massage, it can increase blood supply to the vertebral artery, improve blood circulation in the eye, increase nutrition in the eye area, and improve the efficacy.

Acupuncture treatment has a good effect on false myopia, and for true myopia, it can delay further deterioration.

  Acupoint massage does not prevent trying Baihui points. Fengchi points usually relieve visual fatigue and do not hinder doing so.-Close your eyes, gently press the eyeballs with your fingertips for a few seconds, and suddenly release; gently scratch the contour of your eyes; gently Baihui points (The highest point in the middle of the top of the head, which is equivalent to the middle point of the top of the head with the tips of the two ears, and the Fengchi acupoint (in the back place, almost in the recess under the hairline behind the ear, one left and right).

  Eye care method is to use Laogong acupoint to apply heat to the eyes.

Rub your hands first, then close your eyes, cover your empty palms on your eyes, and stay for a while.

Once a day, 21 times a time, you can look at the wind and the eyes.

If we work in front of a computer for a long time, we can use the eye iron method, which is very good for the rest of the eyes.

  The posterior eye massage method has two elliptical depressions on the back of our head, which is the “rear eye”.

Why do people feel that someone is following them?

It is the back eye that is working, which is what we often say “the back of the head is long.”

When we’re okay, we should often go to this place after the massage.

Summer medicine heatstroke coup

Summer medicine “heatstroke” coup

Summer medicine “heatstroke” coups Hot summer, not only the body may have heatstroke, drugs will also suffer from summer heat, therefore, many drugs need to be stored at low temperatures to ensure the quality of drugs.
The refrigerator is the best tool for “heatstroke prevention” for medicines.
There are usually the following medicines that can be placed in the refrigerator: Injection: Compared with tablets, the stability of the injection is relatively poor, so many injections should be stored in the refrigerator.
In particular, some special drugs, such as insulin, albumin, hepatitis B vaccine, microecological preparations and other biological products, need to be stored in the refrigerator’s refrigerator throughout the year, storage temperature is 2 掳 C to 8 掳 C is appropriate, otherwise it will be invalid,It even produces substances that are harmful to the human body.
Topical medicines: Eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, lotions, mouthwashes, etc., are best placed in the refrigerator for refrigerating in the summer to obtain a longer storage time.
Suppositories: Suppositories are easy to soften under high temperature conditions and are not convenient and practical. Therefore, after being placed in the refrigerator, the suppository is in a hardened state and is convenient to use.
Suspension: The drug contained in the container in the form of a powder, in the unfoamed state, the shelf life at room temperature is the expiration date indicated.
Once added, the shelf life has been shortened, generally no more than 15 days, so it should be placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration.
Precious herbs: Some families like to store some of them because of their ease of use and the preservation of valuable herbs.
However, precious herbs are not easy to store, and if they are small, they can be placed in the refrigerator.
Ginseng Ginseng contains more sugar, mucus and volatile oil, so it is prone to moisture, oil, mold, discoloration, insects and other deterioration.
It can be stored by cryopreservation method. After ginseng is dried and cooled, it can be wrapped in a plastic bag and tightly packed in the freezer compartment for a long time.
However, ginseng should not be exposed for a long time, because the ginseng for medicinal use has reached a certain degree of dryness.
Generally, it is only necessary to turn ginseng in the afternoon for 1 to 2 hours.
Bird’s Nests Bird’s nests with high water content should be preserved after drying, otherwise they are prone to mold.
If the bird’s nest has moisture, it can be blown under the air conditioner for one night, or blown dry with a fan and a dehumidifier, and the moisture will disappear.
The dried bird’s nest can be placed in the refrigerator’s fresh-keeping compartment for long-term storage.
It is best not to save bird’s nest for more than 1 year. If you store bird’s nest for more than 2 years, its efficacy will be greatly reduced.
Cordyceps sinensis For Cordyceps sinensis, it can be placed in a closed glass bottle with pepper or paeonol and placed in a refrigerator for refrigeration.
However, some medicines cannot be placed in the refrigerator, mainly syrup preparations and creams.
Because most syrup formulations are at too low a temperature, the solubility of the drug may be lowered, resulting in a drug concentration that is different from what was originally noted.
The temperature of the externally used cream is too low to cause matrix stratification, which affects the efficacy and uniformity of the ointment.
Therefore, once these two types of drugs are opened, they should be used up in a short period of time, and should be placed in a cool and ventilated place indoors.

Four recipes for kidney rejuvenation in winter


Four recipes for kidney rejuvenation in winter

The winter weather is getting colder. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate birth, the source of life, and its strong function can adjust the body to adapt to the cold weather changes, otherwise it will cause metabolic disorders.

Therefore, it is very important to raise and nourish the kidneys in winter.

The old Chinese medicine health net will introduce several kidney soups below, let’s take a look at the practice!

First, the thornberry wine material: thorn berries, rice wine.

Conditioning method: Wash the thorn berries, dry, remove the core, grind, put into the bottle, add rice wine, and seal the bottle mouth.

Shake once a day for 7 days or more.

Take 15 ml each morning and evening.

Health effects: spleen and qi, nourishing the heart and nourishing blood.

Insufficient heart, spleen and blood, impotence, kidney fatigue, forgetfulness and insomnia.

Second, mutton soup materials: lamb, oysters, pepper.

Conditioning: Wash the mutton and chop it, put it in the pot and add the appropriate amount of water to cook. When the meat is cooked, add the simmer and continue to cook the mutton until it is cooked. Then add the onion, ginger, salt and pepper to taste.can.

Health effects: kidney and impotence, nourishing blood and fine.

For dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, body weight loss, kidney deficiency, impotence, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and senile body weakness.

Third, binaural soup materials: black fungus, white fungus, rock sugar.

Conditioning method: firstly add the fungus and white fungus to the warm water, clean it and put it in the steaming bowl together, add the appropriate amount of water and rock sugar, and put it in the steamer to steam.

Health effects: kidney, nourishing Yin and lungs.

It is suitable for patients with complications such as dry mouth, dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, asthma and hypertension, hardening of the arteries, and fundus hemorrhage caused by lung and kidney yin deficiency.

Fourth, yam soup round material: yam, glutinous rice, brown sugar, pepper.

Conditioning method: The yam is ground into a powder, placed in a steamer and steamed, and then brown sugar and pepper are added to make the meat.

Soak the glutinous rice for a while, grind it into glutinous rice flour, and then put the yam stuffing and glutinous rice flour into the rice balls and cook in the pan.

銆€銆€Health effects: spleen and kidney.

It is suitable for patients with complications such as kidney essence, spleen deficiency and eating.

Middle-aged people often practice in the morning, is it good or bad for health?


If you are a class 2 person, be careful.

Middle-aged people often practice in the morning, is it good or bad for health?
If you are a class 2 person, be careful.

As the saying goes, “The day is in the morning”, every morning, there is a good stage of health, especially when it is at the middle and old age, and more concerned about your health, thinking about going to exercise every morning, the morning airIt’s good to exercise. It’s also good for your health. Doesn’t it look like a very good thing?

Some people may be very uncomfortable after exercising in the morning. The middle-aged and elderly people often exercise in the morning. Is it good or bad for good health?

Let’s take a look at it.

First of all, letting go of the time and only talking about exercise is really a very beneficial thing for our health. Whether it is people with or without diseases, men, women and children, we should exercise every day.

The benefits of exercise can enhance our own immune system and reduce the incidence of diseases. To a certain extent, for those who already have a disease basis, there is also the role of assisting the recovery of the disease. For the middle-aged and elderly, they can also let themselvesThe mood becomes cheerful, which is good for the anti-aging of the brain, but also prevents senile dementia.

Is it good to exercise in the morning?

This depends on the situation. If you have no problem with your health, you can exercise in the morning.

But what everyone should pay attention to here is that if you have had symptoms of hypoglycemia before, it is best to have some breakfast before exercise in the morning, so as to avoid the metabolism of the body after one night, plus the reason why exercise consumes energy.Hypoglycemia occurs.

But if your body has health problems and you have the following diseases, you really have to be careful.

1. People with cardiovascular disease are not suitable for exercise in the morning.

Such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., you really have to be careful.

In this case, most people with cardiovascular disease, especially those with high blood pressure, are at the peak of blood pressure in the morning.

In this stage of myocardial infarction, the probability of sudden death is greater than other stages.

Therefore, for this group of people, it is not recommended to go to the morning exercise in the morning, it is more suitable for exercise in the afternoon.

2, people with diabetes are not suitable for exercise in the morning.

In daily life, many people have the habit of not eating breakfast. This phenomenon also exists in people with diabetes. If you do not have a good habit of eating breakfast, have no diabetes or have high blood sugar levels, it is best not to be in the morning.Exercise while you are.

This exercise in the case of fasting, it is easy to increase the probability of hypoglycemia.

Even if you have the habit of eating breakfast, in order to avoid this phenomenon when doing various sports, you should put some high foods on your body, such as biscuits, candy and so on.